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MUTEMATH on Jay Leno (+ Contest!)

January 13th, 2009 at 12:35 am by Kaleb Nation

Wowsa, sorry for the delay in my regular posting — school just started this week, and things are hectic! But, here’s something I think you’ll definitely enjoy to hold you over until the Youtube contest is back up! Check it out:

Twilight soundtrack contributor MUTEMATH will be on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno this Thursday January 15.

In support of their Leno performance, MUTEMATH will release a limited edition vinyl that will include the song Spotlight along with new B-sides. This release will also be available digitally.


MUTEMATHโ€™s sophomore album is due out summer of 2009. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno airs on NBC at 11:35PM/10:35PM (central).

As part of this awesome event, one lucky person who comments ON THIS POST will receive a free copy of the LIMITED EDITION VINYL. Everyone who comments on this post is entered, so put your name in for the drawing!

For more MUTEMATH please visit:
www.mutemath.com |ย  www.myspace.com/mutemath |ย  www.youtube.com/mutemath

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251 Responses

  1. Beckie

    aahh, i love mutemath!
    you inspire me, kaleb. just fyi.

  2. Natali

    I’d love it!

  3. kayp

    Really, that would be so totally awesome!

    I hope I win.
    You’re cool.
    Kaleb’s wicked cool.

  4. Vanesa

    YAY… i really love that song… i think that they’re an awsome band… and i’d love to win, but if i don’t… oh well…, i still love them and you kaleb!!… *wink* haha..

  5. Michelle

    Awesome, awesome, awesome. Some people would take this power and abuse it and, like, sell things on Ebay and not give them away to all us completely grateful fans! You’re so wonderful, Kaleb!!

  6. Megan

    thats going to be awesome…i will set it to record on my dvr. :)

  7. Alicia

    Did you know two songs from MuteMath’s Reset EP was played on Christian radio stations, and they won a 2005 Dove Award (Best Modern Rock Song) for one of the songs — “Control”? Dove Awards are like Christian music Grammys.

  8. Tina

    cool, I love spotlight ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. Loony_Lovegood

    I love this website. Free t-shirts, autographs, CDs, books. Feel free to give me something!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Allison

    That’s so cool. mutemath has awesome music. Another random thing, did anyone read on AOL about Vanessa Hudgens auditioning for the part of Leah Clearwater, I honestly don’t know what to think about this.

  11. SammiStarz

    That is awesome! I love Mutemath!

    VAnessa Hudgens as Leah Clearwater? I hope not…

  12. Susie

    MuteMath was great last night! They have such an amazing sound.

  13. Jen

    i <3 contests, i hope youtube fixed the vid soon!

  14. Lindsey

    Cool! Sign me up!

  15. VT

    Love Mutemath!

  16. Liz Healey

    I’d like to win. I love winning.

  17. dani

    i saw them live this summer, it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
    i hope i win :)

  18. Nina

    I love mutemath! Pick me!

  19. Shippy

    Kaleb you rock because your cool and you give away free stuff!! Yay Mutemath!

  20. Charlee

    I love that song!! so cool!

  21. tanya

    Love the Twilight soundtrack! Has introduced me to a lot of great bands – including MuteMath.

  22. JessieLynn

    Another free giveaway? You might as well call yourself Santa,lol. They sound amazing so, of course I would want it. :)

  23. Johanna

    I really like their songs.

    Nice to know that you’re still alive Kaleb.

  24. Cassia

    Vanessa Hudgens a Leah? I can’t even imagine how that could possibly work. Very cool contest though, maybe I might actually watch the Tonight Show.

  25. Kayla

    i want to win!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  26. Catie S

    Another AWESOME contest!!!

  27. Madawn

    you are way to awesome kaleb!

  28. Kristen Cherney

    That’s so cool! I’m going to watch!


  29. Bethany

    Sweet! Spotlight is a great song.

  30. Kandi

    Kaleb, you are the best. Great contest.

  31. Mary

    You know, i really wasn’t sure about the song “spotlight” until i seen how it was used in the movie…i love it now… BTW-Kalab you are the greatest blogger EVER!!

  32. Morgan

    I hope I win.

  33. Heather

    Wow! I’m really getting into MUTEMATH, thanks to the Twilight soundtrack. I think Spotlight is quickly becoming my favorite song on the soundtrack =)

  34. Zella

    Oh. My. Cullen.
    This. Is. So. Cool.

    Seriously, I love Mutemath! You’re the bomb, Kaleb!

