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TwilightGuys Report: Even Humans Can Sparkle

August 5th, 2008 at 12:02 am by Kaleb Nation


I’m marking this as anonymous because this story makes me blush more than Bella, and I’d be mortified if any of my friends found out.

My girlfriend is a BIG fan of these Twilight books. And one day we were on a date, and we were walking through the park after dinner. She and I were talking, and the subject of Twilight came up some how. She was telling me how Edward was the perfect guy. I asked what made him so perfect, and she replied with a long list of things, including

“He loves Bella so much he’d die for her, he’s a vampire, he’s SUPER strong, and he SPARKLES!”

Well, I was interested in becoming the perfect guy, and I’m not exactly super-strong, nor in a situation to die for my girlfriend. So I came up with another way to make her realize that I could be close to perfect, too.

I went home that night, raided my little sister’s craft box, and found some glitter. I sprinkled the bottle all over myself; my arms and legs, my feet, even my hair! Then I walked over to my girlfriend’s house (she happens to be my neighbor) climbed up to her window (using a ladder that I brought from my house) and knocked on her window. She looked a little surprised to see me at her window in the dark, but she let me in anyway.

When I stepped through her window and she turned on the lights and saw the sparkles, she was thrilled. She proudly proclaimed me to be as perfect as Edward; vampire or not..”

Submitted by anonymous

See — some humans do sparkle 😉 . He gets a free t-shirt from TwilightTeez.com for his story (if, of course, he sends me his real email address…mr. anonymous).

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117 Responses

  1. MrsCullen

    AWWWWWW!!!!!! I wish that the guy I know would be QT too…that will NEVER happen….thats GREAT that you whould do that 4 her…now all you have to do is read the books o; D

  2. Jen

    That has got to be the funniest thing i’ve ever read lol.

  3. Caitie

    oh that is just too cute! i like him XD

  4. Reika

    Ohh man, the lengths a boyfriend would do to impress a girlfriend and to make himself more worthy than Edward :)

  5. Lauren

    Ohhhhh howww perfect! That guy is a genious!!!! That is toooooo cuuuuteee!

  6. Court

    i dont find it that funny really.
    but yes, it did make me gigle.
    man, that guy is very kind.

    but i think that you kaleb, are the perfect edward. :]

  7. Luci

    awwwwww!!!!!! I wish I could find a guy like that. That’s just so cute & adorable & committed. hahaha

  8. Ryan


  9. gina

    omg, that is so sweeeet!!! even though he isnt edward cullen, i still think tat that is just simply aadorable and a guy would do that!!!

  10. inmortal


    Ok, that was weird. Really… LOL!!

    I love how boys want desperately to become as perfect as Edward.

  11. Twilighter Fanpire Stephanie

    Aww haha that’s so sweet!! I’d love 2 find a guy like that ;D now he should go read the books so he can tell us what he thinks then haha

  12. TwilightGuys Report: Even Humans Can Sparkle | Twilight News

    […] Read the original post on Twilight Guy […]

  13. googlyeyes

    That was a funny story!

    Hey Kaleb do you watch “Late Night with Conan O’Brien?” Well I was watching it tonight and in a part of the show they were making fun of some lady in the audience for a second they showed her reading a book and unless my eyes was playing tricks on me, I could have sworn that she was reading New Moon :)

  14. Stephanie

    That is just so sweet!
    That’s as close to Edward Cullen as your gonna get.
    Great job dude!

  15. Kyra

    hahaha That is sooooo cute!!!

  16. Aishah

    Oh man…. I’m soo envious..
    He’s so sweet and he actually went through the mess of pouring glitter all over himself!
    He also risked himself or not he would have been caught for getting into his girlfriend’s bedroom.
    Way to go, man!

  17. Minh Thu

    Such a cutie!
    I wish all guys would try to be perfect for their gf^^

  18. Kaitlyn

    That is the sweetest thing ever! I wish all guys were like that.

  19. Kaiti

    That’s just sort of adorable, really.

  20. Autumn

    AWE!!! FRICKEN ADORABLE. seriously. kudos to this guy for sparkling.

