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Twilight Movie Review

November 22nd, 2008 at 12:05 am by Kaleb Nation

This review contains minimal spoilers.

I am going to be very honest in my review of Twilight. Thus, it should first be known that I went to see the film not expecting to be overly thrilled.

We have been waiting on this movie for months. People have scoured the internet and fansites for every photo, soundtrack clip and interview there is. There are t-shirts and perfumes and merchandise for this movie long before it is even out, or anyone has seen it, or anyone has even had a chance to decide if they like it. The fact is that it has been so hyped, it almost seemed as if there was no possible way it could live up to the expectations that I and thousands of other fans had.

But then, it did.

Bella and Edward

Bella and Edward

The moment that the opening titles of the film appeared, I was transported to the world that Stephenie had created. I don’t know exactly how it happened: whether it was hearing Bella’s voice, or the words we all know so well from the prologue. But I suddenly felt this was the film that I, and thousands of others, had been waiting on for months. This was Twilight, and it was finally here.

The details of the movie will speak for themselves when you see it (hopefully, more than once). But I will say that everything from the book is there: from meeting Edward in the school, to Edward saving Bella in the alley, to the trip to La Push, to running from James, to the prom scene. Everything is there — and even more. As I watched the movie, I felt an urge to call my friends still waiting for midnight in a different time zone, and tell them to brace themselves for what they were about to see.

I certainly did not go into the theater expecting to laugh while watching the film. There are a few laughs in the book, but I thought the movie would be a strict romance and leave no room for embellishment. But Charlie, Jasper, Mike Newton, and Eric Yorkie made everyone in the theater laugh endlessly. Michael Welch was a wonderful actor, and made his character leap right out from the books. I can easily see Catherine Hardwicke’s influence in keeping the film from being overly serious business, and yet delicately keeping with the plot of the story.

The sparkling was everything I had expected it to be. The meadow was just as I had pictured it. Vampire baseball was exactly as I had imagined: with the added effect of the perfect music selection in the background (you’ll recognize it when you hear it).

The Cullens in the baseball scene

The Cullens in the baseball scene

All of the vampire action was amazing. It is impossible to put to words the feeling you get when you see Bella trapped in the alley, and then see Edward suddenly roar in with his shiny silver Volvo. Robert Pattinson was able to portray Edward so well: I could feel how angry he was, and how close he came to killing them.

There was of course some awkwardness along the way. The flying Edward didn’t quite click with me. Bella seemed to fall for Edward very quickly, despite what her outside feelings seemed to portray. But each of these were so minor they were hardly noticeable.

As for any doubts on the soundtrack, they have all been wiped away. I didn’t get a few of the song selections when I first heard the album, but when you actually see the film and where each song is placed, it is far easier to understand. And, for any doubters still out there, Bella’s Lullaby sounds far better when it is seen in the movie.

It would really be impossible to pick a favorite scene without spoiling it for those who haven’t read it. So, I have prepared my three favorite scenes in only 2 words, so people who have seen the movie will know what I’m talking about, and those who haven’t will not:

Three favorite scenes:

1. Edward… alley

2. Cullens… baseball

3. Edward… piano.

And my three favorite funny scenes:

1. Mike… window (ha ha)

2. Jasper… sniff (he he)

3. Charlie… gun (BAHAHA)

Also, there was a whole lot of pointing and whispering when it came to the scene with Stephenie. She was typing at a computer — hopefully, working on another book.

Of course, people have already started to complain that the movie doesn’t follow the books — but they are vastly wrong. This is one of the most loyal films I have seen before. Unlike many book-to-films, you can actually tell that this is based upon the novel — every major event in Twilight is covered, in nearly the same exact order in the books.

Bella And Edward at Prom

Bella And Edward at Prom

The thing to keep in mind is that it is very hard to transpose a novel onto the screen, since they are two entirely different mediums. Tiny details like Bella having an iPod or the exact dialogue are simply details that have to be shifted into film. It is very much like translating from English to Latin, where certain words must be moved and rearranged to make it understandable.

I was particularly surprised that the movie turned out so wonderfully on such a small budget. This definitely attests to Catherine Hardwicke’s directing, as she was able to create a studio-quality film with nearly $100 million less than the first Harry Potter.

Any doubts that I had of this film being a success have vanished. So congratulations to Stephenie, and Catherine, and everyone else who was involved in the making of this movie. Twilight was worth the wait.

For the comments: What did you think of the Twilight movie?! What were your favorite parts? (people who haven’t seen it, be warned: spoilers will be in the comments!)

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300 Responses

  1. Claire

    I loved the movie! I wasn’t sure where parts of the soundtrack were going to fit in, but when I heard them it went perfectly with the scenes. I didn’t expect to laugh as much as I did, either. Mike in the window was hilarious! And Emmett and the knife! I fell in love with the baseball scene even more. The kiss was crazy, I almost fell out of my chair, I was freaking out so much. The actors portrayed their characters perfectly, and I’m going to watch it again with my friends tomorrow. 😀

  2. Bethany

    Overall I thought it was a great piece of eye candy and a great representation of the book. However, there were a couple times that the editing was downright painful. The cut scenes and closeups in the biology class? Billy’s face in the truck? Campy. I loved everything about the ballet studio scene, though, especially the montage after Bella was bitten. And I agree with the funny parts you mentioned! I’m just afraid that was it was so highly stylized that it will be impossible to shift into a sequel. It felt very much like a stand-alone piece to me, regardless of the ending.

  3. Jessica

    It was amazing! Ha, I got 3 hours of sleep last night… but it was definitely worth it! I had doubts about many of the cast choices but everyone worked out perfectly. I especially loved Jasper; whenever you saw him he really did look like he was in pain and we just starting cracking up. I’m already planning more trips to to the theater!

  4. layna cullen

    (First?)That was a great review, Kaleb! I really appreciated it. I agreed with everything you said. I absolutely loved the movie and I felt like they did a fantastic job of staying true to the book, while still making an adaptation that of course couldn’t include every detail.

    In addition to the funny scenes you listed, i laughed really hard when Edward and Bella walk into school together and Bella says that everyone is staring, and Edward says something like “No, that guy isn’t. Oh never mind, he just did!” I think it just sounded hilarious the way Rob/Edward’s amazing voice sounds :)

    I was also so impressed with everyone’s acting! You’re right, Rob did such an AMAZING job with the looks of pain, like when he was saying good bye to Bella when she was in the car and in the ballet scene.

    I’m glad you liked it!

  5. layna cullen

    oh never mind- not first- fourth! oh well :)

  6. Jessica

    Hrm. I actually thought they did a good job with Victoria at the end and that it set up the desire for a sequel without leaving you unsatisfied. When the credits came up I wanted to start chanting “New Moon, New Moon!”

  7. Aria

    I went to a midnight showing at a theater not ten minutes from amajor high school… there was a lot of screaming… So I’m not sure I got the full effect. But I did like what I saw, for the most part. it seemed to trip forward a lot. Like it was a little rushed, but that may have been due to my fingers firmly in my ears for the first 45 minutes.

    I loved the field trip, the make out cause of my shock at Bella’s short shorts, and of course the scene in which they meet cause that reaction had the whole theater laughing.

  8. Bethany

    oh, and I also thought that Edward wasn’t so much the character from the book as he was Rob’s interpretation of him, which is okay. I was just a little surprised. it seemed like he was channeling Edward Scissorhands a little in the biology class, though.

  9. Alyssa

    Like you, I didn’t go in with the highest expectations (rather expected to be disappointed) and I think that really paid off. I totally agree that when the voice over prologue started (which I really thought was going to be left out) I was so happy and got me really excited to see how the rest would be,
    Yeah, there were some cheesy parts that made me groan and put my head in my hands, but none of that mattered because everything was just so spot-on.
    The music was amazing, as was the cinematography. Some of my friends didn’t like the shaky/intimate camera shots, but I liked the effects they created.
    I was so happy with how the actors portrayed their characters. You could really tell they understood the inner workings of their characters.
    I can’t wait to see it again!
    ps. Alice in the ballet studio? SO bad ass!!!

  10. Tia

    I have watched it twice already and I love it. I was astonished at how well Kristen Stewart acted. I was on the fence about her, but she is Bella, just as Robert is Edward. I loved the wings behind Edward in the biology class and I loved Mike and Eric. It had so many funny parts…I loved Jessica…and the scene at the prom where Bella was motioning about Jessica’s dress being cut so low.

    I also went in with low expectations and I just don’t see how it has gotten such a bad rating on rottentomatoes. Last time I checked it was at 43%.

  11. Krystol

    I loved the movie! I went and saw it at midnight too and my only complaints were the stupid teen girls screaming every time Rob came on screen. I just wanted to stand up and yell “Shut up!” Gah… anyway.

    I’m so glad someone else shared my opinion, I have heard nothing but complaints from so many of the “fans” that it is starting to make me mad. It’s like Breaking Dawn and that “other” book all over again (yes, I know what the book is called but SM doesn’t want to hear those two words for a long time). The movie was incredible on such a small budget, I was very impressed and I plan to see it many more times.

  12. meg

    I saw the movie, but i missed about half of it. Why? Because the crazed loonies in the theater wouldn’t shut up, or turn off their cellfones for a moment. ill try to see it again without the distractions. what i did see was pretty frickin awesome tho!

  13. noodle

    I saw it today and i have to confess… i have a pretty mixed opinion about it.

    Yes, The movies is faithful to the book, but i felt that the story was so damn fast in the first hour and, in the second hour was ok. Also some parts (actually chapters on the book) were narrated in 3 o 4 minutes. i didn’t enjoyed that.

    I really love the baseball and dance escene and the funny parts, i didn’t expected them!

    About the music, i was SURPRISED with the last song! 15 steps by Radiohead… that was a good one! it was… ORGASMIC!

  14. Jen

    I also didn’t have very high expectations going into it..don’t get me wrong, I was uber excited for it..but thinking realistically, I didn’t want to be disappointed! And it was a zillion times better than I hoped! The best part for me was how the actors all got the characters from the book right on!
    I loved Charlie’s humor and Jasper’s facial exppressions were gold! haha I am still laghing about it!
    I will be seeing it again on Sunday, can’t wait!

  15. Kaleb Nation

    @Alyssa: As I read the comments I’m being reminded of other awesome scenes! YES I absolutely loved Alice in this movie. She totally jumped out at me. Just seeing her in the ballet studio trying to resist Bella’s blood was awesome.

  16. twinks.

    Personally. I didn’t really like the movie. When i walked out of the theatre i was like.. yeah it’s okay. Simply because it had it’s MOMENTS.

    Charlie definitly made the movie for me though. He was the best actor in the movie by far, and never over-did his part.

    Edward and Bella on the other hand.. were ok. I’m sure there could have been better actors out there, but i guess there could have been worse too.

    But can i just say. EDWARD’S FACIAL EXPRESSIONS WERE HILARIOUS. i dont think they were supposed to be, but i couldn’t NOT laugh.

    I also found the dialogue to be very awkward sounding. Like, Edward constantly said UM. which shouldn’t bother me.. BUT IT DID. Edward was always supposed to be perfectly composed, and they just sorta threw that out the window but adding in all the um’s he says.

    I’ll still see the movie again, but im not sure if it was worth losing sleep over to see the midnight showing. If i knew thats how it was going to turn out, i could have waited.

  17. Tia

    I also liked when Alice ripped James’ head off.

    I also liked how she kicked her leg up when she did the pitching in the baseball scene. It was very smooth and dancer like…just like I imagined her to be.

  18. Vanesa

    well i absolutely loved it!!! it was so much more then what i was expect it, like the ballet studio, how many times did we see that scene?? and in the movie, it was like a complete new scene… it gave me the chills.. it was so good…!!! i’ll see it several times!!

  19. sonia

    Ok, don’t get mad at me people, but I did not really like it. I sort of understand now that they did not have a big budget, because I could tell they did not have a big budget. I tried to have lower expectations, but it did not help me. There were a lot of moments that I did enjoy I admit. I did bust up a lot. Jaspers’s pain reminded me more of someone holding in a fart than tempting blood. I thought Rob put forth a great effort, and I guess it helps that he lived up to the image of the most beautiful vamp. However, I was disappointed with Bella. I mean she diden’t even shed a real tear in the Hospital scene or at any other time. I felt she was a little emotionless, but she got the make out scene right (that was hot).

    I felt this movie was more of a comedy, because I busted up so much. Anyway, I’m going to see it again, because I really do want to like this move. I’m just sad that I’m spending so much time trying to like this movie.

    I just can’t figure it out if it was the over the top acting, or the bad direction.

    Again, sorry if I offend anyone, but I’m just being honet with how I feel. I will admit that reading everyone’s positive comments is helping me see a little light, so I hope it will help when I take my mom to see it in a couple of days.

    Peace out

  20. sally

    wow i just saw it, and even with high expectations, i really really liked it. it was way funnier than i thought it would be, and i also LOVED the part when edward freaks out about bella’s smell in biology. it was hilarious. its so intense and jam packed, i feel like i need to go see it again. which im definately going to do soon!

  21. TsuKata

    I felt like Edward was overacted, and so many of the scenes were overwrought with camera and sound effects (e.g., Bella’s scent in biology, the sparkly skin moment in the meadow…did his skin really need to have a sound effect of its own?)

    Still, my husband, who has read none of the books, said he actually enjoyed it and is intrigued to read the books now…so that’s good. :)

  22. Gracie


    Congratz on making it to the premiere! I am also very glad to hear you enjoyed the movie. I flipping LOVED it. The first ten minutes I am thinking ‘please God, make this NOT suck’ lol and it totally didn’t. I also agree with the comedy part of the film, the minor characters did very well bringing the story together and capturing the audience. As for Bella, she was spectacular. There is something about her voice that makes you feel apart of the character and more in sync with the storyline. Robert very much impressed me as Edward. I almost cried twice (piano and closing scene) but that could be the smitten love struck part of my brain talking. Anyways, I squealed seeing Stephanie Meyer in the cafe. So awesome. Thank you for posting your review!

  23. Wendy

    My biggest FAIL for the movie is that Bella and Edward did not exchange “I love yous” with each other. Not even once. I didn’t like the tree climbing or Edward’s expressions in Biology. Looked like he was going to hurl or something. My showing was LOLZ at him. I didn’t like Edward’s speaking voice at all.

    I really enjoyed the Ballet studio fight (go Alice!) part and the baseball. I also agree w/most of what sonia said.

    I really want to like it more when I see it again.

  24. Marissa


    I really liked it!

    fight scene?? **no words**

    I’m defs seeing it again, you hit the nail RIGHT in the head Kaleb! Thank you for an honest review!!

  25. Becca Shmeka

    [I did not intentionally write spoilers, but don’t read anyway until you see the movie.]

    My mother and I went and saw a noon showing on Friday and we were very surprised by the amount of kids ditching school to come see the movie.

    We didn’t blame them.

    Also, four buses from the local high school bused in around 100 plus studets to a private early showing of the movie. I wonder if they read it for class. I fervently hope so. There were, however, MANY adult couples in the theater, which was nice to see.

    Kaleb, all I have to say is that I agree with you. Mike + window = tears of mirth. Overall, the movie exceed any expectations I had had. My mother and I agree that this is the first ever movie that we would willingly pay to see twice in the theater. Never has even Harry Potter done that for us.

    Catherine Hardwick is amazing. The characters are so real. I clapped when Edward saved Bella and growled at those guys, oh and when he sparkled. It was perfect.

    Although, Kaleb, you did leave out one crucial funny part.

    Billy and Charlie – background with Bella and Jacob talking about them, right in the beginning. Or, when Edward hops off of her truck. OR the look he gives his family in the kitchen. OR when Jessica is describing the Cullens to Bella and what she had to say about poor Jasper. OH, and the dress thing at the end. All I am saying is Thumbs are WAY up! That dress was too cute. Ah, good times … good times.

    I ended up going xmas shopping last night at Kohl’s and stopped to talk to three workers who were talking about the movie. I walked up to them and I was like “Are you talking about Twilight?” Never before have I had such a funny discussion with three women, one who was in her fifties and the other two in their late twenties, that showed such a varied opinion. Only one had seen the movie and we did both agree that we would have LOVED if Catherine had extended the whole hotel scene with Bella with Jasper and Alice, or even the letter thing near the end. But we centered more on the books and the two of us who HAD seen the movie assured the other two that the next movie is left wide open and would not be a bad idea.

    But, like I said, it was amazing. I think I am going to beg my mother to go with me again on Monday. XD

  26. Courtney M.

    There are A LOT of parts of this movie that I LOVED. I definitely did not expect there to be any funny parts in it but Mike and the window was hilarious. The gun thing with Charlie reminded me of my dad who is also a cop, doing something similar with my sister’s boyfriend (now husband) years back. His involved slowly taking the gun out of the holster while staring him down. I LOVED the alley scene. The car stunts were amazing. I just wish they would have shown more of the actual talking they do when they get to know each other. The movie is a bit disjointed in the beginning to me, but it really ties together near the middle. I loveeedddd when they were making dinner for Bella. Rosalie cracked me up when she broke the bowl. I wish they would have shown the letter to Edward and everything and made her escape from the airport a little harder than just walking out of the door, but there’s only so much you can do. I loved Alice. It just seemed so much like her! I loved Jasper too. A couple of things they had Emmett say made me laugh. Something struck me as funny when I don’t think it was intended to be… It’s the scene where Edward first catches Bella’s scent. They make it seem like he smells her after two weeks of hard exercise and no showering. Haha. Overall, the movie was great 😀

  27. Amaranthine

    I have very mixed feelings about the movie. I’m trying really, really hard to like it…but even with low expectations, I was pretty disappointed. I’m not sure what it was exactly. I mean, all the main scenes were there, and all the actors looked great for the part. I think it might have been some of the script and some of the acting…some of the camera angles, a bit of the directing… it just didn’t click for me. I mean, I spent over half of the movie laughing. Someone on the local radiostation put it best; it followed the book pretty well, but there were just some of those things that were fantastic scenes in the book, but when put on the screen they looked ridiculous. Carlisle biting Edward for instance…I couldn’t contain my laughter. That whole scene seemed off to me. Robert did a great job of portaying the emotions of Edward that I imagined since Midnight Sun. It really looked like he had used it as a source. The “uhms” did get me a little, but I can seriously live with that. I don’t want to say anything bad about Kristen, but her acting didn’t get me. I just didn’t FEEL Bella, and I didn’t understand the love between her and Edward. Too rushed. Her constant blinking, head shaking, and stuttering was a bit unnerving as well. But she was lovely and her leaving Charlie was a great performance.
    I think my favorite scenes were the baseball scene (I have no complaints–how could I? I mean…Muse! And the Cullens! Perfection), the ballet studio, and…oh my mind just went blank. I’m running on four hours of sleep. Ah yes, Port Angelas and anything with the Cullens was fantastic. I know it wasn’t at all how it was in the book, but Edward’s reaction in Biology cracked me up. I actually liked it. :)
    I think one of my biggest complaints is that JUST when I was getting into a scene, looking forward to the exchanges between the characters that I remembered from the book…the scene would end. Bummer. Too short.

  28. Mneh.

    Alright, I’ve gone on and on about this movie so much I really just don’t feel like it any more. I still want to share my basic opinion, though.

    I LOVED a lot of parts. I also disliked a lot of parts. My main thing, however, was how very depressed Edward Cullen was. I mean, I know from reading Midnight Sun that the kid was not a happy camper. But, I also know Edward tried his darned hardest to “keep it light” with Bella. He was such a Debbie Downer, if you didn’t read the books I really don’t think you would have understood their relationship at all.

    So, I guess that was what I missed. Their relationship. The happiness of their relationship, specifically. I really just didn’t get WHY Bella loved him.

    My favorite line:

    Rosalie – “Does she even like Italian?”

    Emmett – “Her names Bella.” All “duh” like. Giggles.

  29. Yoko

    I loved it! And hear hear to this post…my thoughts exactly!

  30. Mneh.

    Oooh Oooh! I meant that for Bella, too.

    Bella in the books was hilarious, sarcastic, and Stephenie did an awesome job putting physical comedy into the books.

  31. Elodie

    Congrats on the 2million hits! I loved the Mike window scene too! and the scene where Eric says ‘bella, look, a worm!’ humans are stupid sometimes. the gun part was an excellent touch as well. i have to say that jasper was hilarious. you could really tell it was hard on him, without a doubt. his expression was pricless when he said ‘nice to meet you’!!!! i wish there was more of him though, he tends to be overlooked. and his hair looked crispy.

    One of my only complaints character-wise is that Edward invited Bella to see him sparkle, when before he tried to avoid it all together. It doesn’t seem like him to disclose his sparkliness.

    I did love, however, the kitchen scene, and how Alice randomly appeared on a branch. I think Alice looked a little bit too tall, but she nailed the voice. Very awkward scene. Very funny.

    I also loved how they used flashbacks from when Esme and Edward were turned, and how Bella invisions herself like the girls in the original Dracula films. Excellent touch.

    All in all, excellent. Funny, and the originality of an independant film.

  32. m.a.

    OK, I have seen this movie twice now, and I cannot remember for the life of me what Mike/window scene there was?? It’s going to drive me crazy!!

    Kaleb, you rock. I agree with everything you said. I must say that I really liked the movie at the midnight release, but the crowd was much better tonight and without people laughing constantly at every scene, I found that I enjoyed everything much more!

    This is the kind of movie that might seem a little silly in the theater surrounded by over-excited people, but in the privacy of your room would be just as touching and meaningful as the books we know and love!

  33. Amaranthine

    I agree with Mneh–Edward and Bella’s relationship is what I missed most of all, because it didn’t make sense as it was in the movie.

  34. Jessie

    Okay, I went to the midnight showing and was probably apprehensive about whether or not the movie would live up to the books. So, after watching it, I thought the movie was well done and yes all the major plot points were there. But, I felt that the movie was very fast paced for some reason. I concluded that I was doing too much comparing between the book and the movie and not really letting the movie “carry” me like the book did.

    So, I saw it again tonight and decided that I wouldn’t think about the book at all, and just watch the story for itself.

    Well, that made all the difference for me. I really loved it the second time through!! Everything was there that I had hoped for and the pace of the movie seemed to slow down.

    Overall, I think all of the actors did an amazing job – can’t complain. Kristen was Bella and Rob was Edward(never doubted this one). The casting was perfect in my opinion. The story flowed and the relationship between Edward and Bella became much more apparent. Catherine Hartwick did a great job and the music was perfect. Rob’s songs really worked!

    There were more couples at the movie tonight and they weren’t teens. I got the feeling that everyone was really enjoying the movie.

    I agree, I wished they had said “I love you” to each other at least once – maybe they can put that in at the beginning of new moon. I think Edward and Bella dancing/kissing at the prom was much more romantic than the bedroom scene and would have been the perfect place for the “I love you’s”. I could really feel the love that they had for each other while they were dancing and I think that is why the other two couples left the gazebo – they could feel it as well and probably felt like they were intruding.

    The lead in for New Moon worked for me as well – which I do think they will make and with a larger budget.

    So, if you were not quite sure of your opinion of the movie or thought it didn’t live up to your expectations, I would encourage you to go see it a second time and forget about any preconceived expectations and just experience the movie and let it “carry” you into the Twilight universe.

  35. Susan

    I slept only 2 1/2 hours. Love the movie. Can’t understand why others can’t. Kristen is great but a little ‘stiff’; Rob can act really well. He’s a great actor. My favorites were the meadow scene where Edward sparkles – just perfect, seems like what the book says, sparkling diamonds; the kissing scene was hot; and the alley scene – you could really feel Edward’s anger; well, the baseball, whoa, Alice can bat! Spectacular! I feel it would have been better as an added scene if Bella was dreaming and saying Edward’s name – that would be sweet, instead of just mentioning it. Will see the movie with my kids again tomorrow. Rate: 4 1/2 stars.

  36. rachel

    well unlike a lot here i hated the movie, it was funny in a omg this is so bad funny way, not like omg thats funny cus it should be. more like laughing at the movie not with the movie.

    i really think it was a badly written screen play, and well… i’m going to be flamed but i hated the dir. going in to this movie i hate her other movies i would pay her money to use a steady cam and pull out of her shots a little. i know she thinks it’s art ,i think it’s painful to watch.

  37. rachel

    oh and like someone else was saying why dose shiny skin have a nosie?

    things like that bug me to no end in movies lol.

  38. Brittney H.

    I’m definitely going to have to agree with everything you said, except for my expectations. I expected greatness, and I got it.

    From the opening scene, I was already blown away. Bella with the spade and the cactus cracked me up. At first, it looked like a burial. Which made me ponder if they wanted it to look like a burial, of her life in Phoenix, her life as a normal teenage human girl.

    Charlie was awkwardly hilarious throughout the entire movie, except, of course, for the part where she leaves him to go with Alice and Jasper. That was absolutely heartbreaking.

    I noticed nothing was mentioned about Jasper being an empath, and for a moment it bothered me, but how could they portray it on screen in a way that everyone in the audience could understand?

    Another thing, the lack of the airport scene made me think the anticipation for the final battle was going to be lessened. Then, as I watched the fight scene, I realized there was no need for anticipation, because anything more anxiety-inducing would have given me heart failure.

    I loved the montage of clips from the moment she’s bitten to the moment she wakes up in the hospital. Beautifully done. Especially with the deer. I’m really glad they added that in there, as sort of a demonstration to how fragile and helpless she actually is, physically.

