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Win Passes to Summer School In Forks!

June 8th, 2009 at 11:08 am by Kaleb Nation


As many of you know, I will be doing a huge presentation at SUMMER SCHOOL IN FORKS, one of the big Twilight conventions happening this year! SSIF will be in Forks, Washington (obviously!) and will feature a ton of special guests like LARRY CARROLL from MTV, MITCH HANSEN, BELLA ROCKS!, and lots of other fansites and Twi-rock bands! If you have ever wanted to visit Forks to see the place where Bella and Edward met, this is certainly the event you’ll want to be at.

Of course, since I love contests, it only follows that I’ll do one for SSIF! Anyone who comments on this post is entered to win a set of TWO passes to Summer School In Forks, where you’ll get to meet me and loads of other fans at the convention (as well as participate in a real Forks Prom!). Also, during my speech at the event, they will be giving away a super-special Robert Pattinson autograph (and perhaps some other surprises I might have in store?).

Summer School In Forks will be held on JUNE 25 – 28. My keynote luncheon (more info on that here) will be on June 27. Hope to see you there!

Note: please only enter this contest if you know you’ll be able to get to Forks! The contest is for two passes into the event.

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216 Responses

  1. Holly

    Yay! Summer School In Forks would be so fun!!

  2. jessica

    i would love the rob pattinson autograph, but iwould not be able to go all the way to forks, washington :( no ticket to get there and no baby sitter. but like i said i would LOVE the autograph!

  3. donnie

    Yay!! 😀

  4. MsKittyCullen

    might aswell give it a try – there's no way im gonna win, LOL!


  5. TwiRachael

    This would be sooooo fun! 😀

  6. Claire

    Your way to good to us Kaleb :)

  7. Melinda

    That's so awesome! I love your contests, Kaleb : )

  8. Brielle

    Omg! Summer School in Forks sounds AMAZING!!!

  9. Josie

    SSIF would be soooo much fun!! If I won I could hang out with my friend who lives in Forks, that would be really awesome!!

  10. Elizabeth

    I would sooo love to go to this… =] but i don't think i'll win…i never do =[

  11. Mike Wilton

    That'd be awesome. Count me in! Hope I win. 😀

  12. Marissa

    That would be so awesome to win!!

    What's funny is how everyone now WANTS to go to summer school lol.

  13. Tiffany H

    that would be awesome id love to go to forks.

  14. Leafeh

    The convention sounds really cool! =3

  15. Katharine Holmes

    I'm in! Sign me up for summer school!!

  16. Tara

    Omg that would be amazing =D
    I hope I win and also get the autograph!

  17. tooobsessedwithvampires

    I would LOVE to go to Forks. I wouldn't mind summer school if I could go THERE! Ahh count me in. Good Luck to everyone. And eep I hope I win L:

  18. brooke

    PIck me PIck me!! :))))))

    the twilight saga!

  19. tbug_6285

    I love your website!

  20. Ky

    Enters!!!!! *Jumps up and down* My sis and I would love those!!!

  21. Cara B.

    AHHHH ! Kaleb I love you and your awesome contests. 😀

  22. vlb123

    I would love to go to Forks!


    OOO please pick me!!! make my life!!!a

  24. Ellifaey

    Kaleb and Hillywood…
    I would love to be there…

  25. Leo

    Wow, you are the best. Seriously. You're writing a book, you will publish one soon and at the same time you still run TwilighGuy and do contests and idk whatelse. Keep up the great work.
    And, yeah, I'n entering 😀

  26. Marilou

    Ok so it doesn't hurt to try. I have been watching all the support and older clips and cannot wait til November.

  27. Jessica

    This event sounds like so much fun!

  28. aria

    I'm trying :) I love forks and would like give anything to get to go!!!! :) So heres another entering I feel like I enter for something Twilight related everyday :) But that is totally cool with me 😀

  29. Andrea

    OME! I want to win sooo bad :)

  30. Emily

    I want to go to Summer School in Forks and meet you! That would be so fun!

  31. yvette

    my chances of winning are slim but o well, nothing to lose whole lot to gain

  32. Catie S

    I love how you always have contests.

  33. Courtney Bro

    YAY this would be so cool!

