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Reading Twilight: The Epilogue

July 12th, 2008 at 12:04 am by Kaleb Nation

The Song for Twilight is


And thus, the votes are in: nearly 10,000 over the span of two weeks. The votes were very, very close. The number 2 song was within 50 votes of the top. In order after the top song, the next four runners-up are:

2. Time Is Running Out by Muse

3. Lion by Rebecca St. James

4. Iris by Goo Goo Dolls

5. Hero/Heroine by Boys Like Girls

Back in April, the day I first bought this site, I went to sleep literally thinking that I was wasting my time, because nobody would ever read it, much less find my commentary on the books entertaining. Before I woke up the next morning, 4,000 people had already come to prove me wrong. It is hard to describe how great it feels seeing the wonderful reception the Twilight family has extended towards me.

Since April 16th, I have received 750,000 hits, uncountable emails, a mention on Stephenie’s blog, interview and appearance requests, been named the #7 Twilight site in the world, and met countless new friends that I would never have known if not for this site. It is truly unbelievable how fast everything happened and how much everyone has supported me and my (painstakingly slow) read through Stephenie Meyer’s amazing books. I cannot thank all the readers of this site enough for all you have done for me.

I will keep my final thoughts on the book short, so as not to sully the ending with my own commentary. My final review is below, and can also be found in my library later this evening:

I am a guy, and I read Twilight to discover the reason so many girls around the world have fallen in love with the books and a vampire named Edward Cullen. Now that I have finished the first part of the saga, I think I have uncovered some of it, though I have probably only scratched the surface of all that can be taken from this wonderful novel.

With Twilight, Stephenie Meyer has told a story of the changes that can happen to a person when they love someone. At the beginning of the novel, I saw Bella as a girl who abhorred everything about Forks. But by the end, it is her home– and with her is a vampire who cares for her more than he cares for himself.

The character of Edward Cullen was one of the mysteries I originally set out to solve: this person that millions of girls worldwide have fallen in love with, just as Bella did inside of the novel. Like many guys, hearing from girls about how wonderful Edward is made me a bit hesitant to want to read an entire book that seemed, from the outside, as simply a checklist of the things that make him perfect and real guys dismally inadequate. But after I actually opened the book and studied Edward a little closer, I had to ask a few questions: Is Edward idolized so much only because he is a perfectly formed vampire? Would he be thought of so highly if he was still so attractive, and yet selfish and uncaring?

Because of this, I don’t believe girls love Edward only because he is built like a model and is a vampire. I think that the inside counts just as much as his outside appearance. There are many things that us less-than-Hellenisticly-perfect guys can take from the book by watching Edward: the respect he shows towards women, the selflessness of his actions, the level of polite elegance he maintains, the maturity of his judgment, among many others. These are all things that real guys can actually learn from him– and they don’t have to be vampires to do it, either.

The story in Twilight is hopeful and bittersweet in the same breath, which is as close to real life as a description can come. It is a story of love, but most of all it is a story of how true love can break down the strongest of barriers: even barriers that can stand between a human and a vampire.

I’m hoping that now as I move through the rest of the series all of you will continue to read my blogs, and that I can continue to make you laugh with my attempts at wit. I have some very big plans for interesting stuff coming up, and I hope you can stick around to see them unfold. Now…on to New Moon!


(Added 11:59 AM): NOTE: I WILL BE STAYING AT THIS SITE FOR THE REST OF THE TWILIGHT SAGA. There will be no move to newmoonguy.com or anything. However, look forward to some design changes ๐Ÿ˜€

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215 Responses

  1. Ryan

    Finally! :) I can’t wait to see what you think of New Moon.

  2. Rose

    Congrats on finishing the book. As always, love your blog.


  3. Melissa

    Congrats on finishing Twilight! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on New Moon.
    Also, I love that Your Guardian Angel won! They were all very good choices though.

  4. Hannah

    Yay! You finished! I just read the first book myself a few days ago myself and I am rereading it. Your site was one of the things that convinced me to read the books. (Weird a girl having to be convinced – a reader at that!).

    But I’m glad I was and also glad you enjoyed it as much as most of the female population has. XD

  5. Icy Topaz

    WHOO HOO! *throws confetti* Now the fun begins! But I feel as if I should give you a cupcake or something first. Don’t have any cupcakes on me, so… sorry. Like you said- “On to New Moon!”

  6. Sky

    Yay! I’m so happy you’re done with Twilight (although reading it a little bit faster wouldn’t have been so bad >>)

    I love what you have to say, and I DO think you’re witty, so I can’t wait to read what you have to say next :]

    **I think you’re an inspiration to all the guys out there, hopefully this ‘little’ project of yours will inspire more guys to check out this phenominal book.**

  7. Christina

    YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! You finished it!!! *happy dance* …now when are you going to start new moon??? =D

    Your thoughts on the book are brilliant and totally right as always. I can’t wait to see what you think of the other books!

  8. Annette

    Yay! You finished Twilight!

    Aww…my hope was for Lion. But I love Your Guardian Angel.

    I guess Lion is for the overall series. He is always her angel…

    Can’t wait for New Moon!

  9. Bridget

    Wooooo! I’m so glad you’ve finished it! I’ve really enjoyed reading all the posts you’ve made, you’ve made me laugh each and every time. Your thoughts on the book are spot on as always :)
    Cannot wait for New Moon!!
    You’re a legend!

  10. Angela

    Beautifully written thoughts as always, Kaleb….though I did want to know what your thoughts on the actual epilouge to Twilight were.=] Of course, we will all want to hear (or read?) your thoughts on New Moon! Though I shudder to think how long you will take to read it– it normally takes people a longer time to read New Moon than the other books. (I hope you know I’m just playing with you about the taking a long time to read thing….it’s ok lol) Anyway, great song choice! I think most of us will be happy with it. =]]] Congrats on finishing the book!!

  11. Debra

    Ok, I’ve never posted before, but I’ve read all you thoughts on everything and love you out look on the book. If only all guys could get why we love Edward so much like you do. My husband looks at me like I’m crazy if I even mention him reading the books so I’m glad to see a guy taking the incentive.

    One thing about this post though, I would of liked to heard/seen what you thought of the prom and stuff. I love your commentary on everything that happens in the chapters and would of liked to of gotten it for this too.

  12. gina

    omg…i am luving ur reponse to the whole book!! yay!! u finally finsihed!!!! when r u going to start new moon?nonetheless, eclipse??

    i am slighty disapointed, hat ur guardian angel won, i had my hopes high for time is runing out and lion…50 more sitnking vote lol!!

    Congratulations Kaleb!!

  13. Brianna

    Kaleb, all I can say is WOW, that was beautiful. I love reading your blogs, they are so brilliant and entertaining. My favorite line that just truly stunned me was, “The story in Twilight is hopeful and bittersweet in the same breath,” You are amazing!!!!! You have totally cracked the code. At least to me you have. I could care less if a guy looked like a male model or he if he was miraculously a vampire. I care most about the way he would treat me and the others around him. You said it just right. If a guy is a sincere gentlemen then he will know just how to steal my heart. So congratulations Kaleb and I am SO EXCITED to see what you have to say about New Moon! YOUR THE BEST!!!!