    The entire vampire Google search was intense, especially when she pictures herself on the couch with Edward descending to her throat. It was very old school vampire in the best of ways.

    The humans were hilarious, and what was up with the bead curtain in Tyler’s van? It doesn’t say too many things about the guy’s recreational activities. I definitely felt a 60’s “carefree” vibe.

    The Eric/Mike battle was funny in the fact that they never stood a chance, not once Edward walked through the doors of the cafeteria.

    Speaking of which, the Cullen’s entrace was downright dream-like. It was smooth and graceful, and made ME want to know who they were, even though I already do.

    The baseball scene was phenomenal. Very intense and cocky, in a way. Jasper twirling the bat, Alice with her awesome pitching stance, and everyone so sure of themselves as they raced either toward the ball or toward the home plate. I found it very sexy, in a way.

    There are so many more things I could say about this movie, but I’ll just finish with sying that I thought everyone did a phenomenal job, both on and off screen. I applaud each of them , and really hope the other fans of the book enjoy it just as much.

  39. Rose

    So was it just in my theater or what???
    You know the part on the trailer when Emmet tells Edward, “she’s not one of us.” Where in the world was that???
    did it get cut?? WHY??????
    I was extremely sad, and everyone with me was to.
    The movie felt a little too rushed but I thought it was still great. Since I live in Arizona, everyone started screaming when Bella said Phoenix in the begining :)
    But the part I was sad that wasn’t there is really random… It’s when Bella “hunts” for her breakfast (cereal) and tells Edward that it is no grizzly bear :(
    And i have to mention the Edward and Jacob stare at the end was phenomenal!!!

  40. Red

    does anyone else feel the horrific loss at the “Meadow Scene”? Because that’s what made the book and their love in my mind and Edward’s vulnerability in revealing his sprakly-self was taken away…..honestly that was the point where I almost left the theatre.

    I did stay to finish it and came to the conclusion that while she did a good job, i didn’t see Bella in Kristen’s eyes, but Rob was great even with too much lipstick :)

    don’t love it, don’t hate it and i’ll take the book over it hands down. best part….SM cameo. I LOVE YOU STEPH!!!

  41. Alyson May

    I thought it was just okay. It was a wonderful representation of the book, as well as far more real than most teen movies (note: the lockers were not brand-new), but there were some visual things I hated.

    Like the prom scene. Forks is a 2B school. And for all of you who DO NOT know this…that means it’s really, REALLY small. Sooooooo said school would have never been able to pay for the beautiful prom that they had.

    Also. Edward’s sparkling. Ick. I thought it looked more like he was sweating. A lot. I imagined less of a sparkle and more of a glow, like his skin had florescence underneath.

    Favorite scene: Edward…ballet!!!!

    Funniest scenes:
    1) Emmett: Is she even Italian?
    2) Jessica: “Who are they?”
    3) Charlie: gun

  42. Kim

    Overall, I liked the movie! I was really surprised at how much I actually laughed too. Everything came together really well, and I think any fan of the book should enjoy it.

    Some things I wish were different: I would have liked to see more of Alice; looking back, I can see that she’s not a huge character in the book, but she’s still my favorite. Also, I would have liked to see Edward and Bella spend more time in the meadow, and I think all of the guys inviting Bella to the dance would have been funny to see. On the other hand, I loved the addition of the Cullens cooking for Bella, and Bella and Edward at the top of the huge tree.

    I will definitely be watching this movie again, once I finish my programming project and actually can spare the time.

  43. Meg "RFF"

    I completely LOVED the movie…I can’t say it enough…I LOVED LOVED LOVED IT! I am SO SO proud of all the cast! They were all so wonderful! I have seen it twice already and will be seeing it on Sunday and probably Monday (maybe even tomorrow) It was wonderfully made and definately fulfilled my expectations and wishes.

    Favorite scenes:

    Vampire Baseball! The song fit perfectly with this scene! Let me just say when they held up the baseball and I saw that it was a wilson one..well, I have never been more proud to be a Wilson in my entire life! 😀

    The Ending…I won’t say what it is, but when that person walks out of Prom was awesome!

    And of course when Bella goes to the Cullen’s house…all I have to say is Emmett is hilarious and Rosalie is perfect!

    Favorite funny parts:

    Charlie with the gun…Bahaha made me die laughing

    Charlie with Tyler..again Bahahaha

    Mike in the Window…wow funny stuff!

    and there is SO SO much more I could say, but I don’t want to talk forever lol…it is WONDERFUL! 😀

  44. Natali

    I loved that the Cullens were making her food when she first came. I hated all the giggling at certain intense scenes (like the kissing or hospital). It is hard to get into it when there is a bunch of giggling teens all throughout the movie. I’ll enjoy it on DVD more when I can watch it alone.

  45. Ana

    Well first off i loved it!!! The voice over at the begining was just amazing. when bella entered the biology room oh god that was hilarious! The mike window scene hahaha oh so funny! Stephenie meyer in it! Holly crap!! We all screamed lol it did feel a bit rushed like those 2 hours was only 1 :( it felt like i dreamt it all cuz i went to the midnight one and had to go to school lol (my parents and i made a compramise that i could watch it as long as i went to school and boy was i tired) the prom, taylor lautners performance even tho he wasnt in it much, ballet studio scene, the kiss ahh im soo jealous kristen got to kiss those lips.. everything was better than i expected it to be! Oh and at the prom with the edward and jacob glare… amazing! Like i said before i loved it and will be watching it eveytime i go to the movies until they put it on dvd :)

  46. Natali

    Yeah, Rachel(See above comment) that was the type of people I got in the Theater. It is hard when they are laughing in a way that is making fun of it(not the actual funny parts but the good parts in the book.)

  47. peeves

    I give it 3 to 4 *’s and when Edward sparkles and says this is a skin of a killer i couldn’t take him seriously and i was gasping for air and and was laughing so loud!

  48. Laura

    haha, i can’t believe there aren’t more negative comments here..first i agree with rachel that it was so funny in an ‘oh my god this is awful’ kind of way. I was cracking up through most of the movie it was just so ridiculously bad. Honestly, i don’t understand how anyone liked it. I really thought it was one of THE worst movies i’ve ever seen in my life. The acting was horrible, the plot didn’t flow, the meadow scene was AWFUL!!! ughh..the whole relationship between bella and edward wasn’t developed well at all. I really don’t have anything positive to say about it at all. I went in with very low expectations and even those were too high. i’m so disappointed.

  49. Lisa G

    My 15 year old daughter and I went to see the midnight showing of the movie, along with a twi-hard friend of mine. We all absolutely loved it! Afterward I went online to see what others had to say, and I was so surprised to hear how many people were disappointed. I really didn’t understand why. For me, the movie was everything I had hoped it would be and more. I especially loved the humor, which I hadn’t expected to play a part in the movie. After thinking on it a while and reading so many varied reviews, I have to agree with Jessie (post #34). I think that people who were expecting to see every detail of the book played out exactly the way the book is written were the people who were disappointed. Those who went in to the movie prepared to view it as a separate entity were those who had more positive things to say. Like everyone else, I was sad to see how rushed the relationship was in the first half, but I knew it had to be that way. Despite how quickly that part moved, I still think it was thorough. Everything was there; it was just condensed. I was so impressed with the entire cast and can’t wait to see more of the supporting characters in the next movies. I have to say, though, I was most impressed with Kristen and Rob. I think their roles were incredibly challenging, especially in the context of the script’s “condensed book format.” There are so many things that they were able to portray with mere facial expressions! I read one comment that expressed disappointment in Kristen for not shedding any tears, but I think Kristen was right on, especially in the hospital scene. I don’t think tears would have adequately expressed the utter shock and horror Bella felt when Edward told her they should go their separate ways. Kristen was superb! Rob did an incredible job, too. I loved his portrayal of Edward because he showed us the conflict and seemingly imminent loss of control that Edward felt inside. If Rob had played Edward as cool and unruffled as he is in the book, viewers who don’t already understand Edward wouldn’t understand this critical element of the relationship. Bella almost instantly demolished the dam Edward had built up over a hundred years of restraining his feelings and urges. Suddenly he has a flood of emotions and desires to try to deal with. Rob revealed Edward’s duality. He has a wise, seasoned side from having been in existence for so many years. But he also retains characteristics of a teenage boy. He is a bit rebellious and imetuous and is discovering the rollercoaster of emotions that come with first love. I was fascinated by Rob’s ability to show this complexity of Edward’s character. He made Edward seem so much more real to me! I’ve never read a book or seen a movie more than once in my life before Twilight. I’ve read all four books three times so far, and I intend to see the movie in the theatre at least one more time. I also intend to buy the dvd when it comes out. It will be the only dvd I have ever purchased. I also bought the soundtrack – the only soundtrack I own. Obsessed? Absolutely! And loving every minute of it!

  50. Hannah D

    Kaleb, you are an excellent writer. You could make anyone like this movie, seriously.

    I thoroughly enjoyed it. Considering most critics are middle-aged men. I guess I can’t blame them for hating this movie. But, I still think they’re being downright harsh instead of merely critical. Some films deserve it, but even the critic in me can see that this movie is better than what they’re saying.

    So basically…
    The critic in me gives it a C+ (average)
    And the fangirl in me gives it an A+

    : )

  51. Jamey

    I saw it last night and was the only one out of my group that really enjoyed it. Others thought it was too undeveloped and cheesy. I guess I can see their point but I really enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

    I agree with others who have mentioned it: Bella and Edward not saying “I love you” even once is a major disappointment. I think it might have made a big difference in understanding how deeply in love with a vampire Bella was. Yes, that’s the tag line or whatever the actors keep saying in interviews- but half the time she look scared or puzzled. Not in love.

    As far as the actors being true to their book characters, I couldn’t have asked for a better cast! Angela was way less shy than the book portrays her but I liked it. Kristen did blink a lot, it was overwhelming. And Jasper- I was glad when he could ‘be himself’ more at the baseball game. I didn’t like the look of constant torture.

    The sparkling effect was ok. The first glance at it, I couldn’t even tell and I was throughly disappointed. Maybe it was my angle to the screen but I saw very little sparkle. The more ‘meadow’ scene helped but it still wasn’t that great. I get that it was a hard effect to pull off without overdoing it so I am going to try to like it more the next 2 times I see the movie this week :)

    I also did not enjoy the super close ups of Renee. What was that about?!

    Everything else has pretty much been said so I will just sum up my favorites.

    1. The ending- I love how Edward brings up the ‘wolves’, the stare he and Jake exchange and the person watching from above, and Bella’s ‘talk over’.

    2. Emmett. Enough said there. Kellen did a great job (though I missed him in the jeep saying ‘she’s not one of us Edward’. I hope to see it in the deleted scenes on the dvd) Kitchen, baseball, protector…he was great.

    3. Charlie. Billy brought so much more depth to Charlie that was hard to get from Bella’s perspective alone. How carefree he is, how much in love with Bella he is, and I love, love, love the part with Tyler and again when Edward picks her up for Prom “I’ve heard that before” lol

    I also didn’t think I’d laugh a lot- thought I’d be more teary eyed (only once- the goodbye to Charlie) but the more minor characters (Mike, Jess, Eric) provided a ton of humor.

    Great review Kaleb and glad to have the site back!

  52. Laura

    I went in with very, very low expectations, and it’s a good thing I did, because it barely lived up to those standards. The best thing about the movie was that it really did follow the book VERY well. They hardly changed anything and barely strayed. That was great. I did like the fact that it was funny. There were also a few scenes that were done very well.

    However, the instrumental music was AWFUL. It completely ruined the movie for me. It sounded cheap, cheesy and just plain horrid. The scene where Bella first goes into Biology…I was laughing so hard because of how terribly cheesy that was. Edward’s sparkly skin…really? I could have made it look better than that. Kristen did not click as Bella for me. What’s with all the eye blinking? Rob did good. He wasn’t the best Edward, but he was definitely good. I also didn’t feel much chemistry between the two, and their relationship was very rushed. One minute they were barely talking, and the next they were saying they had fallen in love.

    As for the rest of the cast…well, Charlie was amazing. He wasn’t the Charlie in the book, but I really loved his character. He definitely made the movie funny. Mike was awesome as well (and very cute)! Carlisle was not attractive AT ALL. That was disappointing. Emmett was PERFECT. I loved him. I thought Rosalie wasn’t pretty enough from clips and pictures, but after seeing her in the movie, she was great. Alice and Jasper were both…eh, not the greatest.

    I get that they had a low budget, but seriously? They could have done so much better with this movie. The music, camera angles… ugh, it just wasn’t good. Hopefully, New Moon will be much better since they will have a large budget!

    Of course, I’ve already seen this twice and plan on seeing it a least twice more in theaters. After all, it IS Twilight. =)

  53. Sabrina

    I’ve seen it twice already and planning on a t least one more showing. I thought it was very well done considering it’s low budget, it was darn near masterful!
    I still don’t care for the soundtrack, but the films score was beautiful and exciting and I am counting down the days until I can download it.
    Charlie and the gun scene was right up there as one of the most memorable moments and when Edward arrived at the ally, my whole theater actually applauded! I have never enjoyed watching a movie in theater so much as this one because of all the personal interaction, you could hear the besotted giggles when the vamps first grace the screen, their gasps during the ballet scene, and the stunned silence as Bella hurts her father so very badly.
    I really enjoyed your review, and agree with it whole heartedly.

  54. Angie

    I had a really hard time keeping my expectations in check which is why I think I was so disappointed. The review I wrote on my blog is exactly opposite of yours. I want to like the movie SOOOO bad, it just missed the mark for me on several things. With that said though, I plan to see it again next week and I’m hoping that now I know how the movie works itself out I will enjoy it more.

  55. Anna

    So, first of all, I have to say I have really mixed feelings about the movie.

    I went in the movie theatre with super low expectations. Mainly because I thought the trailer was awful, but also because I knew it would be hard to translate the books to the screen in a good way. But boy was I relieved going out of there. I’m so glad that it didn’t suck as much as I thought it would. but still, it was far from perfect.

    My main issue was the acting. Mainly on Kristen and Roberts part, I thought it was mediocre – at best. But I was kind of prepared for that since the trailer. The most painful parts was when they where talking about the serious stuff, like the meadom scene (“Say it! Say it out loud!” – “vampire”..) and the cafeteria scene when Edward tells Bella to stay away from him (“Maybe i’m not the hero…”) I could also tell that the director knew these where hard scenes because all of the serious dialogue scenes was really short and kind of abrupt.

    But apart from those scenes I found myself really enjoying the movie and, surprisingly, I didn’t mind all the screaming (and at times almost fainting) girls in the theatre. Maybe it’s because I’m not fifteen anymore (i’m 21) and, rather than feeling ashamed or annoyed, I felt something like nostalgia and a little envy 😛 Also I liked the music more than I thought I would, and the cinematography that was kind of unconventional for a teen movie was really well made.

    I really think Hardwicke did a great job translating the book. When I first heard they were making a movie I didn’t know what to think because on the one hand, Twilight is almost perfect for the screen, the way it’s dialogue-based makes it easy to adapt. (And that’s also Meyers strenght – making the characters come to life with a fantastic and really vivid dialogue. Which I though got a bit lost in the movie.) But on the other hand I knew it would be difficult because of the pace in the book. It’s really kind of slow (or rather – it’s alot of talk and less action), which works fine in the books bot not in a movie. And also – that it is only one plot, no parallel story whatsoever.

    But as I said, I think she worked aroud that really well and in the end, it became a film well worth watching. But, I still have mixed feelings about it because I couldn’t get away from the feeling that there where ALOT of obstacles to work around. For examples the fact that there was alot of humor and that almost every character besides Edward and Bella was caricatures of themselfes. Don’t take this the wrong way, I really loved some of the funny scenes (like the Cullens making dinner). Maybe it’s all these things together – the caricatures, the lack of feeling in the serious scenes, the rushed tempo in the beginning of the movie – that didn’t made me believe in the story. The lovestory between Bella and Edward was going way too fast. I felt like the humor (though I really enjoyed all of it) and all the surounding things was a way of distracting the audience from the fact that it wasn’t a very well told story, or rather rushed, AND the fact that the main actors where kind of lame.

    This turned out to be a really long post, sorry for that (and sorry for my bad english), but in the end i just have to say: Twilight was a good movie, but not a great one. But with such a small budget, I’m really surprised it came out the way it did.

  56. Anna

    I just wanted to add that this was my first ever comment on TwilightGuy although I’ve been reading it since June.

    Go Kaleb!

  57. Devan

    When I first saw the movie, I thought it was a bit stiff, and there was a choppiness to it, going from one scene to another without the flowiness it should. I have to see it again to really give my opinion, but I think it was pretty good, considering the low budget. I liked the ending with Victoria, leaving it open for New Moon.

  58. Devan

    There were also a few awkward pauses between Bella and Edward that wouldn’t have happened in the book. In the movie, they didn’t really show how clumsy Bella was, either. I mean, she shouldn’t be able to climb a tree!
    I think the acting was pretty good, except for the fact that Rob was trying to be fierce [baseball scene in particular], but it didn’t really work out [LOL!].
    When Edward was telling Bella that he should meet Charlie, I thought that was kind of abrupt.

  59. MRK

    I really liked it…and I did enjoy the humor.
    I loved the whole restaurant..”Money, sex…cat” thing…I about died!
    And I LOVED Charlie’s scene at the hospital when he is yelling at Tyler…even though I was bummed Edward wasn’t in there.
    It was a little fast, I’ll admit…but I’m REALLY hoping that the next movie will have a much larger budget.
    I also agree that the closeup shots were a little frustrating…I kept wanting to take a step back.
    Oh! I also LOVE Billy Black in the movie…I thought he was VERY funny!
    And Tyler nailed Jacob PERFECTLY…I was very worried because he is so bubbly in interviews…which Jacob is…but not overly so.
    I thought Kristen was dead on…I was nervous about her as well, but I didnt find her monotone at all…I honestly think the trailers just didnt do a good job…anyway she beacme my Bella!

  60. Hope

    I didn’t hate the movie but I didn’t love it. It was enjoyable

    Parts I liked.


    2.ballat studio

    parts I didn’t like

    1. Bella going to meet the cullens. (though the hats on the wall was sooo funny)

    2.The meddow sceen, I know a lot of poeple will hate me for this but for some reason I didn’t like it.

    3. when bella tell edward that she knows he’s a vampire.

    Acters I liked. (I don’t know/ can’t spell all there names so by charecter)

    Alice (best one in my opinion)


    Mike Newton

    Charlie (not how I picture how he looked but he did a good job)

    Charecters I didn’t like


    Bella, I never realy felt like she fell in live with Edward.

    EDWARD! I had such high hopes for Rpats but he crushed them all. He was more like the Edward from Midnight sun then Twilight. Yes they are the same guy but in Midnight sun that is how he is INWARDLY but not what he shows Bella. To Bella he is a perfect gentilman and would never be rude like he is at times in the movie. He would never say “Why don’t you watch where your going!” unless jokingly.And pull on her arm?!?! Wouldn’t he worry he’d hurt her? But now I am renting sorry.

    And Jacob, don’t even let me start.

    Charecter I’m not sure about becouse they weren’t in it enough to tell!

    All the cullens. Where were they?!?! You never even got to know them in the movie…

    I know I seem to just hate it but I didn’t, I enjoyed watching it and am willing to see it again. But if I had seen this movie without reading the books then I don’t think I would have even read it.

  61. Katie Beth

    Ok, first of all, I LOVED the baseball scene and the music. I’ve been waiting for months to see what Muse song(s) were going to be in the soundtrack, and then when they announced it would be THAT song, my favorite Muse song *ever*, I couldn’t wait to see where Catherine put it. And it was perfect. I think I squeaked when it started playing. So, so perfect. And I loved the whole soundtrack, really. I sort of wish they would have used Rob’s version of the Lullaby (wish I could hear it), because Carter’s is sort of boring to me as a piano player, but it meshed well with the rest of the movie, and especially the piano scene.

    ROFL. I LOVE THE GUN SCENE. Oh my gosh. And what about Rosalie’s “My monkey man”? Huh, huh? Looooooooove.

    And I loved Mike and Eric and Tyler, and Angela (though she wasn’t as shy as I thought she should have been), and even Jessica.

    I have tons of problems with the movie (I won’t even list them. It’s too many), but even so, I loved it, and I’m definitely seeing it again with my best friend when she gets home for Thanksgiving.

    One thing though: It was too dang SHORT. It should have been like five hours. 😀

  62. Dii

    congratulations on the 2 million hits :)

    and thanks for sharing, Kaleb ^_^ this really makes me wish my luck weren’t as rotten as it is and I could watch the film.

    glad to read you enjoyed it :)

  63. Catherine

    I thought it was really good. Sure, it wasn’t like the book, and sure, not all the actors and actresses were perfect, but I understand that no movie is perfectly going to be like the book, and it won’t satisfy everyone. 😉

    I LOVED the baseball scene, and I liked it when Bella came into the biology class for the first time. I loved Edward’s reaction. And I also liked the scene with Charlie and the gun. And Alice was just awesome.

    What I really didn’t like is how they had Bella tell Edward he was a vampire. It was just really awkward. In the book, it wasn’t so awkward.

  64. Leigh

    I’m still a little iffy on the movie, but i’m sure it will grow on me. i’m still sad about some of the things that were left out. the second half of the movie was by far the best. i absolutly looooved the baseball.

  65. avangaline

    I loved the movie!!! It was almost exactly like the book. I was surprised when they aculaly used quotes from the book!! The funniest part was when Jessica was describing the Cullens and said that Jasper was the one that looked like he was in pain all the time!! hahaha. And at the end when Alice riped James head off it was soooo cool!!

  66. Kim

    AMAZING! I absolutely loved the movie. I, like every other fan, had my doubts before going into this movie because it’s not going to be the same, nothing can ever live up to the book, etc., but I came out of that movie wanting to watch it again. The movie definitely did justice to the book and hit almost every main plot point spot on. The tension in Bella and Edward’s relationship was so amazingly portrayed by Kristen and Rob, and their chemistry was phenomenal. Not to mention I almost fell out of my seat during the kiss scene. The baseball scene was a surprising favorite for me, and I really loved Bella’s Lullaby and the prom scene as well. There were some really good funny moments too that weren’t necessarily cheesy but added another dimension to the story. I do think the pacing of the movie was very fast at some points and I wish they fleshed out some of the characters more, but all things considering, it’s only two hours so they have to move a little bit quickly. The casting was perfect, the music was integrated nicely, and all in all, a really great movie by itself and even more importantly, a really amazing adaptation of an even more amazing book.

  67. Amanda

    I loved the movie. I went to the midnight show and I had very high hopes. Of course I wish some things were different, but of course I wish the movie could be 8 hours long too, and that can’t happen.

    I loved your funny moments, Mike at the window, Charlie with the shotgun, I also loved the boobs at prom, Rene asking “Are you being safe?” and Rosalie talking about her “monkey boy” ha ha ha!

    I was glad the sparkle wasn’t Overdone, but I’m not really sure I liked the effect (not that I would know how to do any better) but I thought it was at least subtle enough not to be ridiculous.

    I think my favorite scene overall was the baseball. The whole thing was just fun, the Muse song in the background was perfect, and I thought the effects there were great.

    Edward had some moments when he could have pulled back on the crazy eyes. When he first smells her in biology it looks like he’s going to throw up. I couldn’t help but laugh, and so did every one else in the theater. But I don’t hold moments like that against Robert Pattinson, I think he did a great job and funny moments like that were kinda cute.

    Also, his music in the the film was AMAZING! I loved both of his songs and thought they were placed perfectly.

    I wish the Cullens could have a larger role, but hopefully this sets them up to be a bigger part of the next movies, especially the Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.

    There were a few moments I really think should have been included in the film, and I think they would have made the film better:
    – Edward and Bella needed to say I love you. At least once.
    – When Jasper tells Bella that she’s worth it when he and Alice are taking her to Phoenix. It just really makes readers fall in love with Jasper and I think they didn’t get that so much without it.
    – They never even talked about Jasper’s powers! How can you not talk about Jasper’s powers?
    – I wish they would have played up more of Edward’s mind reading abilities. Like, when Bella asks him what Jessica is thinking before school. Something.

    Overall I really agreed with your review and with most people who posted on here. I can’t wait to see it again. We have to make sure it does well so that they have the money to make the sequels!!

  68. flexibleearth

    Sorry, couldn’t go through all the entries, but did anyone else would have liked the “Blood Typing” scene to be in the movie?

    But I must admit I was overall impressed with the adaptation that I completely didn’t realize that that wasn’t in the movie at all.

    And OMG, did everyone hear every girl in the theater gasp when Edward stretched his arms out and made Bella move back into a rock wall trapped with his arms on either side of her?


  69. HeyJoyous

    Love it too! I totally agree with you. Baseball was awesome made more so by the song. I also agree that there were songs on the soundtrack that I didn’t like/get but since watching the movie I LOVE them. Charlie with the gun was AWESOME. Billy was unexpectedly hilarious. “Just keepin’ it real.” HA HA HA I also didn’t expect to laugh but did a lot. It was intense and funny and romantice. Just all around awesome. Planning to see it again. . . SOON!

