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June 18th, 2008 at 12:04 am by Kaleb Nation

Yesterday evening, I received a special TwilightGuy story. Out of the hundreds I have been sent, this is the most touching I have read. I promise– it deserves to be read to the end:

 I’m a 79 year old, happily married for 58 years to my beautiful wife, Sarah; father of two beautiful girls, and grandfather of four boys and one girl, and I’m now called Twi-Grandpappy. Now I’m very tech challenged, don’t have an email, so my 19 year old granddaughter is letting me use hers so I can tell you about my Twilight Tale.

I’ve worked at the same company for 50 years. Most of the women in the office are nosy and near my daughters’ ages. Except four weeks ago we brought in a new girl who happens to be 19 (the youngest in the office). She happens to be the daughter of one of the sub’s and very well behaved. Everyday, she came in on time, and left when she was done with her work. She didn’t talk much but she did listen to her little MP3 thing. We sometimes could hear whatever she was listening to, if the office was quiet- but it never seems to be that. Now I was curious as to what she would mouth and I caught “Edward,” “Bella,” and “Jacob” at times. So at lunch I asked her. She actually smiled and said “Twilight by Stephenie Meyer”. Still being curious, I wanted to listen.

So every day, during our lunch, she would put the story on her MP3 speaker (don’t ask  me how) and we would listen a chapter every day.

I was hooked at the first chapter, interested. My lunch partner and I would talk about the chapters and Twilight everyday. We were known as the Twilight Lunch Buddies.

Now my story turns sad.

Everyday she would come in, remember? Well one day, she stopped coming. Her father didn’t come in either and I was worried. Then when I finally saw her father, on Monday on my way home, I saw the grief in his eyes. Marie, my buddy, passed away on Friday the 13th.

My lunch buddy was visiting a friend of hers from High School, one she hasn’t seen in nearly a year. They were going to the Mall on Thursday, to buy a gift for my retirement party that was to happen on June 20th, when she was hit by a car. She died on the operating table, trying to restart her heart.

I am always going to miss her, but I shall always carry one thing from her. Her father earlier today came and gave me a little box. “She wanted to give you this,” he said.

Inside was her own battered copy of Twilight with a little note in the side:

“Jimmy-Jim, I sadly had to return Twilight back to the library so I no longer have it but I thought you would love to read this after work. We could talk about what you read the next day at lunch.

Much Love, Marie.

PS- ask your grand-daughter to check out this site for you. He’s funny, like a younger version of you.”

And she gave me your website. I read the entry for today, the 17th, and wanted to give you my tale of how I became known as the Twi-Grandpappy.


Added 1:06 AM: I hope nobody is upset with me posting this. I know, it is sad, when the rest of this site is all happy. But I felt it was best that you knew his story. It was the least I could do, since he sent it to me.

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191 Responses

  1. Marie B.

    Oh my gosh! That is so touching and sad! But it is a beautiful story in all….Twi-grandpappy you rock!

  2. Priscilla

    Wow, that was really… wow. Um, I don’t know what to say, but that was a really sad, but touching story. It’s incredible. The fanbase is so diverse. Twi-grandpappy? Um… wow. I wish I could hug him. Amazing story. Once again, WOW.

  3. Beka

    wow… what a touching story! thanks for sharing it with us twi-grandpappy. i am so sorry for your loss.

  4. Sus

    That is so sad and unfortunate, I think we should find a way to let twi-grandpappy know that it’s alot of us thinking of Marie and him. Got any ideas?

  5. Dianne

    I’m very sorry for your loss. I give my best regards.

  6. Lauren

    oh that was so sad!poor guy!oh i feel so bad for the family they must be heart broken!

  7. Caitlyn

    That’s so sad. I’m sitting here typing through my tears… I’m so sorry for your loss, Jimmy.

  8. Melonie

    That was one of the saddest things I’ve ever read.

  9. Kaleb Nation

    I hope nobody is upset with me for posting this. I know, it is sad, when the rest of this site is all happy. But I felt it was best that you knew his story. It was the least I could do, since he sent it to me.


  10. Piper

    wow, that story is really sad. Twi-grandpappy, I would give you a hug right now if I could.

  11. Claire

    That was such a sad, but touching story. Wow. Thanks for sharing with us, Twi-grandpappy. We’re very sorry for your loss.

  12. Sus

    Kaleb, nobody hates you, quite the contraire I believe this show how mature and sensible you are. The site is a well rounded, that this beautiful yet sad story feels right at home.

  13. Kim (there are a lot of us too)

    That is such a sweet story. I hope that Twi-Grandpappy’s granddaughter will relay our comments to him. To Twi-Grandpappy: I hope that you’ll enjoy reading Twilight, and my condolences to you and Marie’s family.

    Kaleb, I loved reading this – thank you for posting it!

