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Unmasking The Impostors

April 25th, 2009 at 4:30 pm by Kaleb Nation

stephenie_meyer_photoAs we all have probably noticed, there have been quite a lot of Stephenie Meyer impostors over the past year. I’ve been very careful so far, but must admit to falling for at least one: the fake Stephenie Meyer on Twitter. Whoever set this profile up has been quite thorough in appearing to be Stephenie, especially considering they have over 26,000 followers and use her old website header as a background. The number of followers is the precise reason I fell for it: after all, who else could get that many with less than five posts?

However, becoming wary when every link from the profile coincidentally displayed ads, I contacted Her People who informed me:

Stephenie does NOT have a Twitter account, or a Facebook, or pretty much anything else, but her MySpace page and website.

I realize that after I started following, a lot of my own Twitter followers thought this was me endorsing the bogus Stephenie Twitter as real, when in actuality it was the blind leading the blind! So if you (like me) fell for this dubious impostor, I hope that you (like me) immediately cease to follow the page and spread the word to everyone who is. (ADDED: the quote at the top of this page from Stephenie is REAL, and is actually from her Myspace blog — some people were confused about this).

smalllogoWhile on the subject, I should clear up something of similar ends. Not long ago, someone created a fake Twitter of me by using KaIebNation (with an I, instead of an L — notice in this font you can’t tell any difference?). Luckily this was shut down, but as a note the only official sites from me are linked at the very bottom of this site and my blog (my Myspace, my Twitter, my Youtube). I have a Facebook but I do not add anyone I don’t personally know (this is not to be mean, but my Facebook is just for my family and friends). If you’d like to add me on Facebook, use the Kaleb Nation Facebook Page, which isn’t run by me but which I check often. (ADDED: there is a Twitter contest going on right now).

And now, some lulz for this fine Saturday:

omg ur so hot ur sexy and smoken hot HOT. i luv you i do, not like those girls who r crazy i am not a fangirl i luv u relly. i now we are ment to be bcaus i <3 u. plz wrighht me back


OMG you aren’t even robert PATTINSON like the REAL robert pattonson? YOU SUCKK. 4get every thin i said it was for ROB NOT u Kalbe AKA poser ************!!!

Seriously, I laugh so much.

(for more lulzy hatemail, check out this page or the Hatemail category)

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227 Responses

  1. MsKittyCullen


    Lawl, that made me laugh
    And damn Twitter!
    Gahh *unfollows*


    Yea, epic lulz XD


  2. sportzlvr9328

    hahahahhahaha that email is hilarious! xD thanks for the updates kaleb :]

  3. sportzlvr9328

    hahaha did you mean to type kable? cause thats really funny :)

  4. sportzlvr9328

    *rereads email* no wait… now i get it πŸ˜€

  5. Helna

    Seriously, that was a joke for the newspaper. haha.

  6. saoirse

    haha some people are crazy! I hate those people who make fake twitters or youtubes! Its just mean and stupit! “Not a crazy fangirl!” sureeee, if thats true i'm team jacob and carlisle is really a woman!

    You rock Kaleb, keep on posting =]

  7. bsb633

    Since when has anything Robert been on here? Lol.

  8. Helna

    Hey hey & PS:

    you're such a good “R-patz”- (how do you even spell that, someone tell me?) faker,
    be ashamed of your talent Kaleb!

  9. Helna

    Since this girl thought the Kaleb in the background was a Robert. xD haha!

  10. bsb633

    Well, Kaleb is pretty sexy!

  11. Cyn

    AHAHAHA. omg, how could someone actually mistake you for robert pattison? i mean you dont look like him or anything… and its not like your acting like a rob imposter. like seriously, wtf was up with that? haha

  12. Rachel M.

    Ignorance never fails to amuse me.
    I love your “What Are You Saying?” posts! Please keep them coming!
    Oh, and thanks for clearing up the Stephenie on Twitter/Facebook. :)

  13. Faye

    HAHA. sure you're not a fangirl.
    I wonder how old these girls are.

