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Reading Breaking Dawn: Chapter 2 (Long Night)

April 6th, 2009 at 12:02 am by Kaleb Nation

The song for this chapter is When They Came For Us by Shiny Toy Guns

Surprisingly enough, the new web server switchover hasn’t happened yet, because I’m still here (or am I?). I think everything is under control for now, but there will most likely be at least 6 hours of downtime around the end of this week. This is not a bad thing, actually. We discovered the root of the problem is that I posted my author photos yesterday, which prompted multiple thousands of people to hit KalebNation.com all in the same hour and overload the servers. I don’t know about you, but there are some on this planet who are just too easily excited (not that I’m complaining ๐Ÿ˜€ ).

Before I begin this post I should probably warn everyone that I am extremely sleepy. In fact, just minutes ago I awoke suddenly and realized that I was not in bed, but was so tired I had fallen asleep at my desk. Now that you’ve been warned, you can’t blame me for whatever half-conscious things I write in this post. But for now: the second chapter of Breaking Dawn can wait no longer!

I found it hilarious that Edward’s shirt is on the floor the evening he is staying with Bella. What, does he just hang around with no shirt on anymore? Is he trying to pick up on some habits from Jacob Black or something? If anything, he could try that half-vest thing that Aladdin does. Even Scottie McMullet wears a scarf:

Hiathur miss, yr dress is fallin off...

haithur miss, just fixing that dress of yrs


Some may laugh, but a 2-year-old vampire is quite a terrifying thought to me. I grew up in a house with four younger siblings, and have been through at least three two-year-olds that I can properly remember. If you’ve ever been around a toddler, you will know that temper tantrums come very often with no distinct pattern to their outbreak. Having a angry 2-year-old vampire would go something like this:

My younger sister: WAH.

Me: Here, take this toy.

Younger sister takes the toy, crumbles it into tiny shards, and throws the pieces at me like arrowheads.

Me, dodging: NO. Just watch television.

Younger sister picks up television, throws at ceiling and causes roof to cave in on me.

Me, gasping for life: NO. Are you hungry?

Younger sister: Actually, I’m thirsty. [looks at me]

Me: NOOOOOOoooooooooooo…

Now, imagine such mayhem and uncontrollable temper being set against an entire village that simply doesn’t have enough toys to make the baby happy. You would have quite a bit of mayhem going on, not even considering the fact that this demon child also happens to enjoy the taste of the villagers blood.


The wedding for Bella and Edward is beginning to loom: and that fateful day when Bella will be turned into a vampire gets closer and closer. I keep wondering what it would be like to be 18 forever. Eighteen for me wasn’t exactly as epic as people in the movies make it out to be, partially due to me living in the middle of nowhere without a car. But still, 21 or even older seems like a far better age to get stuck as a vampire, just because you’ve gotten to experience a lot more human things you’d miss out on if you were a vampire. Because no matter how horrible and dull anyone’s life is, humanity is something I’m sure will be missed at some time or another.

But then again, the difference with Bella and Edward is that they will have each other. I do wonder about them though. It seems so much that Bella thinks she can simply live with Edward and Edward alone, and she doesn’t need anyone else. When you’re in love it’s so easy to think that: why in the world would you want anyone different? What would really be wrong with getting a deserted island and just living there with the person you love, without ever having to deal with anyone else or the mundane problems of the world?

It might all be a wonderful fairytale ending, but no matter how much Bella and Edward love each other, at some point they will need others. Edward seems to understand this. But for Bella, a normal high-school girl, it will be hard at some point for her to never be able to go out with her friends, or to have to avoid all the people from her high school forever — even if she finally has Edward.

The next chapter is called Big Day. Keeping in mind the grand mix of werewolves, vampires — and oh yes, even some boring old humans — who will be in attendance, I can only imagine how this wedding business will go ๐Ÿ˜€

Question for the comments: If you were turned into a vampire, what age would you want to be stuck in (any age, past present or future)?


– Thanks for all the help picking my author photo! I’m pretty sure there was a resounding vote for a certain one, but I’ll update when we have the final pick ๐Ÿ˜€

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165 Responses

  1. Laura

    Hahahahha. Kaleb, your pictures always make me laugh. =D

    About your question, I’ve always thought that Carlisle and Esme were changed at just the right ages–early 20’s–so I think that’s when I would want to be changed. I mean, by that time, you can do pretty much anything without having to exaggerate your age–drive, vote, get a decent job, ect. Haha, I’m really sleepy, too, so I have no idea if I just made any sense or not, and I’m too lazy to go back and try to make sense. =D

    Can’t wait for your reaction on the next chapter! =]

  2. Joanna

    Are u cwazy?? (as my 3 year old would say) I mean come on?? It’s about time he took his shirt off!! It’s the least he could do for the poor girl! He pitched a fit when she tried to unbutton her blouse for goodness sake. Most guys would kill for a girl so “willing.” I would surely hope that by the night before the wedding he would at least show her a little skin….(and no i’m not talking a bout Rob! Strictly Edward!!)lol And yes it was funny. Like he’s trying to keep up with the wolf boy… of sorts.

  3. Laura

    wow.. no commments yet? that’s weird… haha “Is he trying to pick up on some habits from Jacob Black or something?” ROFL..I was impressed also but because it wouldn’t have helped Bella’s self-control..still I guess if they made it that far… I loved his brothers going to Bella’s house to pick him up (though they might have seen something they didn’ want 2…just saying) and Bella asking if they were going to a strip-club.. and Jasper winking at her ๐Ÿ˜› he just seems to always be so serious that it was nice… I don’t think Bella will miss having human experiences… and picking an age is tricky..being a teenager at the best of your youth and whatnot seems reasonable but at the same time you will be viewed as a child in a lot of situations.. mayb in your 20s would b a good age? every age has its pros and cons… and I couldn’t help myself and read the next chapter..aren’t you curious about the wedding:P? the wedding will go somehow how you’re imagining it but not quite..can’t wait 2 hear your thoughts!

  4. altissimus

    Hmm… I suppose I’d like to be over 21. I’m not sure. In fact, I wouldn’t choose to be a vampire, I don’t think. Vampirism in Twilight seems to be such a pain and quite boring, and I like sleep. I would miss sleep too much, so, if I had an option, I would rather just stay human.

  5. McKenna

    Very entertaining, as usual. I would like to make one correction. Scottie McMullet is wearing a SASH not a scarf (sorry that was really bothering me).

  6. TheHolyThief

    I would like to be stuck at age 666. Just saying. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Way too tired to leave a decent comment.