  14. Laura

    Wow. I have no words. This seems so unreal that it seems made up, but it isn’t. That was really, really sad! I agree with Melonie, this was one of the saddest things ever. I want to give you a big hug, Twi-grandpappy! Wow.

  15. Kim

    That was an amazingly powerful story. Thank you so much for sharing.

  16. Bethany

    wow, it must be staggering to find out how significant your blog is to someone. I think it’s good that you posted it :/

  17. Brandi

    We don’t hate you!
    Well… at least I don’t.

    That was very kind and thoughtful for posting it… It’s nice to see Twilight in that perspective, you know joining together an unlikely friendship.
    I think it’s very nice what you did.

    Thanks Kaleb.

  18. Tracy

    Wow. Don’t think for a minute anyone is mad at you, this story is amazing. Thank you for posting it and most importantly thank you twi-grandpappy for sending in to be read.

  19. Ellie

    wow! i can’t believe i’m in tears…
    that was a really touching, i’ll definnitely remember that story…

    thak you for sharing such a sad yet wonderful story!

  20. hazel

    oh my God :(
    i don’t know what to say…
    i really appreciate this story.

    my condolence to Marie’s family and may she rest in peace…

    Thanks for sharing this Twi-Grandpappy and Kaleb.

  21. Melissa E.

    What a touching story. It’s so sad to hear that Marie is gone, but so sweet that she left her copy of Twilight to her buddy to enjoy.

  22. Bethany

    Kaleb-We don’t hate you judging by the comments you’ve got here, I think that you posting it on your site shows that you are more mature than most boys and to Twi-grandpappy I’m sorry for your loss the story has touched my heart, may she rest in peace

  23. LauraGrace

    This is one of the saddest stories i’ve ever read… im sat here typing with tears still running.
    I just really want to give Twi-grandpappy a hug right now…
    It truly was a touching story, and it was lovely that Jimmy and Marie gained a wonderful friendship through Twilight… this book is so amazing, and the fandom is so wonderful and so diverse.
    This story really has touched my heart, and i hope Marie is happy, wherever she may be…

  24. Katie

    Oh wow. Yes, that’s quite sad. Kaleb, don’t worry. We don’t hate you for posting this. I think every once in a while we need to be grounded with a sad story, because life has sad stories. Therefore, thank you for sharing this with us, both Kaleb and Jim. Marie and Jim, and their families, will be in my prayers. *hugs*

  25. Jenna

    Aww…that’s so sad…But at the same time, it’s so touching. I just love how one book can bring people together like that.
    …Crap, I think I’m crying now…

  26. Skyeye

    That’s… sad. There’s no other word for it. And yet, it’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen. Best wishes, Twi-Grandpappy.

  27. Catherine

    Wow. I’m speechless… there’s nothing I can add to what everyone else is saying.

  28. Someone

    No reason to be mad here, that’s an excellent story.

  29. kay

    Wow, that’s really sad =/ But I’m glad you posted it Kaleb! No one can be mad at you for posting that…

  30. alison

    oh, that is sad, but sweet. I love hearing any kind of twilight-related story. Thank you for sharing that with us.

  31. Sam

    What a beautiful, bittersweet story. :’-( Thanks for sharing, Kaleb.

  32. patrice

    I’m glad you posted this, Kaleb. I’ll keep Marie and Jim in my prayers. So sad!

  33. Minh-Thu

    *cries* This story is so sad. Why is life such a bitch? I’m sorry for your loss Twi-Grandpappy. May Marie rest in peace. Poor girl. She didn’t even get to see the movie… I really want to kick the butt of the guy who hit her with the car… :(
    My best regards to Jimmy and Marie’s family.

  34. M.A.Estman

    Why do you make me cry at work????

    Now I need to go wash my face and act like nothing happend.

  35. Krissie

    gosh…no words to describe about his story. it’s truly amazing how twilight can actually bridge a young girl and a grandpa. so sad for the loss. i am not upset, but on the contrary i am quite happy that you get to share this story to everybody. that Twilight is not just Twilight, that it transcends age. Thank you Kaleb for sharing this and best regards to Jimmy, and bless Marie and her Family.

    PS: can i share this story to my friends? i’ll put a disclaimer that this is from your site. ^_^

  36. Annie

    wow…. that is just… so wow. It’s so sad, but at the same time it’s one of those ones that can make you happy too…. seeing how a book of all things could bridge a generation gap, and bring two unlikely people together. It’s so sweet, and i am so sorry for both Marie’s family’s loss and Jimmy’s. It is so terrible when someone loses their life so young.

  37. Anna

    I’m not one for finding stories sad but I almost cried while reading this. I find it great the Jimmy fell in love with Twilight however the loss of his co-worker is truly heartbreaking.

