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Reading Twilight: Chapter 3 (Phenomenon)

April 25th, 2008 at 1:28 am by Kaleb Nation

The song for this chapter is Hero/Heroine by Boys Like Girls:

After being impressed with One and Two, I’ve been looking forward to getting back to the book. So despite what I told Sarah Ockler yesterday, I zapped a bag of popcorn and sat down to munch whilst enjoying chapter 3 of Twilight.

Like Bella, I’m struck that her dad so graciously chained her tires before she even woke up. This is a very curious thing about dads: you will very often find that they go ahead and do important things for you that you might not have thought of before. Charlie strikes me as one of those fellows who doesn’t say much but really wants to do good, so after seeing that he’s got a heart behind him I actually like him.

My apartment-mate has a regular practice of slamming the AC down somewhere in the low 50’s in the middle of the night (thus prompting me to make this often-ignored sign). As I read this chapter, I am being chilled to the bone even though I also have a space heater running to keep my fingers defrosted. Coincidentally, Bella is also getting her share of chills, be they from the snow or from the strange way Edward is acting.

“When I opened my eyes in the morning, something was different…it was the light.”

“When I opened my eyes in the morning, something was different…it was the light.” (Bella, pg 53)

I notice that Edward is having very frequent mood swings. First he is quite the grinning, patronizing fellow, and then the next minute he’s clenching his teeth and hissing like a snake at Bella. This strikes me as odd, though I’m getting a hint that it means something important, other than the possibility that Edward is alarmingly schizophrenic.

A girl reading from Romania sent me an email a few days ago and made mention of one particular aspect of Edward that she adored (amongst the 54,923,429 others she proceeded to list for me, as my to-do list for the next century). I had not noticed this before she pointed it out, but in this chapter, Edward is not afraid to argue back with Bella. In a common falling-in-love scenario, Jomeo the plumber and Ruliet the electrician simply agree on everything and live blissfully contradiction-free (however hard it is to noncombustibly mix stopped-up drains and electricity). However, this Edward doesn’t give up the fight: when he’s right, he’s right.

This is a very strange thing to me. In the chapter before, he was a very strong listener. Now, he won’t give up. The way I see it, from where I am in the book, is that there is something really bothering Edward which I will most likely discover as I read along (and don’t anyone bloody tell me in the comments, either). His sudden changes in demeanor (along with his sudden changes in eye color) tell me that something is really up with this fellow. But I am curious as to if this is a feature idolized by one girl or if it is something that girls really do like about Edward (dare I suggest it’s something some girls don’t like about Edward)?

Hang Him! You Shout

Whoops. Me and my big mouth.

Chapter 3 was about half the length of the last two and seemed to go by so quickly. I had to take a peek at the first page of Four. All is going well!


— I have been invited to write an article for a major movie news website about Stephenie Meyer, and will need some input from any of you who wish to participate. I’ll post more info on this soon.

— Twilightguy.com is now inching up on the Twilight Topsites! Only 240 people short of Number 7. The odd thing is, their stats are very much off, so we’re doing a lot better than what they say. Thanks for all the great 5-apple reviews!

— I have stumbled upon uncountable websites and Myspaces who have up the Support The Twilight Guy buttons! Thanks so much to everyone who is posting them on their pages.

— I have gotten uncountable requests from people to read my book. This is quickly becoming a FAQ. The book will come out in late 2009, but if you email me, I can send you the first few chapters of The Farfield Curse.

— Another FAQ: can you suggest songs for the chapters? The answer is yes, please feel free to email your suggestions for songs for the chapters. I’ll probably add a page for this soon, but for now emailing me works great.

— There is a new video coming for all you people subscribed to my Youtube channel. I just shot the video but I’ve still got audio to wrap up. I’ll either have it up Monday or the weekend.

