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Irresistible by Oh, Hush!

June 13th, 2009 at 12:23 pm by Kaleb Nation

I just discovered Oh, Hush! this morning. I see online petitions bearing the words ‘Oh, Hush!’ and ‘For the New Moon Soundtrack’ in this band’s future (added: like most people are thinking, it wouldn’t fit for the movie of course, but there’s always that crazy song they put in the credits 😀 ).

FOR THE COMMENTS: What do you think about this song?

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119 Responses

  1. shiningmer


  2. JudithG

    I'm pretty sure I laughed during the entire video!!

    However, the actual song is fantastic and I can definitely see that being put in the soundtrack.

  3. Katy :]

    First comment? yay :]
    And YES, this definitely needs to go on the New moon soundtrack.

  4. Jess

    I'm assuming it's a joke. But just in case it's not, I think it would be perfect for the Jacob-phasing scenes. Or when Jasper tries to have Bella for dinner instead of the birthday cake. 😀

  5. Lani

    i can't really see it fitting with the movie, but the lyrics do go pretty perfectly :)

  6. Krystina

    It's kinda funny but still catchy.

  7. nahime

    super liked it! but idk where they'd fit it in, though… but the song was freaking awesome :)

  8. Felicia

    Umm wow xD New Moon is all moody and dark, but I think this song might me somewhat worthy to be on the soundtrack as the “Lost Track.” xD As a joke you meant this to be… right? -crosses fingers and prays- =]

  9. Codi

    That was fantastic. That's all I'm sayin.

  10. Kougie

    1:58 is that another New Moon Poster?
    How dare you not show it to us and give us a super hi res version!

    Anyway, this is an awesome song!
    It should definitely be on the New Moon Soundtrack!

  11. LMCullen

    Doesn't seem to go w/ the tone of New Moon …. it isn't a bad song. But isn't appropriate for New Moon. LOL

  12. Tamera

    Totally dug the song, but like other people wondering where they could fit it in…
    If they can put “Super Massive Blackhole” in Twilight, they can certainly find a place for this one in New Moon.

  13. chazz

    this will be in my head for the rest of the day! but it is a pretty awsome song :)

  14. Devan

    i agree that the lyrics fit the story really well, but i think it's way too upbeat. i can't see this song on the soundtrack…

  15. Hailey

    i like it but it doesnt fit the new moon mood

  16. Mylles

    I LOVED THAT SONG….I'm suprised no one here liked it as much. It was awesome and I don't think it's to upbeat. The Song Super Massive Blackhole got on the Twilight soundtrack right. It was sweet.

  17. Anneke


  18. Alyshia

    This DEFINITLEY belongs on the New Moon soundtrack

  19. aubrey

    Um…I didn't exactly hate it, but I didn't really like it either. And I really think that the song would be better for Eclipse rather than New Moon. But I really can't see it in either movie. I mean, it's a nice song…catchy with a good beat, but its just overwhelmingly…techno. Not that techno is a bad thing, but seriously, can you see this playing in the heartbreaking, intense, “Forbidden to remember, terrified to forget” of New Moon? I do however think that the song “Need” by Hana Pestle should be on the New Moon soundtrack…but I'm not here to advertise.

  20. Carmen_Denali

    sounds more like a song for eclipse… i don't know about for new moon.

  21. maybeshescrazy

    I LOVE IT. I think we should start a Twitter petition… how about #ohhushfornewmoon?

  22. ErynJE

    Even if it doesn't fit within the movie itself (which I think it probably could) it would be AWESOME for the credits. I love this song. Thanks Kaleb for bringing this to our attention!

  23. MsKittyCullen

    I dunno why I laughed though. Probably the pictures xD

  24. MsKittyCullen

    I kept on laughing for no reason

    But this could be in the credits, or maybe when Bella is running to save Edward.

    Screw Orchestras.
    *Bella running through the crowd* YOU;RE IRRESISTABLE!

    Im a funny person. Js, js.
    I crack myself up.


  25. Karlee

    I like the lyrics, but the technoness(?) of it wouldn't fit the atmosphere of the movie, but thats just my opinion.

  26. Syra


    Somehow it's just not… New Moon.

  27. dawn

    I think the lyrics captured some of Jacob's feelings… however I think it's more of an Eclipse sort of thing. Jacob wasn't as worried about “winning” Bella until after Edward was back, and the whole lost cause thing was more from Eclipse. Especially after Jacob found out that Bella wanted to be a vampire. But hey, that's just my opinion.

