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NEW MOON: The First Poster

May 19th, 2009 at 6:22 am by Kaleb Nation



Announcing: the first official poster from the much-anticipated NEW MOON movie! Click above for an image so high-resolution, you can nearly count every hair on Edward’s head (and I know some of you might). The video below has my thoughts and questions about it:

From Summit:

In THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON, Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) is devastated by the abrupt departure of her vampire love, Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) but her spirit is rekindled by her growing friendship with the irresistible Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner). Suddenly she finds herself drawn into the world of the werewolves, ancestral enemies of the vampires, and finds her loyalties tested.

Based on the best-selling book series, THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON opens in theatres everywhere November 20. It is the highly anticipated next installment to the movie TWILIGHT, which has grossed $380MM globally at the box office, and has become a worldwide sensation and cultural phenomenon.

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114 Responses

  1. Carrie

    I love the fact that you waited to post the image until it was time! Thank you for that!

    And as for the poster… SWOON!!! I love it!

  2. Callie

    I love it!!
    Thanks for waiting to post it!!!!

  3. AmandaJ

    Okay, so checking with Summit's website didn't help me as fast as it did just coming here. :)

    Wow. It is beautiful.
    -smiles proudly- I knew they would do a good job!

    I have such high hopes for Mr. Chris Weitz.

  4. Maria

    OOOOOOOMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGG LOVE IT!! it protrays every relationship perfectly!!!!!!!!!

  5. Krissy

    I also think it's great that you waited to post the image. Good on you! Looks great – getting so excited to see the trailer.

  6. emma

    I LOVE IT!!!! I can't wait for the movie to come out!

  7. Astrid

    Thanks Kaleb!!
    I was constantly refreshing all the fan sites I usually visit and your was first with the official poster (not the leaked one!)

  8. Amanda C 19

    Personally the poster is OK but i prefer if the poster had Edward Cullen in his balck jacket open and shirtless anyone else agree?

  9. Jaz

    Ok.So I love it. Love it. Love it. Love it. But I really think Bella should be standing in the middle of Edward & Jacob. I dunno maybe this is more eclipse. But just to show that she is torn between her best friend & the love of her life. Also Kaleb has a point…as always…the whole Taylor clenching his fist does actually look like hes stabbing her with a knife. Lol. But yes it definitely shows off his muscles. Also love the way they were positioned. Apart from the whole Bella should be in center. Jacob looks like hes defending Bella. Bella is sort of hidden behind Jacob, but you can see shes reaching forward. This shows that shes not ready to be entirely his. Edwards position is distant. Which is perfect. As of course he leaves Bella. But the way they have him looking back in perhaps jealousy? Shows that hes not ready to move on. Love how they have the moon in the background. It truly is the NEW MOON. A hidden detail. Very clever. The colourings are great. The you can read alot from the mere attitude of the colour. Yes I know I read too much into this. But I'm very consise about these things. Anyway altogether apart from a few minor details….I love it. Can't wait for the trailer & of course the movie.

  10. The Questionable Shieka

    Im so happy you waited! And I love the poster. Jacob looks… *swoon*

  11. Carmina β™₯

    I Love it!!! Can't wait for November!!!

  12. Tinneke

    I love the poster, I can't wait to see more…

  13. Mich(elle) C.

    I was just gonna ask you all the questions you answered in the video. But, I watched it first. Cheater -.-. I think that's a cool picture to represent New Moon. I sort of like it. But, there's something about this that reminds me of west side story. A bit cheesy & fake at one time but a bit adorable in another.

  14. Emillly

    Um,well, it's OK. I mean, it's no Picasso. I like it, I really do. I like the way Taylor is scowling at Rob, and Rob is looking back at Kristen almost wistfully. Kristen's just like 'I don't know what going on.' But you can't really see they're faces. Not that we don't all know who they are,but still. I love Taylor's little flex/stab. I like it, and I am excited for the trailer.

  15. Meredith

    I totally loved it until I watched your video. Now I just keep thinking, “Wow, why is Jacob stabbing Bella in the gut?” and then giggling. So, I actually think I love it more now. Thanks!

  16. Samie

    i love the poster! i also think it gives off the relationships good in this movie. tho i know alote of ppl who dont agree… but to each their own :) anyways!! oo love it. and the Eclipse in the corner! i never noticed that till u said it… that is good who ever thought of that

  17. Felicia

    That is one attractive poster.

