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Reading Eclipse: Chapter 2 (Evasion)

October 23rd, 2008 at 12:02 am by Kaleb Nation

The song for this chapter is A Little More by Skillet

The curious thing about taking a rest in the middle of the day is that sometimes, you simply do not wake up as soon as you had planned. Obviously, having been tired out from not doing my Calculus, I took a nap intended to be short and woke up 4 hours later: still not having read another chapter in Eclipse. Goes to show I need to either get more sleep, or seriously consider becoming one of those vampire folk.

I find Charlie so amusing. It is so very obvious what he wants, and that is for Bella to forget about Edward, fall deeply in love with Jacob, and make Billy Black, his best friend, also his relative through Bella’s marriage. It is the epitome of a dream wedding for Charlie: except for the fact that the bride doesn’t want to marry Jacob. She wants Edward Cullen, whom Charlie despises and has no qualms with making unwelcome in his house. This is understandable. As previously stated, Bella is insanely in love with Edward — Charlie’s observations stop at the ‘insane’ part.

Charlie, later on, attempts a rather awkward attempt at conversation with Bella about her and Edward’s developing … erm … relationship. I can think of many things Charlie would rather talk about, including:

1. Ingrown Toenails

2. Leprosy

3. The Blobfish

but he seemed absolutely determined to exercise his parental role and give Bella a good talking to. Not like he got much of anywhere (except the resulting chortles and chuckles coming from yours truly).

“Just tell me that you two are being responsible,” Charlie pled, obviously wishing a pit would open in the floor so that he could fall in.

If anything, the title of this chapter is exactly what Bella was practicing; and quite well I might add:

I sprinted for the stairs.

Good move Bella.

For Edward to so forcefully try to convince Bella to go see her mother tells me all is not well in Forks. It makes me wonder — what is happening in that town that makes him so intent on having her out of there that weekend? Even Bella notices it, and so I am wondering if he knows something we do not… something that Alice saw, perhaps? Maybe he hopes to convince Bella to leave town for that weekend, and avoid whatever it is that Alice had predicted.

I will admit that sometimes, I do not agree with what Edward does. Please, steady your nooses, blunderbusses and guillotines, comrades. The fact is that Edward intentionally sabotaged Bella’s truck so that she could not leave, and that is something than can be taken two ways. Many people might think that Edward, by doing this, is pretty much forcing Bella to do what he wants, rather than what she wants. So what if she wants to see Jacob? Does Edward really have a right to tell her not to?

However, what causes me to trust Edward is the fact that because he is a vampire, and because he knows so many things through Alice that Bella does not, he is probably acting in a way to protect Bella. He nearly lost her once, and probably is paranoid about losing her again. But it makes me wonder where the line is drawn? Is Edward really acting to keep Bella safe, or is it to keep Bella from La Push? One is in Bella’s best interest, but the other is in Edward’s.

I haven’t read far enough to know for sure what his motivation is for this, but it seems that Edwards has been overwhelmingly unselfish so far, and I don’t know why he would change now. That is why I still believe that he is doing this to protect her… and perhaps a tiny bit of his own selfish loathing towards Jacob, who has been trying to steal his girl for some time now. Edward may not be human, but he is still a man 😀

QUESTION FOR THE COMMENTS: Do you think Edward has gone too far by sabotaging Bella’s truck, or is he just doing his best to protect her?


– Someone recommended Overprotected by Britney Spears for this chapter. In order to avoid my already imminent hanging, I declined.

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188 Responses

  1. KC

    Yeah. Most people would feel that he went to far sabatoging her truck but, when he tells her that Alice saw her disappear what could you expext. If the one you had already proved that you can’t live without disappered from the future wouldn’t you freak out?

  2. Amanda

    Personally (and not just because I’m a total Jacob fangirl), I think Edward DID go too far in sabotaging Bella’s truck… He’s definately over-estimating the risk of Bella going to LaPush and, as you mentioned, he IS a man…

    He needs to understand that Jacob is Bella’s best friend in the world… how can he expect to keep them apart?

    (Of course, I know way more than I’m letting on, but I don’t wanna spoil you, Kaleb! Hahaha Eclipse is my favorite book in the series… Hope you love it as much as I do!)

  3. Tia

    I also think Edward went a bit overboard with sabotaging Bella’s truck. I get that he’s trying to be overprotective of her…especially with all that they’ve been through so far…but I call foul on that.

  4. SG

    I think if Edward was just any other guy, I’d say he’s gone too far, but it’s just really different here, because its not some normal human thing that he’s trying to protect her from, i think it makes his excessive behavior acceptable. Whenever he starts being paranoid, it’s usually in Bella’s best interest. He’s just not selfish. He’s willing to give him his own happiness for her. I think that after all the drama in New Moon, the thought of losing her would push him to doing something as extreme as messing up her truck. LMAO at the Britney comment! I don’t think I would’ve been able to stop laughing long enough to read anything below the song title!

  5. Tia

    Oh, and rofl at Britney Spears! That is just precious.

  6. Yoko

    You know, I was also a little miffed at Edward. I think that I was just as angry as Bella that he would go to such lengths to keep her away from her best friend. However, I, like Bella, can never be mad at Edward long; whatever his faults or ill-made judgments, I wouldn’t tell him to stay away either. As we have already seen, he is prone to extreme behavior that he can completely justify in his own mind. Edward is always putting Bella’s safety first. Always. But he isn’t always right about the things that he needs to protect her from. I really liked your comment, “Edward may not be human, but he is still a man.” I think you hit it right on with that one. There is no doubt in my mind that, along with trying to protect Bella, he just wants to stick it to Jacob because he’s jealous. So to make a long story longer, yeah, Edward may have gone a little far, but isn’t that just, sort of, his thing? And don’t we all love him just the same despite it?

  7. Yoko

    By the way, Charlie and Bella’s awkward conversation is one of my favorites in the whole series! It never fails to make me chuckle heartily.

  8. ashley

    edward is not being overprotective. like someone said, he lost her in new moon and he’s afraid if she’s near the wolves she could get hurt. he’s always looking after her best interest, she’s extremely clumsy! i loved the part where he took the piece from her engine, it was funny and she didn’t stay mad at him anyways.

  9. anne_onymous

    i think he did go a little too far with the sabotage thing..but one of his qualities is overreacting…so knowing that that the-love-of-ur-life’s best friend/rival is as dangerous/strong as u are and uncontrollable..i dont think any guy would react calmly to that..at least not Edward 😛
    but thats just me..
    he still annoyed the bejesus out of me by doing that though…jeez..

    lmao to the britney spears note..
    overprotective? really? we know its an appropriate title..but cmon…
    what is happening to the world today? 😛

  10. Tara.Seanan

    Did Edward go too far in sabotaging her truck? How ’bout back in Twilight when he was spying on her in her sleep? Is that too far? 😛

  11. Shatha

    I believe that Edward did go too far, but he will go to any lengths to keep Bella safe. Leaving Bella was his decision, and was only motivated by the prospect of Bella finally being safe. Despite his return, Edward still will go to the extremes to keep Bella safe. It is going too far, but Edward is Edward, so no one can stay mad at him for too long haha. Especailly since he truly believes he’s doing the right thing. I believe that Edward seriously needs to listen to Bella.

  12. Shatha

    (I think I accidently deleted the second half of the comment)

    “As previously stated, Bella is insanely in love with Edward — Charlie’s observations stop at the ‘insane’ part.”

    Hahaha I loved that. This chapter is hilarious and you can’t help but feel the second-hand embarrassment for Bella.

    Too funny though :)

  13. Pam

    Ha! I have wished to be a vampire. Sleep is just far too time consuming and necessary. I’ve got more to do than waking hours.

    I think Edward is going too far, but at the same time, the reason he does is acceptable. Wolves are dangerous. Alice can’t see them and Edward wants nothing bad to befall Bella. I honestly would react like Bella. I wouldn’t be happy about it, but I wouldn’t shut my window, so to speak.

    I think it’s interesting that you brought up “drawing the line.” One of my classes has been about that this week. It can be quite controversial.

  14. Kendall

    Book world-

    No, Edward didn’t go too far, because Alice saw her disappear, for all he knew, she wouldn’t come back.

    However, when I hear other girls say they want to find a guy exactly like Edward, it really worries me. Outside of the book universe, we are left with a possessive boyfriend character who sabotaged a truck to keep his girlfriend from one of her friends, slips into her room at night to watch her sleep (who when he does is in a state between wanting to kill her and wanting to smother her with protection), isolates her from her other relationships by becoming the sole focus of her world, and leaves her in such a depressed state after leaving her once, that she feels that she is only half a person without him and can’t even really go on.

    That’s not healthy, no matter how you cut it. It worries me that girls are using this as a basis for a relationship. and don’t tell me they aren’t. I’ve been counseling girls that are.

  15. Steph

    Ahahah! That Blobfish is the most hilarious thing I’ve seen all day! You’ve outdone yourself. Ahaha.

    Loved this part:

    ‘If anything, the title of this chapter is exactly what Bella was practicing; and quite well I might add:

    I sprinted for the stairs.

    Good move Bella.’

    And, of course, the end line. I love that quote. 😀

    Now to answer your question.
    I think he completely crossed the line when he took apart her truck! Controlling much? This is one of the main reasons Edward annoys me so much in Eclipse. As I said in my comment for the last chapter, I’m all for Team Edward, but he seriously needs to get a life outside of Bella.
    Not kidding, if I were in Bella’s place, I would have kicked him. Hard. Then run. Not that either of these things would do any good, what with his rock hard skin and crazy speed, but it would have made me feel good. Seriously, what the hell gives him the right to do something like that? Bella should have told him to back off. Jeez, let her have at least one friend.
    First time I read it, I thought it was good that she opened the window again, but, looking back on it, Edward probably could have used a little time away from her. At least a little retribution for his actions. Being a vampire doesn’t make him exempt from punishment. *nods*

    There, I’m done. Now hurry up and read the next chapter!

