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Reading New Moon: Chapter 10 (The Meadow)

August 14th, 2008 at 12:04 am by Kaleb Nation

The song for this chapter is The Howling by Within Temptation (suggested by Stephanie)

Many of you have probably noticed that I have a set of words that I use often (abhor, abysmal, etc…). For some reason, certain words just stick with me. But I have never in my life had the opportunity to write the term bushwhacking, as Stephenie does on page 233:

I was getting better at this bushwhacking thing […]

Bushwhacking is a funny sound just like moot point or fiddlesticks. But, unlike moot point (as we discovered) bushwhacking is pretty much the easiest defined word ever:

Bushwhacking, verb: to make one’s way through woods by whacking bushes.

Or something to that effect. Which is exactly what Bella does at the beginning of this chapter.

The Meadow starts by confirming my fears at the end of Chapter 9: Jacob didn’t call. That is some whopper of a flu. Bad enough to suddenly cause everyone in the house to go missing, all the telephone lines in the house to stop working, and strange black bears to appear in the woods.

Yet again, more bears: and this time, a camper has gone missing. It seems that the bear situation is simply getting worse every day in Forks. In particular, it reminds me of a sign I made a few weeks ago that many people giggled at me for, by saying I didn’t even know how fitting it was until New Moon.

But even with the danger, Bella decides to go searching for the meadow again: probably not believing the bear threat is really that bad at all, and on the other hand still squeezing a bit of reckless out of herself in the wake of Edward.

Twilight held many themes of its own, so while reading New Moon, I have been on the lookout for common strings throughout the story. So far, the major reigning emotion is emptiness. It feels like with Edward gone, there is just something missing. This isn’t me hating on Jacob: it just seems that so far (not even halfway though the book I’ll add) that the story has taken on a feeling of loss.

Thus, going back to the meadow is very much like going back to a chest that has no treasure. All the happiness and joy that made the meadow so emotional of a place were the memories that Bella had with Edward, and without him it is just an empty and desolate opening in the woods. There is nothing really that makes the place special on its own, and now that the Cullens have left, the only thing Bella has to cling to are the memories that pain her so much.

Suddenly, however, there is a twist, as Laurent steps out of the woods (something I honestly could never have foretold). I remember Laurent as the non-vegetarian vampire who left in Twilight for Alaska, and all of a sudden he is back in Forks: alone, in the woods, with a human, whilst his eyes are not golden.

And then, just as surprised as I was to see Laurent, someone else enters the meadow: one of the rumored beasts of the forest that campers have been confusing as black bears. And, as swiftly as Laurent appeared, he vanishes, with a pack of wolves chasing close behind, leaving Bella all alone again.

I find it very interesting that the large wolves have the power to terrify a vampire, who previously I thought were the most powerful creatures in the land. I might understand, as there were five wolves and only one vampire. However, I am also left wondering where exactly Victoria has run off to…and what she will do if Laurent actually has met his demise at the paws of these wolves.


– I will probably be in the chat again Friday night, if nothing super-important jumps in the way (earthquake, severe illness, gnome attack).

– I just heard Yiruma for the first time and then bought two songs, something I’m sure makes many Twilighters proud.

– I know I say this a lot, but I apologize for not replying to my emails in a timely manner. I am over 2 months behind right now. On the same note, if you requested chapters of my book, I’m sorry for the delay: they will be coming asap.

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74 Responses

  1. M.A.

    I just had to write and let you know how much you CRACK ME UP!!! These recaps and your video channel could keep me laughing all night…therefore I think I will have to buy your book to support such an obviously great guy! :)

  2. Michelle

    I agree, there is a feeling of loss in New Moon. That’s why I find it so depressing. The meadow isn’t special without Bella and Edward there together. Good job Kaleb, you’re up to double digits! Keep reading.

    P.S. Dr. Bartimaeus could never replace Dr. Cullen! Dr. Cullen is too awesome =]

  3. Liz

    am i the first comment? wow. i am also under the impression that it takes multipple wolves to equal one vampire.