  14. Jacqueline

    Why would someone think you're an imposter. Oh and there are various Roberts and Kristens on twitter and myspace and tons of people have fallen for them. Including me. I fell for at least one. So it's all good. we all have been duped at one point or another by social networking fakes. However if you read a nice little MTV article Kristen states she has neither twitter, facebook or myspace. Which only lead me to assume the other million Robert Pattinsons on twitter and myspace were fakes too. ha! However I still don't quite understand how YOU were mistaken for Robert Pattinson and or a guy posing as him. Though I think you're cuter than Robert ha! oh and I was just wondering if that chick seriously thought if it WAS Rob he'd reply to something like that. If I were to message someone I was a fan of I'd try to actually use proper grammar and not imply I will be outside their door stalking them. ha. Keep on posting as the person above me says. Great blogs.

  15. Christina

    Definitely un-following now! Thanks for informing us.

  16. Ethan

    It's Rpatzz

    I think haha, I'm pretty sure that is it.



  17. Ethan

    ^^ How funnniizz!

    Lol, seriously….there are a lot of stupid people out there….*no offense..?* xD, Kaleb……….post more WHAT R U SAYING?'s they're hilarious.

    I hate it when people don't spell things correctly…although it amuses me. Haha. –WARNING–**despite the fact on how I spelt “funniizz” above, that was for cool effect…? Lol!!! Haha. πŸ˜€ ^_^ n_n πŸ˜› xP -_-

    Man, I gotta stop with the smilies! :O

  18. sarclark

    omg girls are soo weird. lol
    i have also fallen for the fake stephenie. dag it i thought it was her too because she only had five updates. lol

    keeping reading breaking dawn, it is AMAZING!

  19. hici

    -.- LOL hahaha lmao! That girl is awesome.
    So was it a big disapointment when she wrote the second mail?^^
    well you should be lucky that girls would have stalked you seriously— CREEPY CHICK!!!!!!

    ……damn it I also fell for the stephanie twitter =(

  20. hici

    seriously you GOTTA stop with the smileys =D

  21. Kristen C

    hahaha! πŸ˜€

    people can be so strange.

  22. Sara

    lol! I love how like all the people who write hate mail usually have awful spelling and grammar. It makes me cringe πŸ˜›

  23. Sakura

    Of course she isn't a fangirl! because just as she said “we are ment to be”…. HAHAHAHAHAHA… Thanks for the laughs KABLE!!!!

  24. May

    Man, i really fail to understand fangirls. Do they TRULY believe that Robert is their “true love”? If so, thats pretty creepy. And if they're just exaggerating…why do they think it's a good idea to do that? Do they want to seem like a delusional crazy? Seriously.

  25. Meg

    Are there seriously people out there who are THAT STUPID? And if so, who the hell gave them computers?? I mean, how are they even capable of operating them!?

  26. Jessica K.

    These “What R U Saying” things are too funny.

  27. MsKittyCullen

    If you're looking for an awesome smilie, use this:




  28. Jo

    I wish people had more to do in their lives besides pose as actual people =.=;;;

    And the fangirl comment, that is freaking hilarious xDDDDD
    How in the world did they mistake you as Robert Pattinson in the first place? Can they not read the name Kaleb Nation?
    *laughing buckets*

  29. Gothhic Goddess

    I fell for the fake Steph as well. But I dropped her after she sent me a link following me, and because she had only posted those few tweets. Seriously, how many “famous” people are going to follow almost every twitter follower? That would amount to a lot of time wasted on her part, reading every tweet that came her way. I follow around 30, and there are days that I swear I am never going to get through them all. I cannot imagine reading 24,000! πŸ˜€ And you heart breaker you, didn't you know you were her soulmate? *cringe*

  30. Anlynne

    That's quite scary. People like that actually running loose among our society and she isn't even smart but crazy, just a plain creepy idiot.

    This is why you only trust what's explicitly on Meyer's page, otherwise there's a lot of chance for misleading. I can understand how someone would mistake that, they went to an awful lot of trouble to make themselves feel better at their lack of friends or life.

  31. Gothhic Goddess

    It is sad really. “I love you so much” but I cannot spend five minutes to at least read the site header, let alone the first page, to find out if you are who I think you are…. If that is your version of love stalker bunny, then you have some shallow feelings. :/

  32. Emma

    You mean to tell me that all this time following you you're not Rob Patz? lol. what are these people thinking!

