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Reading Breaking Dawn: Chapter 10 (Why Didn’t I Just Walk Away? Oh Right, Because I’m An Idiot)

May 15th, 2009 at 3:56 pm by Kaleb Nation

The song for this chapter is Walking Away by Craig David (suggested by Haley)

Now that summer break is here, the time has come for me to actually get moving on things. I have so much to catch up on, but now that I have all this free time, I suddenly can’t make myself get out of bed. To add to this sloth, as another part of the new-and-improved Kaleb for summer break, I have started a new daily workout routine. This has left me so sore today that my fingers are having a hard time connecting with the correct keys on my keyboard, and I am hurting in places I do not want to imagine muscles being.

Jacob, however, has none of these problems, because he is a werewolf, and werewolfs are teh OMG hawtness. Instead, he’s just been offered the girl he loves by the girl’s own husband, who is basically begging him to go make some babies. For some reason, I get the feeling I have been transported from the world of Twilight into something one might find in a tabloid. This does not bode well.

It’s so interesting, watching Bella from Jacob’s point of view. Since we’ve been stuck inside her head for so long, it’s almost like an out-of-body experience, seeing her through someone else’s eyes. She acts just the same as she did on the outside even when we were in her head, but now I’m left going insane wondering what she is thinking at this time. We used to know this, of course, and we would know what sorts of things she was planning, and how she felt about Jacob and Edward’s proposition to her. But now we’re blocked out: we’re one of the outsiders, who are left to try and figure her strange mind out on our own. Is this what Edward feels, not being able to get into her head?

I found much amusement in this:

She sighed.

“I told you–,” I started to say.

“Did you know that ‘I told you so’ has a brother, Jacob?” she asked, cutting me off. “His name is ‘Shut the hell up.’ ”


The imprinting part was a relief to hear coming from Bella. I am so happy that Bella is finally pointing out this very important fact to Jacob. He will find his true love. He doesn’t need to despair, because at some time, he will imprint on someone. Now that Bella is Edward’s, Jacob is just hurting himself more by hanging on to her when he could be looking for his own true love.

“Edward […] said it was like A Midsummer Night’s Dream, like magic. You’ll find who you’re really looking for, Jacob, and maybe then all of this will make sense.”

Jacob is just young, and immature, and impatient. I can’t blame him, because that’s just who he is. And it would be very depressing to be in his position, because when you truly think you’re looking at the girl who was meant to be yours, it hurts to be told that someone else will come along, because you don’t want anyone else. But there really is still hope for him to find someone, even though that isn’t Bella.

What Edward asked Jacob to convince Bella of was entirely out of line, and many of you agree with me (as shown in the comments on Chapter 9). Edward doesn’t ‘own’ Bella, and he has no right to ‘give’ her to Jacob under any circumstances. His intentions are good, and the plan was made in desperation, but it is this desperation that is throwing everyone into a frenzy. Edward has already had to deal with losing Bella once, even though she hadn’t actually died. He’ll do anything now to keep her.

Bella, however, seems to be the only one who has any sense at the moment, despite the fact she might be a bit loony due to whatever is growing inside of her. Jacob then makes the smart move of leaving entirely. I’m not even saying that sarcastically. It is best for him. It’s not only best for him, but it is best for Bella too, for him to be gone for a while, and let her think. It’s a lot to deal with for Jacob, I’m sure. It’s also a lot for the pack to deal with obviously, when they get the full image of Bella from Jacob:


But are any of them actually prepared for what Sam is telling the to do? This isn’t simply an attack mission against a group of vampires: it is an all-out war between the werewolves and the Cullens, where a state of uneasy peace has existed for many, many years. All their treaties and agreements are suddenly up in the air for this. They’ve fought alongside each other before, against Victoria and her minions. What will it mean when they all get into that battlefield, and are forced to turn on those who were once their allies? I don’t think this will be anywhere near as easy as Sam seems to think.

QUESTION FOR THE COMMENTS: If Bella’s baby died, do you think she would choose to have children with Jacob or would rather stay childless and with Edward? Which would you rather she do?


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100 Responses

  1. twilight magnets

    I think she would stayed childless. she loved Edward a lot.

  2. Beth C

    It's Edward, of course she'll say with him. They're soul mates. You said it before (I think). Bella doesn't want children. She wants EDWARD'S child.

  3. Haley

    Edward. She loves her kid because it's his as well.

  4. Fruit

    Even if the child died, I'm pretty sure she would stay with Edward. I think she's gotten herself too far into anything to ever be able to – or want to – back out.


    She would stay childless with Edward.
    It's Edward's child she wants, not Jacob's.

  6. Krista

    I'm positive she would stay with Edward. I mean, come on, even Jacob thought it was a stupid idea. Even thought there was that one moment in Eclipse where she considered staying with Jacob, I really don't think Bella is as stupid as that.

    And speaking of not wanting to get out of bed… Today was Track&Field Day at our school. :)

  7. Anlynne

    She'd stay with Edward. It wasn't just any child. It was his.

