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Reading Eclipse: Chapter 9 (Target)

November 27th, 2008 at 12:05 am by Kaleb Nation

The song for this chapter is When They Came For Us by Shiny Toy Guns [suggested by Grant]

I figured since it is Thanksgiving in the US I might skip reading the next chapter until Monday, as many of my readers won’t even be here to see it. But then I realized that this chapter was shorter than most and that a great deal of people from overseas also read here, and I can’t just skip over them simply due to Pilgrimsy holidays or my recent and time-consuming investigations. Thus, on to the condensed post for chapter 9!

Of course, Charlie is at it again: always taking the side of Jacob Black. As we all know, the Blacks and Charlie go back for a long time, and I’m sure Charlie would love for Bella and Jacob to be together, instead of that crazy ever-present Edward Cullen fellow he simply can’t get rid of. I laughed out loud at how much joy Charlie is taking in the fact that Bella and Edward appear to be arguing:

[…] I just stared at [Edward] in horror.

Charlie’s expression changed. Abruptly, he was grinning. “If you two are having a fight… well, don’t let me interrupt.”

Exhibit A - Edward Cullen

Like Bella, the cleaning of my bedroom has fallen a bit under the pile of daily things to do. I certainly wouldn’t notice if someone came in and moved things about (people who have seen photographs of my unattended possessions know this already) but I would certainly see a pillow being gone, as I have an important need for it every night.

Edward, however, has a strange sense that a vampire has been in the house (do vampires have a certain scent only perceivable to other vampires?). Understandably, he reacts in his usual barricade-the-doors fashion and swiftly brings Bella back to the Cullen’s house — a place that has become one of the few safe havens for her. One of the oddest things about this is that Alice hadn’t seen anything coming, despite the fact that she can usually see the future and has had her mind on watching Bella for some time now (especially with all the run-to-the-wolves incidents). I’m actually rather curious as to who this mysterious person could be. I’m tempted to say that it’s Victoria who put on a disguise or something to change her scent, but at the same time I wonder if it is one of the Volturi, as Edward is expecting.

Also, the strange stuff about the missing pillow and the shirt. There are so many theories floating around in my head for that one: does it have Bella’s scent that they’ll use later? Are they going to use it to track her down again somehow? Every vampire I’ve heard of is loaded with money, so I honestly can’t imagine anybody who would go through all the trouble, unless they are building a bulky Bella-scarecrow

There are many things that Jacob should know not to suggest to Bella Swan, and three of those are:

1. Motorcycle-riding

2. Volleyball-playing

3. Cliff-diving

so I wouldn’t exactly recommend him suggesting that anytime soon. We all know that no matter how much he promises to keep her safe, Bella is afflicted with a type of danger magnetosis that has no cure.

Exhibit B -- Parachutes

Exhibit B -- Parachutes

But, of course, the biggest thing that stands out is how suddenly, Jacob and Edward actually had a decent conversation without one erupting into snarls and the other into wolf-form. In fact, it almost seems like they’re working together on something — the only reason, of course, is because the safety of Bella is involved. I think both Edward and Jacob know that at this point, there will need to be some compromise in order to keep her safe. So, it’s great to see at least a bit of progress on that end πŸ˜€

Again, posting today is short because of the holidays. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Question for the comments: When you read this chapter for the first time, were you surprised that Jacob and Edward spoke reasonably with one another and were able to make a plan?


– I got a PO Box, for people who have been trying to send me mail. I’ll have info on it soon.

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75 Responses

  1. Joyce

    It is very annoying to read these questions when it only takes a day or two to read the whole book and not much more to read them all.

  2. Charlee

    Happy Thanksgiving Kaleb!

    I’m actually writing from Bermuda right now, as opposed to the US. I’m here for Thanksgiving break. Its pretty sweet.

    I was pretty surprised at their civility. I always find that common ground brings that out in people. :)

    It’s late so my post too, is short. Enjoy the Holiday!

  3. rachael

    Actually, I was surprised at first, but the more I thought about it…..it makes sense, because Edward has obviously decided to cooperate with Bella’s need to see Jacob and he doesn’t want to upset her anymore. He is able to use his 108 yrs of learning self-control and patience to keep things under control. If it was 2 guys Jacobs age, I don’t think it would happen.