  35. DramaQueen413

    i love MUTEMATH, but i love Twilight Guy more! XD

  36. Heather


  37. Krystol

    I wouldn’t mind winning a limited edition vinyl… and Kaleb, I love you!

  38. Brittany


  39. Ariel

    Wow! I love mutemath! Awsome sauce!

  40. Kyzyl

    Kaleb is great.

  41. Leria

    AWW! one of my favorite bands! Thats awsome! …Just like Kaleb! <3

  42. Billy

    MUTEMATH??? I have to be in on this!

  43. Liz Twicurls

    woah woah woah
    i actually have a turntable. that’s delicious.

    please don’t say i’m disqualified from this one too. that would chagrin my dazzle.

  44. vivs


  45. kayla

    i love mutemath!!!

  46. Lilsnow52

    I have become a fan of mutemath. Will have to create a pandora station.

  47. Laura

    My sympathies Kaleb. School is always hectic, and if you have one lazy day the work doubles on the next… So hang in there! You can do it!
    By the way, I love Spotlight from the soundtrack.

  48. Sarah

    I would be so happy to win! I love this site!

  49. Dadandan


  50. Jen

    *enters* I love them! This is probably the second best contest ever (after the Twilight Youtube Contest of Awesome 2)

  51. Andrea S.

    Yet another contest? Thanks Kaleb!

  52. Laura V

    I love your contests!

    I really love ‘Spotlight’, it’s one of my fav songs on the track :]

  53. Morgan

    I Love Mutemath!!! Spotlight is my favortie song on the Twilight Soundtrack!!!! I want the Vinyl realllyy bad!

  54. Anna

    Another contest? Too cool ๐Ÿ˜€ Especially because I love mutemath and their song was *PERFECT* for the movie… which was awesome… like you ๐Ÿ˜€ *wink* lol no– I don’t have to win, but it would be nice :)

  55. Anna

    Spotlight was one of my favorites on the soundtrack too, btw… And vinyl? I didn’t even realize that!! Even better!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  56. Elena

    You’re insanely awesome, so you know :)

  57. candace

    i submit! :)

  58. maggie

    YES!! i love mutemath, this will be awesome. and hey kaleb, i feel for ya. my school has this weird schedule where exams are just after break, so im in the middle of exam week… in fact, i should probably be studying right now =]

  59. Ember P

    That’s pretty cool! Thanks for all the contests, Kaleb! ๐Ÿ˜€

  60. ettennly

    Yay for Mutemath!
    I absolutely love them noticed, chaos and typical are perhaps the greatest creations in music and spotlight isn’t to shabby!

  61. kristen

    I love mutemath!!!!

  62. lauren

    kaleb, you’re amazing.
    you’re inspiring as an author, a composer, and so much more. plus-you’re hilarious. keep it up, i love your site! (:

  63. Leigh

    yay..love them!! sign me up please =)

  64. Meghan

    IM IN!! Thanks for everything you do to keep us twi hards in the loop!! u rock!

  65. Karol


  66. Lisa

    OMG! I love Mutemath! and it would be freaking awesome to get a LIMITED EDITION VINYL! i hope i win!

  67. Emily

    My favorite song on the entire Twilight soundtrack is Spotlight by Mutemath!!! I love love love this song, it’s also my ringtone.

  68. Lisa

    Cool! Kaleb you rock! You’re always giving away cool stuff and make it so easy to enter.
    Spotlight rocks.

  69. Roxanne

    Nice! Yeah I second, Kaleb you rock!

  70. Hannah

    awesome! i hope i win!

  71. Leslie

    Don’t worry, Kaleb!

    I understand the entire school thing, so its mkayy :)

  72. arikka

    thats really cool!
    i would love it

  73. Jessica L.

    YAY! that’s so cool. ๐Ÿ˜€

  74. AlbertS

    I want it!

  75. Arielle

    Well, this is exciting! Mutemath is quite sock rocking, if I do say so myself…

  76. aninha cullen

    OMG….i love that music..ita the best..:D

    i love mutemath!!!

  77. Donna

    Would love to win. I really love your website Kalab. You are one funny guy. I hope school went well today.

  78. Sammismom

    My daughter loves Mutemath.

    I hope that Vanessa Hudgens is NOT cast as Leah Clearwater. She is too girly and looks hispanic, not Native American. I don’t think she can pull off the emotions either.

  79. Sophie

    That’s magnificent!
    Thanks for keeping up the site, Kaleb.