  28. TeamSwitzerland

    This should definitely be in New Moon, or in Eclipse if they can't find a spot to fit it into New Moon. They could probably find somewhere to fit it, though. Even if they can't, it could go in the credits.

  29. Flweep

    I don't think it would fit in the movie.. but the lyrics are great. :]
    They should put it in like the credits or something. xD

  30. Chels

    Awesome song x)

  31. vampFAN

    to be honest i think this song isnt serious enough or sad enough for new moon, but the lyrics really go with the story very nicely i must say

  32. HeyJoyous

    It's not my favorite Twilight inspired music. It was okay. It had an early 90's pop feel to me.

  33. alyssa


  34. beckysue

    i liked it. but i agree its not quite sad enough for new moon. someone else suggested for the credits though, and i thought that would be perfect.

  35. Megan

    It feels more Eclipse to me…I can see this playing when Jacob is telling Bella that he loves her…

    It doesn't scream “NEW MOON” to me. Sorry.

  36. lucy

    LOL, It's a cute and funny song! But I do NOT want in movie, if u know what i mean

  37. muggeseggele

    nah, definitely not my taste…but very funny (I laughed through the whole vid :D)

  38. becky

    the lyrics are awesome for it, but it doesn't really fit the mood of the New Moon movie…
    still, awesome Jake POV song

  39. R

    It would be wasted on New Moon. But it's good for Eclipse.

  40. Sara

    I absolutely LOVED this song!! It wouldn't fit into the movie, but I would be great in the credits!

  41. Julie

    The song is awesome but it doesn't go with new moon. Maybe breaking dawn though. With this song you get a fun electric feeling, new moon is like sad and everything because Edward is leaving. So, it just wouldn't work out.

  42. ShootingStarsMag

    I love this band, though I DO wish they would finally reveal who they are…it's a mystery…but they seem like nice guys (interviewed them for my zine a few months ago) and I do love the song. It does fit, maybe not FOR the movie…but for the credits or just the soundtrack for sure.


  43. Ashley

    This just made me sooooo excited for the movie!

  44. Annie

    I like it… i just wanna dance lol went a hear it… if its on new moon soundtrack that would be different.

  45. Jess

    Eh. It's okay. I don't really see it fitting in with New Moon though. The lyrics, yeah. But not the up-beatness (?) of the song. Just my opinion.

  46. twilightaholic

    Err…its a little too techno for me. I'm more of an indie rocker I guess haha.

    Terrible for New Moon–or any of the books, really. Sorry, Kaleb, it doesn't work!

  47. Anna_Loves_TWILIGHT

    It would be awesome for the credits. They did that with Twilight, put awesomes song with awesome lyrics that couldn't quite fit into the credits.

  48. Anna_Loves_TWILIGHT

    more for Eclipse. its too up-beat, techno, excited for New Moon. even with Eclipse i have a hard time picturing it. maybe when Bella leaves Jacob and goes rushing off to save Edward from the Volturi, or in the credits.

  49. bloodnoir

    Man this so belongs on that soundtrack!
    The one line…and I'm paraphrasing here – I'll give up when your voice no longer holds regret – was just perfect.
    Darn thing's stuck in my head now.

  50. Nikki :D

    <33333333333 the song! Just, it doesn't seem to work very well with New Moon. That songs gonna be freakin' stuck in my head all day! I wonder if I could get a version to put on my iPod…..

  51. Brennah

    The lyrics fit perfectly with the story. But it doesn't have the twilightish sound. I'm thinking maybe credits.

  52. Reese

    The lyrics are perfect for New Moon and how Jake feels….but the music is a little too….not Twilightesque. I think it'd be great for the credits though!

  53. afrazier

    I picture it in like a motorcycle riding scene maybe…

  54. AmyLeem

    that is true!

  55. AmyLeem

    that is true too!

  56. AmyLeem

    yup it is!

  57. Emma

    I really like the song. I think for the credits it woudln't be bad :-)

  58. Anlynne

    Perfect! This should be on the end credits!

  59. lofern

    LOVE IT! (And thanks for asking, Kaleb!)

  60. Judy Bradley

    I think this song fits a lot better than some of the songs they used in Twilight. At least these lyrics fit Jacob's feelings – especially after Edward and Bella are back together and Jacob knows it is hopeless for him.