  8. Kpucine

    Very good question… If you'd have asked this question before Bella was pregnant, I probably would say she would choose to stay with Edward. But now… Clearly, this baby is something she needed, but she didn't know it until she got pregnant.
    So, on the one hand, we have Edward, her one and only love. And on the other hand, Jacob, the guy with who she could have kids and live an almost normal life (I supposed that when you're with a werewolf, your life can't be totally normal, right?).
    But I think she would choose to stay with Edward, because as I said before, he's her one and only, her soulmate, she imprinted on him (if I can say that). She would do any sacrifice for Edward, and a life without children could be one of this sacrifice… I don't think she could live without him (:

  9. Natty

    I definately think she would stay with Edward. Bella only wants this kid because she has it, so she has a mother's love for it. She doesn't love any babies she doesn't have, especially if they're not even Edward's. If I remember right, she doesn't really want kids in the first place… “(something about considering having children) I'd never really thought about it. To me, they seemed like a lot of trouble, and always dripping some kind of goo.” I don't have my book just now so this is not it exactly but unless I'm going crazy she says something to that effect.

  10. MsKittyCullen

    Hmmm…I think she would stay childless with Edward, they have given up everything to be with eachother, even if it involves them killing themself if the other has gone. Or seeking revenge on the person who killed their partner. yet with Jacob, she's had images back in Eclipse about having children with him and their future together – but If she loves the child this much, when it dies it could either bring her clloser to Edward, or she would more than likely cut everyone out of her life and go back to Charlie.
    Bahaha, i evalutaed – english exam next week and im practising 😉
    OMG, I laughed out loud at the muscle thing. XDD
    And summer isnt for another month and 15 days for me *Despair*


  11. Alexia

    she would stay with Edward the only reason she love the kid is because its his kid!!!

  12. sarclark

    bella would stay with edward. like she said in eclipse, she had made her chose and that was edward. why would she go back on her promise to edward when one accident happened. its not fair for both of them. they would loose the one love that they can always depend on and almost died to save that love. it wouldnt seem right for bella to choose jacob, even if it is “safer” for her. jacob has healed some what and edward is just beginning to love her…

  13. dimitra

    definitely she would stay with Edward! she just can't live without him. i think Kpucine is right: she has “imprinted” on him………!

  14. (The)Victoria(Poet)

    Childless with Edward, OF COURSE. :) C'mon, Kaleb, think. xD

  15. Autumn

    I think she would have just gone on with Edward. At least that's what I would do. But if she did have Jacob's child, I think she might regret it. It would be too weird, raising the child that you had with your best friend as your husband's.

  16. Asshleey

    I think she would stay childless because as sh kinda said she didn't really want childern or ever thought about having childern and the child just sort of came and the only reason she is keeping it is because its a part of edward soo if she lost it i think she would jsut stay childless

  17. Claudia

    If Bella's baby died she would be devastated. But I don't think she would try again with Jacob. It wouldn't be the same and would just cause more problems for Bella on who to choose, because she knows she has already chosen Edward, long ago, but she might feel she owes Jacob. She would be very depressed for a long time, but after that Edward would be there for her. He's the one she fell in love with in the first place.

    As a Team Edwarder, I would want Bella to stay with Edward, but most of all, I want them to be happy together.

  18. RosalieC

    I think that Bella has said that this child was something that her heart grew to accommodate and in that case I think she would love it as much as she loves Edward but in a different way. Part of me wonders if she could live without the child. Go back and read the preface of Book 1 (of Breaking Dawn) and you'll see what I mean.

    Also on the topic of Edward killing himself, What would be the point of killing himself if Bella died? Because according to his “smartness” he will be in hell or whatever is after vampireness and Bella will be in heaven, therefore, they still wouldn't be together and he would still be living without her. Plus he's not living right now so technically he's been able to live without her before.

    Anyhoo….. Is there anyway that we could get your predictions for the future??? You are always very insightful with the chapters and I would love to know how much of that you would be able to apply to the future.

  19. Alba

    I don't think Bella would choose to have babies with Jacob if her baby died. I really don't think so.

    About the rest of the post, there's something I can't agree with you:

    You say Jacob's immature. He's not. He's young, but not immature. He's more mature than normal 16 years old guys, and this is a fact. I mean, he's had to endure lots of difficult situations that have made him mature from that child we saw in Twilight to this young man we see here. He is immature if you compare him to Edward, who has lived through more than a century. But he's without a doubt more mature than guys his age.

    And he's trying to do the right thing here. Something that Edward isn't doing at the moment, even with all his experience as an adult man.

    Thanks for posting, Kaleb! Talk to you soon!

  20. Brogan

    I agree with what has been said so far. Bella doesn't want any child- she wants Edward's child. If the baby were to die, she would rather stay childless with Edward (if she didn't pull an Esme- which, I'm pretty sure, she wouldn't… Probably more for Edward's sake than her own, though…) than have a child with Jacob.