  80. ShannanG.

    Here is my entry. Will be watching them on Jay Leno

  81. Rain

    I have the same problem here I can’t seem to do much except homework and sleep. Ugh and I still have finals!

  82. Marina K

    This is my entry then. Muthmath is great. How long are the comments open for entry?

  83. Ricky

    hahaha I thought it was going to be last night but it was AAR lol then I saw there are going to be on Thursday lol… ๐Ÿ˜›

  84. Juni

    That’s so cool!

  85. katie

    Sweet! I love their song Spotlight ever since I first heard it. :)

  86. Melissa

    kaleb, you love giving stuff away ๐Ÿ˜€

  87. Juni

    Kaleb, you’re so awesome for doing these contests! And I totally understand what you mean about school. =D

  88. Angie

    I love you, Kaleb, for doing all these contests.
    Now pick me to win one, and you’re forever etched in my heart. :]

  89. Kimber

    That’s so cool!

  90. Lexee

    That’s so awesome!!!

    I want to win!!!

  91. Sarah Paperclipz


  92. Jenna

    ohhh awesome!!

  93. Kaylyn



  94. edwella cullen

    YAY KALEB! :)) <3

  95. Aly

    Awesome contest Kaleb!!!!

  96. Carrie

    Love MUTEMATH and love the Twilight Guy!

  97. ButterscotchEyes


  98. Jessica A.

    Mutemath had such a great song on the soundtrack!

  99. Rina

    Yay! I love MuteMath. I’m glad they’re getting some love :-)

  100. Kristina

    Yay! That’s so cool! I love that song!

  101. yen

    thats so cool! omg mutemath is awesome…you’re the greatest Kaleb. :* hehe. and thanks for keeping me busy while the other contest is back up.

  102. Emily

    Whoah. Vinyl? I actually own a turntable. So I better win! I’ll actually be able to listen to it…

  103. Hunter

    this sounds great! <3<3 :) luv ur blog…. ๐Ÿ˜€

  104. Nic

    Vinyl?! That’s so old school. I love it.

  105. Carabeara

    Hey Kaleb!

    your’re a really awesome blogger, and i love the vinyl thing, soo creative!

  106. Brenda

    omg! i love them! i better win lol

  107. Noel

    Awsome!Ill try to stay up long enough to watch!

  108. Cara

    Nice. I’ve had Spotlight stuck in my head all day :]
    Just out of curiousity, how do you choose the winner? Do you pick names out of a hat or something? Haha

  109. Beth

    Awesome. How do you choose?

  110. urcoolcarrie

    yay! put me in that drawing!!

    oh, and thank god for tivo. :)

  111. Elizabeth

    vinyl??? Seriously…a VINYL!?!? That is awesome!

  112. Celine

    i really want the vinyl one!

  113. Sam

    Mutemath is so cool! I really want that CD!

    On another note, Kaleb, you need to move on to the next chapter already. Lol that is the best part of this site! I love to read about what you think of the book. It is pretty cool to hear a different perspective on things.

  114. Lindsey

    vinyl! tha’s so cool!

  115. Laura

    I had never heard of Mutemath until the Twilight Soundtrack came out, bt Spotlight is now one of my favorite songs! That would be awesome to get that vinyl… even though I wouldn’t be able to play it… um…

    Kaleb, btw, you are super icy. Yeah instead of “cool” you’re “icy.” Get it? Yeah, I came up with it…

  116. Priscilla

    Why hello!
    I loveee mutemath, so sign me up!

  117. Lori..

    I love Mutemath, enter me in that contest for sure!

  118. Lauren

    you’re contests are pretty cool.
    vinyls are cool,my mom has a box of them around here somewhere.. hahaha
    i need to find them again.

    school is chaotic. totally understand what you mean there. i have so much homework, but its for the classes that i love so its okay.



    hope you have a good rest of the week and i’m looking forward to your next post.

  119. Lauren


    ..whoops… hahahahaha

  120. Ryan

    OMG! I want that soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad! i love them! They’re like my my 2nd fav band ever!

  121. Rakey

    Rawr. I’ll be sure to watch, if I remember.

  122. Theresa

    Kaleb, you are EPIC!

  123. Kirsten

    Yay! :)

  124. Kristina

    Really…..thats so awesome! I love them and Spotlight!!! Oh, and you too Kaleb, of course, lol!

  125. Sasha

    <3 Mutemath

  126. cynthia

    mutemath=awesome. thats really all i have to say.

