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Pick The Song for New Moon (Round 2)

October 12th, 2008 at 3:00 pm by Kaleb Nation

A huge thank-you to everyone who voted in the first round to pick the song for New Moon! I received thousands of song suggestions, and luckily, I had set the system up beforehand that would help me tally them without having to count each one by hand πŸ˜€

The top ten most nominated songs can now be voted on by using the form below! There were some I knew were coming (Memories, Thinking Of You, Near To You) and others that surprised me (Jordin Sparks? One Republic?) but now it is down to all of you to pick the final song!

ADDED: TwilightTeez has given me one of their new EDWARD HOODIES to give away to one randomly chosen person who votes! So be sure to leave your email in the form if you want to enter!

I will be posting the results when I write my final thoughts for the Epilogue of New Moon. To help you in voting, clips of each song are below.


Near To You – A Fine Frenzy

Broken – Lifehouse

All Fall Down – One Republic

Fall For You – Secondhand Serenade

Hate Me – Blue October

Memories – Within Temptation

No Air – Jordin Sparks

Thinking Of You – Katy Perry

All Around Me – Flyleaf

Almost Lover – A Fine Frenzy

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122 Responses

  1. Carol

    Oh Yay, I was so glad to see OneRepublic on there, I love them and that song is awesome!

  2. Astrid

    how many can you vote for?

  3. Jessica

    These are all great selections, but I think that This Is For Keeps by Spill Canvas fits New Moon perfectly.

  4. Katelyn

    what no mcr? aww darn

  5. Hihi


  6. Hihi


  7. joe

    im voting for katy WOOT WOOT

  8. Hayley

    Definitely ‘Near To You’ by A Fine Frenzy. Everytime I hear it, I automatically of Bella’s pain over Edward and Jacob. The perfect New Moon song IMHO =]

  9. Rochelle

    All Around Me is my vote, even though I voted for Katy initially. Can’t want to see who wins!

  10. Cara

    Hmm, my original choice for round 1 was All Around me, so I’m happy to see it up there… I already had All Fall Down and Fall For You on my iPod too, so that’s cool :) I voted All Fall Down in the end.

  11. Ari

    Broken by lifehouse= best song everrrrrrrr

  12. Ally

    I voted for No Air but I wish I could change it to All Fall Down now, I didn’t see that on there.

  13. Anna

    Eh, passing a vote this time around. I’m still point blank Sing for Absolution – Muse on this one. πŸ˜›

  14. Emcee

    “Thinking of you” has my vote, I think it’s perfect

  15. urcoolcarrie

    I am absolutely going to vote for “Hate Me” by Blue October. I think it describes Edwards feelings throughout New Moon perfectly.

  16. Twilighter Fanpire

    Dude seriously, where’s MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE??!!!!

  17. Amanda

    I personally voted for Hate Me by Blue October for both rounds. I think it’s perfect. And may I quote our beloved Stephenie: “Oh my God, it’s Edward!”

    If you didn’t tune in or weren’t there, that’s what she said at one of the BD concert series. It’s the perfect song!

  18. Sarah W.

    Not really into the songs this round. Maybe will vote later. I have to agree with #13 Anna on that one, though. It’s the perfect song.

  19. Sanne

    I voted for ‘Near to you’ in the first round, and also did so in the second :) Everytime I listen to that song I just see the entire story of New Moon flash before my eyes.

  20. Natalie

    i cant decide!

  21. xEvanescencex

    NO MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE??? Commeee onnnnn!!!!!

  22. Kaleb Nation

    There is no MCR song on the voting list because none of their songs got enough votes in the first round. I don’t have any control over that — I just add them up and put the top ten to be voted on πŸ˜€


  23. xEvanescencex

    Erm, Kaleb, we know that. Js.

  24. TwilightObsessed*Eddiepus*

    Dang it! I wanted MUSEEEE!!! ANd mcr! nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! How could they not be voted for!?! Insanity i tell you!