Added April 25, 7:31 AM : I woke up this morning with a sore throat, and thus can’t do the voice for the video yet. I’ll get the video once I’m back to normal :) 

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65 Responses

  1. Jovana

    There isn’t one thing I don’t like about Edward.

  2. Elspeth

    First I would love to give any input for your article. And to tell you the truth, I love Edward but he is flawed, there are somethings about him that I do not like (gasp! shocker). These specific things aren’t as evident in Twilght, but instead in the sequels, so I won’t give anything away.
    Also I greatly enjoyed your Romeo and Juliet pun :)
    Happy Reading!

  3. Chelsea

    The truth…I love Edward but he does has hive flaws, but I’m unable to talk about them due to the fact they’re either later inthe book, or the series in general that I pick up on them -shrug-

    You get to write an article eh? Very cool ^_^ I can’t wait to see it all. Once you have more info I’ll help out, give input and such :)

  4. Kaleb Nation

    I suppose if Edward didn’t have flaws, he wouldn’t seem real. I for one can love someone more because of her flaws, whereas seemingly flawless people are fake: since no one is perfect. To me, someone who is real is always better than someone who is hiding all their faults (maybe that’s why I’m liking Bella a lot) 😀

  5. twilight22lover

    people always ask why i love edward cullen, i say he’s perfect, then they say no ones perfect, then i say, you don’t know edward cullen!!!!!! 😀

  6. Sarah Ockler

    Kaleb, I’m glad you went with the popcorn. Oreos are much messier on the page.

    Edward definitely has flaws, but never underestimate the danger factor when it comes to falling in love. Edward’s mysterious. He has mood swings. He drives a crazy fast car. He’s a bad boy. Definitely good for making girls swoon.

    Question is, does he have any long-term mate potential? You’ll have to read to find out!

  7. Phinecia

    Personally, I think Edward has a few flaws but not many. I believe his flawless beauty and perfection are a part of the first flaw I noticed. As you mentioned in chap 3 he starts aruguing with Bella over who is right. . . his perfection gives him a “GOD complex.” To me, this is a big flaw. Even perfect looking godlike creatures are wrong sometimes!

  8. Jersey

    I know Bella thought it was Charlie who put the chains on her truck, but I actually always thought it was Edward that did. Don’t get me wrong, Charlie is a nice guy, but I always thought that the chains would be a very Edward-like thing to do. I guess we’ll never know for sure until Midnight Sun comes out.

  9. Katie Beth

    Edward has a couple flaws (I guess… maybe) but you haven’t read about them yet. 😀 The stuff you’re currently talking about just makes me love him more.

    What does “participate” entail, exactly? I’d love to, of course.

  10. Phie

    The only thing I don’t like about Edward is that he isn’t real. This really ticks me off I tell you.

    I think I’ve already stated this before, but I find your commentary very enlightning. It’s like I’m in Biology class again, during dissection. Only instead of a pig heart, we have Edward Cullen. You’re dissection of him is very accurate, and quite neat as I didn’t think that most people noticed the little things in the beginning of the book-as Bella is so caught up on Edward’s appeal and is fairly blank on anything else. (I actually didn’t analysis much in the beginning of the book, as I was flogged with mental images of hotness whenever Edward’s name was mentioned)

    But anyways, keep reading.

  11. Diana

    Yeah, I’ve picked up on that too ^_^ Of course, once you’ve read the book 27 times, you tend to notice the smaller stuff. :3

    Edward has got this whole ‘I am either always right or the world is ending’ syndrome, which I adore simply because it is humorous to read about and because I’m like that too =3 I can see how it can get annoying for Bella, but this is just one of Edward’s flaws that I adore–though there are some, I don’t.

  12. Kim

    I love Edward too! But as much as we might want to say he’s perfect he’s not but thats what makes him so amazing. Most of his flaws are in the other two books so I won’t say anything. But here is a really good quote that fits Edward…

    “You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly.”

    That person is Edward!!!

    An article: thats so cool.
    I can help.