  70. Loony_Lovegood

    I totally agree with everything you said! I was a little upset at first, but if you consider how much stuff is in the book, it would be impossible to include everything.

  71. Jean

    I am sooooo glad I was not the only one who noticed Stephenie was in one of the scenes. I was the only one I’m pretty sure in my theater who noticed( I live in a very, very small town). Once I pointed it out to my sister though she clicked on it, whereas when I told someone else they were like “Who’s Stephenie Meyer?” Poor poor person. The movie rocked, I found so many details that weren’t like the book but I do plan to see it many many times and own it the day it comes on DVD.

  72. Team Twilight

    Kaleb, there are no words to describe how wonderful this experience has been. When I saw the trailers, I thought “okay it will be alright.” But when I saw the movie they totally blew me away! I didn’t think they would be able to do with a budget like that but I absolutley adored the movie! Two of my favorite funny scenes:

    1) Renee: “Are you being safe?”

    2) Mike: “So…you and Cullen huh? Yeah, I don’t like it.” (The way he said it made me laugh)

    One of my favorite scenes was the end when Victoria was standing at the window, anger in her eyes. It makes you wonder if they’ll make New Moon. “New Moon Mondays” anyone? :)

  73. MRK

    *sorry, but I also agree with another post that they could have cut out the field trip scene and used that time to add a relevent scene from the book. I agreed with the post, that Edward was far too much of a gentleman to have yelled at Bella like that…at least without apologizing. I did miss the scene were Jess wants to be filled on the whole P.A scene…btw Jess and Angela did a good job of being fully Dazzled by Edward!

  74. Nazneen

    Really, Kaleb. This is the best review I have ever read. But I didn’t bother to read the other comments since I have not watch the Movie. Twilight will be out on the 27th here in Malaysia. But I was so excited as I watched the Countdown Widget when there was 5 minutes left. I didn’t feel the screaming atmosphere, but I bet it was a million times way better than when I was screaming all alone in front of the computer like a madman.

    I will be looking forward for the scenes you love and I will definitely send another comment here on your review to share MY favorite scene. THANKS AGAIN, KALEB! Welcome back. (from the break down of the website)

  75. katie

    I absolutley LOVED the movie! It was very true the book and I really thought that the actors all did such a great job. I was also surprised at how humorous it was too! All I know is that I’m definatley getting this movie the day it comes out on DVD! :)

  76. abbface


    i also LOVED jessica! she was hilarious!


  77. Nutty Netty

    oddly enough i found my self falling in love with characters i didn’t really give as much thought or expectations for such as Mike Newton CHARLIE (!!) eric yorkie, it was awesome! loved the cast >_<
    and i am soooooo going to see it again and again and again!
    i LOVED the NOMADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i think i was the ONLY one in the whole theatre who wore the JAMES shirt with a button that read “YOU BROUGHT A SNACK” lol and it was turning heads and compliments (i know!) i have to say some parts of the movie didn’t have to necessarily change but it worked out together in the end :) really LOVED the movie! ;P

  78. Ashleigh

    I’m going to have to see this movie a few more times to form an opinion, because right now I’m really torn. In general, I thought the acting was great and everyone did a great job, but the camera work and special effects kind of put a damper on my viewing experience.

    Anyway…great review, Kaleb! But you shouldn’t forget the Cullens cooking dinner in your list of funniest scenes. :]

  79. Alli

    Rose- I KNOW!!! My friend pointerd that out! It irritated me.

    I have four specific problems with this movie: Edward was a little crazed-looking in some parts, and he’s supposed to be smooth; Bella didn’t fight the prom thing enough; the meadow didn’t meet my expectations; and they cut out my favorite line.

    Then I have one little annoyance that has nothing to do with the book. I understand not putting Jacob’s hair in a ponytail to avoid a subconscious connection to James, but what the heck was that headband in his first scene?! His hair looked like Bella’s!

    Other than those things, I absolutely loved the movie. There were times when I would (in my head) grumble or go “Hey, wait a minute…” but I reminded myself that there are books and there are movies, so none of those moments except the four I mentioned hurt the movie for me.

    Haha. “Mike…window….Charlie…gun.” I don’t remember the Jasper thing though. A few of my favorite funny scenes were Emmett…knife (you might not have caught that if you weren’t paying attention); Edward…prom(“I leave you alone for two seconds and…”); and in the jumping throught the trees part, both my best friend and her sister (I was sitting between them so they couldn’t hear each other) asked me “Why would you take Bella in a tree?” to which I responded “Edward can catch her.”

  80. KIM

    OME I loved the movie!!!!! I convinced 3 of my friends who haven’t read the books to come with me, one was even a guy. All of them really liked. The best part was seeing their reactions because they had no idea what was coming next, but i did. I will definatly see it again. We also meet Taylor Lautner’s (Jacob) cousin, and me and my friends freaked out!!!!!! the only things i was disapointed about were that they left out…
    1. blood typing
    2. bella’s heart racing at the hospital
    3. and all the stuff amanda #67 said was left out.

    but overall that was EPIC!!!!!!

  81. Kim

    I didnt read all the comments so i don’t know if this was mentioned yet or not. i was in hysterics when bella and edward were in the restaurant and he was telling her he could read minds. when he read all the peoples minds in the room and was like “money.. sex.. money.. sex.. cat”

  82. Rebekka

    Great review Kaleb! I have to agree, the movie was well worth the wait :)
    Although, it did feel a bit rushed. They cut out some key dialogue scenes…but I understand that it had to be done.
    I loved the Mike/Window scene XD Bahaha, and the entire cast did extremely well.
    I was a bit disappointed with the “Edward flying” also. It just didn’t look as I had imagined it would. But, it wasn’t awful. And it’s like you said, the little problems are so minor you don’t really notice them.
    Anyways, I’ll be seeing this movie two more times and I definitely cannot wait :)
    Again, great review. You put into words what I couldn’t lol

  83. Lucy

    I loved it! I just wished it was longer! I wanted it to go on forever and ever! Catherine Hardwick is a goddess! I loved Charlie and the gun, mike at the window. Oh! Stephenie was awsome! I didn’t expect for her to be right there! I thought she would be in the back somewhere and I’d have to search for her.
    There was the last scene where Edward and Jake glare at eachother. More than half the kids in the theater started laughing. I guess you can tell who read and didn’t read the books.

  84. Feven


    when i was watching the movie i was just constantly absorbing new and amazing things.. the only thing that was a letdown were some of the vampire effects (but i DID like the sparkle) but all the characters were AMAZING.

    robert’s & kristen’s chemistry is fantastic!!!!

    &im pretty sure people have already mentioned it.. but that jacob edward stare down at the end scene..
    i was like GAME ON!

    i’m gonna go see it again tomorrow :)

  85. Orietta

    I can’t even begin to describe how much I loved that movie. It doesn’t matter that a few things were out of order or that some things were added in….it FELT like Twilight. I don’t care what anyone says to the contrary, I think it was as close it perfect as it could possibly be. I started reading the series when it was first released and have read each book at least 7x’s each(barring BD, I’ve only read that one 3x’s so far 😉 and I can’t wait for the next!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Orietta

    Oh! and one more thing…I LOVED IT! Just incase you couldn’t tell.

    And to KIM- Bella’s heart did race in the hospital, you could hear the *BEEPING* in the bcakground get faster.

  87. Rhiannon

    To be perfectly honest, I had no expectations for this movie…at all. Which helped me like it more, oddly enough. I went early in the day so that I didn’t have to deal with the theater full of screaming girls.
    I was impressed though by the amount of actual jokes that were funny. A lot of the movie though…honestly, I was in hysterics. The Carlisle biting Edward and Edward getting the venom out of Bella’s system had me crying from laughter. I wasn’t satisfied with Bella and Edward though…it just didn’t seem…right. I know how hard it must be to do it right, especially with all the pressure, but it wasn’t overly horrible. Really awkward looking and an unemotional Bella, but not too bad. I can get over it.

    But let’s end on a good note. The baseball scene with Muse was absolutely perfect. Bella leaving her father was perfect too, she did a great job. It brought on the right emotions and everything. A lot of the supporting actors did a great job. I wasn’t entirely impressed with Jacob, Carlisle, and Billy, but all the others did well. I’m definitely going to see it again soon, so maybe a second time through might help my opinion.

    Oh, and good review! Except for that little Harry Potter jibe at the end there, totally unnecessary. Harry Potter needed to create so much more, and it had to be the basis for the next seven movies. In addition, it doesn’t really help the whole trying to pull Twilight away from Harry Potter idea, considering they shouldn’t be compared at all.
    Anywho, thank you for pointing out the Stephenie Meyer glimpse! I can’t believe I missed it! Ah well, second time should be the charm…

  88. Sophie

    So, yes, the movie was brilliant, but I did miss the blood typing part. They did need a bit more from Jasper, but other than that they did a fantastic job.

    I didn’t expect to laugh much, as well, but my friends and I couldn’t breathe during the majority of the time. After a while, I found myself shaking and clutching my stomach—part excitement, part from laughing hysterically. I expected constant hyperventilation, but, wow, that was amazing.

    The music just kind of won. I didn’t get it all when I heard them on iTunes, either, but they fit all of the songs in perfectly. My friend about died, saying “that’s just great” and hitting the theater seat, when I told her exactly who wrote two of the songs.

  89. Bethany

    I decided that I was going to see Twilight with an open mind, knowing that the movie can never be just like the book. And I truly loved it. I felt that the movie had exactly the right feel. And Robert Pattison? Well, there’s not much to say other than AMAZING! lol. The characters all lived up to my expectations, some exceeding them. And vampire baseball was incredible!!! Sure, I had my moments where I said to myself, “I wish…”, but overall, I was not disappointed. And thus I say: Bring on New Moon! :)

  90. Christine k

    I saw the movie last night and i loved it! I didn’t expect it to follow the book so well and the characters played their parts very good. Coming into the theater i had my doubts on how Bella, Edward, and everyone else were going to be portrayed and how they were going to do some of the more complex scenes but by the first couple of minutes i was hooked, I was completely into every second of the movie. I got lots of laughs. Charlie is so awesome and i LOVE Alice so much.
    Out of all the movies from books this one was by far the BEST. I give it a bazillion thumbs up. I think I’ll watch it again real soon :D!

  91. Rakey

    I loved the movie, and so did my friends that I went with. I was expecting it to be not too great, but I was pleasantly surprised.

    I really loved Edward’s face when Bella fell asleep on him. He looked like he was so awkward and stuff. And the Charlie gun thing had the theatre erupting in laughter. I really didn’t expect the movie to be funny, as you did.

    When Edward first said “Hello”, it also had the theatre erupting. And Jasper at the Cullen house— you could tell he wasn’t breathing and was stiff and everything. And Rosalie dropping the bowl… and I could go on forever.

    I loved it. It’s now officially my favorite movie.

    Although, I was disappointed that they left out the “dazzle” part in Port Angeles.

  92. lauren

    I agree with the funny parts, Kaleb. They made me laugh hysterically! But I felt that the movie, although it kept the general feeling of the book, was very rushed. There was no build up, and everything after the meadow scene happened very haphazardly. It didn’t really seem to flow. I still really liked it, of course, but that’s what I thought.

    I was also kinda disappointed by Charlie. He was too calm throughout the film. It didn’t really show the attachment he had to his daughter. And all the “human” kids talked exactly like a forty year old woman trying to be cool. It didn’t really make sense.

    Still, it was great to see the characters brought to life. Everyone in the theater squealed when Stephenie Meyer went on screen– That was awesome!

  93. Ally

    I went in yesterday having heard mixed reviews, so I didn’t really have any expectations for it. But I absolutely loved it!

    Obviously, there’s always gonna be a purist who thinks it’s bad even if it was seven hours long, changed nothing from the book, and had all the actors hand picked by the purist. They’d claim something like, “It didn’t convey the SPIRIT of the book!” Oh please. Talk like that drives me INSANE.

    Film and books are two entirely different mediums, and making a book into a movie is always walking a fine line. I think they did a great job, even if there were some things from the book that I missed.

    I laughed, I cheered, and I jumped up and down in my seat. I didn’t cry though, I never cry for movies. I know… what an abnormal female I am.

    My favorite parts were when Bella hit Jacob with the door, Edward saved Bella in the alley, the adapted meadow scene, Charlie with the gun, and of course the fight scene in the dance studio. I absolutely loved the last part with Victoria.

    My only complaint about the movie was the soundtrack. I really wish they would have had an actual film score instead of a selection of songs. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the songs but as a fan of film composers I enjoy movies more when they have their own music.

  94. Annie

    Wow, I really loved this movie. The only dissapointment for me was almost being trampled by some overzealous Twi-moms.

    I didn’t really like Jasper, but, after seeing him being portrayed in film, I love him. one of my friends and I have decided that he could be Johnny Depp’s son.

    My favorite funny part was when Edward was in Bella’s room, and she was talking to her mother. “Are you at least being safe?” I cracked up!

  95. Stephanie

    really? people liked it? i am a huge fan of the books and i definately went to the midnight release. of course i was not expecting it to live up to any expectations, but it did not even live up to the low standards i had.
    i felt like they cut out a lot of my favorite scenes. the meadow scene was practically non-existant. there was only one kiss!
    i admit the twilight books have a lot of cheesy lines, but they work in context. the movie took the cheesy lines but in different context and i could not help laughing at how dumb it all sounded. anyways, i am disappointed, but i will end my rant here, because i will get far too carried away if i havent already.

  96. Amaranthine

    After reading a good portion of these comments, I think I really need to see the movie again. I need to give it another chance, without connecting it in my mind with the book. Perhaps then I can enjoy it…

  97. Stephanie

    my main problem with it is that we did not really get to know edward or the cullens. if i had not read the books, i would not understand why everyone is so obsessed with him. we lost a lot of dialogue between bella and edward in the movie. in the movie, edward talks to bella one time, which does not reveal much, and she realizes she is in love with him, and without reading the books, you really dont know why. anyways, i thought since stephenie was so involved in the movie, she would have said something! i think she is to non-confrontational to say anything…

  98. betsy

    Congrats on 2 million hits!

    I went to see the movie at the midnight showing, and I left the theater with mixed feelings. Thankfully everyone contained their swooning and overall giddiness for the majority of the movie so we could hear what the actors were saying. Overall though I thought is was pretty good. I wasn’t too thrilled with sparkly Edward (Robert)–although I knew they didn’t want to make it look comical to those who haven’t read the book. When Peter Facinelli walked through those hospital doors after the car accident scene my mouth dropped. If he isn’t Carlisle, I don’t know who is. And he was soft spoken like I imagined, and, of course, beautiful. And Ashley Greene as Alice also stood out to me. She was the cute pixie vamp Stephenie described in the book.
    I did cry a little once when Edward (Robert)
    was telling Bella (Kristen) to go live with her Mom in Jacksonville so he couldn’t hurt her anymore–her reaction was spot on. Because of how the movie flowed, he never really spoke explicitly about him leaving her (at least I didn’t catch it) and so she never had that seed of doubt before that moment and she just completely freaked out. I know that sounds silly because I’ve read all the books and know what happens but for some reason that emotion, that feeling of desperation really resonates with me because of a personal experience. I digress…the screenplay seemed stinted and the meadow scene seemed schizophrenic probably because they weren’t moving around so much in the book and I wasn’t expecting it. Also it seemed like suddenly Edward just blurts out “so the lion falls in love with the lamb,” and they go into that part of the conversation.
    Like so many people I didn’t expect the movie to be part comedy. It definitely lightens the overall mood of the movie which was I thought was good.

    I then saw it a second time Friday night with my Mom (the line was crazy-long and when we finally got to the end she turned to me and said, “I hate you.” Of course she wasn’t serious, she was just surprised at everyone’s…tenacity.) The second time around I went in with no expectations and just let the movie speak for itself. I left the theater that time with much better feelings. The screenplay works wonderfully for a book adaptation and in the meadow scene Edward (Robert) was trying to freak Bella out so she’d get scared and leave running and screaming. The “and so the lion…” part seemed in the right place the second time–there’s a little bit of a pause I didn’t catch the first time.

    I was surprised they showed Carlisle turning Edward and Esme, and it caught me off guard. And although people were laughing when Edward was having a hard time stopping in the ballet studio when he was sucking out the venom in Bella’s arm I though Robert did a wonderful job displaying the emotion I’m sure Edward felt when he thought he couldn’t stop and was going to kill her himself. Overall I think he did a great job. As did the rest of the cast, really. There were parts, like when the nomads confronted the Cullen’s in the baseball scene after they smell Bella–the snarling/growling was comical. I actually laughed out loud and had to cover my mouth. It just sounded like they were breathing hard. And I do understand with such a small budget that it probably would have been different had they had a larger budget so I just let it go.

    Overall, I’d like to say good job to everyone involved in the movie!

  99. DJ

    What was really needed:
    -Bella’s swooning over looking at him
    -Edward’s genteel air and eloquence; PLEASE stop acting like you’re slow in the head
    -Where’s the ‘I love you’ part?!
    -Alice’s friendship could be developed more
    -Where’s the blood lab scene?!
    -Better special effects & music
    -Bella’s cooking for her dad arrangement
    -Younger casting for Rosalie; she looked almost 30 somehow even though the actress is 20
    -Jasper’s abilities to be more apparent and looking less than a weirdo
    -Should have cast a different waitress in the restaurant scene

    What was done well:
    -Impressive baseball scene (my favorite)
    -Edward and Bella’s first night together
    -Edward’s Volvo rescue scene was acceptable
    -Bella’s dad was pure awesomeness!
    -Bella’s clumsy routine
    -Kristen, you are the gem of the movie! You have a personality! And you’re not whiny!! Also I feel bad for her talent being wasted on some lame scenes
    -Jacob’s acting was freakin’ great
    -James was also pretty good, especially in the ballet studio
    -Classmates of Forks High gave amazing performances
    -I guess I’ll give credit to the prom scene, kind of….
    -Edward’s mind reading was portrayed okayish

    What I could have done without:
    -Crappy meadow scene with glitter sound effects/ Edward’s constant moving
    around in lame positions while confessing his feelings
    -Edward’s overacting when he first sees her (funny nonetheless)
    -Cheesy ‘believe in yourself’ lines from Dr. Carlisle
    -Bella lying about her prom schedule
    -The crazy mindless zombie way Carlisle bit Edward
    -Bella’s lame refusal to have Edward leave her
    -Meyer’s ‘in your face’ cameo
    -The Cullen’s less than grand/ classic home
    -Victoria’s lame vigil over prom
    -Playback during end credits, omg, so bad!!
    -Awkward close ups were unnecessary plus retarded camera angles

    Verdict: C. I love the book but not this mess. A 12-year old with no experience of good movies might appreciate this one. They could have done a much better job considering a few strong scenes. Director & editors SUCKED!!! The word I’m looking for is AMATEURS!! Let’s go, Harry Potter!

  100. :: emily ::

    i really enjoyed the movie, your favorite scenes and funny scenes were right on :DD and i really loved the alley one.

    the only thing i must say i was extreamly disappointed with was that they didn’t put the “Do I dazzle you?” line in there. i was really upset, i think i speak for others when i say that was one of my favorite lines in the entire book and even series, and i was sad that it didn’t make it on there :[[

    but other then that minor detail, i really loved it. Robert did an EXCELLENT job with Edward, the way he looked like he was in pain because he wanted to kill her so badly but couldn’t. And Micheal was absoulutly HILARIOUS XDD and even though it was added in there, i liked Victoria at the end. it was unexpected and cool. Although they maybe should have had Laurent there as well since he appears in New Moon. But i liked Victoria at the end

    Out of 10, i would give it a 9.65 :]]

  101. McKenzie

    Wow, your favorite parts are exactly the same as mine. I LOVE the alley scene and Mike in the window.(tee-hee). I must say though, I thought the book had A LOT of funny stuff and I was horrified that the movie would be too serious. I am pleasantly surprised that it was not. It was absolutely PERFECT.

  102. Charlee

    Wow. I just read comment number 99, that’s REALLY harsh. I’ve seen alot of movies in my time, in this one was really not that bad. Considering the budget they were on, and the ENOURMOUS hype and expectations they had to face with this movie. Lay off it, your not a professional.

    I’ve seen the movie twice already, and I must say, I enjoyed it FAR more the second time. The first time I was too busy being shocked by all of the new things, wondering how they were going to transfer it to the screen, that it was hard to take it all in. When I went to see it again, I knew what to expect, and could truly relax and enjoy it.

    I think the casting for this film was really well done, and if you read or listen to interviews with Rob about how he approached the role, you can even more appreciate some of the moments in the movie.

    Of course the movie is not as good as the book, but have you EVER seen a movie that is? I was happy that they captured its essence so well. Yes, they didn’t include some of our favorite lines etc. But that’s something you have to sacrifice. I’m really, really, happy with this film.

    I’m so excited that it’s finally here!!!

  103. urcoolcarrie

    Oh my gosh!! This film went waaaay over my expectations. It was absolutely amazing, and I will be seeing it for the third time today because I liked it so much.

    My favorite scenes:
    1. Baseball
    2. Meadow
    3. Hospital

    Favorite funny scenes:
    1. Emmett and Rosalie with the whole “How do you know shes Italian?” “Um, her name is Bella.” Haha. It just seems like something Emmett would totally say. :)
    2. Mike when hes like “You and Cullen, Eh? I…don’t like it.” haha.
    3. Charlie and the gun. So classic. :)

  104. Amy

    Ahh, I’m really wanting to see it again, now. When it was over… I was disappointed. Now I’ve been thinking about it and analyzing my… previous-analyzing from during the movie, and I realize I just need to go to ENJOY it. :] So I’ll go at least once more. I’ll be… ecstatic to rent it and see the deleted scenes! I hope Emmett’s “She’s not one of us” is in there, or I’ll write a letter to Summitt myself. :(

    Did anyone else crack up at Billy?! His death glare at Edward… priceless. I hope he was trying to be hilarious, because they (unfortunately) used that scene for his part in the credits. Heh. Charlie was a show-stealer, and the acting was great… aside from the few awkward moments, but I feel that was more because of the script.

    I’d hoped for some more I Love You’s and falling-in-love scenes. The Biology Scene would have tied it all together beautifully, or the airport-ditching scene. Yes. More Jasper, please. I think more narration from Bella would have been great, too!

    The music was great… I started squealing when Muse came on at the baseball scene and Edward’s shiny silver Volvo come to save the day/night. The beginning definitely gave me butterflies in the good way, and I feel the beginning was much better than the end, unfortunatly.

    But let’s celebrate! New Moon! Great opening day $$! Woooooooo. Congrats cast and production team. 😀

  105. Laura

    I must admit, I was a teeny bit dissapointed after seeing the movie(at midnight, of course). But who couldn’t with all of the humongous expectation? I did love it much better the second time I saw it, a mere 16 hours after I had finished watching it the 1st time. The transition from Edward hating her to immediately falling in love with her (as well as Bella’s) was a bit fast and there’s no midpoint. It’s just like “I can’t stand to be near you” to “I can’t live without you.” THat was my main problem, it’s like there was no inbetween with everything from Edward’s mood to Bella’s interest. Also, some parts that were supposed to be serious (Edward sucking venom out of Bella) seemed to be funny to me. I was actually laughing at the part beause of Edward’s look on his face. But overall, the mood of the movie could’ve been a bit lighter, but everything tied together in the end. There was too much action, in hope’s that more boys would see it and that the ones who had been dragged along to the midnight showing by their girlfriends (there were quite a large number) wouldn’t walk out. And the baseball scene didn’t need to be quite so long and that time could’ve been used for the meadow scene. But hopefully more will be on the DVD in the 12 extended/deleted scenes. I fully suggest(more like command) that everyone should go see it and you won’t be (too) dissapointed.

  106. Emily

    LOVED IT!!!!

    Victoria was just so… Evil – it was wicked. The part where she said “I’m the one with the wicked curve ball” send shivers up and down my spine. It was all around amazing. I loved it and I’m probably going to go see it again next weekend : )

  107. Christine

    i thought the cullens were amazing, and the high schoolers and quileutes pretty good. was not a fan of bella. i was happy that they didn’t hollywoodize the movie, a perk of having an indie-ish director and a small budget. and the movie did as well as it honestly could, but without bella’s constant narration and opinions and humor, without the character history, the plot itself is pretty much like any other vampire romance novel to me.

  108. Christine

    and charlie? amazing. :)

  109. bamalulu

    Kaleb- great review!! I loved the movie and so did my husband who is on the 2nd book now, see Kaleb you are not the only Twilight guy out there. My favorite part was the last of the movie, and Alice was awesome, jumping on James and breaking his neck!!!

  110. Amber

    I. Loved. It.
    It was amazing!

    I do agree with Twinks about Edward’s facial expressions. HILARIOUS!! When Bella and Edward were in the car after the alley he tells her to distract him and when she says “You should put your seatbelt on…” He laughs and is like hysterical when he says “Heh, YOU should put your seatbelt on!”

