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YOU Interview Solomon Trimble!

February 16th, 2009 at 12:03 am by Kaleb Nation

kaleb-solomonHow often do YOU get the chance to help interview one of the stars from the Twilight movie?

Solomon Trimble, who plays the werewolf chief Sam Uley, has offered to do an extra-special interview for the readers of my site! Since I already had the wonderful opportunity to meet with Solomon at the Twilight premiere, I have decided to do this interview a bit different than usual: and let you, the fans, submit questions for Solomon!

Send in your questions for this awesome actor in the comments of this post. I’ll compile the best one’s, and send them to him to answer!

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120 Responses

  1. Allison

    whoa this is cool =] i wish i had some good, original questions, but i dont =/. you should ask something silly, like “what did you have for dinner the night you got the part?”


  2. Audrey

    how are you preparing for this role?

    i love you solomon!

  3. Jazz

    …What do you think will be the most challenging part of playing Sam?

  4. Marley

    ask him stuff like: ummm “how was it like working with hotty robert pattinson?” haha i dare you say it ๐Ÿ˜€

    “how is like being famous? aaaaaand being in the twilight movies?”

    and maybe just coz your cool you might say this:
    “do you like koalas?”


  5. Jussie

    If you could pick you own acter to play Emily who would it be? and If you could play anyother part in the movie which one would you pick??

  6. Jussie

    sorry ACTOR Never going to be able to spell lol

  7. Julie

    There’re many questions i could ask, ninja’s or pirates? Robots or Aliens? Pie or Cake? I guess i’ll just ask if your the doctor or not?

  8. Kylie (missmuffina)

    I like Jussie’s question :)

    But I also like the idea of asking him something silly…idk I don’t have any ideas at the moment!

  9. Angie

    Haha, how about something intense like: Will you marry me?
    That would be pretty great coming out of your mouth. xD

  10. Tegan C.

    As a native actor, how would you encourage other natives to pursue their dreams of acting or just any dream in general?

  11. Katie

    Do you have any favorite Native legends/tales ?? would be my question.

  12. Karoline

    I got 2 questions actually…

    1. Could you arm wrestle someone in the Twilight cast, who and why?

    2. what do you like about your character Sam, do share any similarities, is there anything you don’t like about him?

    greeting from a girl fan who lives in Norway…

  13. Talkerwolf

    Um, there’s to many questions!

    What do you do to prepare for a role?
    What simulaties do you hsare with Sam if any?

    And finally…(the one that goes without saying)
    Would you prefer to be a vampire or a werewolf?

    (though there’s a very obvious reply to that ;))

  14. Ellen P

    ok heres a question for Solomon:

    “I heard you like the band Metallica. What’s your favourite song by them? Are they your favourite band? If not then who is?”


    “If you could pick the Actress to play Emily, who would your choice be, and why?”

    I’m extremely curious about Soloman he seems like a really cool guy and It’ll be great to see him in the future movies ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. Tara

    What is the first thing that comes to mind when I say “sparkling grape juice”?

  16. Tara

    Do you have any odd talents that could somehow help you portary the part of Sam?

  17. Tara

    Pepsi, coke, or sparkling grape juice?

  18. Q.J.

    Why did u audition for the role of Sam? What attracted you to play him?

    Whats your opinion on the “Sam dumps Leah for object of his imprinting” thing?

    If you were Sam in real life,would you try to fight the tie you have between Emily and yourself to be with Leah, even if it was an unfruitful effort?

    Will the werewolves cut their hair off in New Moon? Or just leave it long?

    Did you ever have to handle anything emotionally hard in your life?

    Has anyone ever said anything to you that changed your life?

    What was your first reaction after reading Twilight?

    Okay I guess Im done.

  19. Angela

    What do you think is the most challenging part of playing Sam’s character, and how do you plan to prepare for it?

    What part are you looking forward to most as Sam’s character?

  20. Q.J.

    lolz. you shud tottaly go 4 somethin silly!

  21. Ash

    Were you a fan of the books before you got the part?

  22. Ellie

    How do you feel about being seen as a ‘bad guy’ for quite a big part of the plot, before Bella and Jacob etc. are in on the secret?

  23. Insomnia

    If you were Sam, how would you deal with the whole love triangle situation?

  24. Amber Pederson

    ‘I heard you cut your hair. I remember in a previous Twilight-related interview that you said you weren’t sure if you would do it because of the strong ties to loved ones it gave you. Did you cut your hair specifically for your part, and how do you feel about letting it go?’

    LOVE YOU, SOLOMON! :) Hope you get into New Moon!