  16. Steph

    Kendall –

    Ahaha, your comment made me laugh so much! Especially this part:

    ‘Outside of the book universe, we are left with a possessive boyfriend character who sabotaged a truck to keep his girlfriend from one of her friends, slips into her room at night to watch her sleep (who when he does is in a state between wanting to kill her and wanting to smother her with protection)’

    My thoughts exactly. Sure Edward’s all sweet in the books, but in real life… it’s extremely creepy behavior. Actually, even in the books it’s pretty creepy. As Edward put it in Midnight Sun:

    ‘Like a stalker. An obsessed stalker. An obsessed, vampire stalker.’

    Even he admits it.

    Well, there’s my add on. 😀

  17. Stacey

    On one hand yes he has gone too far. He should know that by trying to put his foot down with bella shes just gonna try harder.

    On the other hand I know whats about to happen so I can see his point of view.

  18. Giada

    Edward looks a little like a parent in this chapter – ironically while Charlie tries to protect Bella pushing her away from Edward and twords Jacob ;), Edward tries to keep her close to him and away from Jacob 😀
    Both Edward and Charlie have only Bella’s best interest at heart so they can be forgiven, even when they go too far, as in this case (the sex talk and the sabotage of the car XD)
    where’s there’s love there’s forgiveness… or something like that 😉

  19. Leah

    Okay, so I do understand why Edward did what he did, but if I were Bella I might be a little pissed. I mean… Jacab’s not all that bad, if only Edward would hurry up and realize that. I mean, doesn’t he owe Jacob? Those were my thoughts while reading this exact chapter. Edward kinda made me mad in this one… however I still manage to love him :) because when it comes to bella he’s what’s best for her ( i believe ) But when it comes to my personal preference, I wish Jacob would propose to me!! haha. Have a good day Kaleb! ♥

  20. Jen

    Well… While I understand why he did it, now that I go back and look it seems like he’s extremely possessive of her. If he trusted her, he’d just warn her about not going and hope she stayed at home. It’s not really his business to, by any means necessary, literally FORCE her away from La Push. If I were him, I’d think of it as my fault because he left and she found comfort the way she could. Now that he’s back he expects her to give up what got her through the months he was gone. Wow, that’s the first thing wrong with Edward Cullen that I’ve found so far! (I still love him though.)

    Alright, stepping off my soapbox now…

  21. Bethany

    Eh. Edward did sort of go a little too far. But it is for her protection. He knows what happened with Sam and Emily, and he doesn’t want Jacob’s anger to hurt Bella. So, I guess it’s understandable, but a little overboard. He should be able to trust Bella. But I guess because he doesn’t trust Jacob right now, he wouldn’t trust Bella with him. So, over all, Edward was only doing it out of love for Bella.

  22. Catherine

    Yes, Edward did go too far with the truck! Very over-possessive and worrying. At least, it would be if either Bella or Edward were real. 😛

    Another big flaw: He doesn’t tell Bella stuff! He says, ‘Do this, it’s important’ but never actually explains, which if I were Bella, would drive me insane. Even if it were for my protection, I’d demand a full explanation first!

    Also, does anyone else find Edward calling Bella ‘love’ all the time incredibly patronising? *rolls eyes*

  23. twiCurls Liz

    yea… I was mad at Edward for a long while after New Moon and during Eclipse because his overreactions cause a lot of problems (James, anyone? Volturi, anyone?) and he needs to trust Bella by telling her the whole truth once in a while.

    Relationships are about communication, Edward.

  24. Monica

    I can understand why Edward wants to keep Bella away from Jake (especially because I’ve read the entire book) but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. I do think he’s kind of overreacting. This is one time where I think people are justified in saying that Edward is controlling. But the weird thing is, at some point in Eclipse, all of the main characters make me mad. Edward just happens to be first.

  25. Brittany

    I don’t think that Edward was going too far. He’s trying to protect Bella, and yes, I’m sure that part of it is his prejudice, but would anyone expect Jacob to let Bella see Edward if the situation were reversed?

  26. Hunter

    I think Edward went too far, but I just can’t blame him
    I know he means for the best, but is his best the best for Bella?

    and the question Charlie asks Bella is one of my favorite part of New Moon!

  27. SammiStarz

    Yeah, actually. I do think that Edward is being overprotective. I think that he knows that Jacob wouldn’t hurt her. She is just as safe with either of them (which might not be too safe). He loves her, but I think he is just a little jealous. This is either a Jake vs. Edward thing or it is a werewolf vs. vampire thing.

    – Sam

  28. Tonya

    I completely agree; there are times where Edward may go a little too far. He always has good intentions, which is why most readers and Bella forgive him. The thing is, if it was anyone else, if Mike was the one who helped Bella when Edward left and not Jake, Edward would (grudgenly) let her hang out with him. Edward might even attempt to make friends with him. I was always under the impression that Edward has a problem with Jake because he’s a wearwolf. That’s all. It’s a prejudice he has. His prejudice kinds of bugged me thorughout Eclipse as a matter of fact, but you’ll see how that resolves itself.

  29. rowen13

    Has no one noticed that Edward over reacts to everything! He is over baring and controlling when it comes to Bella. She is his life now, and he doesn’t want anything to happen to her. I may not agree with his methods but I can understand them. I believe that all the characters in this book make mistakes, but that is the joy of adolescence. I especially love what Brittany said and no If the situations where reverse; Jacob would never let Bella see Edward, if Bella and Jacob were together.

    But Jacob is 16, what can you say did anyone else act any better when they were 16, goodness even 18?

  30. Katie

    Yes, I think that Edward went too far, and this definitely wasn’t the first time. As I was scrolling through the comments above, I noticed someone said that in the book it seems completely okay. But if something like this were to happen in real life, you have a crazy, overprotective boyfriend on your hands.
    In my opinion, his overprotectiveness would be easier to deal with if he told her the truth behind his actions. Bella doesn’t deserve to be lied to again. We all know where Edward’s last lie landed them. With something as important as this, she needs to know everything that’s going on.

    I tried to be neutral on this comment, instead of being a complete Jacob fangirl. xD

  31. Annie

    HA! I thought that I was the only one that knew what a blobfish was!! That totally just made my day. =D

  32. rachel

    Bella went too far, and continues to in this whole darn book. This is my least favorite book because of Bella’s behavior. You don’t get to be best friends with another guy when he’s in love with you and wants you in a romantic way. It’s absolutely absurd. Of course I am married, have children, and a different perspective from many of those commenting here. But trust me, if your soul mate or husband has an issue with a friendship you are in, you get out of it. It’s disrespectful for Bella to pursue a friendship with Jacob, to both Edward and Jacob. Okay, I’m off my soap box now.

  33. Debra

    Ok, while I do think Edward went too far and it kind of pissed me off that he took her truck apart I do understand why he did it and why Bella didn’t want him to stay away even though she was upset with him. I don’t think it’s that he’s prejudice of the werewolves (though they are of the vampires) as much as he knows they are dangerous (see Sam & Emily) and doesn’t want her to be hurt. You’ve got to think, Jacob is mad that Edward came back and that Bella choose him, how does Edward know he won’t let that anger get to him and accidentally hurt Bella. Now, we, as does Bella, know Jacob would never hurt her, but as said many times Edward overreacts and, as even you said Kaleb, Edward is still a man. Jacob was there when he wasn’t and got pretty close to getting what was left of Bella’s heart after he left, he’s bound to be jealous. I also agree with some of the others up there that just think if Jacob and Bella were together but Edward was still around, Jacob would never let her near Edward for her “protection” (yes I used quotation marks, because we all know Edward would never hurt her either) and because he’d be jealous.

    I do agree with Kendall though about girls wanting a relationship like Edward and Bella’s, it’s ok in these books because of all the supernatural stuff, but in real life it would not be a healthy relationship. Now, finding a guy with some of Edwards more gentlemanly traits isn’t a bad idea, but not someone who you need to be your whole world.

  34. Aria

    I’m sure in Edward’s head, breaking ehr truck made perfect, logical sense. I can see him sitting next to Bella at night. She murmurs Jacob’s name and Edward thinks about possibly letting her to go see Jacob. In Edawrd’s mind he seeing Jacpb getting angry over something stupid and ripping Bella in to wet pink ribbons.

    Never the less, Edward is prone to paranoia. I think he just needs less think time. I think after he thinks on it, Edward would realize what he’s doing.

  35. Dayna

    It’s not that I’m saying what Edward did is right – although some say it’s the thought that counts. However, we have to remember, that although he’s more than 100 years old, he “died” when he was 17. He even says, he hasn’t really had anything along the lines of what we would call experience with girls, just like Bella doesn’t have much experience with boys. They’re both just learning how to act, and what’s ok and not ok. He may not quite wrap his pretty head around the fact that that’s just not ok. It’s a good thing he’s pretty… (and being a musician doesn’t hurt, either!)

  36. Rachel

    Look at it from Edward’s perspective. I think it all comes down to the fact that Alice can’t see what’s going on. If Alice could see Bella while she was with Jacob, I think Edward would be a little more relaxed. They (the vampires) have come to rely on these powers so heavily, they can’t function without them.

    On an additional note, I think it was really interesting how SM framed that conversation…forgive me, I don’t have a book in front of me, but if I remember, Edward prevents Bella from going, and then immediately backs away, and lets her be angry. He gives her the choice as to whether or not she wants to see him (Edward). I think that shows that Edward is thinking of Bella and her happiness – if only after her safety. Yes, Edward is jealous of Jacob, but I still think that’s way down on the list of motives for him tinkering with her car.

