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What R U Saying: Pirates, twilihgters, and an autografh

April 20th, 2009 at 12:05 am by Kaleb Nation

WHAT A RIP OFF.I searched 4 TWILIGHT the book, not this f***ing s***! Who the f*** CARES what u thank of twilight? I searched 4 TWILIGHT, and if u r not posting the book chapters 2 read then u shud NOT put ur site on google. AGAIN WHAT A RIPOFF.

Apologies to the above for not illegally pirating text of Twilight and posting it on my site. Out of anything in the world, I would most enjoy a multi-million dollar lawsuit brought against me by Little Brown.

KALEB SO NO OFFANCE BUT WHY DO U TALK ABOUT YOUR FREAKKIN BOOK WE DON’T CARE ABOUT IT SO SUT UP KAY? this is a TWILIGHT sight notKALEB NATIONS ITE u shold only tALK ABOUT STEPHANIE MEYER OR ROB OR TWILIGHT, nobodoy even CARES about your book. I mean come ON. AND u are taking F***KING 4EVER to read, why dont u stop making cupid videos and READ BREAKINGDAWN okay? no offence btu u need too finish.BTW jus becus i am saying this to u, i still want in yr contest 4 the Rob autograph k, I can have an opinion because its mine so i still want to win. but realy, stop about yr book or u will make me and a bunch of REAL TWILIHGTERS mad.

I would like to publicly apologize to all ‘REAL TWILIHGTERS’ out there, who I incite to such anger. Also, I don’t have any clue what a cupid video is…

u suck. get a real job. real men dont read twilight. u r probly just lazy and sitting in front of a computer screen all day. nobody will buy yr book becus u suck ***khead


OMG Im srry 4 my email erlier! Can I PLEAS HAVE A ROBERT PATTINSON AUTOGRAFH?! I LOVE HIM since harry potter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! […]


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  1. Icy Topaz

    It's sad how many people out there have absolutely no clue about life, what it's about, and how to communicate. I pity them enormously. How did they even manage to wake up and type an email to you, anyway? It's a freaking miracle they haven't starved to death, because they don't know how to feed themselves. Maybe their mother helps them? I don't know. Stupid People, the Mystery of the Universe.

  2. Ashley

    Wow. Are these people drunk when they type this stuff? The third one was the funniest. And I haven't the slightest idea what a cupid video is either.

  3. Cindy

    lmao! wow. are there people really that retarded?

    dear lord…

    but entertaining all the same :)

    P.S I can't wait for your book Kaleb!

  4. Steph

    Ahaha. Damn you, Kaleb! Why on earth wouldn't you post the actual book instead of your thoughts, which I personally find much more interesting? It's just bad planning on your part. I mean, imagine, having a blog on the internet? You are a disgrace. *shakes head sadly*

    Hm. Have you ever made a video containing cupid? Because that would explain a lot.

    Aw, don't worry, Kaleb. I care about your book. πŸ˜€

    Now, these are some real Twilihgters, right? They deserve the Rob autograph.

    Keep posting these. They are hilarious.

  5. Jo

    I'm more surprised at the comments that state things like “DIIIIIEEEE IN A FIERY PIT KALEB!!!!” and then ask for a Rob autograph right afterwards. Just wow is all I have to say.
    Though, the comment probably should have been spelled wrong, but I won't attempt to re-do it cause my mind likes to use proper English~

    And although this is a Twilight blog, I think since you are the creator of this blog, it kind of entitles you to state whatever you feel like stating right? Cause I mean, it's your blog. Just stating that out in the open… xp

    Keep these up Kaleb, they are freaking hilarious!

  6. Amanda

    OMG. All of these are amazingly horribly entertaining. It's a good thing you apologized to all of the 'REAL TWILIHGTERS' out there. I've heard they can be quite vicious.

    As for the Twilighters, I think we can all say keep up the good work. This site is one of my favorites because of the obvious thought you put into each chapter post. I, for one, will be sad when you're done Breaking Dawn.

    As for you cross posting about your book, you deserve to as it's pretty exciting news. :) I can't wait to read it!

  7. Melissa

    The first person is just ridiculous for thinking they are going to find a full text version on Twilight (or most any book for that matter) on a website. Who wouldn't enjoy a multimillion dollar lawsuit from a publishing company?! lol.

    The second person was my favourite. “this is a TWILIGHT sight notKALEB NATIONS ITE” Actually, this site is just that – Kaleb Nation's site! And not that I'm trying to make a generalization, but I think a lot of people who visit here are interested in how Kaleb's book is going and are supporting him in his goals regarding that! And this person also needs to realise that you have a life outside of this particular blog and be patient while you read Breaking Dawn!

    I can't even talk about the third person. I just can't. It's too ridiculous.

    If laughter is the best medicine, you must always be in exceptionally good health and spirits Kaleb, because I'm certain you must laugh buckets reading the epic hate mail that you receive.

  8. Amybobamy

    I like your videos, even though they may or may not have cupids in them. Maybe you should make a cupid video. I'm just saying. I don't mind hearing about your book. Thanks for the good times Kaleb.

  9. vanesa

    hahahahaha… i think that's all i can say… i mean the nerve to talk about your stuff on your web site… how dare you?!

  10. Tianna

    lawls. Sometimes, I wonder about how far humanity has really evolved on Earth. Are scientists aboslutely positive that the monkey isn't smarter than we are?

  11. Rach

    Wow! there are some really stupid people out there. I like that the real TWILIHGTER couldn't even spell Stephenie's name – obviously a dedicated fan! But the third one just too unbelievable!

    These posts remind me of that movie Idiocracy with Luke Wilson (very funny you should watch it if you haven't already) Its scary that people that stupid actually exist! Scary but true.

    Keep posting these Kaleb – they are hilarious! And rest assured that anyone with half a brain thinks your great and this site rocks. I am totally buying your book when it comes out!

  12. lorraine

    wuahahahaha….the last email really cracked me up…thanks for sharing this wid us =)

  13. Kylie


    I love how they only like you when you're giving Robert Pattinson autographs away. Sheesh…

  14. J

    Haha oh how I weep for humanity

    congratulations on the book Kaleb!!

  15. Link

    These are so funny. But in my opinion, I think Kaleb has every right to talk about his book here. I know how hard it is to get where he is now (because I haven't got that far), and so he deserves a chance to celebrate and tell the world about his achievement, and if that means making a post about it, then so be it. Keep going Kaleb! I look forward to reading BH:TFC.
    On a side note, I think it's hilarious that one of them put “Rob” in as a valid discussion topic, alongside Twilight and Stephenie Meyer.

  16. Nicole

    These are all so hilarious! I especially love your comment about a lawsuit from Little Brown :) You are wonderful Kaleb!

  17. Rakey

    Gosh Kaleb! They're right! This site is SO stupid! You should totally stop posting stuff about your book and instead of writing very amusing chapter summaries, just post the whole chapters! And I lied the other night, when I said that I'm going to both pre-order Bran Hambric AND buy it at the store, because why would I do that? I mean, nobody cares about your book.

