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Robert Pattinson In “Snow White” Sequel?

July 16th, 2012 at 11:54 am by Kaleb Nation

Robert Pattinson could appear in the Snow White And The Huntsman movie sequel, if Kristen Stewart has any say in it! Highly unlikely that he’d end up being cast, but it’s great to see how much the Twilight cast members are showing support for each other.

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56 Responses

  1. steelrosesmusic1


  2. aubrey elise

    damn so close

  3. Michelle Rodriguez

    I think they should that would be cool:)

  4. LovesLovett

    I don’t think Madagascar 3 should be disregarded so, as I’ve heard it’s the
    best in the series, but I’ve yet to see the third installment myself. I
    will admit afro-circus is getting pretty bothersome. However, I did see
    Snow White and the Huntsman and though I was enticed by the trailer and
    looking forward to the movie, it became rather dull at some points. I feel
    the story was lacking somewhere in the character development of Snow White
    and a bit of the Huntsman. The evil Queen had motivatio

  5. LovesLovett

    …Rob in a sequel was probably just a mishap of words, but I wouldn’t mind
    seeing them in another picture together.

  6. 900transformers

    Snow White And The Huntsman…..i saw that movie…..its badass…

  7. InsanityVlogs

    Really? You just compared Snow White and the Huntsman to a Beatles album.
    SHAME. That movie was so bland acting-wise, I can’t even…

  8. KelseyDN

    Ikea poster!

  9. Imajuicebox

    Does that Gnome have it’s legs spread???? cheeky gnome

  10. Kelsey Dittloff

    It would sure get a lot of hype, but I’m ready for this celeb pair to
    vanish for a while.

  11. ghero46

    Kristen Stewart doesn’t have any say in anything. Literally. Did you see
    Snow White? She said like 40 words the entire movie. It was mainly just her
    looking extremely confused.

  12. bob8mybobbob

    I wouldn’t mind Rob being in a sequel as long as he wasn’t playing someone
    inhumanly gorgeous. I could never take him seriously in twilight because I
    was laughing so hard at how freakish he looked in his makeup.

  13. Brianna Wilson

    I mean i love Kristen and Rob together but no!

  14. lovesbooks2012

    First of all I think she was being sarcastic. But I would not mind Rob in
    the sequel as long as he does not play anything romantic, or better yet
    just give him a small role. Or even better have Rob play someone who is
    trying to invade or something, and they have to fight each other. That
    would be a huge change of character, compared to Twilight when he is
    constantly trying to protect and save her.

  15. HuffUmPuff

    I don’t give a shit what anyone says, I loved Snow White and I think
    Kristen did a fantastic job in it…people really don’t give her the credit
    she deserves…and if she is such a bad actor then why is Twilight such a
    massive series??

  16. yaxofossiad

    Pretty sure she was joking, but I’m sure they would find a role for
    him…those two together are box-office gold.

  17. verono94

    Please lord don’t make a sequel. Sequels ruin everything -.-

  18. Me

    I highly doubt there wi

  19. Me

    …will be a way to ever send a full comment using an iPad. Or that there
    will be a Snow White sequel.

  20. paraskave

    He can be in whatever he wants as long as he stays AWAY from my hunger
    games movies

  21. YourDemonicSmile

    Snow White and the Huntsman was one of the worst films I have ever seen.
    There were some bits that I liked, but I originally wanted to see this film
    because of Kristen Stewart. She hardly said anything for the entire movie,
    and when she did speak here British accent was dreadful. I don’t care if
    Rob’s in a sequel or not. I don’t think there needs to even be a sequel –
    it’ll ruin the original fairytale that is Snow White.

  22. jooodlez

    i was just looking at kaleb’s reflection the whole time

  23. RandomnessSHQ

    I saw Snow White. Personally, I think it would’ve been better as a mini-series on TV. They tried to put too much into too short a time, and they didn’t expand on anything; so no one knew what the fudgesicles was going on.

  24. 1jhutch37

    He compared Stewart’s movie to a Beatles’ album. That’s not right.