  61. Vitaani

    This is really good; the only things I would change were some really minor moments where I wanted notes to change and they didn't. Also the background beat is a little to funk for me, but that's a matter of taste. It is a little repetitive towards the end, but I can handle that, and it's a great song for Jacob. The only real thing I think isn't right is that it seems to hint that it isn't Bella herself, but the fact that she is taken, that makes Jacob love her. It was really great though, and it made me want to hear more.

  62. Kasey

    I like this…it's a good song, but do they have to repeat Irresistible so much?! It's very repetitive, which gets irritating..but the lyrics are good. The music is catchy…I can't really see it in New Moon unless it's during the Motorcycle or 'date with mike' scenes. It's a bit too…random?

    It was repetitive from the beginning to the end….I don't know about you, but I couldn't listen to song more than twice because of that one word. Yeah. There are some songs I think would be perfect for New Moon. They are all by David Cook though. Check it out, if you want.

    Permanent, Life on the Moon, Come Back to Me…and Light On (Of course, this isn't as intense as the other three).

  63. Sara

    I actually really love this song. This is one of the rare songs that has both lyrics that fit perfectly with the story and a great beat. It reminds me of the type of songs from the Twilight soundtrack like spotlight and go all the way. This song would be really great for New Moon.

  64. Tara.Seanan

    They should use this during the Motorcycle scenes! I love this song.

  65. Kizmet

    laughable at best.
    ew. i actually really hated that.

  66. Erin

    I agree hat this song has no place in the movie. But, Kaleb, you're right. they always seem to put songs that have nothing to do with the movie in the credits. But this song at least has something to do with the storyline of the movie. PLUS I love the song…lulz It makes me laugh and its catchy and well done. sooooo idk. i guess we'll see what happens in November!!! =)

  67. ancha85

    I agree. Especially in the ending credits. It would be good for Eclipse, too. Maybe even better for Eclipse.

  68. Tobey

    I sort of could almost work for Eclipse and BD too…..as he always says he doesn't understand why he is so attracted to her…that there is a pull to her for him…

  69. Kaylyn

    I just… did not like it. At all. Horribly repetitive and annoying. Honestly, just not for me.

    Did the band write this for New Moon, or did they write it and say “Oh, hey, this fits New Moon!”

  70. Kataqu

    Ugh… NO.

  71. michelle

    i saw this vid on ur myspace and i fell in love wit it
    its a hecka good song

  72. gabriela

    please no.

  73. Joanna6618

    The lyrics fit and everything but it's a bit too fast paced for the film. Most of the jacob scenes are laid back and slow. It would work in the scenes where bella is getting attacked or when she's running towards edward to save him because, like the song, those scenes are tense and quick but then the lyrics would wreck it. However, it would still work if they made it quieter and in the background for the birthday party scene and turn it louder when jasper's attacking. The video was so…random. If they did it differently then the song wouldn't have been portrayed as a strange joke. But I have to admit, the song is good, it's just not my type of music. Then again, I just don't like too many things to be Twilight related or from the twilight fandom because I can only take so much twilight before I explode in a big mushroom cloud of squealing, swooning, and general obsessiveness.

  74. Sakura

    It's nice and catchy though it's not my particular brand of music… it's too pop-y and techno for me and New Moon for that matter… I can't picture it fitting anywhere in the actual movie itself. It might fit as an ending credits song though I doubt that this would actually make the soundtrack… The movie is gonna be very intense from what I've seen in the epic super HD quality trailer XD and this song is just too up-beat for a movie that is gonna be full of tension and emotion.

  75. dAniyeh

    I like it .. but maybe it would better fit if they made a slower version of it that wasnt so 'happy' .. slow it down abit, slow the bassline, and there's just too many sounds all at the same time .. it's too complicated for a soundtrack song ..

    final verdict: slowed down to about half its speed, sung ballad-style (kinda; not so full on)

    i have a vision for this song.. dont mind if you dont understand my comment, most get confused when i talk =)

  76. Rox

    So funny! It would be nice…in the credits yeah!;)

  77. Sam

    Oh, I like that song! The lyrics fit absolutely perfectly, though I may not have made the connection without that video. Yeah… it took me a while to even figure out what the soundtrack for Twilight had to do with Twilight, I had to wait til I saw the movie for it to click.

