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Reading Eclipse: Chapter 17 (Alliance) AND Chapter 18 (Instruction)

January 19th, 2009 at 12:05 am by Kaleb Nation

The song for these chapters is I Will Follow You Into The Dark by Death Cab For Cutie

Starting a new semester of school is like being in a capsizing canoe: you’ll survive if you hold on tight, but everything else with you will immediately get washed downstream. I didn’t do much last week besides school and attempting to get a haircut only to find they were closed (as evidenced here) but I’ve finally gotten things back in reasonable order to start reading again, with special thanks to Martin Luther King and whichever wonderful person made it a celebration day off school 😀

Bella is getting to her party, and of course Alice hasn’t skimped on the decorations. I can’t help myself from trying to imagine what odd and unusual music Alice was planning to play at the party. Knowing how old she is, she might have ventured way back into old Gregorian chants or organ music; or perhaps something of this variety:

Words Cannot Express This Band's Awesome

Words Cannot Express This Band's Awesome


This Is Very Scary

But then again, I think the survival of the partygoers is of some importance.

Jacob Black has a whole lot of guts to show up at Bella’s party — regardless of the fact that she punched him the last time they saw each other. Him going in to the Cullens house is almost as dangerous as me walking into the lair of a hunger-compulsive lion who particularly dislikes plaid. I don’t blame Jacob in the slightest for taking along an entourage. As far as the werewolves know, the Cullens might be keeping wolf-sized stew pots just for this very occasion.

It’s so tense in the Cullen’s house, it’s easy to forget that it’s actually a party. There’s a fight just waiting to break out in there, whether it’s between Jacob and Bella, or Jacob and Edward, or Jacob and Alice, or Jacob and Jasper (notice the connecting factor of these?). Where is Charlie when you need a police officer around to keep the peace?

Oh I know. He’s busy making music for Alice’s music education:

Okay, YES I googled Worst Albums Of All Time

Okay, YES I googled Worst Albums Of All Time

Then, the unthinkable happens. It only takes a second for it to work out, because Alice can see things happening — the moment that Jacob even considers working with them, she sees that as their future, and at the same time, sees that as their way of defeating the army of newborns. Of course, I couldn’t just leave it there, so I continued straight on into Chapter 18 (Instruction) to see what was about to happen!

For some odd reason, the scene with the Cullens and Bella all gathered in the baseball field at night is one of my favorites so far. It’s just captivating, imagining this dark place lit by moonlight, the eyes of the Cullens and the werewolves glimmering under the open sky as they gather to make plans. I don’t know what it is about this place, but I can’t help feeling like this baseball field has always been the place where things are calm and quite — just before the storm hits, and everything goes spiraling out of control.

It’s almost a bad omen, that they gather in this baseball field. The last time I remember this place, they were playing a game minutes before James, Laurent and Victoria arrived for the first time. Now, are they coming to this baseball field again, only for the tides to turn, and for their plans not to work as perfectly as they think?

Alice, of course, is still one of my favorite Cullens (Carlisle better watch out, because my favoritism for him is quickly being replaced). I don’t even know what it is anymore. I think after seeing Alice in the film, and being able to actually see the way she moves and fights, has given me a new outlook on her so that I can almost see just how powerful a fighter she is. She’s almost like a stealth fighter, where each move is precise and calculated, and she never wastes time hippety-hopping around when she can get her fighting done in a few swift motions.

Then Alice tells Bella to Just Be Good. Since when has Bella ever ‘just been good’? Those three words fall so far from Bella that one might hear them sobbing in the distant fog on a cold December night.

It worries me somewhat that with the vampires giving such wonderful instruction courses on how to defeat their species, the werewolves might start getting ideas. Why would anyone show their mortal enemies exactly how to kill them? It’s like giving the United Coalition Of Burglars a grand tour of your museum, complete with displays of your hollow air vent system, alarm control panel and ring of keys. Granted they’re showing how to fight newborns, but I’m sure there’s some key tidbits that might be used against the Cullens in the future.

I like how the vampires and the werewolves have made some type of treaty and are working together in this way. It seems like there really is a tiny amount of change coming over them: the fact that they are even working together means that they’re moving in the right direction to perhaps one day not want to murder each other. In the words of Edward: “To think it’s come to this, though! Trusting werewolves!”

Question for the comments: Which of these Cullens is your favorite: Carlisle or Alice? Or which one would you rather have on your side in a fight? 😀


– I just added one of my songs as a free download on Youtube. Go check it out!

– Still working on the Robert Pattinson contest. Sorry it’s taking so long!

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187 Responses

  1. Heather

    Awww Kaleb, you didn’t have to update. You have quite a lot on your plate. But I suppose we all have to thank Martin Luther King Jr. for your update =)

    I always wonder about what albums Alice is talking about! I would like to be educated in music lol

    That’s interesting the revisit of the baseball field is one of your favorite scenes. You always have such unique favorites.

    “It’s like giving the United Coalition Of Burglars a grand tour of your museum, complete with displays of your hollow air vent system, alarm control panel and ring of keys.” <—That made me crack up laughing for some reason. I’m still chuckling

    Alice has always been my favorite Cullen, and I would rather have her in a fight because she is amazing at fighting. Carlisle is very non-violent and its hard for him to actually fight. Its come to the point where I don’t even consider Carlisle a vampire anymore, he’s just the most awesome human since Jesus (is that sacrilegious?)

  2. Liliana

    this is my first time commenting your page even though i never miss an update…anyways just wanted to let you know i love your website =]]

    Of the Cullens my favorite one is ofcourse Edward, then Emmet, Alice, Carlisle, Jasper, Rosalie nd Esme.
    Between Alice and Carlisle i would pick Alice because she always makes me laugh.
    And i agree that if we were fighting i would pick Alice…i mean she can SEE the future =P.

  3. Lupita

    Beautiful Alice! I lover her!
    But i really love Jasper too (well, i love Jackson…hehe)
    I rather have him on my side in a fight, as you noticed he has more experience than the others…

    Kaleb, I missed your Eclipse posts! I´m sorry about the youtube incident, but don´t get anxious or anything, we support you and we´ll wait 😀

  4. NoOdLe

    Haha! I love the album covers. Cute! That chapter and the one before it really bug me, because who in this world read the book and DIDN’T realize that it was all connected.
    Stupid people!
    Definitley Carlisle. Alice bugs me to no end.

  5. Marisa

    Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to write!:)

    I absolutely love Carlisle. It’s like he always knows the right thing to do, and his ideas never fail.
    I also love Alice. Her spunky personality just brightens the bad moods (or maybe thats just Jasper…). She is so funny and always has a mischievous plan up her sleeve!

    I would definitely want Alice by my side. As demonstrated with Jasper, she is always one step ahead of the opponent.

    Once again, thanks for everything you do. We know that you are doing all you can with the contest, so don’t stress!:)

  6. Erin

    Well, as much as I love Carlisle, I really wouldn’t care much to have him fighting on my team seeing as how he HATES all sorts of violence. Alice, however, is totally stealth and unexpected. Plus, she has such a strong affection for Bella that she would really give it her all. I would much rather have her fighting for me! But Carlisle’s doctoring skills would certainly come in handy afterwards:)

  7. Sveta

    i love love lovee alice!!
    she is amazing and
    carlisle isnt much of a fighter.
    i would want to have her on my side so i could see what my attackers are planning.
    unless they are werewolves
    in which case they are invisible to her(which wouldnt be much help then)

    im so sorry for what happened on youtube

    i know you are working as hard as you can to get this fixed
    what with your busy schedule and all
    we will all wait for you and support you
    twilighters always help another twilighter in need
    dont stress!!
    everything will be under control soon enough!

    i always love your posts
    they always have some of your insightful humor there somewhere

  8. Steph

    Yes! An update!

