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Reading New Moon: Chapter 7 (Repetition)

August 4th, 2008 at 12:03 am by Kaleb Nation

The song for this chapter is The Weather Girl by Shiny Toy Guns (Suggested by Iva)

In the previous Chapter 6 Bella was making wonderful progress hanging around Jacob Black. I know that many of you loathe his very name, but after carefully reading the comments last time, I really do think that he is, right now, a good thing for her. At school, most of the people seem to have isolated her away from them, ignoring her presence as if she isn’t even there. Jacob is a friend who has welcomed her and is helping, in some way, for her to get over the pain of losing Edward.

Bella’s visit the the Cullen’s former house is both mysterious and, in my opinion, a bit unwise. Bella is having a very hard time letting go. Visiting the house, to me, seems like it will only bring about more pain for her. But, on the other hand, many people might liken this to visiting the grave of a loved one: just being close might do something to ease the hurt away. And perhaps seeing the empty house, and that they are truly gone, will do something to help her move on with her life.

As I was predicting, it seems that Bella is now falling for Jacob, though in a way it seems like it is a subconscious thing. She is still so attached to the memory of Edward that she doesn’t really see how much Jacob is becoming a big part of her life.

[…] I wanted to see Jacob. Maybe I was developing a new kind of sickness, another addiction, like the numbness before.

Mike is so hilariously eager to get Bella to go out with him. He’s been this way since Twilight, when the initial uncountable-amount of guys were asking Bella out. Soon enough he will have to find more creative (and adventurously dangerous)  things to do to get Bella’s attention.

Mike: Bella, how about we go to the movies on Friday for a date?

Bella: Don’t date.

Mike: What about go to the movies on Friday as friends?

Bella: Busy Friday.

Mike: What if we go to the movies but sit across the theater and ignore each other Friday?

Bella: I abhor theaters.

Mike: Afterwards we’ll ride motorcycles off a cliff and scream bloody murder while shooting pellets at helicopters and dodging attack crows.

Bella: Pick me up at seven.

I am from Texas, and in Texas, the usual temperature is in the 90’s to 100’s. When it sprinkles snow, we get our video cameras out because we probably won’t see it for another decade, and we need proof it actually happened to show our descendants. But I do remember when I visited Washington, and believe me, the last thing on my mind was getting wet in any way at all. These cliff jumpers must be out of their minds or made of ice, because hopping into the water on a colder day in Washington would certainly be a chilly time.

A Rather Chilly Time

I hear Sam Uley’s name again, and three times is enough to make me sure of his importance. For some reason this person who I haven’t seen more than once or twice is someone to watch: he get odd favors from the council, as if he’s above everyone else though he isn’t quite that old. What makes it even more mysterious is his gang: this strange group that seems to be enlisting Jacob’s friend and also seem to be after Jacob himself.

Even stranger is this common formula: someone avoids Sam, then they disappear from school for a week, and suddenly upon their return, they are one of his followers. Hypnosis? This remains to be seen. Also what remains to be seen is Bella on a motorcycle, an event in itself that should have prompted nearby medical crews on hand.


– The chat is now officially open! I will be dropping in sometimes this week so I hope to get to talk to everyone!

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– Totally non-Twilight: but I just interviewed Jeff Kinney on my other site, if anybody is interested in some writing talk from a #1 NY Times bestseller.

– At the beginning of the summer, I said I set a goal for 1000 Youtube subs for my channel before Fall. I am now overjoyed to say that I’ve reached not only that, but just passed 2,000 this week. I cannot thank you all enough for this!

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71 Responses

  1. Katie ~

    first to comment! you’re right about jacob… another addiction? yikes! bella is really into danger..

  2. Katie ~

    Not that we don’t already know that, but she just seems to like to fall hard, and can’t always bring herself back up again.

  3. becky sue

    yea and jacob gets addicted to her also. and surprisingly after finishing breaking dawn i see jake in a new light…… dang.