  18. kelly

    I love everything about it!! I also love that you pointed out the Eclipse in the background!! I would have never tought! I think this poster totally rep what the “feel” of New Moonis about!
    Thanks twilightguy! LOVE you!


  19. Mandi

    I like it because Jacob is kind of shielding Bella from Edward… so more symbolic of him trying to protect her from what he did to her and to show the closeness of their relationship in the movie/book.

  20. Meghan O

    I love the poster!!! It's exactly how I thought it would look. I really like how they have Jacob standing in between Bella and Edward. I think it's perfect for New Moon!!

  21. Alba

    From my personal opinion, I have to say that I really like the context. Bella is looking at the camera while she's hanging onto Jacob as if she was looking for support. Her expression is sad and distressed. Jacob is in front of her, in a slightly protective position, with his fist clenched and looking menaceing at his back. And at his back, there's Edward, looking at his own back where Jacob is positioned, with a tormented expression on his face.

    The only thing I don't like is the position of the characters. I don't have the impression that Edward is gone if he's positioned first in front of the other two characters. He should have been the third of them, with his back to the camera, as if he was going away. Bella should have been the first, looking directly at the camera. And Jacob in the middle, positioned between Bella and Edward. Jacob is in the middle in the official poster, but he gives the impression that he's positioning himself in the middle of the main relationship when it doesn't happen like that. Edward's gone when Jacob starts spending time with Bella. He doesn't get himself in the middle of a relationship, because that relationship is already broken.

    Apart from that, the poster is perfect.

  22. cullenlover

    NO WAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ……. i almost died.

  23. Soledad

    i love it! i love it ilove it i love it

    it's great

    thank you

  24. Johanna

    I like this poster so much more than the one for twilight! And I'm happy he's not wearing the wig!

  25. Karen H

    LOVE IT!! I also enjoyed your video and how you noticed the details! :0) I love Jacob's expression!! In every photo I have ever seen of the guy, he is like perpetually happy!! I have had a hard time seeing his face angry or dark when reading the series because in my mind, he's always smiling! This is a great capture of Jacob!! Can't wait for Nov! Also, in a few weeks there should be some first scenes revealed? I am looking forward to those!!!

  26. Karen H

    OH yea, thank you for the integrity you showed in regards to the leak!!

  27. ERIKA

    love this poster!

  28. spangiepantz

    i love love love the picture, taylor is soo gorgeouus and rob really looks kinda tormented.. and kristen has the lost and depressed look going on. PERFECTION =) and the “eclipse”, very nice! =D

  29. MsKittyCullen

    Love this! I so cant wait for the movie!
    And someone commented about Bella being in the middle or something. I think that Bella is at the side because Jacob is protecting her, hence the Fist thing
    [[That made me laugh, “Jacob stabbing Bella with a knife” xD]]


  30. Rose

    I'm quite impressed. Lots of symbolism in there, surprisingly more than I thought there would be. And it's pretty :)

    I like the positioning of the characters. Alot of people have said that they think Bella should be between Jacob and Edward, but personally I think that the fact that Bella and Edward are so distanced speaks alot more about the book. Bella and Edward are separated, and it is Jacob who is filling the gap between them. It embodies all their roles, as really Jacob does get between them. Bella is looking forward, perhaps looking more to the future with the support of Jacob, yet she still seems unsatisfied. Though she is leaning on Jacob for support, she also looks ready to push him away. Jacob has his back to Edward and body turned towards Bella, showing both his want to be with her and his wish to forget Edward's existance. Edward, on the other hand, is noticing the distance between him and Bella, and is looking back at the past. As we know, Edward never moved on from Bella, so it is appropriate that he is the one looking back.

    Also, Kaleb, I don't think there is an eclipse, since that basically means there is something else obscuring the view of the sun (e.g The moon crossing over the sun). It is a full (new) moon though, which is perhaps even more appropriate.

    (yes, I'm aware I'm probably looking into this too much… XD)

  31. Rose

    Whoops. You are correct, it is an eclipse. I just didn't look close enough XD

  32. Despoina

    Well… I don't like the fact that Bella is behind Jacob and not in the middle. It is like that she's with Jacob now and Edward is the “evil outsider”. It also it seems like Jacob keeps Bella from Edward. On the other hand Edwards seems to glare at both of them, not only at Jacob. And also Bella looks at the camera a little bit too lusty… Ohh I Dk. In my opinion, it doesn't reflect the whole story. It is like a misinterpretation…

    Ohhh… I didn't first notice the Eclipse, too!!!

