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Reading New Moon (Chapter 24): Vote

October 13th, 2008 at 12:05 am by Kaleb Nation

The song for this chapter is We Need Each Other by Sanctus Real

Ah yes: the final chapter of New Moon. When I opened the book to read this, I found myself remembering how this felt when I read the final chapter of Twilight: like the closing of one part of Bella and Edward’s story and the opening of another.

As I have pointed out so many times in recent chapters, the story of New Moon has been circular, and thus I get a feeling that things are returning to the way they were before Edward left. As Edward races through the woods with Bella, I can’t help but remember this scene in Twilight — when the love between them was fresh and new. It seems to be a sign that it is growing back again out of the pain in the recent months.

It is a sign of a good writer when the story has connections within itself, things that draw us back to earlier scenes and strengthen the entire story. The strongest example of this was in Chapter 24. We all remember the various escapades that Bella had with the motorcycles, trying to throw herself into something dangerous in order to distract her from Edward, but at the same time trying to make his voice return to her head. Then, in chapter 24, whilst clinging to Edward and going through the woods:

“The speed was exhilarating. A hundred times better than a motorcycle.”

That is the connection. Bella does not need the motorcycle anymore to feel alive. She has Edward.

It is in this way that I see not only a return to the beginning of New Moon, but a return to the beginning of Edward and Bella again, back when things were new and alive. This is the only way for them to heal their relationship: go back to how it was before, when their love was strong.

I found it so surprising how much had been missed, and how much things would have been different if only the truth had been known. Though Edward had thought Bella would have forgotten him, instead she thought of him every day, and nearly every breath revolved around keeping his memory alive in her head. Though Bella thought that Edward didn’t love her any more, the whole time he had been tortured since leaving her. Though Bella thought that Edward had disappeared, taking with him all reminders that he had ever existed, Edward reveals that in fact, they had always been there:

“Your things were never gone,” he told me. “[…] It was stupid and childish, but I wanted to leave something of myself with you. The CD, the pictures, the tickets — they’re all under your floorboards.”

These things exist, to me at least, as outwards signs of Edward’s love for Bella. They were physical signs of different times in their relationship: the CD Edward had made for her, the pictures of them together, the tickets. And just as they were never gone, and were near to Bella all the time, so was Edward’s love for her, though it was hidden until Bella went looking for it again.

And then, it comes down to the vote: should Bella become a vampire? Yes, I see so many reasons for it. How will Bella ever be able to protect herself from Victoria, or the Volturi, if the come for her? Edward can’t be beside her at every moment of every day.

Almost all of the Cullens vote on Bella’s side, and I’m sure that many also believe that Bella should be turned into a vampire right then. But what is it that is holding Edward up? Why does he dislike the idea so much to have Bella for eternity with him?

It must be understood how hard a decision it must be for Edward not to turn Bella into a vampire. The main result of her staying human means that one day, she will die, and Edward will be left alone. Why for any reason would he want that? Perhaps Edward, as connected with Bella as he is, knows that it is better for her to stay human as long as she can, and enjoy her life, rather than turn to a vampire and be with him forever.

Still, they come to a compromise, and Bella receives a promise that Edward will turn her one day. Is Edward perhaps hoping she will changer her mind before then? Or is it that really, deep down inside, he still has hope that he is not really such a demon after all.

“If you really believe you had lost your soul, then when I found you in Volterra, you would have realized immediately what was happening, instead of thinking we were both dead together. But you didn’t — you said ‘Amazing. Carlisle was right,” I reminded him […]

There is hope within Edward that he is redeemable. There is also hope within him that one day, they will spend eternity together.

Charlie, understandably, is not happy with Bella’s fierce decision to stay in Forks regardless of what he thinks. After all, if I was Charlie, I would be a bit wary of this Edward fellow… even without knowing that he is of the species persuasion to drink one’s blood. I keep wondering how Bella will ever break the news to him; moreso, how he will react.