  38. Lindsay

    Wow….I cried while I read this.
    Jimmy if you read the comments, I’m really sorry. I’m sure Marie must have been a wonderful friend.

  39. Chelsea

    Oh my God. That’s really an amazing story. My heart goes out to Marie and her family, and I find it amazing that Jimmy would honor her like this. Wow. Amazing.

  40. Katie Beth

    Wow… no, thanks for posting it, Kaleb. You’ve got me crying, but I’m glad I read it anyway.

  41. Orietta

    That is so sad, but so happy at the same time! *cires her face off*(seriously).

  42. frankie

    Thanks for posting that Kaleb. It made me cry but it’s an amazing story. It’s wonderful that they both found a friend through Twilight. That the book was able to bridge the generation gap. A big hug for Jimmy the Twi-Grandpappy from all of us in the Twilight world. Thank you for sharing your story and we’re sorry for your loss.

  43. Debbie

    That was very touching. No one should be mad about you posting it, as this is a fandom of romantics at heart, so we are all aware of the importance of bittersweet stories. Thank you for sharing and thanks to Twi-grandpappy for sharing.

  44. Melek

    Wow, what a touching story!!! It’s sad but I love it!

  45. twilight22lover

    wow. this was defenitly worth putting on the site, even though it was sad.

  46. KL

    Thank you for posting that Kaleb. I think that it is a good reminder how short life can be and that we should live everyday to the fullest. And to Twi-grandpappy my thoughts and prayers are with you.

  47. KMC

    I feel inspired by this. I love that the things we attach ourselves to- books, songs, movies- make a little web of common bonds. I feel less lonely when I think “someone else loves this, too”.

    I hope he gets to read them all, including Breaking Dawn- even if his friend never got the chance.

  48. Kim

    so sad but so sweet.

  49. Saskia

    Wow… That’s really touching…
    I’m sorry for that.

  50. Saskia

    Wow… That’s really touching… :(

  51. Lauren

    Thats very sad and touching at the same time . . . . . it was also sweet of her to give him her copy of Twilight, I’m sad to here that she’s gone though . . . :(

  52. Loonyxoxlovegood

    awww soo sweet! i love reading stories like these, why would anybody get upset for you posting this?
    RIP Marie!

  53. Tina

    That’s so sad, but at the same time I’m glad you posted this on your site. Thank you Kaleb

  54. Ale Cullen

    OME!! Thats so touching!! =[ And also cute and sad!! aww… poor thing!! thanks for posting this!! really!

  55. Laura

    I’m glad you posted this, Kaleb. Poor guy, I really feel for him. This is really touching.

  56. Elspeth

    Thank you Jimmy for sharing, I know that you have touched all of our hearts. You and Marie’s family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  57. Abby

    Awww… I cried. :( That’s really sad! Gosh! I can’t believe I’m crying! Erg! It was a great story, though. I’m glad that it was shared.

  58. Carol

    There are tears all over my keyboard now..this is really touching, thanks for sharing.

  59. Katie ~

    No one hates you, Kaleb. It’s a touching story, and it was a good idea to post it. It is amazing what a single fictional book can do for people, and its great that you shared the story with us so we can witness a sad, but beautiful, friendship.

  60. Lucy

    that was very touching. Don’t be worried about putting that on. I think Marie would love to have that story told to other Twilighters.

  61. Rae

    Thanks so much for posting this. What a touching and sweet story.

  62. Samantha

    I think Marie would have wanted it on here. That is the most touching Twilight story ever. Nothing will top that.

    Thanks for putting that on here, Kaleb.

  63. elle

    Wow! That was really heartrending. R.I.P Marie. I can’t believe one of her last words was to actually reference somebody over to your site, Kaleb. That’s unbelievable. Thanks for posting such an amazing but sad story – it shows what a diverse and unique fanbase Twilight has.

  64. Brie

    My eyes just filled up with tears. That is so sweet and so sad.

    Thanks for sharing it, Kaleb.

  65. Melissa

    That was such a touching story. I am very glad you posted it and hope you will again in the future if you receive more of these kinds of e-mails. That Twi-Grandpappy seems like such a nice older man and im glad he found a friend in Marie and they were able to enjoy Twilight together. R.I.P Marie.

  66. Jenny

    That was a really touching story it was sad but a great story to share. Its amazing the bonds you can create with others just by reading the same book. It is so sad i almost felt I was reading a fictional short story but things like that really does happen. I’ve always believed in life after death and that we’ll all be able to see our family and friends again. So dont worry Jimmy you’ll see your precious friend again some day. She’s probably smiling down on you right now happy that you shared her story with her fellow fans. Thankyou for the lovely story.

  67. Teresa

    This was very sad, but even in the end, she was thinking of the friend she made thru Twilight. That is amazing how she referenced him to your site, and now, tons of fans know her story. That is absolutely amazing. Thanks Kaleb!