  21. Abby

    Awww… That’s adorable. :)

  22. HeyJoyous

    It’s not great b/c of simply the sparkling. It’s great b/c of the commitment to making his girlfriend happy. That’s great! :-)

  23. Sabrina

    What a boyfriend! I know no guys who would even care about what I was rambling on about in regards to twilight, let alone go through all that. He’s certainly a keeper and closer to Edward Cullen than most other guys out there! Thanks for sharing such an adorably romantic little story with us!

  24. patrice

    lol so funny!

  25. Tonya

    That’s so cute. He must really like that girl ^^.

  26. Katie Beth

    Dude! Lol! I was expecting to see glitter-covered people at the BD release party, but I espied not a one.

  27. M.A.Estman

    That is so sweet that he would go through all that trouble to prove he is the perfect Edward. Not many guys would do that..

  28. Megan

    Now, Mr. Anonymous, you have successfully made the commenters fall in love with you.
    There is one piece of advice that I treasure, and that is:
    When a guy is romantically interested in you, forget what he says. Watch what he does.
    In the attempt to make yourself Edward-worthy, you’ve surpassed him. Because never did Edward do anything that could be compared to pouring glitter all over himself.
    Kudos to you.

  29. Alli

    That’s so sweet! It might have looked more authentic if he had raided his sister’s makeup box for some body glitter instead, but it’s not like that matters. I’m honestly surprised that he was caring enough to ask anything about Twilight, especially what made Edward the perfect guy (unless he was planning before he asked to do soemthing like this when he go his answer). Finding a real guy as great as Edward or Jacob is difficult and almost impossible, but I’d be happy to find a guy like this.

  30. Freya

    My eyes got all watery…good for her!

  31. Yet Another Fangirl

    I would totally date that guy if I wasn’t eleven, and he’s probbably, like, seventeen.

  32. priyanka

    omc!that is soooooo cute. if i had a boy friend, i’d be so happy if he did that for me! his girlfriend is really lucky she got some one like him. its also really funny how he gets a ladder and climbs through her window…. kaleb, your posts always leave me smiling after i read them! :)

  33. Jess

    I think this story makes me “aww” because I was a teen when glitter was fashionable. (Any other girls remember glitter eyeshadow?) Mr. Anonymous not only went out on a limb (ladder?) for his girl, but he’s going to live with the ramifications for a while – glitter doesn’t come off as easily as it goes on.

    I hope he likes being related to Edward – he’s going to sparkle for a while!

  34. Door Hinge

    That is gold.

  35. Makayla

    That’s adorable!!
    I love it!

  36. Catherine

    That’s… that’s… uhm…

  37. jeh

    that’s cute XD

  38. Emily

    Awwwwwwwwwww! I wish I had a guy that’d do that for me! Lucky, lucky girl…

  39. Mara-Kate

    xD adorable!!! She is lucky she found a guy willing to do that for her! so cute :)

  40. Johanna

    Haha, that was very cute.

  41. Beth

    AWWWWWWW!!!!! I want a boyfriend who would do that for me *blush* Dude he IS the perfect Edward =)

  42. Kim M.

    Awww, that was so cute! Your a good boyfriend, whoever you are.

  43. vivs

    awwww….how cute! but just dont tell ur girlfriend u wont die for her. 😉 anyways…i really hope u give kaleb ur email that way u can get a free tshirt!:D

  44. Rae

    Awwwww. Sweetest thing ever.

  45. KatieBug

    That is just about the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard :) Seriously!!

  46. Alejandra

    AWWW!! Thats mad cute!! AWWW!! =D *kudos* for Mr.Anonym

  47. Nylota

    Oh my god that had to be one of the most adorable things I’ve read in a long time.

  48. Becky

    I know all the reviews say this but- awww!!

    I wish I could find a guy like that! *sigh*

    seriously though, that is the sweetest thing ever. she must have been a little freaked out to see her boyfriend outside her window, covered in sparkles though, lol


  49. Brianna

    awwwwwwwlllllll!!!!! What a devoted guy!!I love how he comes in through her window, just like a certain someone (Edward)I love how he sparkles too, VERY CUTE!!!