  25. Sydney

    Are you ready to take on the roll of the pack leader? And: ~what type of emotion will you have around Leah?
    ~Have you read Twilight, if so what did you think about playing the bad guy, then the leader?

  26. Corinne!

    What did you think when you got a part in the movie, even though you weren’t there to audition?
    What was your favourite part of filming Twilight, and what are you looking forward to the most during the filming of New Moon?

  27. Yasmin

    you should ask… If you didn’t get the part of playing sam.. would you want to have an interview for the part of being Jacob Black… and if you got the part do you think you would play a good role for Jacob Black?

  28. Mary

    The questions Iโ€™m seconding that have already been asked are:
    1. Who would you pick to play the part of Emily
    2. Are the werewolves going to cut their hair in New Moon?
    3. Do you have any unusual character traits that will help you play Sam?
    Then my questions, because I canโ€™t think of anything else, or theyโ€™ve already been asked, are all questions about the fans.
    What do you think of all the crazy Twilight fans? Do they annoy you? Is there a particular type of fan that annoys you? Are you fine with them? How do you feel about Taylor, Rob, Kellan, and Jackson getting swamped by fans? Have you gotten swamped by fans before?

    Then, also, what are you looking forward to the most in New Moon? Any scenes you really want to play? What are you dreading about New Moon? Any scenes you are not looking forward to playing

  29. Heather

    Hmmmm…I suppose you couldn’t ask him if he’s still going to be in New Moon. All the rumors are scaring me, I love Solomon.

    What’s your favorite aspect of the character Sam? Conversely, what’s your least favorite?

  30. lila

    innie belly button or outie? then get a picture. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    nahh, you should ask him, like, how is he preparing 4 this role.

  31. Christina Cullen

    My question would be *ahem*:

    If you could chose an actress to play Emily, who would it be?

  32. Sophie

    I have a few questionsss :)

    1.) Is Dakota Fanning really playing Jane in New Moon?

    2.) Is Sam Uley a very hard character to play? Are you looking forward playing him in the upcoming movies?

    3.) How did you pursue your acting career? Any advice for people like me to become an actress? (even an extra for the upcoming movies ;])

    4.) Did you enjoy reading the Twilight Saga?

    5.) Whats your favorite and least favorite character?

  33. Christine

    Have you read Breaking Dawn? If you have, what was your reaction to the “Jacob leaving the pack” thing?

  34. Vica

    How do you feel about maybe not getting the part of Sam Uley again. is it hard? have you finaly heard anything from the producers?(please we want you in!)

  35. urcoolcarrie

    Have you read all for Twilight books? If so, which one was your favorite?

  36. Jessica

    Well there are several questions that come to mind when thinking about Solomon. My favorites are:
    1. How long were you sick after shooting the beach scene?

    2. Since you worked with Krys, my friends and I have been dying to know what his last name is.


  37. Erinn

    How long is your hair? Would you ever consider cutting it and giving it to charity like Locks of Love? It’s an amazingly rewarding expirence, take it from someone who’s done it.

  38. Soledad

    i’m sure it’ll be a great interview. Solomon is the best.

    You could ask him if he has any other projects apart from New Moon.

  39. Colleen

    What was the most recent movie you’ve seen in theaters?

  40. Rakey


    How has having the role of Sam changed your life?

    If you could be any character, other than Sam, in the series for one day, who would you choose to be and why?

    Were you on a public bus in early July in Seattle? I swear I saw a guy who looked just like you.

    Are you personally team Jacob or Edward?

    What scene are you most excited to film in New Moon?

    Can you say “Irish Wristwatch”?

  41. Cara

    “How long did it take you to grow your hair?”

  42. Trisha


    With all the native characters in this story, what is your take on Hollywood’s possible choice of not hiring Native actors?

  43. Kendall

    Who was your favorite person to work with and why?

  44. Kari

    ok i have a few questions:

    1. How are you preparing to play the werewolf chief in New Moon?

    2. What was it like working with Rob Pattinson? ๐Ÿ˜€

    3. Who was your favorite person to work with an why?

    4. Have you read Breaking Dawn yet? If so, what do you think of the whole “Jacob leaving the pack” thing?

  45. Amanda

    I really like the question about who he would like to see in Emily’s role. And who he would play if he could be another character from the story.

    And Christine at #33, How COULD you?! You can’t reveal things about future books Kaleb hasn’t gotten to yet!

