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New Moon Has A New Name

February 21st, 2009 at 12:02 am by Kaleb Nation

As announced on MTV blogs, the upcoming NEW MOON movie now has a NEW NAME. Well, not quite new, actually it’s the same name but now with ‘The Twilight Saga’ added to the beginning of the logo art:

New Moon Logo, from MTV

New Moon Logo, from MTV

People have been asking my opinion on the longer logo and why it was changed from just NEW MOON. While I don’t have an exact nor official answer, I do have my own theories.

Followers of my site might recall that the full title of my book is Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse, and this follows the same concept I think they are using for New Moon. In my case, BRAN HAMBRIC is the name of the series, and THE FARFIELD CURSE is the name of the specific book in the series (for example, the second book might be called Bran Hambric: The Lofty Pantaloons or similar). This is the same with almost any series of books or films these days, and is basically a good marketing technique as it connects each movie or book back to one main concept (like, every Harry Potter having Harry Potter in the title; every Percy Jackson book having Percy Jackson in the title; and now every Twilight Saga movie having Twilight somewhere in the art).

The fact is, the most recognizable book in the series is Twilight: people always remember the hands and the apple, and the extra-tall letter L. So, by putting Twilight into the art of this poster, all the people who are only fans of the films will connect the films together, and go watch it.

Plus, The Twilight Saga isn’t actually going into the full official title: it’s just there for the less-dedicated fans (like in Star Wars: the films were referred to A New Hope / Return of the Jedi, but were actually officially titled Star Wars: A New Hope, etc.). However, this leads to the question: does it actually look good in the new way? Does the gold really stand out enough and make the movie unique?

I will be honest about certain flaws I see in this logo. For one, it is ginormous, with not one, not two, but four layers (The Twilight Saga, New Moon, the Moon device, and the release date). With Twilight, everything was wonderful and compact. I’ve worked in graphic design for years, and I know that a compact logo is far better than a big and bulky one. Also, I loved the mysterious blue for Twilight: the New Moon logo seems stronger, deeper, almost like it might be a new movie about Vikings


Coming to a theater near you

On the other hand, though, they were really smart in regards to the marketing I mentioned above: and with the budget they’re putting into this film, I have little doubt they did all of this for a reason. Keep in mind that New Moon focuses greatly upon Jacob Black, and I have a feeling that the gold here was made to contrast as deeply as possible with the blue in the previous film. Edward and vampires are more mysterious and cold: Jacob and the werewolves are more strong and warm. Compare the color schemes for the two films. Now it makes more sense!

Question for the comments: What do YOU think about the new logo for New Moon?

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103 Responses

  1. Jussie

    Its a little dull in the coloring but its ok??? Cant wait to see what they do for the eclipse I think red would be a good idea. 😉

  2. Amber Pederson

    I have to agree that it’s a little bulky. I do like the color. Still, this is NOT the hype that MTV made it up to be. I was expecting a promo shot or something. Lol. I saw this and was just bored with it.

  3. nicoleface

    except now the harry potter movies say HP 6 instead of harry potter and the half-blood prince.

  4. carlie

    Actually, according to HGE the title is just “New Moon” check it out:

  5. SnowWight

    I’ll get used to it. I’m not completely opposed or anything. The lines everywhere make it a little more busy than I’d prefer. At the moment, the moon underneath the title is bugging me. I know that sounds picky, but “new moon” means there is NO moon. So do they really need that there, adding to its enormity (as Kaleb put it)?

    (It’s not actually this late where I live, by the way.)

  6. Adriana

    Well, I think it’s very similar to the logo of Twilight with the lines and the style of letters; but it’s ok for me.

  7. Kristen

    they announced its just “new moon” later after. heres the article http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/b100852_new_moon_gets_official_title_artwork.html

  8. Moira

    Just a fun fact: in France, the first movie was called “Twilight, Chapitre 1: Fascination” (Fascination being the French title of the first book) ^^

  9. Charlee

    I think its bulky and awkward. Also having been in graphic design for a while, this logos bugs me.

    One of the things I don’t like is the lack of caps. That worked for the Twilight logo because the words begins and ends on the same letter. For this logo I feel it leaves a sense of incompleteness.

  10. Belled

    Well… that color and this font makes me think I am looking at cheese cookies..