    Okay, now for the serious part of my comment:

    I think a cupid video is a video that makes you fall in love. Either that, or one that sticks you with a sharp arrow *ouch!*

    I adore how that person mentions that real “twilihgters” don't want to hear about your book. I'm a real Twilighter through and through and I love hearing about your book. (how much do you want to bet that that emailer is also extremely angry at Stephenie for DHN? And I couldn't help but notice they misspelled Stephenie.) But, like, hate to break it to that person, but the world a) doesn't revolve around Twilight and b) doesn't revolve around them. This is you blog and you can put whatever you d*mn-well please on it. If you decided that tomorrow, you wanted to post random pictures of vegetables in random places (at the movies, on the moon, etc), we can't stop you. It's your blog.

    And why is it that none of these people ever can speak English? I mean, when I read your comments, everyone's comments are easy to read and understand. But haters can never type in anything resembling our language.

    But still, I don't think any of these can live up to “jon ass brothers 4 evar”. That was just too funny.

  18. bloodnoir

    Wow, these people give twilight fans a bad name. Heck, they give humanity a bad name. I, for one, am completely intrigued by your book and am counting down the days until Sept. and I consider myself an almost obsessive twilight fan, so at least that one statement has been debunked. LOL.
    As to the posting of actual chapters online…talk about copyright infringement, huh? I love hearing your thoughts on each chapter and I'm glad that you are reading it slowly as it makes it last longer. It will be a sad day when you hit the epilogue
    As for the lazy comment *grumbles* your life seems pretty darn full. Half of the time I wonder how you manage so much in addition to college.
    Good luck on your finals. Mine are in two weeks, so I feel your pain.
    And don't let these uncouth idiots get to you, they aren't worth it. But hey, you know you're famous once you start getting this kind of mail, right?

  19. Corinne

    haha. kaleb, these people are hilarious. dont listen to them.
    if anything i care about you book. so they are wrong right away. and i think its funny you are putting these up. just so we can laugh at them.

    i hope your excited for you book? i am. :)

    p.s i love your videos, and plaid shirts. :)


  20. Alli

    People are such idiots, and sad thing is that they probably think they sound smart in these emails. As for the second message, don't listen to her. I love hearing about your book and I can't wait to buy it. I know it will be great.

    And your videos are awesome too.

  21. Rigby9091

    I'm beginning to see the link between illiteracy and raging stupidity. I can also only assume that no one writing in hate mail has firefox or any kind of spell check at all. Or maybe they dig the majority of their words being underlined in red, perhaps thinking it's there to emphasize their anger?

  22. Ashley K

    haha…that's exactly what i was thinking, Icy Topaz! Kaleb, Somewhere there's an angry chimp in a lab writing you hate mail because i didn't think humans could be so disgusting. I am very excited about your book and i love your blog, so whoever wrote those ridiculous emails can shove it cause they need lives.

  23. Rachel M.

    Oh, the ignorance of the illiterate haters.
    Don't you just love it when they spell “Twilight” incorrectly? :)

    The last one would have to, by far, be the most amusing. This person dares to call you lazy, yet all of your fans here haven't the slightest idea when you make time for sleep. Then she (I'm guessing it's a she) goes back and asks for an “AUTOGRAFH.”

    And of course I'll buy your book. I've been excited to read it for quite a while now!
    -Rachel :)

    (On a side note, maybe you should put a little cupid in the corner of your next video. Then we can all laugh at that, too.)

  24. Rebecca

    WOW! People are so mean! I hope you have a much thicker skin than I because I felt like crying for you after reading some of that stuff. Anyhoo…just thought I would let you know that SOME of us appreciate the news about your book. I'm planning on buying it which I probably wouldn't have done had I not found this site. So keep up the good work Kaleb and know that most of us love you. :)

  25. tayjei

    Some people are just so special. Kaleb, your site is great! And the best part is… it's YOUR site… so go with what you feel. Twilight Guy is a breath of fresh air in a world full of repetitive Twilight gossip sites.

    Hope the haters don't keep you from having a wonderful day!

    P.S. I love hearing about your book and I can't wait to read it :)

  26. Olivia S

    Jeez! That was a little funny. A little.
    Don't listen to them, Kaleb. You rock, and I cannot wait for Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse to come out!

  27. Aria


    OH humans. Kaleb, if it'll make you feel any better I'm looking forward to you books, and everytime I see a chapter update by you I can't wait to read your opinions. I've been late to work a few times cause there was an update.

    Also, to whoever wrote that second note. You may have your opinion but we sure as hell don't want to hear it. Especially if you're a bitch,

  28. Megs in NC

    Dont listen to the haters Kaleb (I never assumed you would but hey sometimes it can get to a person). You have all of us here who adore you and can't wait another second to read your book. Its sad sometimes how people will assume the identity of all Twilight Fans and then proceed to be awful human beings, its why there is the amount of stigma in the world associated with being a Twilighter (ie that we are all immature tween girls who dont have their heads screwed on correctly). Good luck with everything and I must request that you do not ruch through Breaking Dawn, I want you to stick around as long as possible as our favorite Twi-Guy.

  29. cnfac

    Lmao. I love the REAL TWILIHGTERS [or how the bloody hell he or she spelled that] Comment. Seriously that kind of stuff is what fueled Twilightsucks.com I thought that people on that site were just trying to find a reason to make fun of the Twilight nation but I didnt think till now that it was an serious issue.

    And Kaleb, We all love you and I for one can't wait for your book to come out. If all you can care about IS Twilight, and you can't get your hopes up for another great author to come, you have no life. Fur Real.

    Also I love the last one. It's proof that people just surf the net for Twilight related things and go: “Oh. God. A guy talking about Twilight. What a fag. Time to send him hate mail because I have absoulty no life.” Then they actually check out your website and see that you are awesome with giving stuff away that inculde Rob's John Handcock. I would bet my life earnings that the person that wrote that was one of the People who send Robert Pattinson bags of Hate mail and then realized how sexy he was.


  30. Anna_Loves_TWILIGHT

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Twilihgter? How is that even supposed to be pronounced??

    I translated the second one!! (and i feel so smart!):

    So, no offence, but why do you talk about your freaking book? We don't care about it! So shut up, okay? This is a Twilight site, not a Kaleb Nation site. You should only talk about Stephenie Meyer, Twilight, or Robert Pattinson. Nobody even cares about your book. I mean, come on! And you are taking f***ing forever to read the books! Why don't you stop making stupid videos and read Breaking Dawn? Okay? No offence, but you need to finish. And by the way, just because I am saying this to you doesn't mean I do not want to enter your contest for the Robert Pattinson autograph. I can have this opinion, it's mine. But I still want to win! But really, stop about your books or you will make me and a bunch of other real Twilighters mad.

    Now, isnt that easier to understand?

    The first one was beyond belief. I mean, just buy the book if you want to read it.

    And the third one. HILARIOUS.

  31. Kathleen

    hahahahahahahahahaha! my goodness how rude! true twilighters don't behave as such. πŸ˜‰


  32. MACELA

    ok, i have to say the last one was my fav
    thair like babies, they cry untill u give them what they want
    but really this is why i ill say im not a fan at times, most think we are like that, and hate us for it

  33. Erinn

    I quite enjoyed reading the second one and seeing that the 'real twilihgter' spelled Stephenie's name wrong. That is one of my biggest pet peeves ever.

    I would have to be a vampire to find time to get all of the stuff done that you do Kaleb. I mean, geez half the time I forget you're in school.

    Reading hatemail like that lowers your IQ but boosts your self esteem. I wish I was cool enough to get hatemail like that. Seriously, I would have a blast replying to it.