  37. JessieLynn

    The blobberfish is a pretty cexay beast, who wouldn’t want to talk about those all day…
    I loved the song choice, I am a HUGE fan of Skillet, as witnessed by anyone who walks away or sticks their mp3 player in when someone mentions them or Relient K…lol
    On to your question- I personally think that Edward was honestly doing his best to protect her from what inconceived horrors result from the werewolves, and doesn’t realize that he has gone WAY too far, not only on this occassion, but on other ones. Bella sees that he was doing it out of love for her, and thats what convinces her to re-open her window. No matter what happens, he still loves her, and she him, so even if this is semi-childish, it doesn’t change that fact.
    Also, wouldn’t Bella do everything in her power to stop Edward if she thought he was doing something stupid? I think so.
    Can’t wait until chapter three, I absolutely burst out in luaghs at that chapter, and almost got to the point of tears.

  38. Lu

    I don’t think Edward went to far. I think a very small part of it was him was jealous, but for the most part, he is trying to protect her.

  39. Katie Beth

    In human terms he went too far, but in vampire/werewolf terms it was smart. Edward has a much greater idea of how dangerous Jake could be, and he doesn’t know how careful Jake is around Bella.

    THANK you for declining the song suggestion. I loathe Britney Spears with a passion that will not be abated.

    Oh, and the last phrase you used… *melt*. Always. Gosh.

  40. Helen

    I think an important point in Edward’s defense of “going to far” is that Edward has actually seen Bella dead through Alice’s visions – because Edward sees whatever Alice sees – and Edward will do anything he can to prevent those visions from coming true. That’s one reason we can’t compare his actions to that of a normal teenage boy. He has a bigger knowledge base (plus he’s fictional). If my daughter dated someone who dismantled her vehicle to prevent her from leaving I’d be getting a Restraining Order. However, Edward operates from the perspective of not letting Bella fulfil any of Alice’s horrible visions of the future. (I’m willing to conceed there’s a little of him that just wants to keep her away from Jacob.)

  41. Rochelle

    I am not sure if Bella can be overprotected. If you look at her track record, she’s obviously a magnet for dangerous trouble whether she brings it on herself, like in NM, or she stumbles upon it, like every day of her life.

    It makes sense to look at Edward and wonder what his overreacting means, because it does have meaning, but what about rationalizing the odds that something might happen to Bella. The odds alone, not to mention Alice’s inability to see her when near Jacob, give Edward his rational to take any measure to keep her safe. Plus, even though she wants to see Jacob, Bella does want/need/trust Edward’s protection.

    This friction obviously won’t go over well for too long, which leaves very few choices for Edward. Bella will be hard pressed to give in … I wonder what the ever selfless Edward will do?

    I also agree that this fantastical story comes with a heap full of the realistically unlikely, because this love is possible in this fictional world alone. But can keep from desiring such unwavering true love? Goodness, Romeo and Juliet kill themselves but their love still remains classic. Their suicide merely reminds us of it’s imperfections, its humanity. Now, people will remember Bella and Edward, and when someone wants to negate the possibility of such a love, or the unhealthy nature of it, they only have to say, “That love only exists in the immortal world.” But people still look to Romeo and Juliet, so I doubt girls will discontinue using Edward as a measuring stick because of his issues; it’s really just all about the love.

    Great post Kaleb! I really thought your question was going to fling open the Jacob vs Edward can, but thankfully it didn’t. :)

  42. Julia

    Fear not, good Kaleb. You will not be hung. :) At least not by me. Indeed you will find out Edward’s true motivations and all will be well in our little Twilight world. :)

    Anywho, trust in a relationship is a hard thing to develop. We all have our insecurities which cause us to do some crazy things. (Holy cow I’m psycho analyzing a work of fiction, oh geez.) True, Edward has an overdeveloped sense of mortality causing him to be uber protective of the one and only thing he loves in the whole wide world, Bella. Rest assured Bella has some (very effective) tricks up her sleeve that help balance out this relationship (as if one could ever doubt that Steph wouldn’t write it that way in the first place)…keep reading and blogging, dear Kaleb. We love your insight and hilarity. :)

  43. Rie

    The truck was nothing… just wait.

  44. Johanna

    I think Edward exaggerated by doing that. He can’t be controlling her like that.
    But I understand it though.. He almost lost her once.

    – Johanna

  45. Krystol

    Like everyone else its yes and no. Yes, he did kind of go off the deep end sabotaging Bella’s truck (but notice how she still throws the window wide open for him cuz she can’t stay mad). No because he really thinks he is protecting her. There is a bit of jealousy there, but it is mostly because he is terrified of her getting hurt at all.

  46. tina

    This is a fun chapter – from the hot kiss in the bedroom to the sex talk with Charlie (mortification).

    Kaleb, maybe you should broaden your question to include pushing for a trip to Florida to protect Bella without being honest with her. Edward makes some mistakes – he isn’t perfect. Bella doesn’t see them because she loves him. Yes, Edward is overprotective. Yes, Edward is insanely jealous of Jacob (as he should be). I really wish we had all of Midnight Sun, but what we do have gives some insight into his thinking. He is ready to kill Mike Newton over his thoughts about Bella, I can’t imagine how he feels toward Jacob, someone Bella actually has feelings for.

    However, if someone dismantled my daughter’s car to keep her from visiting another friend – I’d be a mad momma bear!! Even Emmett would be no match for me!! lol

  47. rachael

    I think we can just call Edward’s behavior simply an overreaction. C’mon, who hasn’t overreacted at some point in a relationship…..besides this isn’t a typical relationship, we are talking about true, all-consuming love with a healthy dose of real danger and fear of loss thrown into the mix. And, whoever said Edward had perfect control over his emotions…..as we know from his own words in New Moon, he is skilled at putting on a facade, but that doesn’t mean that just below the surface the emotional turmoil isn’t raging.

  48. Isabel

    Edward just has a tendency to go overboard in general. The truck sabotage was too much, but it’s all understandable for reasons people have already pointed out. It doesn’t make it right that his intentions appear to be pure, but it makes it acceptable.

  49. Mary Beth

    Like everyone else, I think it’s a yes and a no. Edward was just being his normal self and being protective. He has a sota good reason to be jealous…but he needed to calm down. Bella knows what she’s doing and I think that Jacob is a good enough person that he wouldn’t try anything haha. But, I totally understand where Jacob and Edward are coming from.

    By the way.. you are awesome! I hope you continue to enjoy Eclipse :)

  50. Een.

    I think we need to look a bit at Edward’s perspective, here. I mean to HIM, Bella’s running off to frolick with a pack of rabid dogs. If I knew MY boyfriend was going to go play with a foamy Old Yeller, I’d beat his truck to smitherines with a baseball bat. With nails in.

    Now, certain things Edward does WOULD be creepy if it wasn’t for all that supernatural mumbo-jumbo, but to HIM Bella’s seriously a china doll. She breaks. Especially being BELLA. She breaks, and she honestly has horrible judgment when it comes to self preservation. Now, he got her into this. He put a vampire attack-my-girlfriend homing device on her. I think he’s seriously just trying to prevent her from being destroyed by the supernatural world she chooses to live in.

    But, what Kendall says: HELLS YEAH. Outside of saving you from literal blood-thirsty vampires, if your boyfriend acts like Edward, he needs to back the hell off.

  51. Shelby

    We all know Edward is a little bit, wait no….WAY overprotective. And he did go overboard when he messed with her truck.

    Sure, we may know from Midnight Sun that he thinks differently than a lot of us, but does that give him the right to keep Bella from doing what she wants. The real problem- I think- is that Bella doesn’t see how wrong it is. Yes, she loves him, but she can’t enjoy life. Its always surrounded by Edward (I know, I know. She’s not really complaining about that). There’s no time where she can just have fun with her friends- well friends being Jacob Black. If I were Bella, I would seriously evaluate how much freedom I have in my relationship. If I were being controlled the way she is, I wouldn’t be a happy camper. I like spending time with friends sometimes. There are times when- even if you love the person you’re dating- you have to take a day off and hang out with friends. Its normal. We may not always do that, and we may not always like it, but we need to.

    I think that Edward just doesn’t get that. He really only has his family. Friends are kind of impossible for him. So he doesn’t understand that Bella needs other relationships and that her relationship with Jacob- however complicated it may be- is important. And we all know he is slightly jealous. We know later on that Edward complains about Jacob’s vivid mental pictures and fantasies. Something like that would make a man jealous, even if he is a supernatural creature.

    Edward may be acting in Bella’s best interests, but he also doesn’t see that he is being slightly selfish, in the tiniest way. He’s keeping Bella away from another man who deeply cares for her. She only sees him as a friend and yet Edward isn’t taking that seriously. He mainly sees Jacob’s side. If that’s not selfish, I don’t know what is. He’s making sure that all she knows is him. And so far, it works. She’s completely addicted to him and she’s fine with that. But she cn’t be held back from Jacob forever. A friendship as strong as theirs can’t be broken. And Edward pays for it in the long-run…even if only for a minute.

  52. Marissa

    Edward will be Edward.

    haha look at me, talking about him like he’s real… sad day.

    **shakes head** britney spears… poor girl. lol

  53. Stacy

    I don’t think he went too far with the truck. He’s truly in love with her and would die inside if anything happened to her. Messing with Bella’s truck is just Edward’s way of making sure he can keep an eye on her and make sure that she doesn’t get herself into any situation that could turn dangerous.

  54. Leah

    All i can say is that edward pretty much died inside when he thought bella was really dead, and will go to extremes not never have her in any danger EVER again. So knowing that she is friends with a werewolf, whom he does not know or trust and considers a dangerous creature (short tempered), i think it’s both. WE know jake wouldn’t hurt bella, but Edward obviously wasn’t there during the time when Jacob proved himself to us, so in Edward’s mind, he is protecting Bella from something dangerous, but he also doesn’t like the fact that she is friends with him.

  55. Leah

    Kaleb, i think you will understand better once Edward and Jake have their infamous conversation further into the book.

  56. KMA#1

    I agree that he went too far with the truck thing. The thing though is that while Edward is perfect, he’s not, well, you know…perfect. :) And I think that at the time I’m sure he thought he was acting rationally.

