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New Breaking Dawn Part 2 Movie Ending?!

August 9th, 2012 at 8:36 pm by Kaleb Nation

Entertainment Weekly revealed that The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 movie will have an ending sequence that is different from the book! The ending was “dreamed up” by Stephenie Meyer and Melissa Rosenberg over dinner and the producers decided to use it in the film.

Wonder what it could be? Watch the new video for my ideas!

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162 Responses

  1. lynnvalleygirl99

    1st!! :)

  2. ZekromBlade


  3. xXagRAWRfactorXx


  4. sransomdancer

    Momentarily last.

  5. lynnvalleygirl99

    K I just watched it for real and that was the funniest yet!!! Love ya Kaleb!!

  6. MegaDan3D

    Lol…That would be awesome if she turns out to be a human vampiric wizard!

  7. Ameer Lahrim

    End- H Bomb


    haha jk we’ll save that for The last Game of Thrones book πŸ˜‰

  8. summersunshine101545

    you and your videos are just so completely awesome. they make me crack up no matter what! keep up the great work xD

  9. ALBrassard

    She is a wizard that could be a new ending and I hope it will be a good new ending

  10. student192805

    I hope it ends Amazingly! =]

  11. Deymilichaba


  12. penciltwirler

    I’m glad they decided to change the ending, that’s the only thing that could make me see this movie lol.

  13. crazyforwho

    Lmao xD

  14. Saphira46

    Oh, I know exactly what is going to happen! Knew it when I saw the trailer. The Cullens and the Volturi are going to have a gigantic fight with a lot of action. Maybe they’ll even squeeze in some jelousy between Edward and NoΓ«l. Yay! *AngrySarcasm*

  15. MariaLovesDegrassi1D

    What if Alice and Jasper don’t make it back in time…

  16. iloverenesmeecullen3

    They should do that were she gets a letter than she goes and meets up with harry’s son and they like become best friends

  17. telltheunicorn

    i hope everyone dies.

  18. TeamJacobEdward

    Yeah, the part that shows the volturi and vamp clans running at each other in the trailer tipped me off to that possibility.

  19. dsdancergirl

    Like, “WHAAT?!?!” xD

  20. hannahmagic

    What is this blasphemy?

  21. jkahms

    I want the Harry potter ending. At least that part would be worth watching.

  22. comeagainyen

    I hope the little kid dies. Harsh, I know, but I will never be able to get over Jacob falling in love with a baby. I see the kid dying as the only solution. Also; Twilight needs angst that isn’t related to the ‘love triangle’ of our three leads.

  23. samnellie2

    J.K Rowling would be like, WHAT?

  24. SecertlyMeAndProud


  25. lolmymag

    I hate alternate endings, they ruin the magic of telling a story in the first place. It destroys the whole thing. Like, I don’t want to hear a bunch of different ways it COULD have ended. I could think those up myself, if I wanted. I want to hear how the story REALLY ENDS.

  26. mangosockz

    Thing is, J K Rowling didn’t feel the need to change the Harry Potter ending just so people would stay interested…

  27. lolmymag

    I know it’s more fun to say “omg what jacob fell in love with a baby whaaaat,” but the book clearly explains that it’s not a romantic love.

  28. iambaileymarie

    OMG! I hope it ends like you say it will. Haha

  29. iamthetambrini

    The ending is suddenly a segue into 50 Shades of Grey and the new movie will be announced a week after release.

  30. Holly Dixon

    What? What do you mean a new ending? Are all the vampires going to die? What? Why would she write the book and then change the film of the book?

  31. pandahugs4u67

    You can’t write a book and then make a movie of it, only to change the end. That’s stupid. It’s unproffesional and kind of pisses me off. In the same breath, though, it makes me want to go see it, which I wasn’t going to do before. Maybe that was the purpose of switching the ending?

  32. hannaharnott

    “I’m a sparkly-contradictory-freak!” πŸ˜€

  33. popstar1420

    then edward could meet cedric diggory then they would be “LIKE WHAT!!”

  34. kkrb729

    Breaking Dawn? More like ‘Breaking Up.’

  35. YourDemonicSmile

    Why write a book and then change the ending of it’s movie? Seriously? And now people who haven’t read the book won’t know the proper ending :/

  36. Jackie Woodburn

    I reckon they’re basically going to add a fight sequence, because it’s Hollywood and that’s what they do. Also the Hogwarts joke was so jokes.

  37. TwilightManiacc

    well i hope it’s better than the original ending :S

  38. Mickey Heninger

    I love both your endings!