  13. Theresa

    Maybe I’m just being cruel, but I think that most guys love to argue, and if they aren’t arguing, perhaps they aren’t really listening. Don’t get me wrong, I love this character, too, but I’ve been with the same guy for 7 years (one year married), and maybe sometimes it’s for the best that they aren’t always listening…. :o)

  14. twilight22lover

    do you think if the book was in someone else’s point of view, or even third person narroration instead of first, edward wouldn’t come out seeming so perfect?

  15. Sarah

    Your commentaries on these chapters are really great just so you know. I love reading all your insights. Anyways, I just wanted to say that I have a friend who absolutely loaths Edward..she is too much in love with Jacob. :)

  16. TillTheyGlow

    Dude, don’t you have anything better to do with your time? Try walking the dog…

  17. Maggie

    Yeah, he totally has flaws. They’ll become apparent. But that’s part of the reason why the books rock so much.

    As far as songs go, you may want to check out Stephenie Meyer’s website; she has playlists for all the books. Let me know if you need help finding them.

    I’m also fond of The Killer’s “When You Were Young”. Totally a Twilight song.

  18. Lauren

    omg @TillTheyGlow.

    For every one hater, there are about ten million lovers of twilightguy.com

  19. Lauren

    Yes, Edward may have one flaw…(of course not physically, though)

    Twilight is relatively related to Pride and Prejudice, as Stephenie Meyer has pointed out. (New Moon: Romeo and Juliet, Eclipse: Wuthering Heights, Breaking Dawn: A Midsummer’s Night Dream) I can see a little bit of P&P influence on the beginning of Twilight. How the two disagree is one thing. Joemeo and Ruliet get along and “live blissfully contradiction-free”, whereas Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth definitely had their quarrels.

  20. HOLLY

    listen TillTheyGlow, ur probably just some guy who is super jealous bcause kaleb is hott reading twilight and u r just too stupid of a guy to do it too and learn something! Like Lauren said theres millionsof people who LOVE twilightguy so you don’t have to hang around! like you said: GO WALK THE DOG!!!

    k k sorry, had to get that off (: . kaleb i LUV the site! dont listen to stupid guys like that!!! i read it every day and i get it in email too.
    <3 <3 holly

  21. Icy Topaz

    Yes, yes, I admit it: I am also a fellow worshipper of Edward Cullen. I randomly found this site (lucky you) and I find it quite funny.

    I love how you’re dragging this out and all the drama you infuse into it. I can’t help but laugh at times!

    I think you have a double purpose for this site, though. Now you are guaranteed a ton of readers for your new book, because we are all curious. You dog.

    My brother and his friend read Twilight and both liked it, so I’m sure you will too. I don’t believe in “Girl books” and “Boy books.” That’s so lame. I read books with male protagonists. I think guys should not be embarrassed to read romantic stuff about a girl. I mean, you have to have a guy as well as a girl for a romance, COME ON. How ignorant is that?

    This is getting pretty dang long, so I now proceed to shut up.

  22. Emma

    Edward IS inconsistent with his moods, but I personally don’t find that it makes him more or less attractive…it only makes him seem a little more realistic, which is good.

    Quite honestly, I can’t stand perfect characters because it makes their personalities harder to grasp and thus harder to relate to. What’s different about Edward, however, is that he IS the ideal guy yet we can actually get who he is. This is where Stephenie’s literary awesomeness comes in. The way she’s written him, he does have flaws, but his other qualities outweigh them so much that they’re kind of insignificant. He’s still the ideal guy, AND we understand his character. Thus the reason why every teenage girl (and her mother) swoon over dear Ed.

  23. Joanne Maria

    I think you are quite funny. I like reading your stuff.Wish I knew what your book was about???!!!