  127. Sarah

    hope i win!

  128. betsy

    ‘spotlight’ is the best driving song. i crank the volume and kinda forget about the driving part. lolz

  129. Becca


  130. Gabrielle

    Oh wow, you just made my day, despite the fact that I’ve never won anything in my entire life. Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! XD

  131. Maria

    Your contests are definitely made of win!

  132. Alex

    Oooh Vinyl!! Oooh Mutemath! and…just for the record.. theres more twigals than twiguys that have commented here and I’m a twiguy!

  133. Chelsea M

    I love this song! It was my second favourite one used in the film (Eyes on Fire was my favourite!)


  134. Marlien

    Eyes on Fire is my favourite too!

    But I like this song a lot, too.

  135. Ashley

    sweet! i LOVE Mutemath! all of the music on the Twilight soundtrack fit in the movie perfectly. can’t wait to see them on jay leno!

    vanessa never auditioned to play Leah, that was a rumor.
    can’t wait to hear who they get to play the Volturi!

    Kaleb, you rock!!!!!

  136. Twifanatic Amanda


  137. Marisa

    Thanks for everything you do, Kaleb:)

  138. Stephanie

    Wow, you sure do a lot of contests…

  139. Tara

    I <3 that song!!!

  140. Annie

    Good luck with the youtube contest. ๐Ÿ˜€

  141. Ryn

    I <3 Mutemath ๐Ÿ˜€

  142. Claire

    Awesome! I love MuteMath; they came to Tallahassee back in 2005 when they were touring with Mae. For anyone who hasn’t seen them live, if you get the chance you should definitely go. It’s worth it.

  143. Sandy

    Mutemath ROCKS! Twilight haters stink!

  144. Mary

    Coolio! Commenting! Entering! Winning! Well, maybe.

  145. Chloe

    Awesome :D. Thanks for running this (and all the other)contest(s)! I love this website haha.

  146. Miss Tree

    Vinyl? Are they bringing BACK vinyl? I’ve still got some Beatles on Vinyl. Mutemath is great. I like them.

  147. Carmen

    Vinyl plus mutemath = one sweet deal!
    Kaleb, you are just too awesome and generous. Your legal cheating contests are crazy cool!

  148. Erin

    jk. I haven’t commented here in forever… but I guess this is a good time to start again. ๐Ÿ˜€

  149. yay4snow

    OMG! How exciting!

    Kaleb rocks!

  150. Scotty

    I love mutemath!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kaleb you r awesome! Pick me! Lol

  151. Camilla

    Yeah, free stuff!!
    Hehe ๐Ÿ˜€
    You need to read more Eclipse!!

  152. ariel

    omg, who doesn’t love mutemath! <3 yay, go, guys, go!!!

  153. Amanda

    Yay for Mutemath!

    Funny story about them is they played in a bar in my hometown a few years ago and I went to see them. Then years later they released the list of songs that were going to be on the soundtrack and I about had a stroke when I saw their name!!

  154. Allis

    Wow, another contest! You’re on a roll, Kaleb. And yay for Mutemath!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  155. Lupita

    cool song!

    i really like to read you, itยดs really great that you write about what you like and whatยดs on your mind, congratulations for that!

    keep reading eclipse!!!

  156. Aisling

    Kaleb I must say you truly are amazing with the contests these days!
    this is me throwing my hat into the ring *throws hat into hula hoop*

    ~much love~


  157. HeyJoyous

    Yay! Mutemath!!

  158. A.Cullen

    OMGosh!! I love Mutemath!! You’re just the most amazing guy Kaleb!! Just like Santa ๐Ÿ˜‰

  159. Heather Dawn

    Obviously an Awesome band! Thanks for being you Kaleb! We always love to hear what you have to say :)

  160. Michael

    Omg I love mutemath so much! Its so cool how kaleb keeps doing all these contests

  161. Lexi

    Awesome! Can’t wait to see it.

  162. Indigo

    kaleb ur so great! i LOVE vinyl records sooooo much!

  163. Tamara

    Kaleb…your website leaves me laughing everyday….please keep up the awesome commentary!

  164. Sara

    awesome! I love MuteMath!

  165. Janelle

    That’s awesome!

    I hope I win this draw. XD

  166. Twigirl

    Yeah More contests!

    I am so excited!

  167. Ciera S.

    Very cool.

    Love MuteMath!

  168. Marissa

    hey i love the song spotlight!!!

