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Reading Eclipse: Chapter 13 (Newborn)

December 11th, 2008 at 12:05 am by Kaleb Nation

The song for this chapter is New Born by Muse (suggested by Sarah)

Finals week! Hideous and glorious at the same time: hideous because I have to study for four tests, each about 2 and a half hours long, and glorious because once I’m finished, I get weeks off until class starts again (and next semester, I get to take creative writing, which is obviously better for me than calculus). Thankfully, I get a break for Chapter the Thirteenth:

Bella’s silvery scars from where James bit her are like concrete memories of how she was nearly killed in Arizona. Jasper has the same scars as well, though multiplied all up his arms, which in the same way are memories of his own past. What is particularly interesting is that Benito descended from Dallas, which is where I live (I finally also understand that final clue that was given by the Twicon peoples as to where it would be held).

This gigantic war between the Volturi, Benitos’ newborns, and the other vampires had to have been brutal. Just imagining all these vampire fighting to the death is slightly unsettling, especially since to kill a vampire you must tear them up and burn the pieces. I can’t even begin to imagine what any humans who might have glimpsed this war would have thought (as they ran for their lives).

I’m sure becoming a vampire was the last thing on Jasper’s mind when he went out to be a soldier. But vampires, in more ways than one, seem to me as natural killing machines. It’s like a black widow effect: they captivate their prey and then strike after drawing them in, giving the vampires the only moment they need in which to strike. When Maria changed Jasper, I doubt he ever foresaw it coming from someone so beautiful. Unfortunately, I doubt the general was pleased

I’ve noticed that vampires can’t really make treaties with one (Cullen’s aside). Even Maria is betrayed by Nettie and Lucy in the end. This seems to be the most dangerous part of newborn vampires: there is hardly any way to control them, especially with their burst of power in the first year. Imagining one of these loose in Seattle is not a very pleasant thought (especially since I’ll be flying in there for Summer School In Forks next year :O ).

I like how Jasper’s vampire powers mimic the natural gifts he had when he was human. As I’ve said many times on BlogTV shows, I’ve always thought that if I was a vampire, my powers would be something akin to invisibility. But not exactly. I think it would be something more of the ability not to be seen, to keep from being noticed in a way, since despite what hosting BlogTVs and radio shows and blogs may say, I am somewhat awkward and nervous when in front of a crowd of people. I’ve been told the description of the ability not to be seen is also known as ninja skills, so I might have an alternative to being a vampire after all.

I’m sure it was a great thing for Jasper to find a friend amongst his new vampire family — one that he didn’t expect to kill him in his sleep or anything, at least. I found Peter’s job quite interesting:

“He was assigned to deal with the newborns — babysit them, you could say. It was a full time job, so to help pass the time, he took up reading books relevant to his predicament.

Peter's Favorite Book Series

Peter's Favorite Book Series

It is obvious now what is going on in Seattle: this vampire army of newborns who are feasting upon the locals in their indomitable thirst. But why are they so close? I still question as to if they are there to incite war between the Cullens and the werewolves, or if they are there as a distraction, while Victoria sneaks in and gets Bella. She is really the only person I see who could be causing this, and whatever it is, her plans spell nothing good for Bella’s survival.

I can see there is about to be a war, and a very bad one at that (I caught myself from saying a very bloody war, as the puns abound enough already). Obviously, there are bad feelings between the vampire coven in the north and the werewolves, partially at the fault of Laurent, who as we all remember was killed by the werewolves when he attempted to make Bella into a tasty snack.

Not The Tasty Snack He Had In Mind

Not The Tasty Snack He Had In Mind

Thus, the ultimatum is this: if the Cullens allow the northern vampires to kill all the werewolves, they will help with cleaning up this messy business with the newborns. If not, the Cullens are on their own, and are going to have a simply grand time trying to suppress an army of newborns who are stronger and wilder than they are, and far more numerous.

Question for the comments: Based on your personality, what vampire power do you think you would have?


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156 Responses

  1. goloptious

    Is having mad television watching skills considered something vampire poweresque?? If it is, then I’m totally set!

  2. Emily

    Is super sarcasm an option? ‘Cause I seriously think it’s my superpower (AND it’s manifesting now, so it’s even more useful)… either that or I’d love to have my power be just where I could fight, and I could beat any opponent I wanted to… That’d be sweet.

    Maybe shooting fire balls out of my hands. I still say super sarcasm though…

  3. TwilightGirl

    wow 51 things. and like 3 gnomes. i love you kaleb!!! hahahaha!!! anyway i think my power as a vampire would be to make things happen. like situations. change peoples choices. i find that now if i plan something ahead time and will that everything goes ok without a hitch it does. so i think as a vampire itd be in overdrive. and i could literally manipulate others thoughts and situations

  4. Angela

    I LOVED the BabySitter’s Club!! Peter obviously has great taste in books. haha. Um, If I were a vampire…….I probably wouldn’t have any superpower. I’m boring as it is. But to do something like Jasper can would be oool. It’d be nifty to be able to influence people.

  5. Madawn

    i love the 51 things video and why the heck do you have a pizza cutter in your room! thats a lil scary kaleb…lol

    anyway hmmm vampire super powers i would probably have to say it would be something loosely related to what jasper can do. i am very aware of the way people feel when they are around me. yes that is a little freaky i know! i wish it could be something cool like alice but probably not.

  6. Shakesgirl66

    Well another very funny post.

    I loved the video on how not to be seen. I mean I know that its not funny, but for some reason I couldn’t help but laugh.

    Your room seems to be as messy as mine is there is no telling what you are going to find in there.

    Now for your question, I would also have to say I would a power similar to Jasper, but instead of controling the emotions around me it would be more like the thoughts. I have way of getting people to do what I want. So I guess in way it would be like combine both Jasper’s and Edward’s power into one.

  7. Noel

    My vampire super power would probably be to fly since I glide effortlessly now. ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. KatRin

    I would hope that a vampire babysitter gets paid significantly more than the girls from the babysitters club do… ;P

    As for a vampire ability, I consider myself good at knowing what people want, therefore I can usually say what they want they want/need to hear. I’m also good at BS-ing haha but I don’t know how that would turn into a special power…

  9. Malin

    When I would have a power… I am really really good in analyzing people and reading body language. I think I would have something in this department.

  10. Georgia

    I’m good at talking and eating and making other people laugh.

    I’m also quite intuitive.

    So probably something very Jasper-esque.