  33. Lisa chavez

    haha!! im not crazy! i love you were meant to be together hahaha wow!

    why would she thing you were rob? lol thats the best one yet

  34. lilacs

    yep. there are way too many fake accounts on twitter. somebody feels the need to have others think they are somebody they are not. as the saying goes, “it is better to be hated for what you are, than loved for what you are not”.

  35. shelby

    OmG are some poeple just born stupid? your emails are hilarious!

  36. Lizzie Hale

    Jeeez I love the emails!

  37. MinisculeRaindropOfSilence

    I love reading those crazy emails Kable, truly I do :)

  38. Wendilynn

    too funny!

  39. jalice90

    Methinks I'm gonna have to call you Kable now.

  40. jalice90

    NONONO, I read it wrong! Sorry, Kalbe! XD

  41. Krystina

    That has to be the funniest thing I have ever seen. And don't worry Kaleb we still love even though you are not Rob. lol

  42. Katy :]

    yeah, i was all, oh if Kaleb is following her she must actually be Stephanie!
    Or not…….. lol oh well.

  43. beckysue

    Why on earth would she have thought you were Robert Pattinson?? It takes skills to be that stupid.

  44. Krystina

    And I totally fell for the fake twitter too. It did seem sort of odd that whoever it was started following me back.

  45. inzaratha

    That is so funny that they post stuff without even thinking. I hate reading text posts where the people do not spell correctly. Do any of these stupid girls think they are really posting to Rob?

  46. Paige

    Thanks for the heads up, Kaleb! I fell for that Stephanie Meyer account too, and I shall remove it from my updates as soon as I finish this comment. That hate mail was hilarious! How could someone mistake you for Rob? Honestly! LOL!

  47. NuttyNetty

    i followed her because you did, but i didn't believe for a sec it was actually her. nope. it seemed too fake, and the fact that stephenie never mentioned it on her website confirmed it =] seriously i don't like these people doing these things lol get your own life hee hee. changing subject: LMAOROF!!!! how did she confuse you for ROBER PATTINSON!? ohhh my gosh -_- she was craaaazzzzyyyy hahaha i'm so glad you get emails from so many crazy people :) I think i might send you one so that i can get featured on your site hehehehe πŸ˜€

  48. Melissa

    “sureeee, if thats true i'm team jacob and carlisle is really a woman!”

    I had the exact same sort of thought!
    Oh boy!

    I guess it takes all kinds to make the world go 'round.

  49. tianna

    its actually Rpattz. Two t's. lol.

  50. Mylles

    did she really think you were Robert Pattinson! you don't look anything like him and your pictures are pretty much posted all over your sites! that is funny!

  51. Mels/MelonCulley

    haha i literally almost fell out of my seat laughing

    i wish i knew who sent that what the heck is wrong with her where does it say your rob

    post script: she's such a liar shes a huge fangirl

  52. Mels/MelonCulley

    lol i second that

  53. Steven Hill

    Dude, Kaleb, I really love your preview chapters, they are awesome. My goal in life is to be published, and to meet Stephenie meyer(I am a guy), I literally get on yoursite everyday of my life, checking your Twitter thing every thirty minutes, keep it up. You're the next Stephen King!

  54. Janelle

    Since when are you pretending to be Robert Pattinson, Kaleb? lol. How did she come up with that? Craziness.

    I'm the first to admit that I'm a pathetically obsessed Twi-hard, but I at least have my head screwed on straight. Some girls need to check back into reality. Seriously. You and Robert Pattinson are NOT meant to be. Sheesh. I'd be terrified if I were the poor guy.

  55. Alli

    Don't worry Kaleb – Rob's got nothing on you! πŸ˜€

    By the way, people who write hatemail almost always phrase their opinions in idiotic ways, but do you ever get hatemail from people intelligent enough to write full, correctly spelled words and complete sentences?

    Keep updating!

  56. Hera

    hahahahah! Epic lulz XD.. I love the awkward spelling XD
    Seriously DOES anyone with correct spelling and complete sentences send you hatemail?

  57. Sara

    Jajajajajaajajajajajajajajajjaajajjajaja, that's all i can say

  58. Ash

    That “What R U Saying?” was pretty sad.