  4. Kaleb Nation

    @Joyce: Please keep in mind the entire point of this website.

    And happy Thanksgiving everybody :)

    — Kaleb

  5. devz30

    I suppose I kinda knew it anyway, from the start.
    I mean, both Edward and Jacob do share a common interest (LOL. That sounds weird…)
    Well, in other words, they both love Bella. So I suppose it’s not much of a surprise. After all, Edward would do anything to protect Bella, even to the point of talking reasonably with the person he dislikes most.

  6. Snow Wight

    Happy Thanksgiving to Kaleb and everyone!
    I agree with Rachael. That’s pretty much how I felt.
    Now, I’m off to work on prep for lovely college finals, which I have decided are something like vampires (nix the dazzliness; think Volutri): the only way to destroy them is to tear them to shreds and burn the pieces…
    Of course, I’ll probably end up studying for three minutes and then the mouse will magically click open my novel, the writing will commence, and I’ll disappear from the outside world for an indefinte period of time. LOL.

  7. Talkerwolf

    Very much so actually, as a vampire usually leaves the room as a werewolf enters or vice versa

  8. kelsie

    happy thanksgiving…..wow this update is on in the really early morning

  9. Steph

    Thank you for posting anyway! Phew…

    Yes, vampires have an extremely sweet smell. Just like the werewolves smell like wet dog. Ahaha.

    Hm, I don’t remember being surprised. It’s not out of character, really. Their lives just about revolve around Bella.

    I loved the Bella scarecrow comment. Ahaha… Can just imagine some random vampire building a scarecrow… Not that I’m saying it was just some random vampire. Nor am I saying it wasn’t.

  10. Lily

    I was a little surprised at how well they got along, but it makes sense since Edward is trying to get Bella to be safer and show that he trusts her.

    In regard to the question about how Edward knows it was another vampire: vampires and werewolves both have a highly developed sense of smell. OF COURSE Edward knows it was another vampire.

  11. Heather

    Ha great post. I just love Charlie, and I love him even more after the movie lol. “Alright…*cock cock*…bring ’em in!”

    This is going to be a short comment from me (shocking, I know).

    I can’t really help you out on your theories about the mysterious vampire scent and missing items, but I can say you are on a better track than I was when I read it (I know, doesn’t help you at all, but I don’t want you to be spoilered)

    All I really remember when I first read Eclipse is wanting to slap the main characters, hard. But really thinking back, I think I was thinking “About time!” when Jake and Edward were being civil. But I knew that wouldn’t last long, especially since Jacob has a much harder time controlling his hatred than Edward does (poor Jake, he doesn’t have a century of experience with acting to help him out).

    Anyway, happy reading and Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. Madawn

    Happy Thanksgiving Kaleb hope that you have a great one.

    Now onto the question…at first it was a little surprising to me that they could have such a civil conversation, although we all know that Edward is much more apt to being kind towards Jacob then the other way around they are both very determined to keep Bella safe and for that reason that will do what they must do.

    anyway im glad to see a new chapter up and am excited for the rest to follow!

  13. tina

    Bella’s safety is really the only reason they would ever be civil to one another. Their bad feelings toward one another are based on being ‘mortal enemies’ – then more wood is added to the fire (I noticed your flame theme….) by their fight over Bella.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!! I’ll be looking forward to your posts next week.

  14. Shatha

    You’re on the right track with some of your theories..
    I was more relieved/happy than surprised, it’s about time they put their natural instinct aside for Bella. Only her safety could convince both Edward and Jacob to cooperate despite their deep hatred for each other. Edward is mature enough, I’m glad Jacob is too.
    Happy Thanksgiving although we don’t celebrate it over here :)

  15. anonymous

    The title of this post actually states “Reading Twilight: Ch…” as oppose to “Reading Eclipse: Ch…

  16. Kaleb Nation


    I knew that would happen sometime! This is what happens when you write your posts near midnight πŸ˜€
    Thanks for pointing it out


  17. jamey

    Happy Thanksgiving Kaleb!

