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Vlog 5/20/09 — First Copies Of My Book Have Arrived

May 20th, 2009 at 11:25 am by Kaleb Nation

As you can see, the Advance Reader Copies (ARCs) of my book have finally arrived! Here’s video of me opening the box from my publishers and going a bit nutty when I hold my book for the first time (almost like a parent with their new child 😀 ). Some awesome photos of the first copies are at my site.

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101 Responses

  1. Becky

    You were so adorable with those books! To be fair, I'd probably be exactly the same if any of my stories got published.

    Congrats, Kaleb!! All that hard work finally paid off, huh?

  2. Jacque

    Congratulations Kaleb! I can't begin to imagine how ecstatic you must be. I can't wait to read your book and I hope the whole world feels the same way.

  3. Amelia

    Congrats Kaleb on your “baby!”

  4. Wren

    Yes! I watched your very funny video twice. After the first time, I decided I had to go back and count how many times you said, “Actual” and “Actually” in the movie. It was 10. I can tell you're excited, as would I be. (or, as I will be, in a few more years I hope)
    Sooooo……who gets to read all those wonderful ARC's that are the size of big postcards???

  5. Wren

    I just commented….but I think something just went wrong….so I'm commenting again….just to make sure….

  6. Marnie

    Congratulations – happy for you!!!

  7. sockmonkeyfun

    I can't wait to read it!
    Any plans to publish it as an audiobook?

  8. Avea

    Wow! Congrats Kaleb! I just discovered you a few days ago and have been reading your archives, you are so funny. I am very happy for you.

  9. Jason1

    Congratulations on everything you've accomplished so far, your an inspiration to all of us. Keep reaching for the stars. Cheers

  10. SammiCullen

    WOW, congratulations Kaleb!!! I'm SO happy for you! It must be great having like 20(Yes, I tried to count them) ARC's of your book. I'm writing a book, but I doubt anyone would want to publish it. If it does get published one day, I'll let you know!
    Again, congrats! You're a great person!!!

  11. Astrid

    Wow I can't imagine how that must feel.
    You must be so proud of yourself :-)

  12. Snow Wight

    That is so cool! I started writing my book when I was fourteen too, so…here's to hoping! Your journey has been such an inspiration! Up until now, I didn't know if I could do it. Thanks Kaleb, and congratulations!

  13. Theresa

    Congratulations Kaleb! I'm sending a hug your way!

  14. Lacey

    Congrats were all so happy for yoU!

  15. Debra

    Yay Kaleb, congrats on getting the first copies of your books.

  16. Amanda C 19

    Hey Kaleb Congrats on the books, Im glad to see that your dreams of being an auther have come true. I have purchased a copy of your novel online and i cant wait to get it, it souds reallt good

  17. Meghan

    Aww I'm so happy for you! I'd be really excited too if a book I wrote got published. That must be an amazing feeling. Can't wait till I can read your book!

  18. Dawn

    I'm smiling for you, Kaleb!

  19. Jenny

    Congratulations! I am looking forward to reading your book.

  20. Karyn

    Congrats Kaleb! I'm so happy for you. Honestly, I was so overjoyed for your success and for your dream coming to life that I nearly cried. Your dream is my dream too, and seeing you succeed makes me have hope that I might one day be you, getting a big box of books that are full of my words and have my name on them. So congratulations again, Kaleb! I'm definitely buying a copy and I'll make sure all my twilight-reading friends who don't know you get copies too XD

  21. Christina

    Congrats Kaleb! I'm looking forward to reading your book.

  22. Genevieve

    Kaleb this is just too awesome. And it made me super stoked for when i get my own book published. Ahhh!
    And I can't wait to read Bran Hambric 😀

  23. Katie

    It must be nice to have all that hard work materialized right in front of you! It is awesome watching your book getting printed, and I am very thankful that you share it with us 😉

  24. Get_at_me_Rob


  25. jessica

    i am so happy to see your box arrive and your dreams comming true, great job kaleb!