  59. Paige

    What the hell? I'm confused by the fact that she thought you were Robert Pattinson. Your face and name are EVERYWHERE on this site. And you look nothing like Robert, so like i said, it baffles me that anyone would mistake this site or your Twitter or anything else as Rob's.

  60. GeeOh

    hahaha hilarious
    poor Kaleb, dont worry i luv u
    but not in a crazy fan girl kinda way
    like we're meant to b togetha
    im outside ur house right now!!!

  61. Steph

    You're joking. You're NOT Rob? What the…? Why have I even been following this page, then?

    Ahaha. Fun times. Sorry she got your hopes up. I'm sure those five minutes were fantastic for you, though. You had an illiterate idiot proclaiming her love for you.

  62. spangiepantz

    hahaha omg i presume rpattz's soulmate would be someone with a little more brains?
    lol keep posting funny hatemail! =)

  63. dmeej91

    stephenie ur sooo hot woman…

    luv you soooooooooooo much!!!!!

  64. Angela

    is that a cross of Kaleb and Stable?
    a kaleb stable?
    i ponder why that “fangirl” even thought you were Robert.
    You don't look a thing like him and you live in Texas.
    That girl is an idiot.

  65. Snow Wight

    That. Was. Funny! I don't like Rob (please, no one shoot me), which just boosted the comedy level on that one πŸ˜€

  66. Heather

    I love your hate mail, Kaleb. Seriously the best. Do you ever get any intelligent hate?

  67. Hilaryy !

    i think this has just made my day… and i had a pretty hilarious day today!

  68. shortstuff

    lol WHY would she think you were rob? i swear, some ppl need to stop smoking the funny grass..

  69. shortstuff

    lol, that's a really good question… it always seems hatemail and stupidity go hand in hand..

  70. Icy Topaz

    You should totally set them up, because there's finally someone out there smart enough for him. She's even smarter than Kristen Stewart, and that's saying A LOT.

    No, really. Pattinson deserves her.

    Yes, I hate both Rob and Kristen. I am entirely serious. Thank you. ^_^

  71. ellen

    why, Kalbe, I didn't know you had changed your name! xD lol, i just love how you do this stuff

  72. devz30

    haha.. i just don't understand how she can mistake you for Rob.

    How illiterate can people get? It scares me.

  73. Poppy

    Haha, Omr Hillarious!

    Aw Bless You Kaleb, You Must Of Felt Way Chuffed When She Said You Looked Like Rob. And Then She Goes And Sends That!

    Lol. Seriously Keep Posting These, They Make My Day! πŸ˜›

    Poppy xx

  74. Stef

    my favourite is when they call him edward.. like he's actually.. real.

  75. Aria

    Wow girly, look before you leap.

  76. Jamaica

    …Like, whut?? How could she have mistaken you for Robert Pattinson? I mean, with your name and picture everywhere on this site…oh right, stupidity.
    Haha, and yeah, do you ever get hatemail whose contents won't melt your brain trying to figure out what exactly it's saying? 'Cause every single one of those e-mails you post in your 'What R U Saying?' has a) cringe-worthy spelling; b) awful grammar; c) both.

  77. Poppy

    LMAO at your lulz for Saturday.

    she couldn't at least spell half the words right.

    Thanks for cheering up my portfolio writing.

  78. Kato

    hahahah πŸ˜€ that made my day . xd
    how could she think you where Rpattz? ( stupidity..)
    Keep them coming! ;D

  79. Twilight Lexicon » Twilight Twitter 411

    […] limited to Twilight stars. Aparently someone has just faked a Kaleb Nation account too.Β  Kaleb just did a great story on how over 26,000 people have been fooled into friending a fake Stephenie Meyer account when […]

  80. Helna

    Haha, thanks. πŸ˜€

  81. Amber Pederson


  82. brenna

    ROFL!! thats so funny!!! i cant believe they thought you were rob!! (no offense to those who did)

  83. Katilyn

    oh that What R U Saying girl was wrong. I don't care if you're not Rob, You are totally hot! πŸ˜‰

  84. Samantha

    ahhh i started following a FAKE SM?! *unfollows!*
    gosh i hate people that do crap like that…i mean is your life REALLY that awful that you have to pretend to be somebody else?!

    and O M G you're NOT rob ?!
    since when…?
    people scare me sometimes lol

    and keep up the awwwesome posts :)

  85. Luci

    Kalbe Natoin! I cant belive u r going around making people belive u r Rovert Pattonson! is that the only way you can mek new fiends?