  11. Heather

    Haha oh the puns.

    And about the video…you have far too many gnomes. I can imagine with your new P.O. Box how much the number of gnomes you own will increase.

    For your question…I sat around for the longest time trying to think of a vampire power. Finally, I asked my friends and they thought about it for a minute, then said my power would be creating images in people’s minds. They say I am really descriptive (I am, and I think it’s a bad thing, cause whenever I write, one sentence in my outline will literally turn into its own chapter, tsk tsk) and that if I were to be a vampire, I would be able to plant a memory in a person’s mind, or erase old ones, and such. This isn’t really a spoiler, but in BD there is a character that is introduced who can do similar things concerning minds and images, but apparently mine is very different (I thought it was basically the same power, and my friends assured me mine is much different)

  12. Kylie (missmuffina)

    I’d OBVIOUSLY have the power to shoot lightening bolts out of my eyes. It’s already manifesting.
    ๐Ÿ˜€ No actually i’d probably have the invisibility thing too:) Kaleb you think YOU’RE awkward! I think the socially challenged award goes to ME. So invisibility would come in handy.

  13. Kayp

    Hmm..according to my personality, I’d have to say my vampire superpower would be to shoot people with a wind of empathy that just hits them when they need it because I seem to be one of the most empathetic people in the world and half the time that doesn’t work to my advantage. ha. =/ I feel like you always need to consider the other person and they’re feelings on the matter because you never know what they’ve been through or are going through, they’re homelife and personal life are unknown to you[and for me coming from oh so many hard times i’ve always wished someone had taken the time to think of me]. Or maybe the superpower to freeze time to be able to enjoy the moment ..literally[but the thing would be I can freeze anything and anyone around me depending on who I want to enoy the moment with so certain ppl mimght freeze others may not] which I think’d be veryy cool.
    I mean I’m always trying to make the best of what I got, be grateful, and soak up all the wonderful moments/times in my life due to that soo. Or maybe kind of like a telport-ability where I could move in the blink of an eye to a nearby spot, I’ve always been a sneaky one. >.<

  14. Steph

    Kill him in his sleep? How? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    Good question. Power… power… Well, if I had to have one… it’d probably be something like arguing. And winning, I might add. Ahaha. But then, not all vampires have powers. Most people on the planet, were they turned into vampires, wouldn’t have any. It’s just that people are usually turned for their potential abilities. Hm, I’d hope to have a power like being a good fighter. I do usually win fights with my siblings… but then I do fight much more underhandedly than them. Ahaha. Yeah, that’d be a cool power. And one that I can totally see myself having. Just for fun. What’s more fun than fighting, right?

    But, if I was a vampire, I’d probably end up wishing I had the ability to spontaneously combust, so as to avoid living out a very boring eternity. Tell you what, I’ll let you know when I get turned, okay? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Loved the picture of the Confederates. Oh, and the Vampire Babysitters’ Club. Peter would enjoy that, I’m sure. *shifty eyes*

    I wasn’t expecting you to update for another few hours. It’s a bit unpredictable with the time difference. Anyway, you’re posting again… in 3 days? I think?

    Good heavens! I’m seeing Twilight in roughly 40 hours! I have high hopes, but not high expectations. I’m happiest that way. Ugh, I’m actually so bored that I’ve resorted to writing everything that comes to mind on here. So, so bored… :(

  15. Wendilynn

    You know, extra strength and speed would satisfy me enough, but I have a loving passionate nature, so who knows what that would transfer into.

    The pictures today were hysterical. I read that book series. Although, I don’t remember the babysitters necking the children… hmmm.. maybe I missed something. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. devz30

    Wendilynn- Same here.Strength and speed is satisfying enough.

    Actually, maybe I’d have invisibility too. I don’t like going out much or being around large groups of people… It’s kinda uncomfortable…
    But then I can be extremely opinionated at times, so maybe… er… I dunno… The ability to go through walls??
    Or perhaps the ability to turn objects into different shapes?? Oh…Telepathy…
    Either of those, probably.

  17. Terri

    Hmm, I’m not sure. Like you I would probably be the type to have some kind of invisibility or a way to make people not realize I was there. I was really good at it in school anyway. I used to get marked absent in school because I was so quiet the teachers wouldn’t realize I was there. Definetly wouldn’t be anything like Jasper, I only wish I could influence my kids like that. Then maybe they would actually do as there told, or quit fighting at least. I’m not an easy person to read either, or so I’ve been told. Maybe that would play out somehow.

  18. Rakey

    This is a question I’ve thought a lot about. I’m certain I’d have something torturous, perhaps similar to Jane’s (or other characters you haven’t met yet), since I have the tendency to be quite violent.

    Woah, you’re right. Tomorrow is Friday. It feels like just yesterday I was camping out at 5 to watch your 8:00 blogTV.

  19. Shatha

    Wow, some of your theories (and I’m not going to mention which ones) are definately correct.
    I think my vampire super power would be something to do with discovering secrets. They always, ALWAYS fall into my lap. I just happen to be listening at the right time, and am in the right place to discover people’s deepest, darkest secrets. Everyone who knows me should be thankful I don’t tell anyone!
    I can also read people very well, – which links with the finding people’s secrets. I have been called a mind reader when I voice other people’s thoughts.
    But finding out secrets accidentally is my major weird trait.

  20. Shatha

    Oh and I own over 60 Baby Sitters Club books, though unfortunately I have no idea what to do with them, haha.
    They were my first love of a book series when I was four years old! (Though I read the Little Sitters then)
    Haha, oh the memories. I think your version sounds better though.

  21. Kira

    I love that video, it simply screams of finals week insanity. Anything to keep from having to look at a textbook for another minute!

    I think if I had a power it would be something to the effect of being able to read people. Not quite mind reading but just to see what’s really being said beneath the facade that people put forth.

  22. Monica

    Oh, your picture of the Vampire Babysitters’ Club made me LOL. I used to be obsessed with those books. I had two bookshelves full of them.

    I probably wouldn’t have a super power if I became a vampire…maybe I’d be able to see the future? I have an uncanny ability to predict what’s going to happen in books, although it’s not very consistent. Or maybe I’d have the ability to hide from people. I seem to be pretty good at not being noticed…

  23. Alicia

    My vampire ability would probably be manipulation. I seem to be really good at getting people to do what I want through any number of ways. I’d just have a stronger ability to do so as a vampire.