  4. Liz

    dang it. i thought i was first. c’est la vie

  5. Dani

    its all starting to come together…i agree New Moon does have a sense of loss thru most of it and i also agree that this is something missing with edward gone, especially when it comes to bella, this is in no means meant to be putting jacob down (i like jake, hes a good friend to bella) but even though she is happier now with jake around since edward left but its like half of her is gone, shes not the bella we love from Twilight and she wont be back until she can let go of edward completely and move on or if edward comes back

    you are hilarious! love your blogs

  6. gina

    ooo….i wonder if ur gonna guess wat realli happens…

  7. Bridget

    Ok, I just have to say first; I love these books, they are amazingly addictive and I am not one who goes around getting hooked on “fads”.

    But I have to say that in this chapter it’s super obvious what is going on and her “surprise” at these creatures chasing after the vampire is a little annoying. Come on, I was never spoiled by this and I caught on immediately, you have to, (sorry if I am actually ruining it for you) but the fact that she can be so dumb sometimes is really frustrating to me.

    I like jake, and I like edward, but that’s not the point here, it’s really that bella is really ignorant expecially when she’s had the answers all along.

  8. MoUse

    just a quick comment… i think you really are becoming a twi-hard, i mean after how long it took you read twilight its only taken you a month exactly from your review of the first chapter to your review of the tenth, and they’re still just as amusing. so bravo i guess

  9. MoUse

    oh also, in reference to prior note, i’ll be looking out for your book, and not in support, purely cause you have such an awesome way of writing a blog that i think your book might just be mind imploding:P

  10. inmortal

    now you understand why is this bashing on jacob? New moon without Edward is like… omg what am I reading? LOL So you continue reading with your hopes on reading Edward soon.

    I think, and maybe I’m wrong, that everybody (including you) reads this book so fast because of the lack of Edward in it and the hopes on getting some of him again… soon. Hahaha. I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong. But that was exactly what happened to me.

  11. inmortal

    Btw, at the time you (or almost) finish New Moon I will recommend you a song that fits perfectly with this book. Actually there’s a fanmade video with this song that someone made and it’s the best fanvideo I’ve ever seen (and the only one that I like and recommend) about New Moon. In fact all twilight-hards that I know love that song and agree with me.

  12. Nicole Jet

    I’ve gotta say… I miss moot…

    I don’t know how you can stand to read New Moon only one chapter at a time. When Edward left, I was convinced he would return, and I vowed to keep reading until he did. That didn’t turn out to well though…

  13. Katrina

    Just writing to say that I live in Australia, and we use the word bushwacking all the time! When i was little we would actually do it all the time too. We can do this with the car aswell… that is the new version of it for us when you get to driving age… and your parents have a 4WD. Anyway hope you enjoy New Moon and Eclipse and hurry your way onto Breaking Dawn! So much happens in that book that i cant wait to read your crazy thoughts. Til next chapter!

  14. KMA#1

    Bridget, I don’t think Bella’s being dumb, I think she’s attempting to be realistic. Do you think that with everything else going on, she’d see those wolves, and think to herself, “Oh! I get it now! Those aren’t bears, they’re werewolves, and that must be what’s up with Jacob! He’s a werewolf!” That would have made me think, “Wow, Stephenie must have gotten sick of writing.” :)

  15. M.A.Estman

    Yiruma is amazing! I have one CD only, *sigh* its perfect for when I need to mellow out…
    Great Post Kaleb! My word for the day is “Bushwhacking” I vow to use it at least once today.
    Thanks for the laugh!

  16. Teresa

    I agree with my sister (#15). I’ll have to use bushwacking sometime today.

