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Breaking Dawn: Part 2 Teaser Trailer (Of A Teaser Trailer)!

June 19th, 2012 at 4:12 pm by Kaleb Nation

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 is FINALLY getting a trailer! Earlier today, Summit Entertainment released a NEW 10-second “teaser of the teaser” trailer with a promise for the full thing  coming tomorrow (June 20). Get ready for the next Twilight movie!

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57 Responses

  1. 4356Alyssa


  2. ALBrassard

    Dah I will go see Breaking Dawn part 2 thank for news about a real trailer
    finally some thing more then 10 second will be tomorrow I can’t wait

  3. Goldie267

    Even though I don’t like the series as much as I used to, I’m going to
    stick to the end. I mean, I’ve watched the previous 4 movies so why not
    watch the last one?

  4. Bailey Barbee

    WELL, he’ll just act as an older brother figure. That’s not creepy. (Until
    she’s old enough, of course)

  5. Kylee Styles

    It would be funny if they wore like a t shirt and jeans though xD

  6. minimeena246

    “Is it just me or do the Voulturi dress like members of My Chemical
    Romance?” XD Priceless

  7. KitKatProductionsx

    Yes, I can’t wait to see it!! <3

  8. ThisIsBrenn

    Yes I will see Breaking Dawn part 2! Twilight is the reason I’m aware of
    your existence Kaleb xD

  9. ThisIsBrenn

    Clearly My Chemical Romance are just the Volturi in disguise…

  10. Lxtllz

    That part of the book was absolutely horrible…

  11. Mary Rolfes

    the best part is I was listening to MCR like 2 minutes before watching this

  12. MissWritingMachine

    I will not be seeing this. Maybe if someone else is paying, but that’s the
    only reason.

  13. Patrick Jones

    I like this guys reviews very clever

  14. RockPelt321

    “is it just me or does the Volturi dress like members of My Chemical
    Romance” so? MCR’s AWESOME!!! they’ve only worn that marching band suit for
    their music video for “the Black Parade”, they don”t wear it all the time

  15. Niki Romeo

    i use to love the series but it eventually felt….spoiled. Now i will go
    to enjoy it but also have so much fun mocking it 😀

  16. Leigh Zinski

    They managed to reveal the whole plot of the second part of the book in
    about five seconds?

  17. Jen Gambale

    “Maybe they’re rockstars.” xDD

  18. MrRorosuri

    noo biggie me 2 lol

  19. rebekaann

    You mentioned MCR. 😀 <3

  20. birddycat4

    im not gonna watch it… i saw the first one and was like ” IM NEVER
    WATCHING THE REST OF THEM!!! O_O” because they suck -_- so no, im not gonna
    watch it -.-‘

  21. student192805


  22. phoenix39

    NO. I will not be seeing Breaking Dawn.

  23. phoenix39

    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part: The end of an Era. Breaking Dawn part 2: The end of an Error.

  24. MeLoveandPeace

    I love Harry Potter.I love the hunger games but there is no humanly possib

  25. Carrie Lanmaz

    I love the Volturi. I love My Chemical Romance more!

  26. Carrie Lanmaz

    But I prefer My Chem not be associated with Twilight.

  27. llaalliiccaabjutica

    Maybe you’re gey……….

  28. ksgcamacho24

    Yes I will see the movie.ddddddduuuuuuuhhhjh

  29. 24caycay24


  30. rockyreallycrafty

    a teaser of a teaser?? thats cheesy i wouldnt want to see the movie just for that

  31. paramorerocks35

    he looks like an old lady when he says that!!! jajaja

  32. yanetarce

    Are you a hobo bitch

  33. TeamJacobEdward

    My Chemical Romance dress like members of the Volturi. =D

  34. sethy121

    1st day it comes out

  35. Cherry Blossom

    How can you love the Volturi? I hate the Volturi. :]

  36. Saphira46

    That last part got me rolling on the floor with laughter!!! 😀

  37. Octopossey

    I will be at the front of the line of people not seeing the movie

  38. Sarah Bourquin

    I will so see Breaking Dawn Part 2. I mean I waited forever to see Part 1. Of course I’m going to see Part 2!

  39. Belac889

    @Octopossey then why are you even in line. There is such thing as a place called home where you can still not watch the movie, but you can have fun

  40. Angelica MICHEL

    Im so excited yaaaa.

  41. danejacobs53

    Im still going to watch it

  42. NaruHina720

    Hell yes!!!!!!! I am so excited!!

  43. dakota vicente

    I KNOW horrible and awesome at the same time!

  44. Hope Eastwood

    this is dume

  45. ashlyn fowler

    our so borin so borinnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  46. beefaroni9

    he so has a point

  47. Taisha Likes

    they are clearly all in marching band

  48. 21milesofficialband


  49. masticina

    Only watchable with the Rifftrax, as usual

  50. Coral Rubi Viñas Alvarez

    robsten engreidos de mierda solo fabricaron supuesto romance entre kristen y ruper sanders solo querian mas publicidad los odio nunca se separaron i hate them

  51. TwilightFan421980

    Robert and Kristen? Together? In a movie? Talk about awkward >.<

  52. JCSmin

    Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. He promised that He will return. Seek JESUS CHRIST while He may be found.

  53. kurt14dawn

    I finally found the perfect free HD copy of Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2 at bit.ly/UItVXx?=QjnF

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  56. Levi Huntsman

    What? 😀 My Chemical Romance reference in 60SR? 😀

  57. Levi Huntsman

    And I just realized the last comment for this video was 9 months ago……

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