  57. Annie

    I really love edward, and think that if he was human that yeah, he would be going too far. but seeing as he is a vampire it’s not as creepy and going too far. Also, seeing as he is a vampire and mortal enemies with the wolves, he has reason to not want bella to go see jacob.

  58. dsolo

    Edward has a tendency to overreact when it comes to Bella’s safety. Yes, he went too far, but he can’t help himself. He will do anything to keep her safe, even if it makes her angry. Kaleb, check out the The Movie Fanatics comprehensive guide to Twilight (link is on Lexicon). You’re quoted in Part 2 – controversial issues re: Midnight Sun leak. Go Kaleb!

  59. Alice

    I think that Edward did go a little to far, as he did in New Moon, with trying to protect Bella. Conciously, all he wants is her safety, but subconsiously, he doesn’t want Bella to change her mind about him, so I think that they were both his reasons. Though, based on a converstion you haven’t read yet, and while it can’t be known for certain, I think that Edward is acting to protect her. There are several parts of both Eclipse and Breaking Dawn that I would use to back up my point, but I don’t want to spoil it.

  60. Mallory

    I definitely thought he went too far, I was ticked when I read that part actually

  61. Heather

    Haha, I loved your post about math homework on your other site. That’s basically how all my math notebooks looked throughout high school. I decided to do the easy thing and go for an English degree, so I finished all the math I needed in high school =D

    That conversation with Charlie always makes me laugh so hard that I cry, every time I read it. And I’ve been through Eclipse at least six times, if not more. And that Blobfish…seriously scary stuff.

    Now onto your question. The main reason for preventing Bella from going to La Push is Edward knows just a little more than Bella does and doesn’t want her out of his sight. And he really does think the werewolves are dangerous, or at least an added danger Bella really doesn’t need, on top of falling in love with a vampire. You will find out later that Edward harbors some jealousy toward Jacob, but he represses it for another hope he doesn’t want to happen but will be better for Bella, in his mind. Sorry about being so evasive, I don’t want to spoil anything for you!

    He is being a bit controlling in the beginning of Eclipse, but it’s really because he’s insanely worried about Bella. He doesn’t want to lose her. And, as even his family admits, Edward goes a little overboard in trying to protect her. As much of a Team Edward fan I am, Edward’s overprotective qualities annoy me in this book. And if you are annoyed now, just wait. It’s about to get so much worse. You constantly want to knock some sense into Bella, Edward, and Jacob throughout this book.

    Soooo…there’s my evasive two cents on this chapter. It’s hard to answer your question because a lot of stuff that happens in Eclipse sways my answer. Can’t wait for you to read more!

  62. Cheryl

    I think Bella’s “danger magnetism” makes Edward a little more obsessed with protecting to such an extreme. I think people also forget that he was fighting against werewolves before Charlie was even born. He has never had a polite conversation with one and now he’s speaking with one that wants to take “his” Bella away. If you survived an exploding volcano 70 years ago and the love of your existence wanted to hike up to a dormant volcano, would you try to stop them? Edward also has a tendency to give Bella whatever he wants and his internal struggle to keep her away from Jacob has him a little crazier than usual about protecting her from any dangerous thing.

  63. Alli

    Cheryl, thanks for the volcano metaphor – I agree. Edward went about things the wrong way, but (as much as I love Jake and want Bella to be able to see him) Edward had every right to ask Bella not to see him. We all know Jake wants her for himself, and Bella should realize that she is only causing trouble by trying to have them both.

    And yes, Edward overreacts about everything. Steph herself said it was his main flaw.

    By the way, Kaleb, Edward actually almost lost her twice (James and cliff-diving) so he has reason to be even more paranoid.

  64. KT

    I think it was a bit much to acually take apart her car. I know Edward has good intensions, so I don’t really blame him too much. But I am an Edward fan so I’m biased.

    P.S. Kaleb, what was with the blobfish? That was disgusting! Distgusting but at the same time hilarious. Love the topics much preffered by Charlie.

  65. vivs

    i completely agree kendall!that isnt a very healthy basis of a good relationship. and lets hope that girls realize this and notice the difference between reality and fantasy. but i wont even deny it, even i have wished more than once that edward was real….and then i remind myself that ppl like edward dont exsist and that i should be happy for what i haveand the good things to come in the future…

    btw: LOVED the post today!and the britney comment, HILARIOUS! LOL 😀

  66. Kealeagh

    I hated hated hated Edward the first eight chapters of Eclipse, to the point where I was SO close to turning over to the Bella/Jacob ship. Good thing he improved, later on. Or else it was good-bye Edward.

  67. Kati

    Edward is an overprotective freak. It’s about the only thing that really annoys me about him. Just like Jacob thinks hanging out with Vampires as major health hazard, Edward feels the same way about the Werewolves. And obviously, Bella get’s into enough hazardous activities without driving out to meet them.
    Yes I think he went a little overboard in sabotaging her truck, but Edward was trying to protect her. Think of what happened to Emily. He went about protecting Bella in a schizo way, but I can understand his point of view.

  68. Shakesgirl66

    I would have been so mad. Little to over protective for me.

    I still love Edward though.

  69. E

    I think that, yes, he is trying to protect her, but forcing her to do something is going too far… I got so frustrated with Bella when she just let him come through the window that night anyway. I mean, she’s like putty in his hands. It’s just so infuriating the way she can never get mad at him over the serious things.

  70. Melissa (melissaturkey)

    reading over alot of these I see a bunch of my opinions in different ones so Im going to keep this short.

    edward is….edward, he is slightly overprotective and his motives(ie protection/love(the main emotion)and jealousy and selfishness) all tend to get mixed together and combined when it comes to Bella. He does understand that she needs friends and family and people who care about her. but on another level he just wishes one of those friends/family was not JAcob Black which is three parts selfish jealousy and one part protection (because intelectually he knows Jake would never hurt her).

    the truck insident was a bit much, but edward is prone to overreaction and even if we as outsiders think its a bit stupid of her, Bella doesnt really mind or dwell on it so why should we?

    funny post Kaleb, post another soon?

    😀 melissaturkey

  71. Verali

    Well, if we were talking about any other human man, then yes, he went a bit too far. However, we aren’t – thank God – and this is Edward. And he is insanely in love with her, just as equally as Bella is insanely in love with him, so he has no limits to keeping her safe – will be more expressed in Breaking Dawn. And, to his defence – she did disappear, so, knowing his ability to over-react a bit (see New Moon) this is sort of expected.
    So, there. His case is somewhat justified a little.
    ilu to all!
    the entire thing with the… Charlie incident-encountery thing, lets say, was HILLARIOUS! My thoughts xactlee!
    I still feel bad for Bella…

  72. Becky

    hmm… well, I don’t really know. From Edward’s POV, it’s to keep Bella safe. Because they are werewolves, which are vampire enemey #1, and Bella is openly in love with a vampire therefore she would logically be werewolf enemy #2, right after the vamps. Plus, Edward does not like Jake. And Jake really doesn’t like Edward. and since Alice can’t see them, Edward isn’t sure what they’re up to. So to him, taking apart the truck is perfectly reasonable becuase he can’t lose Bella.
    On the otherhand, from Bella’s POV he is being too overprotective. She wants to see her friend, and she knows the werewolves don’t want to hurt her. Edward is basically forcing her to do what he wants, not what she wants. Which, vampire or not, isn’t what a fiancee should be doing.

    But anyways, to avoid rambling on and on about Edward (and believe me, I could), I’ll just sum it up. This is just Edward being Edward. The overprotective overthinking sparkly vampire fiancee that he is.

  73. Becky

    plus, given how he reacts at other times, taking about her truck is pretty rational for Edward. Much more sane than say, leaving her like in New Moon and thinking she’ll move on, or the deal he makes in Breaking Dawn with Jake.
    This is just how Edward deals with things, he overreacts.

  74. Becky

    oops, I meant taking APART her truck, lol

  75. Fran

    ok, Edwars goes totally overboard here. In Twilight, i was completly in love with Edward, like everyone else on the planet. in New Moon he seemed kinda stupid, but was dealing with it. But Eclipse turned me into a total Jacob fan. This is a prime example of how Edward isnt thinking at all about what Bella wants. He’s treating her like a child then patting her on the head and saying, “you don’t understand”. WHY WOULD ANYONE PUT UP WITH A GUY LIKE THAT????

  76. Liz

    As much as I hate to admit it, he is putting a toe ever the line.

    Geez Kaleb, you made my day today, as I head a bad one, but you are just so funny. Thanks.

  77. sparkles

    Taking apart her truck, forbidding her to visit LaPush against her informed wishes with no good explanation other than fear for her safety (explanations that she heard and discounted rationally) is disempowering her. There is a huge power difference between them in terms of physical strength. By discounting her informed choices in favor of his own wishes for her, Edward is treating Bella not as an equal partner in a loving relationship, with the right to make her own decisions, but as he would a child he was responsible for. The fact he has the power to do so, makes it all the more galling that he would abuse this power so against someone he claims to love. It is not right.

    Luckily, he sees that later, kind of – though really I wonder if he really understands this or if it is just fear of losing her emotionally that makes him decide to show more respect for her autonomy. Seriously, Edward shows his selfish side through this controlling behavior towards Bella.

    Then again, Jacob and Bella both show their selfish sides in this book as well. :) It’s a great book for fleshing out the not so nice sides of the characters. Part of the Wurthuring Heights flavor I suppose.

  78. Brianna

    I understand where Edward’s coming from, and the more I think about it, the more I think that I would do the same thing. I’m not saying that what he did was “right”, but he had some good reasons for doing it. I am a little biased, though:)

  79. Beverly

    *holds hands up in self-defense”

    I think he is doing the best he can to protect Bella, but it is going too far if he thinks the best way is to keep her from doing what she wants. I, personally, would not be able to STAND Edward if he went to my school. Just the fact that he’s usually certain he’s right and always walks around with a smirk on his face would be enough to drive me up the wall. Yes, I understand that he is unselfish, handsome, and amazing in general. I just do not enjoy the company of people who overreact.