  34. Meghan

    People frighten me. Especially those kind of people.

    I love how they are trying to tell you how to run your website, call you rude names and then apologize because they want to be in your contests :) They sound like five year olds. Seriously. At least…that's the only age I remember ever meeting people who were like that or acting like that myself.

  35. Lauren

    Oh gosh. Kaleb, I love hearing about your book! It must be so exciting, and I can't wait to read it! Thank goodness you don't listen to these haters.

  36. person

    these are so ridiculous that I often wonder if they are real, haha “cupid video”

  37. Meghan

    Oh yeah…

    …the person who said it was not a Kaleb Nation site should probably check the banner (and I'm sure a few other places on the site). It says Kaleb Nation. And he created the site. And yes, some people actually care about his books.

    And also, it bugs me when people call themselves “true” Twilighters. There is no such thing as a “true” fan. If you like the books or movie, you're a fan. It's just lame that people think you can't be a real fan because you don't have the same opinion as them.

    Okay, all done :)

  38. APillowBiter

    I do enjoy your site and love the give-aways.

    I love the Twilight series and really… I can't wait to read your book. :)

  39. Kathryn

    I really hope people like that don't win!
    how ridiculously rude and uncalled for! don't mind them, kaleb, we love you :]

  40. Rachel


  41. FictionsMyReality

    I wish I had a reason to get hatemail like that…It would give me something to laugh at during my spare time. *sigh* but I guess I shall just sit back and read all those ridiculous emails that you get..
    I find it funny how pretty much all of the hatemail you've posted have really bad spelling/grammar (not like my spelling isn't all that great, either, but it's better than theirs..0.o..)
    I also do enjoy hearing about the progress of your book. It's understandable how excited you are to actually have made it this far in getting your book published. I know I would be hecka excited if I were in your place, so I shall be “hecka” excited for you..xD

  42. (The)Victoria(Poet)

    The last one's HILARIOUS. πŸ˜€

  43. Poppy

    What Am I Then Imaginary??? Lol.

    I Like Hearing About Your Book And Dont Really Care. I Am A TWILGHTER. And I Think You Should Keep Posting About Your Book.

    Oh And Complainers, If You Dont Like Hearing About is Book Othe Then The Posts Dont Read Them OK. He Doesnt Force You To Read Them. Oh And The Sucking Up Bit…… I Really Want Robert's Autograph. Lol. Saying Sorry After, So Funny.

    So Complainers Get Lost, And Go Catch Up On Your Spelling.

    Love You Kaleb And Your Posts Are Amazing.

    Poppys πŸ˜€

  44. Meg

    Oh My Goodness…
    First E-mail: what the heck, if you want to read the book, GO AND BUY IT!!! I mean, what is that, 18 bucks???
    Second E-mail: I care about Kaleb book, because in life there isn't ONLY Twilight, there are also millions of other books..I love Twilight, and it's my favourite book EVER, but since I love reading, I want to read Kaleb's book, too!! Oh My Goodness!! By the way…real twilighters know how to spell the name of the book…
    Third E-mail: Man, get a life…you are so lame and that's so sad…

    By the way, Kaleb, we love you!!
    PS: see, I can write in English even if I'm Italian…LOL

  45. Catie S

    Wow, they must really have some anger management issues.
    Really amusing for sure.

  46. giggledork

    Bahahahaha, bahahahahaha, oops, I think I just peed on myself. Oh well, bahahahaha, bahahaha.

  47. Sarah

    LOL, the second one made me laugh so much. You know what the weird thing is, either these people are too stupid to understand that it's your site and you can post what you like (i.e. Bran Hambric) and to top it all of they can't spell. Or they feel so strongly about being a 'real twilighter'/'Rob's stalker that they're typing really fast and missing the keys.

    Hmm, I wonder how many keyboards they've hurt in the last year… I'd warn Robert Pattinson to run away, quickly.

  48. Monica

    Ohhh dear. Kaleb, I'm sorry that you are the recipient of such expressions of human stupidity. I would try to reassure you that most of your readers don't think that way AT ALL, but I think those letters speak for themselves.

    I particularly like how people seem to feel that they can insult you and then expect you to give them something. And people still assume that you are Robert Pattinson's BFF.

    Please don't feel bad that your REAL LIFE gets in the way of your blog posting. Good god, I feel tired just reading about everything you're dealing with! Plus, this way we have a chance to spend more time reading your posts! I'd feel kind of cheated, actually, if you did something ridiculous like read ten chapters in a week.

    My point is, you're made of awesome and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise! But you knew that already…

  49. spangiepantz

    LOL omg these people are so retarded.
    hahaha they make me laugh and cringe simultaneously, it's horrid.
    <3 ur site, & apparently, your cupid videos.

  50. Aishani

    i cant believe people insult you and then actually ask to still be considered for the contest

    some people are beyond help

  51. Leslie

    After I got done laughing, this is what I thought…

    For one thing, if someone doesn't like a site, they don't have to look at it. There is absolutely no reason to email the webmaster mad because you came across a site related to Twilight, that is not illegal, on the internet when you search for Twilight. Wow, how terrible.

    And I love how people think they can talk about how awful your site is, and how you should run YOUR site, and then suddenly “see the light” and realize they want something from you…

    Oh, and you should forgive yourself, Kaleb, for not posting 10 chapters a day. I mean, while you obviously should have all the time to do that, as a college student after all, it is somewhat understandable that your life is not completely revolving around reading Twilight. Ok, in all seriousness, I am a college student myself, getting ready to be finished in May and I feel like I never have time for anything outside of school. To be totally honest I don't even get how you are able to make time for this site when you have everything for school to do and getting your book ready to be published… It's really impressive I think.

    I will say that I have to wonder how serious at least some of these emails are… I think sometimes people really do TRY to get their emails on posts like these (makes me think of MuggleNet.com's “Wall of Shame”) by making something just that ridiculous.

    Who knows. Anyway, I have been following your site since you were about halfway into Twilight and love it – and am going to keep up on news of your book, so keep letting us know. I'd love to read it when it is released!

  52. Lisa chavez

    haha i like how people tell you what to put on YOUR page. thats awesome. it just shows what twinks little kids are these days :)

  53. Janelle

    Oh my.

    It is absolutely beyond me why anyone would bother to write you hate mail because they found your site on Google. If I wrote hatemail to every unsatisfactory site I found on Google, I would have time for nothing else. Oh and you should definitely post Twilight on your website Kaleb, because it's not a violation of Stephenie Meyer's rights at all, and really, nobody can check out a book from the library. It's far too complex a process.

    And of course Kaleb, all of us real “Twilihgters” (WOW) are so angry at you for posting about your book. It's not incredibly exciting for you or anything. And we're all definitely not going to buy it as soon as it enters bookstores either. πŸ˜€

    And the third..I can't even say anyhing. It's just too ridiculous.

    Dang, I love this site. Don't worry about stupid people, Kaleb. And thanks again for posting their rambling for our entertainment!

  54. Sakura

    Wow… Thanks for the laughs! That just reminds me that there really are stupid people out there. I love the second and third one! I mean come on! They tell you that you suck and then still ask for Rob's autograph??? ROFL…

    Well, the “REAL TWILIHGTERS” might hate you but us “Twilighters” love you and are excited to read your book ^^

  55. Sara

    Oh Men!!!!, the last one, it's like what the heck!!!!!. At first i thought it's was a man who was writing, but the i saw the other one and OMG. This is so crazy, but i don't care. I actually like your book too. and i hope to see it in my country.