  24. Johanna

    I think I might have the reading people’s mind thing. I’m really in-tuned and intrigued about how people think and why they think hat way.

  25. Lauren

    It’s so funny how you think that you would be invisible as a vampire- I just wrote a fanfiction for Twilight about a vampire with the exact same ability! She can’t physically go invisible because the power is all in the mind, which makes for some interesting stuff when she tries to spy on the Cullens and Bella sees her. (If you want to read it, it’s called “Invisible” on fanfiction.net, and my name is seashell118)

    And the Babysitter Club book- I’m reading this in class right now, and it made me laugh out loud!!!! I tried to make it into a cough, but I don’t think I fooled anyone… anyway great post Kaleb!!

  26. Hope

    Caleb, as a fellow Texen did it snow where you live yesterday?!?! I had never seen snow before yesterday and I was able to make a 5inch snowman. ๐Ÿ˜€

    As for powers… Here are three I could possibly have in my oppinion.

    1. Empathy, Like jasper but I don’t think I would be able to control emotions just sence them.

    2. Invisibly or as you put it of the ability not to be seen aka ninja skills . ๐Ÿ˜‰ People are always saying that I come out of nowhere and that they didn’t see me even though I was standing right there!

    And 3. Silencing people. I’m a rather quiet person and am good at making realy loud people calm down and be less noisy. So taking away peoples voises possibly? That would be kinda cool…

  27. avangaline

    I think that if I was a vampire and had powers that I would just have this happy glow around me! Because, I am never in a bad mood and I like everyone!

  28. miller

    I think I would be able to discern the gifts and talents of others…. This gift would be very helpful in making friends or enemies with other vampires and covens since I would know who is stronger based on their abilities and powers.

  29. Bekah

    Actually I htink I think I would have a power simialr to Jasper. People really listen to me and do what I say. I usually end up in charge of things. So I don’t know maybe some type of mind controll or something. Whtat would be cool!

  30. Brittany

    Hmmm… I’m kind of unsure about the subject. Maybe what you suggested, Kaleb, as I’m super awkward and nervous (especially in class presentations–ugh…). But for some reason, people always tell me things. So maybe some super-ability to be able to trick people into telling me anything. Ha. That would be awesome.

  31. Justine Lark

    My daughters and I have discussed this many times. They say I’m good at giving orders, so I’d be able to control people’s minds.

    Pretty wicked, eh!

  32. Aria

    My most prominent personality trait is that poeple say it is impossible for me to be scary. Just last night at work someone told me I wouldn’t be scary even if I were a vampire, those words exactly. So maybe humans would be 100% cool with me or something.

    On the flip side I have a really bad temper (the only time I’m actually scary) so I might have an extra bad newborn year.

    As for vampire powers I want, Telekenesis. I wanna move stuff with my MIND!

  33. MyRandomName

    Haha, like everyone thinks they have like Jasper xD

    I have really good imagination, so maybe to create pictures..? xD

  34. Rapunzel

    I’m a writer, and really good at wild improvisation, so maybe something like inventing or lying? I don’t know, probably something really random.

  35. Samie

    um… well im good at picking up on what ppl are feeling… so i might have something similar to jasper.

  36. Krystol

    Hmm… my vampire power. I’m incredibly stubborn and I always have to prove my point. Maybe I would be incredibly persuasive and be able to change anyone’s mind to see things the way I do.

  37. ShannanG.

    IRL I have the ability to get along with just about anyone. I also tend to be the mediator in the family. So maybe my power would be to make everyone get along, or to see eye to eye on situations they don’t agree on.

  38. Stephanie

    hmmm…i have thought about this and i am not sure. my strongest personality trait is probably that i think about the abnormal a lot and things people usually dont want to think about. i think most people are terrified of the unknown, but i am fascinated by it. i dont know how that would translate into a power, so i would probably be a vampire without any extra abilities.

  39. Een.

    I’ve been told I’m very charming, People I’ve barely met tend to get really attached, and really protective of me. So I think that would be my supervamp power – The ability to make everyone love me. Quite Handy, I think. What? You want to kill me? Oh, no, you’d rather we just hugged? Mmkay.

  40. JanetH

    My vampire powers would be BAKING!

    Yes. I am an awesome baker.
    So as a vampire, who never sleeps, BTW, I’d be in hot demand for my scrumptious cakes, pastries, cookies, and desserts-vampire made with a big secret ingredient!

    I’d be wisked around the world to bake for royals and the weathiest of the wealthy, and I’d demand a high price for my services.

    And the secret ingredient would be. . . . .

  41. Megs

    I don’t think Jasper’s worried about being killed in his “sleep”–which happens to be nonexistent:)

  42. Miss Tree

    I don’t know what MY skill would be. However, I have a friend that would attract cats. This friend can enter a room and all the cats flock to his lap (even if they are already in COL mode (cat on lap.))It gets quite funny at times. I know SM says cats would avoid her Vampires, but they’d go to my friend.

  43. Nazneen

    For me, I’d probably have the ability to understand people more. A little bit like Jasper, and Edward’s power combined. I feel what people feel and know what they’re thinking.

  44. Alice

    I would probably have something along the lines of being able to tell what people are like, as I’m pretty good at seeing what people are really like underneath what they pretend to be.

    But I’d be happy without a power, vampirism rocks!! =P

  45. Charlee

    I think I would have something like Jasper. I’m very perceptive of people’s moods and emotions.

  46. hera

    mad-shopping-skills XP….im also quite good at betting ๐Ÿ˜›
    very alice-y like vamp powers 4 me :D!

  47. tina

    I think my power would be the ability to get people to tell me anything I wanted to know – or really everything about themselves (it already happens, grocery store clerks, people in line, complete strangers…..my kids roll their eyes).

    So essentially, I could be the vampire shrink…..I can see it now – Jasper on my couch’ “I feel too much!”