  4. Sarah

    I seriously don’t know how you can stand the chat. =/ It is full of ridiculous haters who cry because the book didn’t turn out the way they wanted it to turn out. I loved BD. And I can’t see how you can overlook the spoilers, I mean, they are EVERYWHERE! I’d seriously get really mad, but I’m a girl so… Huge difference, I think. Also, I cant read one sentence without it going out of sight. But whatever. I’m probably ranting too much.

  5. Carol

    I agree with Sarah about the whole Breaking Dawn thing.

    “Afterwards we’ll ride motorcycles off a cliff and scream bloody murder while shooting pellets at helicopters and dodging attack crows.”-“Pick me up at Seven.”
    I almost piss my pants!

  6. Nicole

    that chat is crazy. i’ve been there a lot today as nicoleface. while bella is using jacob to fill up her hole, it hardly seems as powerful as her addiction to edward. even if it is subconscious, it’s not enough.

  7. Zane

    I looked at it like this.. Jacob is to Bella.. what mountain lions are to Edward… not quite filling… but it makes the ache go away.

    Odd analogy.

    Oh and breaking dawn was good. If you disagree, try to think of a better ending. Let me know how that works out for you.

  8. Christina

    I’d just like to agree with all the people on here saying they loved BD. I have no idea why people are so forceful in their dislike of it; I for one thought it was amazing =)

    haha. I’m really surprised you haven’t been spoilered on the Sam thing yet. Keep reading, you’re almost there =D

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  10. Makayla

    You’re starting to get to the interesting part.

    People all say that New Moon is their least favorite of the 3 (excluding Breaking Dawn….It’s being harshly slandered at the moment…) because Edward is missing for the moment.
    But New Moon has this depth that none of the other books have. And the characters sort of….develop into themselves.
    Jake becomes such a fascinating character in New Moon, and it just deepens the story.

    There’s a lot of body to this book.

    And it’s starting to get interesting :]

  11. Dani

    i dont know if bella is necessarily falling for jake but their connection is definitely growing. i really like Zane’s analogy, bella may love jake but it will never be that same as her love for edward. jake is a good friend for bella and eventhough im not the biggest fan (i havent read BD yet) his role in her bella’s life is an important one

  12. becky sue

    I’d have to agree with Sarah and Zane, too. (#s 4 and 7)

  13. lasagnaverde

    I agree with Dani, when I read the chapters involving Jacob, I had a different feeling compared to the chapters with Edward. My guess is substitute love. Am very curious about BD, release will be today in the Netherlands.

  14. Alex

    Isn’t the song for this Chapter the same one for chapter one or two in Twilight?
    Is it because of the name, repitition?
    Or because it’s practically the same?

  15. jennifer

    lol the mike thing is hilarious, your right about sam coming up in the plot later on i dont see why people dislike jacob, it really makes no sense, because hes in love with her??so thats an uncontrolable feeling! oh well im sure plenty of people would be happy to strangle me for liking him, im still team edward but i like jacob more hes a happier person.anyway glad your enjoying the series, and if any edward lovers/hackers read this please dont hack in hunt me down and kill me pls n thx

  16. Linia

    Sam, Sam, who is Sam Uley… don’t worry, you’ll find out eventually.

  17. HeyJoyous

    Zane-good analogy. I like it! I very much agree.

  18. mandy

    kaleb, how can you not skip ahead… lol. i am so excited for Breaking Dawn. The release party was awesome. I wore this shirt:


    also, i saw someone wearing a shirt that said kaleb nation on it… it was awesome!!

  19. Jamey

    Pick me up at seven. Ha! That is great Kaleb!

    You don’t have to go looking for Sam, he’ll find you when it’s time… wow that sounds like some sort of horror huh?

    And I agree, it’s still very subconscious love for Bella, not so much for Jake…

    Thanks for the chat room!

  20. Stella

    Funny, so funny…

    Sam is gonna keep coming up in this book. Keep a look out for him, he’s important =P

  21. Megan

    You know, before reading this blog, I only read the Twilight books. I wasn’t looking out for anything, and everything surprised me. But I tried looking for clues while reading Breaking Dawn, and I practically guessed the entire plotline!
    I hadn’t realized that Stephenie was such an avid foreshadower.

    Also, I liked that little conversation between Mike and Bella there.