  11. Tara.Seanan

    I agree with the Edward/Jacob thing. The color suggests that the movies will be similar, but that the focus is shifted from Edward/vamps to Jacob/wolves. The only thing I have a problem with is they need to blend the New Moon text in with the light streaks a little more. The great thing about the Twilight title was the artistic feel of it. Here it seems like a cheep computer imitation of a drawing.

  12. Emma

    I think you got the nail on the head. When I first saw the logo I thought the same things- color new (but I liked it), too many layers, and the Twilight addition made sense for people who don’t know the books as well as the devoted fans (like myself… lol.)

    love your thoughts on the detail and decision of the colors. What do you think they will do for Eclipse, Kaleb? You should send in some advise… I’m sure produces would love your opinion!


  13. Amanda

    I agree. The orange and blue represent very well the fire and ice analogy that is constantly and recognizably used for Jacob and Edward, respectfully. I think they should use red in the title for Eclipse because of the newborns. You know, because they’re eyes are red, and they have the whole thirst-for-human-blood thing? And I don’t know, maybe white for Breaking Dawn. Because of the wedding, and like on the cover the small red pawn Bella being transformed into the strong, white queen piece Bella. And I like the crescent moon in the title, I just think maybe it should be in a different place, like hanging at an angle over the title or something.

  14. NuttyNetty

    I love the logo :) i expecially like what they did with the moon crest addition. although the new moon signifies the dark period of time Bella goes through without Edward, I like how they snuck in a little Jacob in there :)
    i love the gold too, the color is a great choice in my opinion. and i don’t mind all the extra info haha that’s my opinion :)

  15. Twihard_Fanpire

    I absolutely love it
    (mostly because its finally something to do with the new moon movie!)
    and because i think it looks awesome.
    i agree with some people… red for eclipse!
    cant wait till Oscars
    yayz… go rob! lolz!

  16. stealth pooch

    It’s a bit busy in comparison to Twilight’s logo. I’m a great fan of the KISS rule (keep it simple stupid). I think that the line with the moon separating ‘new moon’ and the release date detracts from the design, and also places too much emphasis on the horizontal.

    I also agree with you Kaleb, that it’s vitally important to reference the twilight ‘saga’ in the title.

  17. Zella

    I’m not exactly pleased with it, but I’ll get used to it.

    That moon IS bugging me, though, do you think we should petition Summit to remove it? Haha.

  18. Talkerwolf

    I like it 😀 Not really much more to say…

  19. Kpucine

    When I talk with friends about Twilight, I often tell them that New Moon will be released in November in the US. And they often look at me strangely, like if I’m talking chinese. So, I have to explain them that New Moon is the sequel of Twilight. That’s why I agree with you when you say that it permits the “non twilighters” to recognize the movie as part of the Twilight Saga, and that it has to be in the title. But with Breaking Dawn, it’s gonna be a quite long title :)
    Concerning the golden letters, I didn’t think about Edward/Jacob, though it’s a great idea. I think that maybe, it has something to do with the meaning of the words themselves. I mean, “twilight” evoke the beginning of the night (or the end, it can be both actually), and so, a blue light ; “new moon” makes think to the glow of the moon, so, a yellow/golden one. That’s why I think they should put “Breaking Dawn” in red :) But that’s only my theory, and I can be wrong.
    Now, I wonder how they’re gonna translate it in French, or in Spanish, or in any other foreign language. Even the books’ titles are different…

    Here’s the end of my (long) commentary. Sorry about that. And sorry for my English which can be terrible sometimes :)

  20. Meghan

    I like the logo. It’s exactly what I thought it should look like. It incorporates the twilight font, which I think looks really cool. I agree they needed to include the twilight saga to tie all the movies together. When I saw it, I got soo excited for the movie!

  21. Hope

    Please remember that nameing books with names such as Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse , make it very clear that that is the first books. Titles like that suggest that there is a book before it.

    By the way, T can’t wait till you book comes out!!!

  22. Hope

    Oh, and I forgot to say that I like the logo but have seen better.

  23. Audrey

    I like the logo but i dont like the little moon at the bottom… you can’t see the moon when it is in new moon phase!