  7. Freya

    Actually, I’m already stuck being seventeen forever. You see, I was in class on my seventeenth birthday, and at the precise time of my birth, the clock stopped! Therefore, I am officially seventeen forever as time stopped on my birthday.
    Apart from that, nineteen to twenty-three would be good: young enough to pass for a teenager and go to high school and university; old enough to work and pass for an adult.

  8. Joanna

    Oh sorry, and the question in question (yes laura i’m sleepy too) I don’t know, I’m the happiest i’ve ever been at 34, never knowing how much i would enjoy motherhood til I actually had kids, but I do have to say that the 10 years of marrage with no kids was absolutely wonderful so I guess that somewhere in the early 20’s would be a good place to be stuck. Young, free, not so many responsibilities, plenty of time for, um, intimacy…but i guess if ur a vampire, the world is ur oyster? (what was that about making sense???)



    I just started listening to your music today. The Grave of Emry Hambric is absolutely stunning beautiful. The melody is happy and sad, uplifting and haunting. And I started thinking “What does this remind me of?” because I knew the mixture seemed familiar…

    And I realized.

    That is what Bella’s lullaby is supposed to be like.

    And I had the brilliant idea that YOU should write your version of Bella’s lullaby! I am sure EVERY fan of yours and Twilight would die of happiness if you did that for us :)

    So please please PLEASE write it!!!

    Anyone else agree that they would love to hear his version of it?!??!

  10. Carmen

    You better get some sleep!! Great post and I think if I were turned into a vampire I would want to be…in my early 20’s. Preferably 20 or 21. I wouldn’t need anything but the love of my eternal life but I would definitely miss being human at times. Being a vampire would only be bearable because of the same species vamp spouse. Having a vamp toddler would also keep one very busy.

  11. Josie

    I would prolly want to be stuck at age 21 because like you said you have experienced a lot. And, it just seems like a good age, not too old, mature enough to not be totally stupid, and not not too young.
    <3 Josie

  12. Kristie

    LOL. Scottie McMullet.

    As for your question, I would sat about 22. I would hate to be 18 (how old I am now) forever. At least when you’re 22 you’re taken somewhat seriously.

  13. Kylie

    Dang your popularity Kaleb!
    I thought I was gonna be the first comment…but no. There now are like 11 comments before me! I just wanna be first once! Geez..
    Lol mullets…I think you ARE very tired Kaleb. But it’s funny because I’m very tired too.
    I can’t wait for you to read further!

  14. Kylie

    Never mind…12 comments before me. *sigh*

  15. Kylie

    Oh and yes! I totally agree with #9!!! PLEASE!!! It would be so good!

  16. KatRin

    Oh, Scottie! How I adore your mullet of love! :)

    For some reason 25 or 26 seem like solid ages to me. I mean, you’ve been doing stupid stuff since you were 21 and are now old enough to realize how stupid said stuff was and now [hopefully] really appreciate life and have some wonderful experiences under your belt.

  17. emma

    I love reading what you think of the book! I can’t wait to hear what you think of what happens next!

    About the question, I think that 21 is still too young to be changed into a vampire, since most 21 year olds are out still partying. I think I would like to be changed to a vampire in my late 20s, since by now I’m over the whole party scene and have experienced a lot more.

  18. Pam's twi

    I think is kinda of funny you mentioned Bella and Edward living alone in a desert island… you’ll see why in about 2 or 3 chapters… lol

    About your question… mmm… I have to admit I agreed whit Bella. I mean, she have everything she wants (at that particulary moment) it does’nt make any sense to wait any longer; so I guess, if I could have what Bella have at this moment, I would’nt mind to be change at 18 or 19, ‘Cause I would have everything I ever dream of

  19. Natalie

    Future. 25, because that’s the age where you can truly do everything legally (rent a car for example).

  20. Anna

    i would want to be frozen at 18 but i guess it would be sad knowing you cant have anymore real birthdays, you cant experience everything that u always wanted to experience after uve turned 18

  21. Jaye

    mcmullet haha

    I dont know how u can read the books so “slowly” chapter by chapter, id be tempted to keep reading.

    you know what, I always thought 17 would be the best age for me, it was my favorite so far.

    but after reading your post Id have to agree Im 21 now i think it would be an awesome age to stop in time, like someone else said your old enough to do most things but still young enough to pass for a highschool student. and also in aust. most things are legal by 18/21.

  22. Michelle

    Erm… I also just woke up with a start in a place other than my bed. It was the couch, at least. The funny part is that I was clutching my copy of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. It’s amazing how I manage to maintain a grip on books in my sleep, LOL.

    So, as I’m as tired as everyone else, this post shall be boring. I agree with you about the two year old. My non-vampire two year old scares the crap outta me.

    Also, you are one of few people that are concerned about Edward keeping his shirt on. We really wouldn’t mind if he managed to lose every shirt he’s ever had with no means to get any more. Yummmmmmmmmm.

    I’m 25, and that seems plenty old enough for me. I can’t think of any experience that I need my humanity for at this point in my life, and would happily switch it in for vampirism this very day. I keep trying to convince the one vampire I have confirmed proof of, but he seems unwilling. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  23. HarlequinTwilight

    I would want to be stuck at like 23/24. I say that because you are still young enough to pass for anywhere from about 20 to 26/27. Most of the time you don’t physically change much in that time period as a human. So you have plenty of time to have the “young” fun party phase, and you can still pass for old enough to have a career and be taken seriously. So that’s where I’d want to be.

  24. Brogan

    I’m thinking that 23 would be a pretty fantabulous age….I’ve asked loads of people what age they liked the best, and that seems to be the general consensus. Not too old, but not young enough to be thought of as ‘too young’/irresponsible.

    But last year (during my final EVER set of high school exams) I spent ten whole mintues in my Art History exam thinking how fabulous it would be to be a vampire (because I would have been able to remeber EVERYTHING I was taught) before I realised that I should have been writing my essay.