    Jacob, to Bella, I think, is like a brace is to a knuckle. It helps it heal, but it won’t erase the pain.

    And, to the people who have never read any Twilight fanfiction, basically the plotline of Breaking Dawn was one of those overused cliches on the site, the kind that would get the author shunned for even writing it. The fanfiction.net people are having trouble getting over this, myself especially.

  22. Troi

    Bella gets atttached to people really easily, I think.

    Chat is amazing, except when people can’t take a joke or they get offended when you share your opinion. Chat is especially amazing when you are there, Kaleb!

  23. Wren

    Yes, the Uley gang. A few mentions of big bears. Bella’s growing attachment to Jacob. This is New Moon and will slowly explain itself.
    Bella promised she’d be careful!

    (BD was predictable, sure, but still great)

  24. Door Hinge

    Bella, gah. She can be so daft – I suppose I should cringe away from the tomatoes that’ll fly at my face for saying that, but hey. I hope you continue to enjoy the book.

    I also hope the bashing that’s sometimes taking place in the chat isn’t being taken too seriously by anyone – the important thing to remember is that \it’s a book/. No need for cat fights! 8D All in all though, I really like the chat. Congratulations on the immediate success of that!

  25. Mary

    Just keep reading Kaleb. Your questions will be soon answered. Oh and the thing with you wrote with Mike and Bella was hilarious. I love the things you write, and you make my day.

    Breaking Dawn was awesome. I love the twist Stephenie put in there. It was great.

  26. Mary

    Mike: Afterwards we’ll ride motorcycles off a cliff and scream bloody murder while shooting pellets at helicopters and dodging attack crows.

    Bella: Pick me up at seven.

    haha, that was good. Oh, and Sam was mentioned in Twilight, too. He was the older boy there when Bella first met Jacob.

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  28. Grace

    I too, thought that Bella’s attatchment to Jacob would soon become a problem. You get to learn more about Sam pretty soon, though. I liked the Mike and Bella dialogue (;

  29. Corinne!

    I have a question: do you think anyone likes Mike at all? I mean, I dont really like him that much, but I almost feel bad for him, you know? Just cause he has a snowball’s chance in hell of getting with Bella. Oh well. Sucks for him, I guess.
    Stephenie is kinda like J.K. Rowling in that almost every single thing she mentions will be important. Keep this in mind.


  30. kim

    in new moon jacob was good….i personally didn’t like it at all by the end of eclipse and i like him again by the end of breaking dawn.

  31. Stephanie K.

    Gosh, it was hard to read this one. My puppy kept putting his paws on my keyboard (the space bar), so he’d keep making the page go down while I was trying to read.

    Anyway, on Stephenie Meyer’s website, she has a few outtakes from New Moon and Twilight. I suggest you read them after you finish the books! They’re pretty funny, I’ll admit. :) It’s such a shame those didn’t make it into the final book!

    I still think you’re over there just TRYING to find new ways to kill Bella off! Poor girl. She doesn’t even know you and you’re plotting new ways for her to die. Goodness!

    Oh! At the Arlington BD release party, two girls from Team Twilighter came up to us and took our picture and asked us to check it out. =]

  32. Lu

    Kaleb, I am from the south as well and so I know what you are talking about, when it snows that is…lol

    I am team Edward all the way, but I do love Jacob. I do not hate him at all. He irritated me in Eclipse, but I never hated him.

  33. Nicole Jet

    I’m a fellow Texan, so I know exactly what you mean about snow. However, I think you forgot to add that when Texans play in the snow, their range of motion is impressive considering they’re wearing every article of clothing they own just to keep warm.

    Jacob does so much for Bella. He really understands her and never gives up on her. I’m really glad he’s there even though I prefer Edward with Bella.

  34. Nicole Jet

    Oh and by the way, it’s Repetition, not Repitition

  35. Katie Beth

    I keep having to scroll down really fast to avoid the Breaking Dawn comments… ack.

    I can’t wait to see what you think of Jacob as the book progresses. Eeeee.