  34. Morgan

    Summer School in Forks would be SUPER AMAZING! I was gunna go to Twi-Tour NJ but can't :-( I REALLY want to meet everyone, especially Hillywood, since I've been a huge fan since…forever! 😀

  35. Ingveldur

    Oh my gosh that is so awesome ! I would so love to go there 😛

  36. Rachel

    The 28th is my birthday. I would love to go. :)

  37. amand

    that's would be soooo awesome! –i love all the contests that you have! *makes my day* 😀

  38. Alora7

    I would love to go! It would be a good excuse to go visit all the family up there too!

  39. Cyndi Keaney

    Ohhhhh I want to go so badly! I have a bunch of friends going too and I want to go with them!!

  40. Feathers

    I tried my to convince my mom to but me tickets!!
    Going would be epicly majestic!!!


  41. Caitlin

    ohhmann i wanna go so badly that would be so much fun !

  42. Stacey

    I would totally love to go!

  43. shiningmer

    omg this is so awesome! 😀

  44. cloudaholic

    SSIF would be amazing! I wish that I could go…*fingers crossed*

  45. Mavvy

    This sounds like so much fun! I'd even be willing to take my husband, even though I suspect he's Team Jacob!

  46. Cristal Gomez

    I have my fingers crossed, my toes crossed, my arms and my legs… hmmm :/ odd and uncomfortable. Best of luck to everyone!

  47. Lacey

    this sounds like so muc funn 😀
    i hope u choose me… that would be pretty amazing 😛

  48. lizzy

    i think it would be soooooooo much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ive been wanting to go to forks ever since i started reading twilight. so it think it would be cool to not only go to forks, but to SUMMER SCHOOL in forks!!!!!! (i never thought i would ever say i want to go to summer school! :) ) i hope i win!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. NuttyNetty

    Here is my comment =]

    So happy for whoever wins =D

  50. river

    man i'm dieing to go. congrats to who ever wins.

  51. megan

    Yeah, Forks! My sister and I would be the ones going and we might have to search the forest for Edward or Jacob! Go team Switzerland!!!!!!!

  52. Ninja Fanpire

    I'm so excited now, I hope I win! I'll take my friend Natahka with me. I tried to win the Twi-Con passes because we wanted to go. But Hillywood is going to be there too?! We both want to meet them, and I want to meet you!

  53. HeyJoyous

    Woohoo! Summer school in Forks.

  54. Becca

    I want to go!

    One question: do the tickets include airfare or just admission?

    Thanks, Kaleb!

  55. Johanna

    Oh, I want to go :) I would love it. Would probably take my sister or my best friend, who is most obsessed?

  56. Megan

    Kaleb nation rocks!!!

  57. HunDius

    i so want to be there! but i never win….:(
    still it's worth trying :) :)

  58. Summer

    I'm her sister and I'm not sure about going into the woods alone – what if someone else who sparkles finds us?

  59. Megan

    Hi sis! Would that be soooo bad………….

  60. Tessa

    haha! you know something strange, i live in port angeles, and i have only been to forks once, and that was to go camping a longgggg time ago before twilight was even out.
    it would be cool to win this contest. do you know how much the tickets cost if you dont win?
    also, let me know if you wanna know anything about port angeles or whatnot.
    it would be so cool to meet you guys!!! so let me know when/ if you come to PA!!!

  61. Lily

    This sounds like so much fun!

  62. eerica

    i would love to go to Summer School in Forks.
    i always wanted to go to Forks ever since I've started reading Twilight.
    i also want to move to the Washington or Oregon area when i graduate college so this might give me a chance to really see what it's like on the other side of the states.
    i'm so excited! your contests are amazing!

  63. Melanie

    Like HunDius I want to be ther bit I never win anything.
    I figured it was worth a try cause you never know.

  64. Summer

    Summer School in Forks is the only kind of summer school I would want to go to…=)

  65. Eileene

    Man, I would love to go! Might as well try.

  66. Summer

    ummm…YES!!… it could be very bad =P

  67. Ky

    Ooops, cancel my entry please Kaleb, I forgot I'm going to be filming. I'll have to wait to meet you some other time

  68. kelseydd

    I would say yes please.

  69. Marissa

    I would love to go!

  70. Rena H

    Kaleb, your blogs are hilarious! Love reading what you think about the chapters! Are you going to review Midnight Sun, too??