  25. 95PMF

    thank god for that, her voice is extremely annoying…

  26. mk22britney

    Kristen hasn’t had a hit movie on her own. Most of her movies haven’t done well.

  27. Paguhwaguh

    …You’re kidding right? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of Twilight, but REALLY?

  28. vneveryone

    Ugh so snow white will be bitten by a vampire and have seven mutant baby dwarfs that grow so fast they’ll turn into short old men 2 days old and everyone will be dining songs happily ever after???? Yeah no thanks :(

  29. AlexandraCruzers

    @ghero46 Don’t blame that on the actress blame it on the shitty screenwriting. You people somehow seem to forget that there are hundreds of workers making this movie come together. Actors are just there to portray the vision of what the directors and producers and screenwriters want. You want to poke fun at someone? Poke fun at the people behind the scenes.

  30. MsVanessa995

    i think that making it a tv series would be a great idea! A lot of teens would sure tune in! The special effects were brilliant and i guess that contributed to the success of the film, not because of the acting…you know beside Charlize. :)

  31. MsVanessa995

    Yes. LOL Thank You :)

  32. 90210emilyful

    Woooooah Madagascar 3 and Snow white are just as bad as eachother
    Dont compare them to the beatles!!!!

  33. anrmlkpccc

    no-wouldn’t work at all!!! i just reckon it would be awkward seeing them together but not as bella and edward

  34. hatsplat28

    how can you compare snow white and the huntsmen to the beatles?!

  35. SheHunter98

    Movie: Kristen dies.
    Movie: Thor kisses her. She comes back to life.

  36. pinkpandamiranda

    Lovin’ the IKEA ABC poster thingy in the background.

  37. mk22britney

    It’s not hard to look it up. She hasn’t.

  38. edwardsgirl210

    no no kaleb, no comparing snow white to the beatles.

  39. sparklevampFTW

    She said that just because she’d like to work with him again. It doesn’t matter to her what movie they co-star in, she just wants it to happen because 1. he’s a good actor and 2. he’s her boyfriend. :)

  40. gigglebox2012

    This guy deserves a lot more views than he has!!!

  41. lolmymag

    Madagascar 3 was an awesome movie. Don’t judge.

  42. ZebrasinPink15

    like always

  43. Werewolfmagican3000

    he shouldnt be in it because he was in twilight with her and bet she just wants to get raped

  44. Gecko1315

    Pretty sure 90% of the Twilight budget was spent on Rob’s hair products, 7% was spent on cgi werewolves, 2% was spent on airbrushed abs and 1% was spent on Kristen Stewart’s acting lessons.

  45. eima97

    i wouldn’t say snow white and the huntsman is the best movie ever, but it’s way better than kesha… ofcourse it will never beat madagascar 3 :)

  46. no1tayswift99

    you know wot, i bet your a hundred percent correct. lol

  47. 1700tt

    or constipated.

  48. mslillylovesmakeup

    Rob and Kristen in Snow White sequal is like Daniel Radcliffe and Ralph Fiennes in another movie!

  49. IngridNixie

    Robert pattinson’s face looks less ‘snow white and the huntsman epic broody staring!’ and more ‘Bilbo baggins? Oh yes, he’s my second cousin, twice removed, would you like something to tea, perhaps?’ in this video’s thumbnail.

  50. ErzaTitaniaVIII

    Bitch please

  51. Coral Rubi Viñas Alvarez

    robert pattinson maldito asqueroso i hate you and kristen stewart too farsantes solo se hicieron publicidad con su supuesta infidelidad solo lo hicieron para ganar mas dinero fuck you al carajo robsten

  52. Cynicaldye


  53. evelynwilliams54

    Does anyone ever really look past her face? The girl can not act. She stutters everytime she opens her mouth. With all the money she has socked away, she couldn’t afford braces? Please no more movies with her & Rob together. She may have more experience making movies, but he outshines her in talent. Can you say “coattail ride”?

  54. xyoojx3e

    Aaaawwwwhhhh u r soon annoying

  55. xyoojx3e

    Shut up

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