  36. Teresa

    Loved your observations. yes, snow is not common in Texas. I think Texans would literally freeze to death in parts like Washington. We are not built for that type of weather…does that make us more in tune with werewolves?…

    Anyway, keep reading. The really good parts are coming up. I love Jacob, he is such a good guy!!

  37. Becky

    the snow thing makes me laugh :)
    i’m from nebraska, so we only get our video cameras out for major blizzards and ice storms, lol.

    great observations, you notice way more than I did when I read New Moon the first time! And Sam’s gang comes into play later, so watch out for that. Also, watch out for those giant bears. They might be dangerous…

    and the chat is great, btw

  38. JC

    pffffft washington. you should try Canada. in january we have highs of -22 farenheit and it’s considered rare for it to be 86 farenheit in the summer. i’ve seen snow EVERY month of the year.

    i loved your mike/bella conversation. “What if we go to the movies but sit across the theater and ignore each other Friday?” was hilarious. I also like it when you use words like “abhor” instead of “hate” or “dislike”. It’s a lot more interesting.

    Also, I loved Breaking Dawn. I did feel like parts of it wasn’t as deep as new moon or eclipse, which is my favorite, but I loved BD too.

  39. Katelyn

    I love the chat Kaleb and cant wait for you to come back!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. CoolsocksSam

    just pointing out that the chat isn’t working =[

  41. priyanka

    hi kaleb, it was really funny on how you gave an example how bella loves danger by the made up conversation with mike newton. i already read new moon, and i didn’t really think about this point. this is why i read your site because u have a differenet way of looking at things and you are also really funny….:), see im always smiling after i read one of ur posts….

  42. Edward's Girl

    “Afterwards we’ll ride motorcycles off a cliff and scream bloody murder while shooting pellets at helicopters and dodging attack crows.”-”Pick me up at Seven.”


  43. priyanka

    hi kaleb, its me again. about that weather comment, i live in new york, so im pretty used to seeing snow but only in winter or early spring. i have a friend in texas ao i know it doesn’t snow very much down there, thats too bad, i dont like snow but once a year is ok although it doesn’t snow just once a year in new york its nice. have you ever visited new york?

  44. Katelyn

    how come the chat isn’t working!!?????

  45. maria carolina

    Charlie said something else, but I couldn’t hear him clearly over the roar of the engine. It sounded sort of
    like, “Where’s the fire?”

    haha ok, that line reminded me of when you said that stephenie described bella’s truck as a fire truck :) tehehe

  46. megan

    After reading breaking dawn, i no longer loathe the name jacob black.

    btw i love the lines you add in to scenes!!!

  47. Stephanie

    Hahaha, that is exactly how the scene should’ve been! Ok, maybe not, but it would’ve been funny! “Afterwards we’ll ride motorcycles off a cliff and scream bloody murder while shooting pellets at helicopters and dodging attack crows.”
    “Pick me up at seven.”

  48. Sarah

    You can’t hate Jacob after Breaking Dawn. Even if you misunderstood his character enough to dislike him in the previous books, it is IMPOSSIBLE not to like/love Jacob after BD

  49. Katie ~

    man, speaking of weather, chicagoland is getting hit pretty hard right now with tstorms and tornadoes. the power was out awhile ago, and i couldn’t read BD! so sad… haha

  50. Caitlin

    You are just so insightful & observant.
    I liked the Bella-Mike dialogue.

    && yeah, Chicago did get hit hard. Luckily, the tornado(s) skipped over me.
    This weather better clear up, Stephenie will be her tomorrow! [If she isn’t already…]

  51. Kim

    you think cliff diving when its just mildly cold out it bad. come to michigan when its about 30 degrees some people jump into the lakes where they have exposed the water under the frozen layer of ice. we call it polar bear diving. lol.

  52. Alli

    I like the Bella and Mike thing. That was hilarious. We all knew Jacob was falling for Bella, but I’m surprised at how easily you picked up on the fact that she was falling for him too. I didn’t notive thisuntil Eclipse, and many fans stubbornly refused to accept it right up to the very end of Book 3.