    Looks like summit needs to go back to the 7th grade…

  24. Alli

    Except for what you said about it being to bulky and what SnowWight said about the moon, I like it. I completely understand why they put the Twilight saga in the art, and as many people have said, it’s technically not part of the title.

  25. lila

    For Eclipse, i think they should do either red or green, because they spend so much time in the forest, and red because….. there’s a lot of blood.

  26. Victoria

    I think the new logo is ok. When I first saw it, I though there was too much going on. It is kind of bulky. I like your little theory on the colors of the letters.

  27. Becky

    I like it, even if it is a little big. and the cresent moon, what’s up with that? it’s supposed to be NEW moon, lol.

    I like the color, it’s like Edward’s eyes… except, you know, Edward isn’t in it much so your theory is better.

    I think (assuming they change title colors each time) Eclipse will be green and Breaking Dawn’ll be red. BD should be red.

  28. Katie

    I think the logo is good, a bit busy alright, but I like the contrasting colours:) I agree with you as well, it’s as if it signifies Edward and Jacob.

    And ‘cos I didn’t know where else to say this: I added your button to my blog, and mentioned you briefly-just agreeing with you….I’m not really sure about blogging etiquette:P here’s the link as proof. Its only a short thing anyway.

  29. Cara

    It’s okay, I guess. Could be better.

  30. Angela

    I like how they kept the same font. But honestly, I don’t see what everyone’s freaking out about. It’s just the title….

  31. Katie

    oops here’s the link: http://glitter-in-my-hair.blogspot.com/2009/02/new-moon.html

  32. TwilighterMon

    I like the logo/artwork and totally get ur analogy concerning the blue and orange colors. How the blue relates to Edward and the orange relates to Jacob. But I totally don’t get the Vikings analogy!!Also~ I LOVE ur sight! Thanx for all the updates!!!

  33. Megan

    Ahh! You know what Percy Jackson is! Haha I used to love those books :) And the title really isn’t important to me, so I’m good :) Hehe :)

  34. Mary

    I think it’s pretty good. I mean, I can’t think of how I would have prefered it, so I’m not complaining about anything

  35. Michelle

    This sounds oddly like the same things we discussed last night in chat. LoL

    As I said then, I kinda like the longer title. It makes it seem more majestic. I’m also sure it’s aimed at the non-readers, so that they will realize that it’s a sequel. It surely sounds better than Twilight II: New Moon.

    I think you may be reading a little too much into the colors; I think they’re just trying to make it different. Eclipse will probably end up purple or something.

  36. maggie

    i absolutely love it and think it’s good as the orangeish color bc like you said new moon is mostly about jacob and he’s warm where as edward is cold.

  37. Jenny

    wow, when I first saw it I immediatly thought,”Wow…its orange!” but I’d rather think of it as gold. I like how the color is more original and new than the same blue. It makes sense since New Moon is a new experiance for Bella and I think the color shows that in some way by contrasting with the basic blue. It definatly promises change.

  38. Hunter Vala Cullen

    I really like it. It makes the movie seem like it’s going to be seriously EPIC. And it is for us! lol and I think it will attract alot of attention. I like how you compared the colors with the Vamps and wolves. It makes sense. I think this logo will look really good with the catch phrase “It will be as if I never existed.” I mean I can see the trailer now: It starts out in the parking lot with Alice telling Bella happy birthday. Then you go to an upset looking Edward bringing bella into the woods saying “we need to talk” or something like that. It can show bella laying on the forest floor crying and and all different eye catching clips like her on the bike, her with jacob, the wolves, other such exciting clips. and then show her running yelling Edward in Italy. And then for the very last scene she jumps off the cliff and it cuts to the new moon logo and the guy says” The TWILIGHT saga’s *epically spoken* NEW MOON. and you here Edward say “It will be as if I never existed”.

    This movie will be awesomeness!

  39. Hunter Vala Cullen

    Oh I forgot to mention also that I do like how the moon looks but it doesn’t make sense. “new moon” means no moon so I don’t see why they put one. lol I like it anyway

  40. Megan

    Okay, I especially LOVE Hunter Vala Cullen’s trailer. I even spoke the words like the announcer.

    I actually agree with your analogies. Edward is cold, and blue is a cool color. Jacob is hot, and orange is a warm color.