    I just have to add on to your quote, because it’s hilarious.

    “To think it’s come to this, though! Trusting werewolves!”

    “Fighting with vampires instead of against them!”

    “You still get to fight some vampires.”

    “That’s why we’re here.”

    Or something like that. I can’t be bothered walking 20 meters to get my copy of Eclipse.

    Carlisle. He’s just plain awesome. His entrance in Twilight was awesome. His dialog is awesome. The actor is awesome. His hair is awesome. Ahaha. But, in a fight, I’d pick Alice… and for baseball. Carlisle’s just too wussy. I mean, come on, vegetarianism? I fail to see the point, you damn girl. Erm… I didn’t mean that… 😀

    I hope I’m never forced to listen to Charlie singing. He seems like a country kind of guy. I loathe country.

  9. Carmen_Denali

    Thanks for posting Kaleb! You’ve been so stressed and busy lately, I wasn’t expecting it… but I’m so happy that you did: It’s such a great surprise!

    Alice or Carlisle? I have to choose???

    I would definitely want Alice fighting by my side! She’s an amazing fighter and seeing attacks before they happen can come in handy. But Carlisle is the one I would want with me if something went wrong. I would trust him more than anyone in a difficult situation.

    (Edward is still my favorite Cullen though) 😀

  10. Lauren

    You always make my day with your posts Kaleb!
    They make me laugh soo much.

    Hmmmm, you know, thats a tough question. Although Carlisle has always been a man of peace, I’m sure he must have some super awesome fighting skills. But then Alice, who can see the future, would definitely rock. In the end, I have to say Alice. They way Stephenie Meyer describes Alice’s fighting skills is really cool.

  11. Kylie (missmuffina)

    I totally agree! Alice and Carlisle are my favs too. But after I saw Jasper in the baseball scene…he’s definitely the hottest:) The way he spins that bat! *swoon*
    Anyway those album covers were HILARIOUS!

  12. Angela

    Alice, of course. I dearly love Carlisle, but he’s no fighter. And I mean, seeing the future would really help your side in a fight if you know what I mean….

  13. Nazneen

    Awwman! I love them both. I love how Carlisle appreciates peace and that he’s a very good leader. I would probably have him with me in a fight.

    If you were to ask who’s my favorite to hang out with and stuff, I’d say Alice! Not that I wouldn’t choose her to be with me in a fight though.

    I think I just love them both 😀

    Yeay, Kaleb! Thanks for the update. I hope school is fine for you. Although it’s been pretty hectic for me – with all the unprepared stuff and all. I’m looking forward for all of it to die out soon. Thanks again! [:

  14. Giada8424

    I’m not sure about my favoutie Cullen – but Carlisle doesn’t make it in the top positions… it’s just that I don’t think I could have forgiven him if he had decided to turn me into a vampire; I mean: he tryed to starve himself to death , and then goes and make THREE other vampires?! really compassionate! they coud have turned out to be three crazy killers like… dunno, James!

  15. Tegan C.

    I think these are two of my favorite chapters of Eclipse. I love the way the Cullens and wolves are learning to compromise. I don’t really know why, but this chapter was always a little complicated for me to understand. . . xD

    haha. . . well, for the question, there’s no way for me to choose. . . In a fight, I would want either of them (but lean a little towards Carlisle). I would want Carlisle as an ally, because, even though he believes in peace, he has his age and his wisdom to account for. . . Alice took care of herself perfectly before she went to find Jasper and the Cullens. Because she’s with Jasper, she would have learned quite a but about defense and fighting. I can’t choose between the two for a fighting partner. . .

    My favorite Cullen, however, is Alice; no contest. I’m a guy, so Alice is my absolute favorite vampire. . . =)

  16. Megan

    Alice. She is amazingly fast and graceful, and she has insight into what would give us the leg up and what would be a bad idea. Unless the battle is against werewolves…hey do you think she would be able to see gnomes if she ever had to? just wondering…

  17. Sabrina

    Alice…def Alice. She knows what’s coming and that’s a handy weapon. Plus, Carlisle prefers a peaceful solution, which isn’t bad, but his instinct is not to fight. I would want someone who had no qualms about doing what needed done.

  18. Michelle

    If I’m choosing only between Carlisle and Alice, then I choose Alice. If we get to open it up to the whole Cullen family, then I’m going Emmett. So long as he keeps his shirt on. I’m pretty sure that him fighting shirtless would completely incapacitate me as I would be too busy staring. :) I’m just glad for the moment that I’m not Bella. How would it feel to have a vampire hate you so much that she’s assembled a whole army of strong newborn vamps to take you out? Yikes!

    Kaleb, I still think it’s so crazy the way that you can just stop after reading a chapter. Once I get started, I have a tough time putting them down. Even AFTER I’ve already read them!!

  19. Twilight Slovenia » Somračne novice

    […] Twilight Guy je prebral 17. (Alliance) in 18. (Instruction) poglavje knjige Eclipse. […]

  20. Franziska

    If I had too chose…I’d take Carlisle. He’s always so calm and knows a solution for every problem. Alice might be more useful in a fight, but still…Carlisle is better and the actor in the movie was just awesome 😀

  21. Hope

    Hmmm thats hard to choose… Like so meny people said Alice would be the better fighter so I would probalbly choose her in a fight (That and she just plane awsome :) ). Carlisle though doesn’t need to fight most of the time he is more of a peace keeper….

    If it was just hanging out I’d choose Alice in a hart beat. 😀

  22. Johanna

    Probably Alice.
    At my side? Jasper, he’s the best fighter.

  23. Loony_Lovegood

    hmmm. depends. If you’re saying this from Bella’s perspective, the safest person to have fighting by your side is, of course, Edward. But if I’m just me, boring old Loony, then I wouldn’t be able to choose between them. :)

  24. Kim

    I’d definitely choose Alice in a fight. She’s feisty and can see what people will do a split second before they act. Not to mention, I wouldn’t expect tiny little Alice to fight like that. Plus Carlisle is so nonviolent that I can’t really picture him fighting even though he has. Weird.

    Anyway, thank you, thank you, thank you for the post (and two chapters to boot!) even though I’m sure you’re going over your head with the whole YouTube thing and craziness with school. And “A Boy Named Bran” was unbelievable, by the way. So pretty! :) You’re the best!!

  25. Malin

    Definitely Alice. As much as I love Carlise – he is not a fighter. Or let me rephrase – he doesn’t like to fight. He would rather die then to hurt other vampire. Alice is perfect because you underestimate her so easily. She is such a tiny vampire and suppose in real life I would have constantly the feeling to protect her. And that is her main asset – because due to vision is the pretty much unstoppable.

    Sorry about your problems with youtube. I hope you can fix it soon and they don’t delete your account :)

  26. kaite

    I would choose Alice because she has the ability to see the future and knows what’s coming next in a fight. Plus she’s more of a fighter than Carlise in a battle.

  27. Tori

    I would want alice on my side it would be easier to coordinate and a hell of alot easier to win. seeing as how she would be able to see the out come of the fight before it even began.

  28. Rachel

    I would probably have Alice on my side because:

    A) Then she wouldn’t kill me (She probably would if we were fighting in the first place, you know}
    B) We’d win.
    C) Carlisle wouldn’t kill me for anything, even if I DID have a werewolf on my side.

  29. Monica

    To answer your question: it’s odd, but I think it’s the exact opposite of yours. Alice was always my favorite character in the books, probably because she reminds me of one of my friends. So I already had a mental image of her (from my friend) and it didn’t fit with the movie. But when I saw Carlisle on screen, I realized just how awesome he is.

    Alice is still my favorite, though.

