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My Review of THE HOST Movie! Featuring Stephenie Meyer

March 14th, 2013 at 8:40 pm by Kaleb Nation

So now that the final movie in The Twilight Saga is out… what’s next?

If you’re looking for another epic film based on a Stephenie Meyer novel, check out THE HOST, in theaters March 29. Watch the video above for my review!

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60 Responses

  1. LaDexis

    Uheck yeah the host

  2. Tanner McMahon


  3. Tadlz

    Can’t wait!

  4. Hannah Copley

    After I read the book I will!

  5. keandric

    So excited for the movie! I LOVE the book so much :D

  6. Selina Lynn

    really liked the book so I’m gonna watch the movie (love that they cast
    jake abel as ian), but it looks like they made some changes.

  7. burdenedwithbooks

    You had a phone call with Stephenie. nbd right?

  8. 331LiveloveLaugh

    From the trailer it looks like Melanie’s younger brother isn’t in it. I
    really hope thats not the case he’s kind of really important to the
    development of the plot.

  9. Skyewhisper

    Parts of the trailer look good, while parts look really bad (like all the
    various kissing scenes). I do not like Stephenie Meyer, nor Twilight, but I
    may just give this movie a chance. The explosions are really pulling me in
    (and I’m a gal). =)

  10. Melanie Skidmore

    I’ve been waiting for this movie since it was announced last March. I’m so
    stoked! It looks amazing!

  11. ibelieveinyou87

    the fact that you talked to stephanie. nbd.

  12. TheGabloka

    I will see the movie and I’m reading the book right now!

  13. Kevin Jenkins

    Totally going to go see the movie! Loved every Twilight movie!

  14. ALBrassard

    I might it on my list

  15. Lara O

    Kaleb, 60sr is so much better with you :) Don’t get me wrong, the other
    guy’s great too, but Kaleb’s the original.

  16. 13ajam


  17. Haley Quinn

    I remember reading the book when it first came out :D ! I thought to myself:
    the movie shall be amazing :D

  18. Garet Walker

    You just have Stephanie Meyers on the phone…. No big deal. “Hey, Steph. What. Is. Up!?”
    “Eh yo! Just another day in the dough!” As she rolls in her billions upon billions of twilight saga legacy green paper.

  19. WhitestWaters

    I absolutely loved the book and I will go see the movie though I fear to be dissapointed. I won’t keep my hopes up.

  20. 4disndat2unme

    Oh how I’ve missed you Kaleb.

  21. HarriHaffi

    ohh…so it’s not the korean movie…you know the one actually worth watching!
    haven’t seen any of the twillight movies…or Harry Potter… And for that I’m kinda proud!


  22. VioletHour Sky

    Me whatching the trailer:
    the guys:Hmmm they are okay…
    the Aston:O MY GOD ITS SO BEAUTYFUL *___*

  23. luckyriverfinn

    I’m reading that book right now, so much better than Twilight. :-)

  24. Saphira46

    Definately! I read the book so many times… So much better than Twilight!

  25. Jordan Evans

    I’m really glad that Stephenie has been speaking out and explaining the differences between her work. So many people will lump an author and their reputation with their work. We saw that with JK Rowling and the Casual Vacancy, and a lot of people actually ended up disappointed. I like that she recognizes how very different works they are and which audiences will like one over the other.

  26. crazydavisgirl22

    The book was pretty good; it starts of a bit slow in the beginning but keep going! You’ll be happy you read it. I can’t wait to see the movie :)

  27. SarahBubbleU

    I saw the commercial the other day and I wanted to go see it before I even knew it was by Stephanie Meyers.

  28. Lauren Larson

    Doesn’t anyone think the trailer was kind of bad? It was almost amateur, the whole putting pictures of people all of the the world with really shiny eyes on it. It was almost like they put in no effort at all. Which made me sad because the book was actually pretty good.

  29. Danielle P.

    what happened with The Casual Vacancy? Was it as successful as HP?

  30. alisa089a

    Welcome back Kaleb.. Please don’t leave us again!