  71. venusaholic

    WOW~that'd be AWESOME!!!!!
    and That is goin' to be probably the best experience of my entire life!!!!

    PICK ME!!!

    much much love and enthusiasm!!!!!!!


  72. melcrice

    If i could i would love to win passes to SSIF.

  73. Amanda 19

    Hey Kaleb hope I win PLEASE 😀 Have a good day 😛

  74. genevievech81

    oh wow what a give away, that would be so much fun to attend a Twilight even in another state :)

  75. Janice

    That's awesome! This event sounds like so much fun.

  76. Carrie

    I would love to go to Summer School in Forks… it's only appropriate that a teacher would go to summer school!

  77. arikka

    summer school in forks will be awesome. i cant wait to get footage

  78. Giggle Dorks

    My daughter is homeschooled, so I think it would be funny if I told everyone that she was going to “summer school”.

  79. NicoleDaSpaz

    Kaleb, you are amazing! Thank you so much for these incredible contests! (:

  80. zuppup1

    Count me in! 😀 I would love to meet YOU and go to the place where twilight took place… *sigh* Yay :)

  81. Carissa

    Oh, I would love to go! Summer School In Forks sounds so fun, I hope I win =D

  82. Bakerbabe04

    Kaleb, your contests are definitely epic AND awesome!

  83. Jackie Figgs

    Forks in the Summer?! Sounds like fun to me 😀

  84. Grace

    I would soooo love to be there :O
    wish I'll be able to get there somehow :O

  85. Line Aastrup

    Super nice!!!! :)
    It's summer school!!!
    In Forks!!!!!
    It's like perfekt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Beverley

    I want to win them REALLY REALLY badly.

  87. ChristieP

    SSIF sounds awesome!! Would love to meet you and the rest of the gang!

  88. ambercullen

    This sounds awesome (:
    I really hope I win because me and my bestfriend are DYING to go to this but we have no money for tickets,
    and we only live like an hour away!
    I hope I have a chance!

  89. Krystina

    I want to go! oooh pick me! 😉

  90. Natalie/StarTripper

    Well her is me entering! I would love to come and meet you! I will be at Twicon though.

  91. Carlie

    Oh My gosh that would be so much fun

  92. Jessica

    I love contests. Enter me in please!

  93. yodachant

    Sounds like a blast!

  94. Shannon

    That would be a nice vacation!!!! Summer School in Forks, remember the umbrella.

  95. Krista_la

    I'm commenting so that I can be entered! 😀

    I REALLY want to go. Unfortunately, airfare+tickets+etc= approximately one KAJILLION DOLLARS!


    This is my last hope! :DD

  96. Madeleine

    Oh my gosh, I would DIE to be able to go to that!
    Kaleb (if you read this), will there be a recording of your speech there? Or, in other words, will people who aren't present at SSIF be able to hear/watch your speech? Because I'm sure there are tons of people who can't make it to Forks but would kill to hear what you have to say…

  97. Janet

    Here is my pitch to win. I would seek out a true Twilight fan to take with me and I would have the time of my life there. Especially if I got to meet you Kaleb.

  98. Tess

    I could totally drive down there! It would be so much fun as us in Canada totally miss out on most of the good US twilight stuff! Hopefully I'll see you there 😉

  99. Anna Kate

    Oh my goodness. That would be amazing. I know I won't win, but might as well enter, just for the fun of it.
    If I got to go, I'd probably take my friend Mallory, who would just have gotten back from China. Goodness, she would be one tired girl 😛

  100. TIna

    cool, gl 😀

  101. Emily

    Awesomesauce, Kaleb!

    I know I have a very small chance of winning, but a small chance is better than none, right?
    Winning this contest sure would boost my spirits, though. My summer is looking to be rather… awful. Can't get a job, can't afford a vacation, love of my life moving to Texas….

    At least I can lose myself in Twilight….

  102. Jesi32

    Wow Kaleb you might be going contest crazy… but we love you for that 😀

  103. Meghan

    Yay we love you Kaleb!!!

  104. comettail1200

    it would be so amazing to see YOU give a speech! and actually travel to forks. so much better than a trip to greece…. thank you for reading this (if you even have the chance to out of your busy schedule. :] ) your amazing kaleb. truely an inspiration.

  105. Cynthia

    I want to go! I've wanted to visit Forks for a long time but its hard since I live on the East coast. :/

  106. Jamie

    Summer school!