  30. Lauren

    My favorite Cullen is without a doubt Alice. She is fun and quirky and by this point in Eclipse, you can really see her personality come through. I would trust her in a fight. She is can always see what is coming and and she has the experience. Also, she is Jasper’s wife, and who would want to mess with Jasper?

  31. Monica

    For a fighter: definitely Jasper, or maybe Emmett. If I had to pick between Alice and Carlisle, I’d pick Alice again.

    PS: My brother would pick Emmett. He’s like the Hulk.

  32. Rakey

    Well, I love Carlisle and Alice both. Carlisle is my #1 Cullen crush (where he has been for over a year now, although quickly being replaced by Jasper) and favorite male character and Alice is my favorite girl character. So you have to make it difficult? Well, since Alice seems funnest, I’ll say I like her best. And between Alice and Carlisle, Alice most definitely in a fight. Carlisle isn’t exactly the most violent person and Alice can *see the future*.

  33. JessieLynn

    YAY! You did two chapters at once! Might as well answer the questions and get them out of the way:
    Between Carlisle and Alice, I like Carlisle better. Carlisle just seems like the kind of person I would want on my side. He can’t see the future, read minds, or even control people’s feelings, but he does know how to try to not get his family killed at all costs and if his family is in danger, will fight even though he despises the act of killing. He just seems like an all-around good guy who just wants to keep the ones he loves safe and whole and who I would want on my side. Plus, why would Alice EVER see that I would be a threat? I would see them and run for the hills in fright, to be perfectly honest.

  34. Pam

    Alice. I really just love her. And I’d rather have Alice in a fight because Carlisle is a lover, not a fighter.

  35. Jenelle

    I love all the Cullens equally, just for different reasons but I’d definitely choose to have Alice on my side in a fight. Her ability to see the future is just too big of an advantage to pass up and it doesn’t seem like Carlisle is a very instinctive fighter because it goes against his nature or rather his personality.

    Try not to worry about the YouTube issues too much, you’ll just stress yourself out. We Twilight fans can wait patiently… on special occasions for special people.

    I came here all ready to be disappointed that there was no new post and you surprised me, you have no idea how happy and excited I was.

  36. Lucy Cullen

    hmm too man commenttss for me to read so..SORRY FR REPEATING THINGSS


    she is the best xD

    haha great CD covers (y)
    btw..these blogs ar very intuitive…if thats the right word…
    btw will your book be coming out in Australia?

  37. Heather

    Well, I’m ashamed to admit that this is the first time I’ve ever been on your site.. But, no worries, I like what I see so far.
    And, Alice is ONE OF my favorite characters. LOL! I could never choose. (Did you ever read the “Shopping with Alice” outtake from Twilight on SM’s website? That’s what gave me such an insight into her character. I wish the editors would of let it stay in the published book. It’s actually one of my favorite parts…)
    And, just like everyone else, I’d pick Alice in a fight, but only if it was between Carlisle and Alice. (I wish Carlisle was my dad! Hehe..) If I could choose anybody, it’d be Jasper. He’s the fighter, enough said.

  38. Princess Potter

    Alice! she’s too cool! I like her so much, I wish she was my best friend! everyone keeps talking about her seeing-the-future thing, but honestly, the reason I like her so much is because she’s very quirky and up beat – she kinda has a different way of looking at things and she likes doing her own thing – and I love her fashionista moments!

    For a fight though, I would choose Carlisle. I have a feeling that he’s the Dumbledore of vampires – and who wouldn’t wish to have Dumbledore around in a fight? The most important thing in a fight is to have a leader you can trust and Carlisle is perhaps the vampire I trust and respect the most.

  39. Jen

    Carlisle or Alice? That’s actually really, really tough. I totally admire Carlisle’s patience and way of thinking (and he’s the one that STARTED the Cullens in the first place) but I love how Alice is totally able to take care of herself. People frequently underestimate her and she kicks butt.

    Alice would be the bestest friend ever because she would be fun to go shopping with. I wouldn’t mind being dressed like a paper doll… Much… I agree with Heather that I’d want Carlisle to be my dad, if I didn’t have such an awesome one to begin with.

    I read the comment aloud to my brother and sister (both Twilighters) and got a “Carlisle!” and “Alice!” back in return. Both characters are totally awesome, but I’d have to choose Alice. She can see the future, man!

  40. Zella

    To answer your question(s), Alice and Alice.
    I know from experience there’s nothing more dangerous than a height impaired female who’s mad at you.

  41. Sarah

    I like Alice over Carlisle, I think it would be because she is shown more often in the book. You never really get to know Carlisle besides for information about is past. Though in a fight, I’d rather have Carlisle. I feel he has more power over Alice, even though she can see into the future.

  42. Emily

    Okay, I like Alice, and I’d rather have her in a fight because: a) Alice can see the future, there’s a big, British DER there. b)Carlisle abhors violence, and Alice never really says anything like that – Carlisle might be stronger, but Jasper couldn’t get the upper hand on her in sparring, and Jasper’s pretty kick butt.

  43. Mrs. Cullen

    There really needs to be a list of each chapter and its song. I know I’ve seen this chapter’s song for another chapter, but I can’t remember which one.

    Alice rocks!! I’d want her on my side in a fight anytime (unless it’s against werewolves).

  44. Krystol

    Alice, of course. She is just so cool and amazing! Also, I would choose Alice in a fight because though Carlisle has centuries more experience he is so much more uncomfortable taking a life.

  45. Emili

    Personally, I like Alice. I don’t hate Carlisle or anything (probably because he has the coolest name in the book, It’s just that Alice is SO AWESOME!! I’m a total Alice nerd. I went to the extent of Ashley Green-ifying my hair. I think I like Alice so much because, and in the words of Edward, “Alice has her own way of looking at things.”

  46. ClaireBear ^o^

    I would like to have Alice on my side in a fight because, well, she can see the future, and I think Carlisle would hesitate in a fight since he’s so against violence.
    My favorite between Carlisle and Alice is pretty much tied because Alice is so vibrant and sophisticated. Carlisle is compassionate and wise.

    They are BOTH great “people- vampires” though Jasper is my fave of all of the vampires (not including Edward <3). He’s just so cool!

  47. Madawn

    oh kaleb how i have missed you! Alice is definitly my favorite cullen she is so small an tiny and can move so fast that i would definitly feel safe with here on my side! although carlisle is older and wiser he like to try and keep the peace even in the worst situations!

  48. hakeverevol

    Alice is definitely my favorite cullen besides Edward, and I would rather have her on my side in a fight. Carlisle may have more experience but his hatred of violence would hinder him. Alice all the way!!!! 😀

  49. hakeverevol

    PS Heather welcome to the cult…. I mean site.

  50. Ember P

    Okay, Alice is my favorite Cullen, by far. I love her personality, she’s so fun and bubbly.
    But in a fight, I’d rather have Carlisle on my side. Although I wouldn’t complain having Alice on my side, Carlisle has centuries of experience behind him.

  51. ~Tina

    Aww Kaleb, sorry to hear about the YouTube contest. But to answer your question, I think I’d have Alice on my side. Carlise is very peace loving, which is not bad, but it makes it harder for him to fight, you know? At least Alice won’t hesitate to fight…

  52. Megan

    Alice! For both questions! Alice is my all-time favorite character…I think I might actually like her more than Edward. She’s amazing! Tehe 😉 I actually have my hair cut like hers! Haha :) I’m not obsessed, am I? XD

  53. Megan

    She is my favorite character in the saga.
    People are always like, “OMG! How can you like Alice more than Edward?!”
    It’s easy, Alice is awesome!