  25. Samie

    well im 22. and 22 is good enough for me. this is my fav age by far. i dont know why it just is. and i would want to be frozen at this time cuz 22 is over any age limits. u wont have to worrie. lmao…

  26. Samie

    i would like to add. as someone said, it be awsome if u wrote what u think bella’s lullaby is. (like ur own version)

  27. Tegan C.

    Your chapter reviews are always the highlight of my days. . . well, of my nights I should say lol

    I think I would want to be changed in my early 20’s (maybe 22 or 23?), but if I look around 20 at 17 or 18, that would be good too. =) I would want to be changed at this age, because I would have matured, but I still have that small right to act just a little childish from time to time. I say that right now, but when the vampire’s teeth are about to cut through my skin, I’ll more than likely have second thoughts, because there are so many human experiences left unexplored. Since you asked right now, I would stick with my answer. =)

  28. Tracey (Australia)

    Good question…I’m thinking along the same lines as Freya (#7). Quite a bit of human life experience up your sleeve, but still young enough to probably pass for late teens. Something to consider if you were a vampire and wanting to stay in any one place for a decent length of time. Mind you, I was still scared of everything at 23 and didn’t really feel as though anyone took me seriously until I was 30. But you wouldn’t want to look 30 with a 17yo husband though, would you?

    Thanks for reminding me about shirtless Edward…gotta go back and review that bit again (and again…and again..)

  29. Sabrina

    My ideal age for transformation would be somewhere around 25. 29 tops. Many 25 year olds can still pass for high schoolers (just as the original cast of 90210) and yet don’t look out of place on a college campus or in a real career. Poor Edward looks so young that he can attain med degrees, but never practice. That would bug me to no end.

  30. Jacqueline

    I think I wouldn’t be as quick as Bella to be changed at 18. I’d say 20 or 21 at least.

  31. Kpucine

    That’s a good question. I think that if I’d have met my own Edward at 18, I’d have wanted to stay 18 forever, like Bella. But as 18 wasn’t really a good age for me (and as I didn’t meet any beautiful and perfect 18yo vampire)…
    Maybe between 20 and 25. It seems to be the best age : still looking young (at least, enough to go to high school for one or two years), but you are a bit more mature than when you were 18. You can also go to college, and even work (maybe not as lawyer or doctor, I admit).

  32. Gabby

    Bahahah. Your posts are wonderul. Its currently about six fourty in the morning, but guess what? Im not tired at all, thanks to this post! haha. OKAY. Hm. If I had to be turned into a vampire, and got to choose the age.. I think I would have to choose somewhere between 19 and 22. Like a few people said already, I would look young enough for high school, but not still be a child.

  33. Eve

    I hope you enjoy the rest of Breaking Dawn, it is by far my favourite!
    the latest comment i can see is 5.38am but its 11.42am in england so i guess it is round about quarter to 6 in the morning in america? i find that strange that we’re like living before you guys?
    aaaanyway, sorry i often babble on about nothing really in particular :)
    i would have to say that I would probably want to be changed into a vampire at about 18 as you can still go to school and uni and you can still work
    also, you will be an adult but still have that teenage rebelliousness so you can have fun whilst trying not to suck the blood out of humans!
    that’s a good question: if you were changed into a vampire, do you think you could and would you try to be a ‘vegetarian’ vampire?
    Again, hope you enjoy the book and carry on with your hilarious posts!

  34. Rakey

    Hmm… what age would I like to be stuck at forever?

    I really can’t say. I think it depends on my state in life. Like, at the current state of my mind, I’d really not like to be stuck. But maybe when things straighten out for me, *shrug*. In Bella’s situation, she’s deeply in love with this vampire and wants to be with him forever. So 18 was the right time for /her/.

    But for me, I think I’m going to have to say early 20s. If I had the choice of when, that is. If a vampire (namely, a Cullen) jumped into my kitchen right now and said “Hello, Rachel. I want to change you into a vampire”. I, first of all, would be like “ZOMG THERE’S A VAMPIRE IN MY HOUSE!!!” but then would remember that I do want to be a vampire (if it’s in SM’s sense of the being) and that this opportunity would likely never pass again. And that if I said “ZOMG EW NO WAI!” I’d likely be that vampire’s breakfast.

  35. Pragya

    hahahaha……….lol……..ur pics always leave me laughing hard……and oh puhleaseee!!!…its about time he was shirtless….that is the least he can do for bella………and the answer to the question…..i think carlisle and esme chenged at at the right time………..early twenties…….so even i say early twenties

    i hope you enjoy the book and carry on with ur amazingly hilarious posts

  36. Mattie

    hhhmmm in a way i supose i would like to be 18 (i’m 18 now) but i think in the end i would probebly go for 23. that is my perfect age. i think i would be mature enough to survive being a vampire without to many tantrums and well what a nice age really don’t u think? obviously as i’ve never been 23 the reality could be different but yes i think 23. And i agree with the ‘plz kaleb’ post that u should write a version of Bella’s Lulleby it would be very interesting. my favourate version is a river flows in you or well tbh i forgot it’s name i think that’s what it’s called.

  37. Hope

    I’ll be turning 18 in 3 days! So I can’t really say if I would want to be 18 forever…

  38. Andrea

    I am 19 at the moment and I am married and I have a 2 year old babay boy. I thought the piece from Edna St.Vincent Millay in the very biggining (opening for Bella’s book)was very appropriate, because maturity is not at a certain age, but at a certain point in your life. That point was set to be 18, but that is rarley so.
    an example is Kristen Stewart everyone that knows her says that she is mature beyond her years. So she is ready to be a vampire. When you reach that turning point, then I think you can make a fairly concious decision about whether or not you would like to live forever and leave behind the people you love(I dont know if alot of 40 year olds are ready for that decision.) SO there. Not at an age its at a turning point in your life that I think is a good time to decide about vampirism.

  39. Claire

    I’m actually really enjoying being a teenager. I’d have to say 16. I know it’s really young, and i’d probably change my mind every day, but we’re young and free and wild and i’d like it to stay that way.

  40. kassia

    I first of all wouldn’t want to be a vampire, it sounds terribly lonely and depressing. In the words of Dumbledore, who of course YOU wouldn’t know!! “Death is but the next great adventure.” Being human forever would be horrible.

    If I had to pick an age, it would probably be early to mid 20’s. You are still young, but you could go either way and be either a teenager (ala 90210 or Tom Welling in Smallville, who when he was 23 was playing 16 years old), or be an adult.

    btw the vampire toddler scares the crap out of me too. But only if the toddler was changed TO a vampire when they were that young. If they were a vamp to begin with… no, don’t try to figure out how that is possible. GAH get to reading so we don’t have to keep censoring ourselves!

    But I can’t imagine turning a toddler into a vampire. It’s supposed to be like completely and totally excruciating, and inflicting that much pain into a 2 year old would be terrible and completely heartless.

  41. kassia

    ohmygawd. I mean living forever would be horrible. Being human forever wouldn’t be possible.