  68. Jen

    Wow, that is so sad, it made me cry. Very lovely story, thanks for posting it!

  69. Joa_Cullen

    That was such a sad, but touching story….i’m in tears…
    thanks kaleb!
    greetings from uruguay

  70. Anne

    That was so cute. And sad. And it made me cry. Awww!

  71. Michelle

    awww… I am so sorry for the loss. That was really a touching story. I think I am going to go cry now.

  72. edwella

    oh my goshh!! that is sooo sadd!!! i wish i could hug twi-grandpappy!! oh!! and i just noticed that the retirement party was supposd to be on edward birthday! how weird….lol….great story kaleb!

  73. norma

    que dios bendiga a Marie y a su familia…
    y a twi-grandpappy lo sentimos mucho
    te diera un abrazo si pudiera

    una historia muy triste (hasta me hizo llorar), pero muy buena

  74. Natasha

    There’s really not much I can say.
    That is an incredible story.
    Bittersweet. I’m so very sorry for your loss, Jimmy. Marie must have been wonderful to do that for you.
    I hope Marie can somehow watch the movie from where ever she’s at.
    Thank you, Kaleb, for all that you do!

  75. Kimberley

    I have tears welled up behind my eyes. I can actually see me sitting at that table with them. I picture it all, and now I’m sad. God takes people at the strangest moments. I know that you’re going to cherish that book. You have more of a connection to it then I ever could.

  76. zumi

    That is such a sweet touching story. I’m glad Marie passed on something she loved and that Twilight will be a connection between two people like this.

  77. amie

    awww, too sweet and so sad! thanks to him for sending it in and thanks to you for posting it, kaleb.

  78. Angela

    Oh my goodness!! that is so sad! But it really is beautiful how one book can really bring people together like that. I hope he finishes reading! Thanks for posting this Kaleb, and thanks to Twi-Grandpappy.

  79. andreaa

    aww that is soo sad
    well i guess that type of stuff does happen…its so sadd..
    i like twi-grandpappy it would be cool if we get to hear about him some more 😀
    about how he’s liking twilight..
    thankss for postiingg !!

  80. Kristyn

    This is so sad… That was really sweet of her though

  81. Maxine

    1. we don’t hate you for posting this.
    2. this is really heartbreaking, but i love this story.

    go twi-grandpappy!

  82. McKenna

    That’s so tear jerking. Beautiful.

  83. googlyeyes

    Oh my goodness! Dont worry about posting this its an amazing story!
    This story made my eyes fill up with tears! What an amazing story. Thanks Kaleb for sharing this with us and thank to the Twi- Grandpappy for also sharing this with us!

  84. Kim M.

    That was so touching and sad. I am happy you shared your story with us, Jimmy. I wish you the best of luck.

  85. Mara-Kate

    That was so amazing and so touching! Thank you for posting that Kaleb, it was great to read even if it was sad:(

  86. Sarah

    I love it. It’s so touching, but extremely morose. Bittersweet. Yes, thankyou for sharing Kaleb and Jimmy. We <3 you both.

  87. Alison

    I can’t cry! I just put on my makeup!
    holy crap that’s so sad =[
    I wanna give Twilight Grandpappy a hug and sit and talk with him for hours.

  88. Gill Pont

    Kaleb, I’m glad you posted it.

  89. Gill Pont

    PS: Would it be possible for you to give him a shirt?

  90. Emilia

    You are the the nicest guy I know. It was so sad, but Twi-grandpappy sent it to you, and you posted it.

    You are awsome.
    So sorry for your lunch buddy
    My best wishes goes to you and Marie’s family.
    Rest in peace Marie.

  91. jen

    Thank you for posting and writing this. It was sad and touching all at the same time. My heart goes out to you and all Marie’s loved ones. Someone said that we should put something together for him and I think that is a great idea! This was the best story put up so far!

  92. Arianne

    i’m actually crying
    that was so touching

  93. Makayla

    Stephenie would probably like to hear of this story, and how is has the power to bring people together.

    It’s a very sad story.
    But I’m glad we could all read it, because the members of the Twilight community are always “connected” and always there for each other.

    Call me strange or whatever you’d like, but this book changes peoples’ lives. It really does.

    Best wishes.

  94. TwilightMOMS » Blog Archive » TwilightMOMS News Roundup

    […] Twilight Guy updated with a REALLY fabulous and sad story of a Twi-Grandpappy. […]

  95. Kayla

    I agree that this book does change lives! That story was very sad but really touching! Thank you for posting it because this is a story that should be told!

  96. TwilightStar

    This is such an emotionally moving, bittersweet story.

    I agree with Makayla, that Stephenie really would appreciate this TwilightGuy Report. It just shows how Twilight can bring two completely different people together and how strong their bond can become.