  54. Megan

    Okay, I lied. Seth Clearwater is my favorite character of all time. Then it’s a tie between Edward and Alice :)

  55. nidhigirl11

    Ah! Alice or Carlisle? How could I possibly choose? I like them both the most! But for a fight, I’d want Alice. Carlisle strikes me as a little too calm. Alice is better at ripping heads off!

    Oh, and as for the CDs:??? The last one is nauseating! ha ha!

  56. DukDany

    I like Alice but I think sometimes she’s kind of annoying. My favorite Cullen is Edward, of course, but I like the rest of them equally.

  57. vitaani

    Carlisle is my favorite of not just the Cullens, but of all the vampires. I think I would rather have Alice on my side in a fight though, what with her future sight. Carlisle also hates to kill anything, so I would just rather have him not fight if at all possible. (Because it would torture him not because he’s a pansy.)

  58. BabySis

    I love Carlisle, but in a fight, I want Alice. Carlisle is too much of a pacifist. Alice “truly is one frightening little monster.” (I love that quote on so many levels!)

    And Kaleb, keep reading when you have the time – you’re approaching my favorite part of the entire series! 😀

  59. Amaranthine

    I would definitely rather have Alice on my side in a fight–she can see the future, silly. As for who is my favorite? Well, you just had to pick my two favorite Cullens, didn’t you? (Aside from Edward, of course.) I adore Alice, I really do. Carlisle is just so perfectly my type of man, (er…vampire?) though so it makes it a tough choice. Then there’s the whole Peter Facinelli is probably the most attractive man I have ever seen… but if I were to be completely honest, I’d say Alice. You just can’t help but be happy and hopeful when she is around!

  60. Jordannn

    can anyone tell me if this is good?

  61. Aliceeee





    *points at name while rolling eyes*


    (btw i still love Carlisle, but i would rather be fighting with Alice, since Carlisle tries to be more humane than the others, and since Alice can see the future that might come in handy)

    My two favorite Cullens are Alcie adn Emmett. I would so be up for an afternoon of hanging out with teh two of them, because they are both so fun and carefree. There are very few times in the book where Emmett isn’t relaxed and joking, and i would LOVE to have Alice as a shopping partner.


    luv aliceee

  62. HB

    Alice is #1!!!

  63. Shannen

    It’s been so long, I almost forgot you were still reading Eclipse!
    I definitely like Alice better than Carlisle, but Jasper is my overall favorite, I have to say. I sort of feel bad for him, he’s been through a lot. And his story is so fascinating.
    I’d rather have Carlisle on my side for a fight. He’s the oldest and wisest!

  64. Kristen

    Okay. So, now that I’ve read a few of your posts, I’m fasinated with what you have to say about the story.

    I also want to add how happy I am to hear that Alice is on her way to being your favorite character, as she is mine. :)

    But between Carlisle and Alice, I would want Alice. Since she can see the future, it makes fighting easy for her, almost a game. I would feel better if I knew that I didn’t have to worry about the fighter, and with Alice, you never really have to worry.

    If we were going of brute force though, I call Emmett. Haha.

    Enjoy the rest of the book, Eclipse is my favorite.

  65. Claire

    oooh, alice. as much as i love carlisle, his extreme niceness and nonfighting ways would just…i dont like to say “get on my nerves” ’cause that sounds like i hate the dude, while its far from that. i’d need someone a little more loosened up. someone i could share my, erm, angry moments with.
    so, team alice.
    by the way, i love a boy named bran….can’t wait for the book!

  66. Kristen

    *forgot to add this.

    Plus, Carlisle, though being very humane is a nice quality, is to good for a fight. I think he would worry more about finding a way to NOT destroy the creature he was fighting, than actually fighting them. And when you have a new born vampires after you, you can’t be humane. Conquer and destroy.

  67. Brianna

    I always wondered what Alice was talking about with the “educational music” too. I guess we’ll never know. Unless someone asks Stephenie about it.
    But Alice is definitely my favorite. And I’d prefer to have her on my side in a fight. She can see the future and she’s very fast. Carlisle seems so compassionate that I don’t know how good he’d be in a fight against Alice at least.

  68. becky sue

    WOW– This post makes history. You did two chapters in one because you couldn’t stop reading! OME. And I loved the burgler/museum analogy. Great post as a whole.

    And as for your question, I love Alice. She’s amazing. And I do think that she would be best in a fight too, because:

    A) Uh duh, she can see the future.
    B) Carlisle would exercise too much restraint.
    C) She’s made of awesome. 😀

  69. Juni

    Alice! Carlise is not as fun as Alice is. I would rather have her to fight with because she can see the future. By the way I’m glad that you’ve finally decided to read two at a time. Couldn’t resist could you? =D

  70. mk

    LOL love the burgalar part :)

    as much as i love alice i do love carlisle more, he’s very in charge and control and he’s a doctor…i have a thing for medicine 😛 for fighting i mite have to say alice tho simply cause it would make it more fun!

  71. HeyJoyous

    Okay, so I’d pick Alice in a fight b/c she can see what moves the person will make before they make them.

    However, Carlisle, is my favorite between he and Alice. I am just in awe of Carlisle. I respect him greatly. Or I would if he were real! :) He is very wise which is a trait I grealy admire in a person.

  72. frodofan

    Hey Kaleb! Like HeyJoyous above me, Alice is the vampire I would pick to be beside me in a fight, but Carlisle is my favorite character. Alice is my second favorite for her bubbly personality and her confidence in herself, but Carlisle is my favorite character because he (as HeyJoyous says so well) is so well respected and wise. 😀

  73. Autumn

    Alice, she’s way more fun to be around. And I would rather have her in a fight because Carlisle would be holding back. He’s too nice to easily kill somebody (I doubt that makes sense.)

  74. Paige

    Oh Twilight guy, you make me laugh! My favorite is Alice. I would defiantly want her on my side in a fight. I’m sure Jasper has taught her well, and she would be more willing to fight. Carlisle is too much of a peace maker. Not to mention Alice is simply more fun. I want to go shopping with her!

  75. AussieT

    Welcome back to reading the book, Kaleb. I’ve missed the chapter postings – and this is a good one. Loved the covers for the worst albums of all time. I’ll keep watching for the RPattz competition to come back up…come on YouTube!

    As for the question, when it comes to Alice vs Carlise for favouritism, Alice is my favourite. I also liked Alice more and more as I read the books – and that was before I saw the movie which only made me like her more. Can’t wait to see her in the future movies!

  76. Beth

    All right, my favoritism of the Cullens from greatest to least: Jasper, Alice, Edward, Emmett, Carlisle, Esme, and Rosalie.I love them all to death, but that is just the order they fall in.
    Now, who I would want most on my side in a fight: Jasper, Carlisle, Alice, Edward, Emmett, Esme and Rosalie.

    These were very hard to call, especially who I would want on my side.

  77. Beth

    I picked Carlisle becaus esince I’m human, if I got hurt, he a) Wouldn’t attack me and b) Could perform surgery if needed.

  78. Blair

    Kaleb!! Thanks for posting!! Another good part of my day!:)

    Alice is definately one of my favorite characters!!! So I choose her!!! But I still love Carlisle!

  79. Caitlin

    Wow, two chapters in one post! Yes, we should thank MLK for this.
    As far as who would I want? I would have to say Alice. She is a pretty wicked, but cool fighter! Did you see her with James in the movie? That was wicked! Anyways! She can see the future, so she could see the person’s attack and know how to counter it. She would be really good to have in a fight.
    Oh! Loved the showing a burglar a museum comparison. I was laughing out loud! :-)

  80. Joyce

    I see you still haven’t finished the Twilight series yet. If you really like Alice, read the rest of the books.

  81. Codi

    This is the first post of yours that I have read. I smiled through the whole thing. I love to find those few people out there with some originality!