  107. Leanna

    Ahhhh Kaleb you are way too awesome. Forks has gotta be sweeeet.

  108. Katie

    just imagine winnig, it would be super

  109. Kathleen

    Wish i could win….i should have my sister enter she wins everything!

    You'll never catch me betting against alice!

  110. Dena

    okay i sooo want to go to this like i been wanting to ever since i heard about it, i just didnt get tickets. i so want to go!

  111. Rebecca<3twilight

    o this would be so awesome to go!!!!

  112. Brandy

    I wanna go! I wanna go! Yay for Kaleb and all his prizes!

  113. Elyse

    I have been wanting to go, but couldn't afford to go in the summer. I'll be waiting until December to go back to Forks, that is unless I win…fingers crossed :)

  114. Kristen C

    That would be so cool to go! :)

  115. Marie

    YES!!! i would love to meet you Kaleb i have like 50 million questions for you!!!

  116. OhHowiWishiCouldSing

    That's soo exciting!!
    I'd love to go to Summer School in Forks!
    I'm definitely more into the Twilight books than the movies.
    Good luck to everyone!

  117. Mariah

    Oh my goodness! I would loooove to go to Forks!! sigh… : )

  118. Jen


  119. Marcela

    i dabut ill win…..buuut
    i would love to be able to visit forks!!!!!!!!
    i have never had the chance of going
    …….sign why do i have to live in NJ

  120. Allison Young

    I love how you hold so many contests! I really want to win this one, it would be so amazing!

  121. danica

    hey kaleb i would LOVE to go!!

  122. Mallory Acrey

    would love to go!

  123. Alyssa

    That is so cool! I live in Washington and have only been to Forks once. It would be really cool to go again and meet you!

  124. Tiffany

    OMB that would be soooooooooo amazing please please please pick me to go because I am like a major twilight fan and I live in washington but have never been too forks so that would be sooooo cool to go so please please please please please pleease pick me 😀


  125. Bailey

    Ha ha….might as well. I'm not lucky. I told my mom about this. Can't afford it now.

  126. sarclark

    ZOMG!!! i want to go to forks too! me and my sister are huge fans! i hope you pick me!!! 😀

  127. Kira

    Oh I want to go there so bad! please!

  128. Abby

    this would be AMAZING to go to…and make up for my failed planned trip to Forks.

  129. Alison

    ok ill try.

  130. numi

    i know 2 people who would love that trip but if i win it for them i will be without anyone over the summer

  131. Katie

    I'd love to go to Summer School in Forks!!

  132. Alaetra

    Kaleb Nation.
    You are a great person.
    You're always giving away AMAZING prizes
    and you are always entertaining us with your videos.
    Thanks for everything, and this contest entry 😉

    xo, Alaetra

  133. Erinn

    I love how everyone is begng you to pick them. I find that amusing. I hope I win or at least someon I know wins!

  134. Michelle

    This such a cool thing :) I wish everyone luck in this contest. 😀

  135. shannon lawrence

    kaleb, i can offically state that you ARE my hero :)))

  136. urcoolcarrie

    Yay! I would love them. :)

  137. Paige

    Hope I win! I know it's kinda stupid ,but I'm really excited if i were to ever meet the Twi-hard famous Larry. =D I mean ,come on, he touched and interviewed like a thousand times ROBERT PATTINSON! I would be all over Larry….

  138. eunice

    winning would be awesomeness. yes. it. would. heh

  139. Jamie Robinson

    Oohh how cool! I heard about this event in the newspaper! I live in Port Angeles, so I can get to Forks no biggie!! Would be cool to win passes!!! YAY!!!

  140. Noel

    OMG I really wanna win even though Im going to Forks in September for Stephenie Meyer day!

  141. Sadie

    I would LOVE to go to SSIF! It would be an amazing experience! I have really been wanting to go to a twilight convention this summer, but it just hasn't worked.I am willing to try anything at this point!

  142. Jennifer

    AH, I want to go so bad! 😀 And it's even around the time I'm going to Oregon with my family (:

  143. stephanie

    I hope I win :)

  144. Sarah B

    Sounds like the only kind of summer school I would want to go to!

  145. yasmine

    i might as well enter lol 😛 plz plz plz can i have the tickets!!!!! i have always wanted 2 go 2 forks!!