    Fran, you hit it right on the head. *claps*

  80. Beverly

    *wants to say something about Edward, but can’t, as it is a spoiler*

  81. Rhiannon

    I absolutely LOVE Edward, but he is very very overprotective. It really bugs me that he does this, and if some guy ever did this to me, he would be dead by now, but with everything that has gone on in the past, I can see that he might just be a little paranoid. I think that him killing bella’s truck is annoying, and selfish in a way, but also kinda romantic in a twisted way. He loves her so much :)

  82. Elaina

    Oh yeah Edward went into “scary lifetime movie boyfriend who ends up beating you” mode

  83. Brittany

    Excellent observations once again Kaleb! Pretty sure most of us girls agree with you on this one (from the abundance of comments above mine, lol) especially those of us who are a bit headstrong :) Can’t wait to see your take on the trip to Florida!

  84. katie

    I think that Edward is definatly too overprotective of Bella sometimes. I mean whatever happened to making sure that Bella is happy? By Edward not letting Bella see Jacob is hurting her. The longer that Bella is away from Jacob the more he is hurting too.

  85. Elise

    In Edward’s mind the wolves are dangerous and unstable. (think about what happend to Emily) He is doing this to:
    1. protect Bella
    2. and a little beacuse part of him won’t let him forget how it felt like to think of her as dead
    3. beacuse it hurts to lose her for a little while, especially to Jacob
    4. and beacuse he IS jealouse of Jacob
    At least that’s what I think^^

  86. Loony_Lovegood

    This is exactly why i’m team jacob. Edward is wayyyy too overprotective. It bugged me to death that he doesn’t let bella visit jake.

  87. marcela

    ok well…. twilight world with vamps and warewolfs no edward did not go to far
    real world only humens yes he did and i would have kicked him and ran b4 he could have said another word he would he to beg on his knees and then mayb i would forgive hime (im no 1s pet no matter how in love)

  88. Chelsea

    This is the thing that a lot of people critcize the Twilight books for. If they get past the first two without getting offended because it’s “anti-feminist” (insert my laughter), then they get angry because Edward exhibits the behavior of an abusive boyfriend in Eclipse. But the thing is, nothing that happens in Twilight can be taken out of context. This is immediately following Edward’s long and painful separation from Bella, and he came back to Forks to find her in more arguably more danger than she’s ever been before (werewolves, vampires, and sex talks, oh my!). Most girls wouldn’t tolerate this behavior from their boyfriends, but Edward is trying. He is trying so hard to do what is right for her, and this little incident is just one of his many overreactions. Stephenie talked about this once. At the beginning of New Moon, Edward overreacted by removing himself completely from Bella’s life. When that didn’t work, he decided to ALWAYS be with her, and that means he has to always know where she is. Obviously, Bella’s not going to like that too much, so it seems like Edward has made another mistake. His problem is that it takes him a while to find a happy medium. So no, I don’t really have a problem with it. I understand completely what his motivations are.

  89. Moar

    my ~~blobfish
    ty for making me e-famous

  90. Hanalee

    Edward was being a BIT of a conrtol freak (understatment). But, it was only becuase he cared for Bella….if you judge him by his motives, than you can’t hate him TOO much, but if you take it as he puts her “safety” before her happiness and doesen’t really care if it makes her miserable, or that Jacob saved her numerous times when he wasn’t there to, Edward seems like a wee bit of a jerk here.

  91. HeyJoyous

    Well, since Edward really thinks that Werewolves = Death I don’t think he went to far. He’s trying to keep her alive. And Alice can’t see what will happen to her when she’s with them. He doesn’t want to go through losing her again even though the first time wasn’t real.

  92. Stacy

    edward just over thinks everything and knows that bella attracts trouble. i think he’s right in doing what he can to stop her from going around by herself. sure a part of him doesn’t want her around jacob because he’s jealous but la push is the one place he can’t go and make sure she’s safe.

  93. Georgia

    As always you have made my entire night :) I love your posts.

    If Edward went too far in messing with Bella’s truck (yeah… he probably did…) I still got a lot of giggles out of it when he did :)


  94. courtney

    ya know…you are very intuitive, maybe you need to stop guessing about things and read them and find out :p

    I think that Edward did go a bit far with the truck thing but Charlie did it to Bella’s truck too, but i guess he is the parent. I think Edward is an extemest, as you can tell with New Moon he left and completely removed himself from her life and now he is controlling all aspects of it, but i believe its good intentioned. Ugh I want to tell you more but I guess I’ll shut my trap and let you find out for yourself :)

  95. Laura

    Edward may not be human, but he is still a man. Hmm, been doing some reading ahead Kaleb???

  96. Christina

    I think maybe it was a little too far, but it was justified. If he can’t be around her and Alice can’t see her how is he supposed to know she’s ok? So I think that was kind of the only option from his perspective.

  97. JC

    On one hand, Edward is being a little overprotective, but he’s only doing it because he couldn’t bear it if something was to happen to Bella that he could have prevented.

    Also, if you notice, he doesn’t let Bella go to LaPush, but then he backs off and gives her a choice of whether or not to leave the window open. He knew it would probably make Bella angry, which would hurt him, but he honestly thinks it’s for her own good.

    I’m really not sure where I stand on the overprotectiveness thing. On one hand, it’s creepy, but I had a slightly overprotective guy friend who was the best friend I ever had, and who would be hard to live without. Besides, the great thing about the book is that all of the characters have their flaws, but we accept them and love them anyways, because we know we have our own flaws, too, and want other people to accept us in spite of them.

  98. urcoolcarrie

    I think that he was trying to protect her. I’m trying to think back to when i was reading this part, and i’m pretty sure i was pretty dang ok with it. i like it when someone is overprotective. it makes it seem like they love that person more. :)

  99. Jessica

    Umm, me and my friends actually had a discussion about Edward today on this subject.

    If you really think about it (I love Edward mind you) he is sorta stalker-ish. Okay now before all of you hunt me down and kill me let me explain myself.

    He like watches Bella through her window…umm girls seriously if some guy is doing that to you you REALLY need to realize that’s weird. If it was anyone but Edward we ALL know we would be calling the cops. Then again all Bella has to do is scream down the hall but whatever.

    Now knowing that Edward and Bella are like you know perfect together this is fine. But think about what it was like in the beginning. When she didn’t know she was being watched…

    Anyways…Edward is sort of out of line. He’s “protecting” her, but after all he doesn’t own her. She’s not his property. He shouldn’t be able to tell her when she can go where. He has every right to say, “I would rather you not go” but he’s not even giving her that. It’s “I don’t want you to go so you’re not” (Not that Edward would EVER say that because he’s too amazing). It just shows you even Magestic-Wonderful-GreekGodlike-Perfect-SuperHott-Edward isn’t perfect…

    For all of those wondering I’m not a huge Jacob fan…i’ve always been on Edward’s side but there are some things about him that aren’t…I don’t know how to say this without getting hate comments… He’s not…

    You know fill in the blank with whatever word/words you find appropriate!

  100. Amy H.

    Thank goodness this is all fiction! I LOVE Edward, but nothing would turn me off more than this kind of behavior in real life. If this were real, it would be one seriously unhealthy relationship! Not just from Edward’s side – they are both pretty ridiculous. (Opening the window, having a full on break-down when he leaves in NM, then just forgiving and forgetting in a ten second epiphany, etc.)

    Sadly, for some people, this type of insecure, jealous behavior by a partner is “real life”. Someone mistaking jealousy and control for love is tragic. Too many teenage girls make this mistake. (And adult women as well.) In the Twilight world I am a full-on Edward girl, but in the real world a guy like Jacob would be a much healthier choice. Even healthier would be focusing on yourself, learning to be ok without a man, getting an education, travelling, becoming a more interesting person, etc.

    Thank goodness it’s fiction because I just get to LOVE Edward without consequence and with my feminist sensibilities still intact!

  101. daylet

    great pick on the song. i love skillet, is my favorite band.

  102. Shannah

    Edward is an overprotective stalker FREAK. And like someone said, he may love her and blah blah blah but she isn’t his little puppet that should have to do whatever he wants for whatever stupid reason.
    The first time I read the part where he tore her truck apart I was pissed because umm… HELLO? He’s the one who left Bella, and Jacob’s the one who fixed her, so if she wants to hang out with Jacob then jeez louise let her do it! Be GLAD she has someone like that! But nnoooooo Edward is just an ungrateful little wretch. Like, seriously.. I bet as a human he would have been a woman beater. He needs to get some help. Of course, this is a fictional character I’m talking about..

    Sorry, major ranting.
    Ya’ll can yell at me if you want to.

  103. Erika

    good move on declining Britney Spears’ song, Overprotected :)

  104. Liz

    To answer your question: To me as much as I love Edward I think thats a little much. But hey that at least means he loves her. :)

  105. Erin

    Um… I can’t answer the question. Not really at least, because I hate Jake anyways. If Edward kept him out of the book just this much longer, then go him.
    Also, I just wanted to tell Charlie this part (as I laughed my head off), that, gee, she’s been grounded. Stuck at the house. And Charlie was right there everytime Edward was near her: besides school. There was no time for them to be doing anything. Besides that night. When, huh, Esme and Carlilse were home. Imagine that…
    Okay, I’m done being sarcastic. I love Charlie, he’s one of my favorite characters in the series. But, seriously… he’s so… stupid/naive sometimes. Well, not stupid… more blonde. I don’t know.
    Happy reading!

  106. becky sue

    Well…..First off let me say I cracked up when you were all afraid that people were going to hurt you for speaking (mildly) bad things of Edward. Yeah, that was halarious.