    Anyways, Alice hands down. She’s just so darn cute! And you gotta love a girl with fashion sense.

    I always seem to kind of forget about Carlisle. He’s always there in the back of my mind somewhere, but I mean the very back.

  82. Frank

    I love your blog !! 😀

  83. Alex

    Baaah I’m in love with Alice and Ashley Greene.

  84. Hanalee

    Carlisle is my favorite character in the book! Him and Aro, they’re pretty amazing. There’s just something so genuine about Carlisle that I just adore him. Alice is cool, but Carlisle just can’t be topped. In a fight though…I’d have to take Alice. I think Carlisle might be like, “PEACE! We must talk about our problems!” and not really be much help :/ But he’s still my favorite!

  85. yen

    hey, sorry to be taking up your time. i know you have a lot to worry about right now. but thanks. 😀
    i honestly dont know which i would pick. i think carlisle is super hot. lol. but i think alice would have to be my favorite. shes just a happy thing, and cool.
    but i do get what you mean about the cullens teaching the pack. i hadnt thought of it that way before. carlisle is a good example for the rest of them to trust their “mortal” enemies in such a manner

  86. Flora

    I am up to the same chapter as you are and I am thoroughly enjoying your commentary! Keep up the good work and hysterical side notes.

  87. April

    Carlisle or Alice…
    Alice Wins in a Landslide!
    It’s Not That I Don’t Love Carlisle (Cuz I Do) But Alice is Just so Awesome!
    It’s Hard to Describe Why She’s My Favorite.
    I Guess it’s Because She Just Always Has an Aura of Optimism & I Love How She Can Just Be Downright Weird Sometimes.
    And I Love How in the Movie She Snaps James’s Neck. Now That Was Just Made of Awesome.

  88. Kendall

    I looooooove the song you picked for these chapters! It was my very first favorite song.

    I think I like Alice better, but I think that’s just cuz she’s short and hyper, and I can totally relate to that. But I’d like Carlisle to be with me if I was in a fight-like situation, cuz he seems to be able to work it out without resorting to violence.

  89. Erika

    Alice would be my pick, definitely. As seen in chapter 18, she can easily evade any attack with her psychic abilities and would know exactly how to counter any attack.

    Besides, her and Jasper are sort of a package deal, so he’d most likely be with her. I can dream, can’t I? :)

    Anyways, she’s bound to have learned some tricks from him. Carlisle may be older, but I imagine him being too humane to put up a good fight.

  90. Sarah

    I love Alice, then Emmett, then Carlisle, Esme, Jasper, and Rosalie last (sorry but she’s too vain).

  91. Daniela

    Hi… this is my first comment… and i love your site!
    I think i would pick Alice maybe because of the way she is and moves and fight. She is one of my favorite Cullen too :)
    But I still like Carlisle!

    Your site is awesome!! You make me understand and see things in the books in different ways :)!!!

  92. Lori..

    I’d have to say Alice. She’s the best friend that every girl would love to have, and she’s an awesome fighter to boot. My best friend, (who is a very very enthusiastic Twilight guy) is in love with Alice. Carlisle is an amazing and compassionate leader, but Alice is definitely my favorite next to Emmett.

    Thanks for writing amidst such a crazy schedule, Kaleb!

  93. Albert

    I would pick Carlisle cause he has more experience dealing with vampires (he used to live with the Volturi HELLO!) and i like all the Cullens, they are awesome!!!

  94. Marissa

    aww frick. I cant choose which one I like better >:(

    BUT as for in a fight, if it was a matter of life and death I’d go with Alice.

    Only because I think she’s tough and could care less what she was destroying when things came down to it. I don’t think i could subject Carlisle to such trauma when I know how compassionate a creature he is.

    Not to demean Carlisle or anything, I know he’s passionate and would do anything to protect his family, but I’m hardly his family lol

  95. Laura

    Yeah, I noticed your hari looked a little weird in the Youtube, but that’s OK.
    We don’t hate you for it.
    Oh gosh! You are evil, Kaleb! How could I ever decide?
    I like the character Alice in the boook more, but I love both in the movie, although in slightly different ways.
    Ashley Greene did an amazing job as Alice and Peter Facinelli was super hot with pale skin and blonde hair…
    But Carlisle wasn’t so cool in the book, somehow. But I love them both,along with all of the Cullens

  96. Nic

    Carlisle! All the way. Loved him in the books. I mean, come on. A young, hot doc who is crazy strong among other attributes?

  97. Sarah

    Alice is my favorite and i’d rather have her in my side in a fight. Carlisle doesn’t like fighting and has voiced this numerous times. Alice has not (though i’m sure she would prefer not to do it either). plus she looks so innocent and weak and then when the fighting goes down its like ninja alice unleashed!

  98. Aria

    Oh Alice! I have more fellow feeling with her than I do with Bella. Plus in a fight she could choose to play with you for hours ending you painfully slow, or make it quick and deadly efficient.

    I must admit I want to see a vampire loose a major limb… just to see what would happen

  99. Em

    i LOVE this site BTW! It gives me my twilight fix/laugh for the day whenever you have posted. Just wanted to say that you should love Alice. She is AMAZZZZING, and i want her for my best friend, because i soo would NOT mind being a human paper doll for her to dress up, among other things.

    Oh and THANK YOU THANK YOU! I have been trying to figure out who sings Follow You Into The Dark, since i heard it on Scrubs two weeks ago!It has been driving me Crazy, so now i can sleep again.

  100. McKenna

    Tough question! I’d have to say that Alice has earned her Awesome Card from me. Carlisle is great, but as a friend . . . Alice. And I’d rather have her on my side in a fight. I can’t see Carlisle fighting. He’s too peaceful for me to imagine it. And Alice can see the future.

  101. Jen

    I love love love Alice! Her sense of humour and her cute rage is the best! Don’t get me wrong, I also love Carlisle but he didn’t snap James’ neck in the movie either (While looking completely girly and graceful at the same time)..

  102. Savannah

    Alice! Definitely Alice!
    Carlisle hates to fight, and Alice can tell the future, so I’d much rather have Alice by my side! And if I fought by her, that would mean I would get to see her! Yaay!

  103. Britt.

    Hm. I’d have to say my favorite Cullen(s) are Alice and Emmett. I love Alice because…well, she’s Alice. She sees the future, she rocks at all things fashion (there are days I wish I had that kind of guidance, but most of the time it’s jeans and t-shirts for me), and she puts the boys in their place. And Emmett just cracks me up. When it comes down to a fight, though, I think I’d have Alice on my side rather than Carlisle, mainly because Alice kind of has the element of surprise going for her. No one expects her to go all Vampire/Ninja-of-Doom on them.

    You’re definitely right about school. But since term started last week, I’ve only been to class twice because of the wonderful Iowa weather! And no class today makes me a happy camper.

    Death Cab and “I Will Follow You Into The Dark” = made of win. And those albums covers are terrifying. O_O;

  104. altissimus

    I can just imagine Alice playing Gregorian chant and organ fugues at the party. That would be priceless.

    I would say it’s a bad idea for the Cullens to teach the werewolves vampire-killing tricks, but the werewolves really do need training to be able to defeat the newborns, and the Cullens really don’t want any werewolves to die. They’re really growing a lot closer than just a treaty. It’s more of an alliance, and seems to nearly border on friendship. OK, maybe that’s a stretch.

    Anyway, between Carlisle and Alice, it’s hard to decide. I do have to say, though, that Alice is sometimes very superficial and a little annoying, while Carlisle never is. Carlisle’s pretty much perfect, but Alice is more interesting and fun. In a battle, Carlisle would be a great leader, but Alice would be more useful as a fighter because of her agility and skills. I really can’t decide between them. I love them both so much.