  25. Een.

    I totally did A Fine Frenzy. Near to you is an awesome song. And, it totally fits.

  26. joe

    mcrs I dont love u is THE BEST

  27. Hihi


  28. Alli

    I voted for Near to You, and though I love it and thought of New Moon the very first time I heard it, I don’t think it fits as well as one of the not very popular songs I suggested, because it doesn’t cover the whole scope of the book. It’s just Bella healing with Jacob there, which is a huge idea in the book, but it starts and ends with Edward there, so these songs cut him out.

    My top pick was “How Do I Live” by Trisha Yearwood. Rather than the storyline, this song covers the idea and feelings of NM as a whole in my opinion. But whatever, A Fine Frenzy still rocks. I already have one song of hers that I want to suggest as a chapter song for Eclipse, though I haven’t decided what chapter yet.

  29. Courtney

    I suggested All Fall Down by One Republic πŸ˜€ I guess a lot of others were thinking along the same line. It fits the book perfectly.

  30. Kaitie

    X & Y by Coldplay people xP
    It reminded me so much of Bella’s feelings for Jacob xP

    The top 10 are pretty good tho ^_^

  31. ale

    well, i agree that “hate me” by BO is.. well.. totally Edward.. but… he barely apears in new moon!!. I’m between “near to you”, and “al fall down”.. i mean.. New Moon = Jacob Black<3!!

  32. Katie M.

    Dear everyone,
    vote for “near to you”.
    because it is flawless.

  33. Lauren

    I can’t pick between Broken and Near To You!! They’re both really good!

  34. Pollie


    “and if you have to leave
    i wish that you would just leave
    cause your prescence still lingers here
    and it won’t leave me alone
    these wounds won’t seem to heal
    this pain is just to real
    there’s just to much that time cannot erase”

    how is that not the perfect song for new moon???

  35. Hunter Lepold *Jazzay*

    Broken by Lifehouse
    voted for it in the first round
    all are great picks but Broken for me captures Bellas emotions perfectly especially these lines:

    I’m falling apart, I’m barely breathing
    With a broken heart that’s still beating
    In the pain there is healing
    In your name I find meaning
    So I’m holdin’ on, I’m holdin’ on, I’m holdin’ on
    I’m barely holdin’ on to you

    and when they sau “In your name I find meaning”
    it really reminds me of her hearing his voice when she does phsyco stuff

  36. Twifanatic Amanda

    I voted for One Republic, although I put that one for round one for Twilight XD and Lifehouse and Blue October. I hope at least one of those win!

  37. Suze

    I voted “Near to You.” I went through something similar, so that song just gives me chills. And I related to New Moon in that aspect as well, so naturally I think it sums up the Bella/Jacob situation.

    I think the focus should be on Jacob, since their relationship takes such a dramatic turn in New Moon.

  38. Danielle

    I tlly agree with u Pollie, i voted for My Immortal, i fits New Moon EXACTLY!!!

  39. Amaranthine

    I’m voting for ‘Broken’ because it the one that fits New Moon the most…which is really what this contest is about. I think ‘Near to You’ has a little to much focus on Jacob, when in reality Bella is anguishing over the loss of Edward more than choosing between Jacob in New Moon. I’m glad to see OneRepublic on the list, and Almost Lover has always been on my personal New Moon playlist, but I had to choose the one I felt best followed the outline of the book.

  40. Katie ~

    Okay I’ll admit it, I’m a little bit biased when it comes to voting for a song for this book. Lifehouse is my favorite band, so obviously I’m gonna vote for them! I do think that song fits best, too, with Bella anguishing over losing Edward, but I love Lifehouse and that plays a big role in my decision too! I’m kind of surprised Katy Perry got on the list. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a good artist – I currently have Hot n Cold stuck in my head and was just listening to it before I came here. But she just doesn’t seem like the right type of artist to have the honor of having a song deemed as the theme song for New Moon. I don’t know. Just my opinion. But yeah, I picked Broken by Lifehouse. Best by far. :)

  41. Kelly

    Interesting song choices.