  21. Kathy

    Wasn't it strange getting the story from another point of view? But the chapter titles were sure entertaining! Makes me want Steph to finish Midnight Sun all the more. As for Bella – no puppies, just Edward's baby.

  22. Cara

    Edward. I don't think she's just desperate for a kid.

  23. Samantha

    I'd rather see her be with Jacob, but I KNOW she would choose to be childless with Edward. Ugh, stupid bitch.

    All of this will make sense to you though. Just a few more chapters. 😀 (It's hard knowing the answer and seeing someone read the book lol)

  24. Duorian

    no way would she want to have kids with Jacob.

  25. Nessa

    I think that Bella do, actually, not want baby, she loves this baby because is part of her and Edward, she even say that she doesn't like children, and she did not want a baby until she find out she was pregnant. She realize that she want that baby cos was Edward's

  26. Adriana

    the whole reason Bella is choosing to have this baby is because it is part Edward and thats whats gives her the drive. She wants Edward to have this baby with her not jacob and thats what Edward doesnt understand. He doesnt understand that this is purely about him and not just about having a baby.

  27. Lizzie Hale

    She would stay childless with Edward because, like many others have already pointed out, she only wants THIS child. Whitch was really annoying when i first read this because Edward doesnt understand that. But who can blame him!

  28. Becky

    gah, i had a nice long comment typed out and then i accidentally exited out >:(
    but in short: no, Bella wouldn't want to hurt Edward by having kids with Jake. One of the reasons Bella wants this kid so badly is because it's Edward's. It's not about having children for her, its about having Edward's child. Plus, I really doubt that Edward would actually be able to stand his wife with Jake, despite what he said about it.
    And Jake… well, if the baby had died, it would not have ended well for him…

  29. bloodnoir

    Childless, of course! I had more to say, but it would have just have been a variation of what others have already posted.

  30. Becky

    Also: the death of this baby would mean a completely different ending of the series.

    wow, this question is REALLY hard to answer without spoiling anything… it's so hard to explain it without giving something important away!

  31. Steph

    Dang it. I couldn't access your site until this morning. Why do these things always happen?

    Yeah, not being in Bella's head is actually really annoying. Let's face it, from Bella's POV, not only did we know what Jacob was thinking (because he is surprisingly easy to read), but everything she did made sense! In BD, nothing makes sense. The entire time, I was all like, “What? What does that even mean? That is the stupidest decision I've ever heard!”

    With Edward, obviously. I don't even need to explain why. You're getting a bit slack with these questions, Kaleb.

  32. Aubrey

    The next chapter is when things get REALLY interesting! You are so close to….nevermind I can't tell you. Hurry up Kaleb the suspense is killing me!!!!

  33. Steph

    Little late for not spoiling.

    'Also: the death of this baby would mean a completely different ending of the series.'

    As everyone can see, the life of the baby is clearly hanging in the balance.

  34. Kari

    She would stay with Edward obviously!!! She doesn't want just any kid (even Jacob's) she wants Edward's kid. And if she had to pick, she would stay childless with Edward because he's her soulmate and now HUSBAND. C'mon Kaleb, have you been paying attention to Breaking Dawn at all??? She MARRIED Edward, so it's pretty obvious who she wants, child or no child.

  35. Kougie

    Wow. You made a grammar mistake. This is the first time that I saw one in your posts!
    “But are any of them actually prepared for what Sam is telling THE to do?”
    Sorry, but I just had to point that out. I'm a grammar freak = D

    Anyway, she would obviously stay with Edward. She doesn't want A baby, she wants a little Edward! She wouldn't settle for a “puppy”.
    However, if she hadn't gone cliff jumping, and got back with Edward, she might have had a life with Jacob.

    Also, I am impressed with how fast you are posting! How about focusing some of that spare time for your YouTube videos? It's been a whole week without a new one!
    You're so lucky that you are out of school already!!! I still have a month left. = ( June 18

  36. gatchpatch

    Bella cannot have her cake and eat it too. If she wanted children she should've chose Jacob in Eclipse or even New Moon. Whether Edward gave her permission or not it would still complicate things. Concieving with jacob would create a triangle when we just got a line.

  37. Wendy

    She would stay with Edward and be childless

  38. Gothhic Goddess

    She would have chosen to stay. But I have a feeling that if she had lost the baby, she would have felt some kind of emptiness for a long time. She would have remained happy and in love, but she loves that baby from the very first nudge. And losing that love would have done some major damage to her, and would have changed her, possibly to be more like Rose.

  39. Jackie

    Oh my god! You had the same thought as me in this chapter. I totally agree with you on the feeling on not knowing what Bella is thinking all the time. It’s really frustrating or that’s how I found it. We always saw her plans and thought on things and now that we aren’t in her head we don’t know anything. That did make me feel like Edward.