  33. Sakura

    I love it! I have to say, I like this poster better than the ones from Twilight… Yes, Kristen does look very different in this poster compared to the Twilight posters. I love how this poster is a complete contrast to the Twilight posters which has kind of a cold feeling to it (which it should considering that it's about the vampires). This one has a warmer feeling to it (it's been overloaded with brown!!!!!!!!!) which I think represents the werewolves (Duh…). I love the positioning in this picture! Some people said that Bella should be in the middle but I think that should be done in Eclipse rather than New Moon. This poster has waaay more symbolism compared to the ones of Twilight. It almost gives the story away (to us who've read the book anyway XD ). After looking at the high-res version of the poster, I think you're right! That is an eclipse!!! That's sooooo cool!!!

    BTW Kudos to you for refusing to post the poster until Summit gave the permission to do so ^^

  34. Bayla

    I really love it, end of story. November BETTER COME FAST!!!!! Or at least the next trailer πŸ˜‰

  35. Bayla

    Oh, and when I changed my screen resolution I could see the new backrgound, hehe.

  36. Kim

    I really don't like it. I think taylor looks great, robs ok, and kristen does not look like a tormented bella. I also don't think all the brown hues look very good. I'm not sure what the colors remind me of, but its just too brown.

  37. Kim

    I forgot to say I do like the positioning of the characters.

  38. chels

    okay, I love it, but can I just point out how it's weird that they are throwing in all these eclipses (like in the background of the poster and the title) when they should be doing that for the NEXT book, if they want to get all literal.

  39. Angela

    The poster looks better when you separate it. Which you have kindly done. I love it, but I do think it could have been better.

  40. L

    Kristen looks waaaay pretty. Taylor looks hot. Rob looks gorgeous.

  41. Anlynne

    Love it, I love their stances, Bella behind Jacob and Jacob giving a scalding look to Edward, and Edward appearing to walk away. It could be better but they could have destroyed it as well, so I'm quite content with this.

  42. Amber

    I don't like it.

    It kinda gives off the wrong message. It looks like Bella is saying “Oh, protect me from the mean scary vampire, Jacob” and of course, Jacob is all “She's mine! Grr!” and Edward just looks like, “You know what fine! I don't give a shit about you stupid moody humans anyway, god!”

    SO not how New Moon should be.

  43. Oriana.

    that doesnt look like edward it looks more like rob not edward i know its the same person duh but in the movie he looked different bella too she looks more like kristen in this poster

  44. NuttyNetty

    that doesn't look like bella :(

  45. E

    I love it
    My favorite poster, it's better than most if not all of the Twilight posters
    I love it
    Edward and Jacob both look gorgeous
    I love it
    Bella looks a little depressed… perfect

  46. Joanna


  47. Gothhic Goddess

    I am proud of you for having such good ethics and for making it known about the leakers. You are an awesome guy. :)

  48. Twilight Fanpire

    Ok.So I love it. Love it. Love it. Love it. But I really think Bella should be standing in the middle of Edward & Jacob. I dunno maybe this is more eclipse. But just to show that she is torn between her best friend & the love of her life. Also Kaleb has a point…as always…the whole Taylor clenching his fist does actually look like hes stabbing her with a knife. Lol. But yes it definitely shows off his muscles. Also love the way they were positioned. Apart from the whole Bella should be in center. Jacob looks like hes defending Bella. Bella is sort of hidden behind Jacob, but you can see shes reaching forward. This shows that shes not ready to be entirely his. Edwards position is distant. Which is perfect. As of course he leaves Bella. But the way they have him looking back in perhaps jealousy? Shows that hes not ready to move on. Love how they have the moon in the background. It truly is the NEW MOON. A hidden detail. Very clever. The colourings are great. The you can read alot from the mere attitude of the colour. Yes I know I read too much into this. But I'm very consise about these things. Anyway altogether apart from a few minor details….I love it. Can't wait for the trailer & of course the movie.

  49. Alexandria

    I think the poster is ok but, they could have done better.It look like Bella is afraid of Edward. It gives off the wrong message to people. It It look like she wants to be protected from the man she loves when she really wants to be with him.

  50. A.

    I just think it's a really bad picture of ALL of them. Especially Kristen (what, did she shrink a few feet while we weren't looking? Has her head suddenly expanded to twice its normal size?). Also, I liked the non-makeup look that they had for Bella in the posters for the first movie. Based on THIS poster, it looks like they totally disregarded that aspect of the novel, which is highly disappointing.