  24. Brandie

    Whatever you do, don’t try to eat hot, dripping chocolate chip cookies. I did this while reading the end of Eclipse and now have a permanent chocolate drizzle on one of the pages. And I agree with what someone before me said….”if Edward did not have flaws, he would not seem real” and as Edward says himself he “is only human”. I still <3 him.

  25. Ink Mage

    I know for a fact that some girls actually don’t like Edward. Not that I hate him, but I think I’d find him boring.

  26. Vamp :}

    Sugestion for you article:
    write something about what this site is mainly about!!! the whole gender thing…..

    song hints: go to stepheniemeyers.com and check out her playlist of songs. i find most of them can fit into any chaper

    love ur website!!! tiz amazing!

  27. A Twilighter

    God, I’m such a dork for saying this, but I loled when I read “space heater”. You’ll find out why in Eclipse.

  28. Sarah

    Hahaha, hmmm there isnt anything that stands out to me that i dont like about him, I suppose he is very stubborn but so is she.

    I had decided when i found your site that i would read, chapter by chapter with you, so there i went, i read chapter 3 and then read your article and said to myself, i would comment in a minute but then i started to read ch4, then 5, 6, 7, 8….until, the next day i had read the whole book without meaning too. lol. i’m hopeless.

    Have fun reading it!! I don’t know how you stop.

  29. steph

    “As I read this chapter, I am being chilled to the bone even though I also have a space heater running to keep my fingers defrosted. Coincidentally, Bella is also getting her share of chills, be they from the snow or from the strange way Edward is acting.”

    Hahaha, you are being inadvertently psychic and awesome. Been concentrating in your fortune telling classes lately?
    You most probably have no idea what I’m talking about and will remain clueless until you reach book 3.. ooh, is that a hint?

    Loving your site =]

  30. Ariana

    I love Edward for many reasons one of them is because he is flawed. No one is perfect, and if he was, this book would not appeal to me as it does now. Anyways, I applaud you for reading twilight openly! You rule!!!!!

  31. Karina

    I just want to recommend you one song that, everytime I listen to it, remember me the chapter called “Confessions” (the 13, I think).
    I am talking about Glósoli by Sigur Rós. You should really try reading that chapter with that song ^^

    And ,by the way, I love your blog! ^^, it’s nice to see a not-woman reading twilight xD.

    P.S.: Sorry about any grammar mistakes you may found, the english is not my mother tongue.

  32. pruedence110588

    I love reading your blog because even though I’ve read Twilight 11 times so far, I never really thought about Edward from the extremely psychological way you comment on, and it’s really interesting and made me realize even more about him. I also always laugh at least once reading your blogs. You’re very insightful too, unintentionally. Don’t worry, you’ll find out what’s up, like you said…I think in chapter 14.

    And haha, “space heater”…*big smiles*…just wait. Don’t forget that, you’ll be surprised.

    And one last OMG. ^ ICY TOPAZ!!!! She’s an online-Twilight-fan-friend of mine. She’s awesomeness.

    Keep reading!

  33. Ren


    I think what is attractive about Edward is his humanity in spite of the fact that he is a vampire. I’ve had plenty of ex-boyfriends who change moods (some I swear even faster than he does) and while it is difficult it’s still apart of who he is. I mean I’ve always been told it is the similarities that get people interested and the differences and challenges that keep people together.

    It must be so exciting reading it!
    I remember when I read it back when few people even had heard of it. I stayed up to read it.

  34. Kristin

    grrr… stupid edward

  35. Kim

    Ok. Everyone loves Edward. TO ALL YOU OTHER GIRLS: Yes he is gorgeous, yes he’s perfect. or is he?
    I find he’s over protective, stubborn, always blames himself for EVERYTHING! Bella does something wrong, and Edward is there to blame himself. It just makes me mad.
    BUT of course Im not a Jacob lover or anything…
    Now Jasper on the other hand…

  36. HollyB

    That would be so ironic if the Chapter 3 song was There is a Light That Never Goes Out by the Smiths. I don’t get why everyone likes Edward…As far as I’m concerned, Jasper is the greatest!