  111. Nikolieolieoh

    the movie was okay. i feel like i would have loved it had i not read the books.
    2 biggest problems i had with the movie version:
    1) the meadow scene was terrible. it was supposed to be this beautiful, intimate moment between bella and edward, but it just seemed rushed. when he stepped into the sunlight it was more because he was trying to scare her instead of share a personal secret that he couldn’t tell anyone else. also, the sparkles looked like crap. i couldn’t even see them at first.
    2) kristen stewert is quite possibly the worst actress i have ever seen in my life. is she serious? i will see all the other twilight movies, but i refuse to see any other movie that she is in.

    other than that, i thought it was pretty okay. all of the other actors were just wonderful (emmett was my favorite!) and i loved all the added humor. soundtrack worked in well, too :)

  112. daylet


  113. daylet



  114. Ember P

    The movie was PHENOMENAL! I was so afraid that it would be a huge disapointment, but it brought back those feelings from when I read the book for the first time, something I hadn’t been able to fully get back in the five more times I read the book. It was so great, and I’m hoping to go see it again while it’s in theaters.
    Totally agree with your favorite funny parts, but my favorite part was between the ballet studio scene and the hospital scene. So much symbolism, it was a perfect transition.

  115. Amy J

    Thank you for your thoughtful review, Kaleb. I loved the cast as well and thought everyone was spot on. Parts of the editing and direction were a little frustrating for me but overall I really enjoyed the movie.

    I would also like to recommend that if you didn’t love it the first time around, to see it again. I went with some friends to a midnight showing and again to a matinee today and they all agreed it was better the second time. I personally was able to relax and enjoy it more, rather than worrying about how it was going to go and if I would like it.

    I would also say the audience has a lot to do with how the movie is received. Our audience at the midnight showing was weird… laughing at serious parts and just a negative vibe. Today’s audience was much better, and I think that contributed to my enjoyment to be sure.

    On the plus side, we didn’t have screamers in either showing… except when they showed the preview for that Unborn movie, which was literally the three scariest minutes of my life. Gah.

  116. Marie

    I liked the movie a lot. I was scared it would be so bad I would cry (like I did for other movies adapted from books) but I was surprisingly happy with it.
    Of course they couldn’t show everything that was in the book, but I think they did a great job to keep the same spirit in the movie. I mean, they are high school students, and I was laughing all the time at Jess, Mike, Angela and the others, because they totally acted like teens. You could always see them in the background acting funny and that made it for me.
    I also liked Charlie, the way he acted helped me to put a face on his character. Like pretty much everyone, I like the gun scene (hahahaaa) and the hospital too. Billy and Jacob were good too, I’m really looking forward to New Moon to developp their personnalities more.
    The Cullens were great too, because they weren’t exactly like in the book, but they were acting according to their personnalities. Rosalie and the bowl, Alice and the branch, Emmett’s look, Jasper’s face, Esme’s overwhelming hapinness when Bella comes to meet them… I really enjoyed the feeling to see them like that.
    I thought it was a bit rushed too, but I think it comes form the book, because eveything in it is happening so slowly… I mean, I got the same feeling when I watched Harry Potter, you just can’t fit a couple of months in 2 hours without being rushed!
    Of course, I was sad afterwards because some parts I really loved from the book weren’t there (the blood test, the guys asking Bella to the prom, the airport…) but I think the wrap-up of every major point from the book was well done. Hopefully I’ll go see it again this week, to catch the few details I didn’t see…!

    hummm, that was a long comment haha. excuse my mistakes, english isn’t my first language 😉

  117. Allison

    I loved the movie soooo much. Like you I had okay expectations. But it was awesome!! I wish they had the snow scene but I understand its absence and there was no Lauren. But it was still AWESOME! Alice:super bad-a**. charlie and the gun was the funniest part though. IT was funny though how everyone in the theater laughed at intense things like the dirty look between Edward and Jacob because everyone in the theater new why. I totally loved the ballet scene, I even loved the scenes that they added or changed. This was a fantastic movie.

  118. Nat

    I have read all 4 books and I really enjoyed them. After watching the movie I was very disappointed, it was embarrassing, it was cheesy. The lullaby sequence could be right out of a 80s music video. The most highly anticipated of all scenes, the meadow was a huge disappointment. The meadow is supposed to be one of the defining romantic moments in the series. Needless to say, it wasn’t. Now if you didn’t read the Twilight book then there was times went the movie didn’t make sense. You shouldn’t have to read the book to understand a movie. If that was the case then most people would ever see movies. I think that if they are going to be making New Moon then they need a new director, or the script needs to be written better. I would only give this movie 2 ½ – 3 star. I was hoping that it would have been a 4 ½ – 5.

  119. Emily

    WOW it was amazing a little rushed and funny i love Jessica in port Anjela soot funny and the waiters hair WOW and the gun hehe my dad all the way but the base ball was amazing and when Alice took James head off the theater started to clap and laugh.

  120. Charlee

    Yeah Daylet! (112-113) I was totally about to post that on here!

    Twilight is the #1 MOVIE IN AMERICA!!!

  121. Flower

    I loved the movie. I saw it last night, and am going to see it again tonight. A few things I was dissapointed about was the fancy hotel, Bella’s easy escape, and little development on Jasper. They didnt make it clear that he is an empath, which Im hoping they (more than) touch upon in the New Moon film.

    Favortie scenes:
    1. …I cant choose a favorite!
    2.Stephenie! I loved her cameo.
    3. The Alice/Jasper hand holding was sweet and appropriate. It made you realize how much Bella was longing or Edward.

    Funniest scenes:
    1. Almost any scene with Charlie or Jasper in it. Especially the gun scene and when the Cullens are introduced.
    2. Emmet and the knife! Dude, safety first!
    3. The gym scene was pretty hilarious.

  122. Sasha

    I am going to be completely honest as well…

    I loved the movie, i thought it was great, stayed true to the novel in many aspects, the actors all lived up to their characters, which was good to see, and I definitely saw Edwards inner struggle (which is probably more apparent in Midnight Sun than in Twilight). The funny parts were unexpected and well…funny. However, I did feel it rushed through the first half, like it kinda didn’t make sense how she could be in love with him in 20 minutes, while in the book we all know there is alot more dialogue between them. I missed the dialogue between Bella and Edward on the scene back from Port Angeles, which was cut in the film. Like I said overall I thought the movie was great…hopefully they will make New Moon with a bigger budget, so it can be even better!

  123. Kaye

    It was great. :) They cut out on so much. Gah, it felt short. I laughed a lot, too. My friends loved the “look it’s a worm!!” part. I didn’t think it would be so funny! I just didn’t see the true romance, though. :( It just felt like they were friends.

  124. Kelly

    I absolutely adored it.

    I ended up crying like a little baby at least two times (when the title faded on to the screen and the lullaby scene).

    My favorite scene ended up being BASEBALL! I wasn’t too excited for it but the music. Oh my gosh, the music. I love that song but now it’s one of my favorites. The ballet studio scene was fabulous, especially with the small budget. And Edward sparkling was perfect!

    In my opinion, everyone that was casted was phenomenal. I had no complaints whatsoever.

    I’ve seen it two times in less than 24 hours of one another (one being the midnight showing) and I’m going again tonight. It was completely worth the months and months of waiting.

    NEW MOON =] =] =] =]

  125. Sveta

    okay i loved the movie to DEATH!!, but the scene where bella walks by the fan and it looks like edward was like cholking or gagging or something. ppl started laughing at that and i kinda did too. i mean edwards face was like GAHHH!!
    oh my god the scene with emmett and the knife was HILARIOUS!!!!!!

    the window was like the funniest thing ever!!!!!!

    oh and where bella is talking on the phone with her mom and edward appears in her room
    her mom asks
    “are you being safe?”
    god that was rlly funny
    overall i loved the movie and i cant wait until feb. 17
    (dvd comes out)

  126. Sveta

    sorry i meant choking
    not cholking

  127. val

    there wer some parts i didn’t like a lot, but there were others that i absolutely love with all my heart!!!! just like you said the baseball scene was just like i imagine it!!! it was absolutely perfect!!! also i love the llulaby scene it wasn’t what i imagine but it was perfect!!!

  128. Samie

    Man that was a Flipping awsome movie! i went into the movie not knowing how good it would be, i knew it was going to be good but i didnt think it was going to be AWSOME!!! and wow! the lines where insane! My friend and I went to ottawa thearters to go see it.. cuz well she lives in ottawa and i dont so i went down there on train to go see her and the movie, anyways, we bought of tickets online monday, for a 9:30 showtime, cuz all the other times where taken, so anyways, we went two hours early just to see how long the lines where, i knew there was gonna be a line, but i didnt know it was gonna be that long or even have that many ppl there already, but when we got there 2 hours before the movie, it was insane i swear there was atleast 100 ppl there already in line! they had two theaters open for the 9:30 show, and they fit the hundards of ppl in those two. me and my freind got awsome seats! my fav part of the whole movie was Charlie and his gun! when bella wanted him to meet edward.. that was friggen funny! lol… the fight sence was awsome to! but i was a little dissapointed (and this was the only time i was) was when Angla was with eric.. Ben wasnt even in the movie at all! but i can understand it saves money, dont need to bring Ben into the movie i guess.. eric will do.. lmao.. but over all LOVED the movie.. my fav part was at the end with Victora! that was awsome!

  129. Savannah

    The movie was sooooooo COOL!!!!
    i loved it! i cant wait for New Moon.I loved when all the Cullens were walking in the lunch room and jessica was telling Bella that they were off limits because they had partners,when that part came every one in the theater claped for thier favorites!!!! I loved Jaspers performance i was dazed by him. I liked when he was getting ready to play base ball and he was playing with the bat.And Carlisle was soooo cute!i lost my breath when i saw him. Also when jacob came to crash the prom and he tried to help bella up but edward was like NO. and they glared at each other that was so intence

  130. Maddie

    I adored it. The meadow thing was a bit odd tohugh, the way they entered it, I mean, And I was sad that they left out the blood-typing thing and that they didn’t sit together at lunch. But it was an awesome movie, regardless of those things. I laughed so much!

  131. idreamofedward

    I loved it! I mean, there were some things that I wasn’t a huge fan of. The running/jumping was kind of funny looking, but I understand that had a lot to do with their budget. I LOVED the little fantasy Bella has when she realizes Edward is a vampire! And I loved the sparkles! And I loved Jessica and Eric and Mike! Gosh, Mike! Hilarious. I laughed a lot, mostly at the stuff that nodded towards the books. I just thought it was amazing! I sort of think they should have played up Edward’s ability more though. They showed Alices’s vision of the James, Laurent, and Victoria coming, so we didn’t forget about her power. I just thought that people who haven’t read the books might have forgetten about his because he only says he has it, really.

    But I LOVED it! I’m going to see it again next week!

  132. Carrie

    My mom & I watched the movie last night and we both enjoyed it very much. I missed many of the Edward & Bella moments from the book that were not included and felt that some of their scenes were a little rushed (such as the hospital scene at the end), but I understand that it’s hard to fit every little thing into the movie. The actors were all GREAT. I even loved Charlie and Renee. Don’t even get me started on how much I loved Carlisle and Alice. All of the Cullens were perfection. Loved the nomads too, particularly James. He was awesome. I also thought Mike and Jessica were more likable in the movie than they were in the books. The movie definitely made me laugh out loud at times and was appropriately tense at other times. My fave parts were the Biology class, the ‘meadow’ scene, Bella meeting the Cullens, Bella & Edward in the trees and at the piano, the hot kissing scene, the prom and the awesome baseball & ballet studio scenes. I just wish we had seen more of Edward & Bella getting to know each other and more of the Cullens. Other than that, very cute and enjoyable movie.

  133. rachael

    Great post Kaleb! I completely agree! I’ve seen the movie 3 times already. I went to the midnight showing with my daughter, an earlier show on Friday with my husband (and surprise he ‘really liked it’), and then a late show friday for Girl’s Night Out. The more I watch it the more I love it. And I plan on going again!!!

    It did move fast, and even my husband mentioned this, in the beginning of their relationship, but of course that is due to movie time constraints. As far as book to screen adaptions, it is probably the truest I’ve seen since LOTR.

    I think Rob and Kristen did a phenomenal job bringing Edward and Bella to life. I loved Alice, Jasper…all of them. Taylor did a great job as Jacob. My only real complaint was a little to much make-up on the vampires.

    Just got my email from Summit about New Moon and I can’t wait!

  134. Sarah

    I absolutely LOVED the movie.
    Just like you, I went in with pretty low expectations because of a small budget, other reviews, and the fact that sometimes, books don’t translate to film very well.
    But in the end, I walked out of the theater overwhelmingly impressed.
    I felt the set/scenery of the movie was really good – the drastic changes portrayed in the beginning of the movie from dry, sunny, desert-like Phoenix to cold, dark, damp, almost foreboding Forks, Washington were a good representation of Bella’s thoughts in the beginning of the book.
    Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, as well as all of the Cullens (apart from Jasper’s freakish stare lol) did a great job playing their roles.
    Charlie was priceless ahaha
    Favorite part? I loved the baseball scene, that was very well done. 😀

  135. Nymphadora

    Awesome movie; I just got back from watching it a 2nd time!!!!

    Emmett…knife is just one of my fave parts in the whole movie, and I went with a friend today, and he left before the Mike…dancing, so I told him, but I don’t think he minded.

    I LOVED ALice’s pitching!!! I’ve been trying to perfect it all day!!! Carlisle is SOOOO HOT, by the way; I couldn’t stop looking at his face during the hospital scene… and Edward *sigh*

    The first night she dreamed of Edward was interesting… I mean, she wakes up, and sees Edward, but when she turns on the light, he’s gone (rofl)And you can tell he’s there!! It isn’t like she’s actually stil dreaming. She was awake, so why did she think she was still dreaming? Silly, mind-reading vampire!!

    Not to mention that I kept pointing out Stephenie Meyer to everyone I went with when I saw her; no one paid any attention, or BELIEVED me, for that matter!! It was STEPHENIE MEYER, for crying out loud!!!

    James…spray,Question: can you really blind a vampire w/ pepper spray, or does it just get him P.O’d? I’d say the second choice, but that’s me.

    Billy…goofing was HILARIOUS!!! “Roll you into a mud puddle!” HA!!!

    Love it; still want to see it again!!!

  136. Jacki

    I loved your review! You happened to sum up all my opinions about the movie 😀 There are too many favorite scenes to count xD

  137. Lori

    I’m sorry to say that I was really disappointed in the movie. I don’t understand why they had to make so many changes from the book??? My biggest complaint was the lack of love and affection between Bella and Edward. If I hadn’t read the book I would have questioned how much they really cared about each other. They changed every detail except for the main plot line. The where’s, when’s and who’s were completely different from the book. I was very disappointed that they even changed characteristics of Bella and Edward. Rather than being confident, protective and loving Edward was awkward and full of anger. Instead of being domesticated, strong and mature Bella was a typical teenager. Why mess with a good thing? I really hope they stick closer to the story line for New Moon.

  138. April

    I Was so Excited as I Was Waiting in My Seat (Which Was the Best in the Theater!) But Nervous at the Same Time.
    I Had Been so Hyped Up About it & I Was Wondering if it Could Possibly Live Up to My Expectations. And it Did.
    My Heart Was Constantly Pounding During the Movie.
    There Was Lots of Squeeling When Edward, Jacob, Carlisle, and James Came Up on the Screen.
    Robert as Edward Was so Gorgeous. He Really Fit the Character.
    I Like Kristin as Bella & She is a Beautiful Person But I Think They Over Exagerated Bella Not Looking That Pretty. Her Hair Constantly Looked Like it Was Greasy & Unwashed & That Bothered Me a Little.
    I Was Really Excited About the Meadow Scene Because it Was My Favorite. And I Wondered How in the World They Could Make Edward Sparkle Without it Looking Cheesy. I Was Pretty Pleased With What They Did.
    I Really Loved Edward at the Piano. That Part Always Had a Special Little Place in My Heart.
    The Baseball Scene Was AMAZING! I Loved it a lot.
    The 1 Part in the Movie That I Almost Cried at Was When Bella Was Yelling at Charlie Cuz She Had to Escape to Keep Him Safe From James. I Swear I Kept Going “Awwwww” During That Scene. I Just Wanted to Give Charlie a Big Hug.
    The Fight Scene Was so Awesome! The Growling Between Edward & James While They Were at Each Others Throats Was Funny XD
    Emmett Was so Hilarious! I Loved Him!
    I Was Sad at the Lack of Jasper. He Had Like 2 or 3 Lines. They Didn’t Show Anything About His Ability. But He Was Awesome Too.
    As My Friend & I Walked Out of the Theatre (Actually I Stumbled. I Was Too Dazzled By the Movie to Walk Straight) the Only Things We Could Say Were “That Was soooo Freaking Awesome” “Best Movie Ever” & Scream.
    I’m Definitely Going to See it Again!

  139. Stacie

    I loved it so much!
    I saw it at midnight and 15 hours later at 5 yesterday! And I might see it again on tuesday!!!
    I absolutely LOVED IT!
    My favorite part was the fight scene because it was so intense and Edward was so mad and Alice and Jasper were so cool! AND The baseball scene too! The song fit perfectly!
    Haha,and I LOVED the ending! With victoria just walking away and the music starting and the “Directed by: Catherine Hardwicke”
    It was everything I expected and more.New Moon is my favorite book and I’m sure the movie will be GREAT!!!

  140. rachel

    I wasn’t thrilled with the movie. It was good at parts, but I don’t know how well it would have gone over for a non-reader of the books. There was so much that was glossed over and I think that it hurt the storyline a bit. Their relationship progressed way too fast and I don’t think it was believable without the 300 pages of dialog to accompany it. I also wanted a lot more interaction between the Cullens and Bella, especially when Bella is alone with Jasper and Alice, and it just wasn’t there. I plan to give it another shot in a few weeks none the less.

  141. Back from the Twilight Premiere | Kaleb Nation Official Site - KalebNation.com

    […] and later on I saw the movie, which was hilarious and far better than I was even expecting (see my review here).  And just in today, they announced there will be a New Moon movie. I guess that means I have […]

  142. Bekah

    I loved it.
    Apparently unbeknownst to me I was rolling off emotions the entire film. OME Rob was amazing as Edward. I really didn’t expect that at all. I mean you see him and its like meh but then he’s on the screne and he IS Edward. He got all the layers of his emotions. The whole I think I am a souless monster thing was there but he kept it from getting depressing. And him in the sun *faints.

  143. Sarah B

    Well I have too many favorites but I’m disappointed that one of your favorite funny moments is not when Bella goes to the Cullen’s house and Emmet “waves” hello. :)
    I was amazed with hoe the audience reacted to the movie…the audible gasps and such.

  144. Jojo

    I think I’m in love. And I think I’m in love with Erik Yorkie. “It’s a worm, Bella! A WORM!” How ridiculous is that? And yet, it’s so boyish. So awesome. He’s so great.

    I’ll take a moment to summarize the difference/similarity between the book and film. THEY WERE ALMOST EXACTLY THE SAME. In the book, Stephenie spends pages describing emotions. Kristen, Rob, and the others capture that in mere seconds. The movie goes on a lot faster because of this – as does Bella falling in love with him. It’s all inside – but if you watch her face, if you listen to the way she phrases her phone conversation with Renee, you’ll realize what she’s going through.
    Who noticed the jacket James was wearing in the baseball scene – definitely from the guy he killed only a short while before.
    I’d like to say to all you fans who are disappointed: What are you disappointed in? “The movie”? Because everything was in there. If you’re going to complain that Edward said this in the car, not the meadow, then get over yourself. There’s a fine line between being dutiful toward the book and going extreme. A very fine line that we have all, I am sure, crossed at some point.

    I’d like to also add that my father, mother, and sister came with me. My parents loved it, though they hadn’t read the books and were rather suspicious of the movie, but my sister didn’t like Robert. She did, however, admit that she loved everything else.

    You guys — let’s make Twilight the top vampire movie of all time. And let’s get New Moon to get over 100 million opening weekend. Think we can do it?

    And Kaleb – thanks for all your work with this series. It’s wonderful to hear the opinions expressed from someone who isn’t completely head over heels in love with Edward. It’s nice getting some of that new insight. So thanks for all you do.


  145. L.

    oh my God.
    the movie was.
    my favorite scenes were the most intense and funny ones.
    the fave funnies ones were when Mike was dancing at the window; Charlie and his guns/pepper spray; and the scene with Emmett and the Cullens. [Is she even Italian? ..Well her name is Bella!]
    the fight scene was AMAZING.
    i literally was one inch out of my seat the whole time saying ‘GO, GO’ like i didn’t already know what was going to happen.

    i went with my sister and was constantly beating her on the arm, pointing at the screen, and squealing quietly.

    i’ve never been so excited about something in my life, and here i am 2 hours later still having an adrenaline high.

    once again.
    it was.

  146. Beth

    I actually finished all 4 books over the last week (I had never dreamed of picking up Twilight after all the hype), and believe it or not I’m actually looking forward to when it comes to Ireland on Dec 19th – ESPECIALLY after reading all of the good things said by you US movie goers!

  147. minnie

    Okay, I completely agree with Sonia. It was a disappointment. It was fun and all, but walking out, it wasn’t even close to how the book made me feel.

    And that makes me sad because I really really want to like it :( I’m going to watch it again, of course, and I honestly hope I like it.

    But the sparkling made him look like he was sweating, and the flying I wasn’t so sure about. Plus the viewer doesn’t get the full extent of Bella and Edward’s love.

    And when the camera closed in on Edward’s golden eye…everyone could see the contact lenses.

  148. Erinn

    Keep in mind for this review I have read all of the books and love them. I read Twilight before a movie was a serious idea.

    What I liked about the movie was how it was true to the book. Nothing completly major was changed. But besides that I thought the movie was kinda ‘blah’ I tried really hard to go in with lower expectations and I understand that they had a small budget but there were lots of things about the movie that bothered me.

    Everything about Edward was kinda thrown at you at once. It was like, ‘BAM I hate you’ ‘BAM I’m super strong’ ‘BAM I hate myself’ BAM!BAM!BAM!’ it seemed like way too much at once and felt really overwhelming.

    You don’t see Bella start to fall in love with Edward. It happeneds fast in the book but in the movie one minute she thinks he’s attracted then the next she’s obsessed.
    I didn’t feel the love at all whenever they were talking to eachother. The brief meadow scene I could honestly feel the love but anyplace else nothing seemed special.

    The whole part where Alice and Bella and Jasper are in the motel lasted for about thirty seconds and for me didn’t show just how desperate Bella was to be back with Edward.

    What was up with Rosalie complying to help? I didn’t get that.

    The biggest thing that bothered me and I don’t even know why I noticed was that ‘twilight’ was never metioned in the movie. Each book has a reference to the title and my memory says that it happends twice in Twilight. Edward talks about how twilight is the safest and saddest time for a vampire and, at the prom when Bella tells Edward she wants to be a vampire he says “So ready for this to be the end…for this to be the twilight of your life…” It bothered me that that connection was not in the movie.

    Someone on here said that Edward didn’t seem like the character in the book but Rob’s take on him and I kind of agree with that. Edward seemed way too self-loathing around Bella. Yes, Edward in a torutred soul and yes he hates being a vampire, but he never mentions it without Bella provoking him. In the movie he seemed all too willing to share his absolute hatred of himself.

    Bella seemed to be very….boring. Her frstration with Edward wasn’t very convincing. I love Kristen Stewart and her acting but something about Bella was off.

    Overall it seems that the part of Bella and Edward’s relationship where bella becomes more and more fascinated and in love with him was skipped. Suddenly she was ‘unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.’ There really was no build up.

    I plan on watching the movie a second time so I can figure out how I feel about it a little better.

  149. soul

    I did not like the movie. true, It did have all the important moments from the book complete with bad actors. I was disappointed. After that movie I asked myself why did I waste my time reading those book? I could have waited for the bootleg/posting on the web for that movie.

  150. Aidynn

    I will most certainly say that I loved the movie – it was fantastic and well worth the emptying of my wallet.
    However, I must ask, in reference to your Latin analogy, do you actually know Latin? I am the biggest Latin nerd ever (it is such an interesting language!), and I just had to ask.

  151. Joycer

    I thought it was amazing. The best book to movie I have ever seen :)
    My favorite parts?

    The baseball scene
    The kiss
    The prom …

    I thought Charlie was an amazing choice. That Rpatts leapt off the screen as Edward. Twilight the movie was just so real !

  152. Nurazlin

    I absolutely LOVE Alice! She is just so cute!

    So, I give the movie a 8/10.
    I did miss the I love yous between Bella and Edward. And Bella waking up and Edward telling her what he heard while she was asleep. That was one of my favourite chapters of the book and sort of felt a sense of loss.
    And, isn’t Bella’s aversion to blood sort of important?

    I guess I thought B and E’s relationship went by way to fast, and it didn’t really feel like they loved each other as much as you feel it in the book. =/

    I do understand that movies can’t be exactly like books and I think they did extremely well compared to others. :)

    So more importantly, my FAVOURITE parts were:

    -of course, the baseball scene! I had my toe tapping to the music, and smiling all through that scene.

    -Cullen kitchen scene, Emmett is hilarious!

    -Charlie with his gun, and also him asking Bella before her ‘date’: Do you still have that pepperspray? xP

    Also loved seeing the Cullen in the olden days. Edward looks good in old fashioned clothes. Hehe.

    And so much more. Love the movie, soo much! Plan to watch it again soon. Very soon. Hopefully I can NOT compare every little detail to the book and enjoy it more. >.>

    PS. I found myself cringing at Edward’s skin, and his running.