    So don't listen to them, their just jealous, you can write of whatever you want cause it's your site. KEEP IT UP KALEB !!!!

  56. Cullenist

    Ha-Ha! Oh the joy of shallow people…
    Sometimes I wonder if people send e-mails like that so that we can laugh at them…it’s not likely though..sadly..

  57. Josie

    I love these hatemail!! Definitely keep posting them they make me giggle!!! Also us “real twilihgters” are actually very excited for your book…well at least I am because I believe that the Twilight community need to stick together. If every person who loves your blogs for twilight guy bought your book, you could end up with a best seller! And, I just really think that it would be amazing to be able for a Twilighter to have their own fame…

    <3 Josie

  58. angela

    awwww dont listen to them. theyre assholes and we love you :]

  59. Krista_la

    Kaleb, this is SUCH an awesome part of the site. I'm so glad you added it. I'd say they're just jealous, but I'm not exactly sure they're smart enough to be jealous. :)

  60. Convallaria Majalis

    Amazing! How can they ever expect you to take them seriously?
    Oh my, the irony(as you said)…. Poor jerks…….
    Good luck with the book!

  61. genevievech81

    Wow the things people say, sounds like they are the ones who need to get a life. If they don’t like your site they should just stop visiting it. I can grantee there are plenty of Twilight fans out there who are excited for your book to come out. I know that I am really excited for your book to come out and that there is a release date in September. I will make it a bday gift to myself :)
    Keep up the great posts!!

  62. collette

    haha, i think u should send them a fake rob photo with “loser” written on it. that would be true vengeance!! people can be so idiotic

  63. KountessKoRnGiRl

    Wow Kaleb thank you for posting this because these people and their literary skills have made me realizes that you really do suck. And this site is so stupid and you MUST be lazy. Oh and I defineatly will NOT buy your book because nobody really cares about it.


    Isn't it hilarious how these people can attempt to insult you and then expect you to give them a Robert autograph. You know even though Twilight sucks.

    Ah Kaleb you know we love you and that's all that matters;)

  64. Miss Mikayla Bee

    *Dies from extreme cappy abusage and grammar neglect*
    And people wonder why I have anger management issues

    I didn't think it possible, but this just shows how low the literacy rate has become.
    There should be some kind of law that bans all chat speak on the internet.

    Don't listen to those nimrods, Kaleb. You will always be awesome!


  65. beckysue

    Wow, I so totally love reading these xD
    I care about your book, Kaleb!!

  66. frankie

    LMAO. Kaleb, your hatemail just made my day so much better. Thanks.

  67. Robyn!

    haha these are funny
    you shouldn't post your website on google unless its illegal didn't you know that? and dont they know that google is a search engine and you don't have to post anything on it. and why are they getting so angry over nothing?

    you're lucky to get all this awesome hate mail

  68. Rachel

    People are really dumb. Its funny and sad at the same time. I mean it is YOUR website it says twilight GUY not “heyy here's a website with twilight word for word posted on the internet.” Go and by the book or borrow it from someone you know. LOL

  69. NorthernCullenist

    Ah…the joy of shallow people…sometimes I wonder if people write this so we can laugh at it. Sadly I don't think that's the case..

  70. Heather

    HAHAHA! The last one is the best. “OMFG MI OS SYRRO I WNTA A BRO PATUHRG!$^%[email protected][email protected]#[email protected]#%”

    Seriously, people, learn how to type. It's really not that difficult. Say it with me…one letter at a time. Eventually you will get faster. Sigh.

  71. Mia C.

    Well, you would hope that people who read your site might be mildly interested in you, as you are the one expressing your opinion on here, but alas, that seems to not be the case.

    I laugh at these but I'm also a bit terrified at these sort of things. Are people really that ignorant? And I have never seen someone use such poor grammar and excessive use of punctuation and caps on the Internets. Except for hate mail on other sites, too. Maybe there's some secret society of a few dunderheads whose duty it is to send obnoxious hate mail.

    …that said, more please! The complete lack of any intelligent thought in these never fails to crack me up.

  72. ShannanG.

    OMG, the last one was so funny!!!! I acutally LOL'd. I love these, you have to make this a regular post.

  73. Kim

    what horribly shallow people, lol. I'm interested in your book and plan on buying a copy.

  74. Paige

    Aw! Don't listen to that one person, Kaleb. We love to hear about your book! By making this site, you have turned all us Twilighters into Kaleb Nation fans as well! =)
    Seriously though… this hate mail is quite amusing! Thanks for not keeping it all to yourself!

  75. Kato

    Hahahahaha OMG the last one XD.

  76. Claire

    I'm seriously laughing right now….my one pet peeve is when people say “no offense”. For the win, adding “no offense” in front of an insult doesn't take the offense of the comment away. It bugs me even more how these blockheads spell “offence”. My favorite part was when all these people where insulting you and then they want the Robert Pattinson autograph.

  77. Jessica

    OH WOW. People are so silly. And, by the way, us “REAL TWILIGHTERS” enjoy hearing about you and your book, and very patiently wait every chapter posting, because we are not absolutely so OBSESSED with the series that we cannot simply STAND to hear anything unrelated to them. Anyway, keep doing what you do, and doing it the way you do it, because we love you, Kaleb!

  78. Orla

    I just laughed . . . and laughed . . . and then I laughed a little more.
    As you can see from the other comments, practically everyone wants to hear about/ buy your book as well as Twilight stuff so don't worry about it .
    Oh, and I feel like I've been living under a rock or something because I never heard anything about a Robert Pattinson autograph. The autographed NM by Stephenie, yes. RPattz? No. Just ignore me I probably skipped something because it's almost 10.30pm here and my brother is bothering me for the laptop. Anyway, love the site! And as for the hatemailers ,um, buy them a dictionary or something πŸ˜€

  79. Erin

    Hehe, some people are really slow sometimes, aren't they?
    And why does it matter to them what you put up here? I mean it is YOUR website, paid for and maintained by you, and the news about your book is quite important. I mean, it's a MAJOR thing in your life. Your fans are happy and excited for you!
    And it's silly for them to tell you to read faster. Read as fast as you want to! I mean, I wish I would have read the books slower in order to savor them more, but I cannot control my love for these books and devour them in about five seconds. ^_^
    And real men DO read Twilight. I mean, just because one is a boy doesn't mean that one can't read a book! It's a new experience and it never hurts to read a new book. πŸ˜€
    All your fans love you and enjoy reading your in site to these books and look forward to reading your book, and are happy for you for your success.

  80. Rian

    Wow, these people are ridiculous and immature and retarded. For one if you really want to read Twilight then go to your local library or Wal-mart. Two, how dare they call Kaleb lazy! He is a published author and as an aspiring writer myself i can tell you that it is a very hard job. Sure it isn't labor work or anything but it's an emotional and intelletual process that can drive many to tears, myself included. Three, the loser at the bottom needs to get a life.

    BTW Kaleb, i am waiting for your book to come out so I can buy it and devour it. I guess you have at least one fan.

  81. LockNessieMonsters

    hahahaha thank u 4 posting these they're friggin hilarious!
    the last 1 is my favorite by far! :-)

  82. aree

    LOL! Thank you for sharing!