  48. Camilla

    Thank you Kaleb!!! I am overly obsessed with Twilight right now. I jumped on the vamp-wagon way later than most (just started reading the books Oct. 30th) but I have read them all twice since them despite being an extremely busy mother of three and full-time college student. Unlike you I shirked college responsibilities to read. I don’t know how you do it, I devoured them the first time in 5 days and despite my resolve to read them slower the second time managed to go at a much slower 15 days the second time.
    Any whoo… I promised my wonderful husband I would not read the books again until after Christmas break – what was I thinking???? So on to the blogs and I find your site! You are a life saver, my obsession has been transferred to all things Kaleb for now :) I love the blog and have already read through all the back blogs. On to your regular site!
    As far as supervamp powers – obviously spead reading. I’m rather like a Tralfamadorian (Slaughter House Five) in that I absorb rather read books – so I would definately be more knowledgeable than most vampires and I think I would have an uncanny ability to get an A in any class I attended regardless of effort (as my current grades attest). Though if I was changed now I’d probably just be teaching the classes as I’m old enough :)
    Thanks again for the outlet for my obsession through the break – I expect to be more amused by your other blog and am greatly looking forward to reading your book!

  49. Kate

    Kaleb, don’t take this the wrong way, because I really do enjoy your musings, but I thought the earlier posts were better because lately you’ve been doing too much summarizing of what happens, and we all know what happens in the books. So maybe more witticisms and manly opinions and such?


  50. LaurenXL

    I’m a great listener, so I think if I were turned into a vampire, I would be able to mind read. :)

  51. zomglions

    Hmmm. What superpower would I have? Well, I am very good at knowing people. I tend to finish their sentences and know what they are thinking before they do (much to the complete annoyance of my friends). So, I would probably be a mind-reader.

    But if I could choose my superpower, I would choose teleportation. Not sure that’s actually a vampire power, but that’s what I would want most; as I LOVE to travel but am really impatient. :)

  52. Loony_Lovegood

    I would think that it would be super-weirdness or super-reading!!! lol!

  53. Shelby

    that video was awesome, although, some of those objects were quite random! XP But I suppose if I were to go through my room and make a video like that, I would have random stuff like that!

    You know, I really think I wouldn’t have a vampire superpower! =( I would love to have one, but I honestly think I would be power-free. I know for a fact that my boyfriend would have super sarcasm as a power…and overconfidence…(I wonder how that would work, to have super over confidence when you’re a vampire…oh lordy!)

    If I did have a power, I would certainly want something like Alice. To know what might happen to someone if they choose a certain path. I’d love that, so then I could know what Christmas present I’m gonna get from my boyfriend! lol

    Would being stubborn be a power? Because I am super stubborn! lol.

    I really don’t know if I would have a power… But then again, I would never want to be a vampire, so unless I can get these powers as a human, what’s the point in wanting them? lol

  54. Hazel May

    Well since I`m a contortionist, maybe I would be even more super flexible? That would be kinda awesome. But then again, if Vampires have super strength, speed, and reflexes, then why wouldn`t they be super bendy already?

    Can you not imagine Alice sliding down into the splits, or doing backbends?…I can…..

  55. becky sue

    Video = Awesome.

  56. Becky

    Monty Python = epic

    and as for a vampire power… I’m sort of shy/quiet so I’d like invisibility. Being able to turn myself invisible would be cool :)

    good luck on your calculus test! I’m not taking calculus. Ever.
    I plan on doubling up on sciences senior year of highschool to avoid it, lol

  57. Ariana

    because i read a TON now, i would probably have the ability to go through books ridiculously fast. that would be a fun power! or i would just be a vampire without any powers. the only obvious trait about me is that i am really strange…

  58. Meg "RFF"

    I would probably be like you and have Invisibility…for I hate crowds and tend to blend into the background

  59. Ariana

    oh, and funny video! i particularly enjoy the gnomes and the dictionary! sometimes when i am bored i read the dictionary…

  60. Jo

    Your picture manips? Yeah, they never get old. And neither do your chapter reviews. *huggle*

    If I were a vampire… Huh. Power would probably be something like, mind control. xD Because I’ve been told I can be very convincing. I’m also pretty outgoing so possibly something that could relate to that. And I can’t think of anything right now. But yeah, let’s just go with mind control.

    *bends you against your will to buy me a llama*
    Now go, mind slave!


  61. THE madhatter

    hmm…. I don’t think about this often, but maybe invisibility. Or the power to make everyone avoid me. High school (shudder) has me dying to just slip past unseen. I hate being looked at or being the center of attention. It’d be kick-butt to be like a flying vampire, though. But probably invisibility.

  62. Tara.Seanan

    I like your silly puns! It’s why I read this.

    Anyways, as for superpowers, it would be something like yours, only a little more extreme. I would be undetectable. No sight, sound, or smell. (Best guess at least.) Why? No one ever hears me coming and I can literally be standing next to someone talking to them when suddenly they start looking around asking ‘Where is she?’

  63. Nichole

    I think my gift would probably be that i could read peoples minds. I almost always have a very good sense of what people are thinking and how they are feeling. I can usually tell that about people, and it makes things a lot easier to base how i act.
    I know, its already taken, and im EXTREMELY uncreative. But, its the truth.

  64. Laura

    Oh my, I have no idea. I really have no sense of who I am. Hmm, probably the ability to have a really good memory and understand things. Because I’m really smart when it comes to school work, but the rest of the time I’m just so dumb and I have no idea what’s going on, so I’d probably have a really good memory and be smarter.. I guess.. Kinda sucky-ish, I nkow, but it’s all I could come up with.

  65. Gwen_Cullen

    Wow…powers…well, I would be telekinetic. I’ve been told I’m quite a mover and I use my mind more than I’d like to admit, so telekinesis is my perfect power.

  66. Flower

    Wonderful post, as always, but a question. What’s your honest opinion of Jasper? He’s my personal favorte, but Im curious to your take on him now that you are farmiliar with his background.
    Anyhoo, I dont know what my vampire ability would be. It would be just my luck to not get a special power, but for this question I turned to my family. I am known, to practically everyone, as a devourer of books. So acording to my family, I would be able to read a person. The whole ‘judging a book by its cover’ thing, but completly accurate and aplied to people. I dont know how practical this would be, having to pause everytime I laid eyes on a new person, but maybe it could work to my advantage. Personally, I believe that any power I would have would involve either my ‘naration’ (The term I like to use for when I narate a situation in my head; admitedly a bad habit of mine because it can be incredibly distracting.), my strong emotions, or (as my family suggested) books.
    Though I would be happy not to trip, burn myself, scrape some part of my anatomy, or forget where I put something important! ๐Ÿ˜€

  67. ~Tina

    I don’t even know if I’d HAVE a gift. ๐Ÿ˜€ But if I did, I think that I’d have the ability to manipulate the minds. Like this, I can manipulate people’s appearences, so, like, if I was a vampire, I could make myself look human and everyone would see me as a human. Or like, I could make somebody have…purple skin, and only they would see themselves with purple skin; everyone else would see them as normal. And with this gift, I could make myself invisible, so I guess I have your gift too! You can tell I have too much time to think about these things. ๐Ÿ˜€