    The only thing that bugs me pretty much bugs everyone else. The moon. In a new moon, there is no moon. All well, I guess we’ll have to see what they do with it.

  41. Becca

    I kinda jumped around on my sofa when it came on on ET (I think it was ET…). Anyways, I think it’s cool, I liked how it looks like someone scratched it up. But, phail. The moon on it is not New, but Waning Crescent (I think…)

  42. Heather

    I’m just happy that a) they kept the same font and beam-things through the letters and b) they didn’t change the name to something ridiculous, like, “Twilight and the New Moon-Howling Werewolves.”

  43. Zella

    You know what’s occured to me today?

    Today I officially became the proud owner of every twilight poster available in Scotland. This led to wondering if I was gonna end up going on my quest all over again once Crescent Moon is released (I will call the movie New Moon again when the Crescent is removed. I know I’m being childish, but I don’t care).
    Aaah, the money I will spend on merchandise…

  44. Beth

    Grr. The moon they put on it bugs me! THAT’S NOT A NEW MOON! Well, I like the color immensely, and the intention of the moon was clear… It was a nice effort. But what colors should they use for the next movies? I wish they had made New Moon green, kind of woodsy, like Jacob. GRRR. Sorry. I get the whole Jacob’s warm, Edward’s cold thing, but New Moon being orange ruins the colors I imagined for both Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.

  45. becky sue

    I like that they have “Twilight Saga” at the top. I think it’ll help those who aren’t obsessive about the series to figure it out and connect it. I like the coloring too. And your idea about the colors describes it perfectly!! I don’t like the little moon thingy.
    But all in all I love it!!

  46. becky sue

    OOH i agree with #44’s comment. Green would have been better for New Moon. And then…… red for Eclipse. and……… yellow for Breaking Dawn………. 😀

  47. becky sue

    Oh and #38 Hunter Vala Cullen’s idea for the trailer is amazing. I got shivers when I imagined that last line. I will probably cry if they do something like that. “It will be as if I never existed.” Such an epic end to the commercial. I am soo amazingly excited for this movie now!!

  48. Shannah

    I’m glad people aren’t completely freaking out over it, because it’s not a big deal. Sure, I think the title is lame but apparently it’s not even official..? Even if it is, we’ll all still call it New Moon anyway.
    As for the logo being big.. I agree. It’s kind of too much, but it won’t effect the movie, so for once I actually don’t care

  49. Wendy

    I like it. I just don’t understand why they have that moon on it??

  50. Kate

    I think it would look much more aesthetically pleasing and compact if the moon and lines under “new moon” were omitted. I’m happy they keeps with the lower case though.

  51. KitKat

    I can feel myself getting excited just from #38’s description of a possible trailer! My issue is how focused everyone is on getting through eclipse, with no mention of breaking dawn. Yay! Eclipse on June 30, 2010!!!!

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  53. Daniela

    I actually expected something else… but I’m okay with it.
    I like the idea of red for Eclipse 😀

  54. Stacy

    I liked the purpleish bluish color for twilight. but now that I think about it, maybe they used that specific color because of an actual twilight, like the time of day. I really hope not because if they’re using gold to be like the color of the moon, then that’s just not good. during a new moon, there is NO moon. it’s the beginning of the cycle and we can’t see the moon.

  55. ruthie

    huh! i never thought about the color connection. now it does make sense why they picked that color.

    but what doesn’t make sense to me is the crescent moon. i mean new moon is a phase where you can’t really see the moon. so why a crescent moon?

  56. Jackie

    I dont like this logo as much as Twilight. I think it should have been a little simplier.
    ‘Less is more’
    The orange I’m having mixed feelings about. It’s strong and does fit with the wolvesand the epic feel. But it looks kinda like , i dont know plain. I like how it’s bold. It kind of gives me the feeling of the Volutri instead of the wolves but maybe its the colour.
    I love Hunter Vala Cullen’s trailer. Similar to how I imagined it.
    Also love the meaning it’s great. I think the Twilight logo stands out more.