And the proposal? I will admit: it was one thing I was not spoilered on in New Moon. I was not expecting it to happen so quickly. Yes, I was surprised 😀

My final thoughts on the Epilogue are forthcoming.


– Speaking of voting…keep voting to pick the song for New Moon! I just heard from TwilightTeez.com, and they are letting me give away one of their brand-new TWILIGHT HOODIES to one randomly selected person who votes! There are only a few days left, and I will be posting the results when I write my final thoughts on the book and the Epilogue.

– ADDED: I don’t usually mention non-Twilight stuffs, but I just interviewed author J. Scott Savage of the Farworld series, and he is giving away five free copies of his new book to people who comment on the post! So if you want a chance to get a free book, head on over and check him out 😀

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83 Responses

  1. Hunter Lepold *Jazzay*


    I am glad you liked New Moon!

  2. Vanesa

    wow just the epilogue’s left… i can’t wait for you to start reading eclipse…

  3. Grace

    Aw, I loved new moon. People always say they hated it, but I think it just really makes you understand JAcob more, and it shows how real Bella and Edward’s love is. Personally Eclipse is my least favorite, but you’ll enjoy it I think

  4. Hunter Lepold *Jazzay*

    may I be so impertinent as to inquire why Eclipse is your least favorite?
    it is my 2nd fave, maybe tied with BD for my 2nd
    perhaps it is because I like Ed so much more than Jake

  5. layna cullen

    aww… that was a really good post, kaleb. i love the end of new moon, i was so happy to have them together again. can’t wait for the epilogue!

  6. devz30

    “It is a sign of a good writer when the story has connections within itself, things that draw us back to earlier scenes and strengthen the entire story.”

    Yup. Don’t need that to tell me how good a write stephenie meyer is. ^_^
    I actually liked this chapter, main reason being that it ended happily.

    “And just as they were never gone, and were near to Bella all the time, so was Edward’s love for her, though it was hidden until Bella went looking for it again.”

    I like how you point things out so simply and tell them perfectly – (amazes me. lol) -things I find so hard to word or explain.

    You describe Bella and Edward’s relationship so well, and the feelings of losing one another.

    Not only did I like the ending, I loved the whole book. It was just so real and emotional in many ways, that makes new moon perhaps my favorite book.

  7. AussieT

    I can’t wait til you start with Eclipse – like Comment#4 it’s my 2nd fav. Though I’m also an Edward fan – I liked the end of New Moon best when he came back. Love the Chief Swan joke! Gotta say, for a guy you do a great job of describing the Bella/Edward relationship – and even the Bella/Jacob relationship. Don’t know too many Aussie males that would be so tuned in…

  8. Steph

    Fantastic post, as is to be expected.

    I really like your thoughts on New Moon coming full circle. I never really thought of it like that, but, looking closer into it, New Moon is just another obstacle in their relationship.

    Anyway, loved it. Keep up the good work! 😀

    Oh, and how’s the whole “Getting to the Twilight Premiere” thing going for you? Well, I suppose you don’t actually have to answer, but I hope you’re doing well. Seriously, I’ve never even dreamed of going (somehow, I just think that Australia’s too far away to catch a bus there) so I’ll have to make do with hearing about your experience. 😀

  9. Shatha

    “Bella does not need the motorcycle anymore to feel alive. She has Edward.”
    I absolutely LOVED that line.
    Well done for finishing book number two!

    I also thought your ideas of their relationship coming in a full circle were brilliant.

    I loved New Moon a lot, just as much as Twilight but for different reasons.

    Ahh, I’ve realised that I’m usually ninth in the comments, weird.

    Onto Eclipse!

  10. Shatha

    Ahh I forgot about the Epilogue.

  11. Victoria

    Are you going to go on to Eclipse, Kaleb ? Or have you had enough ? *wink*


  12. Karen

    Kaleb, I love your insight into things coming full circle. My daughter accuses me of analysing too much, but you are much better at it than I am.