  46. Loony_Lovegood

    1. Who is the funniest person on set?
    2. Have you read the entire twilight series yet?
    3. What is your favorite dinosaur?
    4. Do you have any more projects coming up, or anything you’re interested in doing as an actor in the future?
    5. What do you think about the rumors of Robert Pattinson replacing Daniel Radcliffe in Equis?
    6. How long did it take you to grow your hair that long?
    7. Have you read any of the Twilightguy.com posts?

    this is such a cool idea… you should definitely ask my third question!!! :)

  47. Loony_Lovegood

    Oh yeah, and for added embarrassing-ness, ask him “Boxers or Briefs?”

  48. Kristen


    I think that I would ask something like…

    Sam’s part does not get to be a larger role until New Moon, do you have any reservations about playing the Alpha werewolf?
    What scene(from any of the remaining books) are you most looking forward to filming?

  49. SG

    You can ask what he thinks of imprinting, like how he thinks it affects free will.

  50. Bella


    1)What’s it like working with Taylor Lautner?

    2)What gets you into character when you have to play a werewolf?

    3) Have you read the books?

    4) Have you ever thought of yourself playing Sam Uley from the popular Twilight books?

    5)How cold is it up there?

    6) Do you ever think that you would be playing another wolf?

    7)How is it like being a wolf?

    8) Do you like being with the pack?

    9)Do you ever wish you were not a wolf?

    10) Did you play other roles before this and is this the most challenging role you’ve played before?

    11) Lastly, what would you do if you had a whole bunch of twilight fans all around you?

  51. Astrid

    – About Twilight: Which Sam-scene of any of the Twilight books would you really like to play?

    – For fun: Best ice-cream flavour EVER?

    I also liked #40 Rakey’s question (Team Edward or Team Jacob?)

  52. NameIsASecret

    Have you done any acting before Twilight?

  53. Becky

    Are you/were you willing to read the Twilight books in public? lol

    if you could play the part of any Twilight character, other than Sam, who would it be?

    who would you choose for Emily?

    are you similar to your character in real life?

  54. lil'

    I’m not sure if some of you have read this before, it answers some of the questions:


  55. Kaliah (kayla)

    Why do you think that they chose you to play the part of Sam?

    How do you plan to bring Sam alive in movie?

  56. Jen

    I have a question! (Or two…)

    1) Were you excited when you found out that you were going to be playing Sam?

    2) If you had a choice, which other character would you have liked to play?

    3) Have you read the Twilight series? Which was your favorite?

    4) Do you think you’re like Sam in any way? If not, do you know anyone like him?

  57. Rakey

    More questions:

    Are there any cast members you have a secret crush on?

    Your character, Sam, was in love with Leah Clearwater before imprinting on Emily. If you were in this position, what would you do?

    Which scene do you think will be the hardest to film?

    Do you know if you’ll be going cliff diving? Or will they have stunt double or green screen or something do it instead? If you are, are you excited or scared?

  58. Hunter Vala Cullen

    Ok so I’m not sure if this one has been asked already cause I’m to lazy to read ALL of the comments so:

    ‘How does it feel to know that millions of people around the world now see you as the leader of a famous werewolf pack?’

    and lol of course:

    ‘Since Robert has been asked by fans to bite them have you had any weird questions like: Sam will you scratch me? or other such questions?’

  59. Jussie

    I like the cliff diving question Rakey # 57 :)

  60. Becka

    How do you like working with Taylor?

  61. Jessica L.

    I’ve heard that you’ve written some poetry to Emily (if this is wrong, blame the Lexicon). What were you thinking of while you did this and is there anyone special in your life who you can look to for inspiration on this?

    If this is a videoed interview, could you read one of the poems possibly?

  62. Jessica L.

    PS: Your hair rocks :)

  63. Allison

    I guess I’d say…

    If you could have any of the vampires’ talent, or just any vampire talent you could think of…what would it be?

    I hope that makes sense…

  64. KIM

    Oh, I love solomon… here is my question…

    I know you wrote a poem about emily from sams point of veiw, do you normally write poetry and if so where can I read more? I loved the poem you wrote about emily!!

  65. Kira

    Bella really doesn’t like Sam very much… how is it trying to play a character who’s never portrayed very well in the books?

  66. Kizmet

    1. did you know you win at life?

  67. Jenny

    Um these are my questions. =]
    1. What got you interested in taking on a role in Twilight?
    2.Have you read the New Moon script? and did you like it?
    3.Have there been any funny experiences while working with the Twilight cast.
    4.What is your favorite part of being a werewolf?
    5.Is there anything the fans don’t know about you?

  68. HB

    1) What do you think is the coolest part of playing a “werewolf”?
    2) How long did it take you to grow out your hair like that?

  69. Kristen Cherney

    This is so awesome Kaleb! You rock!

    Q: What is one thing that you and your character have in common?