  14. Sarah W.

    Congrats on getting through the entire book Kaleb! We are so glad you enjoyed it! Now you get to move on to New Moon! WEEEEEE!!!!!! Oh the fun times that await you hahaha. I’m sad that Time Is Running Out did not get first place, but so thankful it made second. Thank you for the poll and enjoy the rest of the Twilight Saga!!!

  15. Sara

    It’s about time! Now you thought Twilight was deep and complex…wait till you finish the rest of the books. =]

  16. Kim (there are a lot of us too)

    After reading your thoughts on the book, all I can say is WOW!! You are an amazing writer, and it truly shows even in these blogs. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on the book, and will definitely be passing this on to several male friends to attempt to once again convince them to read the books. I can’t wait to read your thoughts on the remaining books in the Twilight Saga!

  17. shadesofblack

    “IRIS” by Goo Goo Dolls was more befitting but whatever…

    CONGRATULATIONS on completing the book!

    yes! New Moon bought me to dote upon Jacob.. you’ll see what i mean…

    and the songs have been just as good as the blags accompanying them. i think i have a song in mind for every NM chapter…

  18. Christine

    Im very happy im sneaking on the computer to read this. Im so glad that you’ve read Twilight and are moving on to New Moon. Your review is really what Twilight is all about, I had little tears in my eyes when I read it. You understand everything so well it amazes me, for a guy your really awesome (to the max). ๐Ÿ˜€

  19. Ann

    Kaleb, I want to thank you. It was so refreshing to hear an unbaised opinion (and on top of that… a male perspective!) on Twilight. I enjoyed your commentary. I am so glad that you took the time out of your busy schedule to write about the chapters, and to remind us that Twilight is not ALL about the precious Edward, that it is, simply put, a good book that we can all enjoy. Thank you for proving we can erase those gender boundaries. I sincerely hope you have as good of an experience with the rest of the saga.

  20. anonymous

    Yes I know what I’m going to say is unnecessay and uncalled for (that’s why my name is anonymous, but….)


  21. taylor

    you truly get what this book is about.
    and you write it so beautifully.
    you truly are a wonderful guy and an amazing writer.and funny.
    can’t wait to see what you say about new moon. i know youll love it.

  22. Sara

    I’ve enjoyed hearing all about your journey through Twilight and can’t wait for you to start New Moon!

  23. Marie

    YAYY!!!! finally you finished!!!

    and now you get to read New Moon!!! oh. and by the way. UR HILARIOUS. so congrats! and i will definitely continue to read your blogs!

  24. Kathy Anne

    Kaleb, Thank you for your insight into the Twilight series, and your abundant humor. I enjoy reading your site almost every day. I am looking forward to traveling through the rest of the books with you. You help us to enjoy the books again in a new way. So, what is your commentary on the Epilogue?

  25. becky sue

    I wonder if you’ll still think that Edward’s judgement is mature in New Moon?…… >.< GOOD LUCK BUDDY!!!

  26. Kaleb Nation

    Hi people: there is a reason I didn’t comment much on the Epilogue itself. To me, the epilogue was very much the bridge between Twilight and New Moon. Though it did wrap up the story, I didn’t want to give a commentary on the epilogue as well as the end of the book: it would seem like I’m repeating myself :)

    Thanks everyone for all the great comments too! See, I do actually stay up and read the first ones sometimes ๐Ÿ˜€

  27. Sarah

    Kaleb, that was perfect. Thank you for capturing the essence of Twilight and why it is so loved just right.

  28. Natasha

    Top 3 Most Amazing Guys of All Time

    1.Robert Pattinson/Edward Cullen (it’s a tie)
    2.Kaleb Nation
    3.Larry Carroll

  29. nicole

    oh i am soooooo sticking around for new moon. you couldn’t get rid of me if you tried. =)

    and i love your summed up thoughts on twilight. its directly elegant. i love it.

  30. Sarah

    WAIT kALEB!!!
    What song did YOU want to win???

  31. Anonymous

    New Moon… You’ll have to read it to see, but I think it’s the best book. It elicited such an emotional response. For me, the more I love the book and the characters, the more I feel for them, the better the book. Can’t wait to see what you think.

  32. Marissa

    YES!!! congrats Kaleb!!! well now you’re in it for the long haul. good luck!

  33. Shannon

    I absolutely adore the picture. :)

    *staying tuned*

  34. i-zzatee

    Congratulations!! (:
    I was smiling to myself while reading your final review…

    Once again, congrats! Can’t wait for you to start New Moon.

  35. Mabel

    Congrats on finishing!
    Not painful at all, right?

    I’m just waiting to see what you think of New Moon and Eclipse. Twilight is my favorite, but all the rough stuff happens in the other two. I’m really looking foward to your reviews on the rest :]]

  36. Teresa

    Congratulations! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Reading your blogs always manage to make me smile! I can’t wait til you read New Moon :)!

  37. Adrienne

    Do you have a girlfriend???

    Honestly, you are my HERO!!!

    If only other guys could see this- the reason why us girls all love Edward Cullen. Maybe then they would change their ways…

    Congratulations on finishing. I can’t wait to read about your commentary on Jacob Black…

  38. NovaAlbion

    A very moving rendering of your journey.

    Heed Stephenie Meyer’s warning. Don’t blow off the middle of New Moon in a rush to the end. Too much of the “whole” story happens there.

  39. Epiphany

    Congrats on finishing!! :)

  40. Jessica

    I must admit that I got a bit teary-eyed reading your review.
    You write with your heart and are not afraid to tell us what you truly feel about our beloved books and its characters.

    I cannot wait to hear what you have to say on New Moon as well as the rest of the series.

    Good luck and happy reading!

  41. Kendra Dumbledore

    Thats my favorite, can’t wait to hear your thoughts.
    “Your Guardian Angel” is very fitting for Twilight. ^_^

  42. Mary

    Yeah, painstakingly slow was right. But that’s ok, I forgive you.


    You finally finished!!!!!!!!!!


    Can’t wait to see how you like New Moon.

  43. bea

    i am very proud of you Kaleb! I can’t wait to read what you think of the next books;) CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  44. Nicole

    Iโ€™m so glad you let us go with you on your journey through Twilightโ€ฆand now the other books! (Oh, what is in store for you! I canโ€™t wait!) You truly understand the essence of Twilight, Edward and Bellaโ€ฆwhy they affect us as they do.
    Gratz on your personal success through all this too! I hope you, this project and your other projects continue to flourish!
    Oh, and donโ€™t be sillyโ€ฆhoping we will stick around!! Why would we leave you now?!?! Your insightful comments, wit and entertaining ways have made us fans of YOU too!!

  45. patrice

    Yay! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!Now onto New Moon!

  46. Katie ~

    I couldn’t stay up late to read your final post on Twilight, because I had to get up early for a softball tourney. Had to read this before I left, though! I agree; it’s better to not comment to much on the epilogue. It’s the guidance to the next book – you can’t say much about it and not repeat yourself, or predict what will happen in the next book. I am so glad Your Guardian Angel won! I voted for it 3 times. Now, Kaleb, would you kindly tell us which song YOU wanted to win?!?

  47. Karryne

    oh thank you thank you thank you!! i am so glad that you finished twilight. your review actually brought tears to my eyes. on to new moon!