    I really enjoyed Bella’s explanations to Charlie. Her conversations with Edward are so deep and then she becomes a typical teenage daughter again, “He said, she said. It got out of hand.”

    I also found it significant that Bella is more confident of Edward’s love for her. Edward too has a stronger grasp of Bella’s commitment to him. They have both risked everything and are back together again.

  13. Monica

    Yay, Eclipse is next!

    I was also confused for the longest time about why Edward is so insistent that Bella remains a human. I guess he really thinks she’d be better off without him (she, of course, would beg to differ).

    I thought it was kinda funny how Bella is so convinced that she’ll never be good enough for Edward, and he’s convinced that he’ll never be good enough for her.

  14. Thea

    The songs that you post are awesome, Kaleb. :)

    I have always known that Bella would eventually want to become a vampire. For one thing, the Cullens caught her attention the moment she saw them.

    I’d like to suggest a song. How about including That’s What You Get by Paramore (Bella) and Here With Me by Dido (Bella and Guillotine by Urbandub (a local band here in the Philippines for Jacob).

  15. Kathy

    Good insights Kaleb (and others here). Edward tells Bella why he doesn’t want her to become a vampire in the middle of Eclipse…a really good conversation and one of my favorite parts of the book. I won’t divulge what he says…

  16. Sylvie

    wow. you finally made it =D
    many people don´t like new moon as much as the other books, because edward and bella are separated from each other. When I read it the first time I don´t had any issues against jake, but he wasn´t edward. but after reading it again and the other books,too I really began to like Jacob very much! Especially after reading breaking dawn you´ll understand him much better and he´s sort of funny, too=).
    But nevertheless I think Bella and Edward belong together! THe love each other so desperately that it´s simply not possible for them to be separated. So I think edward had to leave to try making bella safe. So, when he saw, that she´s still in danger if he´s around her or not, he finally has a reason to stay without thinking it´s too much a danger for her. And he begins to believe that he might have a soul, and because of that he promises bella, to change her. And I don´t think he could ever watch her die!
    Now, that he knows that bella can´t be safe (just because she´s bella^^) he can stay forever with her. And after he found out that bella don´t just forgot him he begins to believe how much she loves though he thinks he don´t deserve it.
    Eclipse is not my favourite book of the twilight-saga(which still means it´s better than any other book) but it is a great one, too and I hope you enjoy reading it (you will without any doubt=D)
    sorry for the long comment (and sorry for my english^^)

  17. Heather

    I’m really happy you weren’t spoiled about the proposal. That means there is probably a lot more you weren’t spoiled on and that makes me even more excited for future commentaries.

  18. Sharon

    Incredible post, I really enjoy reading your thoughts on the books. (I still don’t understand how you can stand reading it one chapter at a time.)

  19. Mary

    That was a great post, Kaleb! I didn’t know that you like Sanctus Real! They’re such a great band, and I’ve loved them for a long time! :]

    I remember when I first started to read New Moon. My dad had dropped me off at Barnes and Noble while he attended a lunch meeting. I hadn’t realized how long I was in Barnes and Noble until my dad called me about an hour later – by that time, I was about one hundred pages into the book. He asked me if I was crying, because I guess my voice sounded different. I checked my face, and sure enough, I was crying. I was right at the part where Edward left Bella.

    Overall, though, New Moon is probably my second favorite book in all of the series! My all-time favorite is Eclipse, and I can’t wait for future posts! Enjoy it!


  20. Rhiannon

    Ahh, I can’t believe you’ve finished!
    This is probably one of my favorite chapters in New Moon…more so the beginning. The epiphany…all the new found realizations are just so indescribable.