    Also, while I appreciate the photographer's attempts to add SOME symbology, its pretty obviously detected. And, really, E shouldn't be the central point of the poster. No matter how many girls drool over him, he isn't that important to the book other than the fact that his absence provides the premise for the plot.

  51. Sam

    Why is Edward so much taller than Jacob? Jake is supposed to be like 7 foot tall…

    LOL it does look like Jake is stabbing Bella with a knife. Good one.

  52. Jordin

    I LUV IT! CANT WAIT TILL THE MOVIE! btw i heard that the movie is suppose to be better than the book!

  53. LisiPie

    Well guess what. I have two other New Moon posters. With the flippin logo and everything. Seriously. I Do. It's really Robert Pattinson and Bella. In Two seperate posters. I started screaming when i got them. Go to my website if yooooou want to see them. elisepoetry.blogspot.com

  54. Mmary

    Love it! I also really liked Alba's comment, somewhere above me. But it's grreat! I don't know, maybe I'm just psyched because it's got Jake in it (not to mention Taylor xD) But I think it's….well…great!

  55. franceslintw

    this is so awesome!!

    Thanks Kaleb for waiting to post it!!!!

    actually i am not impressed by the poster (i know it will be great anyway), but more your attitude doing the right thing (respect Summit). Good on you!

  56. Sammy_dee

    Hey! I am soo like you! I read EVERY SINGLE DETAIL of pictures, etc! I think your little observations were very insightful. Movie posters are soo inportant because it's like a little preview of the film itself and the emotions in it.
    Glad you read “too much into it”-I enjoyed reading what you had to say! :)

  57. Wendy

    It looks like Jacob is protecting Bella from Edward, something he always wanted to do.

  58. Becka

    oh my good golly gosh!
    i flippin love it!!!!!!
    it's gorgeousssssssss…..
    lovin how you put it on the background, very niiice :)

    and thanks for waiting till summit ACTUALLY RELEASED it.
    seriously, i like it alot better when people just wait till when it's supposed to happen, it's way more exciting that way :)

  59. Hailee

    I still think that they put way too much makeup on rob, he always looks quite sickly when he's going all “vampire.”

  60. Tianna

    lol. It's much better than the ones for Twilight… though I have to agree that Bella looks a little different… maybe its the make up. XD

    And Edward?… whats up with the chesthair?! Isnt he supposed to be pretty much hairless? XD

    Thats all I can say.

  61. Tianna

    Though I love Jacob's new look. It suits him better than a wig. :O

  62. Haley


  63. Rae

    yeah, i am in love<3

  64. Rae

    totally agree with you. i love the positioning of the characters. perfect order<333

  65. Catherine

    yeah i totally think kristen looks like kristen in this, not bella. especially as bella in twilight, she looked way different

  66. such a tween

    I love the way you split the poster for the sidebars!

  67. Rach

    I completely agee. I do not like the positioning at all. It makes no sense to have Edward at the forefront except to serve as eye candy for the fan girls. This book is about Bella and in this photo it feels as though she was an insignificant afterthought. (you are right she does look out of proportion).

    To me this poster does not represent new moon at all. It is more Eclipse than New Moon with Jacob standing between Edward and Bella (it even has an eclipse in the background!!!!). And most importantly, this poster does not convey, in any way, the pain that is so central to this story. Kristen's face looks model-blank than devastated.

    There are elements to this poster that I really like (such as Jacob – he looks great) but overall I thought it was really disappointing. *sigh*

  68. inzaratha

    This poster makes me feel sad for Edward. :(

  69. Faktririjekt

    A new moon is not the same as a full moon.

    A new moon = no moon. Darkness.

  70. Rach

    LisiPie, I went to your website and there are no posters there. I can only assume that you are talking about the two sepia posters with Bella walking aimlessly through the mist and Edward with his shirt open in front of the ruins.

    Whilst these posters are awesome, they're fan made and (if they are the ones I am thinking of) they have a turkey stamp in the top right hand corner. Sorry!

  71. Rose

    Yep, I couldn't actually see the dark bit of the moon. I thought it was a whole one XD I know what an eclipse is.

  72. Rebekah

    I love it! It really shows what New Moon is all about! It makes me want to see the movie soo bad!
    It's beautiful! I want it for my wall!