    I think it would be good in the credits, but it would work MUCH better in Eclipse. I mean, for one that, that's what's going on in Jake's mind in Eclipse, not New Moon, because in New Moon, he's not fighting for her. You know where this would be good??? The motorcycle scene in Eclipse, when Bella ditches Alice.

    I can see it… In the background as Jacob drives up and Alice sees Bella disapear from further away “Though I hold a losing hand/You're still more than I can stand/I can never be with you…”

    Jacob: “get on!” Bella jumps on.

    “That makes you irresistable!!”

    Oh, they have to use that there…. it's all planned out in my mind now… oh, noo…. not good, it won't live up to my expoectations now!

  78. Sam

    Haha, I laughed at that… Yeah, totally screw the orchestra! I like your version much better :)

  79. KatyBob

    Thats genius!! Oh wow now I see how it fits! 😛 Lol!!

    Great song tho all New Moon stuff aside for a minute. Loving the taste in music Kaleb :)


  80. MsKittyCullen

    LOL, Thanks xD
    But they always play the really ZOMG-MY-LIFE-IS-OVER music at those things.
    Why not make it much better with random songs?

  81. Em

    I like the song, but it really fits more to Eclipse than New Moon. Maybe in the credits. Depending on how they do the epilogue. AAAHHHH I listen to it once and it is stuck in my head. But they did something weird with the motorcycles so I don't know how that will work.

  82. Amy

    It's soooooo funny. Yet, as many of you've pointed out, the song is rather suitable for Eclipse than for New Moon.
    The lyrics fit the feelings of Jacob well.
    “How could you say that you love me but you love him more”, this line is the most impressive to me – it really suits the Jacob- Bella- Edward relationship.
    Many of you dislike the song… but for me, it sounds good. It tells Jacob's feeling in a rather “happy” way.
    I can nearly hear Jacob singing this song in his head again and again in Eclipse – Maybe it was what Jacob shouting in his head, which was heard by Edward, when he met Bella on the border line in Eclipse Ch.14. Haha
    As being the sun of Bella, it is not surprising to me that Jacob would use a rather “optimistic” tone to express his thoughts. To me, it makes me feel even sad. Being the person to make his situation funny.
    Oops!! Sorry for my long speech.

  83. Christina

    Wow, that was like Jacob's theme song! Good find, Kaleb! :)

  84. Poppy

    Amazing…. They Should So Put It On The Soundtrack… I Have No Idea Where, Maybe In The Credits, But It Goes Perfectly! Lmao, Really Catchyy… Irresistable(?) 😉

  85. Mel

    I have to agree. I like the lyrics, but that is about it. The actual music is not good and would not fit the atmosphere of the movie (even in the credits, it would seem misplaced). And I don't like the singing either.

  86. imani

    i loved it!!! some pic w/ lyrics made me giggle!!!!!!!!! but i agree w/ the person who said 'if they can put super massive blackhole in twilight they can put this in new moon'. sooo agree and will yell in the theatre if i hear it! love it!!!

  87. ~♥☻☺Come join the Stephenie Meyer Fan Club~Twilight through Breaking Dawn☺☻♥~ - Page 239

    […] Click the link! (The link will lead you to Kaleb Nation’s site where he has the song posted ) Irresistible by Oh, Hush! For The New Moon Soundtrack | Twilight Guy – with Kaleb Nation __________________ ↑Click For Rainbow Speech↑Love. Joy. Peace. Patience. Kindess. Goodness. […]

  88. Kitty

    wow someone else is named kitty here. I did think this song was very catchy. and the lyrics sound like they were created for this series. I agree with some of the other people though, it would be better for eclipse. but i can DEFFINATLY see it as the end credits song for new moon. It belongs somewhere I just dont know where!

  89. twilightaholic

    Umm, no. Supermassive Black Hole isn't a techno-overdose song. Its a work of art..

    This is techno OD, though, I'm afraid. It drives me a bit nuts. Its MUCH too…ehhh whhhatt?! for new moon…or any book, for that matter…

  90. PooKyGirl23

    more i listen it more i see it on eclipse not on new moon… its on eclipse she realize she like him to… so that will dont do sense if is on new moon.. But i like that song…

  91. Becca

    I could totally hear the intro of the song playing over the MOTORCYCLE SCENE as Bella goes rebel. It's kinda got a 'bad girl' feel to it. I really like the song, too.