  37. Twifanatic Amanda

    Hi! I’ve been reading your website for awhile and I think that it is so entertaining what you’re doing! I had to say that. How come some people can be so successful at everything they do and others (like me at college right now) have no direction in life? I don’t know. But there is a definate chance that if I keep reading this and remember your name in the next year that I’ll read your book when it comes out just because you’re the Twilight Guy, believe me, I probably won’t be the only one to read it for those very reasons. I don’t like that Edward will…oh wait I probably should save that comment for later. I mean he’s doing it right now, but I don’t know if you know it while reading it for the first time. Oh! Next chapter comment!

  38. Kyleen

    i know exactly what i hate about edward hes overbearing u see more of this in the third book and way too polite i actually hate him sometimes

  39. Kaylen

    Space heater.
    You serisouly don’t know how funny that was.

  40. Ches

    Yes! Aladdin is the best movie ever (until Twilight comes out that is).

  41. Gill Pont

    I hope you get this…

    Hi, I’m a Twihard and Twilighter named Gill. I’m sorry I didn’t comment earlier but like you, I’m busy with school and such.

    “I notice that Edward is having very frequent mood swings. First he is quite the grinning, patronizing fellow, and then the next minute he’s clenching his teeth and hissing like a snake at Bella. This strikes me as odd, though I’m getting a hint that it means something important, other than the possibility that Edward is alarmingly schizophrenic”
    -Twilight Guy

    It’s true, Edward is constantly PMS-ing.
    Stephenie mentioned this somewhere online (I have read so much FAQ I don’t remember where I find it all) and she explained it really well, so I’m going to try my best to follow her exemple.

    Edward, thanks to his vampire brain, can think about many things at the same time and he can think things through extremely quickly. Edward would be really good at juggling while solving math problems made for University exams. When Bella says something his reaction is much more extreme and dramatic than a human one because he can think what she has said through and doesn’t always like the outcome.

    A Twilight fan,
    PS: I hope you like the book.

  42. Rachael

    When you finish Twilight, head over to stepheniemeyer.com. Go to Other projects and click on Midnight Sun. Do not read the link before finishing Twilight though, it requires some mental preparation;i.e. seeing the whole picture from Bella’s side.

  43. Alyssa

    okay I LOVE EDWARD. i love him because.

    1. He’s hot
    2. He’s a gentleman
    3. He’s a badass

    and every girl wants a badass 😉

    one thing i dnt like about him though but JUST IN ECLIPSE! he’s wayy to over protective. *sigh*
    do you know what twilight fangirls like? twilight fanGUYS. so boys, do you reading if your looking for a date.

  44. Yoko

    So let me say something that I didn’t see posted on the first few posts that I glanced at: What isn’t there to love about Edward?! (Wait for it…) I, personally love the fact that he is NOT perfect. If Edward didn’t have any flaws we wouldn’t love him nearly as much (This in response to previous posts containing the phrase “I love Edward, BUT…). I liked reading the beginning of twilight so much because of the fact that they aren’t afraid to fight and argue with each other. I often wish that I could fall in love with a guy who isn’t afraid to fight with me! Some girls say they would like some perfect prince charming to come sweep them off their feet, but I don’t think they really want that. That kind of man would be boring and easily overlooked as so many really nice guys out there already know. You’ve gotta throw some curve balls in there, keep it exciting, tell her she’s wrong and then charm her. Despite the fairy tale fantasies that some people perpetuate, women want excitement and diversity in romance. Twilight gives us just that. More guys should read Twilight even if it’s only to pick up a few tips from Edward. Hats off to you Caleb for boldly accepting that challenge (and for more reason than to find out what women want)!