    My sympathies to Marie’s family and friends.

    Thank you, Kaleb, for posting this one.

  97. Cassandra

    i seriously hope that ALL of the Twilight Haters out there read this story. SEE SEE SEE Twilight DOES have an impact on people. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It forged a very special bond between this man and woman. Without these books he would have never gotten to know her.

    By the way…like most people have already said. This was a very touching story. I really appreciate you posting it, Kaleb.

  98. Jess

    This was so heart-wrenching. Thank you for posting, Kaleb.

  99. Joanne Maria

    GRAMPS-I am so sorry for your loss, but Marie left you something very special and in that she will live on. My heart aches for Marie’s family, I can’t even begin to understand. Kaleb, thank you for posting this, often it takes things like this to help us understand how special we all are.

  100. Clara

    Thank you for sharing that bittersweet story. It is one example of how Twilight has touched many of us in deep and meaningful ways. Thanks for sharing Twi-Grandpappy.

  101. Jen

    My thoughts and prayers go out to Marie’s family. Thank you Jimmy for offering this story to us, and thank you Kaleb for posting it.

  102. Kate

    Oh that is so sad I wish I could give you a hug Twi-Grandpappy, could you tell her family that we’re thinking of them?

  103. Teresa x2

    This was so touching. I started to cry after reading it. Thanks, Kaleb for posting it.
    RIP Marie

  104. Danielle Cullen

    Oh my gosh!! that was a sad story, and very touching!! it made me cry!! U___U hoorray
    for the twi-grandpappy

  105. Isabella

    i am a really big sap, so by the time i was finished reading i was in tears. after i stopped crying i sent a link to all my friends (most of who already visit your site when i tell them you’ve just read another chapter) and almost all of them cried. it was an extremely touching article and thank you so much for posting it!

    My prayers are with her family, and with Twi-grandpa. A loss is very difficult, and they were lucky to have her in their lives. It really shows us how much a small gift can mean to a person. It also shows us how fast things can change, and how short life can be.

  106. lesley

    how could we be upset with a story like that? it was so touching and beautiful. thanks for sharing this amazing story with us.

  107. melissahope

    omg! she died on my birthday! yes, my b-day was friday the 13th!

  108. Akane

    I just died a little in the inside T.T

  109. fernanda

    I’m new to the whole twilight thing and I just finished reading eclipse today, after starting reading the series this weekend. I cried through several chapters of the book (don’t know how or why) and in my search for more twilight related stuff i found this site. I thought it would be funny because I can’t imagine a guy ever reading this books, but the first thing I found was this story about the twi granpa and the waterworks came right back at me!! Still it was a beautiful story that deserved to be told

  110. mehek

    god i started crying that was too sad

  111. Morgan.

    That made me tear up. :(
    That was a beautiful story. I’m extremely sorry for your loss, Jimmy.

    And Kaleb, thank you for sharing this. :) It was sweet, nonetheless. :)

  112. Callie

    Wow, that brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for posting it, it’s really touching.

  113. Amy

    So I have to say this story is bittersweet and even though it is sad it is too good not to share. I have to say that this is kind of what authors love to hear about. Their books bringing groups of people together that normally would not be together.

    I have to say as a fellow Twilight fan to someone I’ll never meet, thank you for sharing this story.

  114. Lisa

    Kaleb, Never regret following your heart. It was right in so many ways that you posted Jimmy’s story. It honors him and Marie, may she rest in peace.

    You give us plenty of laughs and sharing this story allows us to appreciate those laughs even more.

    I hope Twi-Grandpappy’s heart isn’t too sad so that he can finish Twilight and the rest of the books.

  115. rjdickert

    wow, i’m soo sorry, give my love to Marie, her family, and Jimmy

  116. Aria

    Wow that touched me a lot. If you email him back send all of our condolences to him and the girl’s family. I’m glad Twilight is doing good work like bringing the generations together.

  117. Jessica

    That is SO unbelivably sad! Poor girl! I’m like in tears!

  118. savannah

    OMG!!! i’m practically crying right now! that’s dreadful!

  119. Priscilla :)

    that was soooo touching :) i love how twilight isnt just a book but has stories beyond it that are so impacting. it was sad but i loved it immensly

  120. Crystal

    wow, to think that one person can have such an effect on another simply by sharing a story, you know, I don’t think Jimmy will ever forget her.

    I never knew her and I’m hoping that I won’t.

  121. bookgirlluvstwilight

    Awwww! That is so sad! :(

    Stevie was here

  122. Kasandra

    I have tears streaming down my face… it’s such a touching story. What a gift to give someone – a connection to your website so that he could continue with Twilight.

  123. Danielle

    That was such a touching story. Thank you so much for posting it – despite the tragedy, it is wonderful to see that Twilight, much like Harry Potter, transcends age and gender.