    And devz30:
    “Not only did I like the ending, I loved the whole book. It was just so real and emotional in many ways, that makes new moon perhaps my favorite book.”
    Yes <3

  21. R.

    I like your site, but I kind of miss the good old days of Twilight. When you started this project, the posts were mostly your reactions (as a guy) to Twilight. Over time I think they’ve come to read more like an English essay–more impersonal, less random and funny. 😛 But I imagine it’s hard to think of stuff to say after so many chapters.

  22. Lu

    Great post! I have to agree with Grace, when she said New Moon helped her understand Jacob better and it shows how real Edward and Bella’s love it. I am excited for you to read Eclipse.

  23. Mia

    As usual, entertaining and thought-provoking. I sound like a promotion for Twilight Guy, don’t I? ;D

    I was trying to find the full version of this song, but everything I’ve found has a different opening, such as this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwNsn46-_cs

    Where did you find the version that you put? I definitely prefer it over the version I’ve been finding.

  24. Michaela's lil Sis

    Good post, Kaleb!
    Ha-ha when Eeward proposed I looked at the page for like five miutes goin whaa??
    Yeah, I didn’t see it coming either 😀

  25. Michaela's lil Sis

    whoa. I can’t believe I spelled HIS name wrong

  26. Brianna

    i can’t believe you’re almost done with new moon already! On to the next…
    i love all of the connections you make! it’s awesome to read your comments, keep on going!

  27. Angela

    My very favorite quote from the whole series is from New Moon:

    “Before you, Bella, my life was like a moonless night. Very dark, but there were stars– points of light and reason. …And then you shot across my sky like a meteor. Suddenly everything was on fire; there was brilliancy, there was beauty. When you were gone, when the stars had fallen over the horizon, everything went black. Nothing had changed, but my eyes were blinded by the light. I couldn’t see the stars anymore. And there was no more reason for anything.”

    – Edward (of course)

    *Tips for guys– if any guy said something like this to me, I’d probably marry him on spot. I think most girls would agree with me.

  28. dsolo

    Love your insights on the book and the whole writing process, but I agree with R., your Twilight posts were funnier. Of course, it could be because NM is a grimmer read. You’re just one epilogue away from Eclipse, and that should restore your particular brand of humor. When you fly out for the Twilight premiere, you better remember to take your copy of Eclipse with you. I miss the Twilight guy posts, have all the guys quit reading Twilight.

  29. Sylvie

    I do agree with you Angela =D
    And I didn´t saw the proposal coming, either. It makes sense if you see edwards point, but I totally understood how bella reacted! I would have said yes, I guess=)

  30. Brianna J.

    Hey Kaleb, I’ve noticed that you’ve not posted any twilight guy stories in a while. Have they stopped coming in? I sorta miss them, I liked seeing guys’ stories, they made me laugh. What’s up?

  31. Katie Beth

    The proposal…. *happy moan*

    Hey, yeah, no more Twilight Guys? I loved those. :-)

  32. tina

    Kaleb – If you love the connections in New Moon – you really need to get thru Eclipse and into Breaking Dawn. I really think Stephenie did a fabulous job of connecting everything together in the end (no spoilers…).

    I also love how everything goes back to being ‘right’ when Edward is back with Bella. He is still reluctant to change her, but if you read the 12 chapters of Midnight Sun, you’ll get more insight into his reasoning. He believes it would be selfish of him to change her, just because he wants it so badly.

    Can’t wait for your insights on Eclipse!

  33. Rie

    I’m so excited for you to read Eclipse. I think it is the best out of the 4. Whick is saying a lot. They’re all wonderful.

  34. Kaleb Nation

    New TwilightGuy reports is coming tomorrow.

    Sorry about not posting them. Been busy with school and stuff, but I’ll be working on digging up the good one’s this weekend 😀

  35. Becky

    Kaleb, not to say that your posts aren’t as good as they used to be but… I think your posts really aren’t as good as they used to be. They’re still really good, but I liked reading YOUR opinions and the random things you noticed or thought about the chapter. Lately they’re more like summaries- like comment 21 said. Maybe college stuff and being an author is sapping all your writing energy… that and the late night blogTV with Dragoat, lol

    and are there no more Twilight Guy stories?