  105. Billy

    Well seeing as though Alice is my third favorite character, she beats Carlisle in my rankings. She’s pretty amazing.

  106. tina

    There is no easy answer here. I would love to sit in Carlisle’s den and just talk to him – hear about his centuries of experience and knowledge. He is so compassionate and loving! But, if I wanted to hang out, have some girl time and do some shopping, Alice would be the one I’d choose, hands down!!

    In a fight, I’d choose Jasper (I know that wasn’t an option…). He has the most experience dealing with newborns. Emmett would be right there at the top of my list, as would Edward. Of course, Alice would have to be there, seeing the future and helping everyone else. Carlisle would only be there because he loves his family and is trying to protect them!

    Oh – and I have to say, I really think you looked into my parents’ music collection from the late 60’s, early 70’s. It’s scary – really scary!!

  107. Ashley

    i’m glad to know i’m not the only that’s put too much thought into Alice’s music choices…hours and hours of my day have been devoted to just that.

    omg! i’ve seen those album covers before! eeeekkkk!

    let’s see….the movie showed us how great of a fighter alice is, so i would want her to help me in a fight.

    but i love Carlisle…i mean his entrance in the movie…WOW! plus, he’s always so calm and wants to be good, you know? i think the rest of the cullens have learned alot from him and become more compassionate like him. they always go to him when they need to make a difficult decision.
    i think i’m gonna agree with Tina on this one, i’d love to talk to carlisle and learn from his centuries of knowledge and experience, but i’d like to go shopping with Alice too. we could steal a porsche or two…. 😀

  108. Kat

    So, this is the first time I’ve stopped by your site, and I have to say, you are made of awesome. I’ll be stopping by a lot more in the future. :)

    As for the post… LOL! Gregorian chant music all the way! I’ve been making up a Cullen family playlist with all kinds of old-fashioned music, and Gregorian chant music is at the top of the list because it reminds me of Carlisle. And speaking of which…

    You just HAD to go and ask me to pick between my two favorite Twilight characters of all time, didn’t you? 😀 I love you for that, and I loved reading all the comments on this entry. It truly warms my heart to see so much Carlisle and Alice love!

    As for my answer… I have to admit, Carlisle will always be my favorite Cullen (but just barely more than Alice). He’s just so compassionate and noble. But like I said, Alice comes in a close second, because she’s so darn fun, and she never fails to crack me up.

    As for in a fight, though? I guess I’ll go with Alice, just because she’s so good that she beat Jasper. BUT I have to say, I think Carlisle might surprise us all, if he was ever forced into a situation where he had to fight (like for his family’s survival, for example). Sure, he’s generally a pacifist, but I just have this feeling like he might have some tricks up his centuries-old sleeves. 😉

    (Btw, I’m sorry to hear about all the YouTube problems. That just sucks. Hope it gets sorted out soon. *hugs*)

  109. kelsie

    i love this song kaleb! lol…
    if i could have anyone on my team it would be alice for sure

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  111. April

    I’m betting on Alice! While some of her visions are fuzzy, she is one persistant little creature. She is just as fiercely protective of Bella and won’t hesitate to squeal on her. She is a force of nature and you just can’t beat the Cullen women!

  112. Kate

    I would rather have Carlisle on my side because he has a sort of authority that will make the group you are fighting against almost question themselves.

  113. CherryChik

    Carlisle cause he’s pretty to look at and he knows people, he can hook you up with some bad a** vampires.

  114. Talkerwolf

    Alice? Carlisle? Alice? Carlisle? The only thing that is putting me to favouring Alice is that I can actually spell her name. LOL :))

  115. Camy

    Although most people here claim they want Alice on their side, I have to say against them. I love her, of course, but I would rather have Carlisle on my side. His knowledge and experience with the Volturi would probably prevent the fight from happening in the first place. Stephenie didn’t do him justice in BD… he should have gotten the thing down a better road with the Volturi’s.
    But that’s just my opinion. I still love Alice 😉 ^^

  116. mel

    this is Twilight Guy- thought I’d share his website since I have recently discovered him…I knew of him but hadn’t checked him out. mel

  117. Cee

    Aww, it’s hard to pick one Cullen over the other…I like many of them…

    Hum…I like (or love ?) Edward (of course !). But sometimes he gets on my nerves when he is with Bella (or maybe is it Bella that sometimes gets on my nerves when she’s with him ?).

    I really like Emmett : he is funny, the strongest vampire and apparently a great brother to his siblings. I picture him like a big, nice (but really strong) teddybear.

    I like Alice too. She’s great. But sometimes I’d just want her to stop moving and doing stuff. I picture her like a pixielike girl that can’t stand still in one place (even if she is a vampire and therefore a rock !).

  118. Cee

    But if I got to chose between Alice and Carlisle, I’d definitely go for Alice ! I don’t really know why though…

  119. Dii

    Carlisle, didn’t even have to think about it. He is my favourite Cullen overall, so yes, I’d side with him. Besides, he’s the one who knows the most, and the kindest. I’d trust his judgement all the way. Even if Alice can see the future.

  120. Marlien

    “…the moment that Jacob even considers working with them, she sees that as their future…” Alice wasn’t able to see Jacob’s future, right? So, the moment he decides to help them, she sees the future concerning the fight turn black.

    Regarding favourite Cullens: Carlisle really is my favourite. He has lived for so long, and must have been through a lot. And for a vampire to be able to practise as a doctor? That’s almost a superpower!
    Maybe Alice would be more profitable in a fight, as she feels less obliged to show mercy. I don’t think great compassion is a favorable treat in a fight; being able to see the future is.

  121. Zhaan

    Alice would be my favorite of all the Cullens actually. I really like Carlisle of course, but he doesn’t seem as fun to hang out with.

    In a fight I’d rather have Alice as well. She seems lethal and it also seems she can go from sweet to ruthless when the situation calls for it. Carlisle seems to reluctant to kill even when necessary.

  122. Laura

    Carlisle always has been and always will be my favorite Cullen (Edward just isn’t my type hehehe =3), but I think I’d much rather have Alice on my side of a battle–I think I’d feel safer if she was the one protecting me. Not that I don’t think Carlisle would protect me, but…I don’t know. He’s just too compassionate, too…I don’t know. I would never want to see him in battle. I’d just feel safer if Alice was watching my back, because she’s got the element of surprise on her. I don’t know. I love them both. =]

  123. Luana

    Alice, definitely. She is so fun and bubbly!! I’d get bored pretty quick of Carlisle.

    As for a fight, again, definitely Alice. Carlisle would probably want to make peace – I’d rather just get on and kill them all!!!

  124. ERIKA

    Between Alice and Carlisle, I’ll go for Alice. But if I had to choose among the Cullens, I’d pick Emmett! I just love him. :)

  125. Mariana

    For me, the Cullens go in this order:
    Jasper, Alice, Edward, Emmett, Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie

    I guess it would be good that Alice could see the future, but we can’t see what she sees so it would take time for her to explain.

    But, for herself, her future seeing works out great!

    And, Carlisle is much more reluctant to kill anyone, so it would be better to have Alice.

    If I had a choice of all of the Cullens, it would be Jasper, because he is an awesome fighting machine

  126. Mel

    I think I’d want Alice on my side. Her ability to see the future would allow her to intercept any move made on either of us. That’s if it came to a fight.
    I’d want Carlisle on my side as well. He’s excellent at being reasonable and talking out situations. So maybe he’d be able to prevent a full on fight.
    I also like the point you brought up, Kaleb, about the Cullen’s teaching the werewolves how to kill vampires… the thought never even crossed my mind that they were essentially teaching the werewolves how they could kill the Cullens. But there is the treaty that makes them unable to kill each other.
    Also, I wondered when you would find yourself at the ending of a chapter and not be able to stop from continuing to the next one!