  146. Asshleey

    Summer school in Forks! …and we all know Kaleb that your speech is gonna be amazing !

  147. Elizabeth

    WOW! Great contest! It would be absolutely amazing to win so i could go!

  148. Mop Top

    I would love to go to forks!!! It sounds like so much fun.

  149. Tori

    omg that wuld b sooo awesome if i won!!! please please pick me!! 😀

  150. Reese

    Kaleb I adore you. I live quite close…I could make it. So, I guess this means I'm entered. I've already been to Forks, but it would make my life if I could meet you, no joke. <3

  151. kaianna

    WOOOOOOOOO! Summer School in Forks! It sounds really cool. I hope I win =D

  152. Jeff Dodge

    Sounds great!


    Does anyone know whats going on with hisgoldeneyes.com when I try to go on it says:
    “You are viewing this page because no homepage (index.html) has been uploaded
    to this location.”

  154. Hana-Chan

    That is so cool!! Please pick me, Kaleb!
    You have no idea how much it would mean to me!


  155. Sammy

    OMG!!! Summer School in Forks sounds sooo cool! !

  156. Allison

    Ahhh…..for the billionth time, why are you so awesome Kaleb?
    IT WOULD BE SOOO AWESOME TO GO TO FORKSS!!!!!!! Aw…..now my hopes are up ;D

  157. Christie

    Forks will be great! Thanx for adding to the fan-da-monium!!!

  158. KerliBoo

    Whoooooooooo. Forks! 😀

  159. Shelby

    ENTERING NOW! btw my twitter is wonwonwova if you need to contact me

  160. Dye793

    Yayyyyy! I'm glad there's some kind of semi-educational Twilight-related event!

  161. Britt.

    Epic awesome!
    Sign me up, for sure. I'll hitchhike if I have to! 😀

  162. Sam

    Such a great contest.

  163. Andie

    so exciting, you spoil us too much Kaleb.

  164. Shannon

    Who wants to bet that most of the people commenting here are from out of state and wouldn't have the time/money to get plane tickets and hotel reservations?
    That said… I live 4 hours away from Forks, pick me! XD

  165. Fallen

    AH! Awesomesauce

  166. Erynne

    Goodness! 160+ replies! Well, I'm throwing my hat in, too.

  167. Stef

    that's so awesome kaleb!
    how can we ever repay you for all the opportunities you've presented us with?!
    thanks, with love. x

  168. Katlynn

    Yay! Your nice to use Kaleb!

    P.s Congrats on your first book signing! =p

  169. Katrina

    Yay! Kaleb – I'm confused, the SSIF website just shows a list of the presentations…not WHEN they'll be right?

    I would probably only be able to go on the Saturday/Sunday. It would be really interesting to see Ilyana and John Granger speak (in addition to you – of COURSE!)…but I can't tell WHEN they're scheduled!!

  170. Abby

    i would kill to go and hear you and all the others speak. count me in for the contest!

  171. Tessa Wolfe

    Omg! I would so love to go to Summer School In Forks!
    I can't beleive your giving away some tickets!

    I so wanna be entered. Please?
    I can see Port from my city! (Victoria!)
    It's only a ferrie ride and a car ride away! Please!
    I really hope I win. I have never been to a convention in my whole life!
    And a FORKS PROM? That would be amazing!!!

  172. LockNessieMonsters

    you should do ALL of your contests this way!!!

    thank you Kaleb for letting those of us without twitters, blogtv usernames, or utube accounts enter a contest 😀

    PICK ME!!!!! (please 😀 )

  173. Taylor

    Cool beans

  174. daniela

    JUNE 25th… MY BDAY :) HAHAHA.

    If I met you, Kaleb… my dream would come true… at least one of them :)

  175. ketzchexmex

    omg if i won i would go with my bff! we love twilight so much!!!!!!!
    yay… i don't think i've ever been this excited about summer school!!!

  176. Chloe Cullen

    Sweet contest! Please enter me 😀

  177. Kriss

    I think I just started to love Owl City because of you :) your contests are awesome. and so is your shows on blog tv. 😀

  178. Katilyn

    woohoo! I want to be entered into the contest!