  26. Brittany

    Congratulations, Kaleb! I am an aspiring author as well, so I understand the work that you must have put into this. On top of writing a book, you're taking classes, updating blogs, and living your outside life! That is inspirational!

  27. Bonnie

    One writer to another. Congrats.

  28. Kaylyn

    Geez, Kaleb.
    You're getting me excited for it!

  29. Jenny

    Oh my god! you're own book! And id love to get my hands on a postcard!! yeee!

  30. Allison

    Aw! I love how excited you were in the video. It looks wonderful and i can't wait to get my own copy!

  31. sarclark

    aww kaleb im so proud of you! i remember you making a post about what author picture to use! i cannot wait till i get to get my own copy and read it!!! it sounds AMAZING! good job on reaching your goal in life, you deserve it!

  32. Morgan

    Thats awesome Kaleb! I'm really happy for you.

  33. Alexia

    Great Job!!!!

  34. HeyJoyous

    Congratulations Kaleb!! How awesome. I can't wait!

  35. Amanda

    I can't wait till your book comes out :) i hope i get a post card 😀

  36. Nicole B

    OMG those ARCs are so cool! Well done on fulfilling your dream Kaleb, you're an inspiration for all of us!! I'm counting the days 'till September 9th :-)

  37. Samantha

    Aww, yay Kaleb! We are all so proud of you! This was precious…your eyes were wide the whole time. I giggled! Job well done.

  38. Kitty

    AH! This is AMAZING!! Im so proud to be a follower of you, Kaleb. I can't wait to read your book. Im sure it will be fantastic. Gah, this is so exciting. yay!

  39. Kristen

    AHHHH!!! I am so happy for you KALEB!!!! Your dream come true gives all of us amateur writers out there hope!!!!

  40. Sarah

    I am so happy for you Kaleb! I pray that will be me in, hopefully, less than six years! Take it all in and enjoy every minute. I think you are definitely an extraordinary person! Please, please, please come see my web site at http://www.sarahlenorewright.com and sign my guestbook! You will make my day.

  41. kendall

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I. really. neeed. to. pre-order. that. book!! I'm so excited :3

  42. Hannah

    That's awesome! Im really looking forward to the book.
    I cant imagine how that would feel. Wow. Just, Wow.

    It's your baby?

  43. Rakey

    Zomg! Yay! As soon as you originally twittered saying you were expecting a package, I realized that it had to be ARCs. In fact, allow me to copy/paste exactly what I tweeted:

    “@KalebNation FAILex? Can you give us a hint of who sent/ what's in said package? Is it Twi or Bran related? ARE THEY ARCs?”

    Booya! Rakey totally called it!

  44. Bri

    That's awesome! I'm really excited for you Kaleb and can't wait to read your book. I've already pre-ordered it. Way to go!!!

  45. Hannah

    I grin every time you make a video.
    Have you seriously watched yourself? It's hilarous…

    MY VERY BRILLIANT IDEA: While you read breaking dawn, record yourself (perferably in the first couple chapters of Bella's point of view, as there is a number of particular scenes) and put little parts of when you might blush, laugh, and any other embarrasing reactions to the story.

    seriously, we'd all laugh buckets. : )

  46. Danielle

    Congrats Kaleb!!! i cnt wait to get ur book!

  47. littlem

    Congratulations. It must me the best feeling.

  48. Pooja P.

    That is so exciting! Yeah, I preordered my copy after reading the preview chapters! It looks great! Everyone should go check it out. It would be so cool to see your name on an ACTUAL BOOK next time you walk into Borders. It's like, “Everyone look, thats ME!”

    Awesomeness Kaleb!

  49. Jessica

    I am so happy for you! :) :) :)

  50. Cheryl

    Hey congrats, Kaleb! That's super exciting!

  51. Bayla

    Congrats Kaleb!