    Personally, I think the song lyrics to No Air fit perfectly, but it’s too upbeat for the book.

    I put in The Space Between by Dave Matthews Band, but that’s not really a band you think of when you think Twilight.

    I went with All Fall Down by One Republic. Some of the other song choices I really don’t care for.

  42. Katie ~

    Oh yeah, one last thing. I think Hate Me is a good song too, but it’s got some weird messed up lyrics in the beginning that I just don’t think fit. >>

    I have to block out thoughts of you so I don’t lose my head
    They crawl in like a cockroach leaving babies in my bed
    Dropping little reels of tape to remind me that I’m alone
    Playing movies in my head that make a porno feel like home

    I don’t know, just doesn’t seem to SM-ish to me. Even if other lyrics do fit, the whole song’s gotta work.

  43. Meredith

    I originally voted for Hate Me, but I had never heard Thinking of you. I totally love it now, and I just voted for it.

  44. KIM

    I can’t belive that “I Will Follow You Into The Dark” by Death Cab For Cutie isn’t on here. Its so perfect… take a look…


  45. Leah M

    vote for hate me because its simply absolutly perfect. it fits so well for when edward leaves. sure, hes not there a lot but that is the biggest part of the book and one of the most important in the series i think because it helps them both understand how they simply cannot be apart from each other!

  46. twilightfan292

    my immortal should definitely be on there!!!!!!!!!!!! its the perfect NM song. it describes bella, edward AND jacob. *sigh* i wish more people had voted for that in the first round.

  47. mara-kate

    awwwwww no mcr! :(:( and wat about better than me by hinder!!! its the edward new moon song! had to admit, only katy perrys song really fits nicely, the rest are myeh

  48. Lauren

    I agree with # 35 Hunter Lepold *Jazzay*. Broken by Lifehouse really captivates how Bella is feeling throughout New Moon..especially the chorus in the song. And the “In your name, I find meaning” lyrics remind me of when she’s being reckless (even though she’s not supposed to do anything reckless at all) just to hear his voice and name :)

  49. Ms. Paranoia

    I voted for:

    Thinking of You
    All Around Me

    .. I think I voted for All Around Me for Twilight as well, but I changed my mind to Your Guardian Angel xD

    I mostly looked at the lyrics to those and they seemed to describe New Moon perfectly.
    But Fall For You is a really good song too, it totally describes Ch. 23 TT~TT!!!

    Well, I’ll be exctied to learn what the top 3 songs will be x3

  50. zumi

    i picked Hate me and All fall down.

    I picked hate me because that’s Edward in NM to me. Yes the lyrics are twisted, but it does speak what Edward is thinking.

    I picked All fall down because I’m biased towards the song. Also it’s kind of Bella to me.

    I don’t feel like any of the songs say Jacob.

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  52. Steph

    Yes! Broken by Lifehouse! One of my favorites. Though, I like Whatever It Takes better… Wish it had been on here.

    Anyway, all you voters out there, vote on Broken! It’s so sweet… :)

  53. shiori

    OMG!!! i can’t decide… i mean all of these are my favorite songs!

    Help ! i can’t decide!!!!

  54. Maria

    Oh!!! Good! No Air by Jordin Sparks is on the list! Very good!!! But still… Hate me by Blue October is the must song for this book… Oh I am confused!!! What shall I vote…???

  55. Kristin

    I think Hate Me should win. Have any of you been to Stephenie’s website? It was on her playlist for New Moon. OMG! Fall for you! whenever my mom hears that she thinks about Twilight.They’re all good songs, but I think Blue October will prevail and dominate!

  56. Arielle

    Near to You is amazing.I hadn’t heard the song before now, but it fits New Moon so perfectly!

