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Taylor Lautner Joins Twitter? NOPE.

August 30th, 2012 at 7:13 pm by Kaleb Nation

Yesterday, the internet started buzzing about a NEW Twitter account claiming to be Taylor Lautner! Backing up the rumors were confirmations from a “publicist” and a verified Lockerz account linking to the Twitter page. Even some Twilight cast members tweeted a welcome to the Taylor Lautner account.

However, it has been confirmed at the Taylor Lautner Twitter page is FAKE. Watch the video above for more and for 3 solid reasons WHY the account isn’t really Taylor!

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60 Responses



  2. TheGrantland100

    I thought he would have had a twitter.

  3. minimeeka

    Since im first can you put me in your video?

  4. ThrashUnreal1000


  5. futurestarish

    Stephenie Meyer, if only for the entertainment value.

  6. minimeeka

    Awww maaaan lag time…stupid internet…I was actually third :(

  7. dsdancergirl


  8. Lalaland101345

    If RPatz, KStew, Taylor, and Stephanie meyer all came on Twitter I would only follow Meyer because she gave them all careers

  9. student192805

    All of them!

  10. orknyc920

    I would be most excited to see Bella Swan tweeting things like: “I bit my lip and tilted my head sideways” “I shook my head and bit my lip” “I was biting my lip so much that it started bleeding”

  11. AriaInTheSky

    Not true. KStew and Taylor were doing fine and dandy on their own, really. Only Rob was having problems.

  12. MsEdwardandbellalove

    Stephenie Meyer to yell at her for not finishing ‘Midnight Sun’!! jk jk I’d love her and Kristen to come on Twitter!

  13. Kylee Styles

    imma go make a @realtaylor account.

  14. Holly Letson


  15. laxbabe292


  16. Emma Sloan


  17. HerrinPlays

    How did I know you would cover this? Haha

  18. emmy rose

    it would be cool to have Stephenie Meyer on twitter, Rob, Kristen, & Taylor
    are just to cool for twitter!!

  19. Olivia Rose

    dear youtube…i just want to watch the video. dont tell me it cant be

  20. 204kitten

    “Not just any Taylor,actual Taylor!” That killed me xD

  21. wont stop to surrender

    The end got me xD lol

  22. Jc Riddle II

    Huge fan Kaleb! But why call it 60SR when it is 90SR?
    Just curious; not hating.

  23. TheSOLProphecy

    And if it were ‘actually’ Taylor, then it wouldn’t have ‘actually’ in the name. I mean, DUH! XD

  24. 60SR

    Don’t count the teaser part before the intro :)

  25. Jc Riddle II

    *FacePalm* Sorry for wasting your time. -_- I feel like such an idiot.

  26. bethtrayn96

    Stephenie Meyer on twitter would be AWESOME! Maybe she’s planning on writing a sequel or prequel to The Host?? Hopefully!

  27. AngelinaAJDSMusic

    Weeeeeellllll then Kaleb

  28. AngelinaAJDSMusic

    Just waste our time…

  29. ThePaperFlowers

    wow it really surprises me when you put my comments in your video. this is the second time. I’m honored.

  30. Megan Morawitz

    Robert pattinson 😀 -3

  31. AnneMarieElle

    I’m disappointed that it wasn’t the real Taylor Laurner… I mean according to Kaleb we would get an abs verification out of it… YES.

  32. ValenciaVampiress

    Salty lies!

  33. LeRandomDude

    I don’t even use Twitter

  34. anrmlkpccc

    probs taylor, cause maybe he would post some pics of his verified abs! 😉

  35. yaying404

    well now I’m devastated

  36. christyniscool

    Robert Pattinson because he wouldn’t tweet anyway

  37. paraskave

    None of the above…

  38. Malfoyinmyheart4ever

    Robert Pattinson, because he’s awesome. What the heck he is doing in such a crappy movie as Twilight I have never really understood though…

  39. rikeebaz22

    Rob. Taylor would try too hard and Kristen’s would be painful

  40. TaylorSwiftie12345

    An ACTUAL TAYLOR (oh, the irony) would be cool to see on Twitter.

  41. mangosockz

    Actually, I had trouble with twitter verification, it wouldn’t send me my email.

  42. horsewritter2000

    Stephanie Meyer….deffinatly the woman who started it all

  43. nburgosnb

    Actually “ActualTaylor” did say Happy Birthday on the right day… UK time anyways, lol.

  44. sparkyrelientk

    actually kaleb is all THREE members of eleventyseven can be verified.. haha which they are hehe 😛

  45. ashantbabe

    I want all three. But I’m most excited for Taylor or Rob. Kristen should not have one at the moment…. It’d just be bad/

  46. drumiceman

    None – drumiceman

  47. mediareviewer101

    None. I Would be more excited to see Barney the purple dinosaur on twitter.

  48. awkwardmexican123

    Elmo. I want Elmo on Twitter. He would be all like,” Elmo just took a s**t!”

  49. Yourbestbff

    How dare they send Liam a happy birthday on the wrong day!

  50. EightGems


  51. Riley Johnson

    Well, Stewart needs to get emotions and she’s a filthy cheater. Meyer cursed the world when she made Twilight. Robert P. really should have known better then to get together with the emotionless weirdo. And well, I don’t have anything against Taylor, so Taylor.

  52. JustinDrewBieber2001

    Send Liam happy birthday on wrong date? 0.0 fail!!!

  53. thesats01

    Taylor, i love him and you say his last name wrong it’s law-tner that’s the best way I can describe it in words. X

  54. Maria Triky

    OOOOO you’re not only ….. i love him *-*

  55. moongoddess

    Does he have a facebook? I’m talking to someone saying its taylor but is it really??

  56. NatashaBieber FizzyNovelli


  57. Cornealia Hilton

    hi kaleb…how do u get ur acc twitter verified?

  58. 1BlackChinese1

    Good video

  59. keenakala

    Taylor will soon be my future husband but I will give all u fans a chance and if it works out u can have him bcz I’m not that mean btw I am just a fan so this won’t come true I was just joking but I’m just saying cz I luv him so much! :)
    Luv 2 all team Jacob fans!

  60. ytemsg

    In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God – All the Glory to JESUS CHRIST. May God save you !

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