  179. WarriorLEX

    wow kaleb! that would be awesome! I never win anything big! If I won that would be so cool! Ive never been to washington, let alone forks! your contests rock! even though I never won any :) I love your website and cant wait for your book! that would be a great experiance! if I dont win congrats to the winner! you rock kaleb and you inspired me to start writing my first book and keep writing! thanks for everything kaleb including the laughs:) it would be so cool to meet you and go to Forks! thanks! hope to win please! :) like everyone else here but i wont go all fan girl like some do. your opinions on the twilight series are very like mine. thanks for showing me im not the only one! also got any tips for a writer? :) thanks so much for all! big fan

  180. WarriorLEX

    sorry for my big, long, blabbing comment….. i got excited…:( i know your really busy anyway

  181. Jadie

    I probably won't win (seeing how many fangirls {and fanguys!} have already entered, and have yet to enter), but it's always worth a shot! The worst you can do is not pick me. I hope whoever wins has an OUTSTANDING time at SSIF!! If I, by some glorious miracle, happen to win, I would be so blissfully excited!!!! Please give me a chance!!

    You're the BEST!!!!

  182. Emily

    I would love to go to Forks!

  183. dAni

    damn i live in australia .. that sounds like it would be sooo fun =(

    i gues you can count me out, i just wanted to comment

  184. Beth

    Ooooooh, I WISH!

  185. Avangaline

    this is so cool!

  186. Catherine

    i can get there if you fly me from New Zealand


  187. sillytishy

    I'll be able to go!! Pick me pleasee!!

  188. Anonymous

    It makes me sad that there haven't been any new chapter updates. I miss your comments.

  189. KalebNation

    I just posted one a few days ago. I apologize: I'm super busy right now finishing my speech for Summer School In Forks and the final edits on my book. I'll have the next chapter up as soon as I have a chance to write it :)


  190. Fawndear

    It doesn't hurt to dream does it?

  191. Maureen

    that would be so super awesome!
    summer school in forks sounds like fun.

  192. Kareb


  193. OffOrsoBianco

    Aww I wanna go! 😀

  194. Sage

    Wow, do people just give you all this stuff to give away because you're a celebrity or do you like buy it all? SSIF sounds amazing. Wish I could go but nothing good ever works out in my life. Well, I hope everyone who IS going has a super time.


  195. Jessica

    That would be awesome =]

  196. Jenny

    I love your contests!

  197. Wendilynn

    What a neat opportunity for you Kaleb. Of course we Twilighters are gonna help you get a fantastic start to your writing career. I can tell you, if your book is a clever as your posts, we're all in for a great story.

  198. stevied8423

    Hey, this is awesome i am a big fan of you and twilight. YOU ROCK!!!!!!!
    I am a writer for fun now but i am going to start writing more serious things soon. I am currently trying to start a book, i have the idea but not the name. If you would ever like to read it, send me an email and i would be happy to send you what i have.
    a big fan,
    soon to be writer,
    Stephen D.

  199. Haley

    OME!! I have never been to a Twilight Convention!!! And u will be there??!?!? OMFE!!!!!!!!!! I rly want dis!!

  200. stini

    i am going to try, but it probably wont happen. I can wish. I have bad luck

  201. Madison

    I soo HAVE to win! (I hope I win)

  202. Mandi

    Sounds like my kind of summer school! I would love to hear your speech!

  203. HunDius

    that's it! :)
    i crossed my fingers for you too :)

  204. Melanie

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you too!!

  205. Melanie

    And I definitely meant there and but not there and bit

  206. Galyna

    I might be late replying, but I'd love to win tickets!!!

  207. Shaddin

    Kaleb' contests are awesome! We love you =D!

  208. Cahd

    Your contests are so awesome!

  209. babybott330

    Did you give the tickets away yet? I would like to know who won. I bet your speech will be fantastic!

  210. Zumi

    Is the contest still going?

  211. Jaimie

    omg i would love to go!!

  212. Jewelle

    I'll be in forks tomorrow!!! Woohoo for me, wish I could attend SSIF

  213. Liberty

    OMG!!! Me and my boyfriend can go!!!!!! Please let me win!!!!!

  214. Liberty

    oh 2009 haha my bad…

  215. Adrianna Hervey

    I honestly would love to go to forks it sounds like fun =}

  216. Adrianna Hervey

    I honestly would love to go to forks it sounds like fun =}

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