  31. Samantha Little

    I want to se the Host so bad it sounds good and way better than twilight

  32. TwiFiveGirls101

    OH COURSE I’ll see this movie. I’m super excited.

  33. TwiFiveGirls101

    Did you not see the new trailers? The first that came out a year ago was not that great. But the ones that have been coming out each week since Jan/Feb are awesome with cool cars, helicopters, guns, and explosions. Also there is some kissing.

  34. Adam Hutchinson

    I’m no saying this in a bad way, but you look fatter from the side.

  35. isnormalityareality

    I didn’t like Twilight but the Host is a really good book.

  36. Sara848

    its called a teaser trailer. its not supposed to have much in it

  37. HelloMsAnny

    Geez I need to read this book already, it’s been on my shelf since it was released and I STILL haven’t read it but I definitely do not want to see the movie before I’ve read the book.

  38. Merina2222

    Love Stephenie, love Twilight, ready and waiting to love the Host as well :)

  39. willman3006

    I read the host after I read the Twilight series, actually to me it wasn’t as romantic it was just more or less introspective . It brings you into the mind of the characters in a way that Twilight never could.

  40. TheFoundersDaughter

    I hate Twilight with a vengeance, but The Host is just so amazing, it’s definately in my top five novels and book series. Can’t wait for the release!

  41. Caroline1204

    I would probably go see it

  42. Grace TheAwesomePenguin

    I am sticking with Harken. but i might see this movie and possible read the book

  43. Nauru

    Well I truly liked studying it. This information offered by you is very helpful for correct planning.

  44. Jordan Evans

    I don’t know any numbers, but I remember hearing a lot of people pick it up only because Rowling’s name was attached to it, and went in expecting something similar to Harry Potter.

  45. Mr Lou

    If Stephanie would stop making movies out of her novels, perhaps she would have more time to work on Midnight Sun. Then she could finally give us fans what we really want!

  46. Carrossea

    It was really good. I just saw it yesterday. I honestly expected there to be more romance in the movie, even with all the kissing, but I felt they did a good job on focusing on the central plot and the aliens. The kissing actually doesn’t get too much; I felt the scenes were needed to drive the story. Once you see the movie, you’ll understand what I mean. It was also very funny and there was lots of comic relief. The theatre was laughing throughout the movie (not in a bad way, lol).

  47. Carrossea

    My friend who hates Twilight and the movies said that she actually wants to read the book after seeing The Host because it was really good. She came into the advance screening with low expectations because of her distaste of Twilight, but really liked the movie afterwards.

  48. Skyewhisper

    Cool, thanks for the mini-review. I’ll probably end up seeing it! =)

  49. Rememberleegs

    It would have been cool if you hung up on her. Lol

  50. SuperSilverJay

    It amazes me that Kaleb has her number and wastes questions on stuff like that. What about Midnight Sun?!!!

  51. BJuliannaB

    I love the fictional character tshirt!

  52. millernumber1

    Saw it, loved it. Also liked Twilight :)

  53. Danielle P.

    Saw it. Thought it was good! Don’t know why so many critics say it as “horrible”. It wasn’t GREAT, but just good. :)

  54. joel Lopez

    Lol says that the host was great… Great my balls wtf the host was horrible so as twilight was if girls want romance.. There are plenty of romance stories that actually could be enjoyable and has logic.. I will never see this movie

  55. Julie Dee

    i didn’t enjoy the host at all – the book i mean. i barely understood what was going on half the time and was flabbergasted to find out it was going to be made into a movie

  56. CallingAllFandoms101

    First Heard Of It=OMG I might like dis (after teaser and trailer 1)
    Figured Out The Auther=*jaw drops and a whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa look on my face*
    THE JUDGING PERIOD=Ewwwww it’s gonna be exactly like twilight;dumb love triangle;stephenie don’t create more haters!
    Seeing the movie thoughts= /OMG JAMIE STRYDER I WUV U/JAR

  57. Theophil

    What a look of the actor!!!

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  60. miriam

    Im robossed of course and yeah sound interesting to watch and read the book I love twilight books

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