    And why would you think a holiday would keep us away from reading your site?! Do you not know us at all?! :)

    As for the vampire scent- I do believe each vampire has their own and that is what is so puzzling. Think of how many vampires Carlisle alone has met in his 300+ years! You are on a good track, as usual.

    As for Edward and Jacob being civil…it was nice to see it finally happen, though they are both just putting Bella first. They still aren’t to the point they can just all 3 hang out together by any means! :)

    As always, looking forward to the next installment!

  18. Elfie

    I think I was actually relieved – you know, thinking to myself “Finally.” It was only a matter of time until they came to terms with each other… or rather, tolerated each other for what they were, the role they each played in Bella’s life. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” and all that. As much as it doesn’t seem like it sometimes, they are rational men. Or dog-men. Or undead men. You know.

    Like everyone else, I hope you have a very happy Turkey-Day. Eat lots but still have plenty of left-overs for later… it is a balance that I’m still working on.

  19. Amelia

    Happy Thanksgiving! Hmm… I wasn’t too surprised because they are trying to protect Bella and, to them, she is more important than any thing else so its odd but when you think of the circumstances it makes since.

  20. Nutty Netty

    hahaha i found that funny too!
    Charlie has no shame showing his preference for Bella to date Jacob!!
    πŸ˜€ (can’t wait to see that on the big screen!)
    as far as finding how Jacob and Edward “getting along” i was not surprised. He has already told Bella that he trusts her with those “dogs” if she says it’s safe. So it doesn’t surprise me that he is being a man of his word (as usual) and I can see that when it comes to Bella there is no limit to what he is willing to do for her safety. He has plenty of patience and he has finally decided to spare some for Jacob. πŸ˜›
    no surprise Edward is being the gentleman we have always known him to be :)

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING KALEB! thank you for posting this even on a Holiday =]
    really shows your dedication to us your readers! really appreciate it :)

  21. JessieLynn

    Hey Kaleb!
    Seriously, I think Alcie has been rubbing off on you just a tad. You are way too intuitive about the books for your own good. The first time I read it, I didn’t think anything of it, probably due to it being three in the morning and having exams the next day. The second time however, I was very confuzzled by it, and my friends grew tired of me asking them questions, since they had read the book months before.

  22. Nazneen

    “Every vampire I’ve heard of is loaded with money, so I honestly can’t imagine anybody who would go through all the trouble, unless they are building a bulky Bella-scarecrow” Nice one, Kaleb! πŸ˜€

    I was not surprised for Edward to have compromise with Jacob. He has got many patience in himself and truce was what he needed to keep Bella safe.

    Jacob, on the other hand. I was not really surprised too. Since making truce would mean that he gets to spend more time with Bella. So, yeah.

    I was kind of against Charlie in this chapter. Especially when he said “Forgiveness is divine”. Why didn’t he forgive Edward?

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Kaleb :]

  23. Elise

    I think they would’ve gotten along if Jake hadn’t fallen for Bella. They have alot in common.

  24. ~Tina

    I knew it was for Bella’s saftey, but I guess both of them have different definitions of Bella’s saftey. (Jacob letting her ride a motorcycle as opposed to Edward bribing Alice to kisnap her for three days)

  25. ~Tina

    Umm, I ment kiDnap

  26. Loony_Lovegood

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
    I wasn’t surprised, because both of them are so eager to help bella in any way possible and want to keep her safe, so they should be able to cooperate pretty well…

  27. savannah

    vampires do havea specific scent and they cannot change it. and vampires (and werewolves) identify it because it is usually a very sweet smell. it burns the werewolves noses but not vampires. its not sweet like human blood but like… idk, a flower

  28. savannah

    p.s.- let the record show that flowers, though they smell sweet, do not taste very good

  29. Alli

    I love to see Edward and Jacob talking peacefully. But they’re funny when they fight too. I won’t spoil you by saying which happens more often later.

    Here comes Santa in the Parade!!!

    Sorry about that little outburst, but I love this part. Anyway, can’t wait till you see the mystery of the vamp in Bella’s room revealed!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  30. L.