  124. Nikki

    Okay, Kaleb. First off, stop apologizing. You have nothing to apologize for. I wouldn’t even tell you this except that apologies usually come from feeling that you have to make amends or fix something. You don’t have to do either.

    In fact, thank you. Thank you for blogging this, thank you for the stories, thank you for your insight and consideration, and thank you for sharing this with us.

    Seriously, if you haven’t convinced a few girls that you’re really Edward in disguise posting this, I would be surprised.

    I will admit, this story made me cry. Partly because I wasn’t expecting it to end the way it did, partly because I’m about the same age as Marie, and partly because I am gradually becoming aware that the world does have stories like this when I expect the real world to be like Twilight with happy endings for everyone.

    And I don’t think you or anyone else who reads this will ever understand how hard it is to make me cry. Stephenie Meyer’s writing wrung two tears out of me. That’s it.

    Jimmy- if you’re reading through the comments, I want to say that I am sorry for your loss. Thank you for having the bravery to share this.

    And thank you, Kaleb, for posting it.

  125. Rosalie

    Thank-you for sharing this. This is one of life’s truly beautiful things. It made me happy and sad. I laughed. I cried. Mostly cried. I laughed because of the trying to figure out what she was listening to and I wouldn’t expect a man of that age would be interested but cried because of the obvious. It is sorta ironic because she died on Friday the 13th and his party is on Edward’s b-day.

    Kaleb thank-you for the story. Don’t worry about people hating you. This is something that should be posted regardless of what some people may think.

    This is somwthing that Twilight haters should read. Not only Twilight haters but people who don’t think that it can change lives and help people with things. I know that from experience and this story is proof.
    My best wishes to the family and to my new personal hero (Twilight related) Jimmy the Twi-grandpappy! I am sincerly sorry for your loss. And thank-you Jimmy for the story.

    I know some people might be mad at me for saying this related to the circumstance but I would like to talk to Jimmy to see his views on the book. I have heard many people’s opinions but never a 79 year old’s. Or anyone over 60 for that matter. Let’s hope Jimmy will be able to read the rest of the books and think of the happy memories.

    Once again my heart goes out to her family and to Jimmy, who lost his Twilight lovin lunch buddy.
    May Marie rest in peace. I sincerely hope that she can read Breaking Dawn and watch the Twilight movie from where ever she is now. She deserves it for sharing Twilight and using it to help close the gap between generations.

  126. Stephanie

    This is a sad, yet very touching story and I am happy you posted it. May Marie rest in peace and I’m happy to be a part of something with such a diverse fanbase.

  127. Liz

    Thanks for posting Kaleb … can’t see how anyone would be mad at you for it.

    It is amazing how much Jimmy and Marie both have a place in our hearts through this one common thread. Jimmy – I hope you finish reading the books and enjoy them as much as Marie and the rest of us have/are.

  128. Kayla

    Thanks for sharing, Kaleb. That was one of the most heartbreaking stories I’ve ever read. It’s good to have sad stories sometimes. People need to understand that there are really worse things in this world than the happenings of fictional characters. So, no apologies necassary! Jimmy, thanks for sharing you story. It’s hard to share someting like that when it has touched you so deeply. You are the coolest grandpappy I know! :)

  129. Courtney

    Kaleb – this was beautiful & so sad. These are the real stories though – the way that books can touch us. That is the whole reason for this fandom. This series touched each of us in its own way. It has brought dads closer to daughters, husbands to wives, boyfriends to girlfriends, moms & daughters, sisters, etc. Stephenie gave us a new outlet to share. For this wonderful Twi-Grandpappy he found a friend through the series, though her life was cut way too short for whatever reason one of her purposes was to befriend this gentle soul. Kaleb – these stories are the ones that make it all real. The connection we have all made & the friends/relationships that have been formed. Don’t ever apologize for being compassionate. It was your compassion that made you post the story – it makes you even more lovable. Thank you.

  130. Sarah

    Thanks, Courtney. For summing it all up for me in that lovely way.

    As I’m typing this, I’m blinking back tears. Thank you, Kaleb, for posting this, and to the Twi-Grandpappy, I give you one big hug.

  131. Tiffany

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us. It just goes to show that this book brings generations together and it really transcends time. What else could draw together a teenage girl and our now beloved twi-grandpappy?

    I was touched and certainly saddened by this… Someone should volunteer to be his new twilight buddy?

  132. Michelle

    that story was so touching… awww twi-grandpappy!

  133. Laura

    Kaleb, it’s fine! You don’t have to worry about what we’ll think! But thank you for posting this. It was so touching that people are able to come together through Stephenie’s books, despite age differences, genertations, and other qualities that often define our soceity.