  50. Annie

    that is so cute. a little corny, but really sweet. he must really like his girlfriend.

  51. Megan Ina Cullen

    Wow that is so cute! Any guy who would go that far to impress his girlfriend is defiantly worthy of being “Edward Perfect”. I would be SO extremely delighted if my boyfriend did something like that, but not only the sparkle thing, he climbed through her window just like Edward! I’m so jealous!

  52. Syd

    That is.

  53. Hope

    Awwww! What a sweet guy!

  54. edwella

    AWWW!!! if i had a boyfriend who did that i would me totally amazedd!!! thats sooo sweett!!!!

  55. Kim

    That is sooooo sweet, and it has to be the best twilight guy story so far. We all deserve a boy friend like him. lol.

  56. Marissa


    thats awesome.

  57. Natasha

    Props to him.

  58. Annie

    Awww! That girl is so lucky to have a boyfriend like him.

    Best Twilight guy story yet. =)

  59. melissa

    that is just too sweet.

    i loved this twilight guy story.

    kudos to the guy who did this. 😀

  60. Amanda123

    That girl is very lucky to have him as a boyfriend. It’s hard to find people that care that much.

  61. Brandi

    That seriously has to be the sweetest thing I have every heard! To have a boy try to impress a girl that much, be that much for her… that is such an Edward move.
    good job buddy!

  62. Aakerman

    That is such a sweet story :)

  63. Nicole

    What a great story! That girl is very lucky!!!

  64. Meghan

    That’s so awesome!

  65. Jessie


    That was so cute!
    And funny!

  66. Jessie

    You know, he’ll probably read these comments with us all going “AWW HOW CUTE” and be a little freaked.

    Even if it IS true.

  67. Hihi

    Man, I wished some guy would do that for me

  68. Ashley

    That’s cute! And genius! That Mr. Anonymous has officially been dubbed my hero of the day :]

  69. Sam

    oh! that is just too cute! ive heard of guys who just get annoyed of Twilight and Edward Cullen. Its nice to see the effort this guy puts in, that is just very sweet! He didnt even have to do too much, but its just as good! Im just happy he wasnt bashing Twilight. Very cute, that girl is lucky!

  70. becky sue

    That’s just amazingly adorable. Like wow. 😀 Very halarious, also. She’s so lucky…. To have someone so sweet.

  71. Cassandra

    That is sooo cutttteeee.
    Mr. Anon.
    Make a book of adorable things to do for your gf. Put that as your number. I would personally buy that book and shove it in guys faces.

  72. AussiePattinsonLove

    I want a sparkly guy, that is so sweet. That totally shows how much he is willing to do fer her…and Edward in training lol

  73. October

    Awww, Thats so sweet! I wish a guy would do that for me! XD

  74. October

    Awwwww, That is SO sweet! I wish my boyfriend would do that for me! XD But then again . . . it might be a little creepy to see him with glitter all over him. Hmm.

  75. Jessica

    How Edwardish! I mean did they talk about the whole going into her room through the window or was that coincidence?
    What an awesome boyfriend!

  76. Becca Shmeka

    Awww … creepy stalker-esc window crawling, but still cute at the same time.


  77. Sarah

    Thats so sweet that he would do that for his girlfriend ^^ So cute!

  78. angela

    I hope your girlfriend realizes how lucky she is !

  79. E

    Now if all guys could be just like you …


    That was just sooo sweet …

  80. saranicole

    Holy CRAP! That’s AWESOME!!!

  81. Amelia

    Thats so awesome thats so sweet too! … by the way if you make a lotion glitter combo it will say for hours I did that for Breaking Dawn midnight party and I’m still finding glitter.

  82. Emily

    I know a lot of people said that the last guy story was the best, but this one beats all. he really IS the perfect boyfriend. I hope that all these postive comments help him get over his ‘blushing’ stage and get on to the ‘give kaleb email’ stage

  83. :: emily ::

    oh my god, i want to meet this boy!! that is the most adorable thing i have ever heard!! :]]

  84. Bridget

    Awww, that’s so cute…and totally unfair, I can’t even get my boyfriend to look at Twilight let alone sparkle, lol.