  39. 1019awesomegirl


  40. HPFangirl71

    Ummm… I don’t know about you but I watch the movies for Rob and his
    amazing talent not the skank queen so yeah, I will be watching just as I
    watch every RPattz movie there ever was or ever will be!! I always voiced
    my dislike for KStew and predicted she’d break Rob’s heart just like she
    broke Michael Angarano’s and yeah, I told ya so!! I just wish I didn’t have
    to sit through her and her horrid acting again but its worth it to watch
    Rob as my beloved Edward!!

  41. HPFangirl71

    That Hogwart’s joke was so hysterical… I mean ya never know, her father
    did use to be a wizard himself!! LOL I’d like to see a more grown up Nessie
    and Jacob in the ending… that would be a nice touch. I never really liked
    the ending of the 4th book in the first place so it’ll be fun to see
    something different done with it… lets just hope this doesn’t entail them
    leaving out something important in favor of the new ending… I hate when
    movies do that!! Very creative vid Kaleb!! πŸ˜€

  42. sparklevampFTW

    I think it’ll end with having the fight that never happened and then Alice will pop in and be like Hold the phone, y’all! And show that halfbreed Nahual guy. He has to come in anyway, since he’s in the cast list. I just hope that it goes out in a nice, tasteful way so I can go home crying that it’s ended, but happy the ending was good.

  43. YoseMiteEmery


  44. msashlyjudd8

    I think the ending will be renesmee as an adult or Jacob and Nessie wedding.

  45. Alyazani

    Wow, that’s an insulting joke toward Harry Potter. Wouldn’t want any of the fairies blood in Hogwarts.

  46. bluebubblegum88

    Honestly, I would LOVE for there to be a battle scene. I’m sure that that’s what they’re talking about. It was pumped up in the books, so there’s no way that they’d miss out on that type of action. *fingers crossed!*

  47. Kylee Styles

    Do you think Edward would then ditch Bella and be with Cho once more?

  48. renesmeelove77

    i love the ending in the book, but i’m willing to except change

  49. Hufflebeth

    I don’t think they would allow squibs into hogwarts…even if they sparkle.

  50. CarSun321

    No not my Jacob turning into warewolf/vampire

  51. Lizzitarock

    Loool XD

  52. ItsMarisaYo

    hey kaleb
    you’re funny

  53. ourTTCjourney

    Bahahahah! Your ending is pretty much, amazing. :)

  54. debbieSOdashing

    Mother of God! Please, no. You’re scaring me with this whole Harry Potter/Twilight thing because ironically enough, the last Twilight movie is gonna be released on the same day that the FIRST Harry Potter movie was released. November 16th. I suspect the nargles are behind it… O.o

  55. babeluvsya

    if my Jacob turns into a nasty vampire I will die!!

  56. Brigi14

    “I’m a sparkly contradictory FREAK!” XD

  57. rikeebaz22

    good, the producers probably realised that then real ending to breaking dawn is very unclimactic and wanted to add a few deaths here and a few break ups over there… you know… just to spice things up for the viewers that don’t want to see an entire book’s tension simmer away… if you’ve read the book, you know.

  58. chichigirrl2

    If she got accepted into Hogwarts then she’s obviously a witch. They wouldn’t allow squibs to study at Hogwarts because it’ll be a waste of their time.

  59. chichigirrl2

    Fucking duh! Is this news? But why must this be on EVERY Twilight related video? Jesus Christ…

  60. chichigirrl2

    The ending got horrible backlash by both faithful Twilight fans and haters. Although the films were box office blasts, they still got bad critical reception. I think Smeyer wants the series to end off on a good note like LOTR and Harry Potter did. So she changed the ending. I don’t blame her. The ending was very dull and boring. I’m looking forward to see how she pulls it off :)

  61. chichigirrl2

    Stephanie approved of it so it kinda isn’t :/

  62. Anders Volta

    SPOILERS! Russel Edgington will fly in from the side of the screen and rip Bella’s heart out, turn to look at the audience and say… “Bitches” before the screen goes black as The Who screams “YYYYEEEEEEEEEEAAAAHHH!!!!!”

  63. YoseMiteEmery

    um… he made a HARRY POTTER joke!…. did you not hear it at the end? If he didnt say it I wouldnt have said it…

  64. Octopossey

    I’ll only see it if renesmay dose get into hogworts

  65. chichigirrl2

    No I did see the ending. I just find it really annoying when Harry Potter fans do shit like that, it’s really annoying. Yeah I like HP better, too but was your comment really necessary?