  153. Mary C

    I was enthralled by the movie! i was so glad there were comedic performances. i especially love the kitchen scene with the Cullens trying to cook for bella!! Emmett is my favorite non-edward character! YEA!! NEW MOON!

  154. Annie

    I went to the movies right after school all hyped up about finally seeing Twiligt on a big screen. I was a bit dissappointed after I saw it. I felt that they rushed through all the bulid up of Edward and Bella’s relationship and spent most of their (the movie crew) effort into the last few scenes when James finally arrives and the tracking begins. I was really glad that the movie stuck so closely with the book though and they kept the really important lines in it, but the exexution could have been better. I felt that Kristen could have tried a lot more harder because it looked like she wasn’t really putting any emotion in it at all.

    When Edward was sparkling in the meadow, that was a big turn-off for me because I expected something a lot better. It looked like they had to quickly rush through all the special effects and it looked really fake to me.

    I loved the funny scenes though. They were hilarious, especially Charlie with his gun towards the end.

    I loved Alice though. She was amazing and the actress was superb at playing her role. When they at the feild playing baseball, I defineitely got the image as Alice as a little tiny pixie that could pack a punch.

    I love the Cullens’ house though. It’s so nice.

  155. janetH

    Gosh. Harsh comments sometimes! I am surprised that people who know about this site, and you would assume are fans, have such negative thoughts about the movie. Especially after all the opportunities out there to understand the difficulty of translating a first person story of this nature into a visual form on screen.
    I loved it.
    And I am NOT a 12 yr old with no film viewing experience.

    On a happy note.
    Hey Kaleb. Congrats on the 2 mil + hits! Way to go! As a fan of yours, I’m so proud for you.

  156. Bree

    Oh my goodness.
    Just drove an hour to see this movie, and I spent the whole drive trying to lower my expectations. Totally didn’t need to. The movie was fabulous. I really loved the baseball scene and the whole meeting the family bit.
    I HATED the shining/sparkly part. Seriously, he looked like he ran about 50 miles and desperately needed to take a shower. Also, some bits didn’t feel like they flowed. Maybe it was just my theater, but at scenes like when Edward and Billy were at the table waiting for Bella, they went to stand up and were suddenly at the door? I’m not sure, it was really weird to me.
    The one bit about the book/movie difference that really bothered me was the laptop. I didn’t mind the cellphone or the iPod, but when she hauled out the laptop I was a bit .. bummed out? The slow computer was a really cool minor detail in the book IMHO and it really annoyed me when they changed it. But hey, not everyone lives in the stone age anymore I ‘spose.
    I wish Alice, Jasper and Emmett got more screen-time. It felt like the whole movie was Edward and Bella, but the book was everyone else too.
    But besides all of that minor stuff, I really loved the movie! Kinda wish I got to see it twice.

  157. Wendy

    I loved the whole movie in general. The actors were insanely awesome. The music fit perfectly my favorite scene was the baseball scene no doubt. I loved Michael Welch he is so funny in the movie. I was dissappointed in the sparkle, I pictured it more rainbowy. But yeah I can’t wait for New Moon its my favorite one.

  158. Mary

    I believe Twilight wasnt the best movie I have seen this year, but I still really liked it. I also really look forward to the sequels. I believe if they get the money they want the sequels will be a lot better than Twilight.

    My favorite parts as followed:

    * Bella walked into the kitchen and Emmett waved the knife at her saying hello.
    * Charlie and the gun part.
    * Vampire Baseball
    * I loved at the end when Edward comes upon Jacob talking to Bella at the prom. You can really feel the tension between them.
    * I love the prom scene period.
    * The final scene with Victoria.

    I probably had more scenes that I liked I just cant remember them all. I am going again tonight, and then a few times this week with different friends. Even though it was not the best I am really excited that it was made, and that the sequel has been given the ok to be filmed.

  159. Layra

    Loved it!!

  160. E

    My favorite funny scene was Charlie and the pepper spray.
    I just loved Alice and Rosalie… I think they were played to perfection. And Edward. And Esme. And Renee.
    I loved the soundtrack.
    Bella was just a little too serious, but she was still close to perfection.

  161. MrsCullen

    I HATED IT!!!!!!!!! I wasn’t expecting much when I went to see it, but IT WAS HIDEOUS!!!!!!!! The acting and make-up was hideous. The actors they picked were horrible, they didn’t even look close to how they should! It was so CHEESY!!!!

  162. KT

    OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD!!!!!!! It’s like 2 hours since I saw the movie and I’m still like in shock! That was albsolutley amazing! In the begining of the movie when we heard Kristen start saying the prologue my friend and I were like ‘Oh my God’ and we were gripping each other’s hands and hyperventilating, no joke! It was ridiculous! My favorite part was when Jessica was telling Bella who all the Cullens were and she was like yeah that’s Jasper the one who always looks like he’s in pain. I also loved when Bella walks in to the biology room and the fan blows her hair and Edward is like holding is breath and looking murderous. I thought it was so cool how they had Stephenie in the restaurant, too, that was so cool. Mike outside the window was hilarious and then the part where Bella’s like could you at least act human you know i’ve got neighbors. And the part where he goes into her room and she’s talking to her mom. The KISS… I died and went to heaven there. Charlie and the gun. Oh my God that was too funny! Then I also loved when she was like freaking out in the hospital bed. The ending was so good, too. It broke my heart when Edward was like isn’t it enough to just have a long and happy life with me. I don’t know why but I thought that was just so sad. The set up for New Moon with Victoria at the prom was great, too, but wouldn’t Edward kbow she was there because of her thoughts? The awkwardness between the Bella and Edward, and then Bella and Charlie was really funny and great! Needless too say overall I thought it was great and I loved it! I will die if they don’t make New Moon.
    By the way, Kaleb, great review.

  163. Leah

    Such an awesome movie!!! All the actors played their parts perfectly! My favorite scene was definitely baseball. I wish there was more Alice and Jasper though. =(

  164. Kim (LupsandTnks)

    First off, you have the exact same favorite funny parts. LOVED Mike doing his jig at the window. And I liked when Tyler was trying to apologize to Bella in the hospital and Charlie eventually swung the curtain closed.
    Do you think she likes Italian food? Emmett: Her name is Bella.
    I love Emmet and I truly believe that Kellan played the part to perfection. They just should have shown more of him, but I’m biased because I love him so much. Haha
    I noticed the lap top too. When she pulled it out I gasped, and my friend Caitlynn beside me patted my shoulder and said “It’s okay, Kimmy. It’s okay.”
    There were many parts that were different, but I loved how they changed it. If it was point to point the same then I think it wouldn’t have been as grasping as it is now. Like, I could complain forever about what they didn’t keep the same (the cast was to small, she wasn’t hurt as badly. lap-top, no Cullens at prom.. etc..) But I truly did like the movie. I LOVED IT. I have been waiting over four years to see this movie in action, and I really did like it.
    Nikki as Rosalie was wonderful. Ashley and Jackson had amazing chemistry, especially when they grapsed hands in the car.
    What I didn’t understand was how Bella got to the ballet studio. It was too quick. There was no going to her house first etc. And I doubt she could have gotten past Alice and Jasper that easily. Alice would have “seen” something or they could have just smelt her. And Edward appeared too quickly before James could confess about Alice.
    Against most of the others in the comments, I liked the meadow glittery skin. It was a good way to acknowledge that he was beautiful and unhuman. And how she walked past him like that and into the woods, I shook and could just hear Edward saying “Oh no… she knows.”

    It would have been hard for a non reader to love it as much as we did. With Robert’s wolf reference at the end and such. But these viewers leave the theatre knowing that it’s not over. Victoria and her teary eyes are coming for you Bella! I’m so glad Rachelle is from Canada like me. And she’s so amazing at her role.
    I could talk about sooo much more, but I need to see it a second.. third… fourth time for it to really become instilled in my mind. Haha.I’m going to leave on a funny note.
    Edward: I can read every mind in this room. See, [points to individuals] money, sex ….sex… money.. sex… cat. [show image of a biker guy with a dreamy smile on his face].

  165. marcela

    i felt the same way as comming in
    awsome i loved it 2 morrow will be my 4th time watching it
    same as urs but adding to that the 1st kiss
    it was kinda funny wen the 3rd time watching it a guy fiend said like damn yd it stop (hehe i punched him for that 1)

  166. emmalie

    the movie was great! i loved it. you are right about all the funny parts in the movie. (of course there were plenty more than that) i didn’t expect to laugh as much as i did. and jasper omg he really reminded me of Edward siscor hands. his face was priceless. some things were a little off like they didn’t explain how Alice didn’t know anything about her past and how James had killed her but over all i think the movie was great. i definitely know why it was pg-13 now. i loved it!

  167. Steph

    I seriously just closed my eyes and scrolled down past all the other comments. I’ll have to come back here after I’ve seen the movie to say my favorite part.

    But for the meantime, I shall comment on your review. Thank you! It was mercifully spoiler free. Just about everything you mentioned was from the book and therefore expected. I sighed with relief at the end.

    I’m glad you thought the movie was so good. It’s not doing to well with the critics… :(

    I’m looking forward to the movie more than ever now. 😀

  168. amanda

    I was unsure going into the moive (im naturally a critic) and then i was blown away!!!!
    Im seeing it again asap!
    My favorite scenes: Jessica explaining who the cullens are (Jasper=the one in pain)
    “it was an adrenaline rush.”-edward
    when the first go to school together and everyone is staring…and the muse song in the background….great
    charlie+gun :)
    the cullens cooking Italian food…. “Her name is Bella. Duh.”-emmett
    and so on!!!!!!!

  169. Veralea

    Ah, yes. Time to review what I have just seen.
    All in all, I liked it. It was cute, funny, charming… Let’s start from the beginning. Oh yeah. There will be spoilers. Many, many, many spoilers.
    Jessica’s description was hillarious. Rob’s smirk – so priceless! When he followed her out in the hall, really didn’t make sense, as he’d needed to go away and breathe for a little if I can recall…
    Charlie, Charlie, Charlie… what can I say? Everything was funny. The hospital scene made me giggle. A lot. And then with the gun, and before prom, the awkwardness…
    Rosalie was Rosalie, a little overpowering, though, if you ask me.
    The look Edward gave them in the kitchen was perfect. Just the right thing.
    The meadow scene wasn’t really a meadow, though. Not really. And they had a date and stuff, too.
    And I wish Alice would have been in more of the movie. It felt sorta… empty.
    But that whole thing with the PG-13 rating because of some violence and a ‘scene of sensuality’ was not right! That ‘scene’ lasted – what – 30 seconds?! C’mon! Oh well…
    But, yeah. I loved it. Every second. Some things could have been different and changed, but, not bad. I was hoping for the worst so it would be better. My unhappy hopes were unnecassary. I was happy. And am planning more visits to the theater soon.

  170. Natalie

    My favorite funny part was definitely Mike Newton in the window, me and my friends now call that movie “the mike newton” xD lol also when the cullens are cooking italian and rosalie is just like “does she even like italian?” then emmetts like “her names bella” in a duh like matter lmao I thought the movie was wonderful under such a low budget. What really bothers me is how people who have not read the books don’t understand edward and bella’s romance and how they MUST move slow or else he might accidentally kill her. Also they can’t truly appreciate the book to movie transformation and how talented the actors were in representing the characters. My brother does movie reviews as a freelance type thing and I’m making sure that he knows every single possible thing there is to know about twilight before he submits his review. He hasn’t even read it and I probably would not feel very happy with him if he submitted his review full of naive comments about how corny edward’s sparkling skin was or how pointless the relationship was. Me personally? I’m in love with this movie as much as I am in love with the book. I saw it twice on opening day (midnight and evening) and I’m planning on going to see it again with my dad tomorrow. I can’t wait =]

  171. Cara

    I saw the movie twice, once yesterday and again today- I just got back from watching it again about an hour ago.
    Ayy, well I just wrote 3 long different movie reviews for other people, and they were so long, I’m not going to type up all my thoughts again, haha. But I do somewhat disagree with you- I don’t think this movie was completely amazing, though it did mostly exceed my expecations. I’m not going to go into why I didn’t think it was the most perfect movie- mainly, I think that it was all a bit to vague- they didn’t go into the characters or the plot too much overall. Some of my favorite funny scenes were:
    -Charlie and the gun. Yes, me and my friends were laughing so hard at that.
    -The scene with Stephenie. I don’t know why this made me laugh, I just found it very funny. It was probably that double shot of Starbucks that I had earlier…
    -Oh dear God, I was going completely hysterical at the part where Renee was saying “You fell down two flights of stairs… and through a window!!” And then when they showed it… It just was hilarious to me.
    -That part where Billy and Edward pass by each other in the cars- the look on their faces was hilarious, especially Billy’s.
    Sooo, yeah. Overall, I didn’t hate it, but I think it could have been better.

  172. Cara

    Ohh, yes, also some funny parts… where Emmett’s like “Her name is Bella.”, so of course she’ll like Italian food. Hahaha. I liked where Rosalie broke the glass.
    I liked the Jasper thing- “he’s the one that looks like he’s in pain”. Me and my friends were just saying, “How many lines does he have in this movie, 2? Emo Jasper!”
    Also, the forest scene, the part AFTER he shows her his sparkle (heh heh), he was like “You’re exactly my brand of heroin” and I was all “That’s right, I’m not a vampire. I’m a heroin addict.” And as he was yelling at her about his strength, speed, etc, it looked as if he would burst out singing and dancing any moment 😀
    I also liked where Emmett waves the knife at her 😉

  173. emmalie

    (SORT OF)
    sorry to be posting again but i just realized they left out a part. sometimes in some of the previews that were on like every two minutes there would be a short scene where Emmet would be getting into a car and say “shes not one of us” (or something along those lines) to Edward and i never saw that in the movie. but maybe i wasn’t paying attention closely enough. after all (I’m going to shamefully admit) that i didnt even notice when Stephenie was in the movie. and now i feel terrible and really want to go right now and see her. ha ha. well again sorry for posting (again)

    p.s. i cant wait for the sequel.as soon as i got out of the movie i was like ” i want to see the sequel now” hee hee

  174. Emmy

    I liked the movie over all and the charlie and the gun scence was really funny… my favorite part was the first Biology scence where Bella’s standing in front of the fan and Edward looks like he’s trying not to laugh/puke that was funny and I was laughing so much I inhaled my Juicy Fruit gum (may it rest in piece lol) and so that in my opinion makes it a good movie because it got a funny response from me lol.

  175. Annalise

    I agree with your review. I really liked it a lot. The only things I wish the movie had was the line “Do I Dazzle You?”. And I wish there was more time with the Cullens cause they were awesome.
    My Top Three Favorite Scenes
    1. When Bella met the Cullens at their house
    2.Vampire baseball
    3.Prom…Gazebo moment (i’m such a girl)

  176. Miranda

    As a huge Twilight fan, I went to the theatre expecting to be compleatly let down by the movie. I’m glad to say that I wasn’t. I think I agree with Rob Pattinson about the way he played Edward.

    I never once saw him as the perfect guy. He is compleatly full of flaws and he sees himself as this unloveable moster who only wants to keep the love of his life safe.

    I went into the movie expecting a disaster, and left the theatre AMAZED! It had a moment or two of uncomfyness but all in all I enjoyed it.

    I think the only thing i wish they would have done, was alowed for more time on the callender to have gone by. It all seemed to take place in about 5 or 6 weeks, and the book was over a span of several months.

    I hope to see more about the cullens in the upcomming New Moon. I was disapointed that there wasn’t more background on them. I know the cuts they have to make and all things considered they did a fantastic job! I’m going to go see it agin on Monday at lunch time. I hope there will be less laughing and giggling from the audiance :-)

  177. Chrystina

    I thought the movie was great. It was a fun interpretation of a wonderful book. It was funny (which I did not expect) and stayed true to the book, for the most part. I had a great time watching it. One of my favorite parts was when Rosalie broke the glass bowl in the kitchen, I laughed really hard. The only recommendation (because I’m an expert, ya right) is I wish they would have gone more in depth with the characters. I’m a huge fan who has read the books, so I know and love the characters, but in the movie, it feels like they barely scratched the surface. Enough to tell a story, but for people who haven’t read the books, I don’t know if they will walk away “in love” like the rest of us!

  178. Erynne

    I absolutely adored the movie. As a movie interpretation of an obsessively-loved novel, I feel like they did a great job with it.

    I think it’s a little ridiculous, everyone saying, “They made the romance seem so rushed!” What movies have y’all been watching?! I mean, seriously, what movie have you seen lately where the male and female lead DON’T fall into bed with each other within the first hour of the movie? I found it refreshing that the Bella/Edward romance didn’t get uncomfortably steamy on-screen.

    I adored the movie, will be seeing it again this weekend and at least two more times after the first two. <3 Very, very satisfying. To each their own.

  179. Amanda

    We ordered our tickets a few days in a dvance, and got there an hour early, and we still were about twenty people back in the LINE that extended all the way down the length of the theater, then wrapped around and came all the way back to the beginning!

    There were A LOT of laughs in the theater
    My favorite parts:

    Emmett-meat cleaver
    Charlie-pepper spray


  180. SarahE

    Well, I…I mean…you see….

    Oh, I don’t know. I wanted to love this movie so much. I really did. I tried to lower my expectations to the point where I’d just accept it. And the beginning did not disappoint that notion. It was so bad. I was LAUGHING. It was choppy, rushed, and cheesy. I’d resigned myself to it being a bad movie…and then it got good. Port Angeles hit and suddenly I felt it. I was like, “Twilight! It’s you! You’re finally here!” Basically, once Edward saved Bella in the volvo, I though the movie worked. I, like many, didn’t really feel that Edward and Bella’s relationship was developed enough. The effects were very acceptable for the low budget. I thought they did the best with what they had to work with. The sparkling was good, not too much or too little. However, the TING TING TING TING TING sparkle sound was ridiculous. Why would sparkles make SOUND? Will someone please explain that to me?

    My thoughts on actors:
    Bella was a little bit lame, honestly. I didn’t feel like the love she felt for Edward was special or that she was as mature as she’s supposed to be.

    Edward was okay. Rob played it well (except for the first biology scene. I mean, hand-over-nose? C’mon), but the lines he had to work with did not suit the elegant speech he ought to have. When Kristen said, “sometimes you talk like you’re from another time” I was like, “what?” Also neither of them said I love you! It bugged me.

    Carlisle looked a bit off to me, but he played it perfectly. Also did anyone else catch at the ballet studio when he says “Son. Remember who you are.” I had a Lion King moment and began to giggle hysterically.

    The humans were perfect. I loved Mike especially; he was adorable.

    The Cullens were excellent, except Jasper. He just didn’t do it for me at all.

    The nomads did their parts perfectly. I felt like I was truly meeting the characters.

    And Charlie. Wow. Billy Burke IS Charlie. I love him.

    So overall, I don’t know what to think. It was good; it was bad. I’m confused. I’m going to see it again in a day or two with my mom, and hopefully then I’ll be able to make up my mind.

  181. tina

    Saw it at a midnight showing – felt it was good, but a little off. Saw it again Friday night – LOVED IT. It was so much better without all of the squealing fangirls!!
    So to sum it up:
    Edward – Rob truly gets the angst, desire and desperation that Edward feels. Had to ham it up a bit to get the emotions across to the audience (it’s not a book – you can’t read about it…..) Oh, and it doesn’t hurt at all that he’s just plain HOT! The biology scene bugged me the first time, got it the second time.
    Bella – I was totally surprised that I liked Kristen as much as I did. I didn’t have high expectations for her – she proved me wrong. She portrayed a pretty strong Bella.
    Chemistry – They definitely had it! The bedroom kissing scene was pretty darn good, and the prom was even better!! And the hospital…..ahhhh.
    The Cullens – Emmett was spot-on!! Kellen was the best! I think they cast them all very well – but Jasper kind of freaked me out until the baseball scene.
    The Nomads – It’s just too bad that James had to die (I have 2 daughters that are now madly in love with Cam). Victoria could be fabulous in New Moon and Eclipse. Can’t wait to see Edward fight her!!
    The Friends – Great! Mike was the perfect annoying, overconfident high school boy (yes, the butt dance at the cafe was hilarious!!!). Jessica was the perfect silly high school girl (points at her boobs – I know, right!). She made me smile. Eric and Angela were great, too.
    Charlie – Probably my favorite part of the movie!!! Billy Burke was awesome!! He’s got the dad part down. The gun scene made me laugh so hard (in a good way). And the hospital scene was great – poor Tyler…. And when Bella left, I felt like crying – his face left me broken hearted.
    Jacob – Pleasantly surprised. I didn’t have a great opinion of Taylor, but he blew me away. His brilliant smile is perfect for New Moon – he is, after all, her sun.
    The Meadow – not like the book, but that’s ok – let’s leave that in Stephenie’s book, where it belongs!! It is hers!!
    Vampire Baseball – ROCKS!! ‘Nuff said.
    The Scenery – Just WOW.

    Did anyone else notice that Bella seems to be a vegetarian, too?? She orders a garden burger on the first trip to the cafe, has a spinach salad the second time, and is building ‘edible art’ in the lunchroom.

    The downside – close ups of jumping from one tree to the other and while running were not great – looked a little fake. His sparkly skin wasn’t great, but I don’t know if they could do it any better – it’s a tall order.

    My girls wish we could go see it every day in the theater….

    This movie is entertaining – I walked away happy. But, I wasn’t expecting it to be the book all over again, maybe that helped!

  182. Charlee

    I wasn’t going to post again….but I wanted to respond to this.

    MrsCullen (#161)

    “November 22nd, 2008 at 10:49 pm

    I HATED IT!!!!!!!!! I wasn’t expecting much when I went to see it, but IT WAS HIDEOUS!!!!!!!! The acting and make-up was hideous. The actors they picked were horrible, they didn’t even look close to how they should! It was so CHEESY!!!!”

    No offense, but this response is really uninformed and immature. People who make responses like this to movies have no idea what their talking about.

    “The acting and make-up was hideous” – Are you an actor? are you a make-up artist? I’m a Theatre/Film major at my University. You obviously don’t know anything about acting. No, their performances weren’t Oscar worthy, but they weren’t horrible either.

    ” The actors they picked were horrible, they didn’t even look close to how they should!”- Haha, and how exactly are they supposed to look, are you really so delusional as to think they were going to match up exactly with what was in you head?

    People really need to step back and realize that the movie will NOT be the same as the book. its impossible. They are two completely different avenues of media, and transferring one to the other is very difficult. If you look at the movie objectively, you can see the rationale for everything they did, whether you like it or not. For example, as a fan of the books, I would have loved it if the movie had been longer, but for a non-book reader, any longer than the movie was would have dragged.

    Take a step back and think about what you are saying before you make immature responses like this. You are talking about peoples careers. They have worked very hard to get to where they are now. Bashing them about what they do is very degrading, especially if there is no reason for it.

    Sorry if I offended anyone. But I felt that needed to be said. I do appreciate some of the negative responses on here. Some of the are respectfully critical.


    P.S. If they had made the sparkles any more pronounced, it would have looked very corny and over done. Nobody sparkles in real life, of course its not going to look real. Just be glad they actually kept the sparkling and didn’t cut it for difficulties sake.

  183. Jackie

    Charlee – I agree with your p.s. completely. The sparkles weren’t fantastic but you can tell that a lot of effort was used. If you look closely at the first few moments that Edward sparkles, you can see that the effect try to make it look similar to the way that a piece of granite (or other semi-sparkly rock) would look in the sun.

    SarahE – I saw the movie twice, with a different friend each showing, and both times, when the ballet scene came up I whispered the Lion King quote right after Carlisle said his ‘remember’ line. I thought that was hilarious.

    Everyone seems to have the discussion about the actors and how true to the book it was under control so I’m just going to comment on my absolute favorite part of the movie and that is all the little details that made the characters come to life.

    ~ The high schoolers all goofing around, especially the scene where Mike’s chair gets pulled out from under him (and at the end where Bella drives passed the group as they leave the diner).

    ~ Edward’s embarrassment and frustration when he brings Bella home to meet the family.

    ~ How hot Jasper was during the baseball scene …wait…that doesn’t belong in this list…but it was still awesome.

    ~ Billy and Charlie playing as the two kids talk shop (aka Jacob showing Bella the truck.

    ~ The Golden Onion (cause everyone’s had at least one teacher who did really silly things like that).

    I also adored Edward’s positioning with the taxidermy owl in the classroom (Angel!Edward anyone?).

  184. Cali

    I read the books and I have seen this movie four times in two days and I am definitely seeing it again and again.I absolutely loved the movie. Everyone did a great job! The two actors they picked for Edward and Bella were perfect for the parts. Their facial expressions spoke volumes. I am very happy about this movie and will see it many more times. I loved Edward Cullen in the book and Robert Pattinson portrayed his torment and love so realistically. The love scene was breath taking.
    I loved Edward in the book, but I am so much more in love with Edward now. Thank you, Robert.
    My thanks to Stephenie Meyers and all the actors and people involved who worked so hard and brought this story to vision. Thank you, thank you.

  185. Wendilynn

    I got to see the movie twice and I really think that made a huge difference. The first time there was too much checking off the mental checklist of what they used and what they didn’t. I really got to relax the second time and just enjoy it. I agree that as movie adaptations go, its pretty faithful.