  48. Sam

    Hi Kaleb. :) I know I haven’t commented much during your reading of Twilight, but I wanted to say that I’ve enjoyed it immensely and am looking forward to reading your thoughts on New Moon. I like that you take the time to really *think* about what you’ve read and make intelligent, insightful commentary on it. This has become one of my favorite blogs, and I always look forward to new posts from you.

    Good luck with the rest of the saga! :)

  49. Luci

    Aw, Kaleb. I’m soooo happy you finished Twilight. yay! And I’m even more excited that you plan on reading the rest of the saga. Congrats!!!!

  50. Rachel

    Bravo, Kaleb! Bravo!
    It was a beautifully written conclusion to your take on the first book, and now, as you said it, on to New Moon!
    *throws confetti and tissueboxes at Kaleb*
    Seriously, Kaleb, this shows that there is some hope for men everywhere–it shows that they CAN understand why we like Edward and fictional men more than the ones in our lives. People today just DONT GET IT!

    Thankfully, you do, and we appreciate it! Insightful commentary, and HILARIOUS wit, are some of your best qualities and I love seeing updates on your site.
    *throws more confetti and tissue boxes*
    On to New Moon!

  51. AussiePattinsonLove

    WOW you so get!!!I cant wait to read what you think after page 73 of new moon!!! Yes I went and got my copy and found the exact page!!!

  52. Carla

    WOOT WOOT!!! You finished it! I can’t believe it! My eyes are bleeeeeeding…! Eheh, just kidding.

    Seriously, I’m super dupper happy you finished it! Like it was me! ๐Ÿ˜€ It just means you’re part of the Twilight family :)

    I can’t wait for New Moon! And I have a feeling you won’t be able to read ONLY chapter one… You have been warned.


  53. Aishah

    Congrats Kaleb!
    Finally, it’s great to know a guy who have read and shared his thoughts of Twilight to everyone.
    Now, off to New Moon!
    PS. Brace yourself for this book though. Many more surprises to come!

  54. Mara-Kate

    Congrats Kaleb !!! You finished Twilight and you survived! Now…onto New Moon! But personally, none of the other books top Twilight ๐Ÿ˜‰

  55. jummmmi

    We can’t but read your comments on New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, so don’t worry ๐Ÿ˜‰
    And you figured out, what we girls love about Edward exactly!
    You are really awesome and I can’t wait for you reading the other books ๐Ÿ˜‰

  56. KKKmart

    Oh my gosh congrats Kaleb on finishing the best book in the history of the universe! i give you a lot of credit for sticking to it and even more so for finding time to comment on each chapter. you’re an amazing writer and i think you’re hilarious! i cannot wait to hear your thoughts on the most complex book in the series, New Moon.there are a lot of surprises in this book and certainly a lot of emotion…enjoy! i can’t wait to hear your thoughts on an old reamerging character…Keep it UP Kaleb!Good Luck on the rest of the series, i’ll be reading too!

  57. Caths

    Thank you for starting this brilliant blog. I am awed at your insight. Indeed, guys can learn a lot from Edward’s gentlemanly ways. Looking forward to your thoughts on New Moon.

  58. Mikki

    HAAALLELUJAAAAAH! you finished!

    i admire your patience, Kaleb. I would have torn through the book at breakneck speed and then come back to analyze it.
    thumbs up, man!

  59. Pauline

    Your final thoughts of Twilight were nicely put together! You’re a GREAT writer! ๐Ÿ˜€

  60. Samie

    that was a great way to look at the book! kaleb ur amazing! cant wait for u to read the rest of the books, and keep blogging them here as u go along! There awome to read!

  61. Destane

    WHOO-HOO FOR KALEB! Im glad your finally finished and I love the way your final thoughts are written. Can’t wait till you read New Moon but until then *starting rally of hih-hip-horrays* congrats on finishing!

  62. Allison

    Yay!!!! I love you and you blog, Kaleb! Congrats on finally finishing Twilight! :)

  63. Molly

    He Finished! Congrats Kaleb!!! I’m SO excited to hear your thoughts on New Moon!

  64. Jen

    Yay!!!! You finished! I have been reading this since you were on chapter 2, and have enjoyed every minute of it! I can’t wait to read your take on New Moon!

  65. Kayla

    So my song didn’t win, but it made it in the top 5, and my very close second favorite won, so woo hoo! Anywho, congrats on FINALLY making it through Twilight, and of course you are such a beloved part of the Twilight universe! You did, afterall, make it officially okay for guys to read Twilight. Good work! Plus, you’re hysterical, which is always a plus. And us Twilighters, if you hadn’t already noticed, are a bit crazy and we will comment in the masses on anything Twilight related, even more so if it is good. So, excellent job with Twilight, and get cracking on New Moon. And please, I beg you, at a somewhat faster pace! Love ya, Kaleb, and I can’t wait to hear what you think about Jacob… HA!

  66. aubrey

    It’s been such a pleasure reading your blogs Kaleb. You have to be the coolest Twilight Guy out there! Can’t wait for you to start Newmoon and then on to Eclipse!!

  67. Tara

    Yes! Woohoo!
    I honestly love the song myself, and I’m glad you’re done with the book, now on to New Moon!

  68. Erin

    Congradulations! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts after the first 3 chapters in New Moon ๐Ÿ˜€

  69. Liz

    Woah! Kaleb, fantastic!Honestly, it is so great to see a guy read a book just to figure out why girls like another guy, although come to think of it, it is great to see a guy read a book in general (Isn’t it sad that I say that?). I just wanted to mention, you figured out why we love Edward perfectly (or atleast why I do). I don’t care what he looks like, it is everthing else about him, although it helps that he isn’t hideous. =D I will see you when you start up New Moon.

  70. Olivia

    Congrats on finishing!
    I can’t wait till you start reading New Moon.

  71. CJ

    Congrats Kaleb on finishing Twilight. I, as well as many others, look forward to your thoughts on New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. I really think you will enjoy them. One word of advice, you might have to read New Moon twice to completely enjoy it. I know a lot of ppl hated it at first (myself included) and rushed through it as fast as humanly possible (I won’t say why because I refuse to spoil it for you), but when we all sat down and read it again we ended up appreciating it for the wonderful story it truly is. ^.^

    That being said, I look forward to your reviews and commentary of the other 3 books and I really enjoyed your review of the epilogue of Twilight. You are probably one of the only guys in the world to finally understand what the obsession is with Edward. While true that his looks don’t hurt none, that isn’t really why most females are in love with him. I know women ranging from the ages of 11 to 67 that adore Edward because of how caring, understanding, sweet, loving, unselfish, and just plain wonderful he is. His looks are just an added bonus (especially since until the Movie and Rob Pattinson most of us made up our own ideals of what he looked like in our heads). Now I, myself, am married and I absolutely love my husband, but I would be lying if I said that I don’t drive him crazy everyday with Edward. lol. He is trying to be a mini-Kaleb (hehe) and is going to be reading the books (or so he says) so he might understand someday, though knowing him he still won’t get it. Perhaps I should try to get him to your site (maybe pull it up on his comp screen while he’s in the rr or something and leave it there for him to look at) so he might stand a chance at comprehending it someday. lol.

    Anyways, Congrats again and thank you. It’s men like you that give women a reason to hope that someday our own boyfriends/husbands might grow up and have a bigger range of emotions (and vocabulary). But shhhh, don’t tell anyone I said that. >.> LMAO.