    -Stephanie Myers

    bahahaha I can't stop laughing! As I read that first e-mail, I was like, “gah! Kaleb has crazy fangirls now!” and then the second one just brought on the fits of laughter. That girl has issues. lol But you are totally awesome at being Kaleb so don't try to be Rob…. I think one of him is enough in this world. =D

  86. Anna_Loves_TWILIGHT

    WOOOOW! That hate mail just makes me sad. BUT, to all you questioners, I know WHY this insane fangirl though Kaleb (AKA Kalbe) was Rob:

    So, she was looking for a way to contact Rob on the internet. She happens to see a website called TwilightGuy.com. Rob, playing Edward, was playing the main guy in Twilight, thus, this girl jumped to the conclusion that it was Rob who was this “Twilight Guy”. So she gets really, really, really excited and goes right to the contact page, but in her excitment she can not see straight (this happens to people) so she was unable to realize that this was not Rob's site.

    Yes, I am a genius. Its already been proven (lol JK).

    But even knowing the reason why, I still cant believe her stupidity. And her logic. It's horrible. “I know we are meant to be because I love you.” That doesnt make sense. Tsk Tsk. I love this hate mail so much.

  87. Genevieve

    hahahahahahahahaha that email.
    I fell out of my chair laughing.

  88. Dessie

    Um…no offense, but who would even think you were Robert Pattinson? Personally though, I think you are “smokin hot HOT” *rolls eyes at quote* but seriously, you are pretty hot.

  89. Annie

    omd! that mail is hilarious!

  90. cnfac

    Agh. I would find that hatemail funny if it was orignal. When I had a Twilight website, that was just for my friends of course, people like that came on with out looking at the website or what it is about. Then they would be like 'O U LKE TWILITGH TOO?? THS IS TWILIHGT SIGHT RIGHT?' Or 'OMG GIVE MEH CHAPER FIVE OF THE TWILIGHT!!'

    . . .

    Seriously that is annoying as hell. And I mean you can totally tell that person is one of them Twilight Nazi's [I have split the Twilight Nation into two halfs. There are the Twilight Nazi's. The hate mail you got is a perfect exsample of one. They are usually people who have poor taste in Lit, spend their time night and day obbsessed with Twilight, and cuss anyone out that's a hater when Haters have a right to talk about the hate of Twilght as much as we have the right to talk about how much we love it. Then there is the Twilight Mafia. The Mafia is everyone that is sane in the nation.].

  91. Amber Pederson


    This seriously had me in stitches. Did they actually demand you give them portions of the book!?

  92. Alice

    See? I TOLD you so! Sorry, haha. But if you haven't gotten to the email yet, I sent one about a month earlier saying that the real Stephenie only has her Myspace and her website. I guess it would've been easier to leave a comment.

    So this means you have to take down that 'this site made me laugh buckets….' quote from the fake Stephenie…..right?

  93. KalebNation

    It wasn't from a fake Stephenie. That is from the real Stephenie Meyer

  94. Sierra

    Omg that made me laugh so hard! I read it at school, and I'm lucky that I didnt burst out laughing when the teacher was talking and get in a ton of trouble. People who send hate mail are so dumb! It's so funny!!!!!!!

  95. natalie

    lmao. that was the best.
    who do you think you are going around pretending to be robert pattinson? lol

  96. Kellie

    I must say, these lulz have been quite the entertaining experience.
    Entertaining and sad…for multiple reasons; because it is unbelievable that people waste their time and precious mental resources to send ridiculous e-mails that really display how little of their mental resources they actually use…

    AND because I am actually sitting here, wasting my precious mental resources scanning the net, continuously being obsessed with these books that I read weeks ago and cannot get out of my head.

    Am I the only one???



  97. Robert Pattinson

    im the real robert andd this site iz stuped. i cant beleve how i reeding this rite now.