  85. April K.

    Thats definately my favorite Twilight Guy story! Ohhhh! A guy who put glitter on himself and climb through a window would definately win my -almost-perfect-as-edward-boyfriend approval award!

  86. twilightbelle

    all i can say is AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW ..!!!!! that is soo cute 😛 wish my hubby can do something so sweet for me lolz but everytime he hears edward cullen he gets mad :(

  87. Tracy

    Awe don’t be anonymous! That’s really cute.

  88. Emily

    I was talking to my best friend’s cousin and he aked me out. I turned him down (because that would have been awkward), so he told me that on the Fourth of July he was going to take me to a meadow, tape sparklers all over his body, and light them so he could sparkle and be like Edward. It never happened though.

  89. Chelsea

    Oh that is so CUTE.
    I wish my boyfriend would do something like that.

  90. Meghan

    aww. thats the cutest story :) i wish a guy would sparkle for me. who ever u r u gf is super lucky :)

  91. Aly

    awww too cute!!! ^_^ u are a awsome boyfriend!

  92. Brittney

    ome awwwwwwwwwwwww that is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!! i wish i had a bf that would do that….

  93. Hannah Leigh

    I must quote almost everyone else and say AWWWWWWWWWWWWW!! OMG! I wish that a guy I knew would do this for me!!
    It’s really sweet that you would put glitter all over you for her. lol
    It’s kinda funny. But I bet it made her happy that you would do something like that.
    Espeacially since the perfect Edwardish guy means so much to us girls. =]

  94. Courtney

    aww. cute! I wonder if he’s given Kaleb his email yet.

  95. Lisa

    AWWWW. that is so sweet. i wish i had a boyfriend that would sprinkle himself some glitter and come through my bedroom window with a ladder just to show how he is almost perfect as Edward is and get embarrassed.

  96. Tori

    Mr. Anonymous, that could possibly be the sweetest thing a boyfriend has ever done for his girlfriend that he himself came up with. Smart thinking Mr.!

  97. Reagan

    Aww, that’s so sweet!! This guy deserves a hug. ^_^

  98. Gabriella Cullen

    good for you annonymous dude! i wish my BF was that thoughtful.

  99. Liz

    a-freakin-dorable! i want him as my boyfriend!

  100. Ms. Paranoia

    That is so sweet and so funny at the same time xD

    That girl’s lucky, way to go dude =]

  101. Sarah

    AWWW! All boys must now start acting like this guy! Now!

  102. K La

    That’s cute on so many levels.

  103. Alexa

    That’s got to be the cutest thing everrr :]

  104. Angelica

    Oh my god, that is so funny… He SPARKLES! ROTFL….

  105. Kate

    Awwe, so cute!

  106. jennifer

    awww that is so cute, I can’t beleive you’ld do that 😀

  107. Lauren

    Aww, I think that’s as close to Edward as any guy’s gonna get. :)

  108. Courtney

    aww, this story’s my favourite
    sooo cute! :)

  109. Ali

    OMJ, that is sooooo sweet!! And Cute. I can’t believe you did that. Your girlfriend must be so lucky to have you!

  110. Erika

    that made my day :)

  111. Pinkchan

    I agree with all the girls, this was the best twilight guys report.

    And this goes for Mr. Anonymous girlfriend does never ever tell the story to an other girl she will definitely will think of steal your boyfriend and might act on it.

    and just to blend in: AWWWWWW THAT IS SO CUTE!!!

  112. Sakura

    Kawaii!!! (Japanese for CUTE!!!)

  113. Kelly

    That is just freaking hilarious. Now, this was definitely an okay thing to do in this situation, for this couple, for this guy’s and girl’s personality… I wouldn’t recommend it for everyone, although I think it would have been adorable.

  114. Alice

    lmao, that was cute =D

  115. Gothhic Goddess

    Hopefully, she hangs on to him. Not all guys would go that far to make their girl happy!!

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