  83. Daniela

    Just one thing to say: LOL.

  84. Mavvy

    You know you've truly “arrived” when people bother to hate you. Personally, whenever circumstances call for an irate e-mail, I normally use as many long words as possible so as to completely crush the recipient with my elite disdain. But I suppose that inarticulate insults and expletives in capital letters is another viable approach…

  85. Alllie

    wow the 3rd and second (why did I spell out one and not the other???) were the funnniest

    this is totally off topic, but, what genre is your book? I wanna read it but for my english class we can only read certain genres and I wanna know if I can read your book

  86. Yesenia

    omg wow… lol.
    and that last one was so funny lol

  87. Zuvie Girl

    ROFL…. such a great idea to post your hate mail! It's hillarious to read by itself, but the little comments you make just make it all the more funny. And I am going to mark 09-09-09 on my calendar right after I hit post, so there are people out here who want your book :)

  88. bsb633

    Don't listen to them! They have a third grade education. I am going to camp out for your book!

  89. Mylles

    anyone else crying they were laughing so hard!? man that was hilarious!!! i dont know what a cupid video is either πŸ˜€ and this is your sight you have every right to talk about your book. And rob as a discussion topic!!! that was funny, seriously! i mean he is hot and all but i dont think any of the women who obssess over him are actually ever gonna end up with him, why waist are time convincing ourselves he's the only one we want! anyway Kaleb dont listen to them your amazingly funny and have the best insights!! can't wait for Bran Hambric!! if that is not how you spell his name put me to shame

  90. Mylles

    kay Kaleb do you even read these comments? i feel like im talking to myself! not that i dont do that all the time but still! πŸ˜€

  91. qwerty

    Reminds me of being 5 years old:
    “you're so stupid, I hate you and never, ever want to be friends!!….. oh, but can you please invite me to your birthday party?!?!”

  92. Aarica

    This is AWESOME. Thanks for posting the ridiculous hate mail… it makes me laugh hysterically.

    Good luck with your book (which, by the way, you have every right to talk about).

  93. Lizzie Hale

    WOW… it really is like being 5 years old. And forget them I ,and I'm sure tons of other people, will buy your book.

  94. Theresa

    Oh my goodness. That made me laugh so much! Oh, and Kaleb, I don't know if you've noticed but since you've posted all the hatemail with the horrible grammar and spelling errors people's comments on here have become even better written? I just think it's great that there are people who can use the English language correctly. πŸ˜€

  95. Becky

    somewhere, an english teacher is crying.

  96. TeamSwitzerland

    Haha. These are so hilarious. They make my day. Please keep posting them. :)

  97. Jacki

    These made my day. (:

  98. Beth

    These people need to learn how to spell. OH, THEY ALSO NEED TO GET A LIFE! It's like they're TRYING to be dumb! WOW. Just… Just give up. That's all I can say to the smart ones who wrote those letters.

  99. Kathleen

    I know about 20+ guys that have all read the Twilight books, so reading the hate mail you get is hilarious!

  100. Katy

    I pity the foo that messes with Kaleb Nation.

  101. DreamingEternal

    Wow, some people are just dumb. If I were to write hate mail (which I never would because it serves absolutely no purpose except for the amusement of people like us, apparently) I would at least check it for spelling errors and not use chatspeak. Are these people intentionally asking us not to take them serioursly? Anyway, at this rate Kaleb, maybe you should create a Wall of Shame like Mugglenet has for all of their hilarious hatemail. Anyway, kudos to Kaleb for not taking the hurtful words of these idots to heart. You know we love you and don't mind hearing about your book now and then.

  102. Jessica K.

    Ha ha, wow. These are really funny. How can somebody be so stupid? It sounds like insults from a 3 year old. I have heard more creative insults from a pudding cup. You should post more of them, they definitely made my day a lot funnier.

    You're great Kaleb, don't let a bunch of grammar challenged lunatics think other wise!

    I can't wait for your book!


  103. tdriggers

    Hey People,
    Give Kaleb a break. If you don't like the site then don't read it. Also, do you even know what a life is. He's been working on his book forever (which I'm excited about) and the last months before publication are hectic, I know personally from family. The REAL TWILIGHTERS may hate you do but this TWILIGHTER loves what you do.

    Haha I loved the blah blah blah I hate you but give me a rob autograph haha

  104. Hilaryy !

    some people are really pathetic at times…
    also, i am apparently no longer a “REAL TWILIGHTER” seeing as what Kaleb writes does not anger me at all and i can't wait for this book…
    hahaha wow.

  105. Haley

    I personally like reading about your book.
    Their grammar kills my soul.

  106. Samantha

    i think it is utterly hilarous how those people were like YOU SUCK then turn around and say BUT PICK ME TO WIN THE AUTOGRAPH?! what the hell ?! you can't have it both ways people! if i was you Kaleb i wouldn't even consider those people, pick someone that 1) can actually spell 2) is smart enough to not bitch out the person giving the contest 3) and seems to reallllly loves Rob….*wink* *wink* haha jk
    and i can't WAIT to read your book!!!!!
    love the site :)

  107. Samie

    HAHA ppl can be so stupid sometimes! lol… i think its fine that u post about ur book on this site! u know this is your site! so wtf. u can write about what u want lol…. and i think out of all the times u posted about ur book it was at the end of one of ur blogs. well u had just did one post about ur book… but that is just fine u are letting ppl know its fine to adverstive lol… dont listen to thise boneheads… they are the ones who suck. lol
    and by the way, i so pre-ordered ur book just a few hours ago :)

  108. Amanda

    Why, that's all really pathetic. I love how in the second one, the 'real twihighter' didn't even spell stephenie right. It's spelled with an 'e' not an 'a'.

  109. Sam

    That is hilarious!!! I guess she didn't know you had rpatz autographs before she sent the hatemail ROFLOL!

    BTW: I CAN'T WAIT FOR YOUR BOOK! Don't listen to thoses losers, we really do care!!

  110. Alison [twiketchup]

    LMAO these are always hilarious πŸ˜› However, even though they are extremely funny, I am sorry you must keep dealing with these ridiculous emails.

    and I personally can't wait for your book and am excited about every piece of info I get [omg PREORDERS?! WHAT?!] and I can assure you I am a REAL TWILIHGTER! lol

  111. Kahley

    HAHAHA! That retard at the end. “YOU SUCK!” “Oh my god, I'm sorry! Can I have your R. Pattz autograph?!” Wow…

  112. Anissa

    WOW. Some people are really stupid. I, for one, enjoy reading everything on here AND I'm definitely counting down until your book is released. Boo on all of you haters. BOO. :)

  113. Taeliwren Nightingale

    OMG! Are these people seriously that stupid! Lets get real hear. I can't wait! till your book comes out! And I'm a die hard Twilighter! And why do they even bother asking for something, right after they bad mouth you! I don't get it. And that is just stupid, you would never post Twilight! What that person needs to do is actually go BUY the book! It's not that hard, almost every book store has it! And the other person, lets see, you can take as long as you want to read Breaking Dawn! It's not up to them! And some of us actually like to hear what you think ^^. Well keep posting!