    ” someone avoids Sam, then they disappear from school for a week, and suddenly upon their return, they are one of his followers. ” You kind of make it sound like they become his followers because they were avoiding him, but if you pay attention, Sam starts to seem interested in them for unexplained reasons, and that’s why they avoid him until the whole disappearing and coming back as his followers thing, which will make sense later.

    I don’t want to spoil anything big, but did anyone notice a certain “Anne of Green Gables” (specifically Anne’s House of Dreams) reference when Edward introduces Bella to the Denali clan? I know it’s one of Stephenie’s favorite series, so I thought that was so cute.

  53. Kayla

    Cliff Divers huh?
    Good Job Kaleb, keep reading!
    And I personally LOVED BD!

  54. Jane

    Hey, just thought I’d point out that you have a spelling error in the title. It’s “Repetition,” not “Repitition.” Nicole Jet (#34), points it out too, but I thought I’d do so also. I was surprised to see a spelling error in a title last a whole day when the blogger is a writer.

    Anyway, I love reading your assessments of the chapters. I can’t wait until you finish the series too!

  55. Owen

    btw, I’m on Chapter 10 of “New Moon”

    I don’t really understand Bella at this point in the book. She has an obsession with Jacob (you would think she at least fancied him a little, Maybe she just can’t see whats in front of her, Poor Girl, Shes lost without edward and i feel as though Bella wants Jacob to take edwards place. Although she doesn’t suggest this you can see that Jacob is the distaction. I feel sorry for Jacob becuase when (if) Edward comes back, Bella will go running to him not knowing how Jacob really feels about her. I hope at least Bella and Jacob have some sort of love moment (Just a Kiss will do). He Clearly is beging to take a liking to her. I would’nt be bothered at this piont if Edward returns, as Edward is just soooo not the right guy for Bella. They are so different, At least with Jacob Bella has a Human (real) connection and can relate to what issues Teenagers Go through.
    …. Oh Bella the chocies you make!?

  56. Brianna

    Ha HA HA AHA AHAHA I LOVE IT!!! pick me up at seven….its perfect Kaleb!!!!! Bella would say something like that, that is what makes it SO hilarious!!!
    Keep writing, I love your work =]

  57. Kari

    GO TEXANS!!! woo! oh, Kaleb!
    you really do understand me! lol
    …sorry…that was weird.
    although i like jacob now :) i hated him A LOT then.
    you are a bucket o’ laughs, dude!

  58. Yvette

    I dont know if anyone has said this before but in stephine’s meyer website under the new moon section there is some outakes from this book that didnt survive the final editing process

  59. Julie

    i dont think anyone can hate jacob after breaking dawn

  60. Imagine

    Hahaha…”Pick me up at seven”…

  61. hannah

    you are so funny! but i love jacob! he is an amazing person. dont listen to these people who dont like him. he cant help the way he feels. im team switzerland, because i know that edward and bella belong together, but if it were me and not bella in that situation, i would chose jacob.

  62. pinky

    I always liked Jacob, I just felt so bad for him because you can tell he knew how Bella felt about Edward…..why oh why did he keep coming back to get kicked again and again…..Now we know….BD explains it!
    I just want to say I like hearing a guys point of view of these books, its so cool! :)

  63. Kiki

    Oh I loved your conversation of Bella & Mike! haha Hilarious!

  64. Tiera

    very astute observations!

  65. filipamd

    “These cliff jumpers must be out of their minds or made of ice, because hopping into the water on a colder day in Washington would certainly be a chilly time.”

    You have NOO idea. xD

  66. Steph

    Ahahah! I can see Mike doing that to get Bella to go out with him. It’s really funny, Mike knows nothing about Bella. He just wants what he can’t have, I’d say.

  67. Tianna

    What the hell Bella?
    Whats up with her and her addictions?
    I think she needs to see a physciatrist sometimes…

    Like you pointed out with her unqualifiable use of cold medicine. XD

  68. Jenny

    Sam I personally can’t stand. He is bad in New Moon, okay in Eclipse and AWEFUL IN BREAKING DAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess you could call it hipnosis.

  69. Dayna

    Normal people DONT jump in the water in washington..lol get it?

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