  42. Twilight Guy Takes on Chapter 2 of Breaking Dawn « Spidurmunkey

    […] his full post here and make sure to check back to his site to see more of his takes on Breaking Dawn […]

  43. miller

    I think I would like to be 23.

  44. Becca Shmeka

    I’d say by the time I was thirty, depending if I aged well or not.

    I wouldn’t want people to think of me as 18 or even 21 forever. The older you look, the more respect you get. PLUS, no high school forever either.

  45. Poppy

    Ohhhh I Would Probably Say 22…. Yeah 22 way too tired to right anything else. Lol.

    I Think i might stop here so i dont spoil anything. Im half asleep it might happen.

    Bye xx

  46. megan c

    i think i’d like to be the age i am now…23. i’ve experienced more in life, also i would NEVER want to be stuck repeating high school over and over. lol. once was plenty. now college, i could be stuck there for awhile

  47. lorraine

    Forever 21 haha..if i had my way, i’d definitely wanna be a 15-yr-old forever cuz i can get away with being immature all the time :)

  48. gabby

    haha kaleb you’re in for a treat.

  49. Betsy

    23… You’re young but not too young. And no high school then, although admittedly, it’s something to do. I think it would be difficult constantly finding things to fill your time.

    Also, my daughter has the shirt that’s in the toddler vampire picture. It’s from Target.

  50. Michelle C.

    I read your Twitter message too late. Lol, I saw that I was typing ‘twilight’ instead of ‘twitter. I think 21 is the perfect age. But, I’d like to be stuck in 12, like I am now (well, i’m not stuck). There’s a lot of credits you can get frmo being a young genius! Like, Edward. Just YOUNGER.

  51. Pam

    I think I wouldn’t mind being forever 21-25. I’m nearly 21 and life’s pretty good.

  52. Mel

    Actually I like being a teenager but to stay 17 forever…I donยดt think I would stand this…. I think it depends on how you feel, how mature you are. I know people in the late 30ยดs and early 40ยดs and there sometimes much more like a child than me or my friends so… In my case I think something like 21. Not to old, not to young. Sometimes immature and sometimes really grown up ๐Ÿ˜‰
    But at whatever age s.o. is turned there always should be s.o. you love to share eternity with. So I donยดt think Bella will have any problems in being frozen at 18

  53. Heather

    I have to go fast because I have class in a few minutes.

    Kaleb, his shirt is on the floor because they were, um, canoodling, and sometimes when people canoodle a lot, their clothes come off. Didn’t your mommy and daddy ever tell you about this?

    I loved the conversation with your baby vampire sister. That is quite frightening. My mom has a daycare and one day while I was there, one of the kids took a toy from a girl The girl completely lost it and chased her around the room, clawing for her eyeballs. I had to grab her so she wouldn’t kill the other child and I got my face scratched up so bad that I started to bleed. I shudder to think what would’ve happened if I had started to bleed AND that girl was a vampire.

    I think 23 to 25 would be a good age to be turned. You would have just enough human experiences, but you would still look young. But if I was Bella, I wouldn’t wait. I would be changed ASAP so there wouldn’t be a huge gap between me and Edward. I get her POV.

  54. Amy V.

    I’m probably too old to post, but I’m gonna. I’m 39 and have 4 kids for Christ’s Sake! LOL! I just into the Twilight Saga after buying Twilight for my 13 yr old son at Xmas.

    OK- back on track- age of becoming a vampire. I vote 25-27 yrs old. Why? I was a young looking mid twenties gal, so you could pass for as young as 18 and as old as 30. You get to sow your human oats, get your fill of dance clubs, and establish some responsibility- KWIM?

    Anywhere over 35 is bad. The closer a lady gets to menopause, Wow! Watch out! LOL!

    Thanks for the site Kaleb (my 2nd son’s name BTW)! You have inspired my 13 yr old to not hide the fact that he reads Twilight!

  55. Victoria

    Yea! I was so happy when I saw the post!
    Ok… If I were to be turned into a vampire and be stuck at a certain age, I would choose to be… Hmmmmmm… probably 21 or 22. I want to have time to experience as much of human life that I can. Maybe if I was really in love, like Bella and Edward, I would maybe choose to be changed now at 18 also.

  56. Alisha

    I am 29 now and I actually had a bit of a breakdown when I turned 26. Something about not being 25 anymore really did me in. Now I am looking forward to 30, but if I had to be stuck at an age, I would want to be 25 forever. By then you are no longer looked on as the silly teenager but you are still young and vibrant. So, yeah, 25.

  57. Aimee Hadley

    I’d probably want to be 25. 18 wasn’t the best for me, I really didn’t see what others saw until my early 20’s. If you were turned at 18, you would be stuck going to high school for the rest of your life. Carlisle has it better with being able to be married, have a family and keep a job.

    But then again if the love of my life was eternally 17….that would be another story altogether.

  58. response

    25. i’m 23 now, but i wouldn’t want to stay at this age. something about being older seems to earn more respect. i don’t think i’d want to be young forever.

  59. Sveta

    i dunno. just a random question. why are all the comments labeled 1??

    im probably thinking 21, 22, or, 23.

    oh and kaleb, youre getting pretty close there with that island theory. are you suree youre not reading ahead??
    jk lol

  60. Megan

    If I were a vampire, I would want to be stuck at…20. I don’t know? It just sounds like a good age…hehe :)

  61. Megan

    Oh, and by the way, I’m 14 now. I guess it would be easier to choose if I’d actually lived more of a life…

  62. Rachel

    I would want to be stuck at 21. I started cracking up though when I saw the thing about 4 younger siblings – I have 3 younger brothers and a younger sister and me and the youngest are 5 years apart. They act like little monsters I cant imagine if they actually were =0

  63. genevievech81

    Well if I had to choose the age in which I would be turned into a vampire I definitely would not want to be a teenager (not my fondest memories), then my early twenties werenโ€™t so good either. I would have to say middle to late twenties. I am currently 27 and turning 28 later this year and the last couple of years have been the greatest.

  64. Reagan

    I’d want to be 23… not too old, but out of the horrible teenager stage.

  65. Reagan

    Oh, and 23 is just my favorite number…

  66. lovelain

    i’ve thought about this while reading the books. i happen to be right around the same spot as you in BD. i was horrified to read bella’s disgust @ ever being 30(in eclipse)…since i happened to have been reading that on my 30th bday.

    beyond that, based on the film’s representation of the characters: edward doesn’t look 17 anyhow.

    anyway, based on my own experiences, i would NEVER want to be stuck below the age of 25 or so. i don’t even take my friends that are under that age all that seriously. i guess being somewhere between 25 and 30 would be fine. although, i’m not sure that i’d want to be a immortal. on the one hand it would be great to have endless amounts of time study things…learn other languages, fields of study, travel everywhere, etc. i don’t like the idea of having no control over your own conclusion, though. the idea that after awhile you’d get tired of it all, but have no option to off yourself. hmm.