    And hopefully, those crazy gnome attacks won’t keep you from the chat room on Friday. We all know how crazy those gnomes can be :-)

  17. Tiera

    i agree with the common theme of loss in the book… it definitely ain’t rehabilitation, i know that…

  18. Debra

    Hehe, I love that sign, I did the first time I saw it and still do.
    Love this post, just wait until you read the next few chapters, the wolves get even more “popular”. Laurent was a very big surprise to me the first time I read New Moon, as well as for Bella. I kinda feel for Bella, I don’t think I would of handled it as good as she did…I’m pretty sure I would of screamed or passed out or something to that effect.

    Oh, I don’t use the word bushwhacking a lot, but here in Pensacola we have a Bushwhacker Festival. Though it has nothing to do with bushwhacking, and I think the drink is disgusting, I thought you’d like that.

  19. JessieLynn

    Hey Kaleb!
    So I was on chat yesterday, while waiting for four hours for you, and someone brought up a good point, why dont you NOT post when you are going to be on chat, so you are not so bogged down with PM’s. And, there won’t be 50 ppl to try to tak to at once.
    The sign does fit here better than where you did put it.Also, you will find out about why Laurent was afriad in just a few pages. :)

  20. Kathy

    New Moon is one of those books that I liked a lot better the second time I read it–not because I knew the ending, but because on second reads I always discover that the reason I dislike certain characters is because they have attributes in common with me, and because the reason I dislike moods/feelings/events is they have something I’m afraid of for myself.

  21. Katie Beth

    Every time I read that chapter I’m so disgusted with Bella for being so stupid as to think that going back to the meadow would help anything. I mean *obviously* it was only an awesome place because Edward was there with her. What was she thinking?!

    Grr. No pun intended.

  22. Jessie

    Ooh, intrigue! It’s interesting reading your reactions, knowing what’s coming next!

  23. Stephanie K.

    I agree with Kathy (number 20). The second read it ALWAYS better. You get to focus on other characters beside Bella. What on earth is Jacob thinking? How has he been able to learn so much from he when she’s hardly able to talk that first day?

    Perhaps another reason for the trip to the meadow is that Bella was hoping that, even though the Cullens were gone, the place might still contain a small drop of their presence. Just one little thing for her to cling to.

  24. Kaitlyn Adams

    okay i have never left a comment before…but i’ve meant to about this issue for awhile. what is so crazy about the word moot? i’ve never met anyone who had a problem understanding its meaning…just ask Rick Springfield

    “I wanna tell her that I love her but the point is prob’ly moot. ‘Cause she’s watching him with those eyes, and she’s lovin him with that body I just know it..”

    Jessie’s Girl anybody?

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  26. Emmy-lou

    Hey Kaleb. I found this shirt and I thought you should go buy it. http://www.torsopants.com/not-funny-shirts/taking-acid-and-kicking-gnomes

  27. Tanit

    “going back to the meadow is very much like going back to a chest that has no treasure” god, I couldn’t say it better.

  28. tina

    It’s great to see that a guy gets the feeling of emptiness that is the heart of New Moon. Such a romantic, Kaleb…..
    Keep going – can’t wait to see what you think as you get further into this book, and especially as you read the next two!

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  30. Christy

    I cannot wait till your get to a certain part in the book!! Your reactions gonna be golden. xD

  31. Becky

    Just wait a few pages. You’re getting to one of the best parts. The action picks up a bit more 😉

    And Laurant had good reason to be afraid of them, as you’ll find out in one of the next chapters…
    Don’t think too highly of those huge wolves just yet, Kaleb. They might not be a nice as they seem. xD

  32. Nikki

    The thing is, when people are in the amount of pain Bella’s in, when they are grieving, thinking is painful. People try /not/ to think. So even though Bella may be slow on the uptake here in this chapter, it’s understandable.

    You know, the fact that so many of the people commenting don’t understand that actually makes me kind of glad. It means that they haven’t been there yet.

  33. Alli

    Oh come on! The bears (well, actually now you know they’re really wolves): You still haven’t figured it out? This chapter is when I got it.