  57. Fran


  58. Krystol

    Definitely “Memories” by Within Temptation. This is the only song that really seems to sum up Bella’s life in New Moon. Memories of Edward, his voice are all that keep her going. Even if it’s not the one ultimately picked, it will always be my number one choice.

  59. Mallory

    I voted for All Fall Down by One Republic. The very first time I heard that song I immediately thought new moon, it just has the new moon feel to it for me, its very Bella in my opinion :)

  60. Kendall

    I voted for Broken by Lifehouse. This is one of my favorite songs. It makes me think of Bella and Edward both during their separation. I’m also biased because it reminds me of my nikolas and emily from GH, and their last goodbye as this was their montage song.

  61. Jalice90

    I am so freaking happy that Hate Me made it to the list. It’s just so freaking perfect. (Freaking.)

  62. 4v17Vi

    HELL YEA!!!! I voted for Broken!

  63. Verali

    I – obviously – voted for Hate Me by Blue October. I do get that the lyrics are twisted, but that’s still Edward. It has him written ALL over it. And never say that it doesn’t, because that is a lie, and I will call you on it.
    And Katie~, 42. Just to point it out cuz its really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really bothering me, that song is on her playlist for Edward. So it is Stephenie-ish.
    However, I am very sad that Sound of Pulling Heaven Down didn’t get on there.
    Fall For You by Secondhand Serenade is really good, too, and I agree that the lyrics for No Air are perfect, but it’s still just a bit too upbeat. I like Memories too, though. And a lot of others. And, just to put it out there, I really thought that something of MCRs would have managed its way on here…
    Oh well. There are too many songs. I guess we’ll make due.
    ilu Kaleb.

  64. Max

    I voted for A Fine Frenzy’s Almost Lover. It fits New Moon so well and it’s such a pretty song!

  65. Katie Beth

    Those are all GREAT songs. I waffled between One Republic and Katy Perry, but I think I have to go with One Republic. All Fall Down has more forgiveness in it, more of a sense that, when it’s all over, it’ll be ok.

  66. Freak

    Ok, please don’t pick No Air. Yes, the lyrics fit well, but the song is so… yeah it’s really upbeat, I’ll agree with the people who said that.
    A lot of the other songs fit well, though. I’m trying to decide between Broken and Near to You, but I really like Memories too…

  67. Tiffany

    Fran #57, I TOTALLY agree with you. There’s a thousand better songs that fit just as well or even better in New Moon and no one ever thinks of them! A lot of these are too…I don’t know, pop-py? Foofy?

    OK, I admit people do listen to Evanescence but still! This is only for Bella’s MRGH-ness when Edward leaves and not when he returns, but I’m still astounded that no one put Going Under.

    Tourniquet can fit both Edward and Jacob at parts. It’s a bit too suicidal for Bella, but still…

    And lastly for Evanescence, just listen to Taking Over me. Just go.

    When Jake leaves Bella for a while, Staind’s Mudshovel fits sorta. Their song Epiphany fits the book too.

    Right now, I really can’t add more, but guys, think of some more songs!!!! Not everyone thinks Jordin Sparks is vampire-ry enough….

    And so I end it with my last and favorite Staind song. It sounds like something I can see Edward listening too, IDK. It’s called Believe. I think it fits perfectly, and it doesn’t even need to be that specific about it, just the feel of it is perfect.

    Here ya go, and cya.

    “I sit alone and watch the clock
    Trying to collect my thoughts
    All I think about is you
    And so I cry myself to sleep
    And hope the devil I don’t meet
    In the dreams that I live through

    Believe in me
    I know you’ve waited for so long
    Believe in me
    Sometimes the weak become the strong
    Believe in me
    This life is not always what it seems
    Believe in me
    Cause I was made for chasing dreams

    All the smiles you had to fake
    And all the shit you had to take
    Just to lead us here again
    I never have the things to say
    To make it all just go away
    To make it all just disappear