  67. Gothhic Goddess

    The age I have liked the most so far is 29. So that doesn’t seem like a bad age, and I would be happy to never reach that dreaded 30! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  68. Twilight Teacher (Erin)

    Being slightly older than most of your readers, (but still younger than a few!!!), I think my favorite year was when I was 23. But that really had nothing to do with my age, it was the events that happened that year. Does the number really matter? When I was 23, I was the same person as I was when I was 22 and 24. I’m the same person today at 25. The number is unimportant. Being 23 was my favorite year because I got married, got my first REAL job as a teacher and had my first classroom, bought my first house, etc. Now if I had done all those wonderful things at 18 or 38, that would probably be my favorite age or year. It’s not the age that makes life good or bad, it’s the events in that year. Maybe Bella wants to remain 17 because she was 17 when she met Edward and that’s her favorite time. But, that time has passed, she’s 18, and she’ll have other momentous years that will be even better than when she was 17.

  69. Beth

    I would want to be changed when I was 18. It seems perfect to be changed then.

  70. Minh Thu

    I’d love to be changed when I’m 21-25 years old. That’s when you can do things without the parents telling you NO.

    I don’t know how you can just read a chapter and then close the book. The suspense is always killing me!

  71. Janelle

    I’d want to be stuck in my early to mid-20s. No worries about silly schooling issues then, & pretty much total control of your life.

  72. Jen

    I completely agree a two year old vampire would be terrifying. As for your question I would want to be 25 I think, its a good age. Not too old and not too young. Having a decent amount of human experience yet not showing that many signs of aging yet. You could pass for someone in their late teens through early thirties allowing a large range of time to remain in a job or particular place.

  73. Hallie

    im not really old enough to know what age i would want to be stuck at, but i kno i would not want it to be one where i would have to keep repeating high school again like the Cullen kids! ughhh

  74. Tori

    I dont think i would really care what age i was as long as it was over 16. it would really suck to be turned and never be able to get ur drivers license. i think 17 or 18 or even 19 or 20 would be good

  75. Victoria

    From 18 to 23, or older.

  76. Johanna

    22, depending on how old I look.
    If I look too young, i’ll have to go to school over and over again. If I’m older I can do every job I want.

  77. annab

    21. After 21 you just start getting old.. It’s all down hill after that.

  78. dsolo

    Love Scottie McMullett – is that for real? Really love thirsty vampire toddler. Keep up the good work.

  79. Kristen

    i think in my early 20s

  80. Heather

    well, I’m around the same age as Bella, so I can totally see her POV. Sometimes, I don’t think I’d mind too much if I was turned into a vampire right now (and got to spend forever with Edward Cullen =D). But, the rational part of my brain tells me that, really, I’d want to wait until after a few years of college. So, I have to agree with most everybody else; 20-something is the ideal age…

  81. Sarah B

    I’m annoyed with your post :). So many people say that Bella will miss her friends and her family and that she is giving up her life for Edward (some people even go further and say this makes her a bad role model for girls). I think when this is said people are thinking of him or herself and not Bella. She doesn’t really have close friends or family. She has her parents but they both are fine without her (children leave home often around the age of 18). Bella is very self sufficient and LIKES being alone. She also didn’t get really close to any friend at Forks High School. Angela was the friend she was closest with and she hangs out with her once or twice outside of school. So I think Bella is perfectly happy to be with the Cullens for the rest of her human companions lives. Oh and there is always the telephone.

  82. ruthie

    don’t really wanna be a vampire becuase i’d feel restless all the time..no sleeping or eating..seriously?

    but if i don’t have a choice…i’d say 19-20.

  83. becky sue

    Comment # 68- Twilight Teacher (Erin) That is a great view of it! Really well thought out! :)

    And I’d want to be………25 or so.

  84. sara

    ummmmm i really dunno, but if a really, badly want to be a vampire i’ll pick 25,( i’m actually 22 right now) i think that people become more mature at that age, maybe a little wiser even, and take better decisions. But if you take Bella’s case it seems kind of right her choice, some times i think of her as a mature and free spirit, she doesn’t think like a teenager ( although that she make some mistakes of her own age).

    It was so damn funny the picture of 2 year baby vampire. There’s a lot to come in the next chapters, so much going on, i want to see what your going to think about them

  85. Becky

    I’d say 25, if I had to stay one age. Not too young, but not too old. But I think I’d get bored of living that long.

  86. Vanessa

    Umm… I think I’d like to be like 23 or 24… its kind of young, but its like the perfect age.

    Though I think i wouldn’t choose to be turned into a vampire. Being human is grat ๐Ÿ˜€

  87. Vanessa

    sorry… *great

  88. Soledad

    i think i would like to be 20 or 21 forever…i think that would be best

  89. Kristen C

    I think I would want to be 20 or 21. ๐Ÿ˜€


  90. Jennyluxx

    soooooo 23 it is! i had a hard time deciding but 23 seems right! not too young but old enough to not be asked for an ID but it could also be 25.
    since I am 19 but look 17… so at 23 I would look, 21…. lol

    anywhooo yes Edward is trying to show some skin finally!!! Learning from Jake lol

    =D had some laughs can’t wait for the next one!

  91. Megan

    Seventeen Forever :)

  92. jenb

    Love your comments again. I actually never thought of the fact that Edward had his shirt off he would be trying to be like Jacob. I just found it interesting considering he’d never done that before. You didn’t comment on Jasper & Emmett showing up. I found that funny & loved seeing Jasper being not so serious like he usually is.

    As for the question I think my present age of 24 would be good. You’re not too young that you couldn’t do anything, but not too old either.

  93. Paige

    As always, you crack me up! I could tell you were sleepy! =)
    I would wanna be turned into a vampire (by Jasper, preferably) at age 21. I will be 18 in 5 months, and frankly, turning 18 isn’t sounding as exciting as turning 21. After I have my big 21st birthday party in Vegas, I will have Jasper change me! LOL!

  94. Laura G.

    If you were turned into a vampire, what age would you want to be stuck in (any age, past present or future)?