  68. vivs

    ooo!!! i love this question. i have often thought about this. I think I would be able to tell if a person is lying or being truthful. I would be like a walking truth detector. lol. The reason for this is because I just have this weird way of knowing when someone is lying, even strangers. idk, its weird but i just can tell. One time i was talking to my cousin through the computer and i asked her a question…and when she resposnded, immediatly i knew she was lying. its strange but it can come in handy at times. ๐Ÿ˜€

    btw: loved ur post! :)

  69. Sarah

    epic lulz at the babysitter’s club book. i definitely remember reading the original/non-vampified versions when i was younger.

    hmmmm. if i was a vampire… i’d probably have alice’s power actually.
    yeah un-original, but i get CRAZY deja vu. for example -clears throat- just a week ago, i went to my usual lyrical dance class and bam, i knew most all of the choreography the teacher was going to teach us. i had the worst dreaded deja vu feeling the entire day and BAM my best friend’s boyfriend broke up w/ her that night after a one year relationship.
    coincidence? i think not ;D hahaha
    also, i’m a really musical person so… maybe i could have a power like that? an overly tantalizing voice? OOH like, a distinct sense of hearing that would allow me to tell if people are lying or not and their current emotions based on certain tones in their voice?
    oooh my overactive imagination takes over again.

    awesome post kaleb!

  70. Rehann

    Umm…If I were a vampire, I’d probably have a power similar to Jasper’s. I usually just have to step into the room to be able to tell if someone’s really happy or depressed or whatever.

  71. Monica

    I love how 90% of these posts say they’d either have some variation of your power or Jasper’s…

    So. Something completely original…I knit…maybe I’d be able to knit an entire sweater in, like, an hour? Or maybe I could think about how I want it to look and then I have the pattern in my mind! That would be cool.

    Or…maybe I’d have the power to cheer people up? I’m a hopeless optimist. Most of the time, anyway.

    Stephenie never mentioned any of her characters knitting, but I think Alice should learn how. That would be freaquin’ hilarious!

  72. Jeichael

    OMG emily we have the same power. my friends say sarcasm pours off of me so i would say super sarcasm for my power.

  73. KT

    Haha! Kaleb, what would I do without your posts?… Probably die.
    Anyway, if I had a superpower as a vampire it would probably be to become unnoticable, as well, because I am extremly shy. Sometimes I wonder if anyone really notices me anyway without having that sort of vamp power.
    Love ‘The Vampire Babysitter’s Club’. Peter and I have a very similar taste in books.

  74. Destane

    Keleb did you get to enjoy the snow today? As a fellow southerner (I live in New Orleans) I was extremely happy to walk outside and see snowflakes all around me :)

    Anyway, I loved your confederate picture and I guess if I were a vamp I would probably have a power similar to Alice in the pyschic region, but I wouldnt be able to see in the future.
    I dont know why, but I have this uncanny abitity to have great timing wherever I go, I’m always able to get the last thing on stock, (whether its a video game or a box of cereal) I always know whose calling me before I answer the phone, (and no, we do not have caller id! Its sad really, but we needed to save money) and I seem to be able to walk outside at the exact same time a ride for me would be pulling up before they even called to tell me they were there. My friends say its weird and strange, and I completely agree with them, but I think that would be my power if I were to have one. Sorry I rambled Kaleb, I was really trying hard not to :) Good luck with your finals!

  75. Samantha

    Like you, I would have the ability to go unnoticed. Or some combination of Edward and Jasper. I am a very good listener and highly observant. I pick up on tones in people’s voices that have a hidden or deeper meaning.

  76. Sara

    Hmm… Not to be totally stealing your vampire power, but now that you mentioned invisibility that sounds like it would be something I’d get if I were to turn into a vampire. I hate being in large crowds of people. I get so nervous and anxious and uncomfortable. And I’ve already been known to be able to be sneaky and hide really well and be really quiet. So yeah, invisibility for me. xP

  77. sprints42

    Based on some things I can actually do now (creepy, I know) I have to say my vampire power would probably be what I call “reading” people: their thoughts, feelings and reactions to certain subjects, analyzing why they do and feel as they do.(I even creep myself out thinking about it…) At the moment it only works when I’m in some from of contact with them, so I don’t know how it would work if it became enhanced…

  78. AussieT

    Hmmm – I reckon I’d be able to blend in anywhere. I’m a pretty easy-going person and try to be relatable to most people and in most situations. Not sure how that would help as a vampire – maybe as a way to mix with other vampire groups without being noticed so as to do some covert information gathering operations….

  79. Meredith

    I’d probably have the ability to make other vampires bring the people right to me so I wouldn’t have to chase them down. Really, I have it down to an art as a human. I’m so lazy. Wow, this is making me sound lame.

  80. Hilary

    if i was a vampire my special ability would be to know what people should do when they are in a fix. my friends always ask me for advice. i’m their ‘go to’ person for when they need help. they call me the motherly figure lol

  81. Katie

    Hmm I would have to say my power would be similar to alices the only limit is it would only work on men. hahaha

  82. Nutty Netty

    I love to sing ♥
    so hopefully my vampire “power” would be something like having the most beautiful voice and composing wonderful music for the world =D

  83. KIM

    I would probably have super organization skills if I was a vampire. hmm. I’m not sure.
    The one power I really would like to have would be Marcus’s. I really like the idea of being able to see relationships.

  84. Carmen

    I would definitely be invisible. Or I would have this insane connection to the world since I’m quite observant. All I would have to do is tune into a certain part of the world, and I would know everything that’s going on in that one place. That would be awesome.

  85. Rhiann

    Ok that’s funny. When you were talking about the super power you might have I totally started thinking about what kind I would have before I read the question :) Anyway I thought that reading minds would be reasonable. Because my friends always tell me I’m really observant and I can pick up on things a lot of others can’t. Great question!

  86. Alex

    Hmmm… I think that I’d have the ability to tell people something and they would believe it to be true. Sort of like those ‘pushers’ in that new movie Push that’s also from Summit Entertainment. I dunno. People tend to believe anything I say, which isn’t really a good thing. but, if I was a vampire and someone noticed something was off about me, I could tell them that I wasn’t and they’d HAVE to believe me. ๐Ÿ˜€
    I think that’s what I’d have as a gift. Totally.