  66. UnlimitedFavorites


  67. LeviathanVIII

    Probably the best intro and exit to any other episode i’ve seen XD

  68. shakiraandbeyonce1


  69. YoseMiteEmery

    I ONLY said it because kaleb said it! wow

  70. myspringloaded

    I’m sure it will be to expound on the jacob, renesme love interest triangle that Stephie’s been eluding to as the only reason she would pick up the saga again. What better way to get feedback from her fans of their interest?

    Wouldn’t you use an opportunity to promote your future projects if you had the kind of power Stephanie has in the production of her book’s “LAST” film?!

  71. Jenny

    I’m not worried about it. Some of the actors have commented how it’s a really great & sweet way to end the series and that some of them even cried.

  72. purnamanana

    LOLOLOLOLOLOL funniest episode so far

  73. Xhoose

    that would be the most epic ending ever. stephanie meyer meets JK rowling lmao

  74. Luckydae14

    I knew when the pottermore music started playing that something Hogwarts related was going to happen. πŸ˜›

  75. GunRecon


  76. GunRecon

    Harry Potter reference!

  77. SuperRandomproductio

    very hot and very cold at the same time… room temp lol

  78. EvasiveLeAnn

    Love her attempt at trying to save that book. Which had no climax. Also my favorite part of the whole trilogy was when Edward hears her thoughts so I sure hope thats in there still….

  79. Wildfire1361

    I cried when he heard her thoughts. I will die if they do not put it in! :)

  80. ashantbabe

    If they don’t show Edward finally hearing Bella’s thoughts…let’s just say blood will be shed. And it won’t be mine

  81. writelivelove06

    YES! That’s the ending it should have! Lol.

  82. NikiKae

    In the book, if Jacov

  83. NikiKae

    In the book, if Edward took a bite out of Jacob he would die. I think the ending will be that instead of the peaceful ending they will fight and the Cullens will win. That’s what I wanted to happen in the book. Bella would shield them, the amazonian women would blind them, and everyone would just go through and kill all of the bad guys. Much more action.

  84. cuzcatlan36


  85. angel20mm

    that ending would be amazing lol

  86. Fantasylover7

    Seriously?! A different ending? I don’t know how I should feel about that….
    But as always you’re the best Kaleb! Hilarious! ^^ LIKE WHAT?! hahaha

  87. prideandprejudicegal

    theyll probably kill reneesme or something like that

  88. XxmaroonmoonxX

    That would be so awesome if that actually happened

  89. SuperPrettyCOLORS

    You just descibes half of the twilight Harrypotter crossover fanfiction

  90. KBeth917

    Plot twist: Edward Cullen becomes the eighth horcrux.

  91. JoeThePotato1

    This made me crack up forever! Hahaha! I love you!

  92. blondiehol

    I love this!

  93. ToBeSomething

    Hahaha I’m a sparkling contradictory freak!


    I just burst out laughing then I realised my head phones were in so no one else laughed with me… :-(


    Oh maybe renesme Becomes an evil vampire and tries to kill jacob because she thinks that things are ‘moving too fast’ and her being a vampire will ‘slow things down’ by breaking his neck, and then when she thinks he’s dead she leaves and then Bella and Edward find out and then there’s a big fight scene…. or renesme joins the voltory and Jacob has to decide whether he’s going to be on Bella and Edwards team (team bedward) or renesmΓ¨s team (Team.. RenesmΓ¨)

    … πŸ˜€

  96. Victoria Stamp

    I think that they will actually fight the volturi instead of talking it out x

  97. etmazing0420


  98. AppleTurnover101

    I drank water right when he said ‘an envelope falls down’ and now I must go clean my computer

  99. kkcake42


  100. gissel2550

    Omg that should totally happen!!!

  101. kapasanaom

    hold up hold up i cant understand your taking you talk so fast like your just saying BLABLABLABLABLABLABLABLA

  102. eBummed

    Hilarious!!!!!! xD

  103. shaybay192

    i heard its going to be a fight between the all the other vampire vs the voultori

  104. LOLbirdieHANNAH

    At first I was like what becouse of the music from potter more

  105. Nathanthefool1

    it’s probably end with Bella choosing the director of snow white instead of edward

  106. SadieeSayss


  107. 170sChannel

    epicness lol

  108. lyrics0492

    Can’t wait! They don’t leave us with cliffhanger

  109. ember13dp

    Actually the vampire venom is like poison to the werewolves. He would die, not transform.
    I’m not obsessed or anything πŸ˜‰

    and yes I know you were just kidding.