    & Hooray! I just found a link to pre-order the book at Chapters in Canada!!!!

    For some reason, it says it's being published on September FIRST!?!

  52. Gaby

    I am so happy for you! This all must be a mind-blowing experience. You are so amazing for staying dedicated to your dream like that and now you are finally seeing the fruits of your labor!! You are awesome and inspiring to me.
    I can't wait to read the book myself!!!

  53. Nira

    Congrats Kaleb!!!!! I'm so excited for you!! Can't wait to get my copy on 9/9/09.

  54. ChristieP

    way to go Kaleb!! Congratulations on bring Bran Hambrick to life!!

  55. kendall

    im so happy for you kaleb!

  56. lofern

    Wow! That is so exciting ~ & made for a very fun video. I can't imagine how I'd feel if I saw a creation of my very own in print for the first time. Congratulations, Kaleb!

  57. Samaria


    Omg, i'm getting excited for you!!!

    I would be the same if my book ever gets published, i will totally buy your book and read it! Congratulations so much for achieving that, it's like a dream of mine too.



  58. Stephanie K.

    Ahhhh!!! =] CONGRATS!!!!!

    I can only imagine how happy you are right now. I'm a young writer too, and I know that once I see my books on the shelf, I'm going to burst into tears.

    By the way, we have a writing/publishing group at my school, and we have a few names everyone should be looking out for. =] They are all amazing people that will make awesome authors like you someday! You are an inspiration to so many people, including me.

  59. Sarah

    Congratulations Kaleb!!!!!!!! I myself am soo excited for you so I couldn't imagine how you are feeling!! I will be buying the book in Sept. and I cannot wait!!

    Way to go!!


  60. Janelle

    AHHHHH!! I'm SO excited for you! It's actually in a book! With pages! And a cover! Right there!

    I don't blame you for stuttering. 😀 Congratulations!!!

  61. Hope

    Congratulations!!!!! I'm so happy for you!!!!!!

    I have to admit, latly I have been more exited for hearing about your book then the chapters of Breaking Dawn.

    Is it silly that I haven't pre-ordered the book becouse I want to go to the book store to buy it??? I just love going to books stores to get books…

  62. Hope

    Ooops! excited*

  63. Stephanie

    I'm so happy for you Kaleb, congratulations! I can't even begin to imagine what this feels like for you. I downloaded your preview chapters a few weeks ago and I have to say, they're pretty awesome and I can't wait to read your book! I already have money set aside from my limited college student budget so that I can go and buy it when it comes out. :)

  64. Rach

    Congratulations Kaleb! I am so happy for you. Can't wait for September!

  65. beckysue

    Lol you're so cute when you go all crazy and freak out. But I would be spazzing out too! Congrats on your “baby”!

  66. Kate

    I love the way the book looks! Congrats! I can't even begin to imagine what it must have felt like to open that box and see your book(s) inside :)

  67. Sammy

    OMG!! !! !! that is sooo soo cool! congrats! i cant wait to read your book!

  68. Tobey

    WTG Kaleb!! I would be freaking out if I had written a book and was getting to hold it for the first time!! Congratulations on your Baby!! Can't wait to read it!

  69. inzaratha

    Congrats Kaleb!!!!

  70. FictionsMyReality

    How exciting, Kaleb..=)..I am very happy for you. It took you a while to get where you are..You deserve the reward..xD

  71. Steph

    That is so cool! I can't imagine what it would be like to have a book published (even if I do secretly hope for it one day, despite being much more prone to writing fanfiction than original stories). Feel free to go insane with joy.

    I have asked this many, many times, and I don't plan on giving up. When is it coming out in Australia?

  72. Courtney

    WOOOOOO!!!!! i can't wait for the REAL books that WE can read, to come out!!!! congrats on getting your babies! you deserve it!