    I would like to turn into a vampire at 21. It would suck to be 18 forever because you’d still have to stick to your age and still couldn’t do things that you could if you’re 21, ie… clubs or drinking (just off the top of my head). So either 21 or perhaps 23 would be my forever age. (Yes, I know. Forever 21… hahaha…)

  95. Meredith

    i wouldn’t mind being 18 forever… why go for 21, because when you’re a vampire, i dont think alcohol is bvery appealing. I mean, what’s wrong with being a teenager for eternity? Legally an adult, but still a teen. the main advantages of being 21 are lost when you become a vamp. [and if you want to go clubbing, fakes ID’s work ;)]

  96. Cara

    I have no idea… I’m only 13, so I don’t know what being older is like :)

  97. E

    To answer your question, probably 25. Good round number.


  98. Vitaani

    I would like to stay 21-ish forever (if I absolutely had to live forever that is). I would be able to pass as young enough to be in high school (I am 16 and still get childrens menus for kids 10 and under handed to me at restaurants), and I could be old ebough to be in college and get a decent job when I’m done. I could stay in one place for quite some time, and wouldn’t have to move every 4-6 years like the Cullens. That means I could see any friends I happened to make for a little longer and, if I really pushed it, attend a 10-year reunion or two as a “27” year old.

  99. E

    Two-year-old vampires… ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  100. Marie

    i wish i could be turned into a vampire in 4 years because then i would be 18 and 18 forever would be CRAZY!!

  101. Chloe Cullen

    Haha I like your 2-year-old vampire story ๐Ÿ˜€

    For the question.. I’m still a teenager, but I probably wouldn’t want to be stuck where I am right now. Probably early 20s, so I could pass as an older teen or a young adult, and either go to school or work. But if the guy I love actually loved me back, right now wouldn’t be so bad either *sigh*

  102. Danielle P

    sheesh you are some kind of psychic!
    i love your reviews, they always make me laugh =]

    as for the question. i’d probably want to be stuck at 21, so i could pass as a young one or older =]

  103. Angeliss

    There’s been some research that the brain keeps developing until about 25, so I say that mentally, that’s where I’d want to be. Physically, I’d like to be a bit younger, mostly because people think I’m older than I am. And as a vampire, I think I’d be taken as older. When someone intimidates you, when they seem uptight and hang out by themselves, like the Cullens do, most people would guess them to be older.

    Although, I have to say… Vampirism is not my preferred state of being. I like sleep. I like the idea of growing older, believe it or not. And I like being human and me, which I’d lose something of along the way.

    And I know you are probably really busy… but I agree with #9. XD

  104. MNR

    I would say I wouldlike tro be stuck at 25. What I would miss as a vamp is getting my drank on, and sleeping. Everything else they seem to be able to do.

  105. Nicole

    I’d like to be stuck right here at 24. I’ll be 25 the end of this year and would like to not age beyond that lol…every woman’s dream lol. I think Bella gave it all up too soon too but I suppose it made sense in Stephenie’s world.

    I cant wait for you to get through the next section of BD…I know those post are bound to be hilarious lol.

  106. Krista-la

    Ha ha. Next chapter…
    *runs away*

    My friends and I have all Bern giggling in anticipation for you to read the next few chapters.

    As for the question, I’m not even going to bother going in to much detail. My answer is basically the same as everyone else’s (early 20’s). I have to wonder though, what would a senior vampire look like? Although I adore Stephenie Meyer, she does seem to like writing mostly about young, beautiful people with wisdom and intelligence beyond their years. (Egads! That sounds like criticism! I may have to excommunicate myself from the Church of Twilight!) So, if I’m not mistaken, there are no vampires in the book that are even CLOSE to their forties, let alone sixties. I’ve just always wondered what unattainable beauty would look like for an older person.

    By the way Kaleb, GET SOME SLEEP!

  107. Krista-la

    Wait, what the heck?! Bern?! Stupid iPod keyboard.

  108. tina

    25 would have been a good age to stop at!! However, Edward is forever 17, so I can see the sense of changing at 18.

    I do think some of the vampires in this book are a little older. Can’t say more, or I”ll spoil you…

    Read fast!! I’m dying to hear your thoughts on the coming chapters!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  109. Erica

    hahahaha, your posts are always hilarious!! i always smile when i read them. lol

    i would want to be around 20 give or take if i ever became a vampire. :)

    you need to read fast, soo i can read your thoughts. hahaha

  110. BrooklynBridges

    Lol, I LOVE the scottie mcmullett thing. and why do all “adult novels” have half dressed people on them? Not even photographs, just creeper drawings! It’s like porn or something! (not that porn is bad…)
    But i think i would want to be somewhere between 22 or 26 because 18 is still really young, but i wouldn’t want to be too old.

  111. BrooklynBridges

    P.S. Thank you so much for picking that song, because i went to listen to it and realized it’s the one my ex-boyfriend kept singing and it’s been stuck in my head for about a year! none of my friends knew it and it was a messy breakup so i could’nt ask him…

  112. Samantha aka nessiecullen :P

    I think that I would want to be in my twenties. That way I could either go to High School, College or get a full time job and i’m not stuck at one point of my life. Unlike the Cullens however, I would much rather repeat college because you can learn literally ANYTHING, have great collegeske fun and meet great people without the teenaged dramaz. That right- dramaz.

  113. Brianna

    Seventeen…its my favorite year so far…there were no worries, few responsibilities, and it was the year I found Twilight! ๐Ÿ˜€ <333333

  114. Melissa (melissaturkey)

    Ok so the evil vampire toddler baby picture with funky eyebrows is seriously creeping me out! lol
    anyway….being a vampire…If I were to turn into a vampire I think that I would like it to be sometime in my twenties because lets face it, any earlier and you would have to go to high school to blend in if you wanted to stay in one place and you couldnt really get to great of a job because what good-paying job would hire a teenager? And thats only if you wanted to stay in one place and get what you needed fairly, you could be evil and run around and kill people and take what you wanted but who honestly wants that? So I would have to say I’d at least like to be in my mid-twenties, you’d have the never-ending youth thing but you could take care of yourself and have more human maturity under your belt.
    But thats even if I wanted to become a vampire and I dont really think thats something I would really choose unless I knew with absolute certainty that I would have people who matter around me to share eternity with. Because I would be quite afraid to spend all that limitless time just by myself. I’d get really lonely and I also would hate to not be able to sleep, I would get so restless and crazy, of course this is only pretaining to SM’s vampires, if I was any other vampire and had to sleep during the day….well I think there’s alot I would miss out on in the day, there would be that longing to go out and explore a certain aspect of life that I couldnt grasp. And theres the blood thing…I dont know about that either, of course being a vampire you would have to like blood but…killing people and well that whole aspect of being a vampire is not apealing to me.
    now if I could live forever with the people I love and not be a vampire, just quit aging at about 25 and live forever with people I care about that way, I do it in a heartbeat, especially if, even with living forever I could still be “human” and not give up anything assosiated with that, but thats just me ๐Ÿ˜€


  115. Aria

    I agree and say that 21 is a pretty kickin’ age to be at. Not like I’m livin’ life in the fast lane or nuthin, just a good age to stay at.