    Okay now to the question. It’s a really hard question. I don’t know which she would choose. But I’m taking into account that she mentions that she wants Edward’s child, not anyone else’s. The fact that it’s Edward’s brings a smile to her face. Knowing that she’s having a child to the man of her dreams makes her happy which then leads to her keeping it and loving it. But if the child did die I think she probably would stay childless. The most important thing to her is Edward and if she went off with Jacob to have a child with him, she would know that she would be hurting Edward so much more. If I had to choose for her, I guess I would choose for her to be childless. It’s a hard choice since either way you lose something and everyone gets hurt. Jacob would be hurt since he wouldn’t exactly have Bella, Edward would be because he cant give her the one thing she might want and Bella because she cant make both of them happy.

  40. Mich(elle) C.

    If the baby died. She would stay childish with Edward, I'm sure. But, Meyer has that special magic to make things jump out of the ordinary. Maybe it would be something in between IF that ever happens. It would be shocking if there was another guy that Bella was in love with jumping into the story xD. More Drama.

  41. E

    Umm… no offense, Kaleb, but I think you're missing some things. You're looking at the pack as a whole not wanting to fight the Cullens; it's mainly Jacob and Seth, who know them better. Why do you think they're the only ones who argued with him?

    And to answer your question, neither. If the baby dies, so does Bella. Did you read chapter 7? She loves the baby every bit as much as she loves Edward, and if something happens to either of them, she won't survive that. Her only choice would be to die herself–she wouldn't be able to bear any other option.

  42. Katie

    Childless with Edward.
    seeing as thats what she wanted in the first place
    i mean she never EXPECTED children with Edward

    and I giggled when i saw the ad in the side bar. the disclaimer says “not responsible for this ad content” but it was a twilight ad…so in a way you kindof are =] hahah irony

  43. Emily

    This is an interesting predicament.
    Bella's a strange person, and she fluctuates a great deal, like many average 18- 19 year old girls.

    I'd like to think she'd stay with Edward, sadly childless but happy to be with Edward and in love. However, the new hormones released thanks to her pregnancy have made her realize how great having a child, and being a mother, really would be. Young teenage Bella thought nothing of loosing her ability to become pregnant, but the older Bella realizes the great loss it really is.

    I wonder about Bella. She would be a wonderful mother, and she and Edward both know that. I doubt Bella would ever, EVER have sexual intercourse with Jacob. She would never allow it. She may love him very much, but not nearly as much as Edward, and would never let herself go that far. Yet, I feel she would be devastated at the loss of her beloved child. Perhaps she would search for another way to have a child.

    This gives her two options: adoption, or being impregnated in another way.
    Adoption has its merits, but would she (should she become a vampire eventually) and Edward really be strong enough to outlive their adopted human child? Could vampiric Bella and Edward be able to resist the desire for the blood of their adopted child?

    Being impregnated in another way (artificial insemination) also is an interesting idea. Who would be the donor? The obvious answer is Jacob- have Jacob's child, the child of someone she loves very deeply. I feel like this would be a very workable solution. Would Bella go for this solution? It's hard to say. And again, the problem poses: Would she (should she be a vampire someday) and Edward be strong enough to outlive their human child?

    Well, enough of my ranting. Love your blog, this is fun :-)

  44. RandyLynne

    Bella already made the choice to be childless with Edward rather than have the semi-normal life she could have with Jacob. The surprise pregnancy was just a bonus for her–it would not have changed her mind about who she loved and wanted to be with.

    One thing I thought of with your comment “Edward doesn’t ‘own’ Bella, and he has no right to ‘give’ her to Jacob under any circumstances” is that Edward was in no way giving Bella to Jacob. More than that, he was giving Jacob to Bella–once more giving her the chance to change her mind. He really only ever wanted to give Bella whatever she wanted. He just didn't always pick the best ways to get to that end. But he knew his desperate plan wouldn't work, and he still didn't understand the depths of her feelings–for him or his baby.

    He did always have a frustrating tendency to underestimate Bella, perhaps because he still felt that no mere human with only a few years' experience could feel as deeply as he could with his many years and super vampire properties. Disappointing, perhaps, but understandable. He never did experience that sort of passion as a human, and so has no real reference point for comparison. As a vampire he is faster, stronger, sees more, hears more than mere humans, so why would he not assume that this intense feeling he has is also more than what a human might experience.

  45. Wendilynn

    This question is a no brainer. She would stay with Edward and live her life with him.

    Another good insight on the chapter. Question: Do any of you do like I do and forget that Jacob is ONLY 16 years old? For me, I constantly forget that Bella and Jacob are still teenagers. When I read these stories, I identify with the emotions of the story so well that I end up unconsciously making all the characters my own age.

  46. Chicago-TwiMom

    I'm surprised a lot of people don't understand Bella in the “Jacob” chapters. But maybe being a mother makes it easy for me. I think its brilliant of Stephanie to give us insight from Jacob's point of view in this part because Bella’s POV is obvious to any mother or mother to be. And therefore Stephanie could show us much more from Jacob at this time. Stephenie, does a nice job of helping out with explanations in certain parts of future Jacob chapters just to make it clear –so just hold on. Remember, Bella is a mother-to-be, her one and only job in this part is to remain alive so the baby (her baby with Edward) survives. She is willing to give her life for this baby but she's crossing her fingers all will work out with emergency vampirization. Unfortunately the males in the story and those with no desires for motherhood don't get it.