    @ Angela- I agree. maybe not on the spot, but pretty close, lol :)

  36. Kaleb Nation

    Whoops Becky, you must have just commented as I did 😀 More TwilightGuy reports coming tomorrow

  37. im your density

    that was one of my favorite chapters! what did you think of rosealie’s vote?? the connections get very important in later books! i cant wait for you to read eclipse!!

  38. becky sue

    😀 Oh yay! That was a great post, just let me tell you! I’m so glad that you havn’t been spoilered about the series, yet! It surprises me (even though it shouldn’t). And OOOHHHH I absolutly can’t wait for tomarrow’s post! :)

    On a sadder note, whenever I reread New Moon I notice that just after the “split”, and just before she goes comatose she runs to her room searching for the photos and memories. When she can’t find them anywhere, she sinks down to the very floorboards they’re hidden underneath and it’s months before she resurfaces. :'( (I lent my copy out, otherwise I would’ve quoted directly from the book.) It strikes me as extremely sad and ironic. It always makes me cry now. :(

  39. Rochelle

    Great post, Kaleb! New Moon is so grim and painful, but obviously wonderful (I appreciated it more on the second read through.) Eclipse is so close now … I hope you have your copy!:) But something I noticed in reading both, while New Moon made me sad Eclipse made me angry. Stephenie brilliantly keeps you throwing your head back and forth, trying to stay ahead of the ever revolving choices. But, even though Eclipse made me angry, it also holds my favorite scene. I am so excited to hear your thoughts and perspectives (especially on the discussion in the tent scene/chapter.) That doesn’t mean anything to you, but it does to everyone else.

    Final thoughts are next! Can’t wait!

  40. Rochelle

    Great post, Kaleb! New Moon is so grim and painful, but obviously wonderful (I appreciated it more on the second read through.) Eclipse is so close now … I hope you have your copy!:) But something I noticed in reading both, while New Moon made me sad Eclipse made me angry. Stephenie brilliantly keeps you throwing your head back and forth, trying to stay ahead of the ever revolving choices. But, even though Eclipse made me angry, it also holds my favorite scene. I am so excited to hear your thoughts and perspectives (especially on the discussion in the tent scene/chapter.) That doesn’t mean anything to you, but it does to everyone else.

    Final thoughts are next! Can’t wait!

    Oh, and I almost forgot to say … I never connected the irony of Bella choosing to lay her head upon the very floorboards that housed her memories. I love it! Awesome insight Becky Sue!

  41. Rochelle

    I don’t know how that posted twice:) Sorry

  42. Priscilla :)

    YAY!!!! im so glad you werent spoiled about the proposal. i will admit i literally fell off my bed when i read that passage. ur almost done!! and on to eclipse! and the surprises keep coming :) i seriously *wooped* when u agreed that she should become a vamp because most of my friends were all NO SHE SHOULDNT!! but thats insanity…she needs to stay with edward forever.

  43. Suzi Cat

    Awww…I can’t believe I only found this site and you’re halfway through! Your write-ups are awesome though.

  44. Claire

    Great post, Kaleb!
    I love all the connections you make within the books.
    And you’re almost ready for Eclipse! Can’t wait. 😀

  45. Carrie

    I loved that chapter! Even though I adore Edward & the rest of the Cullens, I prefer “New Moon” to “Eclipse” because the last few chapters are spectacular & because I felt the writing was better. I really felt Bella’s pain and I actually cried when Edward came back to Forks & told Bella how he really felt. I was also surprised when Edward proposed. That was really cute. I enjoyed “Eclipse”, but after reading it again I’m certain it’s my least favorite book in the series. There are some great things in there involving the Cullens and cute Edward & Bella stuff, but the story dragged on a bit & I thought that it took them too long to figure out what was going on. Also, Jacob got on my nerves. “Twilight” was terrific because of the way we were introduced to the characters & the story and then the danger came out of nowhere, and I loved the crazy twists in “Breaking Dawn” as well as the ending. I hope you enjoy “Eclipse”. All of the books are fun to read.