  98. Imposter

    HAHAHAHAHAHHAHH you fucking retard!!!!!!!!!!! This guy actually wants people to believe that he's Rob. Your spelling is horrible and I don't think Rob would criticize this site.

  99. Heather

    I don't comment on blogs that often; but reading that email that you got made me stop and have a 'WTF?' moment. Honestly, did that girl think that writing an email like that would get the attention of, Robert Pattinson? Well, she'd get attention; but not exactly the attention she was wanting. If you're going to write someone a letter stating that you love them, proper English would be a wise thing to use. People like that seriously irk me to no end. The English language did nothing to those people, yet they insist on abusing it and turning it into a bastardized form of whatever you want to call it.
    Also, accusing you of posing as Robert Pattinson proves just how stupid that girl really is. Obviously she cannot read, because if she could, she would see your name on the site. Yes, you are Kaleb Nation, posing as Robert Pattinson, yet, you are using your real name? That makes a lot of sense.

    Before I lose anymore brain cells looking at that dribble that girl sent to you, I shall return to my own writing that I should be paying attention to.

    You're awesome by the way.

  100. inzaratha

    I have been on other sites where people made fake accounts of other users and started war. Like huge fights and then people thought it was the real person doing it and not the fake copy. So much drama.

  101. rachel

    is stephenie meyer doesnt have an actual official facebook page or group can u suggest a reli gd 1 2 join???????

  102. Natalie

    Hahaha!!! XD
    That was very funny!! Everything this girl said!! XD
    I laughed so much too!! And I still laughing!! XD
    Keep rocking Kalbe!! haha!!

  103. annie doiron

    She taking down her myspace too … she write it on her website…

  104. babybott330

    I am so confused by the fact that many people have to come think YOU are Robert Pattinson. How did this happen? Also, as I've blogged about before, what I find the funniest about fangirls, or non-fangirls as it appears, (hahaha) is that they always spell Robert Pattinson is some other way. As if the 'love of your life' seriously doesn't require enough attention by you to bother with spelling his name correctly? Geesh.

    Also, though I'm sure it's been made aware to everyone by now, Stephenie has deleted her MySpace page.

  105. Steven Hill

    Wow, Kaleb. People on your hate mail can't even write on how much they hate you. Haha. Their volgarity just shows on how much of an immature redundant person they are. They love to be insecure, and plan to make NOTHING out of themselves. Honestly, it's amusing. Kaleb you rock, and I got your back man.
    -Steven Hill

  106. Steven Hill

    You don't get it do you. Kaleb says that he is not Robert. Besides, I highly doubt Robert is going to be online. You're pretty delusional aren't you. Haha. You make you laugh; as well as the other idiotic antagonists on this comment section. Kaleb hasn't done anything to you, so stop being so hostile and take a chill pill.
    -Steven Hill

  107. Savanna012

    Oh. Em. Gee. are you really serious? robert is BRITISH he would NOT be talking in chatspeak! that made me almost fall out of my chair it was so idiotic. i think my brain is being slowly melted by all the stupid people who say stuff like that.

  108. Savanna

    Oh. Em. Gee. are you really serious? robert is BRITISH he would NOT be talking in chatspeak! that made me almost fall out of my chair it was so idiotic. i think my brain is being slowly melted by all the stupid people who say stuff like that.

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  110. Branding – It Stinks But You’ve Gotta Do It | Daron D. Fraley

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  111. jekyia frederick

    if you can., hear me i have something in my mind that i want the world to hear and see. so plz do me a favor and approve me on myspace. i want to ask you a BIG question its about twilight.

  112. Pulak Kumar

    You don't bear the slightest resemblance to Robert. Whoever posted this needs to get her eyes checked, or better still, her mental health

  113. Jojo

    I suddenly feel sorry for Rob Patt.
    I'm intrigued at the lack of real words, too. But, being a writer, I can't help it.
    That child needs a dictionary, a shrink, and possibly a real friend.

    Thanks for the info on FB, Twitter etc.
    I follow a group on FB, but I knew it wasn't really her (they spelt her name slightly different, but its a great group and is updated often so fans can be informed on the twilight/host news)


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