    The feeling is definitely loss. Bella loves Jake, but she can’t use him to fill the hole Edward left. Think of it this way: someone you love died (because Edward’s leaving is as painful as a death to Bella), and you met a really nice person at the funeral, and you became best friends with that person. You met him/her because your friend died and while you treasure that friendship, that doesn’t make the pain go away, or mean that you wouldn’t change the past if you could. Bella is truly thankful for her friendship with Jacob, but if never having met him would bring Edward back, she would do it, because that’s how important he is to her.

    Where’s Victoria? Oh, you’ll find out…

  34. Aly

    You are making good guesses so far but it is still shocking to everyone. well… i saw it coming but even Stephenie Meyer herself didn’t see it. So its ok. :)

    PS. please watch this if u have time and spread it on!

  35. Chelsea

    Y’know, I was sort of reluctant to listen to Yiruma because everyone was like, “This is totally the lullaby!” and I knew it wouldn’t be the one in the movie. But his music is totally beautiful. He’s a wonderful musician.

    I reread New Moon about a month ago, and I was struck by the powerful emotion in it. Like, the level of depth was something I overlooked the first couple of times I read it because I was so distracted by Edward not being there. But it’s truly a beautiful book.

    Wolves. Laurent. Victoria. Oh, how the plot thickens. I think you’ll love the next chapter. :)

  36. Janet H

    “. . .like going back to a chest that has no treasure.”
    You know, Kaleb, You are REALLY very good at this. I like your analogy here. You should be doing book reviews for a living. Along side your writing. And your Top Five radio show. And your gnome wrangling. And any bushwhacking you want to slide in there!
    (a Twilight Mom)

  37. Hihi


  38. Court

    i thought you were smart…why havent you figured this out yet?!? im dissapointed.
    im just kidding.
    youre hilarious! i love you!
    “Bushwhacking is a funny sound just like moot point or fiddlesticks.” haha! love it!

  39. Lu

    I agree with the theme of loss.
    The first time reading NM, I was shocked as well, when Laurent showed up.

  40. Kristin Cullen

    haha your twilight/new moon blogs always crack me up!
    Laurent was definitely a surprise! & Emptiness & loss are the best ways to describe New Moon.

    Thank you for introducing me to Yiruma! lol I play the piano & hopefully i can find some of his pieces & learn how to play them.

    As for the requested chapters for your book, seriously take your time! i think we all understand that you’re busy what with your editing, reading new moon, interviews, music, blogs, & more editing; you’re only human.
    pls update soon

  41. Amy

    Excellent choice in music, that song’s on my Eclipse playlist :)

  42. Hannah

    Thankyou for entertaining me on yet another chapter of New Moon! I really like hearing about somebody else reading through it because I already know what is going to happen and it’s interesting to hear your theories:D

    Love the song by the way, Within Temptation never get enough love 😀

  43. Chelsea

    That is some major flu…

  44. Brittany

    Oooh, I love this part. Reading your experience of this chapter recalls me to how I felt when Laurent stepped out unexpectedly. Such beautiful tension.. the hope, the fear, the dread.. and then the confusion as the wolves appear and chase him off…

    This is making me want to pick up the book a fourth time..

  45. Debra

    I love reliving the New Moon chapters through new eyes.

  46. Kath

    omg. have you read the bartimaeus series? best books everr.


    Kaleb, I’m so sorry I didn’t get to talk last night (Friday). But yeah I usually only get online on Tuesday afternoons sometimes Thursdays. Around like 2-3 here. But I’ll try to catch you some other time. Alyssa

  48. Stephanie (the person who requested the song)

    yayay! i’m so happy that you chose my song kaleb! i requested that when i think u were on chapter 2. Oh, yay! i’m so happy. i love love love withing temptation and i love that people liked the song. it totally fits Jacob and all them. well, yeah.

    you totally just made my year kaleb!

  49. Danni K

    haha yes buying Yiruma makes me very happy Kaleb 😀 River flows in you is my fav! Please tell us all which songs they were!