  127. Kimber

    Definately my favorite would be Alice. I have her t-shirt for Hot Topic actually, haha. Carlisle is just too…calm for me, I suppose. At least Alice has spunk.

    Since we are on this discussion, I think it’s only fair that I wear my Alice shirt tomorrow to start my new classes at school.

  128. Amanda

    Hmmm tough…i think i like Alice…though i have nothing against Carlisle. I just think he needs to loosen up a little. Alice is soo much more fun.

    But in a fight i would have Carlisle….he can calm things down a bit at least,…

  129. Olivia Pace...um...Cullen

    Alice is definitely my favorite Cullen, hands down. She’s my favorite besides Edward. Don’t get me wrong, I’m kind of in love with Carlisle, but Alice is so bubbly and funny. As for who I would want on my side in a fight…I’m going to have to say Alice, and this is a pretty bad reason, but Carlisle doesn’t like killing people, I’m not saying Alice does but she wouldn’t be as…hesitant.

  130. Olivia Pace...um...Cullen

    OMG! By the way, love love LOVE that the song for these chapters! That’s my favorite song that reminds me of Twilight and every time I hear on a podcast or something I start screaming.

  131. Mary

    Alice is definately my favorite Cullen. She’s only my second favorite character, though. Jake is number one!!

    Haha, I started writing Jacob, but after the “C” I decided to write Jake, and it ended up as Jace, for those of you who know who that is!!! =D

  132. Becky

    I’d rather have Alice on my side in a fight because Carlisle is too compassionate to really fight anyone. But it would be extremely nice to have a doctor with 300 some years of practice nearby during said fight. And of the two, Alice is my favorite.

    lucky, I had to go to school on Martin Luther King day… but we have had 3 days off for snow so I guess that makes up for it.

  133. Mellie

    My favorite Cullen in emmett. I just can’t get past the teadybear. lol. but between Carlisle and Alice, i would want alice for her power, and Carlisle for his experience.
    I would say alice jsut cause i would want to know if i got out alive.

  134. Kyra

    even though my favorite cullen is Alice, i would much rather have Calisle be my partner in a fight since he has been around longer and knows many different ways to fight.

  135. Lauren

    I think Alice is completely awesome. Who wouldn’t want a vampire who sees into the future on your side? I mean I can see how someone would choose Carlisle… I admit he does have good negotiation skills and he’s been a vampire way longer than Alice. But Alice is graceful and precise, she knows all the possible outcomes. :) It’s like she always knows what to do. I named my car after her… haha. This is my first time reading your responses to the Twilight books, thanks Caleb for the enjoyment! :o)

  136. Lauren

    Whoops, spelled your name wrong.. *K*aleb… =\

  137. Amanda

    Alice all the way. No contest whatsoever.

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  139. Clara Renee

    Don’t Forget!!! In New Moon Bella goes to the Baseball Field and that’s when Laurent comes to get her! it mentions that place in like every book(that you read so far I don’t want to spoil BD for you)!

  140. Clara Renee

    ALICE!! (Carlisle doesn’t want to hurt anyone so he would suck in a fight)

  141. Rose

    i would definitely prefer to have alice on my side in a fight over carlisle. carlisle would feel bad even about taking a bad vamp’s life. besides, he can’t see the future.

  142. Shelly

    ALICE!!!! For both favorite and who I’d rather have with me in a fight. Other than Edward, Alice is my FAVORITE character. Carlisle ranks at about number 6 on my favorite character scale. (It goes Alice, Edward, Bella, Jasper, Emmett, Carlisle, ect. Mind that they all fall VERY close together and even shift places depending on the day.

  143. 1eclipsereader2another

    theoretically speaking, i think carlisle is the better fighter because he has three hundred years of experience. i wouldn’t underestimate him because he is non-violent. i would clarify why i think he is a better fighter than alice, but then i would ruin eclipse 4 you. my reasons are located in further chapters of eclipse. she is one of my favorite cullens though.

  144. Mel

    Carlise because I will be able to get closer to Edward AFTER the fight. You know that old saying- first the father then the son.
    Alice because she’d be a great fun and would be able to see what we should do DURING the fight.
    Funnily enough I’m a bit split about which is more important. Hmmmm.

  145. jenb

    I have always absolutely loved Alice. She is so awesome I wish she was my sister! And after seeing her fight in Eclipse (and tearing off James’s head in the movie)I would even want her more!
    Carlisle has always been a fav as well. He just a good kind man who can do no wrong!

  146. Melissa (melissaturkey)

    its always been a tie for me, I love carlisle but alice is a bundle of awesomeness of a different brand, but they’re both amazing so I cant pick! i love them both!
    but in a fight I would pick alice everytime, carlisle is reluctant to fight, he’s a peaceful person by nature (yes I know how weird that sounds describing a vampire) and is just well against it to a point, like I said, reluctant.
    alice has been with jasper for quite some time now and he’s the best, so alice learned from the best and she’s wicked fast, we’ve seen evidence of her fighting skills and to put it mildly she’s great. I’d definately want her on my side.

  147. Victoria Elizabeth

    Lol. Alice is beast.

    Garrett would be my first choice though, if he were available.

    “Oh noes — Garrett protect meh!”

  148. Ashley

    Alice for strategy, because of the whole knowing what’s going to happen (as long as there aren’t wolves around, I spose) but I think I’d prefer Carlisle because he’d be much more likely to stop the whole potential fight, and I’m not big on confrontation, let alone getting physical seeing as I have the strength of a noodle.

  149. Margaret

    For a fight, I’d rather have Alice – because Carlisle is a “peacekeeper”. In general, Carlisle is my favorite character in the series. 😀

  150. Jaclyn.

    Alice. Alice. In that order.
    a) Alice shops.
    b) Alice can fight.
    And she just has a really great personality. Totally the type you’d want for a sister.

  151. Caroline

    Alice for sure, but it could have something to do with the fact that I recently cut my hair really short, and one day found that when I flipped it out I looked exactly like her. ha.

  152. Katilyn

    Alice is totally my favorite. and I would definately want her on my side in fight, especially seeing as Carlisle hates to kill anyone. Not that I’m saying we don’t need peace-makers, but if I’m getting attacked by Victoria I’d definately want a fighter by my side.

  153. Maddy Cullen

    definatly Alice! Though i love carlisle, Alice is so cool! she’s really amazing at fighting, i mean.. she could beat jasper! of course my favourite cullen is Edward ( BY SOOO FAR) but i love them all to pieces. i really love Jasper and Emmet. And of course i love Esme.I didnt like Roasalie in Twilight. HATED her in New Moon, what with the telling Edward Bella was dead and all. But i really started to like her in Eclipse, and now i really love her, thanks to Breaking Dawn. But if i had to choose between Alice & Carlisle. i would pick alice. The website is amazing, i love it :] mady cullen xxxx

  154. Liz twicurls



    I KNEW IT!! The Nation Family Singers!!!

  155. Gianna

    definitely Alice.shes one of my favorite characters.i love carlisle too but Alice is my pick for who id rather have in a fight.

  156. Gigi

    I ABSOULUTLY LOVE ALICE. dont get me wrong Carlisle did start it all and he is awesome but i can just relate to ALice.

  157. ruthie

    i would absolutely pick Alice. i mean, i love Carlisle. but Alice has always been my favorite. she’s just so funny and nice. i would love to have her as a sister. she’s like the Aslan of Twilight. always there to save the day. lol

  158. Ashley

    I’m pretty sure Carlisle is way better than Alice.


    Carlisle is the original Cullen. And the first is always so much better than the sequels.