  116. Elizabeth

    “What would really be wrong with getting a deserted island and just living there with the person you love, without ever having to deal with anyone else or the mundane problems of the world?”

    Hehe, Kaleb, you will remember this line.

  117. catherine

    you are such a funny guy! thanks for your insight too. i found your blog through stephenie meyer’s website and glad i clicked on it!

    i am right up there with Amy #54. but i started late with kids, so i am 37 with one 3 yr old, been married 12 years. i actually disagree with a lot of your fans about ideal age. i agree my skin looked a little better when i was 21, but in every other aspect, i feel like i am a lot more attractive now than at 25. as much as i dreaded 30, i am having a great time in my 30ies, and learning a lot about myself and my husband. loving my crazy little 3yr old! allowed me to completely identify with Rosalie’s initial negativity. plus, something about my face changed in a way that was very positive too, not sure if it is just losing the last bit of baby fat, or just being really sure of who i am and what i am capable of, but i like my 30ies! :) i vote for 35. i do agree that immortality sucks in a lot of ways, but if I had to go, i’d take my hubby with me and pick 35. :)

  118. devz30

    I’d choose around 20s. I wouldn’t want to be a vampire though. .. But not because I hate sleep or don’t like vampires. I just don’t want to live forever, while people around me die. ^_^ It’s such a sad thing.

  119. YetAnotherTwilightFan

    I would want to be 18 forever! Because I loved being 18! I didn’t want to get any older but the inevitable happened & I got older! I am enjoying my present age but if I was going to live forever, I would want to be forever 18! ;D

  120. Steph

    Ah, crap. I didn’t check the site yesterday. Dammit. I’m officially the slowest commenter ever.

    I’m feeling too lazy to make witty remarks about your post, so I’ll just answer the question.

    This is actually an awesome question. I was just discussing this with a friend a few days back. I’m thinking mid 20s. Old enough to have a career and not have to go to high school. I mean, Carlisle is supposed to have trouble with his age, since he’s so young for his prowess as a doctor. It’d be nice to still be young, but not too young.

  121. Tara.Seanan

    I don’t want to be a vampire. I have absolutely no urge to live forever. However, if I had to choose, probably around Carlisle’s age. Young enough to be forever youthful, but old enough to be treated as a mature, responsible adult, and NOT have to repeat high school over, and over, and over again.

  122. NancyB

    Thinking with a human mind,I agree about the age thing. Of course I guess they don’t have to worry about the drinking age…and they can get fake ID and have the money to do whatever they want…so does it really matter???

  123. Albiku

    God, your site has more and more comments each new post you write.

    About your question, I wouldn’t want to be a vampire. I would love to be a werewolf though… They don’t age either, but they seem to be 25 more or less. That’s the best age to be stuck, I think. So yeah, I wanna be a werewolf. lol

    Let’s see what happens in the wedding!

    Talk to you soon!

    P.S. Ha, Edward wants to mimic Jacob… But Jacob is waaay better built, so… lol

  124. Jackie

    lol. It’s funny, I was suprised about Edward being shirtless too. It like came out of no where. But yeah, I found it extremely funny that Emmett and Jasper came to pick him up, so he wouldnt get out of it.
    Now to the question. I really dont know. I tend to run away from questions like this whenever it comes up (since getting hooked on Twilight, this question has been everywhere). I wouldnt know what age to be frozen at. It’s kind of a scary thought to think about it. But I guess like everyone else has said, probably around Carlisle and Esme’s age. They have enough pros and cons to balance it out. Someone mentioned before me that if you were stuck at Edward or Alice’s age you would probably be seen as a child still, which is true and state a good point. But I really wouldnt know. I dont have enough experience to know what age, I would like to be frozen at. So far I havent had a best year of my life. So I dont know!
    Also I agree with you. Although I am not eighteen yet. I still think that it wont be as epic as everyone makes it out to be.

  125. Amanda

    I’m 23 now and I’m at a really good place in my life so I would like to stay this age forever. And I think I would be able to go through some high school, at least the last two years, but still get through college which was much more fun.

    But I think you’re underestimating the reasons that Bella is being changed. She has said several times that she’s not just getting Edward, she’s getting an entire family. Yes eventually she will have to stop speaking to her parents and some of her friends, but Alice, Emmett and the rest will all be there. Even Jacob has the option to not age so if they can work out their problems she won’t loose him either. To me it makes the choice a lot easier.

  126. Twihard_Fanpire

    21 maybe early 22
    you have finished school, maybe in college maybe not.
    you are legal!
    you dont have to keep on graduating high school.. go out get a job… get a new job everytime you change places!
    I’d be about 21 forever… but if i was with jasper, i wouldnt care how old… as long as i had him!

  127. Faye

    I would be around 19 or 18.


  128. Julie

    I would definitely want to be stuck at age 21. At this point in your life, you have no age-related limitations to you (you can drink, get married, vote, etc.) However, you are not yet restrained by the mundane “real world adult life”, because (at least in my case) you’d still be in college. Not a bad deal, I’d say.

  129. Olivia Pace...um...i mean...Cullen

    21, u don’t have any limitations when it comes to the law, u can drive, vote, drink but that doesnt really matter when ur a vampire. ๐Ÿ˜›

    I’m twelve now so i cant do anything :(

  130. NoodleWolf

    23. Without a doubt.

  131. Talkerwolf

    21 then I can do anything I want and still be young ๐Ÿ˜€ And everyone makes being 21 sound so cool, I don’t know yet though.

  132. Ashley Phelps

    I would want to be around 22 I think. I wouldn’t be a teenager anymore but still young!

    Breaking Dawn is my favorite book of the Twilight Saga!!! Happy Reading!!

  133. Dessie Mac

    Lol. I would want to be frozen at the age of…um…21. I want to be able to enjoy the joys of drinking forever. =D Even if I won’t really be able to enjoy it, at least I got to try it before I was frozen as a vamp.