    To answer your question…Remember in Eclipse when she spent hours crying in her car and later in her bedroom after making her choice. It was then that she gave up her dream of possibly ever having any of future with Jacob (or any other human) and was willing to pay the price of ever having children (little did she/we know about vampire biology). Why do you think she cried so much? She saw her future with Jacob clearly (2.0 kids) but that sacrifice and broken heart of giving up that dream, the sacrifice of parenthood (even if it was just a glimpse) she thought she was making was nothing –NOTHING compared to the torture she lived those months (October, November, December and so on in New Moon when she lost Edward). She knew what she wanted (Edward) and what she couldn't live without (Edward) as she mentoned many times in Eclipse . So why repeat this in Breaking dawn, again brilliant to bring in Jacob here.

    Edwards’s crazy ideas and temporary insanity were not going to stop her. Remember he thinks this kid is going to be the anti-christ monster from the black lagoon who is going to destory Bella , his family safety and the town of forks. Of course, initially she didn't care for children because at 18 who the hell is thinking about having kids! But once married to the man of her dreams and pregnant with his child — things changed. It is Edward's child she wants, and no substitute could make up for this child she was carrying. She knows Edward doesn't understand her, she probably wishes he could read her mind then so she could help him understand how deep her love for her unborn child is. She could never explain it to him, which is why she went to Rosalie, Rosalie understands, Esme understands (which is what forces Carlise and Emmett to side with Bella for no other reasons then their partners support of Bella). Come on people…Harry Potter's mother understands! Notice (or you will notice) Alice sides with Edward. Motherhood does change you, and Bella was changed on the Isle of Esme when her little Nudger made itself known. Sorry the little “puppies” will have to come from someone else, not Bella. Edward is so depressed and afraid of losing Bella he's completely lost his mind and Jacob knows it but he's willing to try anything to keep Bella from dying.

  47. Aiden

    If the baby had died, I think Bella would probably stay childless with Edward, but it’s hard to say, because that’s what I think the Bella we know would do, but losing a child is an awful thing and could quite possibly change her character completely. Still, I think she’s probably stay with Edward, but it would definitely change things for her.

    For instance, if she had lost the baby, and survived that experience still human, I think she would have waited a long time before actually changing into a vampire. Not because she wouldn’t want to be with Edward still, but because changing would be loosing her ability to have a child. While having children never bothered her before, I think that because she had been pregnant and loved the baby and then went through the grief of loosing it, it would take her a while to make the choice that would mean she definitely would never be able to have children. I don’t think that she would want to have Jacob’s children during this time, or expect to be able to have another child with Edward, but it would definitely be part of the grieving process for her to wait before being changed into a vampire.

    But, if she did have puppies with Jacob then I don’t think she would ever become a vampire. I don’t think Bella would want to become a vampire and then outlive her human children, and Jacob would never allow them to be changed into vampires, firstly because of his hatred of them, and also for another reason that you might pick up on later, but I won’t explain because I don’t want to spoilerize you. Also, I don’t think Bella would become a vampire because even though I don’t think she would fall out of love with Edward (because she would never give him up), I think that having someone’s children definitely changes your relationship with them, and if Bella had Jacob’s children, I think her love for him would grow, but I don’t think it would be as strong as her love for Edward, so they would definately have a very weird situation on their hands.

    And the next chapter is awesome, by the way. It has one of my favourite scenes from Jacob’s POV.

  48. inzaratha

    She would stay with Edward. She only wants the baby because it is theirs.

  49. FictionsMyReality

    Yup, as a majority of the people said, I think that Bella would stay with Edward. I also think she only wants this baby because it's theirs.

  50. Alexandria

    I think she would stay childless. She doesn't want to have a baby. She never even thought about having kids. The only reason she is having the baby is because it is Edwards.

  51. Lorie Scott

    Edward; DUH. There's nothing more important to Bella than Edward. If she'd been able to throw him away now, after all they'd been through together, then she would've been fine with leaving him way back in Twilight, or New Moon; hence; the end of the series. So yeah, that one's a no-brainer.

    “Puppies(?)”… eeeww.

    But yeah. (Hopefully you understood something I've written. I'm sooo confusing…)

  52. Lorie Scott

    *…leaving him (for Jacob) way back in Twilight, or New Moon…

  53. ivy

    ok, its interesting hearing what a guy's opinion is on breaking dawn
    but if i could just leave a couple of friendly tips?
    i deffinatly dont want to sound mean just something i noticed
    your posts kind of seem to be repeating a lot of the same things
    such as how edward loves bella and how you used to hate jacob but don't anymore
    and how it is interesting about how jacob feels
    you're posts just need a little…pizzaz
    its kind of boring sometimes
    still a fan though
    and appreciate to hear you're thoughts

    congrats on the book deal too

  54. Janelle

    I agree! Hurry up! My third time reading this book Kaleb and I'm soooo excited for you to get to the next several chapters! Tee hee!