  72. Brianna J.

    YAY! YOU FINISHED! Thanks so much for giving us your thoughts on the book. It’s really cool that you did this, instead of just dismissing the book like so many other guys. I can’t wait for what you have to say about the rest of the books in the series! It makes me so happy that you actually enjoyed the book, and took the time to write your thoughts on the chapters. Kudos to you!

  73. Pholla

    Kaleb, I will be with you as you continue your journey through Stephenie Meyer’s world of vampires. It feels like it was just yesterday when you first bought the site and me coming by every day to see if you have any updates. Lo and behold it’s 3 and a half months later and here we are. You’re about to start New Moon and I can’t wait til you do.

    p.s. I can’t wait til your book comes out.

  74. Karoline

    Good to see a guy that finally understood why us, girls/women LOVE this book!
    good music choice;)
    but what did you think about the last part of twilight?:s

    when are you going to start with new moon?

  75. Audree

    Oh Kaleb! I am so happy you finished. I can’t wait for you to start reading New Moon. I have really enjoyed reading what you have to say and I am looking forward to reading your own novel. You are someone who can read into and understand a novel I love, and therefore, I am sure you can also create a novel I could love! Keep it up!

  76. Hallie

    Congratulations on finishing Twilight!! Whoo! You did a wonderful job describing everything you felt while reading each chapter. It was amazing! =D

    I just finished reading Eclipse last night! Now, I must wait hungrily for Breaking Dawn. Eck. I hate waiting.

    I am also glad that Your Guardian Angel won! That was my top choice because the lyrics fit Twilight so perfectly. And the 2 other songs I voted for was in the top 5 too. Yay

  77. Audree

    PS. I love the little pic of you fawning over the book at the bottom of your post. :)

  78. Tia (the one and only)


    Um, you’re awesome. I can’t believe that we finally got here. I agree with everyone else. Do not rush through New Moon, although I don’t think that there is any danger in that.

    I can’t wait for Bran Hambric to come out. I think I’m just as excited to read it as I am Breaking Dawn.

    Ha ha, I would love to have an advanced copy. :)

  79. Megan

    Congratulations :]

  80. norma

    YAY KALEB…you finished reading twilight!!!!…good for you dude…good for you. Thanx so much for all your commentary on the chapters it was hilarious and very insightful…you bloody freakin rule dude…
    rock on!!!

  81. Elspeth

    Excellent, thank you Kaleb… we are all waiting in anticipation for your thoughts on New Moon, if you can imagine it only gets better from here :) Thank you for all your time and effort… i’d be surprised if you haven’t gotten a marriage request yet :)

  82. Deja

    Yay!!!! You finished it!!! Woo… you thoughts on the book were perfect as always you really get it!!! Now On to New Moon…… Woo!!!!

  83. Alexis

    Hey kaleb
    I’m new to ur page. And I have spent yesterday night till just secs ago reading ur responses from chapter 1. I want to to say FINALLY! Lol n I also can’t wait to see ur blog when u start New Moon. Congrads on everything too u have come so far. I look forward to following u down the road of the Twilight Saga.

    <3 Alexis

  84. Hihi

    I feel like crying cuz all of your thoughts on twilight(except the funny ones) are beautiful…. I’ll save the crying for rereading New Moon.

  85. Alexis

    Hey kaleb,

    I just came across ur site n I’ve spent last night reading everything on ur sight. From chapter 1 through ur last comment about the book. Congrats about finishing. I can’t wait till you start New Moon.

    I look forward to following you down the road of the Twilight Saga. I can’t wait to read your reactions! Keep going Kaleb, you’ve come so far.

  86. Meredith

    Congratulations! I’m glad some men can make sense of why we love Edward, and can actually be positive about him instead of being cruel about it. Is it wrong to get teary eyed because of this? xD Get New Moon soon. You’ll love it. Congrats again!

  87. Ana M

    Yeeeeeih! You did it!
    congrats you finish the book!
    And i love the song for the book is really beautiful!

  88. Kristina

    I wish more guys were like you. You’re not afraid to read a romance like Twilight and then tell us why we love Edward. You’re amazing, Kaleb! You hit the nail on the head with your little wrap up of Twilight. Great job. On to New Moon!

  89. Alli

    I came here on a whim when the Lexicon told us you had reached Chapter 14. I liked that, and (of course) I HAD TO KNOW what you thought of 13. Then I went back and read all of your chapter posts up to that point. I have been a loyal fan ever since. I love your final thoughts on the story, Edward, and Bella, and I can’t wait to read what you think of New Moon.

    Kaleb, you rock!

  90. Lucy

    That was very well written. And I am also very happy “Your Guardian Angel” won! Finnally something i vote for wins. I am looking foward for your views on New Moon. But i will give you one tiny bit of adivce. Don’t throw the book against a wall. Trust me on this and you’ll find out why.

  91. Lisa

    Phew, for a moment, I thought you were going to tell us that you were going to say goodbye and close downt the sight.

    You have done a wonderful job and I want to thank you for taking time out of your incredibly packed schedule to write this blog. Seriously I do not know when you sleep!

    That said, now that you are on summer break, I hope you can move through NM faster–for your sake as well as ours. As a TwiMom, I look forward to your humor and insight as it lets me find new ways to appreciate and enjoy the books that I have re-read uncountable times since I picked them up in May.

    I too look forward to your book’s release. You are a wonderful writer who can be really funny (some of your posts made me laugh so hard I cried!)

    You given us all something to look forward to almost every day and we support you.

    You are truly Edwardian!

  92. Morgan A.

    Congrats Kaleb! You are amazing!! I cant wait untill you read New Moon, You’re in for a big suprize. New Moon is the reason why most of the fandom is divided in half ((or thirds…. Lol))

  93. Giada

    Your posts are always funny and interesting. I do think you are a very good writer, Kaleb. Wish you the best luck with your career, given that you already have anything else that needs to succeed.

    Also, my compliments for this blog :)

  94. Becky

    Congratulations! Thank you for really understanding and getting why we fangirls love the series (and Edward), and for not being afraid to admit that you read and like a book classified as “teen vampire romance.”
    Most guys wouldn’t, unfortunitaly.

    Now, on to New Moon! Just try not to freak out and throw the book out the window or something when you read it. Becasue book violence is wrong.

    I’ll be waiting to see which ‘side’ you’ll pick when you’re reading it. Because everyone who reads it seems to pick a side, but nevermind.

    And I love the song choice! I’m glad one of the ones I liked won!
    ๐Ÿ˜€ haha, someone asked if you have a girlfriend. She’s a very lucky girl, because you can discuss Twilight together and she’ll be able to say crazy Edward loving stuff with getting odd looks from you, lol
    okay, long comment over.

  95. :: emily ::

    Kaleb, i absolutly love your websites, blogs, videos, and your brilliant and funny insight :]] However, I am disappointed at the readers votes for Your Guardian Angel for “The Twilight Song”. Don’t get me wrong, I love RJA and this song, but I always interpreted this song as a guy who would do absoulutly anything for this girl he loves, but the girl does not return his feelings. This, to me, does not decribe Twilight. I voted for, and still think, that Lion is the perfect song for Twilight; not only does it have the Lion imagery as decribed in the book, but in my opinion truly captures how Bella feels for Edward. She’s drawn to his beauty and mystery and his “gentleness melts” her. The song also talks about the lion being an angel, which Bella refers to Edward as when he saves her from James. I just think this song is a more accurate decription of Twilight.