  87. Annie

    I’d probably have an enhanced ability to spazz out.

  88. Twilight Slovenia » Somraฤne novice

    […] Twilight Guy je prebral 13. poglavje knjige Eclipse (Newborn). […]

  89. Cricko

    Maybe invisibility. Because I’m very shy.

  90. Amanda Pevensie

    My vamp power would be…a combination of invisibility (since no one notices me in a large crowd) and keen observation skills (like the ability to see out the back of my head). xD

  91. Chrissie

    I Don#’t really know what My vampire power would be, but since reading this, I think I know.

    In some way, don’t ask me how, but to an extent I can read minds. I don’t mean the way like Edward can. You know the way if you know somone really well, you can read their mind?
    That’s what I mean. And somehow I can know what people are feeling. Eg. If I were walking beside my best friend and we we talking as normal, I would be able to know what she was feeling. I know what Tension feels like, and Worry, and stress. I can feel emotions like that, but never really annoyed. I can feel happyness as well, and excited. Eg. If I were really annoyed, and my best friend was happy, I would be able to feel it, even though I was annoyed. It’s hard to explain. Worry is sort of like a pain to me, the more worried you are, the more it hurts me.

    I think my power would be a mix between Edward’s and Jasper’s.

  92. priyanka

    loved the background music, kaleb. i am so freakin jealous of you right now, i got braces a week ago, and your teeth are perfectly strait, unlike mine. i have to have them on for two years and i hate them, although everyone says i look good with them and i feel they dont hurt at all, cuz they dont, they only feel weird. its funny that you found eclipse gum and i love those instant lunches. i still dont get what is up with you and knomes….

  93. priyanka

    whoops, i forgot to answer the question and comment on the post. this is one of my favorite chapters in eclipse along with unhappy ending because you get to understand more from jasper’s point of view and how he bacame a vampire and same with rosalie for unhappy ending. you get to know why she is so bitter. if i was a vampire, the power i would have is probably invisibility because i feel like i’m ignored so much by my friends and teachers, i always feel like i’m invisible in my science class even though i have a 98 average and i feel like i’m not appreciated by my friends who are girls…

  94. Angeliss

    I think that my power would be… *drumroll*

    People would instinctively trust me. Now, people are drawn to me. For some reason, people need to tell me their deepest darkest secrets. So that form of trust, magnified… I could probably get anyone to tell me anything, and people would trust me.

    I would be one dangerous vamp. Thank goodness I won’t ever have to deal with that.

  95. Katie Beth

    I have always loved that Monty Python sketch. ;-D

    I’m not sure what kind of vampire I would be, but I would get an awful lot done. Either that or I would get absolutely NOTHING done. I would very good at having fun. ๐Ÿ˜› I would also be bitingly sarcastic (heh, get it? Bitingly… ok.).

  96. Jessica

    I know this makes me sound like a creep, but because I’m so quiet I’m always watching everyone extremely closely. And I’m not going to lie, I evesdrop a lot. Usually I can tell the difference between what people are saying and what they are thinking, so I don’t know… reading minds? lies? intentions?

  97. Lila

    For my power, I think I would be able to tell the elevation I’m at; I’m really sensitive to elevation changes NOW, so…

    I love you Kaleb!

  98. Ana

    Mmmm… i think my superpower would be making people tell me their secrets or something like that! I’m a very good listener and people tend to like me and trust me a lot! Yep i think that would be my superpower!

  99. Hannah D

    i seem to be invisible in life as well. so probably something along the lines of what you were saying… the ability to go unnoticed, haha. love the new video!

  100. Tianna

    Well, Im not entirely sure what my vampire power would be. Im not much good at anything other than drawing and singing a few select songs. So maybe really good artwork? I might become a famous artist, like Da Vinci or something.

    Maybe. I think I suc in general…

    Anyway, I just might be one of those people who dont have a power. Or get one. Fast reader? It only takes me a couple hours to finish even big books, like Breaking Dawn, whic only took me about four and a half altogether.

    Or, just maybe, completely fanatical. I love this today, but what would I love tomorrow? Its a question that goes unanswered for me. XD

  101. Reagan

    I think my superpower would be either similar to your’s, or something along the lines of being able to frighten people with just their minds, like to see what scares tham, and project it in their thoughts or something, like those thingies in The Blue Girl. See, people are always, like, afraid of me. I freak people out. A lot. And, I tend to keep to myself most of the time, because people naturally avoid me. Like I already have some crazy super-repellant. Kinda makes me wish I really was a vampire, just a little bit more than usual.

  102. Sarah

    If I had a superpower as a vampire, it would have to be Jasper’s. Ever since I was little, I have tried to make people feel better, and I’m always the one my friends come to when the need someone to talk to, something I am more than happy to help with. So if I could have Jasper’s power, I would be set.

  103. Emily

    OMG!love the Monty Python link. I have that movie. lawls.
    And if i were a vampire, I would be the first vampire to sleep. Cause my SP would probably be the ability to sleep.

  104. Claire

    i’d probably have the ability to see and think from one person’s perspective…not like edward reading minds, but putting my mind where other people are…i’d just think about them, and it’d be like i was there. no idea what that has to do w/ my personality. I’ve always been able to think through someone else’s shoes or situations, i guess. that’d be cool L:

  105. Karyn

    I have a things for smells… I love scened candles, prefumes, different food smells…

    So I think my ability would be an enhanced sense of smell, and he ability to track scents.

  106. Sierra

    I think my power would be the ability to get people to do whatever I want, because I’m very persuasive, and you don’t even want to try arguing with me because I’ll win. I have a way to make people see things my way, agree with me, and do whatever I ask.

  107. Bridgette

    Mine would probably be able to read thoughts since I can tell what people are thinking a lot.
    Predict the future, I’m able to see things happen before they do sometimes so I act according to that.

    Or be like Jasper with emotions I can read them very easily from other people, or the aura they give off.

  108. Sarah_Fillbandt

    I would have to say that my special power would be almost Edwardian. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I can read people extremely well, almost predict what they are thinking. But to really have that power would be quite a heavy-handed gift.

  109. Fans in the News | Twilight Lexicon

    […] Twilight Guy, Kaleb Nation, is up to the Newborn chapter in Eclipse. Kaleb has his own take on Jasper’s history. […]

  110. Anna

    LOL funny post, I couldn’t wait to hear what you thought of this chapter ๐Ÿ˜€ I can’t believe you didn’t mention anything about Alice!