  159. Cara

    Alice on both counts. She’s awesome 😀

  160. Gaby


  161. Gaby

    Sorryyy!! I pressed the sub mit button by accident.

    I have to say my favorite Cullen is Alice. I just love her spirit, and her good-nature personality. She was always nice towards Bella, even in the first book when the other Cullens were aprehensive about Edwards new found love. But Emmet also has my heart, like Bella, i don’t have an older brother. And i see Emmet like an older brother to Bella, always annoying her because is his obligation. Carlisle is obviously the father figure, and he’s always so understanding and supporting on everything, even if they make a mistake. I love that about him, i wish more people were like them. Those are my 3

  162. Gaby

    Sorryyy!! I pressed the sub mit button by accident.

    I have to say my favorite Cullen is Alice. I just love her spirit, and her good-nature personality. She was always nice towards Bella, even in the first book when the other Cullens were aprehensive about Edwards new found love. But Emmet also has my heart, like Bella, i don’t have an older brother. And i see Emmet like an older brother to Bella, always annoying her because is his obligation. Carlisle is obviously the father figure, and he’s always so understanding and supporting on everything, even if they make a mistake. I love that about him, i wish more people were like them. Those are my 3 favortie Cullens (aside from Edward of course ;])

  163. Gaby

    Sorryyy!! I pressed the sub mit button by accident.

    I have to say my favorite Cullen is Alice. I just love her spirit, and her good-nature personality. She was always nice towards Bella, even in the first book when the other Cullens were aprehensive about Edwards new found love. But Emmet also has my heart, like Bella, i don’t have an older brother. And i see Emmet like an older brother to Bella, always annoying her because is his obligation. Carlisle is obviously the father figure, and he’s always so understanding and supporting on everything, even if they make a mistake. I love that about him, i wish more people were like them. Those are my 3 favorite Cullens (aside from Edward of course) 😉

  164. Carrie

    I absolutely adore Carlisle, but I love Alice even more…Chapters 17 & 18 were very interesting. I also thought Jacob was very bold for showing up at Bella’s party. Either he doesn’t really think the Cullens are as dangerous as he wants Bella to believe they are, or he’s very cocky. I doubt the wolves could’ve taken on the Cullens. It also occurred to me that it might be dangerous for the Cullens to show the wolves just how to defeat vampires & to let them see each of their skills. Just goes to show how trusting they are.

  165. BrooklynBridges

    I have to say, I love Alice best(after Edward, but before the crazy lions). Not only can she see the future, but she does’nt hesitate to use it against you – and i have a feeling we would have a fun time at Forever21. Carlisle is great, but you have to admit, he’s noooo fun! He’s too calculating. It’s like his life is a big giant chess game. I think there’s a metaphor for that but i never liked metaphors much anyway.

  166. devz30

    I’ll answer both questions anyway.

    “Which of these Cullens is your favorite: Carlisle or Alice?”

    Alice. She can predict the future and everything, it’s cool. I don’t know exactly why, though, but she’s my favorite ever since New Moon.

    “Or which one would you rather have on your side in a fight?”

    This one, I’d have to say Carlisle. He’s a doctor and everything, so he’s gonna be pretty useful when the moment comes. And… all the vampires are strong and quick, so I’m not choosy when it comes to the fighting part. Eclipse sort or brings more emphasis to that. Carlisle is more… wiser? and in control though, so it’s him I choose…. Not that Alice isn’t in contol and not wise, but Carlisle just gives sort of a greater support I guess… Fatherly figure? lol. Dunno.

  167. devz30

    @Maddy Cullen: “now i really love her, thanks to Breaking Dawn.”

    You liked rosalie in Breaking Dawn? She wasn’t really that likeable in book 2 of Breaking Dawn. Because it was in HIS perspective.

    Hope that didn’t give any spoilers, though =P


    Most people chose Alice, what about Carlisle?

  168. Tianna

    Turthfully, Alice. I like her better than Carlisle because she is around more and actually talks and seems to have more character than Carlisle seems to have. To me, it only seems he had a past and a few morals.

    Alice… is completely other story, as I’m sure you know.

  169. Didina

    My favorite would be Alice, for sure. She shares a lot of personality traits, (other than the physic, thing) with me. She has so much spirit, energy and hyperactivity in her, you know?

    As for the fight thing, I’d choose Alice. I mean, its great that Carlisle as 3 centuries worth of expirence and knowledge of sharp medical instruments behind him, but he’s a pacifist. He DOES NOT fight, therefore, I would end up bloody on the ground. Plus, Alic is physic.

  170. Laura

    Hmm. I think I like Alice better. Her character always brings something funny to the story. It’s weird because I usually don’t like overly chipper girls.

    As far as a fight goes, I’d want Alice on my side. Carlisle would probably spend so much time not wanting to kill whoever was fighting me that I’d end up dead.

  171. Jo


  172. Victoria

    LMAO! First I have to say I’m loving the album covers! That last one does remind me of Charlie! I would have to say that Alice is my favorite! I love Carlisle too, but just getting to know Alice a little better is what did it for me. I would love to have both of them by my side in a fight. carlisle knows how to keep the peace and Alice can see the person’s next move and how things will end up.

  173. ann

    lol! i like you. i like edward. i like that you like edward. :) you’re awesome

  174. Tori Schmitz

    ok so if its just between alice and carlisle. i like Alice better- though there are those who think Carlisle is more human he is more of- i’m not sure how to explain it but Alice seems more natural outspoken irrational sporatic.
    Alice can make you laugh, soothe you. In a fight i would want Carlisle becuase he can keep you reasonable- and although Alice sees the future it changes rapidly and in the time it takes for her to update everyone else the new path can already have taken effect.

  175. Cherry

    Alice has ALWAYS been my favorite.

  176. Poppy

    ohh i would have to puck alice she is probably my fave cullen other then edward n emmet ( he does make me laugh)of course plus she so sweet n tiny she always make me laugh when im re-reading the books plus she is a very good fighter but i do luv carlisle actually i love all the cullens including rosalie cause you see her point of view in eclipse which i think is good cause it makes her look not as bad. xxxx oh n when u wrote this It’s like giving the United Coalition Of Burglars a grand tour of your museum, complete with displays of your hollow air vent system, alarm control panel and ring of keys.” made me lmao so funny . xxx

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  178. Medical uniforms

    My favorite would be Alice, for sure. She shares a lot of personality traits, (other than the physic, thing) with me. She has so much spirit, energy and hyperactivity in her.

  179. Thomas Jefferson

    This is a really hard one. I love both Carlisle and Alice so much. I don't think I can decide between them when picking my favorite Cullen (well, basically I can't pick between any of the Cullens – besides Rosalie – when it comes to picking my favorite). If I had to choose between Carlisle and Alice to have by my side in a fight… Being that I am very much like Carlisle in the way that I probably wouldn't be able to bear destroying someone, even my enemy, it would probably be best to have Alice at my side so at least some of the work that we had gone to do would get done. And although Carlisle has been a vampire for much longer than Alice, she can see the future and that would be a very helpful advantage.

  180. Makayla

    Alice!!!!!Definatly but I noticed you didn't say anything about Jasper which, weirdly, kinda annoyed me

  181. Makayla

    Alice!!!!!Definatly but I noticed you didn't say anything about Jasper which, weirdly, kinda annoyed me

  182. Laura

    I love them all so much! Well all but Rose, but in a fight I'll want Alice at my side anytime. Carlisle is just this non-violent vampire who doesn't even like to fight so that makes him less 'desirable?' to be with in a fight.

  183. LeeseeQ

    Because she's feistier and can see the future, of course I would choose Alice. BUT- I agree that Carlisle is the most amazing thing since Jesus too. (sorry for the sacrilidge)

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