    But regardless, your thoughts on the book are right on :]] You never cease to make my day and I’m really looking forward to your thoughts on New Moon!

  96. Joanne Maria

    You have absorbed so much from TWILIGHT…Wait ’til you read NEW MOON…get out the tissues!!!

  97. amie

    Great review Kaleb. Thanks for the laughs, keep it up! (I don’t know that song, but now that I listen to it, it’s a great choice!)

  98. Lauren

    That was a very nice review! =)

    but i am wondering, have you already read the others? i only ask because i fear the series will be ruined for you since you seem to be so immersed into this world & you haven’t read the others yet. & when Breaking Dawn comes out, if you don’t read it right away, there’s a good chance it’ll get spoiled for you.
    i hope that doesn’t happen to you!

    anyway, yay for more! ๐Ÿ˜›

  99. Lauren

    You’ve got a good head on your shoulders, Kaleb.

    How soon (or late) should we expect you to post about New Moon?

    And what song did you want to win??

    Congratulations on finishing Twilight :)

  100. Annie

    Whoooo! congrats! can’t wait for you to start New Moon!

  101. CullenCrazy

    Yay!!!!! Congradulations! :)
    I can’t wait for you to read New Moon and the rest of the series. Your opinions on the books are always so fun to read. They’re really insightfull and also at the same time SO funny!
    Congrats again!

  102. Larissa

    you totally got the point in twilight. I loved your opinion about the whole book. I will be waiting for your blog about new moon!

  103. Caitlin

    You’ve finished!
    I can’t wait until you begin New Moon. I hope it’s soon, because I’ll need my fix of Twilight Guy insight.
    Happy reading.

  104. Priscilla :)

    Ahhh i am so glad you finished!! now the real fun begins :)))

  105. Marie B.

    Congrats Kaleb! I am so hapy that you finished Twilight and count on me to continue reading your blog! Because of you I got my dad to read Twilight. ๐Ÿ˜€ You are the best! Enjoy New Moon!

  106. Jessie

    It all began on April 16, 2008: “The Start of a Journey”. And what a journey it has been! Hey Kaleb, my name is Jessie and I have been following you along this path since day one. Though I was never one to comment at all, I really did enjoy this adventure of yours. Your witty commentary, jokes, images, and videos are all brilliant! I just want to say congratulations for completing Twilight! You truly are amazing Twilight Guy. I look forward to your next journey into New Moon.

  107. Kyra

    Congrats!!! That was soooo perfect it made me tear up a little bit! I can’t wait to see your comments on New Moon!

  108. Sara(Yeah there's many of us)

    wOOt! wOOt! Congradulations!!!!!!! I’m really looking forwardto you reading New Moon! wOOt! :)

  109. Ash is DA Bomb!

    YAY KALEB!!!!! He finally finshed!! Overall you really know the book and I loved your overview of why we girls love Edward!! You dead on right as always!

    Lots of Love

  110. Lu

    Congrats!! Your final thoughts…beautiful. You know we all will continue on with you. Can’t wait!!

  111. Amanda

    Hurray!!!! *<=)~
    You did it! (finally…) I’m glad to see some humans of the opposite gender responding so positively to one of the greatest books of all time!
    Can’t wait to read your account of the rest of the series!

  112. Layla

    I have only a slight problem with Your Guardian Angel being the top song, but Time Is Running Out for the second????-maybe for New Moon but what is running out of time in Twilight…????-you cna’t really answer that can you, Bella’s life?-well he’s set on not changing her, the time they have together?-maybe, but thats not what the book is about, the book is about Bella and Edward falling totally in love with each other what does time running out have to do with that????-i am insanely dissssssappppointed in the voting!!!!

  113. Len

    Congrats on finishing Twilight and can’t wait to read your funny and insightful take on New Moon! “Your Guardian Angel” is a great song for Twilight. It’s like Edward singing his love for Bella. Good thing I voted for it:)

  114. Toni B.

    Squee!!! So happy that you’ve finished! I’ve followed your posts for most of the time it’s been up! I am soo getting your book when it comes out.

  115. Amanda

    YAY!!! I’m SOO glad you finished it!! and want to keep reading!! You picked a great fandom to enter Kaleb, Twilight fans are the most dedicated out there so we will keep reading until you stop posting!! <3

  116. Felize

    Congratz on finishing!!!
    I got my brother to read Twilight (success!!) && i told him about your site.
    I stumbled across your site just a few months ago && its pure genius and its so funny.
    I’m soo happy you finished Twilight & want to keep reading, you won’t be dissappointed! โ™ฅ I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts on the rest of the series.
    much love!
    p.s. I voted for Your Guardian Angel, and i’m sosososo happy it won. Its the perfect song for Twilight =]

  117. jenn

    You finally finished!!!!!!!!!!

    Am so happy I can’t wait until you start reading New Moon!!!!!!!!!! =]

  118. Olivia

    yay Kaleb. I’m proud of you. :)


    I hope you enjoy New Moon.
    I’ll be stickin around to read about it. :)

  119. Jenica

    Yay, congradulations on finishing Twilight, I’m so happy to hear you’re moving on to the other books as well! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Mweeheehee… *already has her song for New Moon picked out* >:D

  120. TwilightMOMS » Blog Archive » Playing catch up with the news

    […] Guy has finished reading Twilight and gives his thoughts HERE. I look forward to reading more as he moves on to New […]

  121. savannah


  122. savannah

    forgot to mention, there is only one person who has read this book slower than even you! and believe it or not, she’s a girl and not a tomboy! drum roll please! *dadadadadadadadadada* Coming in at 7 months, Kathrine O.! Sorry kathrine! (no i’m not)

  123. Carol

    awww…I love Your Guardian Angel..really good song..but I agree with one of the other comments that Time is Running Out is not really appropriate for Twilight. And OMG you finished the book!..We should PARTY!…haha, I saw your comment over at Stephenie’s MySpace for the Breaking Dawn Quote..and I beat you, I was the first comment.hehehe.

  124. Kasandra

    Hey Kaleb,

    You scared me for a second there! It seemed like you were saying goodbye. What a relief that you’re staying with us!

    I look forward to your posts as they never fail to amuse and provide thought provoking reflections.

    Once again you hit the nail on the head so to speak. I wouldn’t care if a guy had a third eye and webbed feet if he were as sincere, loving and attentive as Edward, WOW!

    I can’t wait to see your thoughts on New Moon. It’s still hard for me to read it. So I’m very interested to know what you think.

    I’ve taken to telling everyone about your website (right after I tell them about TwilightMOMs:D)

    Keep up the good work!

  125. Anna

    I really hope you finish the other two before Breaking Dawn comes around. Reading your twilight blogs was a really fun experience for me and as for some other people too. I can’t wait till you start on New Moon. (:

    Woo, Time is Running Out came in second! (:

  126. Christina

    i love reading your opinions and evaluations.
    thank you for reading twilight.

  127. lil'

    You made some design changes!!! Hehehe… awesome! Will there be any more changes? : )

    I’m so excited for you to start New Moon!