  134. Linnee

    YAY keleb!
    you’re finally back xD
    AHAH. i almost had a nervous breakdown.
    just kidding xD

    answer to your question: 19
    ’cause you’re old enough and not to young ๐Ÿ˜€
    its hard to explain. :S

  135. Twilight Slovenia » Somraฤne novice

    […] Twilight Guy je prebral 2. poglavje knjige Breaking Dawn (Long Night). […]

  136. Matt Urdan

    I’d probably want to be changed around the age of 30 or so. You still have your looks, you’ve finished school, you’re out in the real world. Of course, you could always go back for whatever advanced degree you wanted, you could have any career you wanted, any lifestyle you wanted.

  137. Emily

    funny. you think you had it bad.
    I grew up with three younger sisters, yes, but i also had to stand the three older sisters above me and a brother whom i hate so very much. i see your point about the vampire toddlers, but what about vampire 10 year olds…just as bad!!

  138. cece

    I’m 18 right now, and I’d love it if I could stay 18 forever, just like Bella. I could do 19 though, because for some reason, that just seems like the perfect age.
    Edward with his shirt off? I’m sure Bella probably just ripped it off. (I would have if I were her anyway.) Covering that up would be like painting over the Mona Lisa.


  139. Laura

    It’s funny how I started reading the saga waaaaayyy later (March this year) than you did and now I’m already ahead of you (on chapter 30 of BD). I bet I’m normally even slower and lazier reader than you are but what can I do when Steph has created so wonderful series.

    It’s been a great journey, reading your thoughts chapter by chapter while I’m going through them myself. I actually found this site after I’d finished Twilight and then read all your posts about it. After that I just went on reading and had to check back here between chapters. Now I’ve read every single post you’ve wrote about reading the books. Feels weird that you’re lagging me now and I can’t read your thoughts immediately after a chapter. I notice now how slow you read ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Anyways, I just wanted to say thanks for keeping up this blog. You got one more reader for your upcoming book.

    Cheers, L

  140. tyabelle

    before my next birthday would be great… then i will have graduated high school and still be 18.

  141. Katy

    Twenty-three or twenty-four would be my pick. Young enough to look college age but old enough to pull off near thirty.

  142. Sam

    ahahah, loved your comment on the two year old vampire and edward being shirtless ๐Ÿ˜€
    and as for the question…i’m only 16 so i don’t even know what it’s like to be 18 (bellas age) yet so it would be a tough call. but i do know that i would NOT want to be stuck at 16 forever… no way..no one takes you seriously and its just a really awkward time. if i had to choose i would probably say someone in between 19 and 23..not too old but not too young. can’t wait for you to read the next few chapters!!!

  143. Sam

    **i meant someWHERE in between 19 and 23 :)

  144. rach

    God, i swear you are psychic sometimes. About that deserted island thing….(you’ll have to find out for sure yourself!)

    And i know you may not agree, but Edward can be shirtless in my bed any time :)

  145. Fern :D

    Ive Not Even Read Breaking Dawn Yet, And Your Making Me Want To, Darn My Friend That Wont Give Me The Book, Darn, Darn, DARN!!!

  146. jade:D

    im 12 and would HATE to be stuck here forever, nobody thinks you can do anything, when in actual fact, you know more things than them! id say 20-22 would be the perfect age, you can vote, drive and wouldnt have to do high school over and over!

  147. Stephanie

    I find it so funny that you mentioned a deserted island… lol
    Anyway, I think I would like to be stuck at an age around 21 or maybe a little older. I loved high school but I would not want to keep repeating it over and over again! I’d much rather just keep going to college and get to study lots of different things. I’m 18 now and it’s a pretty good age but I’d rather be older if I were going to be stuck like that for enternity. =]

  148. Kelly

    I think 17 would have been a good age to be, forever. It was by far my favorite age, but I’m a few years too late… then again, 23 would be a nice age to be stuck at, too. :)

  149. o_0~MeGaN~FaYe~0_o

    I think maybe 22….its not too young….but you could still always be an adult, instead of having to go through high scholl over and over and over again.

  150. Yen

    hmm… i think seventeen would be a good age. i mean, it wasnt my best year, but it wouldnt stay that way. seventeen, you’re young enought to still get away with things, and almost legal. i digg that. gotta run, but i say seventeen
    “seventeen forever”- metro station

  151. Colleen

    I would like to be turned at 24. It’s not too old but not too young either. plus i look young for my age so i’ll be able to stay in the same place for awhile.

  152. stini

    sometime after after high school. i don't know what exact age yet. i would choose after high school cause i would wanna go through those experiences first(like bella)

  153. Laurik

    uhm…i'm in the last year of highschool now and i have exams and i hate it because a have a lot to study but i think this the age i would like to get stuck 18 almost 19.when u're a vampire u don't have to study for the exams especially if u are edward ๐Ÿ˜€ when u're 18-19 u can say u have any age between 15 and 22 ..i can :)i saw girls that are 15 and they are looking like 18and girls that have 20 and look like 16 or smth like this.
    so this is a great age!

  154. Laurik

    actually your parents will always see u like a child and they'll try to be protectibe.u have to show them that u are responsible and that they should stop treating u like a child….i'm 18 and my parents are trying to control me and protect me but i say to them that i can take care of myself and i have brain…i can think my own…

  155. Tianna

    Future. Personally, I would think around 16 years old. I'm taller than a lot of girls my age, and I've already been mistaken for older than 17 (I don't really see how, though, considering I'm only friggin' 14!). 16 could pass for any age in high school, I would pass for middle if I wanted. I could easily get a job, maybe make my way through college (who says you can't be a prodigy?) and be able to be as immature as I want. I've been told I have the mentality of a four year old at times, it's so easy to keep me amused.

  156. kyliesmiley222

    as for this age question i think between the ages of 16 and 18 because that way you are not as likely to have children to leave behind.

  157. tia_jb10

    i would want to be 17 or 20. 17 beacuse im 17 now and so is edward lol or 20 because im old enough so i can be on my own and young enough to stay beautiful lol

  158. Thomas Jefferson

    If I was in a situation like Bella's, I would want the same as she wants. I would probably only want to be a vampire if I had someone to spend my eternity with, and I would want to be around 17 years old. I probably would want to be in the exact same position as Bella and want what she wants: I would want to meet the vampire I would spend eternity with while I was human, spend some time human with them, then become a vampire (around the age of 17). UGH!! Okay, I'll try to stop confusing you now because I'm confusing myself. All in all, I want to be Bella.

  159. melody

    i would want to be stuck at forever seventeen

  160. melody

    i would want to be stuck at forever seventeen

  161. Emma

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