  73. Hélène

    I agree with A. and Rach. This poster is SO very disappointing. Since I really disliked the first movies, I have high expectations for the movie sequel, but this is repellent, really.
    Kristen looks like she is going to do a lap dance to Taylor as soon as Robert is gone, and why on earth is Robert standing in front of them ? What is this order of appearance on the photograph : 1/Edward 2/Jacob 3/Bella ? NO !
    Bella should be standing in front of both of them, without this teasing expression, and without touching Jacob's arm like this, and, oh, what does R.P. look like on it ? Come on, he looks like an super shy high school teenage lover. Seriously.
    Bella is MAIN in this book, it is all about her choice and her pain. On this poster, it just looks like nothing like this.

  74. JenB

    For the most part I like this poster, it's definitely better than the Twilight one where neither Bella or Edward looked like themselves in the movie. The one thing is I don't like Kristen's/Bellas face. I don't know if its the makeup or shadowing in the picture but it looks weird to me. And why is Edward in front? He's gone for most of the movie! (Don't get me wrong I LOVE Edward but come on Summit don't put Rob in front just because his celebrity has exploded & to please the fangirls.) I can't wait till we get more pictures, especially of the Volturi.

  75. Get_at_me_Rob

    Yeah, this is roughly 450,000 times better than the Twilight poster. I like that Rob is front and center despite the fact that Edward's in about 1/5 of the book. Doesn't bother me, though. I ♥ him.

  76. cant wait

    ok so im a huge Edward fan but i got to say………. Jacob looks sexy in this poster!!!!!

  77. Melissa (melissaturkey)

    Okay for some reason upon seeing this poster just now I started bursting out in laughter! I couldnt help it! I have no idea why! My shoulders are still shaking! I dont know if its just the look on Rob's face or…..how clueless Kristin looks as Bella or how fierce Taylor seems…Its just so comical! I mean dont get me wrong, I love it! Alot! I really do! But I just cant stop laughing!!! I still dont know why!
    LMAO so much right now!
    Anyway, it really is a great poster!
    πŸ˜€ melissaturkey

  78. Alexandre Mendes

    Great poster,I loved!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Samaria


    I love that you can especially see the tension between Edward and Jacob. That is definately going to be sweet on the eyes in the movie.

    I can't wait for it to come out, really!

  80. Samaria

    That being said i agree with Rach and A.

    While this first poster makes for a fun, pulpy picture to delight us young girls (and guys), it doesn't exactly capture the essence of New Moon. Bella should be the main focus, i think.

    But does anyone think that if Edward and Jacob switched places it would be a good pulpy picture for Eclipse?

  81. Reading Breaking Dawn: Chapter 12 (Some People Just Don't Grasp The Concept Of "Unwelcome") | Twilight Guy - with Kaleb Nation

    […] me of summer break, and a whirlwind nearly the entire time. After the glorious revelation of the first poster from the New Moon movie, I received a comment that went something like this: OMG i screamed! i make out with my twilight […]

  82. Twilight Maniac

    OMG!!! That is amazing… and just answereing your question : It's not an Eclipse… that's a New Moon
    Anyway… thank-you soooo much for posting it!!!

  83. Markie

    A-MAZ-ING. It looks sooo sweet!

  84. Bekah

    I think the picture makes sense. Bella's with Jacob and Edward's over there looking back at her. And glaring at Jacob. I don' t know who Jacob is glaring at though…..

  85. Rachel

    I HAVE to tell my frind Sky, we're both obsessed with Twilight! She's my Twilight Addict Friend! Thanks Kaleb!

  86. miniq

    yes im also glad you wrote that….its nice to read something other than omg i love it,,,,,,,which i do lol you seeem like the creative type and i think you should persue your creative tallent,,,,,this is the sort of stuff we need in the photographic nd art analysis career,,,,,well done,,,,,,,,,,and im sure you could do much much better,,,,,,,,,thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i luv the poster lol im not going to try and out do u lol
    well done

  87. andrea

    hey thank you!!
    i've been lookin for it since like a week!!

  88. marina

    I love this poster. I want it so bad now.
    I think that it is true that Bella should be in the middle of Edward and Jacob. I Can't wait until the movie comes out….

  89. mbwest

    It would still be better if Jacob looked like a Quilleute, not a Southwest Whatever Native American. Quilleute's are round-faced, kind of like Mexican's from Oaxaca, not slim-faced with sharp cheekbones. Stefanie Meyer went to the trouble of identifying an actual heritage for Jacob. It seems disrespectful to not honor that in casting, it's like saying all Indians look the same. A bit racist, no?

  90. brooke

    thats exactly what i thought
    niceeee. i like the poster, but Edward should be behind. its kind of misleading.

  91. emma

    me too im reading the book twilight so far its really good i can't wqit to find out what happends to bella and edward and them all in the next 3 books btw my name is emma to LOL!!!!!!!