  128. Cassandra

    Congratulations Kaleb!!!
    Your wonderful and a great tribute to the Twilight Community.

    Now…ON TO NEW MOON!!!

  129. Kismet



    Oh well. Guess I will soon.

  130. Beth

    I was going to re-read New Moon chapter by chapter with you, but once I started, I couldn’t stop! I don’t know how you can take a small piece at a time and not cheat!

  131. Nylota

    I can’t believe you’re finally done…And I am so glad this isn’t the end of the TwilightGuy Era. Your musings on the book as a whole almost brought me to tears, they were so sweet. I can’t wait to hear more from you and your reading New Moon

  132. Anjanie

    congrats! I think what you are doing is awesome, and can’t wait to watch you read new moon (okay, perhaps that sounds a bit stalkerish..) I liked your commentary about the end, it was very thoughtful and true.

  133. Emma

    Read, man, READ!!!!! You rock!!! Read!!!! And brace yourself!!! But read!!!!GAAAAAA…..!!! :) You rock!!!READ!!!! I got 4 hours of sleep!!! HOW am I this Hyper????Anyway, I hope you have fun with reading the series!!! Read, Man, READ!!!! :)

  134. bea

    i love your new banner!!! Have fun with New Moon!:)

  135. Gennie

    wowowow. I really don’t know what to say.
    I’ll leave it at…Kaleb, you are amazing. Twilight is amazing. Thank you so much!

  136. Britt.

    Congrats on finishing Twilight. I can’t wait to read your commentary on New Moon!

    On to the next! ๐Ÿ˜€

  137. Laura

    Congratulations for finishing!

    What I’m most interested in is what you thougth while Bella didn’t know that they would go to the ball and thought that Edward would change er finaly. I don’t even thought about changing when I read about the dress and the smoking, I thought they’re going to marry! But at least the end wasn’t so corny ๐Ÿ˜›

    lovely greeting from Germany

  138. Amy

    Congratulations on finishing the book!! I am so glad that you pick up on why most of us all love Edward and what a guy can learn from him by reading it. I really love your blogs, and am looking forward to your blogs about New Moon!!!

  139. hazel

    awww Kaleb!! :)
    Of course we’ll continue to read your blog!
    you’re new banner!! love it!
    Can’t wait for your New Moon blogs. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  140. Caitlyn

    yay! you finished the book! cant wait to see what you think of new moon!

  141. Alyssa

    Of course we’re going to keep reading your blog!! It’s so entertaining, I check it every day to see if there’s something new.
    Love the new banner!

  142. becky sue

    Hey, Hey!! Lookit that!! You changed the picture along the top—it has New Moon now!! ^.^ *Overly happy for a very inconsequential detail……*

  143. Kim

    I started reading the books last year and finished them in 1 week! I could not get enough. I am so glad you are finally through Twilight and I can’t wait until you get to the rest of the series!

  144. Chela85

    Kaleb CONGRATULATIONS!!! We’re all so proud of you!! Your Guardian Angel yes!!!! I love that song and I really REALLY wanted it to win! <3

  145. Mrs. Edward Cullen

    I really hope you liked it:) I know I did congrats on finishing the first book (finally);)

  146. Tanit

    Congratulations! I’ve never left you a comment but I read each and every thing you post. New Moon. I can’t tell you how amazing this book is, there aren’t words. Every time I read this book I can’t help myself, I can0t stop crying (when you finish it I’ll tell you why, though you won’t remember me haha!), I think you’ll love it ๐Ÿ˜€ Is my favourite. Well, sorry if there’s any mistake, I’m from Spain and my English is not as good as I’d like! I hope you read New Moon a little but faster hahahaha Congratulations again!

  147. Mrs. Edward Cullen

    Btw luv the new banner. I can’t wait 2 c ur comments about nm.
    *huge smile lighting up face*

  148. Tess

    Congrats! Way to go! It’s been fun reading as you made your way through this *awesome* book. For some real fun, go back later (after the other three of course!) and reread it, Stephenie’s sense of humor really pops out. For example, page 14 “I can do this, I lied to myself feebly. No one was going to bite me.” LOL Too funny!

    Can’t wait for you to get through the next one and to read all about it! Love the update to your pic with New Moon. Happy reading!

  149. samantha

    Congrats on Finishing Twilight!
    Your commentary is amazing and i think you have fully grasped what Twilight is about. I can’t wait for you to start New Moon!

  150. Yvette

    The New York Times doesnt even understand why girls love Twilight. But you have summed up completely why this book is beloved by so many.
    In addition, describing why women find Edward attractive rather the just his physical appearance. I applaud you for reading the book and now off to New Moon!!

  151. Jezika

    You rock!

  152. becca

    Yes Kaleb! You got it exactly right!! =]

    That’s why us girls love Edward so much! I mean it’s very rare to find a guy who’s mature or even polite like Edward.

    Congratulations on finishing the book! Now if only more guys had your wisdom and patience! =]

  153. Amy

    well, you hit the nail on the head there my friend. I will continue to check out your views on this amazing series.

    And I look forward to the changes that will come to the site.

    Also, I am not expecting you to finish New Moon and Eclipse in the amount of time that Breaking Dawn will come out. Take your time. It will give me something to look forward to once the saga is over.

  154. Sarah

    I have already commented, but I just want to know: Which song did YOU want to win? Thats all.

    And is anyone else sad that Time Is Running Out didn’t win?

  155. Viviana

    I’m so glad that you finished Twilight and loved it! :-) I cannot wait to read what you think about New Moon.

  156. Jojo

    *looking forward to design changes*

    All I can say, Kaleb, is great job. I think you also convinced several guys to read Twilight – I know that with your help, I did just that. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And you’re so funny!!! New Moon time?

  157. Dylan

    YAY! I got shivers! lol I’m so glad your on to new moon! It’s a whole diffrent story! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I can’t wait to see what you think about it! That was a really influention one for me! XD *hugs* Keep up the good work!

  158. LC

    Congrats, Again on coming this far…..and obviosly as you can see we’ll still be here for the rest! I thought your thoughts on the book were awesome; i feel like you hit the target!
    – Kaleb, Can’t wait for you to start experiencing New Moon, by the way when will that be, not to pry….just asking!

  159. Macy

    YES, YES, YES!!!! You finally finished and are going to move on to all of the other great things that the Twilight Saga has to offer. I’m so glad that you could see through everything that may have turned others guys away and realize why not only Edward, but the whole series is a success. I can only hope that you get through the other books, quicker than the first. On the bright side though you don’t have to wait for Breaking Dawn like the rest of us.

  160. maria



  161. Insomnia

    I wonder if Stephenie has realized that ‘The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus’s’ “Your Guardian Angel” and “Cat and Mouse” were meant to be in the Twilight soundtrack? I hope she’s listened to them, I’ve thought this since the beginning.

    Good going Kaleb; get ready to be depressed in New Moon ๐Ÿ˜€ (lol)

  162. Vi


    Kaleb! You ROCK!

    Now hurry on to New Moon (good luck with this one)
    …and Eclipse
    …and Breaking Dawn

    Hey are you going to read THE HOST?

  163. Gill Pont

    Yay Kaleb!

    On the other hand, I’m extremely disappointed that Your Guardian Angel won since that song reminds me of Sam & Emily (you shall meet them in New Moon) and not Bella & Edward.