  114. Krissia Portillo

    Jajaja! Keep doing what you do Kaleb πŸ˜€ in this world you have fans :)

    God Bless you πŸ˜€

  115. Devan

    oh wow. this made me laugh out loud.
    i can't wait for your book. don't listen to those losers. [=

  116. Gabbie

    LOL. the last one is just so retardedly hilariously funny. But seriously, there's always going to be some absolute IDIOT that tries to ruin things for everyone. On the internet ther'll always be at least three separate idiots at any given time. I think I'm about as hardcore as twilighters get and I just can't wait for your book. =)

  117. sarziee

    LMAO, the last one just proves the persons a huge suck up haha

  118. Megan C

    Just another shining example of how the age of technology is rotting out the minds of the youth in this world. Maybe if they paid more attention in their reading and writing classes they would have a book being published like you! I give you major points for being able to laugh at the ridiculousness that these people write. Ignore their idiotic comments and enjoy your book publishing experience!

  119. EmmaMJ

    Isn't TwilightGuy, your site, hence you talk about you and what you think? and yes, getting a multimillion dollar lawsuit is not something anybody wants. Plus, I bet tons of twilighters are looking fdw to reading your book, like me. It's a great accomplishment for you and we are very proud of you :-)

    LOL…that last “you suck/please forgive me” mail was soooooo funny! And I think that real men read twilight and aren't afraid to talk about it!

    Kaleb, I bet you get a kick out of those dumb e-mails you get! goodness!

  120. Kelly

    Kaleb, they're right–you suck. You have no life, and therefore should (1) spend all your time reading Twilight and commenting on it, (2) not ever talk about a book you're excited to be published (because, y'know, people who enjoy your commentary wouldn't like your book), and (3) you should TOTALLY give your contest prizes to people who personally insult you. Oh, and you should completely ignore all of the horrendous grammar.

    Have you ever noticed that all of the hate-mail comes from people who can't spell, conjugate, or use proper punctuation?

  121. Jacq

    wow. I love it Kaleb. You make my day with these. And you know what makes it even funnier? That none of them can spell. It's one of my pet peeves.
    Even if it's Twilight, you can talk about your book all you want- it's your site. I would love Rob's autograph, but I won't suck up for it. lol.
    Keep them coming. It makes for an entertaining read!

  122. MsKittyCullen


    Basically they're saying;


    Like, wth -.-
    And if you annoy them so much, then 1) Why are they on here, and 2) Why did they go searching for your email?

    Ridiculous xD

    Ignore them- you pwn πŸ˜€


    BTW: I'm getting my subscription emails late. I only got my email now D:

  123. Katelyn

    WOW! They bag on you then they want an autograph?! That's just saaaad. I am really excited for your book Kaleb and I think it's great that you're getting it published! And it's also really cool that you want to share it with your fans. TEAM KALEB!

  124. Mylles

    Probably mine πŸ˜€

  125. Samantha

    Those r to mean. I mean really. Can a guy talk about something else beside twilight?
    It's a twilight site of course but if we talk about twilight all the time, that would be boring.

    I think it's awesome that u published ur own book like that.
    And those people that said “who cares?”
    well a lot of people do

  126. Erin

    wow. that's all i have to say to this.

  127. Laur

    Wow, wtf. These people are a disgrace to the 'twilhgt' *improper grammar intended* fandom. You are AMAZING Kaleb and you obviously don't let these people bother you. And I CARE about your book and everything that you do!

    Once again, congrats πŸ˜€

  128. Gabrielle

    HAHAHAHA!! Some people have NO idea what they're talking about. Every time i think of this, i will smile at these selected few's stupidity. Thank's for sharing.

  129. Ashley

    I'm so sorry you have to deal with complete morons like that on a daily basis. But I'm glad you can make fun of them- not that it's hard. Seriously, have they ever taken an English class? Not even that. Have they ever seen ANYthing written, EVER, that wasn't perhaps on the internet, written by another grammar-deficient fool? *facepalm*

  130. sAUMIA


  131. Eunice

    Wow… Just wow… I wonder if some of the people sending you these things can even read what you post… I love the comment on “real” twilighters… I think that that twilighters are literate… Keep on posting these up! They make my day :)
    I can't wait for your book to come out!!! 9.9.09 can't come soon enough!

  132. Kayla

    I can't believe that one person still wants an autograph. Are they like bipolar or something!?

  133. kendall

    *sighs…* these ware why people hate Twilighters. What a sad realization. It's really too bad that the loud ones are also the arrogant ones. But I guess that almost always comes hand-in-hand.

  134. kendall

    *are. wooops.

  135. Amie_O

    I think it would have been funnier if it weren't so SAD! Those guys are idiots… or should I say stoepidist peopel…. their spelling is Awesome! Keep doing what you are doing Kaleb, every one who can actually read loves you and are excited about your book!

  136. Get_at_me_Rob

    Bahahahaha. Omg, I'm actually dying right now. I'm trying so hard not to burst into laughter because I'm pretty sure my roommate would think I'm a crazy person.
    But seriously, though. The “What R U Saying” posts are the best idea you've ever had, Kaleb. Haha. Although, I'm now a bit ashamed to be considered part of the same group as these ridiculous, ignorant people. Let's just hope that the majority of Twilighters are not like this. Considering all of the well-thought-out and intelligent comments on this post, it seems like we're doing ok for the most part. So I'm thankful for that.

  137. Get_at_me_Rob

    Oh, and I'm also thrilled about your book. I just downloaded the first 4 chapters from the website. I'm gonna read them after finals are over. I'm really excited.

  138. Cara

    My favorite part is the wonderful spelling and grammar πŸ˜€

  139. Gabrielle

    this is absolutely hilarious. if people insist on hating on you, they should at least try to spell properly! i cracked up reading these. Poor Kaleb! i still love ya buddy! good job on ignoring them! no need to let the haters bring ya down!

  140. melissa

    haha, i love how these people never seem to know how to type.
    it just makes them look dumb.

  141. Angeliss

    They don't give Twilighters a bad name… (Wait for it…) They give Twilihgters a band name!

    *Dies laughing from bad pun attack*

    Hopefully someone else thinks it's funny. Someone who isn't half crazy with sleepdeprivation?

  142. Miajane

    I hope that other 'REAL TWILIGHTERS' can spell better than whoever wrote that.

  143. Rach


  144. Brilliant Mess

    simpliest way to put my reaction:

    hahaha….wait, their serious? HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

    i am sorry, but these are precious. i am just sorry that you have to deal with hundreds of simular e-mails. For after a while, they must get annoying.

  145. Jamaica

    What the heck are these people trying to prove? That the English language deserves to be dragged through dirt, chopped to bits and burned into oblivion? Oh, Lord. Why do all haters sound like they don't know what spelling and grammar check is?
    I must say that they prove great entertainment, though. I love Hatemail posts, they guarantee good laughs. Oh, and don't worry, we still love your book (and cupid videos, even though I don't know what in the world a cupid video is, either) XD
    Oh, and I <3 the third e-mail and the five-year-old who sent it. Hahahahaha.

  146. Alisha

    Hey man, dont let anyone kill your joy! You have to learn to take the joy suckers out of life! Congrats! You did good and if anything I am proud of you and you can count on my to check ur book out!

  147. shortstuff


    oh man.. these make my day! please keep posting them, they are freaking hilarious.