  57. Ashley

    oh wow…i never thought of the blue and ‘cold’ of the Twilight logo having to do with the vampires, and then the ‘warmth’ of the New Moon logo having to do with the werewolves. thats good though, if that was their reasoning then at least they really thought about it. it kind of bugs me how the ‘n’ of ‘new’ and the ‘m’ of ‘moon’ aren’t capitilized. but i guess thats just the font, because looking back at all of the books they really don’t have capital letters, do they? it still bothers me though, none the less.
    The Twilight Saga is kind of long for it…i mean for fans you just say ‘new moon’ and EVERYONE knows exactly what you’re talking about. but maybe for the people that just want to see the movie they might not have any idea without the ‘twilight’ thing there. in the end, i don’t care what they do with the logo, i guess. as long as the movie is good, then im happy

  58. Karlee

    Personally I think that there is too much writing. Maybe it wouldn’t be as bad if the “Twilight Saga” part was smaller font. I really like the gold for this movie. I think that it turned out fairly well.

  59. Marley

    i dont like it. its too boring needs more colour…. should be purple, i like purple ^_^

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  61. Samantha K.L.

    I agree with a lot of people who say the crescent moon is bugging them. And that the whole logo is too… active. Busy. I think that they should work more with smudging the lines, making them more like twilight, blend them in a bit more. As for the crescent moon… maybe they should just replace it with an animal print…! That would be an interesting peice of foreshadowing, to say the least.

  62. Ashley

    i could understand the crescent moon for eclipse, but not for New Moon. that really bothers me

  63. ScarletRubie

    I think what you’re saying makes sense, about the color schemes relating to the characters but the simple fact is that these colors make me think of Halloween and i don’t it should. he color is in between orange and gold, it should’ve been either orange OR gold not in between. It would’ve been good if they remain persistent like HP but it’s all good besides its done. The cresent moon does feel out of place but i get the idea.

  64. Liz

    I understand why they’d put ” the twilight saga” before new moon, but it’s just when i read the book it didnt say that and i dont know maybe i’m just being weird but i feel like this might change the way the movie is..that probably doesnt make sense but it does in my head lol. I also like what you said about the color schemes. The cullens are a blue because their mysterious. And new moon is about jacob/wolves so that would be a warmer color..nice! lol <3

  65. Bella Cullen

    I actually like it!!!! Wolves gold, Vampires blue!! I love it, I really like it.

  66. gaby

    i like it!! :) omg im excited!!

  67. Twilight Teacher (Erin)

    Why are you so smart, Kaleb? You must have had good teachers…

  68. Alice

    Haha, I thought it looked rather massive too, but then it makes sense when I read what you’ve written. The conclusion I came to about the gold is that now the story is turning to La Push and the werewolves/shapeshifters it has to be a lot more earthen. And it’s a warm colour (as you say) which adds to the feeling of safety with it, they seek to protect whereas most vampires live for the kill and all vampires are cold and hard. The gold was a good way to go.

  69. Maria

    Hey Kaleb! Have you heard about The Twilight Saga’s Eclipse coming out on June 30, 2010. How do you feel about that?

  70. Nurazlin

    It is bulky-ish, but it’s growing on me. The more I look at it, the better-looking it is to me.

    Hmm…sort of like with Rob’s haircut. 😛

  71. Ashleyyy

    OK i like the color (i guess) but its wayyy too busy :( it should just have “new moon” with the lines and no moon and no twilight saga. the moon makes no sense cuz its a NEW moon. i like the lines cuz it carries it on but theres too many! it looks fake and that bothers me 😛 i think that eclipse should be green and breaking dawn should be red.
    if all the rest said “the twilight saga” and then the title of the movie underneath i think it would look good but keep it SIMPLE

  72. Sherry

    Finally some people who agree with me about the colors. Blue for Edward and The orange for jacob. Eclipse I see as a Red and well i’m not sure about breaking dawn but thats besides the point.

    I think the reason they put so much into this logo is the fact we all were sitting at the ends of our chairs waiting for seomthing New Moon related so they tried to make it big and showy to impress us and well it was great to see but it’s alot to handle.