    Anyway, when I saw your question I started laughing because I’ve already been awarded a power by my friends at e-cullen.org (I have very random conversations with people, and in one conversation vampire powers came up, and I was awarded one first… ok, I’ll stop rambling now ๐Ÿ˜€ )

    my power is the ability to make people laugh. If I became a vampire, it would probably get stronger and I’ll be able to make people laugh to death ๐Ÿ˜€ (think about it: wouldn’t it be really hard to fight someone off if you’re so busy laughing to death? It’s very powerful indeed ๐Ÿ˜€ )

  111. Stevie

    I think my superpower would be something to do with reading. Like I would touch a page and know anything on it. I think that would be cool, but then I’m a geek. :)

  112. Smay

    I’m pretty sure I’d go along with the whole invisibility thing. As you pointed out, it’d be similar to a ninja, but guess what – a ninja has to die sooner or later (you know how old age is). Therefore, being an invisible vampire is COMPLETELY different. I’d also have to be able to switch between visibility and invisibility. Imagine being invisible forever! =O The only reason I picked invisibility, though, is because I don’t know any one particular trait that I’d carry over to vampire-hood. (That’s just because I wouldn’t want to admit I’m terribly manipulative.)

  113. edwella cullen

    i would probably have the power to look very tough…. o.O alotta people think im really strong and tough , but the truth is that im really weak….. XD lol

  114. Jaclyn.

    Well, I’m a good liar, so to be able to convince people of things. Maybe a super liar, that could convince a person of ANYTHING!
    And then maybe, since I’m so annoying, I’d get the power to drive people insane? That would be sweet.
    But really, I’d love to be able to fly. Wouldn’t that be a great superpower??
    & sometimes Y.
    Tell me if you get it!

  115. RJ

    Maybe mine would be to change the course of things, I’m always imagining the ending of a book or movie differently, so… perhaps something like that? Who knows.

  116. Cara

    :] I did see Twilight yesterday, in honor of the original date…

    Hmm… I think maybe I would have the power to tell when people are lying- I’m pretty good at that. And it is a power for one of the vampires in Breaking Dawn… But don’t worry, that doesn’t spoil anything :]

  117. Fans in the News | Twilight Info & News

    […] Twilight Guy, Kaleb Nation, is up to the Newborn chapter in Eclipse. Kaleb has his own take on Jasper’s history. […]

  118. Fans in the News | Twilight Info & News

    […] Twilight Guy, Kaleb Nation, is up to the Newborn chapter in Eclipse. Kaleb has his own take on Jasper’s history. […]

  119. Carrie

    I love this chapter. Jasper is one of my favorite characters and I thought his backstory was very interesting…If I were a vampire and had a power, I think it would have something to do with being very stubborn or strong willed, something to do with the mind. Maybe other vamps wouldn’t be able to affect my mind the way they can’t affect Bella’s, though she’s a human.

  120. Sarah W.

    In answer to your question, Kaleb, I’m not sure if I’d have a power. If I did though, it would be the power to sleep, definitely. I am a supremely lazy person and love to sleep.

  121. Sarah W.

    Yay! You chose my song for the chapter song suggestion and mentioned me! That just made my night.

  122. Shelly

    I tend to be really intuitive about peoples thoughts, feelings, and actions (especially when I know the person well) so it would probably be something like Edward’s or Alice’s powers but more of a feeling like Jasper’s rather than actually seeing or hearing. More subtle in a way. ..probably. :p

  123. Rita

    Hmm, vampire power. I think the one I’d love to have is reading minds, so I know what people are thinking about me, my friends, or anyone else. Sweet! I think I’d also like being able to see the future. Cool beans.

  124. Ashie

    I freakin’ love The Vampire Babysitters Club! That’s great!

    My vampire power would be to manipulate my appearance. As if I wasn’t beautiful enough, right?

  125. Sophia C

    I guess my power would be to persuade people to do what I want to…A pretty nice ability to have.

  126. Elise

    Hmmmmm…. probably something like idk teleportation or something since i have NO absolutly NO paticence (if thats how u spell that i cant spell AT ALL)

  127. Euseryu92

    w00t, first comment, i picked a good one to start on, hee hee ^_^

    And as for a power as a vampire… i have a very magnetic personality at times, and can break through peoples “defenses”, the walls they put up against other people. Much like Renee’s intuition, this lies in seeing past all the twisty curves we normally think in.

    So, i think i would be, not as much a mind reader, but more like i would comprehend the motives, or reasoning behind things. Like understand the machinery of your infamous “book machine” without taking it apart.

  128. Janelle

    Kaleb, Kaleb, Kaleb…How do you do it? I’m pretty sure you’re wrong about being invisible..I’m thinking something much more like Alice..

    I think I might have your not being seen ability though..I know exactly what you mean about feeling awkward..haha.

    Enjoy the rest, Kaleb. It’s amazing. :)

  129. Peach Tree

    A vampire superpower?

    Hmmm . . . I think I would be able to do something like influence people to give me whatever I want. I do it all the time with teachers. (Why yes, I am a teacher’s pet . . . kind of.)

    ~Peach Tree

  130. Kenzy

    Hey you should listen to the midway state cd all those songs
    fit perfectly with the saga !

  131. fabiiola

    i might have the ability to “read” other peoples past =D

  132. Laura

    If I could have a vampire power it would be the ability to make myself undetectable, (sort of like what you said.) My family started comparing me to a ninja/ghost/assassin (take your pick, my family used those terms interchangeably) for a while because I’m good at being absolutely silent and slipping in or out of a room without being noticed.

    So yeah, if vampires were real and I could become one, definitely that.

    I really enjoy reading your commentaries on the Twilight Saga and I can’t wait to read more!

  133. Didina

    Haha. It’s funny, my cousins, Leonette and Raquelle and I were actually discussing this for a fanfiction. We worked out everything from our names, to our powers, our lineage and even our scents (apparently,I am a very floral scent. Go figure)

    Leonette and Raquelle decided for me, I socialize quite alot, and therefore have a lot of friends, that I have a sort of “attraction” or “gravitational pull” towards me that draws people in. I guess it would be beneficial to hunting my prey. I assume that my powers would be something along the lines of Didyme of the Volturi. Thats funny because my name means “desired and beloved” and it’s quite similar to Didyme.