    Believe in me
    I know you’ve waited for so long
    Believe in me
    Sometimes the weak become the strong
    Believe in me
    This life is not always what it seems
    Believe in me
    Cause I was made for chasing dreams

    Its my life
    Its my choice
    Hear my words
    Hear my voice
    And just believe

    I sit alone and watch the clock
    Trying to collect my thoughts
    And all I think about is you

    If you believe in me
    Life is not always what it seems
    Believe in me
    Cause I was made for chasing dreams

    Believe in me
    I know you’ve waited for so long
    Believe in me
    Sometimes the weak become the strong
    Believe in me
    This life is not always what it seems
    Believe in me
    Cause I was made for chasing dreams”

  68. Tiffany

    Sorry it’s so long. Oops. And the little curse word there. Sorry bout that too. :S

  69. Mary

    Both memories and fall for you are in my list of favorite songs. I eventually voted for memories.

  70. becky sue

    This was TOUGH! *Sniffle* Why are there so many great New Moon songs? I had to look at all the lyrics and compare every little detail of my top four (Memories, Near To You, Thinking of You, and Almost Lover). Thinking of You won out in my opinion. It was too perfect. It mentions the apple, and it mentions his eyes! Wow. And it’s got the whole Edward/Jacob prediciment in the song. I knew most of them but I surprisingly voted for one I’d never heard of before………Oh well it fits, now to add it to my music playlists……. :)

  71. Elizabeth

    When i first heard All Around Me months ago, my first thought was how perfect it was for New Moon. The song is about how the person can feel their love who is gone in everything they do and in every breathe there is in the world. The song is also perfect for the quote in the song “You said you would never leave me, i believed you i believed” So perfect cuase edward said he loved bella, but he left her and she suffered horribly.

    Hugs to all!

  72. Jennifer

    Have you guys never heard “Almost Lover” by A Fine Frenzy?? Minus a few words, the lyrics describe Bella and Edward in New Moon PERFECTLY. It even talks about hin singing her lullibies, it’s uncanny!

  73. Tess

    Wow! This was tough since there were a lot of great songs! After listening to the songs over and over and over and went back and forth between “All Fall Down” and “Near To You” …I eventually went with “Near To You”. When I heard the lyrics it was the one song that made me think of both Edward and Jacob from Bella’s perspective. In the beginning Bella was trying to heal the loss of Edward by being with Jacob, but at the end she ended up using Edward to try and heal the loss she felt towards Jacob. I dunno that’s just how I heard it.

  74. Cara C.

    lawl No Air. so not New Moon..or any Twilight books in general. I dislike Flyleaf very much…so i’ll go with Lifehouse…i guess

  75. JanetH

    I love Lifehouse and I submitted Broken for the list but I have looked up all the lyrics to the other songs and now I’m torn between Thinking of You and Lifehouse. Both sets of lyrics seem to fit the ENTIRE book New Moon. wow tough call. So I voted for both. Is that legal?

  76. Leah

    none of them are ideal, really, and the fact that jordin sparks made the list tells you that the reason some better songs didn’t make it was because a large population of the voters were choosing radio hits. But what can you do, right?

    I thought about Hate Me but the song is so obviously about an alcoholic that i couldn’t really completely fit it with New Moon.

    Fall For You is SUCH a beautiful song but it doesn’t really describe the book as a WHOLE.

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  78. Corgi

    tehe, I only knew “No Air” so I voted for that. IDK what the other songs sound like 7 I was too lazy to listen to them. ^_^

  79. Caleigh

    all great songs…but i went with the first choice.

  80. Melanie

    Within Temptation!!! OMG I’m so happy to see that there!!! I’m definitely voting for “Memories”!
    Leah: “Memories” is definitely NOT a radio hit. I’d be ecstatic if you could tell me a station that plays it. Ever.