  55. shiningmer

    I think she'd probably stay childless… She didn't even like children that much. It was the thought of that baby being hers and Edward's that made her want him so bad she could die for him.

  56. vanessa

    the only reason she wants a baby because its like a minature edward and she could never hurt him so she cant hert the baby because its part edward and she wouldnt have puppies with jacob because that would torment edward and she is a heartless bitch who would do that to him

  57. vanessa

    sorry i ment she wouldnt do that him spelling mistake

  58. jussie

    as above,

  59. Bayla

    Yeah… I know most people have already said this…. but she would definitely stay childless with Edward. The only reason she wants this baby is because it is HIS baby.

    I have to admit that, even though I LOVE x infinite this book, Edward's intense desperation (and thus offering Bella to Jacob) bothered me a little. But I'm sure it's only because he wants her to live, no matter what the price he may have to pay, and at this moment he is convinced she will die because of this baby. Being unable to read her mind, and of course the fact that he believes that he is a soul-less monster, he doesn't completely understand all of Bella's intentions. This leads him to believe that if she would die for his baby, she could settle for someone else's baby that she doesn't have to die for, and that someone being one who she loves…. and who comes to his mind? Jacob.

  60. Madeleine

    The answer is so obvious I'm surprised you're asking. OF COURSE Bella would stay childless with Edward. She was happy with him before she got pregnant, and she only wants this baby as much as she does because it is his child. As Bella says, it's not like any baby would do. She never wanted children that weren't Edward's children.
    Bella loves Edward more than anything, and made her choice back in Eclipse. She would never go back on that just because Edward can't produce something she never even knew she wanted. And she would never even contemplate going for something in between the two extremes, doing something that would hurt both Edward and Jacob so much (again)—– sleeping with Jacob yet remaining with Edward. Bella is not that heartless, Kaleb.

    BTW, the muscle comment? HILARIOUS!

  61. Annie

    What kind of idiot would run off with another guy she didn't love as much just because she couldn't have a baby with the one she did love? Bella would have stayed with Edward. She was already prepared to give up children to be with him in the first place, and I don't know why that should change.

    Also, since when did Bella become so….brazen, exactly? I can't see her sleeping around like that, and I don't understand why Edward would ever think she would, but the fact that he did bothers me a lot. I understand he was 'desperate', but that's really no excuse for him to think that Bella would be happy to be 'shared'. This was one of the few times I actually felt like Edward didn't know Bella at all, and Jacob got it just right when he said it was 'sick' for Bella to be treated like a rental movie, or something like that.

  62. Elene

    I know I was like OMG a grammer mistake!!????????????

    tut tut Kaleb…when you reach those 400 000 followers on twitter, we'll sell the tabloids this XP XP

  63. Heather

    Breaking Dawn is like a strange netherworld that doesn't seem to fit the series. On the re-reads, I found it was like reading Twilight for the first time. It was uncertain, mysterious, frightening…and you couldn't look away. I know I was the only one of my friends who literally stayed up all night to read the book. In fact, I finished the Jacob section as sunrise hit and went outside to watch dawn break haha. But I felt Breaking Dawn is a strange, more mature mirror of Twilight, and that's why it's moved to my favorite book in the series, knocking Twilight to the number two spot.

    While in Jacob's head, I realized I don't like Bella from the outside. When I'm in her head, I connect with her (except when she's being an idiot in Eclipse, then I want to strangle her). But from the outside, I can see what she's thinking, so she does seem crazy, unconcerned, and ignorant to danger. I also find her whiny, and destructive, the way she devotes attention to Jacob but claims love to Edward. Yeah, I totally understand how other people view her and I don't like it lol.

    I think if Bella loses the baby, she would still be with Edward. It's not just babies she wants. She never wanted kids before. Because it's Edward's, that's what makes her want this one so bad. So a Jacob baby wouldn't compare to Edward's as her true love.

  64. Dessie

    I think she would stay with Edward…I really have no clue what I would do…I don't really know if I would want kids.

  65. Wren

    I want to know what you think about Rosalie teaming up with Bella to save the baby they want and Edward doesn't. Isn't it awesome that the annoying blonde brat girl who disliked Bella now becomes her ally? She's the protector and nearly the only vampire who sides with Bella. It's a great twist! Bella's forced to turn to the person she doesn't want to deal with. In her time of desperation, she must get help from ROSALIE.
    I know you're focused on the guy side of these things, but, even through Jacob's point of view, we can still see a lot of what Bella's going through.

  66. Elise

    She wants edwards baby, but if she had to choose she would choose edward.

  67. tinpin

    how did u get paperback of breaking dawn twilight guy?

  68. Ada

    I think she would have stayed with Edward without a child, because it's not like she'd get that child back, it would be a complete different child. And like she thought on their honeymoon ” They seemed to be loud creatures, often dripping some form of goo. I'd never had much to do with them. [……] This child, Edward's child, was a whole different story.”