    Oh, and does it make a total and complete geek that I recognize the font (Katie)? Wait, don't answer that…I'm pretty sure I know the answer…


  92. Aimee

    I was cracking up the whole video, to the point that I was crying at the end of it. I think it's a combination of the pictures, and the fact that I kept imagining Taylor singing/dancing to this song. Just accept that it's hilarious and move on.

  93. Julie

    This band is awesome! I heard that nobody actually knows who they are. Oh, hush let us know who you are, you guys might become famous. Yes, I think their that good.

  94. Stephanie

    That was a really good song OH Hush should be on the soundtack it was perfect for the feelings that he has for Bella.

  95. J

    OK, So this is actually a comment on your twitter post and not the video, but just humor me. Kaleb, maybe that *wasn't* hate mail. Maybe it's a compliment. “U R gya” could just mean that you're a 'great young author'. Just sayin'.

  96. Alyssa

    It's a great song, haha! I like it. But I'm not sure it ties to new moon very well, I mean, when I think of new moon, I think ballads, just something heartfelt, not upbeat. And I think it's more suitable for Eclipse, because that is when Bella tells Jacob she loves him right?

    PS Did anyone notice the grammatical error in the video?? “You're overpowering appeal brings me to my knees” It should be “your”… sorry, I'm a nerd when it comes to grammar. other than that, great song.

  97. Alyssa

    I agree that some of David Cook's songs are great for New Moon, they're not really slow ballads, but not upbeat, just right, in an emo-ish sort of way, haha! But I don't think the lyrics fit well, or at least not good enough. I think Lie, I Did It For You and Avalanche would fit better. :)

  98. Alyssa

    I have it, :)

  99. Alyssa

    I forgot to add Declaration to the list. It's perfect when you think that Edward's POV is the first stanza and Bella's POV is the second stanza…

    I'll take you just the way you are
    Imperfect words inside the perfect song
    I feel you closer than you are but
    I've been waiting far too long
    Too long

    Do you care what I believe
    'Cause I'm still breathin'
    Or that I wear a heart upon my sleeve
    Sometimes I think you never knew
    The only truth I see is you
    It's you

    then together:
    And are there any words to say
    That I would ever mean enough
    When the light runs from the day
    Will the darkness be too much
    Will I ever be enough

    — i think the “Will I ever be enough” really fits. because Bella always thinks she's not good enough for Edward, and Edward thinks that he's not enough for Bella because he can't offer some of the things that Jacob can

  100. Mmary

    The video was, wow, dumb. I loved the song, though. It's not for New Moon, though, it fits way better with Eclipse.

  101. LilMissTrouble

    Dear Kaleb,
    We, Twilight Fans, need your help: please follow @peterfacinelli on Twitter. And if you already do, please help us spread the word so we can gather the biggest group of “fanpires” and save our beloved Dr.Cullen from losing a bet! It's like in Breaking Dawn, when Bella and the Cullens… oh wait. You haven't read that yet! Ops, my bad!
    But anyway, PLEASE HELP PETER FACINELLI WIN THIS TWITTER BET! It involves a male in a bikini dancing to a Beyonce song in the middle of Hollywood Blvd. If Peter loses, they will have to include “All the Single Ladies” in the soundtrack of New Moon. For the scene where Bella goes to the movies with Jessica. Just kidding, but it's almost as bad!

    Pleeeeeease and thank you!!!

  102. Oh, Hush!

    Thanks for all of the feedback on the song guys and gals! Appreciate you giving the song a listen and watching the vid!!

  103. errrkalove

    That song is really catchy. I like it. I think it would fit better with Eclipse than New Moon though.

  104. Eileene

    Um, does anyone know if this song is on itunes?

  105. Lauren

    Haha. The song is catchy, but it wouldn't work with the movie.

  106. inzaratha

    Good song.

  107. dontshootmeforsayingthisplz

    okay some parts of the song werent bad, but maybe its just not my type of music. the lyrics are fine but the music in relation to twilight of all things? awful. totally awful. i wouldnt pick it for the movie at all. no offence to the band though. not bad, i guess.

  108. babybott330

    I like the lyrics, but not the beat. :/

  109. Natty

    Oh, I definately think it would be more fitting for Eclipse.

  110. algeduxe-twilighter =]

    I LOVE IT ♥♥♥♥♥♥♫♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ thank you Kaleb ; *

  111. Natty

    Oh, I definately think it would be more fitting for Eclipse.

  112. algeduxe-twilighter =]

    I LOVE IT ♥♥♥♥♥♥♫♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ thank you Kaleb ; *

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