  81. Alexa

    I love “No Air” for this book! It always reminds me of it. Gah, New Moon<3

  82. lexy

    im so glad they put no air by chris brown and jordan sparks cuz i think thats exactly how bella feels when edwards not around. it sounds corny to quote this but it was hard for her to breathe her life revolves around him and i think that song is the best at describing bellas feelings. all i hope now is that that song wins. PLZ,plz,PLZ PICK NO AIR CUZ ITS DA BEST!!!!!!

  83. Steph

    Have you guys even listened to Broken? I mean, come on, No Air? *rolls eyes* Yeah, that is so New Moon.

    Did you maybe think the whole thing has a more Alternative feel to it? Seriously, I laughed when I saw No Air was in the top 10. Oh, no offense, it’s just my opinion on the song… and the genre.

    Broken fits it so well. I’m not talking about the lyrics, either (though the lyrics do fit, but not so specifically… just more vaguely). You can find lots of songs that have lyrics you could relate back to the books. I’m actually referring to the emotions the song gives off. Kind of depressing, a little desperate, and defeated. Exactly the way Bella’s feeling in New Moon. I hardly think No Air gives off those kinds of feelings.

    Also, Broken is so… slow and steady. And that’s what New Moon is. Bella slowly healing (kind of) with Jake’s help. Of course, it has all the climaxed action at the end (like any good novel) but New Moon always seemed like a fairly unimportant book in the series to me.
    Arguably, the Volturi found out about Bella, Bella found out about the werewolves, and Edward left Bella then went to commit suicide, but there were no ‘baddies’ to be fought. The battles were more emotional. Which is why it relates to Broken so well. It’s got a lot of depth to it. Listen to it if you don’t get what I’m saying.

    And there is my music/New Moon rant. Enjoy it.

  84. Twilight Dad

    Hey Dude, my daughter wants to donate to fund. How much have you collected yet?

  85. Ann

    Whenever I hear “Hate Me” all I think about is Edward, so that gets my vote!

  86. me

    woot katy perry and flyleaf :D:D:D

  87. xsilverx

    i was quite surprised to see A Fine Frenzy songs. I thought i was the only one who thought those two songs fitted New moon perfectly.

  88. Jade

    WOAH. That is crazy! I just downloaded A Fine Frenzy like 5 minutes ago. And those were the two songs I am absolutely in love with. I had no idea anyone had associated them with the Twilight serires.
    Anyways. I would’ve said Sun Comes Up by The Used fits New Moon perfectly. Seeing as Jacob is Bella’s sun. It’s a beautiful song. ♥

  89. Jade


  90. Kenzi

    Kaleb, how many times do we vote?

  91. Super-Ted Cullen!

    Some of these songs really embody New Moon. Though, personally, I like all the Rasums songs. They just seem to SCREAM Twilight Saga! Especially “Heart of Misery” and “Night after night”. The latter is Bella’s feelings for Edward after he left with things like “Like an angel you came… Watching me in my sleep… I wake up crying ‘Cos I feel like dying” They’re also full of anguish and so on. Very emotive. =]

  92. Owen


  93. Owen


  94. jade

    a fine frenzy is definitely the best choice…i looove both of the songs and either one of them would be perfect

  95. marisa

    i was so hoping Thunder would be there by Boys Like Girls. The lyrics are perfect because throughout the book, even though Edward wasn’t there Bella still heard the sound of his voice in her mind and never let the memory and love for him leave her heart.

    I decided to vote for Broken. Although I was torn between the two A Fine Frenzy songs as well. But at the end of this song there is a sign of hope, which is also at the end of New Moon.

  96. Sarah Cullen

    i’m soooooo happy to see A Fine Frenzy TWICE on this list! i love them and Alison deserves the exposure =) both Almost Lover and Near to You would be great but Near to You is PERFECT for the New Moon situation. everytime i hear it i think of NM.

  97. Steph

    I’m going say this once more.

    Lifehouse needs some more votes! I mean, come on! What’s not to like?

    I had a huge argument with my friends today over the importance of lyrics vs the importance of the actual music. I ended up shunning one of my closest friends for the next 10 minutes. If there’s one thing I care about more than Twilight, it’s music.