  69. Shelby

    i think that this question is really difficult to answer because we are not in the mind of Bella during the second “halF” of her pregnancy. Bella had grown up quite a lot within the months that we missed in between eclipse and breaking dawn which even further causes this question to have a 50/50 answer.

    Bella is sort of finally realizing that maybe she wants a little bit longer to be human. (After the *cough* “private” scene *cough*) so really it just depends on how well she can cope with the fact that her child has died.

    My personal opinion is that she would still stay with Edward because she is married to him now so she does have an obligation whether she feels guilty or not. But i also believe that her love runs deaper with Edward and they would be able to make it through the situation together.

    Speaking theoretically, Bella may have gone with Jacob. Miscarriages do strange things to people sometimes and I believe that if Bella was to be hurled down into pit of depresseion that she would in fact opt to go with Jacob that she could have another child and regain happiness faster….
    but like i said before Bella has matured a lot more than before so I don't believe she would opt for the easier way out.


  70. Camilla

    The problem is that Bella has a one track mind right now. Her baby.
    Edward, Jacob, heck, everyone has NO CLUE why she is clinging on to it.
    I think if Bella's baby did die, she wouldn't be the same. In a sense, she'd die.
    Now Edward wouldn't let Bella actually die but she wouldn't be the same girl
    Edward and Jacob fell for. If I were in Bella's place, I would fight.
    Fight for her 'nudger'.

  71. E

    I just thought it was so obvious that she would find some way to kill herself if the baby died…
    And one thing I want to say in response to some of the comments along the lines of: “It wasn't just any child. It was Edward's child.”:
    Bella didn't want to keep the baby just because it was Edward's… she loved the baby every bit as she loved him, already. Her little nudger. I thought it was just so clearly stated in chapter 7, and then even in this chapter she said: “It's not just any baby. It's… well, this baby.”

  72. Hannah

    What do you think???

  73. Melissa (melissaturkey)

    “This was one of the few times I actually felt like Edward didn't know Bella at all, and Jacob got it just right when he said it was 'sick' for Bella to be treated like a rental movie, or something like that.” my thoughts exactly Annie, my thoughts exactly!

    Just like everyone else I dont ever see Bella giving up on Edward. I've always wanted them to be together and its inevitable that nothing can keep them apart. If Bella lost the baby it would be a terrible loss and Bella would be devastated, but she wouldnt give up Edward, she wouldnt agree to be shared and she wouldnt use a child with Jacob as a substitute.

    Edward was a fool to think she would, but part of never reaching full maturity to an adult in his own life, never having any desire to start a family with anyone he doesnt quite grasp the concept that Bella as a mother-to-be would do anything to ensure her childs survival. Edward is so used to protecting Bella, risking his existance and the existance of his family for her, that he cant understand that for once Bella has the opportunity, the responsibility to do that for someone else, he cant get over his own protective instinct. I think that thats another reason besides being “desperate”

    anyway till next time 😀 melissaturkey

  74. Melissa (melissaturkey)

    “Bella didn't want to keep the baby just because it was Edward's… she loved the baby every bit as she loved him, already. Her little nudger. I thought it was just so clearly stated in chapter 7, and then even in this chapter she said: “It's not just any baby. It's… well, this baby.”” I agree E, not that she would kill herself (Bella would consider all the other people who love her I think and would keep going because of them, sort of like when she “lost” Edward and she kept going for charlie) but that she loved the baby because it was hers and it was her child and she had bonded with this baby, just like she would any child she held within her but it was THIS baby, anyother reason she wouldnt settle for a substitute.

  75. devz30

    I don't think this question needs to be asked, because we both know that everyone knows that you know the answer. lol.

    This chapter made me so irritated with Edward, and at this point, I started to dislike Breaking dawn, which is a shame to admit.
    Bella loves Edward, and if the baby were to die, then it would be hard to accept, but she still would. Besides, she won't have children with Jacob, because the baby she is having now is not just any baby, it's her and Edward's- that's the point. And even before everything, Bella was perfectly content just being with Edward forever without having a child. When she chose him, she was ready and had accepted that she can't have children. What difference does this make if she remains childless?
    I don't think Bella is in desperate need of a child anyway, so I guess that makes me answer to the question pretty apparent.

  76. Nightmare and Dream

    She wants the child because it's Edward's. So she'd stay childless with him and not want one with Jacob. Bella just wouldn't be able to betray Edward like that. I can't imagine Jake and Bella together. I don't even read fanfictions with BellaxJake pairing…

  77. ancha85

    Of course she would stay childless with Edward. Bella has her head on straight (usually) and would not even consider being with someone else (especially Jacob), because she loves Edward too much.

    Bella would NEVER risk her relationship with Edward or her relationship with Jacob by doing something soo horrendous by having babies with Jacob (or anyone else for that matter). I do believe something like that would drive all three of them somewhat “insane”, in a way. Bella is much smarter than that.

    Even if this baby “awoke” the mother desire in her, she would just try to deal with it, as Esme did.

  78. smootoo

    I agree with your position of Jacob's immaturity.
    I disagree, however, with the “ownership” of Bella; offering with selflessness and compassion does not indicate Edward “owns” Bella in any way.