  46. Jessie

    nice song choice.
    glad you weren’t spoiled.

    SOOOO excited for you to read Eclipse!!! eek!

  47. Twifanatic Amanda

    Haha I like your picture with the mustache

  48. Alyssa

    I can’t WAIT for you to start Eclipse! It’s one of my favorites.. Ok, all of them are my favorites, but Eclipse has some great stuff.

  49. Cara

    I disagree with you at the part where you say that they go back exactly to how things were before. Their love is not exactly the same; it is stronger. It took Edward leaving for them to realize how strong and unbreakable their love is.

  50. Amanda123


    This is a documentary I made about what it’s like living in Oregon. I’m passionate about filmmaking. I hope somebody likes it. = ) Leave a comment if you do.

  51. Amanda123

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AaU2Q6sMJN8 This is the link

  52. Nicole Jet

    Just a heads up, Eclipse is a great one to discuss and analyze.

    I can’t wait until you get to Breaking Dawn. I have something to point out about it once you finish it.

  53. Noelle

    I just started reading your post yesterday and I’m hooked! I’ve been through all of the blogs (luckily I had the last two days off from school) and since this is the last one, its where I’m leaving my comment! I love your blogs and I’m gad that you’re a guy reading the twilight series…if it make you feel better…I haven’t actually gotten any girls hooked on the books, but I’ve gotten at least 4 guys to read and love them!

    I’m just ecstatic that I’ve found a blogger that I can read…mostly because i love your kind of humor. Can’t wait for the next post!

  54. Rachel

    I was just introduced to the twilight series about 3 weeks ago, and read all four books in about a week and a half. I, too, do not understand how you do it chapter by chapter!

    Reading through your previous posts, I definitely see a growth in you as a commentator on these books. I, actually, prefer the more eloquent, “english essay” type comments, because you always help me put words to my feelings about the books.

    New Moon is definitely the most difficult of the books, but it is so vital to the overarching story. As they continue in their relationship, they have this experience to fall back on, and without it, I think things could have ended up very differently. I don’t want to spoil anything, though, so I’m trying not to say too much!

    I think your insight to Edward’s frame of mind is so key in understanding why he doesn’t want her to become a vampire. I read something about Rob Pattinson and the way he interpreted the character – he really felt that Edward hates himself, and I think that’s the key. Edward truly sees himself as a demon. He’s not just kidding when he asks Bella in Twilight what it would mean if he wasn’t a superhero, if he was the bad guy. He is the bad guy, in his mind.

    Keep up the reading and commenting, I’m really enjoying your thoughts! And feel better…the flu sucks!

  55. priyanka

    i see the connection between twilight and new moon cuz in twilight when he takes o
    her on his back and speed s through the fores, its when they just became a couple and now, when he comes back bella is happy and remembers her accident with the motorcycle. i cant believe i didnt notice that! i guess because i was sorta bored with new moon, that i didnt pay attention to everything i did with twilight and eclipse. i really hope u dont get spoilered for eclipse cuz it is AMAZING! i still cant decide which is better, twilight or eclipse….

  56. E

    My absolute favorite chapter in this book… I can’t wait for your next post!
    And then you get to start ECLIPSE… 😀

  57. The Twilight Guy Updates | Twilight Lexicon

    […] Nation, Mr Twilight Guy himself, has done a bunch of recent updates. He is now up to Chapter 24 of New Moon Warning, put down all liquids before looking at the graphic on the […]

  58. Jessica Minozzo


  59. moonunit

    I can’t wait for you to start Eclipse…


  60. Sara(Yeah there's many of us)

    The mystery is solved! Kaleb is really Chief Swan!