    I loved vampire baseball. Muse made the perfect background music to it. I really liked the sparkle affect. We have some of that sparkle cement at one of our malls and I always think of that when I read the books. They got pretty close. Charlie absolutely stole every scene he was in. His calmer portrayal did accent the “nervous-new love-energy” that Bella and Edward were giving off and that could make them look clunky if you didn’t know what they were doing.

    I’ve read several reviews where the critic thought the audience was laughing at unintentional funny parts because the movie was so badly done. Having scene it twice, I realized they missed out on the fact that we were laughing at parts where we know exactly whats going on and we liked it. Like when Edward smells Bella the first time, or when he laughs when Bella says she doesn’t like cold things.

    Ultimately though, I really have to thank Rob and Kristen for bring these two characters to life. Poor Rob thinks he’s being mobbed now, its going to get a lot worse. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who fell in love with Edward all over again.

  186. Wendilynn

    btw, Kaleb, check your facebook email. I dj’d a couple of Twilight Proms at the View Point Inn where they filmed the prom scene. I’ve got a shirt for you if you want it.

  187. TwilightMovieRocks

    Ok, that movie was worth the $10 admission for the pretty alone. As a 30+ year old woman, my ONLY complaint was that SM asked them to turn the “romance” down :(

    It was a fun,exciting, playful. The actors were insanely hot (I literally gasped out loud at least twice – 1. The bed kiss 2. the bad vampires walked out through the mist..DEAR GOD!)

    My expectations were vastly exceeded – I left wanting at least another hour of the movie as I would have loved to have more Cullen.

    Excellent job by all

    I’m taking my sister today – I want to watch it with another grownup so I don’t feel QUITE as dirty

  188. Christina

    The movie wasn’t that bad and I’m sure if I go to see it again I’ll like it better. I was just majorly disapointed. They screwed up the one scene I was most looking forward to. My absolute favorite part of the book is the restaurant scene in Port Angeles and it was so short and wrong that it ruined the rest of the movie for me at the time. Looking back though I’m sure I’d like it better a second time.

  189. kelsie

    o god i was stunned by the movie

    i went in there with like not high expectations because all of the books-made-movies always are horrible…..but i loved this one!

    lol…..the window…..

    and the gun….

    i was so not expecting the funny stuff!!
    but yea i loved Charlie! is that weird?

  190. Shakesgirl66

    I love the baseball.

  191. Nicole

    OK, I have seen it twice and I am going again today. The first time I saw it was Friday night and I was just so caught up in the “OME, I am watching the story I love SO much come to life!!” I was just so wrapped up in what they left in and was not in, and how they made it all flow. I left loving it, I really thought they did an excellent job in the translation from book to big screen. I didn’t think I could love it more.

    Then I went again Saturday, and I did walk out loving more! This time I was able to just sit back and enjoy. I caught so much more! So I am really looking forward to going to see it again today. I have read some things on here that people noticed that I still didn’t even notice after two shows.

    I just loved how they really did keep the heart and the soul of the book so true to itself. (All my favorite things have been mentioned in previous post.) For me, it was just the little details that really fleshed out the story on the screen.

    I went in giving myself the pep talk of “It’s the movie, not the book…keep an open mind…it can’t be perfect…”etc ect. I am really surprised at how good it is. Nothing can replace the book for me…but now I have two Twilights I love, the book and movie.

    Wendilynn I completely agree with what you have to say about the laughing at scenes that weren’t meant to be funny. What you said is so true, it is because we understand what is “behind” those moments. Like Jasper. The first time he was seen in the cafeteria I chuckled, and then every time after that I gave a little smirk…not because his facial expressions were horrible or funny…but because they were so incredibly spot on!!! It made the pages just jump out! It was like that for me in a lot of moments.

  192. Kathleen

    I saw the movie on Friday with literally 20 people. We took up an entire row! There was much screaming involved, and the whole audience gasped when Carlisle walked in! I loved all the funny scence that everyone else mentioned, but did anyone catch that the chicken was still uncooked when they put it in the bowl!? Oh, and that Edward’s sparkles had a noise really bothered me.

  193. Katelyn

    I’m glad you liked the movie, Kaleb, I loved it also! =D But when I went with my friends, one person didn’t like it all, so I guess you have to be really open to the changes of the movie. That’s what I’ve been kinda preaching for the past three days. XD

    Anyways, Newton at the window was hillarious and Charlie with the gun was like “ZOMG DONT SHOOT EDWARD!!”. Did you see the part with Edward and Bella at Port Angeles in the restuarant when he was reading the people’s mind? LOL that was really funny. “Sex…Money…Sex…Cat.” I laughed my pants off at the Cat part!!!

    Well, I hope everyone loved the movie. And by the way–Edward sparkling…SHINEEEYYYY 0_0

  194. Ari

    My favorite part of the movie was money sex money money sex cat!

  195. Jannet

    Everyone posting a comment has touched on ALL my feelings about this movie, so I dont feel the need to say it myself. =P So, instead… my favorite parts.

    1) Emmett waving at Bella with a knife
    2) Charlie with the gun (lmao)
    3) Prom
    4) Edward’s American accent (me and my friend forgot he was British for a while)

    I’m DYING to watch it again. I might be going later today. YAY!

  196. Megan

    My favorite character was Alice and Ashley did an awesome job :]:]:]
    Favorite scene: Baseball.
    Can’t wait for New Moon :]

  197. Wendilynn


    its that “ah ha, I know what your doing!” moments that made us all laugh. Completely agree.

    You know, I was worried that they were going to make Edward too serious. I Loved that his sense of humor showed up.

  198. paige

    I agree with sonia, I went to see the movie with the expectation that it wasn’t going to be like the book. I laughed more than I thought I would-and should-,the scenes seemed to skip way too fast, and I was really excited for the meadow scene but, it just randomly skipped to them lying in the grass with nothing said about it being Edward’s meadow. Robert’s accent didn’t sound natural enough you could tell that it wasn’t his language. All in all I was disappointed. I came into the theater hoping that it would be an amazing movie that I could watch over and over.. but it wasn’t. I hope that New Moon will be better with their bigger budget. I’m not going to tell anyone that they should or shouldn’t go, because I want them to have their own opinon. Some people like certain things that I don’t and that’s fine with me. Sorry if I offended anyone but that’s my opinion.


  199. Saber

    Hi, a fellow Twilight guy here. I went to a Midnight showing with some coworkers and I was vastly outnumbered by the ladies, that was no problem at all 😉 Now with the movie, I didn’t love it, but I still think it was pretty good ( gave it a 7/10 on imdb) and it followed the book from start to end. There were things, some I think were pretty important, left out and I was disappointed there wasn’t more screen time with the rest of the cullan family but that’s ok there should be in the future movies. The weird thing for me was it felt a little rushed even though it was like an hour and a half. It really wasn’t there fault, Meyer writes a lot and 40 million isn’t that much for a big movie, so I think they did the best they could with what they had and that was a pretty good taste of Twilight. I’m looking forward to seeing New Moon. Oh and P.S anyone else think that Mike and Eric sounded a little weird, just off a little bit at times when they were talking to Bella. They seemed a little more strightforward with her and more daring. Oh well, Again, I gave it a 7, with the thought I’ll like New Moon better, just like I did with the books. Wish there was MORE ALICE.

  200. Shelby

    I absolutely loved the movie. I went in there with pretty high expectations for it and I knew I shouldn’t have. But in the end, I realized that those expectations weren’t needed because the film went above them! Above and beyond.

    I was worried about a few of the actors; mainly Jackson Rathbone who plays Jasper and Kristen Stewart who played Bella. But in all honesty, I loved them both. Kristen was great. In the trailers, it seemed like she was really just not into it or something, but in the actual movie, she was active and emotional and…perfect. Jackson, well, he played Jasper a little different than I see him in the book but when I thought of his backstory and all that he’s been through, I realized how great his acting was. He showed that he can’t always live up to the Cullens’ way of life but that he tries really, really hard to fit in. I loved how Alice was continually by his side, telling him that he really wouldn’t do anything and that everything would be fine. That made me smile.

    Robert surprised me most of all. I mean, I trusted Stephenie’s opinion of him as soon as I heard her thoughts after she visited the set. I remember her saying something like “As soon as the scene began, he was the Edward I saw in my head and it took the breath out of me.” When she said this, I was worried. You never know if that will be the same thing you will see or not…But as I watched the film, I realized he was perfect. I read a comment far above me about how it was the Edward in Midnight Sun and not Twilight, but whoever wrote this forgot one important thing: they wanted it to be that way on screen. They wanted to see Edward’s inner turmoil, or else you would just see a handsome, considerate guy and not what he really is: a guy that is trying to be considerate but quite often strays from that because he can’t handle the temptation all that well yet. Without that emotion that Rob showed, we wouldn’t see the real Edward. Just think back to the Edward in Twilight and you will see glimpses of that tortured man that is seen in Midnight Sun…it may not be as prominent as the gentleman we see in Twilight, but its there, and its important to show that more than the gentleman.

    I can say that I have quite a few favorite scenes…

    1. The first Biology class! I swear, its exactly the way I thought it would be.
    2. The scene in La Push…I like the way it looked..and you have to give them credit because it was the coldest day of filming.
    3. The first kiss! Holy Crow! I will not say more than that…HOLY CROW!
    4. The scene where Bella meets the Cullens in their house! WOW! Alice is amazing.
    5. The baseball scene obviously!
    6. The ballet scene! I loved it! Alice is freaking brutal in it! WOW!
    And last but not least, 7. The prom scene. The end actually gives hint to a sequel which is awesome! I nearly screamed!

    I can say there were some scenes that seriosuly got to me… Like when Bella tells Charlie that she’s leaving and she doesn’t wanna feel stuck like her mom did. I’ve seen the film twice and each time I watch that and see Charlie’s face, I get tears in my eyes!

    There are some hilarious scenes that I honestly couldn’t help laughing at! Like Mike by the diner window…what the heck is he doing and why the heck is he doing it???? lol Also, when Jessica is talking about Edward and it cuts to a shot of him grinning as she says no one is good enough for him….CLASSIC!
    Another good one is Jasper when he meets Bella. His face is so strained…I agree with Jessica, it looks like he’s in pain all the time…lol
    Another great funny scene is the prom when Bella says she’s ready to become a vampire now and Edward says “Are you ready now?” and very shakily she replies, “yes…” and exposes her neck and closes her eyes. I chuckle at that every time!

    I was in awe at the piano scene. It was shot so beautifully…the lighting was perfect and …*sigh* it was just perfect!

    I was in awe also of the sparkle effect! It was so beautiful…it was better than I imagined!!!!

    All in all, I absolutely loved it and I plan on seeing it a few more times! I give it an A (there are a few things that cause me to rate it lower.)

    Thanks for your review of the film, Kaleb! It was great!

  201. E

    I’m going to see it again next week lol

  202. Nancy

    Thank you for the review, Kaleb. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I went Friday night with my 13 year old niece and my husband – we are 42. He is not a fan of the books. We ALL enjoyed the movie! Then, my niece and I went again on Saturday – this time to a better theater with a humongous screen and better sound. It was like watching a completely different movie. My advice – see the movie in the best and biggest theater – you will thank me. Rob Pattinson is pure genius as Edward.

  203. Katrina

    When I first found out that Twilight was going to be a movie I was so disappointed. I was the first person in my school to read the series. I’m always ahead of my time. Sometimes I really hate that. I wanted Twilight to myself. (I know I’m selfish!) I didn’t really think that the movie would be all that good. Also, I thought that after the movie I would be sad that Twilight was all the hype.

    I went to the midnight showing. I wasn’t really that excited. I had my popcorn and pop and was just waiting for the movie to start. When it ended my mouth was hung open. OME! I had never ever thought it would be this good. For all the haters remember this the movie is NEVER as good as the book.

    (Note: The audience cheered every time Washington was mentioned. That’s where I live!)

  204. Bec

    I loved the movie. I went to go see it with two of my friends. I had to go in with a fresh mind because I knew that in order to enjoy a book to movie adaption. One has to go in with a fresh mind. You cannot expect every scene word from word to be in the movie.
    I enjoyed the movie (despite one of my friend’s complaining through the movie). I loved every moment of it. The intensity, the hilarity. Everyone was just at their best game.
    Two words: Cullen…cooking
    I laughed for like two minutes during that scene. I thought everything was amazing and everyone who worked was passionate about this. It was just an amazing movie. It was a fabulous effort and they went past my expectations.
    Good job, guys.

  205. E

    Also, I noticed that some people thought Jasper looked odd. I thought he was played perfectly, actually. He would have been in pain.

  206. Chizu

    I saw it on the 21st at 6:15 pm at the Loews theater. I liked the all of the actors except for bella. she just didn’t seem right, she didn’t click with me. I liked all of the following parts:

    Charlie and gun

    Mike and the window

    Tyler pulling the chair out from under mike and mike falling over, then getting up to chase him.

    Anything with Mike and Eric

    Fight Scene!


    I thought the actors for the cullens were perfect, but Jasper looked kind of wierd but he acted fine. Bella’s friend were perfect! Jessica was just as stupid as I imagined. Eric was the perfect geek and Agela was really nice and Mike was the puppy. I’m not sure about Jacod though…….
    Ashly Green(ALICE)is AWESOME!!! >.<

  207. Katie

    okay, I don’t know if anyone mentioned this, but the part where Edward and Billy were glaring at eachother had me laughing for a full minute. I don’t know why it struck me so stongly, and people were staring at me, but I just thought it was hilarious.
    On another note, the one thing I regretted in the movie was how Bella spent no time at all getting away from Alice and Jasper, she just walked out of the hotel…
    Great review! Those were exactly what I was thinking when I sw it!

  208. Angelina

    I’m going to repost what I said in an earlier news feed plus a little more I thought about….

    I’m not going to lie. I was a disappointment. I went in knowing that it was not going to be like the book. i had low expectations but after seeing it and settling down from all the excitement I was able to sit and think about it. The actors were wonderful they really we’re good despite the what they had to work around. The direction was ok I agree with what someone else had said. It seemed like at moments, and there are a few…Where it seemed that Catherine didn’t know what to do with herself…. Like she wasn’t in her element especially with the action sequences that could have been much better. The special effects were….ehh….. well I totally understand that they had a set limit to the budget so the special affects we’re not going to be the greatest but since Summit has decided to go ahead with the New Moon they will definitely increase that budget and get some real effects =)

    And now the moment is we’re I tear down the screen writing. It was truly awful. It was too cheesy and at some serious parts where I know from the book I was totally entranced…. well I laughed. It was too silly. And I just got to say Melissa (screenwriter) I know it is hard to show the movie when it is from Bella’s point of view, but did you really have to rush it. It was strange I felt like at times it went by sooo sloooooowwwww and it just needed a teeny bit of something to spice it up, but then it also went by too fassstttt. I mean one second Edward’s saying we can’t be friends and the next second they spit out “so the lion fell in love with the lamb” line. NO. That was totally ruined. The only scene that truly frustrated me was the meadow scene. And some of you will know what I am talking about… When they lay down in the meadow…. come on that was too cheesy… way too cheesy and totally random. And the background music. At times it was just …umm too much…. It was distracting.

    ~~My final verdict is a B+ the only serious downfall is the writing. Seriously Melissa next time if you only have a limited time to write this script please just wait until things are finished up before you decide to “rush” a screenplay out. 6 Weeks is not enough to transform our beloved book into a movie. Please if you write New Moon TAKE YOUR TIME…… REREAD AND PROOF…. I know you might seemed rushed to get it out for us Twilight fans but please it will do you a world of good for us and for you. I’d rather see a movie well done and out later than a crappy movie rushed out and released earlier~~~

    I hope all you Twilight fans do not get mad at my opinion. I know there is a lot of you that loved the movie and that’s great. But then there are lots of people who were disappointed in the movie mostly because of the screen writing.

  209. Rachel

    Like a lot of other people I went in with low expectations. I expected to be disappointed, not that I thought the trailers were horrible or that I didn’t like the actors, but movie adaptions are never as good as the books they are based on, also I was browsing online beforehand to find out what the early reviews said about it and they were ranged vastly. So I went in trying to keep an open-mind and remember that the movie is not the book and should be seen as its own thing. Even so, I have not actually liked any of the Harry Potter movies thus far either in staying true to the book or on their own merits. They just don’t seem to catch the essence of the books.

    The Twilight movie caught the essence of the books. The character personalities, their little quirks, their mannerisms were spot on. Alice was graceful, Esme motherly, Carlsile dreamy. Edward was Edward, but with Robert’s own unique take on him w/o the heavy Bella filter we see in the book. Bella was Bella. she is not a very emotional girl, she’s really pretty practical she is always fighting to NOT be overwhelmed by these sudden feelings, and that was portrayed spot on by Kristen. Rosalie and Emmett were caught perfectly. All the more minor characters were awesome, you can see they had a lot of fun and were great sources for comic relief.
    I just have to mention that I didn’t expect much from the baseball scene from the previews but it was done perfectly, one of my favorite parts of the whole movie.

    I do have some concerns that the movie didn’t quite explain the heedless, overwhelming feelings. The truelove found only once-in-a-million-years. The depth of it understood by someone who’s read the books for themselves, will probably be lost on someone who hasn’t. They could have included more of the banter betwixt Bella and Edward. Especially the classic ‘Edward’ lines and portrayed more of his chivalrous side. Hopefully the next movie will smooth out the finer subtleties out of their characters now that they’ve been established. I also hope they’ll explain more about the rules for Stephanie’s vampires. I do think they should have included Edward explaining the differences between myth and reality. Something they need to include is Jasper’s ability, more of Edward’s backstory(when he went through his rebellious phase), Alic’s backstory(though I’m ok if they leave out James’ involvement) and Carlsile’s because they have to explain how and why he doesn’t drink blood. They cannot get rid of that, though I’m fine with it not being in this movie specifically, as long as it comes out in future ones.

    Overall I loved the movie.
    I was immensely impressed overall and am definitely going to try to see it again in theaters. Sooooo glad they’ve decided to move forward with the next. Looking forward to it already.

  210. sprints42

    I totally loved the movie! Sure, it was different from the books, but it was so good that it could stand by itself and I would fall in love with the series. I have to say that my favorite pastime (while int he theater) other than watching the movie itself was watching Edward’s expressions. They were different from what I’d imagined, and yet they fit as nothing else would have the way the Robert Pattinson played him. At times it seemed as though you were right there with them, an unseen spectator as the events in the movie happened, as if they were truly REAL. I truly believe, and always have, that he was THE BEST choice for Edward, despite what others say. He played the character to the best of his ability, studied up for it by not only reading Twilight, but by reading what he could of Midnight Sun, so that he could understand the part. And he pulled it off without a hitch in my opinion.
    I cant’ say that I have a favorite scene, but I really love the way that all the characters are played, and the fact that Charlie seems to have a bigger role, or we get to know him better, or something like that. You could really tell that Bella and her dad love each other even though they don’t come out and say it, like with the vampire couples. They’re quiet about how they feel, but it permeates everything they do around each other. And it’s that way with Bella and Edward. They just want to be with each other.
    (Sorry, big ramble. I’m not even half done with what I could say, but I’m stopping here.)

  211. Macy

    eh…i thought it was ok…way better than i thought it was going to be thats for sure…some parts were hilarious! the whole theater laughed throughout the entire thing…i dont know if we were supposed to or not…

    i really didnt like that they cut the meadow scene…that was one of the most pivotal parts of the book…oh well…

  212. Priscilla

    I seriously havent heard of anyone who hasnt liked this movie!! I LOVED it soooo much. I was literally (and i mean literally) on the edge of my seat the whole time. It was intense when it need to be, sorrowful when it needed to be and funny in little bits of places which i loved!!! I was seriously clutching my friends hand all the time and holding my breath it was soooo AMAZING!!!! ok ok favorite scenes…definetly the baseball scene!! when muse came on i literally yelled “AWWWWW YEAH!!!!” hmmmm the whole ballet studio scene was picture perfect. exactly wat i pictured it to be. my heart was hurting sooo bad when edward couldnt stop sucking the blood out of bella :'( rob did an excellent job portraying his agony. and kristen…OMG!!!! amazing actress!!! :DDDDD o goodness i am in love. i cant say anything horrible about it!!! it was THAT amazing and awesome and good. pure adaption, awesome acting, amazing camera work, the perfect setting. eerie and romantic and i could say more if i wanted to but i wont because i gotta eat now. Amazing movie lets just put it that way!!! :)))) It lived up to all my expectations it really did :)))

  213. iggi

    It was great and everything (did I miss Jasper sniffing?) but New Moon had BETTER have a bigger budget.

  214. MrsCullen

    TO: #182 Charlee

    YES I am an actor. I’m one of the BIGGEST Twilight fans there is and I’m every informed. I didn’t think they would match up exactly, they could have been closer, Edward wasn’t even HOT. I did say at the start “I wasn’t expecting much when I went to see it”, I went w/an open mind. I’m going to see it one more time, because friends said that it was better the 2st time.

  215. Rochelle

    I was on the literal edge of my seat for the entire opening showing. I feel as though I hung on every word, and yet I walked away knowing that seeing it a second time would help me organize and finalize my response to it. Today I saw Twilight during a matinee showing and know now, what I wanted so desperately to believe all along; this movie remains absolutely true to the heart and soul of Stephenie’s world. I can’t explain in mere words just how much I enjoyed it, and will many more times. So many scenes stand out in my mind, so many funny moments, all the intensity, but what I am quite grateful for was Kristen Stewart’s ability to horde her emotions. She left Bella a new level to escalate to in New Moon. We also saw a glimmer of the burning man Rob is going to have to eventually (well, hopefully) play. I am so proud of the actors for leaving themselves somewhere to go … that inandof itself screams sequel. Thank goodness they solidified New Moon. Thank goodness Catherine rocked her job. Thank goodness there is room for cinematic improvement. Thank goodness we have somewhere to go and we’re going finally, honestly there!

  216. Athena of Forks

    I’ve seen it twice already, once at midnight when it was released here, and then again last night. I have to say that both times were excellent, but the audience wasn’t nearly as much fun the second time! XD

  217. Elizabeth

    1stly, congrats on the hits!

    2ndly, in my opinion, the film adapted the book as best as was possible, but some parts i wasn’t a huge fan of (namely the 1st time they kissed. no pants? c’mon!) but i absolutely loved the baseball scene and when ella meets the cullens. also, before the movie i didn’t really like jasper all that much (the film one) but he reallly grew on me. i mean, who didn’t love his face in the cafeteria? and nikki reed as rosalie was amazing. the fact that i saw it at 12:01 at a theatre named Edwards Cinema made it all the more enjoyable. The 2nd time round was very fun also. :)

  218. Nizzi

    I saw the movie this afternoon, and the only thing my mind can summon up is: WOW.

    I never expected myself to be swept up into Twilight’s open arms. It was always a title I saw on TV, and Edward Cullen was just a name I always heard slipping through a giggling classmate’s lips. I never knew what all the commotion was about, and I wasn’t exactly in a rush to find out.

    However, one day while I was scoping the net about the latest info for the (used to be) upcoming Harry Potter movie, I noticed a lot of hype going on about Robert Pattinson—whom I recalled playing Cedric Diggory—in particular, and that Twilight lately seemed to follow his name. My curiosity finally got the better of me, and it was off to Wikipedia (shameless plug?)! Let’s just say from then on I was hooked.

    It was also through my fandom that I discovered you and Bailey. Thanks to you two, my Twilight knowledge expanded! I think a “thank you” is in order. THANK YOU!!

    I found myself being one of those schoolgirls fan girl-ing over the series (although I think I was a lot calmer about it than most) and Jacob and Seth, instead of the dazzling Edward. I was making recommendations left and right to my friends, one of them being my coworker. She was yanked in right away as well, and we made plans to see the movie together.

    The day we had been waiting for finally came, and we left early to snag the best seats (to our success—we were the first people there. :]). The lights dimmed and movie began. There was only one thing that shocked me more than the movie itself, and that was all of the reactions coming from my older sister—whom wanted absolutely nothing to do with Twilight at first, but decided to tag along because she “didn’t want to stay home.” She kept gushing over Edward’s words, and poking my coworker’s arm to note how “hot Jacob was!” She also wanted me to fully understand that “Jacob was now hers” and apologized about how she was taking him from me (I cracked up at that!). I think I’m supposed to let her read my copies of the books now….

    But back to the movie! I admit I was a bit afraid that it wouldn’t do the book justice, but I was wrong. Aside for two or three MINOR goofs, it was very true to the book. I couldn’t wipe off my silly grin when Jacob (and the tiny role of Embry)appeared, and—to my surprise—found myself laughing a lot more than I thought I would! I think my favorite comical scene was Charlie and the gun. The whole theater loved that bit! My coworker and I snuck knowing glances at each other all through the movie whenever we saw something from the book that we loved; and when Stephenie made her cameo.

    The credits came too quickly, but I was extremely happy. I adored the movie! The cast was amazing, and the music was awesome! I even went and bought the soundtrack afterwards! I’ll probably go see it again for my best friend’s upcoming birthday (Yay!).

    With New Moon on the way now, I don’t think my “Twilight mode” will die down any time soon (although I may shift back to the anticipation of Harry Potter’s arrival). I’m looking forward to waiting for the next movie’s first appearance with you!

  219. Angelique

    oh my goshhhh!!!!! it was absolutely fantastic! phenominal. and honestly, i agree with every single thing you said in your post. what was funny is that my brother and my mom loved it! but i thought robert was so perfect especially during the biology scene when he first smelled bella’s scent. and the cullens were awesome! especially alice! i loved it so muchhhhhhhhhhh!