  92. Bella

    Yeah it's lookin good i like the poster!
    Pretty cool website u got here man?

  93. Asia

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I LOOOVVVEEE ITTTT sOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCCCHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just hppe that they wont make jake look more attractive than he is in dat poster i always never liked jacob black in the books it was just different to thnk a bout a werewolf than a vampire but if jake gets any more attractive i wont be focusing on eddie as much as i used to :''''( but watever thanx so much for showing me this poster oh and toon in on may 31 sunday MTV awards they are showing a clip of NEW MOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and im definitley recording that bella looks really different in the poster though and well edward……..is edward right ladies???????????????they made bella look grown but oh well new moon is the best book to me and i hope it will be the best movie and i hope awl the other movies will be too oh and has anyone heard about midnight sun????????????????????? well tell me plz kaleb if you have thanx and go edward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. Ashley

    IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!! tats not a new moon a new moon when its completly when the moon isnt out it explains it in tha book when edward leaves her and she is lying down on the forest floor and she was by herself if you are twilight fans you would no that????? hello but any way kaleb thanx for leaking that poster sooooo much new moon will be a great success just like the books and the first twilight went
    *team Cullen*
    p.s midnight sun i dont think that stephenie meyer is publishing it becuz i heard someone came in to”look” at her work and i tink some one is copying it sooo again thanx again for this poster

  95. Asia

    its me again….im not done explaining this the positionings are great it really tells the story jacob is glaring at edward cuz he knows that edward really hurt bella and edward knows wat he did and he nver kew it would result to this nonsence bell looks lyke she is in mid thought thinking about who to choose edward jacob edward jacob edward jacob is awl tat is in ha mind edward look lyke he wants bella back but jacob is not letting him hes sorta protecting bella and so thats wat makes it that way and again tanks!!!!!!!!!!

  96. Leksey

    AAAAHH i love all the twilgiht books but new moon wasn't my fav, i think it had someting to do with the fact that edward is in like none of the book (GO TEAM EDWARD!!). anyway, i ove the poster it is amazing but rob looks a little weird haha. cool website twilightguy!!

  97. Demon of Tobi

    i cant wait for the movie thats coming out noveber 20 yes a day before but a year after the first one came out >.> and then i found out by a source that the next movie after that comes out sometime in june of next year i cant wait plus the website here is the first REAL preveiw to the movie http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E33xairqMd4 i got it from mtv and the movie awards sorry about the sound i didnt know the mic was working the dog chewed throught the first one we had

  98. MirandaCullen

    It seems that the headband is like a security blanket like “EDWARD” but since she is in love with “JACOB” she takes it off because she still hears “EDWARD” so i think the headband will come back. Also the eclipes is what a new moon looks like in the day.

  99. MirandaCullen

    in the trailer jake got a hot body

  100. MirandaCullen

    that is a good idea

  101. MirandaCullen

    When i see this poster i feel many things….sad,happy,unprotected and safe.If you noticed all these feelings are opisite.I feel sad because edward is leaving happy because bella has jake. Unprotected because edward bella's sheild is gone. Safe because i know jake will keep her safe.Also this poster looks like a fight is about to start. the background color brings the mood of the book too.
    =) =)

  102. Brittany

    ew. why is edward at the front!?
    that really pisses me of, because in new moon its supposed to be all about bella and jacob.

  103. Carrie

    I know why there is an eclipse in the background. They are putting part if eclipse in new moon and part of it in breaking dawn so it will go faster

  104. lesliiie

    i cant wait for the next mavie to come out on november 20 i love it i am always waching it and i think bella should be in the middle of edward cullen(robert patinson)and jacob(taylor lauten)

  105. Allie

    Okay. So I love the poster and positioning of the characters. But the mood seems very intense,cold, and distant, which brings out why theres so much brown. And I love how Bella seems distressed and confused, and if you look at bella shes almost fading out of the picture, which is (well my opinion,) like shes falling apart and isn't sure where to go or what to do, and I love the details, as if Jacob is stabbing her but hes protecting her. Twilight really dissapointed me but i think this movie might be better.

  106. caitlin

    i absolutly love it jacob is sooooooo sexy thanx so much for the poster it was so freaking cool

  107. julia

    the new moon poster is so cool i love it you are cool to andi hope the you will get the first eclipse trailer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:);););

  108. julia

    the new moon poster is so cool i love it you are cool to andi hope the you will get the first eclipse trailer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:);););

  109. selectively

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