    LMAO… this is too much! πŸ˜€

  148. Gothhic Goddess

    I am starting to think you should compile all of these and make a book from it. (Oh, I could see the editor's face…) This made my night, thank you for sharing. (And this is making me want to homeschool my oldest again, as the spelling is just killing me.) Even scarier, you know most of them (your spell-check illiterate hate-mailers) have graduated, somehow. *Shiver*

  149. Jennifer

    OMG, tell me these are a joke. PLEASE tell me you made these up yourself. It makes me very sad to think there are actually people this fucking stupid in this world.

  150. Sazza

    As if you would write that on an international site with thousands of subscribers!
    Wait…..are you a fat guy sitting front of the computer making this up??
    those people are just stupid and impatient!
    Good things take time!

  151. Sazza

    PS: those people are douches!

  152. Wendilynn


    insulting you and then asking for Rob's autograph…


    Too funny!

  153. Alyssa

    What's wrong with those people?? the 3rd one is really something. “Real men don't read twilight”, whatever!

    Maybe they exist to make us “real twilighters” laugh.

  154. xxx

    lol so so true.
    ps i think ur book will be amazing kaleb, and can't wait to get my hands on it! can i get and ARC? i promise not to share with my friends?

    also, ur posts are possibly my fav thing about reading twilight, looking back on the chapters after provides a new perspective.

  155. Eliper

    Glad to see you didn't take any OFFANCE. I'm still giggling at these. Gotta love hate mail – tells you you're doing something right! I'm glad you decided to share the wealth of humor that's been hiding away in your emails. Keep it up and can't wait for your book.

  156. yas

    wow rob or twilight. and the other apologizes after they see that they could win something signed by him that's sad

  157. Ashley Nicole

    Omg. Those people are absolutely ridiculous!!! 1)There are soooo many people who come to this site and want to hear your opinion on the book. Personally, I love hear your opinion. 2)I have NO idea what the heck a “cupid video” is. Whatever it is, you've never done that. 3)REAL MEN DO READ TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!! There are ALOT of JOCKS at my school reading it. So to all of you stupid, mean people who hate Kaleb, you are all just stupid fools. If you don't like him then just LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm done. πŸ˜€

  158. Sierra

    So I love the way that everyone who was sending hatemail had an inability to spell or use simple grammar. So stupid…. Keep writing and I can't wait for your book!f

  159. Nightmare and Dream

    How can someone be such a hypocryte? Saying sorry just because you have something they want.
    They should go back to school and learn English. (Even I am better although I'm not a native speaker…

  160. Kash

    muhaha, what idiots ..

  161. Heidi

    Not only do I love reading your chapter blogs and all of your β€˜twi-sights’, but I also really enjoy all the extra stuff you add to your site as well. This H8 MIAL being no exception. Even though a part of me cringes at the ridiculous amount of grammatical stupidity and is flabbergasted with the sheer idiocy I read in these letters, I still get a huge kick out of reading them.

    I think the news of your first book being published is fantastic and cannot wait until it is released!

    Ps: U r soooo kewl Kaleb!…Can i has autograff of Rob?!

  162. Jules

    Holy Crow!! I can't believe that people would actually take time out of their lives to write(albeit not well) about how much they dislike a person or a thing. It truly amazes me!

    For the record Kaleb, I love when you post videos, and new information about your book. I can't wait until it is published! I am really looking forward to reading it!

    Keep up all the great work!!

  163. Bella (No, really!)

    I LOVE the way some people hate you…right up to the point where you have a Robert Pattinson autograph. Another interesting point: why can none of the haters spell properly?
    It proves you have the right, Kaleb – good grammar, diction and some of the weirdest dreams I've ever heard of (excepting mine) will always win through!
    As for me, I'm so excited whenever I hear about your book! Because of the way you blog, it feels very personal to me (as I guess it does to all of your reader) – we're all excited and we're ALL rooting for the Twilight Guy!

  164. Anna

    My favorite is definitely the third one. XD. Just… hilarious. And I think the people who enjoy your blog totally outweigh the peole who hate it.
    And just for the record- I am a Twi-hard/twilighter/fanpire/obsessed stalker. And I love your blog.

  165. Jacqueline

    WOW is all I have to say to some of those. First off glad you aren't posting whole chapters illegally of Twilight. What the heck? As a writer myself I am insulted by that email. I have a poetry book out and yes I admit I posted one or two poems on my site, but I own the rights to my book. I have the right to do so. Is it wise of me? well maybe not. There could be someone like the person that sent you that email waiting to steal someone's writing and post it illegally, but hey it's their lawsuit right? okay enough about that. Oh and real mean do read twilight, and hello you have a good many jobs. Pfft. how dare he imply that a writer that sits by the computer writing blogs has no job. Hello a writer!!! last I check a writer is a form of a career and last I checked a career is a form of a job. Just saying. Though I am sure you do lots of other various projects as well. Also have any of these people ever heard of spell checker and possibly a grammar checker? I take it their (that should be they're but I did that on purpose :P) not looking for a career in journalism or literature. I am looking forward to your book and I LOVE it when you talk about it. I can't wait to read it.

  166. suzanne k

    I got SO put out by the idiot who said no one cares about you or your book. Really, that person has a hole somewhere in their skull where their brain cells leaked out.
    LOL, the last one is just plain HILARIOUS. I mean, they insult you and THEN ask for the autograph? XD It's funny how they actually think they're insulting you. I crack up everytime I think about it.
    Also, I'm one of those crazed Twilight fans, and I love you and your blog, and I can't wait to read your book. Really, I get totally excited at the mention of your book, I honestly can't wait to read it. The preview chapters and the trailer are KILLING me right now. TT^TT That person needs to check out these comments too, 'cause all I've seen is everyone saying how much they appreciate you.
    Oh, and I vote someone send then one of those electronic grammer and spelling cheeckers for Christmas. And a plaster.

  167. Hera

    ROFL @ the last email LOL!!!
    OMG these people really need to learn how to spell :O

  168. Deepthink

    Wow, I never realized how idiotic some people can sound. I mean if someone is going to “attempt” to write hate mail and if they want some substance behind it, they should at least use correct grammar and spelling. I mean really.

    That was very amusing.

  169. Krista_la

    OMK, randomness, but the Twilight ad is on TV RIGHT. NOW. For PayPerView! OMK! Just had to say that. πŸ˜€

  170. Jennifer

    OMG…I laugh so hard when I read what people write. I'm happy that you posted those for other people to read.

  171. samantha gallup

    kaleb –
    this is my favorite twilight related site, and i love getting your awesome videos, thoughts on twilight, and news about your book in ONE. the hypocrite who wrote the last hatemail needs to shove it.

  172. saoirse

    My god! These people must be on some kind of illegal substance! Is it even possible to make that many spelling errors? Were they typing while hanging from the roof? Anyways dont listen to the fake twilighters kaleb. Us real twilighters love you book, opinions and cupit videos lol

  173. alexis

    wow. well now that we know three poeple's opinons…. 1.please keep talking about your book.2. don't illegally put anything up.3. if they don't like you, then go to a different site or i don't know… a book store. twilight guy doesn't even sound like a site that would involve downloading chapters of twilight.

  174. Laura

    The stupidness of people never ceases to amaze me.

    Don't worry, I more than care about your book.

    Those emails make my day, I honestly wonder if people seriously act that way. But there's always SOMEONE.

    :) Keep blabbing about your book. I love to hear about it.