    Seriously, though, everyone. Broken is an awesome song! I really urge you to listen to it before you vote.

    DO IT. πŸ˜€

  98. Eugene

    I think for me ,I’ll go for FLYLEAF-ALL AROUND ME.. I think this fits to the whole story

  99. Jessie

    I voted based on the most appropriate lyrics that summed up Bella’s feelings throughout the book and overall for New Moon. My choice was Katy Perry, Thinking of You.

  100. Stephanie

    I like them all. Its VERY hard to choose. Nice job Kaleb!

  101. Stephanie

    I like them all. Its VERY hard to choose.They all seem to fit so perfectly! Nice job Kaleb!

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  103. katie

    I wish that “I Don’t Love You” by mcr made it onto at LEAST the top ten. *Sigh* oh well. :)

  104. rhia

    :] i am thrilled to see FLYLEAF on the list. all around me is a vurry good song [but “there for you” could’ve worked as well] anyhoo, please get flyleaf into this movie.. they deserve it. i am sending internet hugs to eugene and elizabeth. *hugs* + here’s why the song fits so flipping awesomely: “take my hand, i give it to you, now you own me all i am. you said you would never leave me, i believe you, i believe.” annd this is why all around me would be perfect for when she turns into a vampire in breaking dawn: “this fire rising through my being, burning..” and “i’m alive, i’m still aliiiivee.” are you getting my drift? *drifts more*

  105. Firepixie7

    I heard the perfect song for the scence in New Moon when Edward leaves Bella and she goes wondering through the woods… its called “Don’t take your love away” by Vast on the album Nude. Its absolutely PERFECT! Take a listen and lemme know what you think!

  106. meridian

    i love twilight.i think any of those song will be okay except for no air i just can’t picture that song in the movie and i have one question what was that song that was playing in the background whaen edward was takeing the vinemon out of bella i think it was in my plce by coldplay because i heard that edward picked a song and when i listened to the soundtrack all i can think is that a guy picked that song.

  107. kelsey

    i think i have a better song, seriously the lyrics are so perfect. i know its an old song but. wake me up inside- Evanecense

  108. Victoria Huertas

    Aw man…. I really wanted to put “Untouched” by the Veronicas. . .but I guess I’ll pick one of these.

  109. erning

    I think BROKEN by LIFEHOUSE is the best BELLA song for new moon, especially on the part where she tries to move on. i like the lyrics “i’m holding on barely breathing with a broken heart that’s still beating…”

  110. Ariana

    The song to go with new moon that would have gone great would have to be MOVING TO SEATLLE by Material it would have gone great on the part where Edward leaves Bella and she goes after him omg that would be the best!!!

  111. Sophie

    i love all around me by flyleaf. best song ever

  112. emilia lizcano

    2. Memories
    3.Secondhand Serenade – Fall For You
    4.Thinking Of You-Katy Perry

    i hope this helps

  113. Kaliah (kayla)

    A good song that has not been mentioned is by a not so popular artist by the name of Justin Nozuka its called After Tonight and I think it would be like a song that is coming from Jacob to Bella saying that After tonight dont look for him cuz I am here for you know and I wont let you go! Check out the song!

  114. Leigh Ann

    You really need to put “Need” I LOVE that song it is by Hana..it made me cry… :'(

  115. Ellie

    As if no1’s mentioned Need By Hana Pestle
    And My Immortal By Evanescence Is perfect

    Just thought you should know about Need though, because i coulnd’t see any mentions of it :)

  116. Ellie

    So apparently the person above me did πŸ˜›

  117. renesmee

    i think the best soundtrack for the new moon is the song UNWELL by matchbox 20 .. hear it .

  118. nicole

    you should hear “Need” by hana pestle
    that song fits perfectly in new moon

  119. nicole

    you should hear “Need” by hana pestle
    that song fits perfectly in new moon

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