  164. Meli

    Kaleb, so glad you’re willing to continue the story. I’ll continue to read your blog. I’m looking forward to reading your reaction to New Moon — it’s a pivotal growing period for the characters. :)

    btw – I’m excited about the winning song. Honestly, I think the embodiment of the song fits to the complete theme of the book. The lyrics were not to be taken on a literal basis, but the emotion of the song rings through. It was my first pick.

  165. April

    Hey Kaleb, i know you probably won’t read this but im truly impressed by you. I have to thank you for actually giving Twilight a try and not just judging us fans. Yes that means you too now. I’ve seen people start twilight and shut it without even giving it a try. Would you tell me something? Was it hard to make yourself not read the whole book in one day and only give in a couple chapters a week? It would be hard for me.
    I have something to add to what you have stated about Twilight. About how we don’t fall in love with edward because of his entrancing eyes or his beautiful sparkling skin or his… sorry im getting dazzled and hes not even here. Its true though. In fact we don’t get a picture of edward that comes with the book. We only get imagination but we do know how he acts and what he says. sometimes it can get out of hand… well you understand us Twi-Girls. But its not his good looks or strong, cold, hard body that makes us fall in love with him, its the things he says. Its the things he does. We all can imagine what “our” edward looks like and we might not all agree. Just like the drama with picking an actor to portray him in the movie. But what we all can agree on is that Edward is polite and he does things that most guys right now don’t care about doing. Hey im not saying to stalk the girl you want to be with, just that putting a little effort into being the best person you can be makes you steal some lucky girl’s heart. I don’t know, maybe you’ll be her EDWARD. Yeah i know, Im deep.
    Okay im almost done…
    Thanks kaleb for all you do. Im looking forward to the next book full of drama and suspense. I hope you are ready to choose….. no actually you can be switz too! I am.
    April in case you forgot my name while reading this long comment!!

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  167. Brittany K.

    Wow. You’re finally through Twilight. I would like to thank you for being so funny and witty with your responses and brightening my day all the time. It’s 11:18 in California right now and I’m up writing a comment for your blog. Also, because I liek you so much I’m picking up a copy of your book when it comes out and reading it and sending you a big long email telling you why i hated it (just kidding, of course I’ll love it!) Oh and be on the lookout for a twilight dad coming your way becaseu my dad just might read them. I wrote kidn of a continutation story for Eclipse adn its like 20,000 words (and counting) and my dad found out and he wants to read it but i told him he wouldn’t understand it unless he read the series. So, just be prepared i guess :)

    and we really do appreciate you staying up late to keep your promises and post your friday thoughts and all that stuff !!!!

  168. April

    BTW, I noticed you switched books that you were holding. It looks familiar! I wonder…..

  169. Alice Ghionoiu

    YES! Twilight is awesome!
    You are awesome!

    Is excite. Is excite.

  170. Katie Beth

    YYAAAAYYYY!!!!!!! *hugs Kaleb*

  171. Hope

    Oh my gosh! Kaleb is finished reading Twilight! *sniffle*

    Get started on New Moon as quickly as possible! We can’t want to see what you think of it!

  172. Tiffany D

    Congratulations!! on finishing the first book. I’m so happy that you understand our love for Edward so well. And I write that because I just read the most horrible article. (“A Virginal Goth Girl”, by Gail Collins from the New York Times).
    I love your blog because you look at the book from so many perspectives, not only the guy- reader one, but from a writer’s perspective and from the girls’ point of view. I always look forward to reading your posts, and I definitely look forward to hearing your views about Jacob in the next two books!

  173. 13%vampire

    Great job Kaleb! Glad you’re liking the books! I have always wondered what a guy thought of Stephenie Meyer’s books…and here’s this blog…waiting for me to discover! Now that I’ve discovered it I would like to say thanks for giving me insight on what guys really think about the book. I have to completely agree with Tiffany D. on the happiness I felt when I realized that you understood our love for Edward so clearly. I also agree with her on the fact that you look at the book from so many perspectives and it makes your blog a worthwhile read. I also look forward to everything you have to say on New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn & Midnight Sun (once they come out), and of course the movies (once all of them–if they make one for each book…which they BETTER!–come out)! Have fun reading the books! And once you’re done I would suggest reading The Host –another FANTASTIC novel by Stephenie Meyer that is not completely geared toward girls… well this is getting a little long so I guess I’ll stop! BYE!


  174. Playing catch up with the news | Twilight News

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  176. Travis

    Sooo… Who won the hat and CD? Also, I’m super happy you finally finished Twilight, but you’re gonna have to read New Moon and Eclipse a lot faster to get to read Breaking Dawn >.>

  177. E

    What a sappy, delicious final wrap-up on Twilight. Sounds like you’ve come out of this with a little Edward in you (that sounds dirty but you know what I mean). I’m so proud.

  178. Laura

    Hey! Congrats on finishing Twilight! I hope you continue to read the saga with the same amount of enthusiasm as you had when reading Twilight! You rock!

  179. Joa_Cullen

    CONGRATS! iยดm so happy you finish…and you are so right with why i love edward!
    Get started on New Moon as quickly as possible! We canโ€™t want to see what you think of it!

    greetings from uruguay

  180. Gabriella Cullen

    Bravo twilight guy, I couldn’t have done a better summarry if I tried =)

  181. Katie ~

    Can you please tell us which song you liked best?!?!?

  182. Lizzie

    You’ve learned from this book what so many girls want to teach the men in their lives and even the women. That love and hope can exist in a bittersweet world. To love and respect people for their faults and their atributs. That it is about Bella and Edward, not that he is a vampire and he’s hot. For that is truely what these books are about. Thank you for spreading that message and encouraging others to do so. Thank you. (I’m so sorry for my atrocious spelling)

  183. Jennifer

    Ah’s Yay XDDD

    Congragulations on finishing the book !!! [I so did not spell that right]

    Im so happy you liked the book ! And your site is impressive

    I read this post a while ago, but i only got to posting now, heh. Anyways, Im looking forward to your future posts/blogs ๐Ÿ˜€

  184. Christar

    Yay, congrats!!! :) Twilight is my favorite book from the serious (so far).

    I like Guardian Angel, but I seriously feel that This Is For Keeps by The Spill Canvas was the absolute best choice! I just don’t think people were aware of it. Oh well. :) This was still way fun! Thanks!

  185. Rachel

    oh. my. god! I’ve been gone in Europe for 2 weeks and didn’t get to see any of the finalists until the winner was chosen. AND IT WAS ONE OF MY SUGGESTIONS!!!!!!!! OMG! whoa! That makes me feel so awesome! wow! I’m stunned…and so glad that other people thought the same way as me! sweet!

  186. Helena

    You are great I love reading your posts. I cfan’t get enough of this. I can’t wait reading thee other ones. And thanks for posting all of this

  187. Christina

    Music is my thing I love music. and I love thes books so to see you mach up the chapters w/ songs is really cool to me and I feal that you did really good on your selections of songs.

  188. Steph

    It should have been Iris! Love that song…
    Anyway, FANTASTIC END REVIEW! Seriously, one of the best reviews I’ve ever read. You have a very unbiased view of Edward…. Actually, you might have started out a little biased against him. However, I can see you enjoyed discovering his personality. Really, I think it is that that makes us fans love him.