  45. Jaylynn

    I just found your site and am reading all your old Chapter Reviews. I love your sense of humor and your insight. I must say I was a little disappointed that you didn’t even mention the van accident. I think that is a pivotal part of Bella’s interest in Edward. Humm, like to know what you thought when you read it.
    Keep up the photos and we’ll keep up the laughs. 😉

  46. Miranda

    I’m a new fan of your site and my hats off to you! You could call me a Twilight fan, and I love that you have commentary on each of the chapters, their insitefull. I wanted to say that no one is perfect, not even Edward, even though we all love him. One of the many things that makes him a ‘perfect’ guy (vamp) is the fact that he is far from it. I guess he is perfect for Bella, and since so many of us can relate to Bella, he becomes perfect for us. GUYS of the world, take note from Edward! You could learn a lot and with your commentary, theres no mistaking things :-)

  47. Zephyr

    Edward — “alarmingly schizophrenic”.

    I can’t even begin to tell you how much I laughed at that. The idea is just so amusing. lol.

  48. Amanda

    For the first couple of chapters of Twilight, the wqy Edward acted really bothered me. The mood-swings were annoying. And I found it kind of funny that he and Bella would just randomly start yelling at eachother, sometimes over what didn’t seem to me like such a big deal. My friend pointed this out to me first.

  49. BrooklynBridges

    I’m glad you picked up on the fact that they do fight sometimes, because i think if they didnt they would have some problems. SOME people(AKA my MOTHER) havent noticed that and continue to tell you all while she is reading Twilight and you are on Eclipse, that if this was the real world they would have broken up. what hope is there for the rest of us now??
    And there is one thing us girls HATE about Edward Cullen.
    Her name: Bella Swan.

  50. Maureen

    Hi! This is my second time reading the series, but I did not come across your page until about a month ago, when I was already about to finish Eclipse. At the beginning I had just been using your site to try to convince my husband that he should read the books and use your website along with it. I also e-mailed him a few of the “guy stories” that you have, to show him that he would not be the only guy that would be reading the series.

    I’ve also seen the movie 5 times. The first couple of times on You Tube, once alone and then showed it to my husband. The next couple of times we were able to find a theater that was still showing it, so we went with my 8 yr. old son, since he knows all about Twilight and hears me talking about it enough. Although I won’t let him actually read the books, even though HE has actually asked more than a few times, so I am surprised to hear that some parents are letting their 9 and 10 yr. old kids read it!!! :-( But anyway, I’m sidetracking. I figured that I would at least let him see the movie, since I was confident that I knew what parts I would have him close his eyes. But let’s just say that by the end of it all, it ended up taking away from the experience, since it seemed I was more focused on censoring the movie than enjoying it. (Plus it also didn’t help that I was being a little too nit picky!) :-( So a few days later I talked my husband into taking me again to see it, this time just the two of us, and even HE ended up enjoying the movie even better. And since most of us can’t get enough of it all, before the movie is available for purchase or the next movie comes out, I ended up watching it once more on You Tube. If you or anyone out there speaks Spanish, You Tube also has two versions of the movie (a “Latin” version and a “Castellano” version.) Although I enjoyed the Castellano version much better and highly recommend it! The translation in Castellano seemed to be closer to the original movie and the voices chosen were extremely good, especially Edward’s (very sexy!)

    But even with all that, I am still missing the characters way too much!!! Silly, I know. But not any book series, or for that matter any other book that I have ever read, has ever affected me in the way that this series has. Is anybody else feeling the same way? So… to be able to have my Twilight “fix,” I am re-reading the series again, but this time I figured I would follow it with your chapter by chapter analysis. Although I must say that I agree with some of your readers when they say that they don’t know how you are able to read only one chapter at a time! I tried, but failed miserably, and then I found myself almost halfway through the book by the time I finally tore myself away from it to come read your posts. Aaarrrggghhhh!!! :-)

    Anyway, keep up the great work. And your humor has been priceless! My husband just hears me laugh from the other room and wonders what in the world I am reading that is making me laugh so much. Ha ha!