    Kudos, keep up the good work 😉

  79. Get_at_me_Rob

    She'd prefer to stay childless with Edward. It's as simple as that.

  80. ancha85

    I totally agree with you, Alba.

    Jacob is doing the best he can, with the experiences he's had. He has had to deal with soo much, that wasn't of his own making. I admire him for doing as well as he has, as young as he is. He has fought his natural instinct (as a teen and as a wolf!) to do something violent, but he always calms himself the best he can, and makes the right choice.

    Even when he says he is going to kill Edward when Bella dies, he knows down deep that he can't do it. He can't start the war with the Cullens or harm any of them, as bad as he is hurting. He is the whole reason that the wolves continue to fight for the Cullens and not against them. He even leaves his pack, as difficult as that was, to defend Bella and the Cullens.

    To be able to go against his own feelings to do what is right, is a huge sign of maturity.

    Jacob is awesome. Period.

  81. ancha85

    I don't want Jacob to suffer like he is, but he and Bella cannot be together. Bella must be with Edward.

    Bella is not stupid or the other word you used to describe her. She is going with he heart, which is exactly what she SHOULD do. Yes, she loves Jacob, too. But Edward is first in her heart, and she knows it, Jacob knows it and Edward knows it.

    Can you imagine the hurt they would all three feel if she were to have a baby with Jacob? It would be just unfathomable.

    The good thing is, Jacob will imprint on his true love and no longer suffer and can be Bella's best friend again.

  82. ancha85

    I have to disagree with part of your answer. Yes, she loves the baby so much because it is Edward's. But she loves the baby on it's own merit, not just because it is Edward's baby. She could never get rid of it, no matter what. She loves the baby itself now, and she couldn't separate herself from it no matter what.

  83. ancha85

    I think that all of them would hurt worse if she chose to have a child with Jacob.

    Right now, the most important thing to her is the baby, and even later on.
    She adores Edward and he is half of her, but she puts the baby first, above herself and Edward.

    That is how most moms would feel.

    You can't really understand that until you have a child yourself.

  84. ancha85

    Can totally understand that. It's hard to believe that Bella and Jacob are still teens.

    They really are very mature for their ages in many ways…

  85. brittany

    Bella would obviously be upset if she lost the baby, but she wouldn't hurt Edward by going off with Jacob, I think.

  86. Meghan

    She would stay with Edward! She said in an earlier chapter that she didn't want kids. And then (I'm pretty sure it was this chapter), she said that she wanted THAT baby because it was Edward's. She told Jacob that it was completely out of the question to have his babies. Awkward…but anyhoo…she pretty much only wants that baby because it's Edward's. I'm sure she'd love Jake's babies, too, because they'd be hers…but it wouldn't be special. She's in love with Edward and she wants his children. Okay…I'm done! :)

  87. Paige

    It's EDWARD's child she wants, not Jacob's. Plus, she said at the beginning of the book that if it becomes a problem she'll just adopt. It already has become a problem, a big one, so she'll just adopt with Edward.

    And come on – a child with Jacob? Ew….Even I'm shuddering at the thought. Like you said Kaleb, he's immature and young and…..I'm sorta Team Edward!!!!!

  88. Grace

    She would definitely stay childless. If she became desperate for a child (which i doubt she would) her and Edward could adopt like Esme and Carlisle, but I think their maturity of 17 & 18 years old wouldn't really encourage their want for children. That made absolutely no sense haha, but to be fair I'm tired and I just had to write a speech on Macbeth.

  89. CullenWannabe

    She would definitely stay childless & stay with Edward. She loves him so much & they are meant to be together. Before she got pregnant (which no one could have thought was possible) she didn't think about or want children. And honestly I didn't really see Bella as the mother type before. But now that she's pregnant part of the reason she wants to keep the child is because it's Edward's child.

  90. victoria

    she would stay childless with Edward. the point wasn't to have a baby: it was to have Edward's baby.

  91. victoria

    she would stay childless with Edward. the point wasn't to have a baby: it was to have Edward's baby.

  92. tia_jb10

    its a bit sick but i would thats just me cuz i like jacob more but bella loves edward more so she'd proli stay childless.but id say i want her to stay childless cuz it would be wrong of her to go with jacob no matter how i want them to be together its not rite, not if edwards in her life and they love each other still.

  93. Xime85

    CHILDLESS!! why would she want anyone's kid anyway? her relationship w/ Edward is so wonderful.They can share a great life without kids. She doesnt HAVE to have any. Why mess it all up with a kid???

  94. Ashley

    She would rather have stayed childless than be away from Edward.And I am sure about that.

  95. Kayy_22

    she loves edward more
    she only wanted the child because it was edwards
    she wouldnt want kids with some else
    but bella owes jake so…..
    i still think she would stay childless

  96. Mee Roxx

    serious!? reneesmee is georges!!

  97. Raviboy_04

    lov it

  98. Raviboy_04

    lov it

  99. reinix


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