  73. Mia

    I have to say: your baby is beautiful 😀

  74. Linda W

    Congratulations! Wish it was 9/9/9 already and that I was holding your book and reading it. Have a great summer vacation!

  75. victoria

    Yay! congrats i'm so excited for it to come out!!!

  76. Suzanne Miles

    Congratulations on your book! I have to admit, it almost brought tears to my eyes when I watched your video and could see how exciting this is and how amazing that you are now holding your book in your hand. Can't wait to read it!

  77. CBDemas

    Not only do I love you, as a Twi-Guy and hysterical blogger/vlogger, I read you were homeschooled. I am homeschooling my children and I would pre-order this book just to support you because of that. But on top of it all, it is just the kind of book my son and I like to read. I am so happy for you. Good luck on sales.

  78. Sasha

    Congrats Kaleb!!!! Can't wait to read the full version!

  79. Kel

    Wicked! So happy for you!

    Would the book be coming out around the same time in the UK? I be happy to order it, but still…
    I can't wait to read it and congratulations, it is a huge accomplishment.
    All zee best!


  80. Karen H

    You are so cute!! It was fun feeling your enthusiasm!! CONGRATULATIONS!! It's been fun watching the ride!!

  81. Zella

    Good for you!

    If that happened to me I would be crying, screaming, jumping up and down on the spot and calling every single person in my family's phonebook.

    Kaleb, you are an inspiration to me.

  82. Britt

    Congrats Kaleb! The books look amazing – I got chills seeing them all lined up like they will be on bookshelves in September :) I'm so very happy for you. *fan girl squeal*

  83. dsolo

    Book looks great. I can't wait for my pre-orderd copy to arrive from Amazon. Are you going to make autographed bookplates available upon request? If so, I want one. It's been great following your journey from blogger to published author.

  84. Melbaluna

    You are an incredible fellow. Thanks for letting us all be a part of this beautiful chapter in your life. And, congratulations from Texas! We'll see you at TWICON.

  85. Rebecca

    Congratulations Kaleb! That's awesome, and you seem SUPER excited in the video haha 😀
    I've pre-ordered your book through Barnes & Noble… I can't wait!!

  86. nora

    CONGRAGULATIONS KALEB!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait to get the book and read it!!!

  87. McKenna T.

    WOW! I can't WAIT to read your book Kaleb!!! It looks awesome. 😀 CONGRADULATIONS :) :) :)

  88. Heather

    That is so AWESOME Kaleb!! I have 9-9-09 marked on my calender!! Congradulations!!

  89. Imagine

    Great job, Kaleb! That is way cool!

  90. Lisa Zitek

    How fabulous! I can see the excitement in your eyes! I will get my copy in Sept. and I lok forward to reading it.

  91. Zoë Thrasher

    Congrats x a billion Kaleb! Looks like your “baby” is going to be a great hit. Writing a book is a big accomplishment. Can't wait to read it.

  92. Janet

    K-man. That is so great. You must be proud cause this is a huge accomplishment.
    Kaleb is a PUBLISHED AUTHOR!
    oh YEAH!
    Can't wait til 9-9-09!

  93. Claire

    Awww! You look so proud! I think it's cute. :3
    If that happened to me I would be jumping up and down on my bed screaming with joy. Hehe

  94. Bethany

    Oh my gosh, congratulations!

  95. Mylles

    WOW!! That would be so awesome, I can't wait to read your book. If i ever got any of the crap I write published I would be pretty much freaking out!! That's awesome Kaleb! Can't wait!!

  96. Ember

    That is SO awesome! I can't wait until that book comes out!!

  97. The Bee

    Congratulations Kaleb – that is so amazingly excited I can't even imagine what it must feel like.

  98. MirandaCullen

    Congrats I can't wait to see it in stores! I'm sure a lot of people will buy it, I know i will

  99. MirandaCullen

    Congrats I can't wait to see it in stores! I'm sure a lot of people will buy it, I know i will

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