    Thank you so much for considering the overseas fans…cuz yes, I would have gotten kinda annoyed if you did not post beacause of a holiday we’re not celebrating at all..
    So thanks! And great post this time to ^_^

  31. Becky

    as always, most of your theory is correct.

    I was a little surprised that they were willing to be civil about it, but Bella’s safety is involved, so they both put that first. So werewolves and vampires CAN get along, if they really try.
    If they weren’t mortal enemies and fighting for the same girl I think they’d be good friends, lol

    Happy Thanksgiving

  32. Stephanie

    to answer your question, at first i was a little surprised. seeing as how much they dislike each other and are mortal enemies, it seemed kind of out of character. but then i thought about it, and since it was about bella’s safety, it actually made a lot of sense.
    i think it is funny that you mentioned how much charlie loves jacob and hates edward. that was always so annoying to read in eclipse! i also think its funny because, and i may be wrong, you tend to seem a little biased towards jacob. this is because whenever you read a chapter that may not show jacob in the best light, you tend to not discus that part of the chapter. just an observation. keep reading!

  33. marcela

    no not at all they oth love bella and to them she comes 1st

    p.s happy thankgiving

  34. TwilightGirl

    i definitely think i was more surprised with the fact that jacob was able to be mature about it. from edward i would expect nothing less. of course i suppose i would be biased considering i am on team edward.

  35. Jtwilighter


  36. Jtwilighter

    thought you might appreciate that pic,http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1002/1118594459_4a57ee8219.jpg?v=1187126608 this one too haha

  37. Jtwilighter


  38. Shakesgirl

    I feel that both Jacob and Edward would have to come together at some point. Due to the fact that Bella wants both of them in her life, and Edward and Jacob both want to be in her life. So it didn’t come as a shock. Even more so in the the fact that it was Bella safety that brought the two together. I mean its not like they are friends now, they just are learning how to deal with one another.

  39. Shakesgirl

    Happy Turkey Day.

  40. Peej Hale

    I honestly didn’t think is was too weird that Edward and Jacob talked on the phone without shredding each other to pieces. I knew Edward would talk to him with respect, but I thought Jacob would have been a little bit colder to him. But he wasn’t so that was awesome. Can’t wait to read chapter 10. I’m gonna actually read it now. Happppy Thanksgiving. And this is the first time i have been on your site and it’s very helpful.


  41. Jaclyn.

    I really wasn’t that surprised. It was bound to happen eventually, and, when you think about it, it’s Bella. With two guys willing to do anything for her, chances were they would end up having to get along some how, and at least have one conversation that was not spoken in muderous tones. And, Edward would have probably talked with respect. Jake didn’t really have much to argue with.
    Nice. The difference between Bella’s version of Edward and Charlie’s was comical. And slightly true. Very true.
    And, if they weren’t mortal enemies and fighting over Bella, they could possibly be very good friends. Not saying anymore on the subject.

  42. Ember P

    Happy Thanksgiving, Kaleb! In response to your question, it really didn’t surprise me. I think that they both care about Bella enough to put aside their differences for her, in any situation. They both put Bella above themselves, and can easily put her above their disagreement, when her safety is involved.

    The book’s getting good now! ^^

  43. Laura

    Happy Turkey Day!
    I wasn’t really noticing much except for Edward being there. But I’m pretty sure I was surprised how they interacted with each other. It’s been over a year since I read it for the first time.

  44. Cara

    Surprised… I think that when I read it, I wasn’t exactly surprised in a way that I though they would be all awful to each other- I really hadn’t thought about it, so I was surprised the phone call even happened, I suppose…

  45. Jtwilighter

    i just saw this and HAD to mention it, it doesn’t relate to the book exactly but to Jaclyn who posted above, i spell my name the EXACT same way, iv never met anyone else who spells it that way! yay us! just saying hahaha happy turkey day!

  46. KittyGoddess

    Hey quick question. When Bella gets home, just after reading her note from Charlie about Jacob’s message, she says her appetite evaporates. Then: “I turned an about face and went to put my things away.”