  134. Nina Lisa

    Wow. That story brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing. It’s amazing how Twilight can honestly bring different people together.
    I too read Courtney’s post. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  135. Emma

    That was heartbreaking, and yes it did make me cry but I am glad that you posted it.

  136. Ana

    Wow, i almost cry!
    What a beautiful story!

  137. Sarah

    Thats so sad =(
    I actually had to stop myself from crying…
    Twi-Grandpappy, you’re amazing =)
    And Marie..
    Rest in Peace ._.

  138. jenni

    that story is so sad and touching. thanks so much for posting it.

  139. Angela M.

    Thanks for sharing that really touching story. I have a lump in my throat.

  140. Anna

    R.I.P Marie.
    Lovely, if not tragic story, Twi-Grandpappy.<3

  141. charlotte

    this is from spain… and im just so impressed that all that i can say it´s MARY YOU ROK´S FROM HEAVEN (great to sent this to k, jimmy :) )

  142. Kelsi

    That is so sad, but I’m glad you posted it. It’s a great story.

  143. Brianna

    Dear twi-grandpappy,
    I am so sorry, that was a very touching story. Thank you for sharing that with us. I know you will see her again in the next life. You must have been her angel. I think you meant a lot to her. Thank you and I am so sorry.

  144. bea

    I almost cried reading that.

  145. harlow

    that definitely was the best story ever, despite having a sad ending. but it was beautiful how such an amazing story can bring two very different people together. rest in peace marie.

  146. inmortal

    Very touching indeed. So she wrote the Twilight thing before she died woah… poor Jimmy.

  147. keelee

    Wow… Amazing story. Tragic how Marie’s life had to end when it was only just beginning. But, at the same time, she’s left us with an amazing story that we can all learn from and it sounds like she’s touched the hearts of many people. I’m sure Marie was an amazing person, and at least Jimmy will always have his memories of her.
    Could you send him a reply Kaleb? On behalf of all the Twilight fans who have read his story; Just to say that Marie and her family and friends are on our minds and in our prayers? And that we all appreciate him sharing his story? I’m sure he’d love that.
    Thank you SO MUCH for posting this! 😀

  148. Nollie

    I knew a Marie who just pasted away that was a dear reader of mine on FF.net. I wonder if that was the same Marie. She had been telling me that she was reading Twilight with a guy.

    A very sad story but a wonderful one. I shall keep everyone in my prayers.

    And Kaleb, we don’t hate you for posting it. Bittersweet as it is but I’m glad that you posted it. Very mature unlike most guys I know, hardly any of them would touch Twilight unless they were tied to a chair.

  149. Macy

    That maybe the sweetest and sone of the sadest stories i have heard. losing someone is always hard and when they are taken tragicly it is even harder. i’m really glad that you posted this story even though it brought tears to my eyes.

  150. Sara(Yeah there's many of us)

    That made me cry D:, but its a great story 😀

  151. Lari

    OMGoodness. That was so sad, but I’m glad that you shared Twi-Grandpappy’s story with us. That made me cry, but that was a really touching story. I’m going to show this to my friend now, but thanks for posting this! :)

  152. Karen

    Wow. that is so sad. It is a touching story.It is a very unfortunate case and it nice that you posted it Kaleb.


  153. melissa

    poor girl, that is so sad. im glad you posted this, it really is so touching

  154. Kyra

    Oh my gosh! That is sooooo sad it had me tearing up *sniff sniff* I’m so glad you posted this!

  155. Sarah


  156. Victoria

    OMG! It’s so cool that he is a Twilight guy but it’s sad. His little buddy died. I cried, but it’s good that he told us and read the books for her.

  157. Bianca

    We are the people who read and fell in love with Twilight. How could anyone who loves Twilight be anthing less than deeply touched by this story too. I wish twi-grandpappy and Marie, all the best. And I thank Kaleb for posting it. It moved me to tears.


  158. Hannah

    This is a sad story! =[. I’m really sorry about the loss. I also like the story. It’s touching. And even though it is sad it is a wonderful story. Everyone always has these kooky stories about how they stumbled upon Twilight. But this is different. And I like the differences in it even if it is sad. But that is a terrible thing that could happen. I couldn’t imagine it. Sorry.

  159. Brooke

    Wow. that was…incredible. i just sent that to all my twilight buds.

  160. Risa (Riss-uh) C

    I definitely cried when I read this…but that’s a good thing. Thank you, Kaleb, for sharing this story with the rest of us. This is my favorite Twilight Guy story thus far.

  161. Melinda

    I am definately not upset that you posted this Kaleb. It was a beautiful and sad story. I thought it was very touching and needed to be told. This is just ONE of my favorite TwilightGuy Reports. Thank you Kaleb for sharing that. I really appreciate it. I will ALWAYS remember this story.