    But, since your number is undoubtably up with your transgression, it was probably quite wise of you to refrain from putting Brittany Spears as the song………… That could result in unecessary torture.

    Also, the blobfish is scary. *shudders*

    Well, now on to your question: I do find it to be over the limit, but I know that it wasn’t done intentionally. He is completely worried for her and yeah, is completly jealous of Jacob. It reminds me of when Charlie dinked with her truck earlier. And he really thinks that she could get seriously hurt while there (Lord knows that she’s been seriously hurt before………)

  107. Sarah W.

    #88 Chelsea: Yeah, I understand his motivations, too (as all of us here, do too) BUT that doesn’t mean what he did was right. It was actually very wrong. There just isn’t any excuse. Sorry. I don’t care how supernatural their love is, or how B and E are each others’ worlds, or that Edward sparkles, OR that Bella is a ‘Danger Magnet,’ there just isn’t anything that made how Edward treated Bella right. I understand his motivations and and fears very well, though. He just didn’t go about addressing them in the right manner. I supppose he couldn’t help it though, seeing how Meyer gave him the tragic flaw of overreaction. Still, I was quite put out with Edward during most of Eclipse, even after he let Bella do as she wished, which is why it’s not my favorite book. It took me awhile to forgive him. But I won’t forget what he did. He is not the only character, fortunately who showed their uglier side in the book, so it was fair on both sides. After reading this, you may find it surprising that EDWARD IS MY FAVE CHARACTER! Only because Bella annoys me to NO end. (In every single book. Literally.) As for Jacob, well he is tied for fave character, too. What makes me like them most is that their flaws make them most human, no how far away they are from it. I just don’t always like the consequences of those flaws.

  108. Heather

    To Sarah W.:

    Every single character in Eclipse does stupid things. Edward can’t find a medium. Bella keeps hurting everyone. Jacob is too forceful. They are all at fault. Edward does overreact, but it’s because he loves her so much and he wants what’s best for her, whether he’s included or not. It’s got nothing to do with the fact that he’s supernatural or that he sparkles or that Bella’s a danger magnet. He is trying to help her, he just can’t figure out the best way.

    I’ll argue and defend other characters whenever their faults come up in Eclipse =)

  109. Janelle

    I feel like Edward’s acting in her best interests & to keep her safe, but as a girl who doesn’t take well to feeling controlled & ordered around when I’m capable of running my own life & making my own decisions, I’d be furious if a boyfriend did such things to me.

  110. Twifanatic Amanda

    nah, even if he did she’ll forgive him.

  111. Sarah W.

    Oh well Heather, we’ll have to agree to disagree then. I still forgive him, though :)

  112. Jess

    Dude. I love Edward Cullen, ok? Don’t get mad. But seriously? If you wanted to go visit your best friend who you haven’t seen in weeks, and then your boyfriend (or girlfriend, i guess) busted your car ON PURPOSE. Of course he can put it back together, but my God. Overreaction much??

  113. Jessica L.

    Don’t even get me started on Edward taking Bella’s truck down. *shakes head* I’ve been through this a million times and I know I’ll have to go through it a million more.

    YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES! HE DID! Can’t he understand that Bella has her own mind and her own friends and needs some time to be with those friends. I mean, if Edward really wants to be with her forever, shouldn’t he be more open to the things that Bella wants to do now, while she still can as a human? Edward’s just being selfish and forcing Bella to do what he wants in a way that is FAR past overprotective.

    Jacob is a healthy escape for Bella and I think we all know it, deep down. He’s there for her, as a friend, though he wants to be more. Personally, I think Bella’s to blame for this since she completely played him on for a while, but whatever. Bella deserves to get out and have some fun. It would be different if Jacob was just the only one in La Push, but the entire La Push pack, come on? What’s going to get that far past them? Can’t Edward get out of that perfect little place in his head where he’s the greatest thing and believe that other people can protect his “precious” Bella too?

  114. diana

    everyone seems to be forgetting that jake and bella are not just friends.not too far back in new moon she was about to break down and replace edward with jacob.obviously edward being edward will do whatever he has to do to protect bella if her future disappears.im surprised in eclipse how much freedom edward allows bella to spend with another guy.he is her boyfriend after all(and stephjenie agrees)and its outrageous the way bella keeps getting angry at her boyfriend for expecting her loyalty and cooperation and how she never gets mad at jacob no matter how rotten he is to edward.if jake was just a friend it would be different but he clearly wants more than that from bella.

  115. Twilight Slovenia » Somračne novice

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  116. Kristen

    Edward is just protecting Bella from the werewolves. He knows how dangerous they are if they lose their tempers.


  117. Heather

    Wowwww Jessica L., have you read the books? If you had, then you would realize that Edward doesn’t think like that at all, in the slightest.

    And as for Jacob being a healthier choice for Bella, it’s not true. Because there was always that threat of imprinting, and now because of Breaking Dawn, it’s a MOOT point (haha Kaleb).

  118. Imani

    Hello Kaleb, I think that Edward did the right thing in his mind because he is trying to protect, Bella from possibly dissapearing forever and/or what Alice saw. However I also think that 10% of his motive for sabatoge is a little jealous toward Jacob because for one he is at least half human.

  119. Rachel

    Everyone looks at it from the perspective of would it be ok in real life if a boyfriend sabotaged your vehicle, in real life no. but this isn’t a normal situation. It’s a reasonable reaction for an extreme situation. The real issue is in real life would it be ok with you if your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife wanted to keep a friendship with someone who hates you and who is in love with your significant other and don’t hide the fact that they’re after more than friendship through any means necessary. Now consider that this person also has a record of breaking into uncontrollable violent rages.

    Now look at Edward and Bella’s relationship. Edward has two legitimate reasons for telling Bella to stay away from Jacob 1. Both he and bella know Jacob wants more than just a friendship. and 2. He’s potentially dangerous.

    Now to the first reason, to those who’ve said Edward’s stopping her from going to see a ‘friend’ it’s more than that. If Bella was going to hang out with mike or Angela, he wouldn’t stop her. Unlike what some people have been claiming here Edward does not try to limit Bella’s social life. Normally he’s the one encouraging her to have other relationships, even relationships that could develop into more. In a normal relationship if your partner refused to give a “friend” like Jacob it would be potential grounds for breakup/divorce on the first reason alone. Now add to that the fact that Edward, as a vampire, is incapable of ever falling out of love with Bella. In many ways he is the one most trapped by this relationship. Yet even with that he’s not only willing that Bella should find someone else to love he encourages it. Edward is the only one who’d be left completely devastated if that happened. If this were a normal relationship than for the first reason Edward has the right as a boyfriend to ask Bella to stay away from Jacob. And it would be selfish to try to continue a relationship like the one between Bella and Jacob. But Edward doesn’t object to the relationship on those grounds even though he has every right. He objects for the second reason, b/c he’s worried for Bella’s safety. Because he loves her that much. To him having Bella leave him and love someone else would be hell but he’d endure it, but to have her die… that he couldn’t stand.

  120. kristen

    I really didn’t like Edware, Bella, or Jacob in this book. They all did very questionable things. But I think we all can be that way when situations arise that we don’t quite know how to handle.

    Edward was really overreacting in this chapter and that was wrong but he is trying to figure out how to handle the situation and is willing to improve when he realizes his mistakes.
    Bella is very unwilling to look at herself in this book and that cause alot of problems for all of them. She really is the problem in this book not Edward and Jacob!
    Jacob in this book also really crosses the line in one of these chapters and his actions are as bad if not worse than what Edward did to the truck. Lets not forget about that! So for me, both guys didn’t act very well in this book. But no fear it all works out very well in the end for all of them.

    Edward, Bella, and Jacob are all wonderful characters we just get to see other sides of them in this book. I really enjoyed that.

  121. Jessie

    As this is a much-pondered question on my part, I have my answer all ready and formulated for you:

    Did Edward go too far?
    From his knowledge, Jacob is extremely unsafe for Bella.
    Now, his actions could be misconstrued as abusive (and often are) but…
    the deciding factor is Edward’s INTENTIONS.
    Were he intending to be abusive, then Bella would probably want to get some help.
    his actions are always for Bella’s good… and we all saw what happened the last time harm came to Bella.
    No, I don’t think so.

  122. Megan

    No I don’t think he’s gone too far.

    Bella’s plenty selfish throughout this book, nothing compared to Edward is right now. None of us can put ourselves in that situation. Bella almost got devoured by a sadistic vampire in the first book, then they both lost each other physically and emotionally in the next (during which Bella decides to cliff dive and reckless motorcycling .. with JACOB) and you expect Edward not to be over protective? Bella has many faults and it seems Edward has had none in the past books, he is the epitome of ‘perfect’ in Bella’s and most reader’s eyes, and so now he has one fault by being a little over protective and everyone jumps on him for that…

    Like, chill. I love Edward.
    He can do no wrong. xD

  123. Noelle

    I honestly think that it’s both. He really really wants to protect her, but he’s overprotective. But then again I have to remind myself that it’s not without good reason! Is it Bella after all. Anyone who can find a vampire boyfriend and then a werewolf best friend need someone to protect them, don’t you think?

  124. Brianna J.

    i thinmk it’s hilarious that he took apart her car. i don’t know if he really went to far, because he certainly would have had a reason for it. can’t wait for the next chapter!

  125. Sarah

    VERY good observations.

    The first time I read it, I didn’t understand. I had to read it three times before my brain convinced itself that YES, Edward seriously just broke Bella’s truck. As for his reasons…you have it down – that is, both of them.

  126. Shelly

    I think that Edward was just trying to protect Bella. Yes, it may have been a little DRAMATIC but, really? Have you seen the girl? She’s a walking disater waiting to happen half the time and the fact that Alice’s visions cut off when she’s going to see Jacob, who’s a WEREWOLF, I believe he has every right to be overprotective. He’s already almost lost her once, he doesn’t want that to happen again.
    Your observations are dead on once again by the way lol XD

    oh, and the blobfish made me full on throw my head back and laugh. So funny… and slightly distrubing..