  189. Miranda

    It is amazing how well you are able to sum up what 98% of females out there think of Edward Cullen and the Twilight Saga. It really is about his charicter, Edward could look the same but act like James and he would be meaningless, its everything together that makes him so wonderful, and the story absoultly beautiful

  190. maddie

    Youโ€™re absolutely right on your view of Edward Cullen. It isn’t is looks or immortality that has every girl obsessedly in love with him, its the inside that truly counts, as corny as that sounds. It is everything else he represents such as being intelligent, musical, charming, a true gentlemen, etc. that have every girl fantasizing about him. Heโ€™s a true gift from the gods to any hopeless romantic. And the amazing looks donโ€™t hurt either.

  191. New Moon: The Epilogue

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  192. New Moon: The Epilogue |

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  193. Anastasia DesPois

    Will you marry me? Haha jk. But I do like that you use your brain and make sense. Logical thinking is a refreshing thing to read. Also you write really well. Mad props on the site. =)

  194. Tianna

    Can’t wait to see your reviews on Eclipse. Its 12:17 AM where Im at, so my dads threatening me to get off before he shuts off the power.

    I have to say though, that Twilight was like taking a gun and shooting Dracula in the face several times before throwing him to the polar bears.
    I’m not entirely sure if you would agree, but that’s how I feel about it.

    I also have to say that Breaking Dawn was my favorite in all of them. You’ll soon figure out why…

    Good luck with Eclipse! Seriously can’t wait!

  195. Maria

    You’ve got it right Kaleb, that’s why I love Edward so much :)

  196. OO

    A thought I wanted to share from a wonderful Greek lyric poet that mimics your sentiment exactly:

    “For the man who is beautiful is beautiful to see
    but the good man at once also beautiful be.” – Sappho


  197. ynna-black

    i love jacob black!!!!

  198. andrea

    i think the whole series was amazeing because the first book made you not want to stop reading and so on. i think if you change any of the characters, your gonna have a problem with your fans and it’s just not gonna be the same and that is going to suck. ive read the twilight series about 5 times because i love it, i wish it was real lol.

  199. Aisha

    omg kaleb you have such amazing insight, i had never thought about the series in this way though i never cease to drive ny friends nuts about the series, i have forced everyone i know to read the books and have read the series several times through. cant wait to hear you thoughts on the rest

  200. Jackalminded

    I have to say, “thank you” at least I know I’m not the only guy out there reading this series. Great job blogging, keep it up man.

  201. briana

    i say u hit the hammer right on the head. u completely got the girls point of view and why we love this book. its more then just this vampire that loves this human and spends his time trying not to kill her, as it sounds like if u were to describe it to a friend. maybe if i can get my boyfriend to read ur blogs, he’ll understand a little more, and y i think he’s like my personal edward. :] thank you.

  202. briana

    oh and i have to, u have no idea how excited i am because your gaurdian angel is the twilight book song! thats me and my boyfriends song, and this is my favorite book series! so im like oober happy right now!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  203. Shaina Bermudez


  204. Pick The Song For Eclipse! (Round 1) | Twilight Guy - with Kaleb Nation

    […] best fits the mood and scenes in that part of the book.ย  However, as with my final reviews ofย  Twilight and New Moon, I am letting you, the loyal readers of my site, pick the final song that you think […]

  205. Rebekah

    That was beautiful.
    You are a really sweet and insightful guy! We love you TwilightGuy!

  206. Crystal S.

    I just stumbled upon your site within the last couple days and I want to thank you for spelling out exactly why so many girls/women are so fond of Edward. Yes it is nice that he happens to be so beautiful, but it truly is the inside that make us love him. And many men in this world would do well to take to heart the way he is. Thank you for your opinions and humor, I can not wait to continue reading your thoughts on New Moon and Eclipse and eventually Breaking Dawn.

  207. Sara

    Hi Kaleb, By now i can’t quite remember how i find out about your blog, but you have no idea how you make me laugh with your comments, and as you said above we are not in love of Edward just for his apereance, but for what he’s inside, maybe women for nowadays are independet and strong, but we all like to have a boyfriend who in some ways act like him, all the kindness, the respect and all of those things are really important for us. I’ll keep reading your thoughts for the rest of the books, Good Work for being a Guy!!!

  208. Curly

    Wow…. This is stupid. I will not go and explain why this is stupid. Too many fans of this series will also be stupid and just ignore me or say “HAVE U EVAR RED THE BOOK??/?”. Yes, I have read the book. And it is stupid.

  209. Jessica

    Hey Kaleb,
    I think it’s pretty cool of you to be doing this. Just because you’re reading it, I’ve been inspired to do the same. I’m a writer, too. I’m 16 and I write my own music and am currently working on a story with no title yet.
    Anyway, I’m a little curious to see what all the fuss is about, too. My mother started reading Twilight and has read all 4 books (is it only 4?) about 5-6 times or more in the past 2-3 weeks. She won’t stop re-reading them. It’s a little disturbing how untired she gets of them.
    As I begin to read them, I’ll follow along with your website. This might be awkward, though, since I said I wouldn’t read them. Plus, I go to an all-girl’s school, and they talk about Twilight every day.

    Ok, well keep doing what you’re doing! :) Sorry I ranted. I hope to see your books out soon.

  210. Ike

    Hey Kaleb,
    I just wanted to tell you I have just finished reading all of your blogs on Twilight – and I will be reading those about the other books as well. I'm following your Breaking Dawn blogs as you post them, but since I haven't read the rest jet… Well, I'm working on it.
    I have quit te love-hate relationship with the Twilight-saga, going from 'this is no good at all and Edward is a freak' to 'but god, when I read the books they take a hold of me immediatly and Edward really isn't all that bad'. Your blogs really give a different point of view than most; because even though you like the series, you seem to be able to understand doubts that some might have and are willing to think about the arguments of those people too. That's propably what makes me like this blog so much more than most sites; you're not a gushing omg-fangirl (well, obviously you're not a fangรญrl, but you get the point), but you're not a hater either and your opinions match mine very well most of the time (although I am a little more anti-Edward than you are).
    Well, the point of this entire ramble is that I really, really enjoyed your blogs (but didn't really see a point in commenting on every single chapter, so I'm just doing it here) and I'm looking forward to reading the rest. Thanks for letting us girls see how a guy sees the books!

  211. GabiBabi

    I just found your site. It has taken me about an hour and a half to get through your entire Twilight blog. I love it. Your insight is amazinggg, almost as good as the story itself. You actually take something from reading it, unlike most who simply take it at face value and enjoy it for the gorgeous vampire falling in love with the avarage girl thing.
    thank youu :]

  212. GabiBabi

    I just found your site. It has taken me about an hour and a half to get through your entire Twilight blog. I love it. Your insight is amazinggg, almost as good as the story itself. You actually take something from reading it, unlike most who simply take it at face value and enjoy it for the gorgeous vampire falling in love with the avarage girl thing.
    thank youu :]

  213. Mimi

    You are one of the main reasons I read twilight. And let me say THANK YOU! It was SOOO great I read it in a week and already started new moon:-) I am really excited to see how it is!!

  214. Nome

    Idiots. Where in the book did it ever talk about personality?

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