  162. Alaina

    this was possibly the sadest thing i have heard in a while.
    however, im not in the least bit upset with you, Kaleb. sometimes people need to be reminded that life is short and we should appreciate every second…by doing none other than reading the best book ever.
    not to make light of the situation, but i dont think Marie would have wanted people being sad, just to finish reading.

  163. kat

    This is really sad, but I am glad you shared it.

  164. Faith

    um.. that was an incredible story and im soo glad that he shared it with us. it’s amazing how she told him abt this site before she left us, it was definitely meant to be shared. Im sorry for their lost. Im glad im home alone, cuz im crying like crazy.

  165. FabGab49

    Awwwww thats so sad :*(.
    Poor guy. Im glad he met Marie when he did, though. Now he can finish the book and think about al the good times they had. It just goes to show, there are 5 things that bring people together like nothing else in this world;
    A disaster
    Good music
    Good Food
    A good argument
    and A good Book.

    thanks for sharing Twi Grandpappy
    Marie, if you can read this from wherever you are now, rest in peace, and i really hope you can read Breaking Dawn from there too.

  166. Mary

    wow, I had to work hard on not crying. That was really sad.

  167. Carol

    Jimmy, you never know how much your kindness will mean until something like this happens. I’m so glad that you were able to share this experience with this young girl. I’m sure that it meant a lot to her to have someone accept her at work and share this experience with her. You are a good person. Thanks for sharing your story.

  168. Jessica

    That is such a touching story! I have tears in my eyes! Twi-Grandpappy, if you ever get an opportunity to read this, I want you to know that we are all very sorry for your loss and wish you nothing but the best for the years to come. You are a very sweet man and are very thoughtful to have shared your story with us. I hope that you continue to enjoy Twilight. Best regards!

  169. Emmy

    I started to cry and I never cry. that was really touching, but sad. sorry for your loss Twi-Grandpappy

  170. Jennifer

    *tear*…thats…so touching….and sad…hope she’s well in the next life..

  171. Michaela

    Aww. It made me cry.
    We all feel for his loss.

  172. reeesa_twilightaholic

    i hope stephenie read this.

  173. Brenda

    That was truely a touching story.
    I was crying, I’m so sorry for your loss Twi-granpappy and that of her family.
    That was a very sweet thing she did. She sounds like a remarkable person.
    If you’re reading this, thank you for sharing.

  174. jennifer

    oh that is so sad, and that she was only 19,i’m glad i read it, but thats just SO sad

  175. Cheska

    I wish Twi-Grandpappy the best, and may Marie rest in peace. I told my mom about this. She was shocked about what happened, too.

    Hey, can you reach Twi-Grandpappy and give him a hi for me? 😀

  176. hotleopardmama

    Had to disappear down the hallway at work to cry after I read this… such a sad story. She sounded like a very kind and thoughtful young woman that will be missed greatly by her loved ones.

    Thank you to Twi-grandpappy (and you) for sharing his story with us.

  177. Emily

    That is such a sad sad story! I’m totally tearing up right now. But I think it’s such a beautiful thing that two people with quite an age difference could bond over such an awesome book! It is aweful what happened to Marie but its possible that she had finished what she was meant to do on this Earth. Thanks so much to Twi-grandpappy and Kaleb!

    Rest in Peace Marie

  178. Nazneen

    I cried. This is sad. But don’t feel bad. I’m glad you did post it up. :’) Carter Burwell’s Bella’s Lullaby was playing while I was reading this. That adds up the sadness.

  179. Alice

    Oh my goshessness! Poor Twi-grandpappy D= but he’s so AWESOME! and i luvs his story!! -sob-

  180. Melanie

    I’m about to cry, but I’m glad this got posted, I’m a newer reader and just reviewing twilight guy stories…..
    that’s such a worthwhile story, no matter how sad

  181. Kristen

    oh my gosh. i cried and cried when i read this. i was just looking at all of the twilightguy reports, because they are usually so funny. that’s probably the most touching story i’ve read in a long time.

    Jimmy…if you read these still, i’m truly sorry for your loss. i hope you were able to finish the rest of the books, and that they’ve helped you to keepy Marie’s memory alive.

  182. Kristen

    *keep. sorry for the mistake.

  183. Kato

    Wow. ;o it's a long time ago that this was posted but just read it now. And im so touched.
    i have no words. just wow. i had an operation friday the 13th.
    omg i almost cried because fo your story.

    x that's such a worthwhile story, no matter how sad

  184. Katoproductions

    Wow. ;o it's a long time ago that this was posted but just read it now. And im so touched.
    i have no words. just wow. i had an operation friday the 13th.
    omg i almost cried because fo your story.

    x that's such a worthwhile story, no matter how sad

  185. Lauray72

    Thanks for sharing.  It is soooo sad.  =(

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