  220. Wendilynn

    I sometimes wonder how much of the rushed feeling of twilight reflects Melissa’s rushed time in trying to finish the twilight sceenplay before the writers strike started? she only had a couple weeks to do the screenplay

  221. BlackCottonMafia

    I enjoyed your review. You have a knack for words. Your whole site is very well done. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    While I did enjoy your review, I completely disagree with it. The movie missed its mark by a lot. Poor directing, casting and script play a major part in its failure. What should have been a great film, turned into nothing more than a rushed romance between two people who we were never given a chance to know (if you had never read the books of course) or care about. Not only was this film rushed, they completely threw out key plot points and added in random sub plots that didn’t help move it along.

    I am hoping that theydo a much better job with NM, atleast get someone else to direct it and maybe some new cast members… a better Edward maybe.

  222. Jenna

    I think the movie was decent, but not as fantastic as it was hyped up to be.

    Robert Pattinson is truly not hot enough to be Edward, and I don’t think Kristen Stewart is a great actor. However, Taylor Lautner did a fabulous job as Jacob, even though he didn’t get enough screen time. (Seriously, what was up with her Google-ing things when we could have been staring at the hottest face in the movie as he explained it?)

    Alice and Emmett were also fantastic, though I wish they could have bothered to touch up Rosalie’s roots.

    Billy Black was also hilarious, and, while I wasn’t a fan of Charlie for most of the movie, once Bella threw her (pathetic and badly acted) hissy fit and left, I forgot all about hating his mustache. The actor for him was much better than expected.

    The fight scene was ridiculous. And Edward’s face when he was drinking Bella’s blood? What was with that? Again, though, Alice was fantastic in that scene.

  223. samantha

    You r SO dead on about the funny parts. fav scene in the movie was the baseball or when the nomads are hunting. Jasper was awesome with the bat, even though he = pyscho. Laurent was so smooth, “James, lets not play w/ our food”, and I cant let James by w/o comment either, due to the fact that my friend is obsessed w/ him. The only thing wrong w/ the movie was that there was not enough EMMETT!!!

  224. Dajonay

    Okay everyone, the film won’t be as yo imagined it but remeber we all have diffrent ideas on how every thing looks. But I loved the movie. I was practically telling my cousin what everything meant in the movie.(Now she and my friends are reading the books.) I really enjoyed the baseball scene. Who didn’t? Alice has great throwing technique and Jasper playing with the bat was priceless. I was in awe with the kissing scene. And when Edward had to stop himself, I screamed “No!”. Kristen is a great actress hence the scene where she has to leave Forks. She really made it seem that she was angry at Charlie.The scene where Edward saves Bella in the end was unbelieveable.
    Robert made Edward seem like he was really ready to snap those guys necks.

    The only thing to me that I was a little sad over is how quickly everything went. But I know how hard it is for a 500 page book to be a 120 page script. I wish there was more Cullen scenes, like more Esme and Jasper, but the house scene was great. I kind of laughed when Edward talked about a vampire frenzy and I laughed at how in a movie Taylor did (Sharkboy and Lavagirl) where he had said “Shark Frenzy!!” Speaking of Taylor, I wish there was more of Jacob. I was thrilled to see the stare down scene with him and Edward.

    The camera angles were something that I have never seen before. And the way were there was bearly sunlight fit the eerie theme well. Back on Robert, I did love the Bio lab scene and how he tried to avoid the smell of Bella’s blood. Or maybe that he was trying to block out the smell of the sardines I had earlier? But my favorite scene of his was when he tried to scare off Bella when she found out the truth. He tried to make it seem like he was a monster but she just kept being brave. The scene where he was in the sunlight where he was suppose to sparkle wasn’t as good as I expected. He looked like he was just sweating alot. The soundtrack did fit well into the movie and you have to listen really close to the scenes where Robert is singing.

    Overall, the film was great and I’m seeing is again. As soon as I can get ten dollars after blowing allowance on this really cool mp3! Go see the movie!!!

  225. Andrea

    Okay, so i went to watch it with my friend and honestly, i didn’t like it overall. But i enjoyed some scenes, such as when Emmet said bella was italian just cuz her name was bella, or when it looked like mike was humping a bush outside the window. i loved the baseball scene. but when bella as bitten it seemed like she was having a baby or something. and whenever edward was mad he looked constipated. which was funny^^ i liked Jasper though, and Jessica when bella was telling her about her dress. ans when Alice snapped James’ head it was AWESOME!!!

  226. Lu

    Very well said, Kaleb. I agree.
    Oh and I was surprised too at the amount of times I laughed during the film.

  227. Ally

    I have to say that I agree with you mostly. There are some things that were left out though: Carlisle’s story, being one of them.
    I was disappointed with the sparkling. I couldn’t tell that Edward was sparkling until I the close-up. I imagined rays of light actually coming off him. And when he said, “This is the skin of a murderer,” I almost burst out laughing because I thought it was funny that a murderer would be so glittery.
    Those were the two biggest disappoints I had, along with the fact that the meadow scene wasn’t really a meadow scene, but some random time that Edward and Bella decided to skip school.
    Other than those three things, I thought that the movie was pretty good and I’m looking forward to seeing it again, hopefully soon.
    And I am soooooooo jealous that you got to go to the premiere!

  228. Bella-no seriously!!

    Yeah i didnt mind the movie, but i had better expectations, and i would have sat theough a 5 hour movie at midnoght if they had actually used the book as the script, and I’m a little sour cuz they took out my favorite part-when he atacks her on the couch-but over all it wasnt that bad. I just wish that Jasper hadnt been that in-pain, Jacob had been in it more, and that comercial for the unborn hadent been there. I was very suprized that Kaleb hadnt included when Emmett waved at bella….with a knife in his hand. But I agree with the rest of the funny scenes i just dont remember Jasper sniffing. I absolutely HATED the movie the first time (at midnight), but the second time with my friends it was better ( i also wasnt critiquing everything) but my friends did get asked to SHUT UP!! And the lullaby could have been more complex (i could play it, and I took a year of piano lessons…in kindergarten). Over-all it wasnt that bad-unfortunately I’m expecting A LOT out of New Moon which is my favorite.

  229. Cristine

    They butchered it, it was awkward to watch and it felt like the movie took itself too seriously. I didn’t believe the chemistry between Edward and Bella, and really, that’s all I was there for. Kristen Stewart was acceptable, but Rob P was too over-dramatic and always looked startled.

    And seriously, 15 Step by Radiohead for the credits? WHY?!?!

  230. kit briones

    though I haven’t seen the movie as of this writing (it shows in the Philippines tom Nov 26)
    am still and hopeful and excited about it…despite reading these mixed motions and comments about it…

    thanks Kaleb for this review!
    and am so looking forward to commenting and giving my take after watching the movie…oh about 3 times haha


  231. Larissa

    I thought the movie was amazing. The actors were the characters. They portrayed the parts just perfectly. I think in translating Edward and Bella to screen was hard but Kristen and Rob did a perfect job.

    I was so pleased with the entire movie.

  232. denise

    My main complaint about the script is that they cut out essential dialog and inserted a lot of silent awkward stares instead. Bella and Edward do get to the point in twilight where they are comfortable enough with each other for witty banter, but there was none of it present. You don’t see them reach that point with each other. Also, many opportunities were lost for humor or to get to know the characters. One scene I am thinking of is at the prom when Bella asks Edward why he brought her there. he explains that it is a right of passage and he doesn’t want her to miss it. Her response is awkward silence. In the book she says something like, in what alternate universe would I ever go to prom? That is funny and lets you know a whole lot about Bella in one short line.

  233. Kristine

    I went into this movie with low expectations for a TRUE-TO-THE-BOOK adaptation. (If you’ve read Lord of the Rings, you know how adaptations can cut HUGE parts out). But for $37mil they did an incredible job. Personally, I hated the field trip scene … it totally needed to be replaced with the blood-typing biology lab. But, as an older reader (edging on 30 here) I have to say I did enjoy the movie, albeit a noisy one from the audience. I’m waiting for another week or so (once things have calmed down a tad, let’s say?) before I see it again, because I really do need to see it again. I dragged my hubby along to the show, and he didn’t entirely hate it, but was lost a few time, nudging me gently for a quick clue. I think for people who haven’t read the book there may have been some more background story that was needed for a few characters. Just my opinion though.

  234. Olivia

    Sorry, people, but I really did not like the movie at all. They KILLED it! In the first biology scene Robert Pattinson (I refuse to think of him as Edward) looked like he was about to be sick! And Jasper looked like he was constipated the entire time! On a positive note, I LOVED James, Charlie, and Rosalie. They were perfect, exactly as I imagined them. And I loved the ballet scene. You can ask my friends, I was literally shaking from the adrenaline. Awesome! But then they had to ruin it with Carlisle being all like, “Remember who you are”. I expected him to follow that with “And everything the light touches will be yours”. And then we hear “Circle of Life” in the background. Honestly. Also, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE MEADOW SCENE????? Bella just randomly walks into the woods? What is up with that? And the sparkling? They threw some glitter on Rob and called it a day? NO!! I don’t know if anyone else thought this was weird, but why wasn’t Kristen Stewart wearing pants when Rob kissed her? I mean, whose idea was that? And they threw in the absolute corniest moments, too. Like when they start dancing in Rob’s room. Or “This kind of stuff just doesn’t exist” “It does in my world” and the aforementioned Carlisle line. Oh, and how come Laurent was, like, Jamaican? It says clearly in the book that he’s supposed to have olive skin and black hair. Unless that was a typo no one knew about? Sorry, that’s it for my long rant.

  235. Olivia

    Last thing: How come Jacob didn’t tell Bella about the “cold ones”? I was so looking foward to that part! And Rob didn’t tell her anything on the ride home from Port Angeles. That was my third favorite scene, after the ballet studio and the meadow (which they also cut out)(not that I’m bitter at all) OK, now I’m really done.

  236. Nichole

    I thought the movie was amazing, in a way. It would have been much better if there wasn’t a book to compare it too. Through the whole movie i was pointing out the tiny details and things that could have been better. The movie was amazing, and definatly one of my favorite movies, but it doesn’t even come close to the book. The meadow scene was not at all what i was expecting, i was waiting through the movie for that scene, and it wasn’t as good as i was expecting. Edward/Rob should have been sparkling more, in the book it describes it like he throws rainbows off him, but in the movie, if you didn’t know he was sparkling, you might have missed it.

    My favorite scene would definatly have to be charlie with the gun. Or the prom scene. (Even though details where off)

    You probably think i am too picky and details dont matter, but for me, i think they where some of the most important parts of the book, and they are what make a good movie great.

    And, i think its pretty great that you managed to mention Harry Potter in your post because Rob played Cedric in the 4th movie (;

  237. Teray

    I have so many things to say about this movie. But, I just want to say I am so glad that there is ARE twilighters (or, in your case, someone who has/is read/reading the series) that appreciates the film as much as my friends and I did.

    Pretty much anything you had to say, I agree with. No kidding. I think the only REAL complaint I had about the movie was I would have liked to see the blood-typing day scene, but eh. You win some you lose some. I really think Catherine and Melissa did a great job with what they had.

    Overall…while I love-love-LOVED the baseball scene…Muse is amazing and if you guys liked that song, please check out more of their music. But, I really like dthe “dream” sequences. I loved gothic/emo Edward and Bella, I thought that was hot. I also liked the dream sequence when he was sucking the venom out, and Rob’s song playing. I saw it twice this weekend, and it gave me chills both times. But, I really enjoyed all the scenes you pointed out.

    I guess I am just so relieved that there are more people out there like me and my roommate that thought the movie was amazing. One of my friends actually thought the movie was better than the book.

    Kirsten is getting a lot of backlash from the fans, and I think that is unfortunate. She did a wonderful job playing a socially awkward teenager in love for the first time with a vampire. I think if you can understand that about Bella, it’s easier to see why K Stewart played it the way she did. There were complaints that Bells didn’t cook for her dad, etc etc. But, I think her character in the movie is actually stronger and more relatable than her character in the book.

    Idk, there have also been a lot of complaints about both the romance getting too rushed and that Bells and Edward didn’t say “I love you.” But, I felt the movie did a good job at protraying the earnestness and urgency of first love.

    I could gush about Rob, but I won’t. I didn’t think Rosalie was quite pretty enough, but what she lacked in pretty (though, Nikki Reed is gorgeous) she made up for in BITCHY…I liked that.

    Overall…very very pleased with the movie and I’m hoping to catch it a few more times before it’s out of theaters. I also can’t wait for the DVD release, because I’m sure the special features will be stellar.

  238. drivelocity

    My wife and I saw it on Sunday and we both thought it was pretty good. Not great, but good. I agree that they did a good job adapting it from the book. I’ve read/seen plenty that couldn’t or wouldn’t do it, i.e. Bourne series.

    We both thought the sparkling skin in the meadow was lame & not what we imagined and the running, climbing, jumping, etc. could have been better. Hopefully they’ll have the budget to do a much better job on New Moon.

    It seemed weird that all the teenage girls were laughing at certain parts of the movie, like there was some inside joke… we all read the same book & I just couldn’t figure it out.

    The worst part was not due to the writing, acting, or directing. It was the theater! The sound cut out at the action scene in the ballet studio! It couldn’t have happened at a worse time.

    All that being said, it didn’t disappoint and was a good adaptation, which is rare these days…

  239. Kassandra

    Ok…so i saw the movie friday night @ 10:40…my cousin && i are completely obsessed with the whole series so we were expecting a great movie…we came out dissapointed…overall it was an okay movie…there were some parts in the movie that didn’t follow the book && some characters didn’t act like they would have….some parts were good but other parts you expected alot more….the meadow scene which in one of my favorite parts of the whole book was disappointing to me when we glittered in the sun i was also disappointed…i’m trying very hard to like the movie but its just not happening…am i going to buy the movie..yes i will, will i go && see it again….yes i am (tonight) maybe i’ll like it better….thats what happened with me when i read new moon…overall go see the movie just to see but if you read the book you may be disappointed.

  240. Shannon S

    One of the things that annoyed me about the movie is that from what I could tell, there was no mentioin of Jasper’s power whatsoever. Also, other than Edward and Emmett, the character development left more to be desired. Overall, the movie was decent, the cinematography and special effects were good and they portrayed the character’s personalities well. They did a good job of making the Cullens more human and the humans like regular people. I’d probably watch it again.

  241. Monica

    I was preparing myself for disappointment, but I had no need to… It was AMAZING! All the girls in my class went to see it together, and we all screamed our heads off when Edward first appeared. The actors were true to the characters, but more importantly, the movie was true to the book… I loved it.

    My only complaints:

    1. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE MEADOW SCENE??!?! Waaa! I know it was sort of there, but not really….

    2. No movie in biology or fainting in biology.

    3. No Edward/Bella cafeteria scenes! Those were some of my favorites in the book.

    4. Not long enough! Lol

  242. Scott

    overall I really enjoyed this movie. For a movie based on a novel I thought it was really done well. Certain things needed to be changed so the actors could act like haveing Bella and her talk on the phone instead of email. But I do have to say that I was really looking forward to the Cullens home after reading all four books I could picture this house and the open meadow leading up to it and though the movie house was very nice it was also very Northwest Modern which doesn’t seem like the type of home Esme would choose.

    My biggest problem though had to be prom. I feel that Bella’s tantrum once she realizes they are going to prom is one of the scenes in the novel that really tells us a lot about Bella and was one of my favorite scenes as was the prom itself I was looking so forward to the dancing at prom even though it was only mentioned in the novel it made such a strong picture that there is definitely something different about these Cullens and I really missed it.

    Like I said earlier though I really liked the movie and it was very well fine especially on the budget it was shot with.

  243. » Blog Archive » » Review Coming This Evening

    […] Twilight Movie Review This review contains minimal spoilers. I am going to be… […]

  244. sparkles

    I am a big fan of twilight, so I was very excited about this movie. It was a big disappointment frankly. The romance was completely unbelievable and that was the best part of the book. I did not buy edward and bella’s relationship at all. Bella had no warmth to her at all, she was monotone and cold for most of the movie. At some point they were suddenly stating “you are my life now” and “i love you”, with absolutely no emotional warmth, or believable relationship development so that you were just confused. Bella’s best acted scene was the ballet studio at the end of the movie when she played scared and in pain – she actually showed some emotion other than blank. Edward looked the part – totally hunky – but soooooo overacted to the point of being absurd. His brooding, prolonged, melodramatic stares were ridiculous, and when he was sucking the venom out of bella’s arm, or staring dramatically at billy black, or sparkling randomly to cheesy music with the meat of the meadow scene missing, the whole theatre was in stitches with laughter – totally not the effect the scenes were going for. Carlisle’s bites were similarly cheesy.

    Hardwicke is used to exploring the action, drama, dark sides of teens. She brought this to Twilight the movie, and lost twilight’s heart in the process. Instead of Jane Austin we got 13.

    Seriously, I could not suspend my disbelief and get into this movie – it was just…hokey is the only word that works.

    I would say wait for the rental – but I know from experience that fans of the books won’t be able to wait that long. You were warned. The critics were right, this movie sucks, and not in the way it was intended.

  245. Bird

    Hello… I do check in on your website here once in a while. It is very entertaining to read. I just wanted to say that I am a 35 year old who loved the books… I know, I am too old and all that, but they were a fun read. I have seen this movie twice. The first time I went with my father of all people (he wanted to see what all the hype was about) and I think I was distracted by the slight differences from the book to screen and had too many extra thoughts going through my head about what I wished was in the film or how they did a scene vs how I had seen it in my head when I read it. Anyway… I decided to go see it again tonight after work. I really enjoyed it more this time as I was not distracted by my own mind/thoughts while watching the film. I liked it the first time, but I liked it more the second. Still, there are things I would have liked to seen done a little differently or scenes from the book I wish were in the movie, but over all I enjoyed it and I look forward to the next film. I kind of hope that there is a director’s cut/extended version of the film put out on DVD with scenes that maybe they had to cut for time or something.

  246. kit briones

    watched the movie last night!
    and it was good…not exceptional nor great…but not bad either

    and I’d like to share my take on this

    eagerly awaiting for the sequel!
    oh and I plan towatch it 2 more times

  247. Amanda

    I went into the movie with no expectations either way.

    I was really enjoying it until the scene where Bella tells him she knows that he is a vampire… then the special effects started to kick in. They just weren’t good. There is no way to gloss that fact over, the effects were so sub-par it ruined most of the movie for me! Not to mention the stupid little twinkling sound that popped up when he was sparkling in the sunlight! I hated that part more than anything else, it was so hokey!

    I thought the acting was well done but the script itself and what it contained I don’t believe stayed true to the characters. Some of the love story was lost b/c there just wasn’t enough of that back and forth between Bella and Edward that makes them so great! They were so awkward with eachother when in the book they play off of eachother very well even in awkward situations! Edward’s character was pretty cardboard, they didn’t show him well, he was nothing more than a hot vegetarian vampire who brooded alot. The script never gave us the opportunity to see the Edward that we all fell in love with! We didn’t really get to see who the Cullens were either!

    The meadow scene was pretty much nonexistent, it was there but it was not all at the same time. The meadow scene was not just about them sitting there staring at eachother, it was about the conversation that they had, the declaring of their love for one another! I really wish they could have made that scene more what it was in the book, didnt they know that was the most important scene in the whole story?!
    No, I didn’t hate the movie, I know it cant be just like the book. It wasn’t a bad movie, its just that I didn’t feel the love story was portrayed as well as it could have, there were just key things in the book that make the relationship between the two so potent, and i just didn’t see it in this movie. It wasn’t the acting, it was the content that was lacking!

    I wish to see it again, so I can better form an opinion. This is my raw, first hand reaction after seeing it today. Like I said, I didn’t hate it, it was an okay movie, its just that it didn’t really feel like the Twilight I have known and loved since first reading it.

  248. jess

    The movie rocked! I loved all the scnes, no favorite. But I also do have to say I am extremmly jelous of Angela now, in the movie I fell in love with Eric! I was peeing myself whenever he came on I espeically loved the green house scene when he was like hahahaha its a worm hahaha, I was craking up!

  249. Maddy

    i hated it. i was really really disappointed in the acting. edward tried to hard to have an american accent and ended up sounding mexican, bella was too awkward, and the sparkling skin? it was not as corny as I feared but it made him look sweaty, not beautiful.

    overall, i was extremely disappointed. but now i just appreciate the books even more for their wonderfulness.

  250. Clellie

    Did anyone else switch Teams after seeing the movie? Before I saw it (@ 12:01AM Friday), I was on Team Bella, but it took the visual of Alice, and Ashley Greene’s wonderful portrayal to get me thinking about Alice. And throughout the movie, with each line, Greene had me loving Alice’s character more and more.
    I switched to Team Alice.
    P.S. Does anyone know where I can get a decent t-shirt, or something I can iron-on to a tee?

  251. Ashley

    Bow Chicka Wah Waaaaah.

    Mike at the window made the entire movie better. Not that is wasn’t already amazing — trust me, it was. But him dancing was absolutely the BEST moment.

    I certainly want to know what sport Mike Newton lettered in, though, as he is always wearing that letterman’s jacket.

  252. Hannah Leigh

    I liked the movie the first time I saw it at the midnight release. But my friends didn’t. They complained so much that I saw all of their points and quickly reevaluated my opinion and decided that I didn’t like it at all. But then I went to see it again and the full extent of it’s amazingness was realized. lol

    Scenes and parts I like:

    The Baseball Scene. How can you not like this? The music was awesome. I like how Edward and Emmett collide. I shows how competitive they are. And I liked that. I like how Emmett ran up the tree and caught the ball. It took my breath away! And Alice was so graceful in the baseball scene. But I think my favorite part of it was when the music seems to stop right before the first hit. It makes it amazing…I dunno why. LOL! The music was perfect. Without it…I don’t think I would have loved it so much.

    I loved Rosealie’s rage throughout the movie. She always has that angry face around Bella and it is SO believable! Breaking the bowl was just the icing on the cake. And “Is she even italian?” I loved it because you could hear all of the annoyance in her voice!! She was an amazing actress. She is just one of those people that make you feel insignificant and horrible about yourself just by looking at her. Everyone was saying that she was not pretty enough but they are idiots!

    The pain on Jasper’s face. HA HA

    Mike was pretty amazing…He was one of those people I would have to punch in the face if I ever encountered them…and that is exactly how I imagined him. The Window…HA HA! I was surprised that Bella and Charlie kept straight faces for the most part!

    Edward in the greenhouse.
    Bella: You never even say hi to me.
    Edward: Hi
    The look on his face was really amazing.

    Alice ripping James’ head off…Though I think that if they would have told the story of how Alice was changed then it would have been a sweeter victory over James in more than just because he tried to hurt Bella.

    Bella’s prom dress. But I think she needed the stilleto…instead of the sneaker but I liked the irony of the sneaker on the dressy occassion.=]

    The part where she tells Edward she is afraid and the dissappointment on his face contradicting his words that she should be. And then her correcting herself and saying she was only scared of losing him…I liked how they kept it like that.

    When Carlisle appeared on screen. Oh I think my heart stopped for a moment. He is just that gorgeous. And a very amazing actor as well.

    Laurent’s accent

    The Cullen Crest idea…I liked them. =]. It made them seem more family-like.

    I like how it sped Edward up going around the car to open the door for Bella. =].

    I liked seeing the nomads walk! And the scene where they kill that guy! Pure genius. Especaially “James,Let’s not play with our food” or something like that. And Victoria’s mocking was pretty cool.

  253. Shinrai

    This one is fun. Am actually surprised that a guy would like this movie. But hey, it’s a good movie. I’d have to say that will all honesty and unbiased objectiveness, from a fan. Haha!

    I love the baseball scene too. Rob’s piano performance was amazing. And Charlie.. yeah, he was funny. As well as Jasper. When I watched the advanced screening, everyone in the movie house laughed whenever Jasper’s around Bella.

  254. Amanda

    It was good! There were some parts that I really missed (blood typing, for example) But there were an equal number of parts not in the book that were great (The Cullens cooking!?)

  255. Maddy

    I absolutely loved it!! I went into the movie and i had already accepted the fact that it was going to be different from the book and I loved it! I didn’t expect how funny it was, I love Charlie with the gun and the pepper spray, and the Port Angeles Scene (yes, no, to get to the other side, 1.772…) But, even though it wasn’t an exact copy, there were a lot of parts almost straight from the book. (“And so the lion fell in love with the lamb” was perfect!!) A lot of my friends didn’t like, but there were more of us who did. I think it was amazing and I’m probably going to see it again soon.

  256. KatRin

    sorry if I repeat anything someone already said; I tried to skim the comments but there are so many… 😛

    The first thing I noticed about Kristen Stewart in the movie that really bothered me was that she never smiled! I know Bella bottles up her emotions but honestly, never smiling at all is just ridiculous, especially if you’re around someone you supposedly LOVE. Every time a normal person would have smiled or even laughed she just made this weird scoffing noise. Its totally possible that its not Kristen’s fault and that is how she was told to play Bella but ughh it bothered me so much. All her friend’s are laughing and having a good time and she’s just staring at them “dramatically”.