  127. Cara

    Nah, he’s just trying to keep her safe. While he is going a bit too far, it’s all in the best intentions.

  128. devz30

    “…Edward has been overwhelmingly unselfish so far”
    Maybe that’s why I wasn’t so annoyed with what Edward did. At least be selfish for once. ok that sounds weird. But I don’t think he went too far. It was for Bella’s own good, anyway….but thinking of it in Bella’s POV, I would have been irritated.

  129. devz30

    Oh, and by the w ay, I totally agree with megan ^_^ (comment #122)

  130. Emalee

    I think it was a bit of both, like protection gone WAY overboard.

  131. Kgirl

    Edward is way too overprotective. He is also very controlling. I mean look at him-he takes parts out of her truck to stop her from leaving. He tries to force her to go see her mom. Everything they do is always his choice. She rarely ever decides what they do. He lies too. At the end of Twilight he promises he will stay with her, but then he leaves in New Moon. He tries to KILL HIMSELF when he thinks she was dead. Suicide is not romantic. I think Edward needs to stop being so controlling. It may be for her own good, but it is still wrong. And it hurts her. Edward not letting her see Jacob hurts her. If he’s trying to keep her from getting hurt, and yet that is hurting her, he should not be doing it.

  132. nekotheninja

    i LOVED when he messed with her truck. i thought it was hilarious.

  133. Samantha

    I personally think he went way too far with sabotaging Bella’s truck. It is pretty obvious he is jealous of Jacob, but since he has been so unselfish in the past, he can still claim what he does is for Bella’s protection. Nevertheless, it’s clear that he loves her regardless of what he does, and that’s a redeemable quality in my book!

  134. Samantha

    P.S. Thanks for declining Britney Spears for this chapter…I would lose my mind if you had.

  135. Nicole

    Well, i do think he did go overboard, but Edward is pretty pessimistic. And he’s just a little more since what happened since he left. His motives are legit, but he does go a bit overboard.
    Ahaha, Britney Spears…

  136. Val

    Okay, if I stepped into Edward’s mind for a sec to put aside the hate and loathing for Jacob, I’d see that I were dealing with a very young WEREWOLF. Somewhere in my past I’d see that werewolves are dangerous if they were IN control of their actions… So baby wolf + a defenseless Bella? I think Edward was trying to protect Bella more than just keep her away from Jacob.

    I have to admit, I found Charlie amusing in this chapter. :)

  137. Johno

    “- Someone recommended Overprotected by Britney Spears for this chapter. In order to avoid my already imminent hanging, I declined.”

    thank you very much kaleb. i might have also hung myself if you would have done that…

  138. Johno

    also, to the question, you know he must know something more than bella does. after all, he does have his sixth sense…

  139. Peeves

    When i read that part i want speechless and i forgot to breath when Edward did that. I think He should calm down with Jacob becoming a werewolf because when he Edward was gone in New Moon Jacob hadn’t hurt Bella physically at all.

  140. Wendilynn

    absolutely Edward went to far. We all know this. We also know that Edward is prone to over-reaction where Bella’s safety is concerned. We also forgive him just like Bella does because we know how important she is to him.

    I love this book. I love it when they are talking in her kitchen and he takes her face in his hands and talks about how important she is to him. Men just don’t talk like that, but they need to. We need them to.

  141. Lucinda H

    To answer your question, I am going to have to combine the two. I think that Edward went too far by trying to do his best to protect her. He needed to realize that she is capable of making her own decisions on what is right for her. He doesn’t give her enough credit in the beginning of this book.

  142. Brittney

    I think Edward went a little overboard this time. I mean just because Bella hangs out with vampires doesn’t mean she doesn’t have free will. If she wants to talk to Jacob her best friend then I think she should.

    But then again Edward knows what is best for her. Which makes me think of him as her father in some ways, not Charlie Swan but just a fatherly figure, trying too hard to MAKE her do the thing he wants her to do even though she desires to do something else. I mean what is a little chat with Jacob going to do?

  143. katie dunn

    yea, i think edward went WAYYYYYYYY too far when he sabotaged bella’s truck. it it were me there, i would have went to the jugular… with my nails… even though he was supposed to be my boyfriend… and his skin is like granite…

    too bad for him though…
    i’d dump him for emmett!!!

  144. ale

    well, i know practically everyone will want to kill me, but.. i have to say it.. he DID went to far.. I mean.. i know.. alice culdn’t saw her future and stuff.. but… she culdn’t saw any danger arround forks either.. i mean.. we’ve all read the series.. Edward is not stupid… he.. as well as all of us at this point.. know that that heppens because.. the futures of bella and Jacob.. were going to be.. well.. conected or something.. Maybe AT FIRST.. he was really concerned about her.. but i think that.. even if he tries to denie it.. he is totally jealous of Jacob.. mainly because he KNOWS that Bella would be better of with Jacob.. Even wen is not actually whan she.. needs..

  145. Bekah

    No Edward didn’t go far enough!!!! If he had done more like that then Bella… (the rest of this sentence has been censored because of spoilers.) Breath bekah. It’s okay. It worked out all right. Breathe in, breath out.

  146. JKS

    wow that last line was deep
    yea he did go to far by sabotaging the truck. he needs to back off because Bella is going to get what she wants somehow.


    Edward was being slightly obsurd; but he’s only doing what he thinks is right for Bella. I;m actually more angry at Bella for thinking about Jacob so much. Not that I dont think Jacob is a great guy. She’s saying she loves Edward but is also falling for Jacob. How can she keeping kidding herself like that?

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  149. Carrie

    I don’t think Edward went too far. Just look at the scenario from his point of view. Werewolves are their natural enemies, juvenile werewolves are especially dangerous, Alice had a frightening vision involving Bella, Edward already thought he lost Bella once. It’s not like he permanently damaged her truck. Plus, later on in the book he becomes the most understanding bf in the world. At this point, I don’t think he’s jealous of her relationship w/ Jake because I don’t think it has occurred to him that there’s anything more than friendship between them. For those who think Edward & Bella’s relationship is unhealthy, this is supposed to be an all-consuming true love kind of thing that most people have never experienced. Not to mention, the drama is always heightened because he’s a vamp and Bella’s life always seems to be in danger.

  150. Mandy

    Everyone has brought up some really good points like.
    A) If it were the other way around Jacob wouldn’t let Bella see Edward.
    B) Edward does it all for her safety, which he makes clear, and he knows that crippling her truch would make her mad, so he gives her the option to not see him. I don’t think it was too overprotective because you know that Edward believes the risk Jacob is, he doesn’t complain about people like Angela and Mike. Of course my reasoning may just be because I favor Edward over Jacob. And people are right, have you noticed how Bella always forgives Jacob, no matter what he says about Edward and his family Bella forgives him, so she should forgive Edward for his overreaction, he overreacts a lot. I think its overreacting but not overprotection.

    I would definatly kill for a few men as gentlemanly as Edward. It is a little condescending how he calls he ‘love’ all the time, but I kinda like it. I wish that my boyfriend would call me a name like that now and again.

  151. Scott

    As a guy who is reading this book for the first time I feel Edward is going to far. Yes Jacob is a werewolf but Alice was absolutely wrong with her vision of Bella jumping off the cliff and who was there to save her but Jacob. Best friends are a big deal and it’s to much for a boyfriend/girlfriend to ask to keep them apart. And come on it’s not like the Cullen home is some safe haven Bella was almost killed by Jasper there just a few months back. I think that Edward feels it is for Bella’s best intrest and protection and not some sort of ownership issue but he is blinded by his own love for her and his predjudices of the werewolves to see the situation clearly. And to comment on what was said above me I don’t think Jacob would stop her if he could because he had that chance when she took off to Italy and let her go, because he loved her and wouldn’t stop her from doing what her heart desired.

  152. E

    Just thought I’d add(over a week later) that I still love Edward. Jacob, Edward, AND Bella all behave badly in this book. I still love them all, in fact… if you’re holding out for the perfect fictional character, you’ve picked up a really boring book. *Rolling eyes*

  153. summer nicole

    see, this is why i’m team jacob.
    well, scratch that.
    i’m actually team jasper.
    but that’s beside the point.
    the reason i don’t like edward cullen is that, if you stripped away all his good looks and vampire powers, no respectable girl would ever want to go out with him.
    he’s emotionally abusive (if you think this is false, look up the definitions and signs of emotional abuse), and a stalker.
    i mean, it kind of makes me sick over the fact that some girls swoon about him creeping into Bella’s room and watching her sleep when she had now idea he was there.
    and, also, his character is just so bland.
    smeyer had the chance to really develop some of the other guys, and she chose not to, making edward a gary stu and building bella and edward’s realtionship on lust, not love.
    the series would have been so much better if bella left edward for jasper (or even jacob!) after edward left in new moon. :)

  154. Brenna

    I think Edward’s reaction needs to be looked at from both angles. From Bella’s perspective, yes, Edward went too far by prohibiting her from going to La Push. But from Edward’s perspective (and my opinion as well) Edward was just protecting her.

    I mean, he DOES know considerably more than Bella about the supernatural, so we cant say he’s just stupid. He has reasons, and has obviously thought this all through.

    I personally dont think his reasonings are just Jacob that Edward has a problem with, but rather his location. As we all know Edward cant cross the line, so if something did happen to Bella while she was with Jacob, Edward wouldn’t know, and couldnt just pop in to check on the two, which scares him. Actually, I think Edward would ABSOLUTLEY cross the line for her, which scares him too. He doesnt want to have to even think about doing something that would put his family in danger as well as Bella, so he resorts to avoiding the situation all together.

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  156. Clara Renee

    you NEED to have your song for eclipse be “almost lover” by A Fine Frenzy

    P.S. I can’t tell (or maybe am in denial) which team are you Edward or Jacob?