    Is that just a typo in my book somehow or is it intentional? It doesn’t make sense to me :(

  47. Ruby (GottaLoveAlice)

    Lol Kaleb Kaleb Kaleb:p how you have the patience to read the books chapter by chapter- it’s amazing!

    I was actually on the edge of my chair when they had the conversation! I was like: “No wayyy!!” and just waiting for something to go wrong πŸ˜‰ but then nothing happend and i realized that it was bound to happen at some point, so I might aswell just embrace it.!

    Happy Thanksgiving!! πŸ˜‰

    Ruby (GottaLoveAlice) ^^

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  49. Dii

    yes, I was surprised at first, mostly because their anger towards each other is so strong, that it seemed impossible they could. Then again, perhaps it was my prejudice against Jacob πŸ˜›

  50. Wendilynn

    I was not surprised. First and foremost Bella is important to both of them. Their little feud is secondary to that. They know Victoria is out there and that she will NOT give up. For Edward, he knows that Bella’s blood is sweet. Most of the vampires have commented on it. Felix of the Volturi has already called Dibs.

    This is the part of the story where I think Jacob really starts to grow up. Edward has had 109 years to gather some wisdom, and Jacob is still an impulsive 16 year old. I love the development of Edward and Jacob’s relationship in this book.

  51. Feven

    Nahh, people always seem to forget that Jacob’s priority is the same as Edward’s: protect Bella at all costs.

  52. Wendilynn

    The pictures of Edward are killing me. lol. Considering that thanks to Edward, Bella has run off TWICE and nearly ended up killed the first time and to charlie, disappeared completely for three days the second time. I can’t imagine why he wouldn’t like Edward. πŸ˜›

  53. L~

    Happy Spanksgiving, Kaleb!

    LOL, jk.

    What IS your important use for the pillow every night? LOL, again, jk.

  54. Emily

    I wasn’t surprised at how civil Jacob and Edward were with each other. When it comes to Bella, she’s the one thing they have in common. And when Bella’s safety is put at risk then of course they would put there differences aside to save her.

  55. hera

    happy thanksgiving :)
    thanks for posting for us overseas people …but seriously i think everyone who DOES celebrate would be online for ur blog anyway πŸ˜›
    when i was reading ch.9 i was like..’oookay jacob what are u really thinking’ …but i was glad they did get along πŸ˜€ it helps team switzerland ;p

  56. Amanda

    Happy day after thanksgiving! :) As for the question, not really. All though they are very different, they have one thing in common for sure: they want bella to be safe. So, of course, they would do whatever it takes to keep her safe, even get along.

  57. Sarah W.

    Happy belated Thanksgiving Kaleb! :) Personally, I thought it was about time they got it together! Just kidding. Ummm….I thought it was nice? Yes. I thought it was nice they were civil. I don’t like when my two favorite characters fight. :)

  58. LBD

    Ha, you reminded me of a Much Ado About Nothing quote (I’m paraphrasing here):

    The count is not happy, or sad, or angry, but civil. Civil as an orange and something of that jealous complexion too. – Beatrice

    I got that all wrong, but I can’t find my copy so I can’t get it right. Either way, that’s what’s brought to mind. Damn my English teacher and her essays.

  59. Kristina

    Ok, you asked some questions that I’m pretty sure is ok to tell you. :)

    1. Do vampires have a scent/Will they use Bella’s stuff to find her?
    Yes. In Twilight, Edward describes Bella’s scent to her, and states how each human has a different scent. Vampires have a scent too. Plua vampires have an excellent sense of smell. Way more so than humans.

    2. You said something about every vampire being loaded with money. I’m not sure where you got that, because most vampires are savage – so to say. They don’t use money at all; they drink human’s blood and hang out. The reason the Cullens have so much, or at least my opinion, is first of all, Alice can easily predict the stock market. And secondly, Carisle is a doctor, and has been for hundreds of years. They make good money.

    And that’s all I have to say πŸ˜€
    That is, if you read all of these. There are a lot…

  60. Kristina

    I’m not saying you don’t read these, if that’s what it sounded like.

  61. Rachel

    Yay! another post!