  70. HB

    Oh, I’ve got another one!
    3) Did you get to meet Stephenie Meyer when you made this movie?

    If so, NO FAIR!

  71. Kristen

    This has probably already been asked but “What scene(s) in any of the future movies are you looking forward to?”

  72. AmandaMarie

    I heard from a news article a week or so back that you wouldn’t be reprising your role as Sam Uley, but I haven’t heard anything confirming that so I was curious whether you have been told anything by Summit about continuing to play Sam in the upcoming movie(s) (I have a feeling that the article I read was pulling information from it just not being said whether you’re reprising the role or not)?

  73. Claudia


    Three questions (one isn’t really a question):

    1. Cliff diving or motorbike riding.
    2. Will you ever come to Australia? If you do you should come to Canberra “The Nation’s Capital”!
    3. Will you be able to carry Kristen Stewart in the beginning of New Moon?

    Bye. :)

  74. sasyaquiqe

    My Question…….

    are you receiving a lot of prank calls since the you got a role in Twilight movie ??

    :)) -sasya-

  75. bethany woodstock

    1. what are some of the probems young native american face these days trying to get into acting or any othw rork place
    2. if you hadn’t of gotton the role of sam in twilight what do you think you’d be doing
    3. Does Kyrs (the guy who played embry) actually have a last name, is his name even kyrs? is he trying to protect his anonaminity.
    4. apart from acting what is your favourite thing to do?
    5. what did you eat for breakfast today?

  76. Sarah

    ‘Had you been excited to get to work with Kristen & Taylor?’

  77. Phoebe

    If it is confirmed for playing the role of Sam in New Moon, do you know any secrets you could tell us about the movie?

    What was the auditioning process? Were you nervous?

    What inspired you to act? Are you planning to make it as your job in life?

  78. Reneata

    wow …um i think you should ask him how he personally feels about the imprinting and how it affected his charater and whether the emotion of that is a hard one to portray

  79. Rebekah

    1.Have you read all the Twilight books?

    3.Do you like the books?

    2.Were you a TwilightGuy before the movie?

  80. Mandi

    If you could play any other member of the wolf pack who would it be?

    And how do you about Sam’s past with lean and the imprinting situation?

  81. Helen

    I second the Emily question (:

  82. Kato


    maybe something like :
    What part do you really want to do in the movie.

    or :
    are you and the twilight cast ever goin to come to Belgium ( i want to know >:o )

    If you could play somebody else in the movies, who would you play..

    Do you really like the books?

    that kind of questions.

    – Sorry if my english is bad , Im dutch :)

  83. OctoberRazzerberry

    What is your favorite breakfast cerial? and what do you think Sam’s would be?

  84. AJ

    If you saw a werewolf in real life, what would you do?
    Run away screaming or try to get a better look at it?

  85. Melissa

    How long has it taken you to grow your hair that long? Because I mean its REALLLLLLY long.

  86. Zella

    1. Do you like the book Twilight, and if yes, do you think you’d still like it if you had nothing to do with the film?

    2. Who is your favourite character (Sam doesn’t count)?

    3. What do you think of the casting for the otehr parts? Do you think any of the actors chosen for them aren’t right?

    4. Have you come across any Team Sam fans?

    5. Team Edward or Team Jacob? You can’t say Switzerland.

  87. Zella


  88. EMI

    “What are you most looking forward to doing in the movies to come?”

    “Whats your Favorite Holiday and why?”

    “Have screaming girls started following you around yet?”

  89. Lucy

    How are you going to take on your character in New Moon?

  90. NuttyNetty

    Just tell him i love him =]

  91. naomi

    who is the funnest person to hang out with on set?

    are you going to cut your hair?

    is there any on-set/off-set drama between any of the cast members?

    if you could be a cullen/hale which one would you be and why?

    if you were a vampire and had a power what would it be?

    what color wolf are you?

  92. AllieA.

    When you got the part, did you know about the huge amount of hype surrounding the movie? If you didn’t, did it take you by surprise?

  93. KCurls

    Is your hair just incredibly heavy?

    What kind of shampoo do you use?

    Could I have a piece of chocolate?

  94. Sadie

    here’s my questions :

    1) Are you excited about the special effects they are going to use to turn you into a werewolf

    2) And are you excited to see what they will look like

  95. Rachael

    What does Forks smell like?
    What’s it like to be a werewolf? Does the hair make you itchy?

  96. Kristen

    1) What do you do in your spare time?
    2) what do you like to eat for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner?
    3) what’s your favorite kind of candy?
    4) Team edward or team jacob?