  157. Ruby

    well…. the sabotizing of the truck was too much!! but there also is a fact we have to clearout!!

    you don’t give up your friends for the person you love, BUT and this is a big BUT PEOPLE! you do give up your “other” love interests for the person you love!!!

    And Dear Jake is deffinitly a LOVE INTEREST!! Bella was allmost about to let herself be with jake in New Moon – Don’t forget that. Jacob is VERY interested in her and in some way (not nearly as much as with Edward) she also wants Jacob.

    I haven’t read any further in this book, so I don’t know what’s coming.

    Many Twilight fans either hates or loves jacob or Edward… i hate the entire Love triangle!! Not the persons! i feel grateful for the fact that both Edward and Jacob loves Bella so much and wishes to Protect her. I am in no possible position to hate them for what they do, because no matter what they do, they do it because of the love they have for Bella… and that is reason enough even if what they do is stupid!! Bella needs to choose between them – And that IS a tough choice (a person that roots for either Edward or Jacob might have a problem realizing that) but she just has to. And that is why I never can and never will hate Bella either.

    Hugs to you all ^^

  158. Amanda

    Sabotizing her truck was a little bit too much, but it’s not like he wasn’t doing it for her own good. It could have been worse…

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  160. Michelle

    I’m so late into this!! I’ll give Team Jacob this one pass: Edward definitely fell into the creepy Bella stalker territory with the truck disabling move. He got the idea from Charlie, though. Haha!

  161. Oreo

    Are you kidding?? I think Edward did awesome in destroying Bella’s uglu truck. Who needs that thing anyway.

  162. Poppy

    oh if he did that to me i wouldnt care i love him too much n hes just trying to protect her i mean hes in love with her i mean like what if the person u trul truly are in love with disapears from the future i know i would be freaked out and make sure it didnt happen again so i think hes just very protective which i think is very very cute bless him. xxxx

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  164. Gothhic Goddess

    I have been in a relationship where a guy would constantly “go too far” but it was only “for my own good”.

    And when I read how Edward was doing this, I got mad at not only him, but Bella too. She doesn’t try very hard to get him to see her side, in fact she gives up almost right away. I think he went too far with that move, and that she didn’t go far enough.

    And yes, Edward is a bit paranoid, but come off it dude, you left her on her own, with a shattered heart, for how long?

    Just my thoughts.

  165. Briana

    I think that you can not expect anything different from Edward at this point, I also think it was kind of funny that he disconnected her truck. He just wants to keep her safe, and he will do whatever he has to now to not lose her again. Edward knows too well the risk of werewolves, and even if Bella and Jacob do not see a risk, what if there was one? Sometimes I am scared that Jacob can’t hold his anger together when Edward is being talked about.

    Just my thoughts, I don’t think he is being paraniod. I think he is just looking at what he can do to keep her safe, I mean she is a magnet for trouble right?

  166. twilightobsessedtwilighter

    I'm Team Jasper too… personally, I would have done what Bella did- shut the window and tape a sign on it saying “DO NOT TALK TO ME UNTIL I SAY SO” I mean, I love Edward (Jasper and Emmett are my fave though) but if he took apart MY truck, he would have gotten in a lot more trouble than he would have ever imagined. Yeah, it IS kind of creepy that he watches her sleep- I mean what if she puts a hidden camera in her room or something? Majorly creepy. And then there's the “I-hate-you-but-now-I-like-you” with Jake. I mean seriously. I don't blame bella and Edward for the imprint-nessie thing (I would have come after Jake with a crow bar and all of my vamp powers, but that's just me.).
    I wouldn't want Bella with Jasper- poor Alice- and not Jake. Actually, I thought it was a little funny watching Bella have this nervous breakdown. But I would have made Eddie beg on his knees for leaving me.
    Girls like Edward because to some of us, protectiveness makes us feel important. And if he wasn't a vampire, there is no way he would have been able to get in the window without waking Bells up, so therefore he would'nt have tried. And having a guy read your mind? Awkward…

    ILOVE YOU JASPER! EMMETT! SETH! CARLISLE! And u 2 Eddie… just don't EVER piss me off again like you did in NM…

  167. Bella




  168. angelica

    what if bella gos 2 see jacob eny way and jacob tackes bella some wher with him and edword cant come on there land or the pack will kill him so what shoud he do?

  169. br

    edward is going overbard but he is protecting her but its still wrong

  170. sally

    i dont know about this yet bcuz i aint got the book but my friend does and she doesnt know i finished new moon and it is sunday so tommorow at school im going to tell her and then she will give the book eclipse 2 me and i will make my own website and type the book for everyone 2 see. it will be called the twilight book collection and you could read the entire book for free online. which includes twilight,new moon,eclipse,breaking dawn,and the first chapter of midnight sun.

  171. Sandra

    IT was wrong for him to do but he just did it for her protection.. he doesn't know Jacob or his pack so therefore he did whatever he could to keep Bella from going to LaPush. He just doesn't want to lose her again and feel like he could of done something to prevent it.

  172. dhriti sharma

    luv u meyer………im dyin 2 read midnyt sun

  173. Impy

    i believe he did go a little too far with the truck, id hurt my bf if he did something like that, but i wouldnt really do anything except tell him im going to see my friends wether he likes it or not, its not like edward would leave bella anyways, he's totally in love with her

  174. Alex

    I know Edward is trying to protect Bella, but I think there is a distinct line in a relationship between trying to do what's best and being controling, and I think he crossed that line when he sabotaged the truck.

  175. ummhedaya

    Although I may not agree whole heartily with what Edward did, we must remember that he is in fact 110 years old and has seen more terrifying things than most… he truly knows the danger possibilities better than Bella… but still, he is new to love… he's just gotta figure out the balance… Bella makes him act over-protective because he knows, all too well, how breakable she really is.

  176. Danielle

    Well, I don't think he's gone that far, I mean he can put the car back together…..somehow? I don't know, having Alice distracting her by doing her dress-up things, now that is too far (It would be cool for Alice to that to me!). So he's just protecting her in my case and he didn't go to far…. but I would get a little angry if he did that to my car.

  177. Danielle

    Yeah1 I really need to revise thing anyway I just forgot to add the two buts (Wired?).

    Well, I don't think he's gone that far, I mean he can put the car back together…..somehow? I don't know, but having Alice distracting her by doing her dress-up things, now that is too far (but it would be cool for Alice to that to me!). So he's just protecting her in my case and he didn't go to far…. but I would get a little angry if he did that to my car.

  178. Danielle

    Well, I don't think he's gone that far, I mean he can put the car back together…..somehow? I don't know, having Alice distracting her by doing her dress-up things, now that is too far (It would be cool for Alice to that to me!). So he's just protecting her in my case and he didn't go to far…. but I would get a little angry if he did that to my car.

  179. Danielle

    Yeah1 I really need to revise thing anyway I just forgot to add the two buts (Wired?).

    Well, I don't think he's gone that far, I mean he can put the car back together…..somehow? I don't know, but having Alice distracting her by doing her dress-up things, now that is too far (but it would be cool for Alice to that to me!). So he's just protecting her in my case and he didn't go to far…. but I would get a little angry if he did that to my car.

  180. Nicole

    It is in the interest that Bella does not get hurt. But Also I think that Edward is a little jealous of Jacob. Because in Twilight Edward does say he is still a man even though he is not human.

  181. Rosa

    Omg, that Blobfish is REALLY NASTY!

  182. Maandacs

    Edward is just acting out for Bella's best interests and safety…I would probably do the same if i knew something will happen thru a sister like Alice. Cant blame him, he waited for so long and every chance of her getting hurt is not even a question to ask whether he should or should not?Maybe he is also acting out a little for personal reasons, but wouldn't you if you have the power to do so?

  183. Rheema

    Edward is becoming very possesive about bella , I think he must give her some space.

  184. Die Hard Twi-Hard

    I think he is trying his best to protect her like you said he almost lost her once and he doesn't want to risk losing her again.

  185. Kalmay

    Yes, Edward went too far! I understand his fear and wanting to keep her safe, but that was over the line.

    Okay, so I’m now answering this long after the book is out but I just found out about your site and had to check out all your insights. You’re very intuitive.

    As for the book Eclipse, I did find Bella a little less mature than the previous two. That disappointed me. Her reaction at being ‘forced’ as she termed it, was extreme. No one was holding her down. She could have confronted Edward. Like, what was he going to do to her if she didn’t ‘obey’ him? If he had responded truthfully of his fear, it would have had more of an impact on Bella. She would have then been torn between not wanting him to worry and fear for her safety with the desire to see her friend. It would have created a better conflict between them.

    When I first read the series twice over it was purely for entertainment. Way to go, Stephenie! What a wonderful story you’ve weaved. But now after reading it the fourth time I find myself getting more analytical about it.

    Like the scenes with Charlie, I can understand him wanting to protect Bella as well and not see Edward – who had been the sole cause of her pain and misery, but his suddenly being ‘hysterical / apoplexie’ and all red-faced was a bit much. Being a cop, if he would have used a more authoritative voice that boomed as if he were shouting at a criminal, I think that would have had more of an impact.

    But that’s just my opinion. Stephenie’s Twilight series is awesome! If only I could write as well as her!

  186. Kalmay

    Ah, there is just one more thing that bothered me about Twilight. The part where Rosalie was telling her story, how she could never have a baby, when they change into a vampire they are frozen. The women can’t have babies because their bodies need to grow and change to accomodate the new life growing inside of them.
    Well, being frozen, wouldn’t that apply to the guys as well? I mean, they can’t “grow” “enlarge” either, you know what I mean? Ergo, no honeymoon, technically.
    Unless…when they turn and become a vampire a certain part remains “enlarged”??? Sorry, I’m trying to write this g-rated, I hope I have done so. Didn’t mean to get all technical but it just made me wonder…they’re frozen, like stone these vampires. What does that mean????

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