    A yes…the rising action. Wow, you have better foresight than the Cullens, but that’s all I’ll say. You’ll eventually read it. Be flattered, however, that you can predict things better than a groups of ultrasensory supposedly genius-minded vamps, one of which can actually /see/ the future.

    I love your exhibits, btw, which reminded me how I cracked up when I read that Charlie thought they were arguing. No such luck Charlie-o.

    Hm…when i first read the chapter? I thought ‘HA! In your faces Team Jacob! Edward keeps his word AND can control his temper. Unlike a certain mutt.’ Ok, that wasn’t exactly verbatim, but you know what I mean. (Then again, I was also kinda hoping that Bella would stay mad at Jacob for at least a bit more than 48 hours, but then again, as Edward says, “Holding grudges isn’t one of her many talents”.)

    Seriously, however, I thought, “good” because the one thing that I didn’t like at first was the stupid werewolf vampire prejudice. I mean seriously, as long as we’re going against every other cliche in the monster myths, why not go against THIS cliche? Don’t get me wrong. I many be an avid and obsessed Team Edward, but I still like werewolves (just not Jacob and ocassionaly Sam, who does sometimes acts like a butthead).

    However, the NEXT chapter (if I do recall, is called ‘Scent’ or something along those lines), i have mixed feelings about. Parts of it are my favorite parts, and other parts I want to rip apart and burn (vamp girl, remember?). Ah…you’ll see what I mean. What I can say is the next chapter will prove to be very amusing.

  62. Akia Tomiyo (alicia)

    Uhhhh… maybe it surprized me. It’s been a while (almost 6 months now) since I’ve read Eclipse soooo I don’t remember.

    Anyways, Eclipse was a blur to me, so that also adds to my not remembering.

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  64. Morgan

    “do vampires have a certain scent only perceivable to other vampires?”
    –> Yes and No, it is hard to explain without ruining the fourth book for you.. but you will learn this closer to the end of Breaking Dawn. =D

    “Also, the strange stuff about the missing pillow and the shirt. There are so many theories floating around in my head for that one: does it have Bella’s scent that they’ll use later? Are they going to use it to track her down again somehow?”
    –> Bella’s scent would be attachted to something she has worn, or used daily.. well because human scents are much stronger for vampires.. and remember in Twilight how after the baseball chapter Bella switched clothing with Esme to throw the other vampires off of Bella’s, trail just long enough for her to flew from forks.

    You have already started reading the other chapters, so this entry may be meaningless, but I just hope I could have helped. =)

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  66. Reading Eclipse: Chapter 15 (Wager)

    […] Reading Eclipse: Chapter 9 (Target) The song for this chapter is When They Came For… […]

  67. Megan

    Not at all. I was actually suprised it took so long. Stupid pig headed boys. πŸ˜€

  68. JackNBrown

    Take a deep breath and jump with one of many experienced switzerland clothing paraglider pilots – let the wind gently lift you up and carry you off the side of a mountain, over hundreds of toothpick-sized pine trees.

  69. Sandra

    I love exhibit A .. about the question: i wasnt really surprised that they both could talk and come up with a plan because they both care about Bella and wouldn't want to do anything to hurt her emotionally as well as physically. if they were to argue or fight they would just crush her.. so i really wasn't surprised i was actually proud of them :)

  70. Nazneen

    I think the part in this chapter which made me so mad at Charlie was when he said “Forgiveness is divine.” Because, it doesn't just show that he's a hypocrite (since he hasn't exactly fully forgiven Edward), but also because he's being bias and siding only Jacob. Lol.

  71. Nazneen

    I think the part in this chapter which made me so mad at Charlie was when he said “Forgiveness is divine.” Because, it doesn't just show that he's a hypocrite (since he hasn't exactly fully forgiven Edward), but also because he's being bias and siding only Jacob. Lol.

  72. Die Hard Twi-Hard

    At first i was suprised then I realized that the only reason why they are getting along is for Bella's safety. They both couldn't bear the thought of Bella getting hurt or worse dead. So I think the only time they will get along is for Bella's safety and when it comes to Bella's happiness.

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