    Part of the problem was the lighthearted Bella/Edward moments from the book that I loved were gone. Everything about their relationship was so darn dramatic and heavy every second of every moment. Yes I understand the gravity of their situation but that doesn’t mean they can’t have fun for a little bit. I especially missed the part where Bella wakes up and Edward is sitting on a chair in the corner and she jumps onto his lap because she was excited he stayed (and jokes about being breakfast); where was THAT Bella/Edward?

    I also agree with those complaining about the script in general; I wont go in detail since they have already… I mean yes they got the “major” events but it still felt that important little details and dialogue were missing and people who havn’t read the books won’t understand how Bella and Edward get from point A (chemistry scene) to B (cheesy meadow/mountain scene).

    I loved the rest of it though; the cast was superb, especially the Cullens (exactly how I picture them and more). I loved how the high school kids actually LOOKED like they were in high school as opposed to most movies. They acted like high schoolers too (Jessica’s reactions to everything were priceless as well as Mike’s window stunt; exactly like my school).

    Because of my first two complaints I just couldn’t get into the movie; I was either laughing at serious parts or overwhelmingly annoyed. I’ve only seen it once though so hopefully next time will be better?

  257. KatRin

    OHH I forgot about the no-pants scene; WHAT THE CRAP WAS THAT?!

    When the camera pulled back I literally gasped and said “where are her pants?!”

    Even if they were just trying to be “realistic” (I don’t wear pants to bed) it was just WEIRD. Plus I’m pretty sure Edward would be like “Uhm how about you put some clothes on.”But more politely.

    This is all under the assumption that she was just wearing underwear; my friend pointed out that she could have been wearing shorts, which is plausible because I couldn’t really see (all I saw was bare legs).

    Oh and the fluorescents line/awkward walk away moment is one of my favorite silly moments. 😀

  258. KatRin

    crap one more comment then i’m done I swear:

    Charlie in the scene where Bella leaves was heartbreaking. Even though I knew exactly what was going to be said/was going on his face/reactions just stabbed me in the heart.

    OKDONE! 😀

  259. Monica

    Wow, people have a lot to say about this movie! 😉

    Throwing in my two cents: I thought it stayed pretty true to the book. My two major complaints are (1) they pretty much cut the Cullens out except for Edward–everyone else only had one or two scenes– and (2) WHERE WAS THE MEADOW SCENE?? I went with my brother (who’s never read the books) and he asked me afterward, “Which part was the dream that inspired the book?” and I told him, “It wasn’t in there.”

    I understand why they had to cut that stuff out–I agree with the people who said the sparkly scene was kinda cheesy, so they did the best they could with the budget they had. They had to decide between cutting the meadow scene out entirely (and upsetting the fans) and doing the meadow scene but getting it wrong (and upsetting the fans).

    Aside from that, though, the movie was great. I loved the Cullens in the kitchen! Brilliant!

  260. Genevieve

    It was perfect

    The End

  261. CJ

    Genevieve has the best review so far.

  262. Katie

    Ok, I don’t know if this will make sense, but here goes. The movie didn’t quite live up to my hopes (but I had really high hopes) but it far surpassed my expectations. I thought that it did seem a little rushed. I also didn’t expect to laugh. The Mike scene was hilarious, and I thought that the kitchen scene (vampires cooking– ha!) and the scene where Bella first walks into biology (did you see Edward’s face? Priceless!) over all, I loved to movie, and I hope to see it again very soon.

  263. Nazneen

    The movie was awesome! I mean, I was practically biting my lips all the time just to hide my excitement. And laughed a lot too! Oh, and the Malay subtitles were pretty funny.

    But what I really thought about the movie is that, Catherine and the crew did a really great job in making the book come alive.

    I agree that it’s not possible to make a movie which follows the book precisely. I made sure that I did not expect it to be exactly like how Stephenie had laid it out. But even if I did, I’d still be as excited as I am right now. 😀 The Movie was indescribably great.

    Each and every one of the cast portrayed their characters very well. So, since I’m already excited about it I might as well keep this long! Hah!

    “I’d never given much thought to how i would die… ” I liked it when Kristen narrated. It really hit me hard in the head at how she read the preface of the book. I really felt the book brought to life. And when she slipped XD And also, definitely the scene where she had to leave Charlie.

    Edward. When he entered the cafeteria, I started munching my popcorn loudly and people were “wooo”-ing a lot! and then, when he was in pain during Biology was the best. He totally looked like he’s in pain. And of course, the alley. He really kept his angry expression even when he laughed at Bella telling her to wear on his seatbelt. He portrayed Edward very well.

    Charlie. It was the part where Bella left him. The sadness in his face was there, and there were no anger. It was real. And the gun! HAHAHA. “Bring him in.” Billy Burke was great.

    Alice. Oh she was so cute. And her expression when she didn’t realize James coming really made it alive. Alice throwing the ball was so.. cool. I like her hair very much! LOL.

    Jasper. I laughed so loud when Jessica said “And the one that looks like he’s in pain.. is Jasper” and then the camera focused at his face. GODDAMNIT, THAT WAS SO FUNNY. But it was the part when he and Emmett said they could beat James and his coven at baseball. They were so kiddie-like during the baseball scene.

    Emmett. *waves with the knife* and also, when Rosalie asked about whether Bella likes Italian food. And he said “Her name’s Bella.” Like, with that sarcastic tone. Hahaha. I liked that so much.

    Oh and not to mention when Rosalie said “My Monkey Man” 😀

    Jacob. When Edward left her for two minutes, it was unlikely for Edward to do that. But I got over it anyways, when he came back and looked at Jacob with “the” face.

    Other than that, I loved them all too. Just that I had really taken this in note. Just to post it here ;D

    Jessica, Angela, Rosalie, Esme, Carlisle, James, Victoria, Laurent.

    OH! It was very thoughtful of them to have put Stephenie in the movie! I was really looking forward to that. I went to watch the movie with my uncle and I pointed it at the screen for him to see (As though the cinema screen is not big enough). Excitement really took over me.

    Overall, I loved the Baseball scene. To have seen all the Cullens in action. Esme, when she captured the ball. And Carlisle too. And with Supermassive Blackhole song. Damn, it was awesome. With the storm effects and all.

    Also, in Bella’s room. When Bella snuggled closer to Edward. I could really feel the love between them. It pretty much replaced the words “I love you” that wasn’t in it.

    By the way, I really liked your review. 😀

  264. Nazneen

    Oh yeah crap. I forgot to mention the part when Edward was at Bella’s house to pick her up for Prom, and Charlie served him water but it was an awkward situation for him since he doesn’t eat or drink. 😀

  265. LaurenMaureen

    Loved your review! I agreed with everything you said. The scene with Charlie and the gun was hilarious. And I love how awkward Jasper is. They casted perfectly and some scenes were just great. Glad to hear someone loved the piano scene as well! =]

  266. Twilight Obsessed

    It was a great movie! The movie was good so that motivated me to read it in two days! I need New Moon though. I hope they get it in the library

  267. priyanka

    i know its sorta late to comment on the movie now, but i dont really care. i loved the whole movie so much, probably because i expected all the flaws because i went on the 22end of november and i read all the reviews that i could, good, bad and a few mixed. i loved it when billy black and edward were just staring out at each other from their cars, that was hilarious! and charlie with the pepper spray and gun. the end was perfect, with edward and bella at prom and victoria watching them. i liked it when bella’s talking to her mom on the phone right before edward kisses her and her mom is like “let’s talk boys. are you being safe?” right when they were about to kiss. and mike at the window was funny, 2. i thought charlie liked mike newton, though. robert looked so hot! and kristen looked good too, except every time she said something, there was this wierd twitch in her eye. rosalie was awesome as well, i love it when she breaks the bowl of food and the base ball scene was awesome. i will kill to see that again and emmet with the knife, waving at bella, that was funny. edward’s expression when he bit in to bella’s arm was funny, 2

  268. Vanessa

    i LOVED the movie

    i went to the 12.05 showing (out at 2.45-ish) and to work at 7…with four hours of sleep. it was WORTH EVERY MINUTE OF LOST SLEEPING TIME!!!!

    i made my own twilight shirt….writing just like on the books and with “mrs cullen” on the back, to boot.

    i will admit the one thing i was disappointed was about the rush rush stuff about edward and his family…with skin in the sun and all the vampire info….it was just like BAM….i dont know just seemed a little whipped together…but it still worked got what needed to be done to move on to more important thing….like edward making out with bella. (bella was supposed to be wearing sweats! no undies whilst making out!!!)

    im seeing again for the third time tomorrow. with my aunt and mom

    -from seattle

  269. Kayla

    I thought that having Muse for the baseball scene made it so kickass. I loved the soundtrack, because a lot of it is offbeat music (I hate that twilight is becoming a trend and seeing certain people saying like omg ily edward makes me want to vomit and then commit suicide). I was so excited to see where Supermassive Black Hole is, and it was in a GREAT spot! My two friends and I were doing a strange thrust dance to the music-it’s hard not to. We kept out ears open for the entire soundtrack, and stayed for the credits at our second time seeing it to realize that decode was at the end of the credits.
    They did the best job that anyone could’ve done for Twilight at that budget.

  270. Jessica

    I loved Charlie, Billy Burke is an AMAZING actor!

    The side conversatioons kicked butt! I loved Mike and Eric’s conversations HAHAHA!

    HAHA Edward walking into the lunch room for the first time, I loved how he smiled it was HILARILOUS!

    Baseball Scene, I love Jasper he’s so cool, there were some corny lines such as “nice kitty” and “my monkey man” Interesting nicknames for Rosalie and Emmett to have for eachother.

    Overall one of the coolest movies i’ve ever seen.

  271. Majo

    Hi Kaleb!
    I believe it’s the first time I write here :) I just have one question…
    In one of your previous posts I read that one of the scenes that you really wanted to see was the “sparklin” Edward.
    What do you think of that part of the movie?

    I have to say I really loved the movie! I watched it to days in a row :) I took my boyfriend with me (and he loved it too! Mostly when super masive black hole started playing 😉 )but the sparkling thing…well…I believe it could have been better :)
    I always read you so you MUST answer my question alright?!
    thaks 😀

    PS. I’m from Mexico so don’t pay too much attention to my spelling/grammar mistakes 😉

  272. Shelly

    GOD I loved the movie!! I must admit though, that when I first saw it I thought it was “good, but not outstanding.” but the second time I saw it… it was SO much better! It went from a good adaption to one of the best movies of my life. I’m not sure WHY that was exactly, but I think it was because the first time I watched it I was subconciously comparing every scene to the book and analyzing everything the actors did. Then the second time I just sat back and enjoyed the movie which made the experience that much better. I’ll be sure to just jump to what I did the second time around for Twilight the first time I see New Moon 😉

    My favorite scene out of the whole movie is from when Edward and Bella walk into school together for the first time and Edward has THE smuggest grin on his face (which I LOVE!! Plus his “Not that guy… no, wait, he just looked.” line is HYSTERICAL) all the way to Edward and Billy’s little stare down (which has yet to not make me laugh out loud. Every freaking time I see it I just expect Billy’s eye to start twitching LMAO). Oh, and lets not forget EVERY scene with Jasper, Emmett and Alice!! Jasper + Baseball bat = ::SWOON!!::

    I’m going to stop now or else I’ll keep going for hours. I’ve seen Twilight six (yeah.. six.) times so far and I have plans to see it yet again when my best friend comes home from college during winter break. LET’S HOPE NEW MOON IS JUST AS AMAZING IF NOT BETTER WHICH WE KNOW IS IMPOSSIBLE ‘CUZ OF THOSE DAMN 300 PAGES BUT THAT’S OK!!!!

  273. Sarah


    Every MOMENT she was in there, every PIECE of dialogue she had, every SCENE she was mentioned –


  274. Lila

    Congrats on the hits!

  275. April

    OME! Loved it and seen it a dozen times, so far. Love the site, Kaleb! My hubby is a Twi-guy now too…will be sure to have him send you a email later. My fav scene is Charlie and the gun…I can totally picture it! I wonder what SM thought of it, but it has the same sense of humor. Thanks for the fun site!

  276. Hanna

    After watching this movie, Twilight came alive to me.. that makeout kiss was perfect and hot without being sleazy. I heard they’re not making the last book into a movie? is this true? I LOVED THIS MOVIE!! In fact, it has left me feeling dissatisfied with everyday, normal, vampires do not exist- life. :)

  277. danielle

    yay! the film finally came out here in Brazil! 😀 I thought the movie was AMAZING. It was as good as a movie could get compared to the book! it was really funny too (i loved the kitchen scene and mike at the window! XD) it was PERFECT!! i saw the one showing there was yesterday (thursday) and i’m going to see it again today (and the next day, and the next day, etc… XD)

  278. danielle

    Stephenie wrote on her website that they might not make Breaking Dawn a movie because [SPOILER ALERT] they don’t have the technology yet to make Renesmee look completley intelligent as a baby, and to have her grow so fast. But maybe by the time they finnish making the other books into movies, they will have that technology…

  279. burtakus

    I have seen the movie twice now. My wife drug me to it on a date night and I actually liked it quite a bit. Enough that I read all 4 books shortly thereafter. The second time was with our daughter. It was a very different experience after having read the books. In many ways I was pleased with the movie adaptation however there were some major deletions/additions that really irked me and a plethora of details that were overlooked for no apparent reason.

    Major additions deletions:
    1) Why did they add in the fact that some guy who was Charlie’s good friend for 30 years was killed. No one any character knew died on the book.
    2) The substitution of the car ride back from Port Angeles where they discuss Edward being a vampire to a scene i the woods after school was really disappointing.
    3) The mountain top scene that should have been a part of the meadow scene was disappointing as well. All the events on the mountain top occurred in the meadow. Why the change?
    4)Bella did not buy a book from the book store in Port Angeles to find out about Quillulette legends. Jacob told her the legends in the book which is a key point later in the series.
    5) They never ate out, Bella cooked almost all the time.

    those are the big ones. Their are dozens of minor ones that really irked me because there was no reason for them.

    Had I not read the books I would probably enjoy the movie better. As it is, it’s not too bad but no where near as good as the book (or as true to the book as it could have been).

  280. Maddy

    I didn’t hate it… but I definitely did not like how so many parts that defined Edward/Bella/their relationship were left out. BOth of them lost their sense of humor… A BIG shame on Edward’s part.. I LOVED his sarcasm and wasting of finite resources xD And Edward didn’t tell her enough about his past… The conversation they had in teh cafeteria about saying GOODBYE was also left out… I think that’s pretty important, given the next book…. also… Edward’s lines about TWILIGHT were left out… WTH?? there is so much insight into his character and the tone of the series… not to mention it is the NAME of the series… sheeshh…
    It was not a bad adaptation of a book, but it could have been better.

  281. Kelly

    OMG!!! I loved this movie so much I went to go see it eight times. Edward is what I exactly pictured he would be!!! Best book series ever!! To bad she could not continue the series!

  282. Megan

    I have to admit… I was disappointed with the movie – but I had been warned ahead of time.

    There were some things that were wonderful – like Charlie and Alice, that I particularly enjoyed. And also, just the high school group in general – you can tell the director worked to make them very real people. I was surprised though, at the diversity of the cast, particularly characters like Tyler, and Eric/Ben… I guess I just assumed that, like it is in many small towns, the majority of the people living there would be Caucasian, but I didn’t mind.

    The main thing that bothered me about the movie was that they took all the important scenes and mixed them all together. Things that were discussed, for example, in the car on the way back from Port Angeles, was discussed in the hallway, in the cafeteria, etc. They never had the awkward switch lunch tables scene. The first kiss was in the bedroom, not the meadow. Edward just appeared in the bedroom, where as in the book, Bella was prepared.

    I felt like there were definitely moments between Bella and Edward that could have been better. Edward didn’t sound nearly as elegant, graceful, as he should have. Bella seemed nothing more than an angsty loner. Those were disappointments.

    I did absolutely love the moment when Bella was introduced to the Cullens cooking in the kitchen, though that didn’t happen like that in the book. Edward’s embarrassment was cute, also. Did anyone catch that Bella and Charlie ate at a restaurant all the time, rather than Bella cooking? I felt that was odd – especially that the author would know these very obvious changes, and not work to keep them to the original book.

    I’ll still watch the other movies though. :)

  283. Helen

    LOVED the film,
    but – did anyone notice the bit where you can actually see a camera man in the background?

  284. Megan

    I thought it was good. I was expecting minor details, like some dialogue and such to be left out, so i wasn’t disappointed. people didnt seem to remember that thet werent working with a harry potter budget, so they had to make due. but all in all they did a great job, and the cast was perfect.

  285. Lynn

    I thought the movie was great! I know there are so many little moments that we all just fall in love with in the book, but there is no way they would be able to add them all. I thought they were very loyal to their fans by keeping to the book. Considering the budget they had, it was fantastic! People have been very hard on Kristin Stewart. I think she did a great job. Her outer appearance was just like Bella’s outer appearance. Things that we read about how Bella was feeling on the inside is harder to portray on screen without a constant narrator. Thanks for the great review!

  286. Aishani

    The movie did the most important thing which was capture the essence of the characters and edward and bella’s relationship, even tho i agree with what twilightguy said in that they fell into the relationsip too quickly, but that was bound to happen in the film…every character was just as i imagined them, apart from maybe Nikki Reed, not that she isnt amazingly beautiful, i duno what i expected, but i expected more, but i liked the addition of her breaking the bowl, tht felt very rosalie-ish…

    Robert Pattinson, he is good looking enough, because lets face it, even the best looking guy on the planet wouldnt suffice as edward cullen because we all have our ideas about his “inhuman” beauty, and Rob did mostly a good job with the acting, him and Kristen Stewart brought across the intense side and as they said they would in loads of interviews because they fought to keep it serious and not too light and basically stay true to the book, which i reali appreciated. Although in doing this Rob lost some of Edward’s more light hearted nature, but nevertheless brought across a type of insecurity and intensity that i definately understood more after reading chapters from midnight sun which stephenie meyer posted. Kristen Stewart also could have smiled a LITTLE bit more, which wouldnt have ruined the intensity of the film, but maybe would have helped show that she actualy enjoyed being with Edward…

    anyway AMAZING film which didn’t disappoint, and only left me eagerly (VERY EAGERLY) anticipating New Moon

  287. Michelle

    I think I’ve seen the movie… five times now, is it? I was somehow completely unaware of the Twilight world (I know, I know…) until I saw the movie. Only after that fact did I read the books. I really hate that fact because I prefer to read a book first because we all know that the book is always better. However, knowing nothing of the Twilight world, the phrase about heroin seemed and odd description just caught in that short little blurb in the movie. It makes so much more sense after having read the book, but I do understand why it was added for the already die-hard fans. I really missed the Do I dazzle you? line myself. I thought it was a very important line in that Edward didn’t realize how he was so appealing when he should have been repulsive to her. I also missed the ride home from Port Angeles, but I completely understand how there wasn’t time to let it drag out like that in the movie. You really have to read the book to appreciate the length of time it takes Bella and Edward to finally fall in love each other and ADMIT IT. It seemed rushed in the movie, like she was really just falling for him because he’s a vampire. I understand why people that have only seen the movie had come to that conclusion. The biggest thing that seemed out of place to me was how willingly Bella hopped on Edward’s back to go running through the forest, climbing up trees, and sat so high up seeming to have a very relaxed conversation. Is this really the same scaredy-cat Bella that fainted three times in Twilight? Still LOVED it though!!

  288. Jasfher

    twilight sucks!
    well, ive proven myself wrong..

    I’m very happy with them all. I think Robert and Kristen are just perfect as Edward and Bella. idk. it’s beyond. they are so awesome I can’t think of any other actors playing them anymore. Alice was Alice, perfect Alice. Carlisle was great. Esme was so sweet and lovely I really liked her. Charlie was so cool. too. oh and Jessica was so annoying it was great. I think they were all very good.

    what with this stupid twilight?
    it gets stuck on my head..
    yeah.. i admit it.. hahaha!
    IM IN! and i dunno why.
    this piece of crap makes my
    whole life interesting! :)

  289. coffeerama

    seems likely that they will come out with a Twilight sequel pretty soon, there’s a crazy lot of ticket sales at stake

  290. Kristen

    I hated the movie the first time I saw it. The second time however, was a different story. There were a few things that bothered me though. Like the fact that Bella told Edward that she knew what he was in the forest and not the car. And that he showed her what he looked like in the sun right after that. Because those were my favorite parts of the book I was disappointed that they were so different.

    On a lighter note though, I love, love, loved the baseball scene. It was everything I’d hoped for and more. I also really loved when Edward and Bella were walking into the school and he said, “As long as I’m going to hell I may as well do it thoroughly.” and put his arm around her. That’s not how it happened in the book, if you remember he said that when they were sitting at the lunch table together for the first time. But I did like the effect for the movie. And I thought that the casting was fatastic.

    All in all, I’m overjoyed with the movie, and can’t wait for New Moon. (though it was my least favorite book)

  291. Lindsay

    In my theater, about 2 minutes into the movie all the power went out and we all sat there for about 15 minutes in the dark! I couldn’t believe it! So, it wasn’t the greatest start.

    Overall, I was disappointed. I had read all the books through once, with exception of Twilight and Midnight Sun which I had read twice each. I realize that I probably had the book a little too memorized and was expecting the scenes to be dead on so when they weren’t, I wasn’t really sure what to expect next (not a good thing).

    Like others have commented, I felt like their relationship was far too rushed and I was extremely disappointed with the meadow scene! I mean, come on! That was the scene that started the ENTIRE series, and it was entirely different. They didn’t spend all day lying in a beautiful meadow, and she didn’t sit there tracing his arm. I couldn’t believe how incredibly different that was – in the movie she went from being mad at him to being in love with him in like 2 minutes. And, the sparkling, I had to laugh at that one. It looks like they poured sugar on him! Also, them not saying “I love you” and the scene where he stays the night – both disappointing; him staying the night was, to me, very intimate in the book, but the movie ruined that.

    I actually saw the movie far past the first week it was out and had asked my friends for input on whether I should see it, since I really loved the book. A few said no, most said yes. I understand both, and I am glad I saw it just so that I can put my curiosity to rest. I am looking forward to New Moon because of the larger budget and I absolutely LOVE all of Chris’s movies so far that he’s directed!

    Anyway, after reading a few posts here from people who didn’t like it, I think I’ll see it a second time because that seemed to make a difference. Maybe, just maybe, I can get the book out of my head and really just enjoy the movie for what it is!

  292. Tori Schmitz

    Ok so movie was good. Love it. but i had seen it before reading the books so not knowing what to expect, then after reading the books i had drawn up my own images of what should have been- one thing that bugged me the most was the reveal of Edward being a vampire it was supposed to be the restaurant and the ride home but instead it was in the woods andmixing it with the meadow scene giving a different illusion than was first created by stephanie other than that detail it was amazingly accurate and good.

  293. Lauren

    Ehh.. for me, two things pop out to the point of distraction:

    1. Since when is Bella a vegetarian? Anyone else notice that?


    Seriously, Angela is my favorite “side” character, and that movie completely killed her.

    Other than that, it was okay. The casting was pretty good and I liked the sort of dreamlike atmosphere they created. But the developing relationship was rushed and most of the lines seemed forced and contrived. I dunno. For what it was, it was okay.

  294. Erin

    Unfortunately, my parents only permitted me to see this movie once and it was also about a week before it left theatres in the little town of Drums, PA. But! It was absolutely worth it. I expected that it would be like the Harry Potter movies with barely any relation between the book and the movie. But! I was completely wrong. Twilight exceeded every one of my expectations. I went with my older brother and all i could do was look at him during the alley scene. And the scene when Edward and Charlie meet and Charlie flips up his gun, I literally LMAO’d. plus. I only just found your facebook group and this website. It’s amazing by the way. It’s great that there is a guy willing to admit that he loves Twilight just as much as all of us girls. =)

  295. Joanna6618

    I loved the movie regardless of the amount of hate mail cause the actors were just wonderful! The effects were easy to see cause of their positions on the wires but if u ignore that, the rest was really good! What had me cracking up was Rob’s facial expressions! You can see how much more he loosens up when he’s at home! All of the Cullens were perfect and i really liked how Mike was sooo cool and he still managed to pull off the “jealous guy in the back” look all the time. I agree with everyone else, the window scene had me bursting out laughing in the theater and everyone within 10 chairs of me turned and stared at me before turning back. Overall I ♥LOVED♥ EVERYTHING about the film and I can’t wait for the next one!

  296. Lakota

    Twilight was perfect! i saw it 5 times in therters! i saw it first the day after it came out and the last time i watched it was the last day it was in thearters. ive read all 4 books and im really mad that midnight sun inst being published.

  297. Sylvia

    dude wtf, that movie was way messed up. luarent and james where terribly casted. bella couldn’t act for crap in a romance movie ntm the movie was treated like a horror action rather than a romance. jasper has boobs. rosalies forehead is too big as well as edwards. and i don’t know why you would picture their medeaow as it was in the movie cause it kinnda was tiny, and they murdered that whole scene. and they messed up alot of little details as some other people have already mentioned.

  298. watch Twilight New Moon

    Going to watch New Moon when it comes out. just sayin

  299. watch Twilight New Moon

    Going to watch New Moon when it comes out. just sayin

  300. Mangogirl132

    dose anybody know when breaking dawn coming out ?

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