  169. Snow Wight

    Cool! My dad makes vinyls, so we have a lot of that stuff :D. I love it.
    Hope I get it. If not, pre-congrats to whoever does!

  170. AussiePattinsonLove

    That is very awesome. Mutemath is such a great band.

  171. TwilightGirl aka Adriana M

    mutemath is great. me want!

  172. Alicia

    I’d never heard of Mutemath before the Twilight soundtrack, but now I can’t get enough. I hope I win…that’d be fantastic! ๐Ÿ˜€

  173. Brianna

    yaaaay i hope i win! i never even heard of mutemath b4 twilight!

  174. Lauren

    grr I hate not having cable sometimes! Maybe I can sneak over to my neighbors house…

  175. Allan-Hatai

    Oh, wow. I LOVE Spotlight! I haven’t heard any of the other songs, but I’m sure they’re just as great.

  176. HB

    Sweetness! I don’t know why but VINYL sounds better then a cd…

  177. Madeline


    I really hope I win! :)

  178. Rachel

    Hey Kaleb <3

  179. stef


  180. Caitlin

    That is so awesome!!!
    Sign me up! :-)

  181. Alexis

    I love MuteMath! I love Spotlight, but I think Typical is my favorite song by them :) The music video to it is very cool too.

  182. Sophi

    Ah how exciting! This is way AWESOME!!! definitely sign me up!

  183. Amanda

    Here’s my entry! Lucky #180! Unless somebody enters theirs before I finish writing this…oh well. Thanks Kaleb!

  184. Michelle

    I think that Vanessa Hudgens thing was a rumor. I read somewhere that people were trying to say that Ashley Greene had confirmed this, and the only thing Ashley said when asked about it was that Vanessa is a great actress and she would probably be good in the role. Also, she made a comment about not having even read the script for New Moon yet, kinda hinting that she didn’t even understand why it would include Leah Clearwater. In any case, I’m hoping it’s a rumor, because Vanessa Hudgens is not at all my idea of Leah.

  185. Kathleen

    The pianist for this performance is my nephew! I would love to win, thanks.

  186. Kristin W

    entering the contest! :)

  187. Liv

    woooooooo Mutemath!!!
    I’ll enter

  188. Francesca

    omg spotlight is one of my favorite tracks on the soundtrack :)

  189. angelique


    i love mute math!

  190. Jackie

    Mutemath is amazing!!!

    Vinyl is the best way to listen to music!! I have a record player in my room! Haha


  191. Luana

    I just finished reading Breaking Dawn today. AWESOME!! So worth reading.

    I feel like my Twi-Hard bonds run even deeper.

    BTW Hope I win the contest!!

  192. sally

    Yay i really like mutemath’s song!

  193. MUTEMATH superFan

    If the person who LOVES MuteMath the most would WIN that would be ME!

    check out my website for pics of MuteMath. They rock. Can’t wait for the new music.


  194. Brittany Mac

    Hey Kaleb!!
    Oh lord, Leno has a band that i’m actually excited about seeing. All those nights of staying up watching him will finally pay off! haha, Oh by the way…I actually have a record player that I can listen to the Mutemath album on!

  195. Jeremy

    doubt it’ll beat typical but should be grand!

  196. Jessica R.

    Hey Kaleb,

    Thanks for letting me know! I LUV Mutemath! HAHA, this is awesome, it’s going to be a sweet break from finals to watch this. BOOYAH, last test is today and then, I’M FREE. JK, I still have to go back next semester!

  197. Matt

    Awesome post… looking forward to seeing MM on JL 2Night!

  198. Emily

    i really like the spotlight song and i’ll be sure to watch mutemath on tv tonight! =)

  199. Mel

    I thought I would post a comment here. I just found your website a couple weeks ago, near the end of my Christmas break from university (I am a new Twilight fan; I just read the books in November – before the movie- on suggestion from my room mates).
    Anyways, over the past couple weeks I have spent quite a few hours reading all of your posts about Twilight, New Moon and now Eclipse. And I must say, I love it! Your opinion is always interesting and quite often brings up points I never thought of myself when I read the books. And I love when you add on your own dialogue… always hilarious.
    Keep up the good work! And now that I’ve caught up on all the posts I’ll be following along to see what you think about the rest of Eclipse and about Breaking Dawn.