  175. shelby

    OmG who do these people think they are???? like really if you are going to say something stupid at least get the spelling right. Like and I love how the one person is like cursing and critisizing (thats spelled wrong i know) and then ask for a favor. AN AUTOGRAPH! really guys? really? how stupid can you be?
    Don't worry Kaleb I love your site and your book so I am going to preorder and get it cause you're amazing and all that!


  176. Bethany :D

    …hahahahaha! man, people are freaks!

  177. Kayla

    Real Twilighters can in fact spell “Twilight” and “nobody.”

  178. Brittany

    Wow these people are seriously dumb!
    First of all, they need to take a spelling class or something!
    And second of all, I'm totally excited for your book! I can't wait to read it!
    Don't listen to these people because they have no freaking idea what they are talking about.
    Anyways, that's about all I have to say about these ridiculous people, except for the fact that they probably feel really stupid and embarassed now that everyone can read what they said. Keep posting these though because they are hilarious! And I love your website it's ridiculously hilarious!

  179. erica-loves rob and taylor

    hahahaha. wow!!
    i loveee hate mail!
    it has made me realize some things 1. all of it is soo not true 2. these people cant make a sentence make sense to save their lives 3. some people are just idiots!

    hahahahaha. “REAL TWILIHGTERS” i think its spelled twilighters…
    and that first girl… WOW!!!
    i love that 3rd person!! she is really bipolar!! haha.

  180. jenb

    Wow some people are just……crazy. But their hatemail makes for some interesting and funny posts. Thanks for sharing, you are awesome Kaleb and I love your site!

  181. Madison

    I can't believe people are saying these nasty things to you. It's horrible! Let me guess… They didn't win the Rob autograph did they?

  182. Wendy

    That was hilarious!

  183. Dye793

    Omg that was hilarious! And obviously the 3rd person feels “cupid” now considering the fact that your book is in one of the top 2,000 pre-orders on Amazon!

  184. Diana

    i care about your books Kaleb. :)
    the nerve of some people to completly diss you then ask for an autograph.

    and i have no clue what a cupid video is either….

  185. Becky

    I loved the two emails from the same person. Dssing you one second and then asking for an autograph the next. I don't know why people bother sending hate mail…don't they know that one day they will be featured on your site for all us devoted Twilighters to laugh at?
    ps: I can't wait for your book!

  186. inzaratha

    Hate mail is one reason I don't have a public comment section on my own site.

    Those were obviously people without a life or silly kids or perhaps people on crack.

    I am also a writer ( fantasy ) and so is my fiance, only his is already on Amazon.
    I've been working on my book for years, I hope to finish it this year. That is my goal and I'm sticking to it.
    I am going to check out your previews and hopefully order your book.

  187. Bethany

    ahahaha oh god, I think your What R U Saying sections are my new favorite

  188. Mia

    Hahaha! that was hilarious! πŸ˜€

    -By the way, I totally love to hear about your book! πŸ˜€ I'm going to buy it <3

  189. katherine

    on the last one: someone else probably sent it from their email and them they tried to make up for it. but all the rest are just idiots and dont know that this is ur site and can do what ever the hell you want. i cant wait for ur book!!!!!

  190. cgg7

    Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah, my laughter could go on for days. Little kids that do not know how to spell…or maybe they're grown men and woman. I hope not. Congrats on the book. You make my week.

  191. Mels/MelonCulley

    I find this hilarious those haters are idiots

    its your site you can put whatever you want on it, and if they don't like it they can go to another twilight site.

    I suggest u take those people out of the contest, because real twilighters don't say things like that to other twilighters

    post script: can't wait for the book, please give away more signed cover art

  192. Snow Wight

    It would appear that trolls have been visiting your sites.

  193. sjanae

    hahahaha! sorry for the hate mail, but you must get a kick out of reading it. (i know i did!) if those people are going to b*tch at you, couldn't they at least type properly? (:

  194. hici

    gosh I am so sorry that u have to cope with such retarded people but its so freakin funny !!!!!
    And omg it is YOUR page u can talk about whatever you want ( real twilightfans -.- all right)
    well I love ur page and of course there will be always some idiots like this but forget about them I think they are just jealous becouse u come so far and youΒ΄ve done everything a twilight fan is dreaming of (like meeting stephanie meyer and rob huh)

  195. Claudia

    Wow these people are shameless!!!

    What are real twilighters and cupid videos???? The world may never know.

    Well kaleb keep them coming, they make me feel smart!!!

  196. Helna

    The last one was pretty poor.
    And jesus cries! (no offense to god or jesus or maria) THEY'RE SO ANGRY THEY “CUNT EVN WRAIT ENGLUSH!!!!”

    Kaleb, you're a true hero.
    Trough You these girls don't get
    mad at faint teachers.. or pedestrians!
    Yea, I think i speak for all of us when I say:
    “Thanks for taking the “badly bad anger” out of them!”

    We appreciate that. ;D

  197. Momma T

    Those comments are flippin hilarious. I wonder how the people that write them function in life.

    Keep up the good work and good luck with your book.

  198. Dessie

    That is so sad. I am 12 and I can spell better than them.

  199. Emily

    wow. first off, i think you're a real twilighter, and i think i'm a real twilighter, and you know what? i don't care if you post about your book. i'm glad that you're accomplishing your dream and getting published, and i'm proud to say that i'll 100% for sure that i'm going to buy it the day it comes out. and you're a busy guy, it takes you a while to read, so what? i don't mind. i love hearing your opinions about the books, and they make me smile :). there are so many more people out there that love you, rather than hate you (like me!), so you know what? it's your site. do what you want, they don't have to read it. keep doing what you are doing, because i love it!

  200. Sodapop

    I think its really dumb that people insult you and still wants to win in your contests. But its hilarious to read.

  201. soph

    AHAHAHAHA. These people are honestly so stupid I'm suprised they have the ability to type out those emails. And it's even funnier that they still think they can win the contest…
    BTW, I love hearing about your book. It inspires me (even though I don't really write books, etc. – it's still inspiring !). PLUS, your videos are hilarious – a great study break from stupid exams.

  202. Casey

    Personally i think your a genius for putting stuff about your book on the site. I mean, as popular as Twilight is and as popular as your site is, its great advertising!! I love the tone of your blogs, so i cant imagine not liking your book. Idk about other twilighters, but im quite te avid reader. So, reccommend a book to me and it shall be read!

  203. cammywamy

    The last one was really funny! The spelling in all of these are hilarious!!!

  204. Courtney

    Oh Dear.
    These people obviously didn't pay attention in there spelling lessons.
    These are really funny xD

  205. Monet

    Whatever they say. I think you're awesome, and please keep posting these. They are funny

  206. Monet

    Whatever they say. I think you're awesome, and please keep posting these. They are funny

  207. Pulak Kumar

    Kaleb does talk about the Twilight films and stars and BREAKINGDAWN. Wonder which site the second letter write-oh I'm sorry- REAL TWIHLIGHTER was looking at. Maybe it was one that said “REAL TWIHLIGHTERS must abuse ALL authors other than STEPHANIE MEYER”- REAL TWIHLIGHTER Code, Article 46

  208. Savvyrose152

    This inspires my to start a blog, purely for the hate mail. (I will keep it short for fear of messing up in some grammatical way)

  209. Savvyrose152

    Curses… *Inspires me :(

  210. Tai game chien thuat

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