  50. Audree

    I know this is strange, but did you get a rush of excitement when Laurent came into the story? By this time in the book I was SO HUNGRY for more vampires that even Laurent made me heart skip a beat. I almost wanted Bella to go hug him even though he wanted to kill her. Haha. (I was glad she didn’t do that though.)

    Stephenie Meyer can really play with my emotions. She kept me raw this entire book! I loved it.

  51. Elizabeth Anne Estes

    Hi, I’ve had several of my frinds tell me about your website. All of us are really into fantasy. So they told me that your website had chapters of your book? Do you think I could get the first if possible? Sorry, I’m really confused.But if I can get the first chapter. That’d be great. My friend really wants it! I’ll probably read it too!
    -Elizabeth Anne-

  52. Heidi

    I’ve been visiting your site fairly often for a while now. First, I’d just like to say I think what you are doing here is awesome. It’s really interesting to finally hear a guy’s perspective on the books. Plus I love how you’ve made it even more interesting by adding in other peoples stories, and your random pictures and such.
    Second, I was touched by what you said about Bella going back to the meadow was like going back to an empty chest. Perfect analogy in my opinion. You might have heard this already, but a good piece of advice that I think everyone reading the books should adhere to is to read New Moon at least twice. You see it in a whole new light the second time around and, in my experience, love it even more.
    Anywho, keep up the great work!

  53. Amanda

    when you were talking about the words you use and meyer uses (e.g. bushwacked) it reminded me of what my husband said (we’re reading the books out loud together)…”meyer uses the word ‘incredulous’ all the time; you could take a shot each time you read it”…so everytime we are reading and come across that word we take a “pretend shot” (we don’t drink : )

  54. marian

    i think I love you! Nice site :)

  55. Steph

    Ahahah! Yes, this flu is devastating.
    Oh, come on! You had to know that SOMETHING would happen in the meadow! I thought it would have something to do with (what I thought at the time were) the bears. I completely forgot about the non-veg vampires who were left.

  56. delia rose

    pls,, send me a copy of the whole chapters of twilight….
    the chapters of newmoon…

  57. delia

    pls,, send me a copy of the whole chapters of twilight….
    the chapters of newmoon…

  58. Wendilynn

    I love listening to Edwards comments as he tries to keep her safe, even if she is making it up. While new moon is full of heartache and recovering from severe loss, those moments of Edward’s voice are addicting. I yearned for each treasured warning or accusation from her subconscience. Anything that keeps one connected to Edward.

  59. Michelle

    I was also completely shocked by Laurent. I’ve not seen many other people that share this same thought process with me, but I actually thought there were a number of things driving her to go searching in for the field alone. The fact that Jacob seemed to be letting her go in her time of need was causing even more dangerous behavior out of Bella. I think that not only was she hoping to find the meadow and some shred of Edward there, she wasn’t concerned about the prospect of huge bears as much as she was hoping that she would run into one, thus igniting the same fight or flight dangerous adrenaline filled rush and causing the delusion again. I think either way was fine for her, because she was relatively sure that no matter what happened, at some point today her activities would bring her back to Edward.

  60. immortalluvedward

    omg i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveee twilight and edward is soooooooooo hottt i love twilight each book of the sequal of the first gets better i love knowing more each time i read a book.my favorite out of them all is breaking dawn i cant believe edward finally has to turn bella into a vampire or else she will die.cause she is having a vampire/human baby yay finnaly some gooooood action

  61. sophsoph11

    ok well i dont think that you will see this since the last time you were on it was like a year ago but i just had to say that you must type like a nija cuz that is long girl!!!!!!!!!

  62. babybott330

    I get email notifications so I did see it. xD
    This is actually one of my shorter responses. LoL

  63. sophsoph11

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  64. Cheese_montoya

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  65. Cheese_montoya

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  66. babybott330

    What kind of pie? >.>
    I like Boston Creme pie. xD

  67. Sophsoph11

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