  61. Laura

    OME! You’re gonna be Eclipse guy soon! Wow!

  62. Debra

    Reading your narrative on the last chapter of New Moon.. has confirmed within myself how much I loved this book. I know it was not a favorite of the majority of readers, due to edward being gone. But I was alot like Bella.. Edward was always there in spirit. I hated the heartache she felt, but I loved feeling it along with her. It made the story have peaks and valleys. My heart raced when hers did, when she would hear his voice if only in a small part of her mind, her memory. New Moon was a must. He had to leave her. Without New Moon..we never would have seen how much they really belonged together.
    Bella and Edward..will never have to wonder again what it was like to be apart.

  63. Daisy

    I’m glad you liked New Moon and you are going to love Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. It is extremely sad when Edward leaves. That’s one of my least favorite parts of the series. That’s second after something else but I won’t go into details with that because there are spoilers. Anyway, even though New Moon is very sad, I love the ending. Edward is so romantic…Hurry up with Eclipse!!!!

  64. becky sue

    Thank you, Rochelle. You made my night. lol. (Ironically my best friend is named Rochelle, too; the world is an funny place.) lol 😀

  65. Adrienne


    You seriously almost made me cry. My roommate was telling me to shut up because I kept saying “Ahhhh!!”

    You are the best! I cannot wait for your thoughts on Eclipse… Ch. 8 babay!

  66. Kasey

    I enjoy reading your thoughts about each paritcular chapter. Is it just me, or have you been putting more of what you think in the New Moon chapter posts than you did in Twilight?? Because I enjoy reading these a lot more than I did the Twilight ones, it could be book taste as well though.

    I was going to respond to the whole..’circle. Edward has to leave now’. (the latter was another of your posts). Edward doesn’t know what Bella is thinking and would never understand how much in pain she truly is with him gone…until he sees it for himself. Which, the only way to see it is thru others descriptions in their mind.

    Keep it up Kaleb. I CANNOT wait for you to read Eclipse. Tied for first in my mind!! (Breaking Dawn being the other tie).

  67. Aubrey

    This is so great! I can’t believe you’re almost finished!!! I do like the song you picked for this chapter, however I believe the PERFECT SONG for the beggining run through the woods and confessions between Edward and Bella would be “Good Enough” by Evanescence. I have to say, Bella’s epiphany has to be one of the most beautiful parts of the whole series. When she finally realizes that Edward is hers and no one elses, and that he truly loves her…I’m not gonna lie, I cried. Yeah, the proposal was so unexpected that I think some people are still recovering from whip-lash because of it, it caught us all so off guard. By the way, it’s at this point in the saga that it REALLY starts to pick up. One thing after another,after another,after another, without practically any breathing room. You are going to love Eclipse!

  68. Aubrey

    I have to write just one more comment. I have to say that understanding Edward’s mentality is key to understanding New Moon. This book out of all the others(Alright, Eclipse is a close second)gives us the closest glimpse into is head. ‘But why would he leave?’ some ask, it’s simple really, Edward sees himself as a terrible monster who is threatening her life and her happiness every second he is near her. The closest analogy I can come up with is that of everyone’s favorite Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast. If anyone remembers, the Beast constantly tortures himself (he’s also a masochist, just like Edward!)about being so ugly and unworthy of the beautiful, sweet Belle (Belle-Bella, coincidence?. But he loves he loves her so much and wants to protect her and help her in any way he can. So when Belle has to go save her father, he lets her go, even though that means he’ll be a beast forever. In the same way, Edward thinks he is “releasing” Bella from the dark cloud of vampirism, even though it will cause him immense pain. He knows he’s leaving her behind, but he also thinks he’s freeing her.