  200. Brianna J.

    this is cool, i want to win

  201. Brianna J.

    hi, just wanted to be comment 200

  202. Scott M.


  203. Marissa P.

    This is great! I love Mute Math news! I have sticky notes all over my laptop and tv to remind me about the show tonight… even though I probably don’t need because I can’t stop thinking about it :)

  204. Eilidh

    entered (:

  205. andrea

    not to be rude or anything…
    but you never read anymore….
    you should continue reading…

  206. Taylor

    Whew hoo! Mute Math. Pwnage.
    Sign me up! : DD

  207. tina

    Yay!! Consider this my comment!

  208. Amanda

    love tht song amazing!!!

  209. Lizzie Hale

    Well to be perfectly honest the twilight soundtrack introduced me to mutemath but now I am really likeing the band. So yeah… well good luck everyone!!!:):) :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  210. Anne

    I have to say, I am OBSESSED with MUTEMATH. The song that they had in Twilight is an amazing song to drive to.

  211. twilighter

    rad group.

  212. Doug Sassaman

    i’ve been to almost every seattle concert! (im not 18 yet.)

  213. Marissa

    hey i hope you can comment on this more than once =) i love spotlight!!!

  214. Des

    Mutemath is awesome! Spotlight is awesome! (you are too Kaleb!)

  215. Beth


  216. Renesmee{PANTS}

    awesomeness of awesomeness. Kalip pwns. does the content of my comment affect my chances of winning? ah well. GNOMES. GNOMEbledore……i get to watch the show b/c tomorrow is another COLD DAY! zhat is all!

  217. Leslie

    Ugh! I love Mutemath!
    They’re like the new Jesus!

  218. Brenda

    love them!!

  219. Brenda

    love them so much!

  220. Brenda

    i heart them as much as twilight which is a lot lol

  221. Twilight lover

    The most perfect band!

  222. Next Cullen Girl

    Mutemath rocks your socks off!

  223. Fanpire!

    Pick me!

  224. Mrs. Cullen

    I love twilightguy!

  225. jessie(:

    Sooo many comments. Haha. (:
    Im betting with alice that ill probably not win lmao.
    Never realized so many fanss would comment(: congrats to the lucky winner. Mutemath rocks hardd! They got a pretty sweet tune on the twilight soundtrack! Wooo!
    Kaleb keep rockin too:D
    I love twilight, im a true obsesser.if there is sumthin like that hahhaa. Lolz peace<

  226. Bella

    twilighter for life!

  227. David

    Mute Math or Bust.

  228. Christopher

    I’d love a vinyl

  229. Lisa

    Loved hearing you guys on Leno but not as much as seeing you at the Troubador in LA a few years ago with my bro Tedd T. Great music – good energy and a tight sound all around. Thanks for using your talents the way you were created to use them.

  230. Amina

    meeeeeeeeee <3 u rock by the way and if i get time, i think i’ll make my own twilght website, inspired by u ofcourse ๐Ÿ˜›

  231. Brittany Mac

    ah! mutemath was soooo good on Leno!

  232. Nathaniel Buck

    Mute Math is a terrific band. This is going to be a great album.

  233. Tamera

    Fingers are crossed for this one!

  234. Lee

    yes please!

  235. becky sue

    me? please?

  236. priyanka


  237. Russell Bartholomew

    Cool! Mutemath is a good band. I love their album cover!

  238. Pauline

    Sounds awesome!!!! I LOVE mutemath!

  239. Brenda


  240. Mrs. Cullen

    please pick me!

  241. Alice

    Alice Cullen said i would win!

  242. Jessica

    Hey Kaleb, First week back to school for me too–it’s been a crazy 5 days.

    MuteMath is a new band to me, they have a neat sound.

    hope next week is less hectic!


  243. Rodolfo

    hey.. im a twilight guy too i hope i win err.. yeah

  244. Kristine

    Cool site, awesome contest. =]

  245. alejandra

    That’s so cool! I want the record… ๐Ÿ˜› heeehhee

  246. Lindsey

    I saw them on Jay Leno, they were really awesome! I can’t wait to hear their new songs!

  247. Kaleb Nation

    Thanks everyone for entering!

    The contest has now closed. Any comments after this one will not be counted to win the vinyl.

    Thanks for entering!


  248. Mathis

    … been looking forward to the new album for years, it will be great…

  249. Paul G

    I cannot wait for their new album to come out!

  250. Danielle

    i freaking luhv mutemath!!!


    luhv luhv luhv it that was like my favroite song on the twilight CD.

    well luhv u 2 Kaleb!!!

    <3 <3 <3

    :) :) :)


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