    Raquelle, being a controlling person (take from that what you wish), Leonette and I decided she could influence the desicions of those around her and will them to do so.

    Leonette is a naturally agressive person. We decided something the lines of a nasty, physical power bent on torture. When she’s on the warpath (and we’re talking human here) you’d better watch out, or you will end up killed. Not literally…hopefully.

  134. Kathi

    lol the vampire baby-sitter’s club. nice!

  135. Natalie

    I’m surprised you did not mention anything about Jasper and Alice’s relationship. I know I looked at them very differently after that chapter.

  136. Lari

    Knowing me…hmm.
    I would TOTALLY have the power to stand in any spot and see ALL the things that have happened in the past for as far as I can see.
    So…is there really an Atlantis? I’d find out! ๐Ÿ˜€
    And that WOULD help. And I could set some things straight in history books as well…as long as I find evidence to prove it.

  137. Lori

    I am very persuasive. So that could be a helpful power. Or a bit like Alice’s power because whenever i think something will happen it does. The other day I was thinking about a friend I hadn’t seen in years and I turned round the corner and there she was walking down the street.

  138. Hannah Leigh

    I think mine would be invisibility as well. Because I am good at slipping under the radar, completely unnoticed. People amaze me when they ask me why I was not at this certain place at a certain time and I have to tell them thta I actually was. ugh. Some people would find this insulting but I am slightly amused by it. =]

    Either that or I would be able to put my hand on any book and absorb all the information. I dominate when it comes to reading. The longest book I have ever read, I read in about 4 or 5 days (it was 800 pages). I can read a three hundred page book in a day or less. And I am big on the rereading. I can reread Twilight in about 6 hours. I have skills.But I am wondering if there is a rehab for this sort of thing. If there is then I am on my way there. ha.

  139. Hannah Leigh

    Sorry to be extremely annoying but I have another. LOL! I can read people’s vibes very well. I know what people think of me. It’s kinda unsettling. Especially if someone hates me! yikes.

  140. Russell

    My power would either be the passive side of Jasper’s power. I would be an empath and feel the emotions of other people. It appears to be a common skill – i.e. this comment wall; so maybe I’m not as unusual as I thought!

    But either than that, I probably wouldn’t have a vampire power. :( But incredible strength, speed, beauty, and immortality would all be enough that I would not be upset about it.

  141. Anna

    Awesome question! I think, if I had a power, it would be like a cross between Edward and Alice. I would be able to see the future, but I would also be able to know the thoughts and the motivation behind the event. I can already, to an extent, read minds and see the future.

  142. Emilie

    I love this chapter because it is the one in which Jasper tells his story. I don’t know why I stop and pause on Jasper; probably because it really is harder for than for the others, and I like the tension in him. At the same time, he his the one who calms down everybody. If I could have a power, I think I’d like his. Or maybe Alice’s. Certainly not anything like Edward, seeing what every one thinks all the time must not always be very nice.
    But, when I look at myself, I think the not being noticed could apply for me too. Seems to be quite popular. If vampires didn’t seem to have such a perfect memory (of their vampire life, in any case), I would say that would be my power. I actually remember birthdays of people I haven’t seen in years.

  143. Jessica R.

    This may sound weird but I would probably get the intense power of super-distraction. ‘Look it’s Stephenie Meyer’ then I steal you Gnome and Reeses.
    For real, i’m that good! :-)

  144. Megan

    The ability to smell stupid from 200 miles away. i wish i had had that power before i moved to phoenix……

  145. Alice

    um, i guess i wud b either unnoticable at some points and then so annoying to others that people will be in my control to do anything for me to stop or be able to be rely rely rely rely rely smart. xD (jk on the 2 one)

  146. Alice

    actually, i just thought of a much better one. Like you, i dont fit in well…so…unnoticable!

  147. Rachel

    First of all, I love this chapter, since Jasper is my all-time favorite character.

    As for my vampire power…I’d either
    A) Have something similar to Alice
    B) Be immune to any physical pain
    C) I don’t want to give anything important away…..but I’d have a power like Zafrina. GO READ THE LAST BOOK because I’m not saying anymore.

  148. Severine

    Good question! I would absorb other vampires’powers (but only while they’re with me) because I tend to mimic the persons I’m hanging with, sometimes consciously sometimes not.

  149. Kristen

    I’m still so in love with this site. You have no idea, or maybe, judging from other fans you do. lol.

    If I had a super vampire power, I think it would be more like Esme’s or Carlise’s. I’m the caring, compassionate one. Haha. I do have a knack for reading people, but I don’t think it good enough to constitute having the ability to read minds as Edward does.

    No, what is this Summer School in Forks that you speak of? And please, please, please reply to me about this. I’m extremely curious.

  150. Vlo

    ha! if being clumsy could be considered a superpower, that would be me ๐Ÿ˜€

  151. Gabriela

    It’s really weird, but I have this kind of “Spidey-sense” I can always tell as my parents come up the stairs if theyll be popping into my room. I can also tell when I am going to run into my ex in the hallways in school. I don’t know his schedule, and I always take weird ways to get to my classes, and I just feel it. LOANDBEHOLD AROUND THE CORNER, THERE HE IS. Sometimes I can predict out comes of situations for my friends, and it amazes me that I guess so closely. I can also tell as I take computerized tests, that my answer has a good chance of being wrong, but stupid me, I stick to my answer. So I think that if I could be any of the Cullen vampires it would be Alice because sometimes my spidey senses tingle. :]

  152. nabz

    i would have the power of persuasion . think about it , you could tell jane to ” BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF HERSELF ” or ” TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER ” or even ” LETS HAVE A TEA PARTY !!! ” sorry , my bad ” LETS HAVE A BLOOD PARTY !!! ” g2g , jane's bugging me thats theirs no more blood in the kettle i mean come on ” WHO IS DOING WHOS BIDDING !? “

  153. Monet

    if i were to have a vampire superpower it would probably be teleportation because people dont know when i walk into a room and then they get all suprised when they realize im hovering over thier shoulder. it's alot of fun scaring the crap outta people. you should see their faces

  154. Monet

    if i were to have a vampire superpower it would probably be teleportation because people dont know when i walk into a room and then they get all suprised when they realize im hovering over thier shoulder. it's alot of fun scaring the crap outta people. you should see their faces

  155. Sharon

    I loved twilight and new moon, haven't read eclipse or Breaking Dawn though!!!!

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