  110. bellastar03

    I would laugh if renesmee actually got invited to hogwarts

  111. Jax Bo

    WHY R U SOOOOOOO FUNNY!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!

  112. sophiethepegasus

    Was it just me or was Kaleb sparkling? :O

    And I want Renesmee to go to Hogwarts. That’ll make a whole new series that’ll be a bit better. I like Harry Potter more than Twilight but it’s just an opinion.

  113. Lauren Marlowe

    Its going to end in a fight…. Called it! πŸ˜‰

  114. Mstaylorluvr1996

    Bet thst all the Cillens will enter High School like in Twilight and people will be amazed lol

  115. Jordynn Loghry

    I think (and hope) that the stupid Volturi get killed!!!!

  116. blackshadowbox

    I hope Renesmee gets bit…

  117. XxFanpire4evaxX

    but they decided that ages ago- there is no way they could show breaking dawn into one movie- the breakind dawn book is split into 3 parts (bella.jacob then bella again). πŸ˜› plus hunger games is going to be split into 4 movies- which i don’t think is necessary but oh well πŸ˜€

  118. XxFanpire4evaxX

    but if he got bitten, the vampire venom would kill the werewolf, so it is not possible. πŸ˜€

  119. AlyMMKAY8


  120. shawn basnett

    what is the ending ?

  121. CookieRaiders13

    They defeat the Volturi, and live happily everafter. The End.

  122. shawn basnett

    that seems like a stupid ending

  123. EdinePl

    haha…right on

  124. YrZer0

    Ha thanks for the laugh!

  125. vergilxyamato


    The ending isn’t so much a twist as it is… a continuation of the book’s contents? Alice is injured so Carlisle runs in all angered and is beheaded and burned alive by Aro. Huge fight ensues. Renesmee and Jacob run away and almost die. Jasper is killed. Esme and Alice go sick. Aro dies. Seth dies. Leah dies. Caius dies. The other one dies. Then it all turns out to be Alice’s vision so the Volturi decide not to attack. The end.

  126. nofatchicksful


  127. bree doxey

    Wow your my new favorite Seany B

  128. twilightmaddd

    Actually it’s not so different from the book

  129. twilightmaddd

    Even though it is a twist…

  130. tanya wurster

    actual movie recorded in theathers below me clip 1 through 4

  131. PAGfantasy

    It was a vision

  132. TheMichaelmikey99

    Spoiler alert!!!! Carlyle dies jasper dies everybody starts fighting volentary loses and it all turns out to be alice’s vision and then volentary decides not to attack and ten edward and bella are lying down taking you back to the past when they first met!!!

  133. luis diaz

    you suck, get another job

  134. luis diaz

    your a fucking [email protected]

  135. iAmWhoiAm892

    LOL AND DONT RUIN THE. ending for the other ppl who haven’t seen it @TheMichaelmikey99 i saw it and didn’t tell the world

  136. Fearful Strafe

    I love you.

  137. December707

    at the end they all revel they r all ragin hommosexual queers but we already all knew that cuz they are all a bunch of dumb faggots

  138. William Rozario

    Prediction : Edward leaves Bella, goes for Jacob, and comes out of the closet as the shining gay vampire he is.

  139. Sophie Roberts

    You’re kind of hilarious! πŸ˜€

  140. SooZin Cha

    I think you mean Volturi…not volentary. lol. but that was mean don’t spoil it for everyone!

  141. sodaskate

    With sparkles.

  142. pufflingcloud

    The fight scene isn’t real it’s a vision spoiler alert

  143. ItalianNerd157

    Jacob couldn’t become a werepire because vampire venom is fatal to a werewolf…

  144. Jenna Jackson

    I loved the ending

  145. Bianca Michna

    I cried when i watch the Movie πŸ˜€

  146. Bianca Michna


  147. idiotbox901

    Fuck you

  148. morrstan389

    You’re all a bunch of idiots.

  149. Kevin Crawford

    SweeT tomatoes in the morning! SweeT! thank you!Check out my parady!

  150. shorty25ge

    Damn foreal so did i , specially on the ending when that song came out and the memories :”’) My mom was like “Wdf ?”

  151. forevermybabyboy

    Wtf you talk so fast but lol

  152. 86breakfastclub

    This reminds me of the guy from that Katy perry firework parody

  153. keelanrogers

    Your a cunt

  154. Lana Compra


  155. bellawalkuski

    the ending was the same, expect for the battle scene, nothing different. c:

  156. Brianna Streeter

    Are you british or do u just talk like that? lol

  157. Silje Funderud

    I love the Harry Potter thought, it Would made the last movie better πŸ˜›

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