    Oh! And I agree! Guys SHOULD read this, even if it is only to learn a few pointers from Edward on what the female persuasion considers to be “close” to the perfect guy. And yes, I also agree that even in his 108 yrs. of existence, Edward is not “the perfect guy.” But he sure is close enough! (Wow!!!) With just enough of a few faults to let his humanity come through, otherwise he would be no fun if he was totally perfect!!!

    Sorry for the lengthiness! :-(

  51. Des

    Has anyone ever drawn a sketch of the van crash from the book perspective?

  52. M3LiSS4

    reading Twilight will go by in a SNAP! once you finish reading it, you're all depressed…or am i the only person that did become depressed??? :/

    <3 M3LiSS4

  53. twilight fan

    Trust me you aren't. My theroe is that you become so embraced in the world of twilight that when you finish reading you get so depressed because you don't have that world any more until you read the next book.

  54. mary

    i love love love the books! once i starded i jusT couldnt stop!

  55. mary

    i love love love the books! once i starded i jusT couldnt stop!

  56. Twritebite

    I like Charlie too. He's somewhat like my own dad, quiet at times. If you read the back cover of the Twilight book, you know that Edward is the vampire. About three things I was absolutely positive. First Edward was a vampire… Anyway, when I went to see the movie with my brother, I knew I was seeing a vampire movie, but I still couldn't understand the vampire's mood swings. This was before I read the books. It all makes sense for me now. Other vampire movies don't show the insticts so much. Although, I usually don't get into vampire movies. I only started liking vampires after Twilight. Of course vampires are going to have animal-like instincts if they have heightened smell.

  57. Lisa

    Charlie is a GREAT dad! Like, Twritebite, he sort of reminds me of my own dad! He's not great dealing with emotions and feelings and all that, but he really does care!

    This is a romance story – even though it is about vampires! But, unlike other romance novels, these two characters are much more complex and interesting to read – in my opinion!

    I've read the book several times and watched the movie several times – so i cab't remember what I made of Edwad's frequent move swings! But I think I was just plain confused!

  58. chloe

    I never thought about this before either! Edward doesn't mind arguing wih Bella, I really like that. He keeps arguing to get his point across as what he is saying is true and is all the best for Bella to know the truth.

  59. Nr Crazyreader

    Did you know there's a novella (mini novel) for Eclipse? It's called, “The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner”. You know that fifteen-year-old newborn that surrendered to the Cullens in Victoria's vampire-army-vs-the-Cullens war? That's Bree, and if you wanna know her sad newborn life, I would advise you to read it. Poor Dylan…but he's something you'll have to find out about. Oh, the stressful complications of Stephanie Meyer's love stories. But that just makes it more fan-crazed and obsessive.

  60. Lynnda Gin Harris

    I know this is all.. 2000 and late, but I actually just now got to find this page, so my apologies. I'm 21 years old and when the movie twilight came out in germany where i love at the moment, i literally swore to myself that i would NEVER get into this teenie-hystric-twilight stuff. So one afternoon i was bored and hangover, switched on the laptop and watched it. Thinking how it touched me as a movie, i was pretty sure I would love the books eventually. And I do. I love the message thats behind the books, i love her writingstyle even if it isnt THE JANE AUSTEN of our time. and its pretty hard to explain why i love twilight, but twilight is a love beyond everything, not just romeo and juliett style, its our generation-fuck-off-love. And what i love about edward is the way he is able to love her, im not a hopeless romantic, i actually hate romantic. but this is nice, this seems so right and seriously try finding a guy in his 20s able to love a girl this way.

  61. Guest

    Obviously you're further along now, but did you not read the back of the cover when you picked up the book?

  62. Kick

    I'll admit I'm not a fan, but as a girl the sudden mood swings and mixed signals would be frustrating. To me it doesn't give Edward depth, it makes him annoying.

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