  73. Abbey Patz

    well i do hate the colour despite the sense of the fact that jake’s warm and ed’s cold.
    but i dont think new moon is more about jacob
    it IS less about ed(wtf?)
    but huh thats okay i guess
    i think they have made it darker now
    anyways i love the way it sounds u know:
    “The twilight saga: new moon in theaters ..blablahblah”
    i personaly love the moon its funny but its dorky to use the image that is indicated in the title
    so last but not least
    kaleb can u plz post sth about Taylor and if he’s gonna be in new moon?

    xoxo Abbey

  74. Abbey Patz

    oh and sth else
    i think its nice that they changed the colour using the same would be D-U-L-L
    and FYI contrast isnt passé

  75. Sam

    I actually really like the golden color, I love when the moon is that golden color, I always notice it, and it’s always bigger, so it could mean good things, I don’t really consider the release date as part of the logo, it’s just info that will disappear when the movies out so that doesn’t really bother me, but the little crescent moon bugs me, a new moon is no moon so there should be nothing there. I would have gotten nailed in design class if I had tried to pull that off.

  76. Stephanie K.

    I really don’t mind that it was changed because in all honesty, it hasn’t been changed! It is still called New Moon. So what is they added something about Twilight. It IS the second book of the series. My friends and I simply call it by the name of the book. I understand that a lot of people don’t know the names in order or the names at all, so I think that it was an overall good idea. It connects the movies together for people.

  77. Jaclyn.

    Really, it’s not bad.
    I think I could live with it.
    But really, I had no idea what to expect. My thing is that I wouldn’t have expected it to be gold, since, well, Bella doesn’t exactly feel GOLDEN in this, if you get what I mean…
    Oh well.

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  79. Joanne Maria

    I understand the warmth for Jacob, but what about the agony of Edward and Bella?

    Kaleb, I think your theory is ginormous!!!

  80. Melissa

    I like your thoughts on the colors…
    blue = cold, mysterious (vampires).

    Orange = warm, stronge (werewolves)

  81. Theresa

    The colors are a great idea to compare the vampires and werevolves concept.
    Kaleb, what do you think would be good colors for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn?

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  83. Kat

    I didn’t give the color scheme that much thought. When you put it that way, yeah, that works quite a lot.

    What I don’t get, though, is why there is a crescent moon. I thought the phrase “new moon” referred to the time when no moon was visible? Please correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s just awkward, I guess?

  84. Sarah

    what do you think they’ll do for breaking dawn if the use red for eclipse?

  85. Stef

    i like following your trains of thought, twilight guy..

  86. Stef

    in reply to kat, i suppose the crescent moon is to signify that there IS a new moon. the tiniest sliver is the beginning of the waxing period of the moon.
    it’s still part of the darkest/darker period.

  87. Cathy D.

    Would you like the logo better if it were slightly asymmetrical–maybe the “Twilight Saga” part flush left, and the date flush right?

  88. Ashley Phelps

    I think they should have stuck with New Moon. I think the new logo is way too long. Oh well. I just cant wait to see the movie!!! Even though Edward wont be in it as much as he was in Twilight :(

  89. Jess

    I adore the fact that the Twilight logo was silver and icy, while the New Moon logo is russet. C’mon, people – symbolism within the color scheme was ingenious! As for the layers, I agree that it is too much. Cut the moon, cut the “the Twilight saga.” Leave just New Moon and the release date. The font with the lines is distinctive enough to tie it to Twilight.

  90. Lakota

    i think its fine. i cnt wait for new moon and i love this website!

  91. Sarah

    Well this makes sense so people who don’t know what new moon is can know what it is when it has the twilight saga. I think its a smart move but i like it and i can’t wait till it comes out and the rest of the movies..

  92. zmldxqbyo

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    Eh…it’s okay… not really what i pictured for this movie but…okay so , it’s more like a repeat of TWILIGHT the first movie’s title and since this one is about something completely different I feel the title should represent the book. Ya know what I mean?


    IDK… the colors are all wrong for what the book is about.

  95. Rebekah

    The books had different color schemes too!
    Twilight (the book) was dark, filled with greens and grays. I could see that as I read it.
    New Moon (the book) on the other hand was bright and colorful. Like the scenes in Italy, which were in the sun circled with golden buildings and crowds wearing blood red scarves. I’m glad that the movie makers seem to be understanding this. It is one of the things that I love about the two books, the stark contrasts.

  96. Lene Steffensen

    Sad to see that the picture of the Viking is historically completely incorrect … Vikings did NOT have feathers or Horns on their helmets … Im Danish I have viking blood in my blood line and at the same time Im a history teacher so I should know 😉

  97. Lene Steffensen

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