  97. Kailin

    What do you think should happen to Bella? Human or Vampire?
    If you could be any character, who would you be?

  98. imsospecial

    Are you looking forward to being a werewolf in the next movie?, If you ACTULLY could turn into a werewolf, what do you think you would look like? Hows it feel to be a STAR?;)ok here’s just a list of one or the other questions.
    1)cake or pie
    2)rain or snow
    3)red or blue
    4)paper or plastic
    5)north or south
    6)edward or jacob
    7) twilight or harry potter
    8)facebook or myspace

  99. Sarah

    How realistic do you feel other actors portray the real Quiluetes?

  100. Stephanie

    This is great!
    Has acting always been your dream, or is something that it found you and you liked it?

    Love from Puerto Rico! ๐Ÿ˜€

  101. Spring

    This question has come up before, and I just want to agree that it should be asked:

    What is your view on imprinting? Would you embrace it or fear it?

    And I guess for fun, you could ask that if he could imprint on any celebrity, who would it be?

  102. julia

    *looks dreamily at his hair*…what shampoo do you use?

    Alright, that’s a joke..*cough* really.

    I am interested in how, since the actors that will play The Pack (that’s how I write them in my fanfictions)is portrayed in the book as tight, more than friends, more than family will work with each other to channel the family, pack vibe.

    What’s his take on it?

    A series of questionnaires? A trust game? Get drunk together? Tell each other’s childhood frights? Learn Quileute’s traditions and language (oooh, ask him about the language) like in a study group?

  103. Shant

    Hey Soloman!

    Are you looking forward to meeting the rest of the actors who will be playing the rest of the warewolf pack? If so why and who are you most excited to meet.

    By the way I actually auditioned to be in the pack :)! To play Seth Clearwater!

  104. Harri

    hay soloman!

    du you like having long hair?

    lol, also who would you say you are closest to in the twilight movie cast?


  105. Kahley

    I’m confused. If he plays Sam, then who plays Quil and Embry in Twilight (the movie). Because if it was Sam with Jacob at the beach with her group of friends (When one of Jake’s friends said “‘Cause Cullen’s a freak,” and “The Cullens don’t come here.”), that doesn’t make sense. Jacob said in New Moon (the book, obviously) that he doesn’t like Sam.

    Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

  106. Jill

    My question for Solomon is: Are there any qualities about Sam that you can relate to? & Why?

  107. Abby

    You should ask him… “Do you relate with Sam at all in the Leah-Emily situation?”or “How do you think Sam actually feels about Leah?” or “Do you think you’ll be able to portray the kind of love Sam feels for Emily on the big screen?”

  108. Twilight-Vampire

    Hey Solomon!
    What do you feel abotu mabe not being in New Moon how does it make you feel? please resonse!I WANT YOU IN NEW MOON!

  109. Twilight-Vampire

    The on aove wasfrom Vica.

  110. Casey Wiener

    Have you ever read the Twilight books before audtioning for the movie?

    Did you originally audition for the part of Sam Uley? If so, why?

    How did you feel when you first found out that you might not play Sam in the future movies?

  111. Sari

    WOW!! Ask him about his hair! How long has he been growing it?

  112. Stephanie K.

    Bajeebiously (you love my word… I know you do. Just don’t butcher it) huge fan! =]

    What was your favorite part of filming?

    Was there that clear definition of vampire, human, and werewolf on the set or did everyone hang out with anyone?

    If you had the chance to play any other character, who would you be?


  113. Antonio (Anthony)

    Hi guys, hello Kaleb^^ I’m italian and i really fancy the twilight saga!!
    I really think this is a wonderfull idea and i’d have a lot of questions to ask, such as ” Did you enjoy the lycan rule?” ” Would you prefer beeing a vampire or a Lycan?” ” Which one of the 5th novel did u like more?” and so on…^^ ehm..sorry for my english, i know it’s not very well but i couldn’t not try!! thanks kaleb for the opportunity!!^^

  114. Bobby J

    Ask him why he got the part taken away from him! LOLOL Loseerrrrrrr. Good luck workin' again, retard!

    Guess this interview is pretty pointless now, huh?

  115. amydavies

    if you could of played any other character in the flim who would it of been and why?

    what was your favorite secne in the film?

    what did you enjoy most about the flims and which one do you think is going to be your favorite overall?

    thankyou Amy Davies, Derby England :) xoxo

  116. amydavies

    if you could of played any other character in the flim who would it of been and why?

    what was your favorite secne in the film?

    what did you enjoy most about the flims and which one do you think is going to be your favorite overall?

    thankyou Amy Davies, Derby England :) xoxo

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