  69. holly

    omg that pic is so cute and funny but yeah i love what your doing for twilight its awesome and i plan to read your book its on my list i hope you’re enjoying the books i loved them all and i can’t wait for the movie i just hope they don’t mess it up well anyway i think your awesome for stepping out of the box and reading what is known as a girls book more guys should follow you thanks Kaleb Nation you rock

  70. April

    Pick Me Please!

  71. Jenny

    Loved your summary, Kaleb! I adored New Moon, and my gut reaction when I first read it was that I liked it even more than Twilight, despite the fact it’s a lot more sombre, and not as many gushy moments because Edward’s gone. I think Edward needed to leave for their relationship to be as strong as it is; to show that simply cannot be parted.

  72. Kelsey Rider

    i must admit that is one ah-ma-zing song!! a great one for Edward and Bella!!

  73. vivs

    yea kaleb!!! u finally finished! im so happy for u. now soon u can start eclipse! 😀

  74. Maddy

    You describe their relationship, their love, and Edward’s way of thinking so well. I also think in the long run, Bella would have to be a vampire. But I can’t blame Edward for not wanting to do that to someone he loves. I never saw it as easy as some people who think: Just CHANGE her already! — that would be too irresponsible and selfish a thing for Edward to do.. atleast not without considering consequences.

  75. Chelsea

    You almost made me cry AGAIN, Kaleb! You describe so perfectly the subtle wonderfulness of the relationship between Edward and Bella, something so many people just dismiss as fluff. But you hit the nail on the head every time. You remind people why it is beautiful.

  76. Andrea

    i didnt know you liked sanctus real!!!! thats soooooooo kewl!!!! [me too btw] <3

  77. Tianna

    I can really imagine Charlie doing exactly as that picture illustrates. It would follow long the lines of:

    “Edward does what?! Kill people?!” Charlie yells so loud, its a whisper.
    “No, he kills animals.” Bella says sheepishly.
    “No, he disobeys the law!!”
    “Well, yeah, but he does it to not hurt me and everyone else we know…”

    … I can really imagine him doing that.

  78. sunshine

    I find it incredible, just how simply you put the last chapter of new moon, kaleb.
    to be perfectly honest, i cried while reading it.. as well as almost the rest of the book. but how can you not?
    i mean, the cliff jumping and hullucinations.
    i feel as if it’s not enough to think of edward or the rest of “the gang” as not real.. its like i want it to be more. like bella had stated in the book, “it would be enough to just know he existed.” i wish i could feel that security. but luckliy i have the book to keep me going.
    also, stephanie meyer made me acually get into reading as well as enjoying it. she amazes me with her emotion she puts into it, as well as how descriptive she gets.

    i found that twilight had more of a story line. new moon was more of the after works of him leaving.
    the reason as to why it was soo hard for her to move on with her life from edward, was because of the first book. new moon was a pretty emotional book.. but it was totally worth reading. twilight was more fun to read ’cause you didn’t expect what would happen next (unless you watched the movie, which is what i did).

    to make a looong story short,
    kaleb- i think you did an awsome job at explain how you felt about the last chapter’s drama.. whether or not bella should beome immortal.
    (i definetly think once highschool is over for her and has moved out of the house with charlie that edward should keep his prmise and give her that favor).
    last but not least- these books acually open your eyes and have such an impact on you.. after reading these two books in such a short time, i felt almost different as a person. i love, love, loved these two books to absolutely no end!

  79. Michelle

    Here is the one thing that I had thought up way too late… I wonder back when Edward took the package for her Mom to drop it off for her, did he look in it? Did he realize it was the pictures? She sent a copy of every picture to her Mom, right? Or did he manage to yank those, too? I would love to ask Stephenie about this. My guess would be that he did know about the copies and took them, but it was never actually clarified…

  80. thetwilightsagacom

    I Hope the New Moon movie will be as good as the book

  81. pupdawg

    I thought Twilight and New Moon were the bomb!
    I'm soo looking forward to the third one!
    later peeps!

  82. brianna

    jacup sukes dick

  83. brianna

    jacup sukes dick

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